What do people of India’s Hindi belt mean by Sadhu(Saint in oriental concept) and to whom do they call as Shaitan(Devil)? A sadhu according to them is one who forsakes all his possession TO SERVE OTHERS; with simplicity, meekness and compassionate heart. A shaitan, on the other hand, is one who sits in the temple like a sadhu, but his behaviour reveals that he seeks service of others instead of laying his own life in service to others. Difference between Sadhu and shaitan is that where Sadhu is selfless there Shaitan is self-loving (narcissist); where Sadhu lives simply,  shaitan enjoys all worldly comfort; where Sadhu is a humble man there shaitan is arrogant.

We believe that TPM is a factory which manufactures fraudmen. When naïve people enter this factory in order to become godmen(Christian Sadhus) the factory of TPM converts them into fraudmen.  Our analysis of the TPM system reveals that it is a breeding place – not for saints, but for devils! It is THE SYSTEM set by pioneers of this mission – which acts as a crucible for turning godmen into fraudmen. Don’t believe? Read below and check for yourself.

Orlets: an example of the hubris of an evil system

Let us begin our analysis with Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday meetings. Have you seen youths lay mats for Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday meetings? Have you noticed that there are special mats for Centre Pastor, Ammachi and worker brothers/sisters? Not only that, they put a white bed sheet above those special mats. When they come to your homes for prayer meetings, then sisters will ask you to put a white bed sheet for servants of God. Does not it amaze us how a sanyasi who has renounced the world, who must be ready to sit anywhere on your invitation, demands VVIP treatment and honour of kings?

politician towel 1When Jehu became king, people took off their garments and spread it for Jehu to walk on it (2 Kings 9:13). People took out their garments and spread it on the way for Jesus to be ridden to Jerusalem as king. If you happen to visit the office of a high post-government officer or Politician minister, you will find their seats covered with a big white Turkish towel. People say that the tradition of keeping big white Turkish towel on seating arrangement of civil administrative officers and politicians has arrived amidst us from British Raj times.

Orthodox (Quasi Catholic) website mentions of a similar tradition in Orthodox Church tradition.  The website saysWhen Turks captured Orthodox empire in Constantinople then bishops of East were appointed as civil rulers to administer Christian society. In those days, bishops began to dress as civil rulers. They began to stand on special mats having eagle drawn on it as a sign of their authority over a diocese.Another website says Any time a bishop is present in the church or functioning at some service outdoors – …. he stands on an eagle rug (special mat or Orlet).” Thus it is clear that orthodox church also has a tradition of laying special mats for priest and bishop.

Therefore it is clear from the history of kings, from the protocol of government and from the Orthodox Church that the system of placing SPECIAL cloth is a protocol of honouring the ruling class above the ruled class. It is a wonder to me why God asked Paul Ramankutty, to keep the tradition of kings, politicians and the Orthodox Church to be continued in TPM worship meeting? Who is king in a TPM meeting – God? Or the one for whom a special cloth is placed to sit onto and sung praises in form of songs of Zion?

Godmen or Fraudmen

Just like the devotees of Indian babas keep crying “conspiracy … conspiracy” even after compelling pieces of evidence to point out that baba is a fake Godman, TPM devotees might be shaking their heads in disagreement with us! I humbly request you to continue reading further the so-called sacrificial life of TPM pastors. Test yourself whether TPM pastors have given their lives to serve people of God or to get served by people of God (Matt 20:28). Let us first test his lifestyle with respect to basic needs of humans, – food clothing and shelter.


The Centre Pastor has servants (small workers) to buy food from the market, to prepare his meal, and finally get food served at his room on his table; He also has slaves to wash his plates after he has consumed savoury meal; Crockery in which he eats is meticulously chosen to be of finest quality. He consumes boiled or mineral water; He has a reverse osmosis water filter in his room; His meal consists of two or three varieties of dishes, as per his likes and dislikes, a bowl with slices of apple, or sliced mango or two bananas. He needs not to worry about breakfast, lunch and dinner, because he has servants employed for this work. On special occasions, he is invited respectfully for the meal at believer’s homes!


He need not worry about washing, ironing and buying clothes. People buy clothes for him and gift him and they name this tradition as faith life! He has tons of clothes in his bags. He has quality sweaters, mufflers, jackets, expensive reading glasses; in case he is outside India, he will have an array of expensive suits and ties. All the luxuries of the finest quality clothing, but white in colour, to name it simple and sacrificial!


He has many homes around the world. He only needs to inform them that I am coming at so and so time, and they will make all facilities ready before he arrives. They will have his room cleaned, curtains of his room washed, ironed and changed. His bed prepared and a vehicle with a driver and some youths ready to receive him from the station or airport. These servants will go at least half an hour prior to his arrival and wait for him. As soon as he comes, they will rush and pick his bag, his bible and call the driver to be ready as he comes out of the platform. Once he sits in his white chariot, they will call faith home and inform other servants at faith home to be prepared for his arrival. Caesar is arriving.

Apart from enjoying the supreme quality of food, clothing and shelter, let us count servants and their roles assigned to serve him.

  1. He has servants to wash his clothes; Laundryman, housemaid
  2. Servants to iron them; Ironing services
  3. Servant sisters to prepares food for him; Kitchen Maid
  4. Servant small brother to serve him food at his table like a waiter: waiter
  5. Servant brother and sisters to clean his room every day: Room cleaner, housemaid
  6. Servants brother waiting outside his door to come running when he calls: doorkeeper
  7. Has servant driver to drive him in his four-wheeler: Driver
  8. Has servant to carry his bags, bible and do heavy work in faith home: Laborers
  9. Has servant worker to accompany him on his tours to conventions: assistant -secretary
  10. Servant youth or small brothers to massage his body when he is tired: Chiropractor
  11. He has servants to prepare meeting hall, loudspeakers and his seating arrangement before he enthrones chief most seat in  the synagogue: electricians, house servants

No wonder Tambi Durai said believers are slaves of TPM kings! Remember? Check below.

Now let us look at the travelling aspect of sacrificial suffering servants of TPM!!


Usually, he travels in the car, or minibus (tempo traveller). He has few two-wheelers at his disposal.  For outstations, he travels in A.C trains, with his co-workers travelling in sleeper class. There are people to stand in queue for him to book his tickets. For 100-300 Km he will waste a lot of petrol to travel in his own white four-wheeled chariot instead of a train.


While nearly 30% of India (about 40 crores) have to live in houses of mud and have no clothes to cover their bodies, no treated water, no nutritious food and no toilets, just try to estimate the monthly expense of these sacrificial saints. As per my experience and estimation, the monthly electricity bill for any centre faith homes is around 10,000 anywhere in India (This is the monthly salary of a struggling graduate or average believers of faith home, with which most believers run their home). Then there is water bill with tons of litres of water wasted, to make their clothes whiter than gods. Then they daily need litres of milk, dozens of egg, varieties of fruits, noodles, fish and grocery. My wild guess is that approximate monthly earning of centre pastor (including tithes from local faith home) is minimum 5 lakh for a smallest centre faith home.

Apart from these, they have ample money to destroy and do a reconstruction of civil works in faith homes and convention grounds. When a new pastor is appointed, he finds fault with previous construction and then he begins renovation work, by breaking the old structure and wasting the money spent by his predecessor. He will also say, “these loudspeaker boxes, amplifiers and mixers are not quality ones compared to the ones I had in my previous place”. So he will send servants to the old place to buy the same quality same brand sound system.

He also feels usually inspired to buy another land somewhere under his jurisdiction, to expand his kingdom and tell people to pay for it, so that gods become richer and people become poorer.

May we remind you God’s prediction of King and ruler above you sucking tithe of your income (I Sam 8:17). Check this article and this one, for the validity of tithes in NT and decide whether you want to share your money with needy ones of these lavish rulers of TPM.

What about the army? Like kings have an army and national rulers have soldiers to fight for them and protect their empire, so does TPM has sort of an army.

The Army

TPM has an army of blind devotees ready to fight for TPM. TPM worker and believer soldiers are in constant pursuit of besieging Christians who belong to other denominational kingdoms. They train the army with swords and knives of doctrines of deception to expand TPM kingdom. Centre pastor only visits rich respected believers. It is the duty of the small soldier sisters to go to new homes, face enemies and captivate them to bring them under obedience to TPM pastor’s empire.

Educated Employees

He has an Accountant sister to manipulate accounts, nurse sisters to nurse his wounds when he is ill, computer engineer graduate youths to do his computerization/email and mobile work.

Luxurious Imported Stuffs

They have the finest quality dry fruits, chocolates from foreign, biscuits you cannot find in the local shop, stuffed inside their cupboards and suitcases. They have imported torches, branded trimmer, shaver, alarm watches, imported pens, and deodorants. They have branded home theatre music system with surround sound system installed in their rooms and portable mp3, mp4 music players for travelling. Have you counted the number of bags they have? Just count them! They are normally hidden in their rooms and come out only when they get transferred.

Is this why they have left father, mother, wife & children? If that be so then anyone will love to forsake normal lifestyle to enjoy such premium life! And we call them suffering saints!! Amazing blindness!! Have a look at how they make you call them as suffering servants. Here is sample stanza from

English Hymn No 116.

2. Those who have suffered and toiled for his name

Those hated rejected unknown

No longer shall suffer the worlds scorn and shame

When Jesus returns for his own.

Is this the life of toil, suffering, rejection, scorn and shame?

One more thing; They also play the game of thrones. All kind of politics for promotion & transfers is an indispensable part of the fake home empire. Making complaints behind someone’s back (backbiting), simony under the pretext of tithe to superiors to get a transfer in big fake homes; language-based politics to stay in power; are a handful of skills utilized by these kings to play the game of thrones

A factory of Apostasia

The Above was a glimpse of their PRACTICAL egocentric lifestyle. But their self-exaltation is not only in mere practice. It is found even in their theology. Their practical lifestyle is in perfect equilibrium with their theoretical teachings of self-exaltation, – like their teachings which exalt them above Abraham, Daniel, David (Zion); their best church syndrome (True church); their doctrine of life of separation – which does not allow Christians to have fellowship, marriage and communion with other Christians; their self aggrandizing songs to make believers sing songs in their own praise; their attempt to hijack place of Jesus by calling themselves as saviours who bears sins of men; their open defiance by conducting tarrying meeting in violation of Apostolic counsel; their megalomaniac prophecies which exalts the self in audience; Isn’t TPM system a framework and mould to create arrogant monster out a simple naïve human being, who has entered fake home with noble intention to serve God?

Remember, that every deceiver has to present himself as a possessor of sublime virtues! Similarly presentation of TPM about its godmen – as men who have forsaken their parents, wife and children; who do not marry; do not watch TV; do not wear fashionable clothes; pack their bags when transfer order comes; is nothing but a marketing gimmick. How on earth can they deceive anyone if they do not get clothed in the outfit of monkish life? How could they win the trust of big fishes of mega town if they speak not honey-sweet words? Hermit’s uniform is tried and tested formula by tons of people of every religion as an unfailing ploy of ensuring a huge mass of followers!


India became free from British Rule 71 years ago, but is not that a joke for many Indians? Today we are slaves of people who deceive us using their election jumlas. Are we really Free or transferred from one Rulership to another?

Is it not the same situation in TPM. If you are indeed freed by the Son of God, why are you under this slavery of frauds?

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Gal 5:1

Freedom from Fraudmen

Are you really doing a wise job by sending your sons and daughters to become slaves to these boastful kings? God was greatly displeased when the Israelites demanded a king. He told them that this king (administrator) will take your sons and make them the driver of his chariots (I Sam 8:11). And he will make your daughters as kitchen cook for him (I Sam 8:13). This hierarchical system (chief pastor, centre pastor, Pastor, Ammachi, Elder brother, elder sister, small brother, small sister)was rejected by God thousands of year before TPM was formed (I Sam 8:12). God predicted that this king whose office he had rejected, will be the one who will make this hierarchical system to come into existence (I Sam 8:12). Jesus reiterated that this is Gentile System. He said – “So shall be not among you. He who wants to be above you (great), let him be your servant! Call no man your Appachen, Teacher or Rabbi! Ye all are brothers (Matt 23:8-12).” Christ alone is THE HEAD of body church (Eph 5:23-24).

Therefore, it is my firm belief that God cannot be the author of this system. He cannot contradict himself what he spoke in the Old Testament (I Sam 8) and the New Testament (Matt 23). How on earth we are to imagine that God, through Paul Ramankutty, Alwyn De Alwis, A. C. Thomas, and other hyped chief architects of TPM, established it? TPM institution is FACTORY for converting Sadhu into shaitan. You can continue to stay in this system and be moulded in a shape in which the system wants you to become, or come out of it and save your souls. Unless the system with its rules, teachings and leaders undergo a radical reformation then only fraudmen will come out of this moulding machine of TPM.

Let this day be the day of freedom from Fraudmen of TPM.



  1. Last week the Moopan announced that this is the time to say testimony for the Glory of God. Comes the first man. He said that he is thankful that all his sickness, problems in life are solved because of the prayers of the SOG. They get up early in the morning and pray for him and all his problems are solved. The SOG takes his sickness upon himself that is why the SOG is always sick. Blasphemy, while the SOG is silent. Comes another man he always sees vision of him running with all the evil forces behind him and lo the moopan is standing infront of him and the devil dissapears.

    Regarding expensive glasses, I have seen a moopan in the middle-east who wears Prada reading glasses. I was reminded of the movie which goes by the name ” The Devil wears Prada”.

    I don’t understand this testimony was for glory of God or glory of Moopan.

    • You know what. There are two groups in TPM. One is Saint and the other is Believers. A normal Christian uses the word “Saint” for all born-again members of the body of Christ. This is in line with Acts and all the Pauline Epistles. However, TPM does not consider those verses for their definition.

      Their Definition comes from Rev 14 where there are the 144000 which they call as saints and the rest as the ones that are DEFILED WITH WOMAN (as per their twisted interpretation). TPM Considers the ones married as DEFILED. But calling others non-clergy “DEFILED” might be an issue, therefore they call these Defiled people as BELIEVERS. So for all real practical purpose when they mention the word “BELIEVERS”, they mean “DEFILED”.

  2. Once I asked a sister why they have special mats for mother, asst centre mother and small sisters sit on a ordinary mat spread above the mat where all the believers sit. She explained that they are virgins and all believers are defiled since they have physical relationship with their spouse. They immediately fold those once the meeting is over. Their concept is they maintain holiness in their bodies and believers are unholy. When they come to house visit those sisters will ask me to wipe the sofa first , then they sit. They think that we are unclean since we are married. What a stupid strategy and blind slaves of TPM also keep following these hypocrites ! Thank you Jesus for delivering from this cult. Let’s uphold the blind believers to be delivered.

  3. It’s a very appropriate article on a day like this. Let this article stir up TPM believers to stand up and declare Independence from Fraud TPM rulers.
    I really thank God from the depth of my heart who delivered me from these Fraud rulers.

    I remember there was time when I was asked to translate TPM books and Sunday school syllabus one after the other, and I was working on it day and night at my college, in my house without having lunch , without taking bath, without even reading Bible or praying because I had to complete and submit it on a particular date…And these white frauds enjoyed nice sleep and gossips whenever I went near them. They are lazy people who do no work but gave loads and loads of work and on top of that called me MAKKU..
    There were sisters who would ask me to copy the writings of a diary to another diary…Then they would ask me to type everything. They think believers have no work and they have to work for them.

    When there would be no one to interpret pastor’s message … they sometimes called me …. Sometimes I had so much work , I had to tell them, I cannot come… But they never listened but would say that Obedience is better… And I had to leave everything and run to fh.. I used to think that they are people of Zion and will stand with Jesus ….I must obey them no matter what, but I was a foolish person.

    And yes, I know of a pastor who asked for mufflers to a believer. That same pastor, when he was having cold asked for chicken soup and that believer made soup and hidingly went to his room and gave him.
    This is faith life or fake life??

    Once one sister asked me whether I have got my phone or not..Took me and another sister to a hall upstairs and locked the door and watched a movie for 2 hrs. Several times I told her not to watch but she enjoyed watching. There were some kissing scenes, I asked her, “Why are you watching these things..?”
    She promptly replied,”These are natural things and by the way we have seen much more than these”
    And another sister pinched her so that she will not reveal anything more.
    And I was wondering whether they were really called for Zion.

    Oh yes, they turn from Saints to Shaitan. Once I heard one worker sister talking to a worker brother over phone. She was saying, “I get allergy when I see those two budhas(old men)— centre pastor and asst. Centre pastor bcz they r not allowing me to talk with you”… Seriously???? Then she should leave TPM ministry and marry him.

    Once a youth meeting was going on and centre pastor gave some work to a worker sister. That lazy sister got so angry and came upstairs and started screaming, “That budha (old man) is eating my head”.
    I really felt bad bcz they themselves don’t know manners but they are conducting youth meetings….

    I even know of a worker sister who steals onions, potatoes and other vegetables , even bedsheets and pillows from one faith(fake) home to another. And they proudly say that they have left everything.

    And these frauds want to rule people, scare people, deceive people using God’s name …. And blind devotees are running after them…
    I was also once running after them.. but the merciful God opened my eyes. And I hope, this same merciful God will open every TPM believer’s and worker’s eyes and forgive their sins.

    • Watching movies are quite common in Tpm. Many watch together in name of something spicy like rapture movies. I know of brother and sisters of faith home watching 10000 Ad watching in believers home. He told me sisters should know what will happen to world in 10000 AD. One brother was James bond fan and had all his movies collection. One even planned to show movie Constantinople in faith home to sisters on DVD player. I heard about it. I am sure many have watched Ten commandments, Joseph etc which had one or two seductive scenes.

        • No not 10000 BC. It was apocalyptic movie. Some believer told them about how movie shows end of world. I don’t exactly remember the name. I think it was 2012 (from the posters I remember) or some similarly numerical titled. Brother tried to create atmosphere of Jesus is coming very soon – become holy holy and we had lot of jumping revival in faith home. I went searching for it on internet but didn’t find copy.

    • Though i am not from a tpm background still i have a respect for them. i thought they are the blessed people because they have forsaken their families joined tpm to extend His kingdom. But after reading the articles from your website i have changed my mind. Thank you for your initiative. God bless you abundantly so that you may open the eyes of many to know the truth and the truth will make them free.

  4. Tpm teaches not to watch movies, even christian movies but they watch movies.
    Tpm teaches not to take medicine but they apply medicines.
    Tpm teaches not to read comics or any non christian literature (in their book- Worldliness) but I have seen sisters reading comics and hiding those under pillows.
    Tpm teaches against internet but worker brothers in the name of prayer visit some believers’ house and watch videos…And they don’t think about prayer.
    Tpm teaches it’s believers to wear white to Sundays but they themselves can wear black in foreign countries.
    Tpm teaches against smoking and drugs but I know of a sister who was eating tobaccos..
    Tpm teaches not to use soap, powder or deodorant (one pastor preached that) but I have seen a worker sister applying EverYuth cream on her face.
    Tpm teaches against marriage but they can have love affairs among themselves.

    They teach one thing but they do just the opposite.
    How long are the TPM believers going to tolerate these double standard rulers..
    How Long?

  5. I have heard Tpm has allowed for smart phones to assistant pastors now. Earlier only centre pastors were allowed to use smart phones legally. Sharing FYI.

    • There is a worker brother who has a smart phone and the centre pastor doesn’t know about this. That worker brother has said this to a believer and has told him to keep it as a secret.

        • Hello JACOB PG

          How will I not worry…Tell me…That worker brother looks so spiritual…And presents himself as strong as Apostle Paul…He makes people jump from one corner of the faith home to the other corner during Tarrying Meetings…
          He scolds youth when their works displeases him…
          But he himself is disobedient to the commandments of his pastor…Keeps a smartphone….Even talks with worker sister(s)….I have witnessed this.

          How will I not worry? Plz tell me…

    • Nowadays even TPM brothers have smart phones in their bags with whatsapp and facebook. It is an open secret to which the TPM top management turns a blind eye.

      • Richi
        What is your problem. You stop your sisters wives daughters from carrying smart phones. Don’t look at tpm believer’s bag if you are no tpm. Mean comment

        • @Brother Jacob first of all I did not write about any TPM brother what I meant was SOG and what LD has written is true about my SOG also. Is this a global phenomenon IN TPMor LD attends the same faith home as mine. ?

  6. Q 1. David was a sinner worse off than Saul. Yet, he was highly favoured. Why?

    Ans. It’s because David honoured the prophets, priests and even the king. Namely- Samuel, Nathan, Zadok, Abiathar, Saul.
    If we are to be blessed, we need to consider the servants of God as the chosen and anointed ones, and be submissive to their counsel, even if it is illogical, stupid or contradicting the Scriptures.

    Moral- Do not question the ministers of God, because they are around the mercy seat.. You cannot even look at them in the eye, lest you be destroyed.

    Result- Pass

    Congratulations & welcome to the cult.

    • David was favored by God because he had a tender heart towards God when God pointed out his error. He acknowledged his sin. It has nothing to do with honoring sinful clergy.
      In fact, Uriah did not obey David when David asked him to go against his conscience. Read 2 Samuel 11. We should follow the example of Uriah. We don’t have to submit or obey when the rulers over us are wrong.

  7. As you all know of the floods in kerala. Many among us have families and dear ones who are directly or indirectly affected by the floods.
    We also know of the dirty politics being played between the politicians of the two neighbor states.
    I do not know if TPM being centered in TN is the reason but Pastor Thambi Durai seems indifferent to the sufferings of tens of thousands of people in Kerala… His statements would make you literally just walk out of this place…
    I’ve decided one thing… Today is my last day in this church.

    • We have been telling that Thambi Durai is a Devil…People having fellowship with him are doing at their own peril. For him only the Dirhams in your pocket matters.

      • All through the week all of us had fires burning in our chests thinking of our families in kerala… How we’ve not been able to contact them or get in touch with them or how they’ve had to be relocated to relief camps… We come to a Friday service hoping to hear words of comfort, soothing words which helps us to find comfort from what all happened in an eventful week and to help us carry on for the next week. He was indifferent. His sermon literally started with Atal Behari Vajpayee… I kid you not… He started by saying “When Atal Behari Vajpayee started the BJP many of us were scared and we all prayed… Today was his funeral”. He went on to say later on quoting Jer 33:3 that if the people from Kerala call out to God then definitely God will rescue them… There were no words of comfort… Just a judgemental sermon with a ton of indifference… If the people of Kerala calls out to God then God will definitely rescue them… Pray tell me… Who is not calling out to God now??… Who here is not wailing out to God for a rescue?… I felt very uncomfortable in that church today… Of course many people who did not understand the gravity of the situation came out saying “Of course.. God is judging the people of kerala”… But to be a person who was directly affected by the floods, it was a horrible sermon.

        • Acts 11:28-29
          28 And there stood up one of them named Agabus, and signified by the Spirit that there should be great dearth throughout all the world: which came to pass in the days of Claudius Caesar. 29 Then the disciples, every man according to his ability, determined to send relief unto the brethren which dwelt in Judaea .

          Notice how genuine disciple of Christ react to news of natural calamity. Instead of being judgmental, they determined to send relief unto brethren. We have Indian navy, army, air-force and other rescue operations have been sent by non christian people. Some churches have rescue operations run. But wat about tpm? I dont know how much relief tambhi durai has send to people in kerela? Has tambhi durai or stephen sent team of brothers and sisters to kerela for relief operation? Or will they sit like king in so called temple of God and keep getting serviced by slaves in white, having mouth speaking great things and blasphemy?

          These white frauds sitting in high position are surely abomination.

        • Hello brother,

          I am very sorry to hear this and I pray that God himself might intervene and calm the wrath of nature.

          I have nothing else to say but I am some happy for you (in a nice way) that you have understood what institutional churches are for.

          They are the hireling mentioned in the gospels, the wicked shepherd mentioned in Ezekiel 34. Isaiah calls them as rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah.

          We need a direct connection with the real king and shepherd- until then, there is no relevance to our spiritual trials.

          I wish you well.

        • Brother if you send the contact details of your near and dear ones , we will try to get them out using our limited resources.

        • Well it beats me on how these leaders who heavily proclaim gods material blessings, physical blessings do not believe in lending helping hands to those in need at this hour.
          I heard that few mission homes are overwhelmed by locals. Well we can as a minimum support them and that community by sending quick help in the form of bottled water, quick nutrition, food stuff, clothing, sanitary stuff etc. What those people now need is not money but things for immediate survival. Hope one of the moles of T/Durai will read this and tell him to
          1. At least lift one of his little finger for this noble cause and mobilize some relief materials from here (GCC together). We will be more than glad to send all food stuff.
          2. Stop judgmental preaching for a moment
          3. Start with fasting prayers for flood relief only after points 1 & 2 in that order.

        • As far as I know, few TPM Believers have gone to be with the Lord as a result of the Flood. Let us keep the bereaved families in our prayers and put some sense to the Hypocrites to do more than their usual Zion Preaching.

        • I agree cent percent with redeemed
          Let Tpm ministers who are reading this awake tambhi and rest elite class, to lend helping hands. After all they tell government that they are charity organization.

          James 2:15-16
          If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?

        • @Nath
          The James verse is quite appropriate in this situation. People like Thambi will say “Pray to God” when he has his deep pockets filled with Dirhams. He will not loosen his purse to help out the people in need. But still, people will not realize that their Thambi is a Wolf. Does he need some promptings from simple folks as us to get into action?

  8. Appreciate your concern dear Admin and brothers but after a very harrowing three days without any communication a few people rescued my family in fishing boats and they’re in a relief camp now.
    Even now in our area there a lots of houses where rescue hasn’t reached.
    Did the water ask anyone’s denomination or faith before it claimed those lives?
    Many people will understand the meaning of help only when they are in need of it… Otherwise it’s just a word to them.
    Thousands of people are conducting 24hrs fasting prayers for the state of kerala.
    The Dubai sheikh specifically mentioned that the people of Kerala has been the reason for success of UAE and still continues to be so and he has requested the country of UAE to pray for Kerala and provide a helping hand to kerala as much as possible.
    The pastor of Dubai FH (where majority population is Keralite) has problems in showing humanity because its not like the wealth of TPM was built on Malayalees, it’s not like the monstrous Faith homes all aver the world has has any sweat or blood of Malayalees mixed in it, it’s not like if these SOG’s have grown fat on the money looted off of Malayalees.
    Any human being trying to put a communal spin on these natural disasters are less than animals but what about such people who don’t even bother about such a calamity? What do I call them??
    Testimony was given for just one person on Friday… Just one person… I so wanted to go to him after the service and talk to him directly to his inhumane face… But that would mean tarnishing the legacy and upbringing of my parents and grandparents… I quietly asked my wife to turn and see this church one last time and we left.

    • Brother,
      Praise the Lord for saving your family. It is very easy to comment from a safe distance. In the dictionary of these white clad prodigal frauds the word empathy is emptied.
      They are talking about Jesus. What an irony?

    • Brother, Your post was very touching. The best part is the last sentence you wrote. You turned your back away from that place they call the church or faith home or whatever.

      When we see churches which emphasise on external holiness and not the Christlike love and concern and sacrifice, we wonder whether it has any resemblance to the way our master Jesus preached.

      This is religion and not what my Jesus did and taught.

  9. On a positive note, NTC, Dubai has initiated a relief exercise by asking all believers through e-mail last night to donate basic survival items within two days to be shipped over to Kerala. Some kind hearted believer/s may have volunteered to take care of the logistics part.
    Glad that we could be part of some help finally to those in distress.

    • Yes seems to be an afterthought. Christian Churches were the first responders to the Crisis. Received this communication(in blue). Note the verse he has quoted. Verses like this invoke business mentality in a person. When will people start to give without any expectation to be paid back? When will people start giving with just LOVE as the motivational factor? 1 John 3:17 seems to be not in his bible. Anyway, Something is better than nothing.

      17 But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? 1 John 3:17

      Praise the Lord

      He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will He pay him again – Pro. 19:17

      In support for the people in the state of Kerala on Flood Relief; we New Testament Church with the guidance of leaders would wish to support with materials & funds during these hard times and thereafter as well. We encourage you all who can support with the best you can by sending us with:

      New / clean / usable items
      1. Bed sheets / Towels
      2. Dresses – night dresses preferably full sets for men, women & children.
      3. Tooth paste & Brush & Soaps etc
      4. Footwear

      NB: Please refrain from sending the old and torn items

      If you are willing, please contact Dubai Faith Home on mobile 052 711 6160 / 04 264 3177 for further handling and arrangements.

      Pastor. Thambi Thurai
      NTC – Dubai

      Now Dear Thambi and seniors, please take up a task of rehabilitating the believers of your Kerala churches and when you do that do not show partiality of giving more to some and less to some based on their devotion and buttering. Stop wasting money on useless conventions and route that funds for Rehabs.

      • At least they have woken up. The note from thambi says “we New Testament Church with the guidance of leaders .” So leaders seems to have asked him to collect stuff from dubai. He has made clear he is not doing out of his heart but a order has come to him after discussion. Why this relief fund note sent for Dubai only ? Why chief of Tpm stephen has not sent mail to other churches in India to announce for relief fund on Sunday meeting ? I haven’t heard it being announced in our church in north . Has he announced for it in Chennai ? Or is it tactic to appease malyalis from dubai ?

        • Stephen just sends letters and notices to ban Whatsapp, Facebook, websites etc apart from speaking out some sermons which even he does not understand. You are expecting a lot from the leaders of TPM.

        • Why are you worried about all these an who are you to question these.
          Why chief pastor only should write the letter. Why not a centre pastor to write such letter. Get out of the habit of finding fault on anything and everything.
          Why are you disguising as Chinu. Come boldly with your real name

        • JP
          I don’t understand why workers need guidance from leaders instead of guidance from Holy Spirit ? If some of your son / daughter fall into ditch , will he seek permission of leaders to lend him helping hand ? I really don’t understand your blindness. Have you read about sacrificial life of your kingly saints in above article? Is this is why they have left home parents etc to make people as their slaves. Is this is why tambhi durai is believers to come to Dubai as slaves of Tpm pastors. You better ask tpm pastors to get out of habit of making others as servants. Then come and lecture me on habit of fault finding.

  10. I was going through Voice of Pentecost (Feb 1969). It has biography of Pastor Philip Chandapillai. Biography ends with following statement

    “The Lord who promised David that ‘there shall not fail thee a man to sit on the throne of Israel’ (I Kgs. 2:4) has extended the same blessing to Pastor Chandapillai also. Three of his children, a son and two daughters are continuing in the ministry of the Lord in the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission.”

    Isn’t that shocking? This was written in 1969. Extending blessing promised to David’s throne to Philip Chandapillai’s three children !! Is Tpm ministry a chance to sit on throne of kings? They say these things and we are as blind and deaf to let it pass unnoticed.

  11. Ever wondered why God stuck down Uzzah..Tpm might have brainwashed you into thinking that its akin to saying something against the “servants of God ” ..which is a lie..listen to this wonderful breakdown of what happened

    The Lost Ark


  12. I have one news for you friends about how hypocrite teju brother is. As per tpm rules he is not allowed to board ac trains. He is not a pastor. Only centre pastor can travel with AC train tickets. However Teju has lots of money. And he can’t travel in sleeper. So what he does is that he boards train in sleeper class in front of believers. After the train leaves and believers are out, he will quietly shift to ac chamber in train, for which he has booked his reservation. This cheat thinks he can fool us.

    • Dear Danny Shivlingam
      This TEJU is a fraud in saints clothing. No one except pastors are allowed to keep mobiles. But this TEJU was given permission to use mobile. Is it not a partial dealing? This fraud’s mobile is always engaged talking to female folk.

  13. There is a clause in TPM rule book which states that if the TPM minister is a renowned convention or a prominent Bible study speaker, he can travel in AC 2 tier coach even if he is not a pastor and is exempted from the regular travel laws dictated on others. Also, he can take his assistants with him in the same coach if he is fine with it. It is said to be provided as an honour of his orator skill set (in their language – a gift of God must be honoured)

    Moreover the maximum allowance is AC 2 tier for these ministers and not a flight journey even if the said flight journey is cheaper and time saving.

    The grading system is quite prevalent inside the core organisation as well.

    • Dear Rfmtp,

      Why does then fraud Teju does drama of boarding train in sleeper class in sight of believers? Let him board aeroplane or private jet. We, believers, have no objection. Rules are made by tpm leaders, not by believers. So if there is such a clause in tpm rulebook, let him boldly board AC coach. Why drama of secretly shifting to AC Coach?

      • Dear brother, As I’ve already mentioned, they obviously need to fool the followers. Else who will sponsor their lifestyle?

  14. Dear RfmTPM pit
    Are you sure that, such a clause is mentioned in TPM bylaws? Why such a clause? Do 2AC coaches reach the destination before the 3rd Ac or sleeper class coaches? Moreover why these frauds who are deceiving people in the name of consecration & life of suffering need such comfortable journey? See, I am not against anyone’s personal choice but the deception of the frauds. Let them enjoy everything but they should stop fooling the people.

    • I’m sure about that. I’ve heard one of them boast about it and that they are so humble that God has exalted them among the brethren. Going in AC 2 tier gives them recognition about their superior class. They use the words suffering for God, obedience and humbleness to camouflage the class system. The class system inside the organization (amidst the so called SOG) can be clearly seen in mode of travel, food, staying quarters etc.

      They obviously need to fool the followers. Else who will sponsor their lifestyle?



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