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    1. Dear Brother,

      This faith is TRUE FAITH which was proved by early Holy Pastors and servants. I have seen more blessed peoples and back sliders since 37 years. Actually Pastors name should not be mentioned as per faith. World is changing .
      I kindly request you do not ask telephone numbers and believe in GOD, His words and voice. Make direct connection between you & GOD in every day life. Believe that the voice is from GOD and follow. Pray to GOD for his voice and happy in god.

      ASK will be given to you, Hit will be open and SEARCH will be find. You will be blessed .

      I am so sorry brother to disturb you and excuse me if this is wrong.

  1. Br.Samuel Kabeerdas . have you ever thanked the owner of this site that gives you freedom for maintaining your secrecy? No one knows your identity .He simply publishes the reader’s comments as they are without screening from his end ! You should understand his honesty and intellectual sagacity in running this site that unless it was revealed to him from the heaven above directly from God, It is 24x 7 days job literally. It would have not been possible for him to run this site thus far unless he was led by the Spirit of God with a missionary zeal.Have you ever witnessed any similar spiritual site of this kind existed in the present times that brings out the most horrible things happening in this church under the mask of TPM Clergy? The owner of this site does n’t ask your gender either whether you are a experienced believer or not ,whether you ‘ve a sound scriptural knowledge or not that you are worthy to send your comments.The owner of this site gives you unlimited access to express yourself .But that does n’t mean that you write whatever stuff that comes to your mind. See brother, in the name of serving God so many young people are perishing day in day out.. Old and experienced people are getting killed by the same clergy people. So when you write these comments better know yourself pretty well ,that there are other highly experienced knowledge filled people who would read you,and rate your state of mind , your character etc. etc,…that would be easily revealed by reading first three or four sentences that you scribble. Because every language contains two aspects : 1.LETTER .2. SPIRIT. ( logos & rhema aspects) . Your language was clearly analysed.
    Here your spirit is revealed and that your comments are hallow and empty.
    Your mind is controlled by somebody.You ‘ve got no reasoning ability.
    1 PETER 4:11 talks about the people like you.” IF ANY MAN SPEAK…….LET HIM DO IT AS OF THE ABILITY WHICH GOD GIVETH : All your comments were analysed in the light of God’s wisdom and were spoken with man’s wisdom which has no scriptural references.Do you write these comments just like that? Before you write ,did you ever read those 280 plus articles published with its valuable comments attached ? If you had ever done so you would have been benefited by now.

  2. These holy pastors, being referred here in this site by some uninformed readers, must be well informed now. When the issue of ZION meant for SOG as mentioned by over enthusiastic believers who were already brain-washed by the TPM Clergy,these holy pastors( like Pr Manoharan would chide those believers & SOG too.–not to mention it). That means there was so much of bad propaganda started in their times was clearly negated by these holy pastors. Why even for that matter in the recent past years when one listens to the CD messages of late CP. WILSON JOSEPH, who would always say ,that it was regrettable that many SOG would say so many things in their messages but would hardly mention the name of Jesus and would glorify Him as the Lord of all, This clearly shows his lamentations about usurping the god of TPM Clergy over the Lord Jesus Christ.This is highly wrong doctrine of ZION being propagated by these so called SOG of this TPM Clergy from the beginning days..Now we are going to hear the latest doctrines on SUN & CORONA, the climatic conditions of the universe from the NUMBER 2 in these days. We will continue to fight out our relentless battles daily irrespective of how many ill advised and -ve comments are posted in this site.

    1. these holy TPM pastors, the Manoharans and Wilson Josephs are more culpable than the other uneducated workers because they were in positions where they could have wrought a change. Instead they did not want to upset the applecart.

      They were too scared to face the consequences so what did they do – “Run with the hares and hunt with the wolves”. These wise gentlemen will face the worst of hell’s fury in eternity than the simpletons like Emptee Thomas because he is just a con artist and conning gullible folks is his profession.

      The Bible clearly says that you will not find Cowards(fearful) in heaven. Even the pagan spiderman knows that with power comes responsibility, unfortunately these false shepherds kept quiet when they could have changed the direction of this ship. Hope Abraham Mathew is listening.

      1. These are the people who are driving the train in the wrong direction but could not reverse it for the joy of the VIP seat they received on the train.


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