Genuine Gospel has always been preached in the backdrop of the wrath of God. Every messenger of God was sent to proclaim that God is going to judge residents of earth. Their message always carried the idea of “God as a fearful entity” against sin and sinners. Noah preached judgment of God, Jonah preaching destruction on Nineveh, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and “minor prophets” preached Babylonian captivity. In the New Testament, John the Baptist preached “who hath warned you to flee from the wrath of God to come,” and Peter preached “about the day when earth and heavens will melt away” and Paul preached how both Jews and Gentiles are under the judgment of God (Romans 1 &2). The last book records letters sent by John to seven churches as warnings and admonitions. God has always been presented as someone we should fear and respect. Whether they were OT prophets or NT apostles, all of them carried the message of hope through Messiah, against the backdrop of soon-coming judgment of God. This has always been the gospel and message sent by God via his messengers. But the gospel of deeper truths of TPM sets the focus of people on the wrath of antichrist. They show you ways, rules and regulations to save you from seven years of tribulation and wrath of the devil.


The genuine gospel makes people focus onTPM gospel makes people focus on
Wrath of God is coming upon the world.Wrath of antichrist will come during tribulation days
We (Jews and Gentiles) will be condemned (Rom 1 & 2) and we can escape God’s punishment, not by works of the law but only by faith in Jesus (Romans).We can escape great tribulation days of the wrath of the dragon by showing obedience to rules regulations of TPM.
Asks people to look to Jesus as our high priest praying for us.Makes people look to TPM saints as high priest after the order of Melchizedek, praying for us at 4 am and 10 pm. Call them when you are ill, get your homes vehicles and tithes prayed by them. Look to them. They will present you faultless (perfect) if you obey them and stay in their fellowship of saints.

Gospel of Nebuchadnezzar’s Servants

Nebuchadnezzar in the bible is a prototype of the antichrist. In Daniel 1, he destroys the temple of God. In Daniel 4, he is shown as the beast of the field which reminds us of the beast of Revelation 13.. He makes an image of himself, reminding us of the image which beast of revelation will create. The dimension (6 cubits width and 60 cubits height) reminds of the mark and the number 666. His kingdom title Babylon reminds us of the name of the Babylonian harlot church of Revelation 17.

The point that concerns our interest in the above typology is the threatening message preached by ministers of Nebuchadnezzar. They threatened people that if people would not worship the image of the beast of Daniel 4, then they will be persecuted in the fiery trial (Dan 3:6). So the point is that ministers of Satan who preaches among nation – fear of the devil. Those who would fail to obey their doctrines will have to face tribulation and persecution of beast.

Do you remember we told you that rapture theory is a message preached by servants of Apostate Catholic church (Check it here)? Did God make Shadrach Meshach and Abednego escape (rapture) persecution and tribulation of Beast of Daniel 4 (Great Tribulation = 7 times heating of furnace)? Or did he made them pass through the fire of persecution of wrath of the beast of Daniel 4, fearlessly (Dan 3:18)? Was Holy Spirit taken away to heaven during times when people of God (Shadrach Meshach and Abednego) went through tribulation or do we find the presence of Jesus himself (the form of the son of God 3:25) with his people during their persecution (John 14:23)?

Nebuchadnezzar’s typology is a clear demonstration of the distinctiveness of the message between the devil’s proclamation and the message from God. One makes you fear the tribulation period of anti-Christ whereas the other one makes you fear God and seek to rest in Jesus. One makes “parasites of TPM” to be obeyed to get perfected by works of law and other makes you seek perfection by putting on robes of the righteousness of Christ.

The message of 1st Century Apostles vs the Message of the Messengers of TPM

Fear of AntiChristNote that we are not saying that tribulation days are days of feasts and enjoyment! What we are saying is that our focus should be on the wrath of God and not on persecution caused by the devil. Isn’t this what Jesus said “…do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” It is not that TPM does not take the name of Jesus, but emphasis and brainwashing are so done that people focus more on the wrath of the Antichrist than the wrath of God. I have seen people frenzied with last days and idea of the dawn of tribulation days. They say “Oh my God .. last days…..666…. chip… number… no food no shopping without number…. beating and thrashing… ” You saw a UIDAI card made mandatory by the government and TPM panicked that anti-Christ has come! Remember there were Y2K and you were told all computers will shut down and anti-Christ has come!  Then we had Barrack Obama becoming president and you started saying last days.. last days..!  You saw TPM making you fear Modi being elected to power! Why so panic? Why doesn’t church make us strong to face the roar of the devil?

Compare this with the message of the apostles of the first century. Paul teaches “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ… shall tribulation..shall peril… shall famine … shall sword….” And again he says “Why do ye weep… I am ready to be put in prison and not only that but die.. (Acts 21:13).” Paul says “I beseech you that be ye not soon shaken or troubled…. (2 Thessalonians 2:2).” And again he says “Let no man be moved by these afflictions (I Thessalonians 3:3).”  Peter said we should fear God and obey him than men (Acts 5:29). In the Old Testament also, there were messengers with the doctrine of terror of children of Anak (Deut 9:2) on one hand we had Caleb and Joshua who strengthened the church in the wilderness to face Giants.  Is it hard to notice the deviation in teachings of early century apostles compared to self-acclaimed apostles of TPM?

Words of Advice from A.W Tozer

Mr Tozer in his book “born after midnight” chapter 9 writes against devil consciousness mentality of Christians. He writes “I know Christians so engrossed with the fight against evil spirits that they are in a state of constant turmoil…… they manage to stay alive only by frantically rebuking the devil in the name of Christ. These are …. devil-conscious to a point of being borderline neurotics… They …always manage to locate an evil spirit as the cause back of everything that irritates them; The scriptural way to see things is to set the Lord always before us, put Christ in the centre of our vision, and if Satan is lurking around he will appear on the margin only and be seen as but a shadow on the edge of the brightness. It is always wrong to reverse this – to set Satan in the focus of our vision and push God out to the margin. Nothing but tragedy can come of such inversion.” Note the last lines – It is always wrong to reverse this – to set the Great tribulation caused by the devil in the focus of our vision and push the wrath of God out to the margin. Nothing but tragedy can come of such inversion.”


“Last days” messages of TPM are very popular in TPM. Almost all of the Bible studies and songs of TPM are about the rapture and escape from seven years of tribulation. On the outer surface, they appear harmless, but the effect they produce is subtly different compared to the effect which message of first-century apostles produced. Both the first-century apostles and 20th-century fake apostles used the name of Jesus, both preached about the last days. But for one “last days” meant coming of the judgment of God and for other “last days” means tribulation caused by the devil! One makes you focus on “finished work of Christ” as the escape route from the day of terror of God and others makes “obedience to rules set by their eunuchs” as an escape from the wrath of anti-Christ. The differences are subtle. I hope that scales will begin to fall out of your eyes. I hope you will perceive the perils of the gospel of perfection of TPM, which keeps the wrath of God at bay and makes the fear of tribulation days at the centre.


  1. Most of the so called testimonies end with “pls uphold us in your prayers so that I and my family shall be caught up in the rapture “. Most of the time this is said as a mere formality without even realizing what it means. Such is the way they have managed to blindfold the people. Satan has ensured that the believers remain as infants throughout their life in TPM using clergies and his twisted doctrines.
    Next is the concept of “Poratum” which most of believers believe and spend much of their time and money on. Any trial by our Lord to correct us is perceived as PORATUM. Clergies and fake pastors have a field day with such gulible believers. Again this must also come to pass to differentiate between those who want to manifest Christ in their life no matter the consequences vs those who wish to selfishly escape the tribulation under the guise of love for Christ.

  2. The pretribulation rapture is favorite subject of tpm especially br teju. I regret now few years back in a tpm Sunday school anniversary done a program on second coming , called Vanish. After I exit from tpm , during unlearning process of tpm doctrines, it was clear to me after searching thru word of God that pretribulation rapture theology is wrong and i can’t any verses to support it. I think 90% believe this, theologians like John Piper , Zaac etc are post tribulationsit
    This deception evolved in 19th century that rapture didn’t happen before tribulation , there are lots movies in West like left behind , vanished, etc , all from devil to deceive, and what is going to happen is opposite at the end , they will be shocked to see and exerience torture and go thru tribulation, since people are not ready and mentally prepared for such a torture many will fall away from faith and renounce Christ, and betray each other to save their lives, this is what mentioned in Mathew 24. All mentioned there is happening before christs return.



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