According to one story in Greek mythology, there was a man named Narcissus. He was a very handsome man. But he used to despise others. One day he came by a lake and stooped down to drink water from it. In the lake, he saw the reflection of his own image. He saw his own beauty and was so engrossed in praise of his own beauty, that he found it impossible to take his eyes away from the lake. He fell into the lake and died while beholding and applauding himself. There are people in this world who are extremely fond of their own selves. They always keep proclaiming their own achievements. They will say things like, I went there and did this. I am like this. I love this. I am an expert at that. I love such and such things. These people are self-absorbed. They love to talk all good about themselves. They are called as Narcissists. Adolf Hitler, King Alexander, King Henry VII, Prime Minister Modi, Donald Trump are few who are famous for their Narcissistic nature.

Observe at the following statement of President Trump where he displays the narcissistic spirit.

No one respects women more than me. No one reads the Bible more than me. Nobody knows more about taxes than me. I am the least racist person you’ll ever meet. Nobody knows more about trade than me. I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain.”

This is called self-love or Narcissism. In psychology, this self-love is called as collective Narcissism when a group instead of an individual behaves in this way.

Narcissistic spirit in TPM

TPM workers are so madly in love with their not marrying, leaving parents, not taking medicine that you will find them 24×7 speak about what they do and how they are superior to others. Have you seen them deal with a new soul? When they visit a new family they will ask them to open Luke 14:26 to the passage where Jesus says “if any man hates not his father mother… He cannot be my disciple…” They begin by showing that they are true disciples and the others are inferior people. Then they will tell how they live on faith, not on salary. Then they will say for past xyz number of years, not a single medicine has entered my body. Then they will say servants of God wake up at and pray for you. They also pray for believers at 10 PM before going to sleep. Their gospel to new souls begins by telling about themselves.

Spirit of Narcissism in TPMParticipate in their worship meetings and you will find them singing songs Who are these 144000 who have fathers name written on the forehead. They will keep periodically prophesying about the great calling of Zion. They will preach sing and publish about themselves as Zion the most desirable object of eternity. In short, whatever they do they keep harping about their charming attributes and actions. How true are words of Apostle Paul in last days men will be LOVERS OF THEMSELVES (Narcissists)…  (2 Tim 3:2)” In Zion TPM’s idol series we showed you how much TPM loves their own glory. Here are few samples for your remembrance.

  • “ The joy of the whole earth is mount Zion (Ps 48:2). One day the saints of Zion will be taken away from this world (at the rapture). When that happens, joy also will be taken away from this world. There will be absolutely no joy left in the world. All that will be seen in the world will be fights, quarrels, bloodshed and famine. Then the world will understand what Psalm 48:2 means” (Zion, The Perfection of Beauty)
  • “No one could learn the song of Zion (Rev 14:3). What is the meaning of that? Others cannot live this highest spiritual life.” (Zion, The Perfection of Beauty, Page 34
  • If you do not love Zion, you will love the wrong things. (Zion the perfection of beauty)
  • Those who love Zion will never backslide (Zion the perfection of beauty)
  • If you do not believe in Zion, then you cannot obtain this salvation.….Ordinary, carnal people cannot preach this Gospel.  (Voice of Pentecost, Nov 1975)
  • Only if we love Zion can we love God more and more (Zion the perfection of beauty)

Narcissism (self-love) in scriptures

Scripture says that the anointed cherub was also a self-lover. We read in Ezekiel “Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty…[Ezekiel 28:17].” Nebuchadnezzar was also a self-lover. He made an image of himself of 666 dimensions (60 height and 6 width).  He praised his own achievements by saying “Is not this great Babylon, that I have built …by the might of my power (Dan 4:30)?” Beast which arises from bottomless pit is also expected to be narcissists (self-lover). He will make people sing “Who is like unto the beast. Who can make war with him (Rev 13:4)” TPM also makes people sing the same song? Check it below song. Whenever they want to mention their own clergy they use the word “ZION“.

English Hymn No 340The Beast makes people sing songs of his own praise
1.      Who can belittle decry from Zion






2.      Who can resist and defy great Zion


3.      Who can dishonour the song of Zion





Who is like unto the beast.


Who can make war with him (Rev 13:4)”


Narcissism or self-love is contrary to the spirit of scriptures. Scriptures teach us to love God and our neighbours as we love ourselves. A true servant of God uses every opportunity to glorify God, to present Christ to the world, but Narcissist ministers latch at every opportunity to proclaim themselves.


  1. One day they came for visiting n asked my kids to sing a song, they sang a nontpm song the end,the elder sister asked if iam coming to TPM ,I said No IAM going to another Church, immediately she said that’s y the children are singing a song with no deeper truth.i said they singing about JESUS.Admin I want to clear some thing,is it ok to kneel before them , because I got pricked when I saw my marriage photo because Bible says we should bow only to God.please make that clear

  2. This reminds me of a challenge thrown in by centre clergy here to the congregation during a sermon few months back “show me a better church than this and I will join it”. But nowadays from the interactions I feel it is the believers who demonstrate this attitude of being in the most spiritual church of the world. The root cause is pride which our Father strongly abhors.

    • @ Reedemed

      The centre clergy you are talking about was saying the same thing while he was in my place.
      Even when other church people attended TPM, he was shouting from the pulpit, “You Baptist people, you other Pentecostal church people, you cannot go to heaven … You have to take water baptism here…Blah blah”
      Once he came to my house. Some guests were there. He asked me before them,”These are Baptist people??”.
      They stared at me. My mother felt very bad. Afterwards, I told my mother, “What can we do… We have such an ill- mannered pastor.

  3. While talking to a sister, I told her that we all are equal before God. She said,”No, we are not equal”. I asked,”how?”.. She said, “I have left my family, am not married and am a servant of God, but you are not”.. I told her that this is nothing but pride in their heart, instead of boasting in their consecration, they should boast in the Cross of Christ.
    Even the centre clergy said me that my rank was lower to them. They are servants of God and I was a Sunday School teacher and therefore I should not ask them any question.
    I wonder how they don’t feel shame in saying such things.
    Thank God, our Jesus took the lowest position and taught us to do the same.
    Once again I thank God for this article.

    • Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, Matt 20:26

      For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. Matt 23:12

  4. Hi ,

    Today morning I was reading John 5:46 which states ” For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me” . I saw a note written by me when I was a victim of this cult.
    I had underlined Moses and written ” Servant of God” near it. It was about a year when I listened to a sermon given by a training brother. He told Mosses represents the Servant of God and you need to believe what all the things they say.

    But this verse John 5:46 Jesus refers to prophecy in Deutronomy 18:18,19 which states “18.I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.

    19. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.”

    Here the prophet is Jesus Christ not SOG but TPM twists the scripture and I wonder how it was not revealed to me when I accepted their doctrine. But once I am out of this cult bible can be understood clearly by me. Beware of these dangerous doctrine which can directly land you up in hell. TPM guys those who are following this site please realise the spirit of antichrist and leave it immediately.

  5. This article reminds me of many things. I want to share one more incident.

    Many years back when my father started attending TPM with us, a prayer meeting was held in our house. Tpm believers started to come very early and they asked my mother, “Where will pastor sit?”..
    My mother said,”Pastor can sit anywhere he likes”… They all said,”No”.. There must be a special arrangement for him. They asked my mother to bring a thick cloth, and on top of it a white bedsheet was spread, then a pillow covered with a white pillow cover which will be placed at his back. And when Pastor came, he immediately recognized his place and sat there. Seeing such arrangements for pastor, my family members those who do not belong to tpm, said many things to my mother, and they went and said to my neighbours also..

    My mother also lived in fear. As soon as services in fh gets over, she leaves fh, she never liked to talk with tpm workers. She even feared when tpm workers came to our house bcz they showed themselves superior before my non tpm family members, and my non tpm family members were getting angry on us.

  6. this happens with every organized religion, look at whats happening with orthodox and catholic priests in Kerala, tis the end result when people fail to exercise their authority in Christ and depend upon priests/pastors to do the work of Christ for them ,bow down before them for prayers/blessings. A from orthodox or from catholic site may come up in near future

  7. In orthodox or Catholic their leadership have the courage to kick them out from ministry, and taken up by local authorities, but what about culprits in tpm.

  8. @ X tpm ..the catholic and orthodox church authorities tried their best to save those priests ..its evident from the news..since it got so much media coverage they couldn’t protect them any not trying to defend tpm..they are just another dangerous cult but nobody inside it is brave enough to oppose them publicly for fear of divine judgement i presume

  9. Another mean incident in Adyar. A true man of God who poured his life for ministry and a headmaster in Sunday school and interpreter by name bro Jose, entered glory in hospital suffering from stage 4 of lung cancer.

    After death his family was advised to conduct funeral in house as divine healing was not practised. Bereaved family. Earlier to it there were many who died in hospital and not that great testimonials, yet body was kept in church for funeral.

    Another atrocious thing is ministers funeral will be in main hall and believers dying in divine healing would be in back hall. Fee so inhumane.

    All our ministers or at least 90% of ministers opt to ayurvedic treatment and have white speculchre. God alone can help.

    • These are spiritual apes living in their warped minds neither having fear of God nor respect for human life. They are not Christians but sons of their god, the father of all lies. In spite of witnessing firsthand these inhumane atrocities, there are some who continue to wallow in this pig sty.



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