There was a troll who was fully devoted to Mr Narendra Modi. He wrote that even if petrol prices rise so high, that I have to sell my vehicle, and sell my shoes and socks, and walk barefoot for miles, I will still vote for Mr Modi! This is the exact mentality of believers and workers of TPM. I have seen some believers getting kicked in their butt by arrogant workers, but the very next day, I have found them picking up sandals of their beloved saint and following him like a slave. Ever wondered why these people find it difficult to come out of the enchantment of TPM? How has this system of TPM brainwashed them? What Sorceries and what magic potion has this harlot fed to believers and workers of this narcissist organization? The magic potion is called love bombing.

What is love bombing? Love bombing is kind of emotional play of words showing false affection and love. They are made to feel important and as chosen ones. They are shown dreams of fantasy land and are promised rewards. This prepares them mentally to show their devotion and faithfulness to the organization. Have a glimpse of love bombing which suicide jihadis are bombed with before they detonate the deadly bomb on simple folks.

The Target in the video is told that he has been chosen by the committee. He will get 72 virgins in heaven. As soon as he will pull the trigger, the bomb will explode and his body will fly to pieces, but his soul will fly towards heaven and seven doors of heaven will open to welcome him. In the next video taken from a short film, the terrorist is told that the glory on his face shows he has led a life of isolation from this wicked world. Lucky are people with such a supreme destiny. Only chosen ones of Allah are lucky to be assigned such a task.

Love bombing is not only done to make terrorists or create suicide bombers alone. It is utilized in almost all cults to attract people. I have heard of complaints which people make against the bramhakumari cult that their sister/daughter have been brainwashed and she is refusing to come out of it. I know some TPM sisters who ran from their homes to enter TPM ministry. All these people get love bombed. Love bombing is also used by narcissist lovers to entice silly women.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 2 Tim 3:6

TPM’s Standard Love Bombing Prophecies

The question is “Does love bombing happen in TPM?” As far as my experience goes, I believe that people attend TPM meetings to hear God dance to demands of their secret desires. They all come and sit in meetings, ready and anxious to hear God talk to them, with some lovely words like you are chosen, precious in my sight and honourable. Apart from the deceptive sermons like this, they also enjoy the prophets’ utterances.  I have called you for a higher calling and so on. For people who are bitter against any another believer or worker, he will be bombarded with promises like “I will make you sharp threshing instrument” or “no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper and every tongue that rise against thee in judgment thou will condemn.” Or “I will make thy enemies thy footstool.” Below are few typical TPM prophecies which you might have heard.

  1. I have called you by name … you are mine
  2. I have called you with a high calling
  3. Behold I make all things new
  4. I will give you hidden riches of secret places
  5. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper ….every tongue that …..
  6. Arise and shine, thy light has come
  7. I will make you blessing for all nations
  8. I will make your enemies your footstool
  9. Egyptians whom you see today, ye shall see them no more….
  10. Behold I come quickly… I am coming to take you with me…
  11. I will deliver thee. I will go before thee and make crooked places straight…

After having love bombed by such prophecies, these people feel extremely happy. They feel elated that God has taken care of them and assured deliverance, vengeance and promotion. And when we try to make them read the bible and expose the erroneous teachings of TPM, such people get very upset. They who have been love bombed by TPM prophecies and made to feel as the chosen one among other Christians, display their anger towards us and advice to us to not to play with fire.

Scriptural Stand on such Love Bombings

Do scriptures advise readers to be wise in this regard? I believe yes! We have a little allegory from the book of Proverbs. It is about a strange woman alluring naive young man into paths that lead to hell. We all know that the strange woman or harlot in the bible is symbolic of the fallen church. The Wise King Solomon accurately diagnoses the love bombing and sweet talk with which the harlot church bewitches young men and woman into her grasp.

Proverbs 7 “She caught him and kissed him and said to him, I came to meet thee, to diligently seek thy face, I have decked my bed with a covering of tapestry with fine linen of Egypt, I have perfumed my bed with myrrh aloe and cinnamon. Come let us take our fill of love till morning..(Proverbs 7:13-18)” With her much fair speech, she caused him to yield, with the flattering of her lips she forced him (Proverbs 7:21).” In Proverbs 5:3, the scriptures tells us that the “lip of strange woman drop as a honeycomb and her mouth is smoother than oil.” With these clear scriptures, there is no doubt that love bombing and kisses of the fallen church are very much part of modern counterfeit Christendom. I now advise you to go one paragraph above, and read those typical TPM prophecies and decide for yourselves that is TPM fallen church having mouth smoother than oil and having lips dropping honey?

Discerning Prophecies

Doesn’t bible ask us to test every spirit? Shouldn’t we test and verify whether the word coming out of prophet/ess is really the word from God? Are you so simple and naïve that if someone applies a little butter on you, then you will begin to follow him like an ox to the slaughterhouse? Don’t we have experiences how political leaders sweet talk to lead youths following them to do riots?

You might have observed that typical prophecies in TPM are sweet promises taken out from scriptures. They are the word to word repetition of Old Testament promises either made to Abraham, or Joshua or Israel etc. People think that if the words of the modern-day prophecies match with prophecies in the bible, then it ought to be from God! Really? Does judging prophecies with scriptural support mean that we have to check whether modern prophecies are limited to the words from the Scriptures? Who imitates? think over.

God said to Abraham “I will make you a father to many nations,” and to Jeremiah he said, “I will make thee a fortified city (Jeremiah 1:18).” We don’t find these prophetic promises repeated in the New Testament again to anyone. Jesus had another prophetic message for Peter and it was not a repetition from the Old Testament. Concerning Paul, he said, “Separate unto me Paul and Barnabas….(Acts 13:2).” Notice that God didn’t repeat to Paul or Peter what he said to Abraham. He didn’t say to Paul “I will make you father of many nations,” although Paul became one of the greatest evangelists we ever had. Also, note that prophecies for seven churches of Asia had different promises compared to Abraham and so on. God didn’t say to the people in the church of Laodicea “Arise and shine thy light is come..” We must understand that God is sovereign and he does not have a limited vocabulary. Further, he doesn’t need to give us a certificate of his originality, by repeating his own words, spoken in Old Testament to show us I am the same one! Therefore, I think that it is flawed reasoning to assume that because words of modern prophecy match with the prophecy of the Bible, therefore, the one who speaks them must be God. God is original. He hasn’t memorized a set of prophecies which he has to keep repeating again and again.

It is a deceiver who copies appearance, behaviour and style of a person and he is masquerading the original. Therefore only a deceiver will keep repeating what God has said, just in order to fool people into accepting his message as an authentic from God.

True Gospel vs TPM’s Love Bombing Prophecies

Are comforting prophecies wrong? No, not necessarily! Cannot the Holy Spirit who is sent as comforter build up courage and motivate us to move ahead? Yes, he can! But the problem is that you see it become a repeated trend, week after week, and year after year! When you notice that the so-called Holy Ghost is silent when one pastor murders another or when TPM system as whole places hypocritical game of protecting criminals like sunny and punishing believers for marrying another church believer, then you begin to wonder whether he is the same God as was in the bible. You wonder why the sweet promising comforting voices are always in butter application mode, while there are other matters which need serious reformation. Why prophecies do not condemn the charity-less behaviour of TPM, their discrimination among themselves, their special treatment for higher rank clergy compared to new joiners, their discrimination between rich and poor believers, their lie to the government that they are running a charitable organization, their tax evasion, their purposeful negligence towards accountability and money. Why is the so-called god silent and speaks nothing through the mouth of the prophet/ess, about immorality which is rampant behind the walls of every faith home? Have we no example of how God rebuked seven churches of Asia in the New Testament? Don’t we see the Old Testament prophets strongly criticize idolatry of Israel and hypocrisy of priests of the temple (Malachi 1:6-13)? Read for yourself

Micah 2:1 Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds!
Mal 1:6 ….saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?
Hos 5:1 Hear ye this, O priests; and hearken, ye house of Israel; and give ye ear, O house of the king; for judgment is toward you,

Why have we not seen any prophecy condemning arrogance, pride and waste of money by TPM workers? Where in the bible do we find God applying only butter to his people? Is it in Old Testament or New Testament? Where? Let me know, please! Biblical prophets whether old or new testaments had been hundred times more critical of falsehood, sins and hypocrisy than they were comforting with lovely “I have called you with high calling” kind love bombing. Don’t tell me that once there was a prophecy about holiness in TPM asking people to be holy! There are several serious issues within the system of this rotten organization that needs reformation. What did you say? Has God elected chief pastor to be the administrator of this true church? Seriously? Why hasn’t any chief pastor risen to reform the nonsense hypocritical discriminatory behaviour widespread among TPM workers? Honestly speaking this god of TPM appears a stranger one than the God of the Old and the New Testament. This new god of TPM loves the Temple and Clergy worship which plagued the days of Jeremiah.

Love Bombing : TPM’s Kiss of Deception

The message of the scriptures is a call to the crucifixion of self and demonstration of loving caring nature to our fellow human beings. It is by loving others we are expected to bring glory to God (Matt 5:16). It is not the message of pampering human ego. God’s message is always Jesus-centric and God-glorifying rather than man-centric. This is the radical difference between the Godly and the counterfeit. The Counterfeit will always masquerade itself with the garb of biblical verses, to fool you to believe he is genuine, and he will pamper and love bombard you, to keep you away from self-crucifixion and loving others. It will hide behind legalism and holiness to keep isolated from the company of other church Christians, under the pretext of holiness without actually enabling you to live a holy life.


Scriptures teach us that “Faithful are the wounds of a friend but kisses of the enemy are deceitful (Proverbs 27:6).” Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss (Matt 26:48). Absalom betrayed his father by kissing people (2 Sam 15:5). Strange woman of proverbs betrayed simple young man with kisses (Proverbs 7:13). Don’t be deceived in thinking that the voices you have heard in TPM belong to God. I smell a big stinking rat. It is for you to decide.


  1. This is just one of their many filthy tactics.They will show so much of love some times.And then at other times they will insult.They will show their love when they have some hidden agenda or motive.There are different ways to condition an individual’s behaviour.Its like facebook incorporated the like button to create a feedback loop which everyone craves for making them stay on Facebook even if they don want to.The same mechanism is applied to animal’s to train them by giving treat if they obey commands and punishing when they disobey.Simply put they treat believers like dog’s.

  2. @Admin
    What an awesome article. Praise God for giving us an understanding of “Sola Scriptura” & “Non-Scriptural Indoctrination”.

    Can you please verify the following:
    There are three types of Prophets/Prophetess
    1) God made ones
    2) Devil made or deceived ones
    3)Those who speak deceit of their own heart (Deut 18:11; Jeremiah 23:16-22)

    Can you please give me “Biblical Explanation” regarding “Damages happened/still happening because of False Prophets”. I understand several things According to 2 Peter 2
    1) As they are denying Christ, they do not have eternal life within them.
    2) As they are denying Christ, people are led astray from the Path of Righteousness.
    For example, let’s say TPM’s “Not Supportive Marriage Doctrine”-
    >>Bible speaks seven things regarding “Adultery/ Sexual Immorality” — 1) Do not commit adultery/sexual immorality 2) Do not see anyone with ‘ill sight/lustful stare’ as even that’s ‘Sexual immorality’ 3)As we are the temple of God our body should not be defiled ‘1 Corinthians 6:12-20’
    4) For our Sanctification ‘Sexual Immorality shouldn’t be in us’- 1 Thess 4:3-7; 5) Bible repeats it multiple times ‘those who commit Sexual immorality will not enter the kingdom of God’
    >>Consider all of the above things as sides of a Box, Consider next point as the lid of the Box- Point 6) As 1 Timothy 4:1-3 speaks: There will be people who will preach (Not to Marry- under the influence of Demons)
    Now, let’s name this Box as “Plan of GOD”, according to 1 Corin 7:2 – in the original plan of God was only ‘Marriage’ not ‘Extramarital relationship’.

    3) Well, the above point is in complete sync with 2 Timothy 3:6-8.

    4) I believe you’ve said this multiple times, “False Prophets/prophetess” do not anyone to verify their teaching with the Word of God. Their teaching violets Matthew 10:16;1 John 4:1; Proverbs 14:15.

    is there anyother destructive damages are there and I (along with many other readers are) unaware of??


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