In the first article of this series, we exposed the way TPM manipulates people for Money. In the second article. we showed you how this deceptive synagogue of Satan is manipulating their Believers. In this article, we shall make an effort to expose the way they manipulate their own clergy or clergy-to-be.

Grab them in their vulnerability

People are more prone to make wrong decisions when they are in a weak point of their lives. To sway a person’s decision to your desired goal/favour is called Manipulation.

Some Standard Manipulations in TPM – 3Scenario 1: Let us consider a scenario of an unmarried young woman who has issues getting marriage proposals. Now compound that problem with financial burden for the parents. It sounds quite logical for the parents and also for the girl to escape the torment of the situation by joining the ministry. Of course, they will have no difficulty in getting promises and prophecies which they classify as “Call”. They will be enrolled in the TPM kitchen or singing “Ministry” with the promise of an elusive ZION. And there goes a wasted life, serving predators and dancing to their whims. Look at their faces. Most of them tell the sorry state of their life even without uttering a word.  These sisters have no idea of basic salvation or anything with God, except for what they have been brainwashed by their “Manipulators”.

Scenario 2: Let us consider a young man who has been cocooned in this brainwashing yard and has issues standing on his own feet. He thinks it is easy to get away from the struggles of life by joining TPM. Of course, in the process, he is getting to be an Apostle and a Saint. After a few initial months, he will be appointed as the local mafia agent with a comfortable life. He can collect his “Haftas” from the ignorant folks in his assembly and give some commission to the Center Don.

Scenario 3: If someone goes through struggles in their lives, he/she gets befriended by the clergy guy who has a target to achieve. Subtly an idea is planted with the notion that God is blocking your progress and ways because you have ignored the “Call”.  In such a weak point, this person gets overwhelmed with the thought of joining the ministry as God is kind of forcing.

You can get umpteen instances/scenarios where people are manipulated by the TPM Clergy to join their ranks. Do you think that God needs to use such Coercive tactics to force a clueless person? Think over.

Hold them in their Predicament

Now that this new recruit has joined the gang, it’s altogether another ball game to hold them within the Organization. There is a general threat of clergy depletion because of mutual attraction between members of opposite sex, Apart from that, they also have to keep people thinking away from the scenario of “Why did I join?“. “What would have happened if I had taken another route?“. Just like the Buyer’s remorse or the Seller’s remorse, there is something called a Joiner’s remorse.

TPM has excellent ways to cover up and minimise this Joiner’s remorse. Of course, they have these meetings called “Worker’s Meetings” to sort out issues within their mess, but also to keep the glue of the Organization firmly attached to the clergy folks. The deception works throughout the clergy system and one basic thread that spins around them is the notion that servingTPM is equal to serving God. Naturally, they get the Loyalty that is due to God by this deception.  The Senior clergies will never allow rational thoughts to germinate. They will make the rational thoughts look like a satanic temptation/deception.

They use verses like Luke 9:62 to reinforce any gaps in the brainwashing.

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62

Seldom do the victims realize that they are not enrolled into the service of the Kingdom of God but into the service of the kingdom of TPM. This is because the Brainwash of Making TPM=God worked very nicely. They, therefore, keep thinking that Leaving TPM is equal to Leaving God.

Close the Door

The Senior Clergies of TPM also does a trick to Close the Door. They make these brainwashed inmates burn/destroy their educational certificates and whatever credentials they possessed. This trickery is achieved in the guise of following the Lord wholly, at an emotional level. Nobody can withstand the ridicule and guilt if they deny destroying their certificates. Many people regret this action after the emotional high wears out. By this door closure exercise, they have ensured that all normal escape routes are closed. Even if somebody wants to get out, they will have the fear of the unknown because they have destroyed whatever they had accomplished. Do you think somebody will offer a person employment by just believing their words? Moreover, getting back the certificates is a Mount Everest climbing job.

Lock the trap

A relationship rarely survives if it is not nurtured. As the final nail in the coffin, the TPM system forces these inmates to sever ties with their blood relations.  As they have already brainwashed these folks in equating TPM to God. it’s easy to make this happen by picking up verses which demand loyalty to God/Jesus.

One key verse  which they take often is Luke 14:26

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.

We already have an article focussing on this deception of TPM. You can read it by clicking here

Now if somebody escapes all these setups and gets out of TPM, be sure that there will be rumours and stories propagated to malign that person’s reputation. These rumours will be so vile that normal people will not even want to associate with that person. TPM even goes a step ahead to vilify any person who contacts the person who has left their cult. As mentioned earlier, sense does not prevail in brainwashed communities. Nobody even asks why this vile person continued to be in TPM all these years and all of a sudden this stink comes out when he left it. Nobody asks why they covered up for this person all these while. I guess it is because he was an APOSTLE, when in TPM.


Just as the believers are trapped in the system, the junior clergies are trapped, even more. They may sound to be acting on behest of their captors, but they are filled with regret and remorse.  Their job of getting out is even tougher than that of a believer. We need to pray for their deliverance and also talk to them at a heart level, to let them know that it is not the end of the road for them. If possible give printouts of articles from this website so that they can be stirred up to make the right decision.

I would like to conclude this series with a video which can help you balance the scriptures with your deeds. Do not fall for any doctrines or teachings which does not have scriptural support.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant writing, Brother. God bless you.

    You have nailed it. Any young person who has gone through the TPM grind can relate with this. The yoke nonsense is a classic and this is a very successful ploy which works again and again. Forsaking the family is another weapon which they so blatantly use to trap the young vulnerable youth into submitting into a satanic system which demeans not only Christ but also his creation-man.

    Hope the sensible parents in this cult will realise that they are sacrificing their children to Molech by allowing them to join this cult.

    The worst culprits in this vicious cycle are the SOGs who knowingly deceive vulnerable young people who blindly trust them. They know they have made a mistake but they manipulate these youth to fall into the same trap.

  2. Wow.Amazing article.Sad part is we saw all this right in front of our eyes but still were blind.We kept believing that tpm is the best church,white wearers are saints etc.Im glad that at least a few people have brains to understand their plot.

  3. The lure for joining the ministry is so good these days that youths do falter. I’ve had a instance. A few years back, a elder sister was trying to convince me to join ministry. She said that joining the ministry will give a life comfort both in this present life and in eternity. Her statement for earthly comforts was like this,
    “1. you could earn few lakhs if you have a job in IT industry and work hard, but if you join ministry, after the first couple of years, you could have crores in hand without working. You can spend as you like and no one will question you.
    2. Food at home will be limited and you can’t visit restaurants daily for variety/multicuisine, however you can have that in ministry
    3. You will have only one wife to serve you in matured life, but you will have a lot of people and sisters to serve you in ministry (I didn’t understand the point she was trying to stress here) ”

    When I discussed this with my friends, I found that this was her common way for inviting guys who have a sufficient job to ministry.

    • Well we must appreciate the fact that this sister inadvertently blurted the reason she believed was the sole reason for being in the ministry. She at least did not have ambitious goal of Zion.

    • She appeals to the Carnal Man within us because she is Carnal.
      All these three points are from
      1. Lust of the Eyes
      2. Lust of the Flesh
      3. Pride of Life

      1 John 2:16

  4. Well said brother.TPM holds upon one verse, revelation 14: 1…Lamb and the 144000.Simply because they are not married and live a hostel life they will surely get Zion…( Now a days they contact there near and dear ones through video’s quite natural who are born as human beings to love there dear ones…).There are thousands of missionaries who sacrifice there comfortable lives and jobs for Jesus sake…who rely only upon Jesus but they are not saints ‘ because they are leading family life ‘ what a justice… according to TPM ‘defiling with women means getting married’…what a logic…God himself established the institution of marriage at garden of Eden…and the Bible says “marriage is honourable in all’.. Apostle Paul orders husbands to love their wives as their own body….once I have heard a pastor preaching …”marital relationship is a shadow of the relationship between Christ and the church….once the church is established at the day of Pentecost… institution of marriage(shadow)should be stopped…but God who is merciful just allow us to continue the system ( what a revelation).If somebody leads unmarried life for the sake of Christ…it’s a good decision but when TPM established it as the “apostolic doctrine” the scenario changed…if you listen to TPM testimonies .. we can hear people boast about apostolic doctrine..and old mothers request the church to pray for their children who are members of some other Pentecost church “to come to the “truth “that is tpm’s apostolic doctrine”. TPM Kerala believers boast about their church and saints..but 99.9 percentage won’t like their children becoming servants of God…they look to Tamilnadu for that…kerala pastors joke” we look to TN for vegetables and everything and likewise servants of God.”

  5. Well said brother… really TPM is externally beautiful,(means their fashion outward dress coding) but internally they are very dangerous….


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