In the previous article, we saw how human minds and Jewish influences tried to override the commandments of God. Now if we extrapolate the same nature of deviation considering additional factors of time (1900+ years) and different geography (Oriental/Hindu/Eastern Mystic), we will get organizations like the TPM.

We should understand that Ramankutty and Alwyn had an upbringing. From what we know, their upbringing was the product of the environment they grew up. Needless to say Ramankutty a.k.a Paul was a Hindu in his early days and Alwyn was a denominational Christian in a Buddhist Country. So now what happens when you put the words of Jesus into this Oriental concept? Juxtaposing two entities will get you a monster which will be neither of any. Let us consider one major twist that happened as a result of this amalgamation.

The “Forsaking concept” of TPM

We have been exposing various derived doctrines by TPM, created by removing verses out of their context. Now if this separating of verses from the context, is done by a person who already has a preconceived notion, we are sure to get a crooked anomaly.

We know that Ramankutty was a Hindu. For him, the words of Jesus in Luke 14:33 (when plucked out of context) sounded very similar to the World renunciation practised by Hindu Sanyasis. We know in India and other Oriental religious systems, it is normal for some individuals to renounce all that they have and go to some mountain/Jungle/Monastery to live a life devoid of all pleasures in life. They are out to achieve some kind of mystical union with the ultimate Brahma as a means to attain Nirvana. That is where our dear Ramankutty/Alwyn stumbled upon this verse.

What did Jesus teach and practice regarding Forsaking?

If we go to the previous verses of the said scripture, we can get the context. Jesus was speaking about situations of individuals who took upon themselves tasks which they were not able to complete.

28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?

29 Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him,

30 Saying, This man began to build and was not able to finish.

31 Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?

32 Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.

Luke 14:28-32


Jesus was clearly laying down the rules of his expectation from his disciples. He was saying that in the process of following Jesus, you will face challenges. These challenges could come from very unexpected quarters. In the process of tackling these challenges, you should be willing to give away anything that you hold dear for his sake. He was letting his disciples know that the stakes for the Kingdom of heaven are high that nothing in this world is worth holding on to.

 The Paganization of the Scriptures – 2At no point was Jesus telling his disciples to unilaterally abandon parents, wife, children and siblings to join a commune to live as monks. Jesus will never ask anybody to do something which he did not practice himself. Unless you are facing an obstruction for your following of Jesus, you should not part your ways. It’s abhorrent and ridiculous even to suggest abandoning your believing parents, spouse and kids to join an organization by misquoting Jesus’s words. Jesus’s disciples lived with their families when Jesus said these words. At no point, they discarded their folks and broke their marriage vows.

The World Renouncer from TPM

Strangely, this behaviour of TPM syncs up with the Hindu Mystic who abandons his/her near and dear ones, following some strange paths like the Ramakrishna Mutt or Brahma kumaris etc.

Do you now know why TPM never made any impact in western nations (largely Christian) but has a good following in India and Srilanka? Do you know even in TPM-West, a huge majority are descendants of South Asian immigrants? TPM’s philosophy appeals to an Indian mind because of its Hindu /Buddhist/Jain concept of world renouncement. No wonder that they address their clergy as “Saints” because, in a Hindu setup,  those saffron clad guys are addressed as “Saints/Sadhus”.  The Hindu mind cannot fathom to address a commoner as a “Saint”.

To the Hindu mindset, a “Saint” has to come with a Form of Godliness giving themselves a distinct air of superiority, symbolized by their dress. In the early days of CPM, Ramankutty and Alwyn used to wear saffron garbs to show externally, that they are “Saints”. Later on, when the local populace categorized these people along with the Buddhist/Hindu monks, they decided to have a facelift change. Therefore these neo-Christian saints changed it to a white coloured garb.


Dear TPM believer,

I have also at one time, boasted of the TPM Ministers’ consecration and the thought that they have forsaken all for Christ.  But those were the days of my ignorance. Abandoning your elderly parents or separating from your wife of covenant marriage, is a sign of brainwashing and gross disobedience to God.  God has replied that in a way for everybody to know. If you take the statistics, you can know that a huge majority of TPM Ministers die prematurely. Is not that a fulfilment of God’s promise?

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. Exodus 20:12

Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) Ephesians 6:2

You can choose to ignore the above proof God has clearly provided under the Sun because you have wilfully loved the lie. Taking your share of your father’s wealth and joining a South Asian commune is no better than the prodigal son who took his share of his Father’s wealth.

It’s cowardly to run away from responsibilities and cover that with a cloak of religion. You can choose to be a disciple of Jesus or be a prodigal son. It is a choice.


  1. OMG!!!!

    Our People Listening?

    Man, we tend to take everything very seriously. Rather the truth is very simple. Even those who run can read. But we take only complex things. Our people’s mind is so hardened that it wont give up so easily. Breakdown the man made doctrines line by line and word by word.

    Our people will understand slowly but surely. Because they have been rooted deep. Its not easy to pluck out so easily. It requires so much of simple words as described in this article. No need any deeper truths. Simple truth explained like this.

  2. Yes bro Sam… exactly as your words, our people’s mind cannot be easily understood to these things…..
    Dear admin, people are coming to ministry in TPM, they are telling that God is taking charge their families, blessings comes abundantly…, and they are professing the verse that,”If any man serve me,him will my father honour”… only by leaving home, God will bless….. what are all these things?????

    • These are LIES by them. I have been personally giving to a TPM Minister’s mother quite often. She does not even have food to feed herself. She even gives us missed calls so that we know she is in dire needs. I don’t want to elaborate the pathetic situations of many parents. But I know for sure that these old people are stuck in their predicament. If some parents are doing good, it’s because of the other siblings of the minister. Check out for the instances where the Only Son of the family has gone for TPM Ministry. Then you will know the real truth. Why do you think I write these things. I write it from my experience only and not some fluke shots.

    • One of the most heartbreaking instances is when a parent has to attend the funeral of his/her child. We all understand such things happening as a result of some accident. But sadly there are a lot of TPM ministers who die prematurely and their parents have to come for the funeral. And in the funeral, they continue to make these old people look stupid by saying “One more stone is added to Zion” or “A great loss for us but a gain for Zion” etc.
      They think we all are stupid to believe their Zion Story. Our Silence during that sombre moment is taken for a ride. Suicide even for a good cause is a sin. This is very similar to some Islamic suicide bomber’s folks praising him for dying as a martyr for Allah’s cause.

  3. Even many workers testifying that God provoked me to leave my house and parents to serve him…..?????
    Serving God without marrying only will God accept they are telling.could you please share the explanation of the Luke9:63verse.

    But I can understand one thing surely, the church cannot fulfill one man’s life in Christ, except the Bible(God’s word)

    • Brother,
      I do not see vs 63. But I guess you were mentioning about vs 62. In Verse 60 Jesus is asking that person to preach the kingdom of God. We all are called to do the same. Sadly in TPM, they have classified the congregation as “Saints” and “Believers”. There is no such classification in God’s Kingdom. We all are EQUAL. If we do not preach the Kingdom of God, its woe upon us. We are expected to tell the Good News of the Kingdom to people who are in our Proximity and with whom we interact. By Preaching, it does not mean you need a Pulpit and a crowd. Jesus meant him to TELL to others the way to the Saviour.

      Keeping Vs 60 in context, Jesus is saying that we cannot be spending time for our worldly things instead of Godly things. Does that mean you will have to stop working and join the TPM Monastery of Idle folks? NO. Follow the Example of Apostle Paul who worked for his sustenance when he used to propagate the Gospel. 2 Thess 3:9-16.

      This TPM structure has made people unproductive Eunuchs who cannot obey the basics of Christ’s commandments.

      • Good & precise answer admin, thumps up! These 2nd article of “The paganization of christianity” is another brilliant attempt at discrediting the monkship unproductive lives of these tpm clergy. Even after reading these mindful truths & yet tpmites who refuse to leave, only a dreadful judgement would be in the waiting for such stiff necked! Heb 10:27

  4. Fully agree with the statement that this movement was tailored with sant and bakhts model in mind. And then there are prophesies which from time to time which will reinforce all what they say from pulpit. For example today a believer sister prophesied some thing along the lines of “Dear prodigal son pls., return, you have worked against my saints, believers and prophets…but you did not succeed..because they are in my presence…..You too return….” For the non discerned this is more than enough to be convinced that this is from Holy spirit when it is never the case. They will go all the way to ensure that bakhts will never learn any thing from bible by quoting verses out of context.

  5. There was this particular Brother (SOG) who had converted from Hindu background. From the time of his conversion he did not call his Hindu parents or siblings even once. He was never in contact with them. He said he was scared that they may take him back by force. After his death, the TPM management somehow contacted his parents and informed them about the death of their son (fearing that the Hindu parents will file a case if the SOG is buried without informing them). The father along with the brothers of the SOG came to attend the funeral of the SOG. There they cried silently and learnt that their son was a stone who was added to Zion through 3-4 hr long testimonies.

    My personal pinon, this particular SOG came to know about the love of Christ but he chose not to go back to his brethren to share the Gospel of Christ. Instead he chose to stay in the faith home without any contact with his unsaved brethren. Mark Ch:5 speaks about a demon possessed man who was healed and then he wanted to go with Jesus. Mark Ch 5:19 says ” But Jesus would not allow him. “Go home to your own people, He said, “and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and what mercy He has shown you.”

    What was the testimony of this particular SOG in front of his parents and sibling? What they know is their son joined became a christian, did not once talk to them and now he is dead because he did not take medicines. They went back with a heavy and bitter heart. But who cares :”A stone is added to Zion” is all that matters.

    • Bro, did you realize that what happened now was a great counterfeit of below two commission tasked to us by Jesus.
      a) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15
      b) Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matt 28:19
      Even last week we were reminded that ministers were only ministers if they were separated by God himself just like in Mark 3:14.
      In pursuit of being the stone of Zion they will be indoctrinated to leave the strait way of Christ.
      If we carefully discern this barrage of TPM doctrines in the light of the two edged sword, we will be surprised to see the serious inroads made by Angel of Light in our fellow ship, governance, etc to ensure that we remain worthless “STONES”.

  6. The prodigal son was finally made righteous and sit at right hand of father since he had an open heart to confess his sins and humble enough to tell father to consider him as a servant, those elders son ( so called saints and bhakts) were the really crooks and pharisees filled with spiritual pride and self righteous, the prohphetess should have prophesied about them instead if it’s a true prophecy.

  7. Three years back, when my late grandmother was bedridden, I had to stay most of the time with her. Tpm workers asked me to attend international youth camp and when I said that I can’t leave my grandmother, two sisters angrily told me,” You stay with your grandmother. When Christ will come, you both cannot be caught up. When Christ will come.. tell him also that you can’t leave your grandmother”..
    And they made me cry bcz for me my grandmother was more than my parents.
    And when I missed any meeting for my grandmother, believers said me, “She should die, she is a trouble for you”
    These words really pained me a lot bcz she was dear to my heart.
    When sisters gave me some work in fh and I wanted to go home early bcz of my grandmother, sisters used to say ,”Leave your grandmother in the hands of God, and come to fh”.
    When I said any bible verse to try to make them understand that God wants me to care for my grandmother…They used to say, “Do u think u know better than us??.. leave ur grandmother and come.. this will prove ur love for Jesus”
    And that’s why so many times I left my helpless bedridden grandmother (85yrs old) all alone at home and came to fh. I was feeling so bad but just to please Tpm saints, I was doing that.
    To think of Tpm is to think of my sins.

    • Congratulations !!! looking after the elderly and your parents is one of the greatest things you have done. Now that you have clearly proved that you have a spirit of compassion and love which many TPM ministers lack. For they have a spirit of abandoning their own parents and elderly folks for the benefit of some Zion which they want to be STONED.

      • Take a situation where the chief pastor is sick to death. You call the sister and brother immediately to a orphanage or a new soul as part of the ministry. See their responses. If they leave the chief pastor to die and come to serve your request, great they are in Christ; but will they do? They will not is what I think.

  8. I heard from a source that one of the believer brother’s wife had passed away few years back, and this brother got married recently. While talking on this subject one worker sister mentioned it is better for that brother to marry since he had a daughter (10 yr old) , it is not good to live alone with father and daughter. I was shocked to hear this , what kind of mentality these worker had, shows what kind of mentality how their imaginations gone weird sexual , if they think it is not good for this brother to live with his small daughter , then what justification they had living together with males in.FH.

    • Very true my friend.If a guy and a girl live together its live in relationship and immorality.Well if a group lives together thats seperation and holiness according to tpm believers.I think the correct word for it is polygamy or orgy.

    • One SOG asked my mother to stop riding in the bike with me as it looked inappropriate!! He advised her to come in a separate vehicle. I was shocked beyond words of his perverted mind. My mother was nonplussed as well. She chose to “obey”. Sad indeed. She thought that he was a bit eccentric.

      • Look who is talking. The one who stays with unrelated females in the same house..He is having issues with a mother siting behind the Son’s bike. That is TPM.

  9. Hi all,
    TPM follows a system similar to Corban where the Pharisees abandoned their own parents as a service to God. Jesus rebuked them. So please don’t be fooled by their stupid works. God is impartial. He loves all of us equally. There is no separate group where he called to make others holy.
    Don’t be deceived.


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