We find a variety of creatures caught in the net spread by fishers of TPM kingdom. Half of them are semi-rational creatures who agree that most TPM workers are wicked and the other half are fanatics who disdain their own grey matter. No matter what kind of creature a person is, whether he is a rational being who is learning to question the nonsense of TPM, or whether he is resisting the promptings of his own grey matter, all of them believe in one thing that is good about TPM when compared to other churches i.e. TPM’s stress on holiness. Their idea is that no other church teaches its members to live a holy life as TPM does. And it is this very reason TPM believers prefer to stick with TPM in-spite of witnessing gross wickedness of whitewashed sepulchres. Do we have to test and determine if preachers that shout holiness from the pulpit are necessarily servants of God? Cannot ministers of devil manifest themselves as ministers of light? This question needs little rumination.

What is the Evidence of True Holiness in TPM?

Some usual questions that keep bothering you could be as follows

  1. Are good works after conversion limited to holiness alone?
  2. Is living holy life [from a sexual point of view] the only thing expected from a Christian life?
  3. What about charity?
  4. Has not Jesus said that all commandments of God (including ‘be ye holy’), hang on LOVING God and LOVING neighbours (Matt 22:40)?
  5. Is there even an iota of charity found in TPM?
  6. Didn’t you ever notice the partially between rich and poor during conventions, when believers from gulf/West are treated with honour and dignity and poor believers are provided with third category arrangements? Is it an act of loving others as we love ourselves?”
  7. Is having a separate kitchen for workers and separate for believers an act of loving others as we love ourselves? Is this how TPM workers become perfect?
  8. Is the Center Pastor’s act of drinking mineral water a charity, while believers drink from drums filled in with municipal water?
  9. When Pastor is riding in a chauffeur-driven car and a new joinee is forced to use a bicycle, an act of loving others like ourselves?
  10. Are the varieties of dainties which are being served to the centre pastor comparable to the simple food menu in meals for a new joiner to ministry, an act of loving others like themselves?
  11. What about the Pastors crockery sets being of premium quality than that of the other workers?
  12. What about special mats and special white bed sheets for a sitting arrangement made for pastors during the meeting?
  13. Are separate room for pastors/workers and a common hall for believers during convention a manifestation of the heart filled with love?
  14. What about white ironed clean special bed sheets for pastors compared to the mats for believers in the convention?
  15. Why so many special treatments in every walk of life based on an organizational hierarchy?
  16. Right from the clothes, bedding, food, water, vehicle, sitting place, private room – why are these different for different ranking of ministers, and of cheaper quality for believers?
  17. Is buying of a huge plot of land and constructing big mansions for themselves, when poor believers live in a rented house, an act of loving others just like they love themselves?

How depraved are these megalomaniacs?  It doesn’t even cross their minds that the money they derive to achieve their categorized lifestyle for categorized ranking in ministry (which is contrary to the law of God) is robbed from hard work of poor believers.  And you believers are equally responsible for allowing this kind of their megalomaniac categorized lifestyle because you flush your bank accounts into their pockets. Where is a charity in all this? Are you so blind to understand that God doesn’t need your money, but it is poor people who need it, and if you provide their needs then this will glorify God, instead of providing these white frauds to live a categorized lifestyle in TPM system? Ask yourselves, What’s the use of such a holy life? Why are not sermons of TPM based on charity, help and practical demonstration of sharing, caring, sacrificial life? Had Paul been alive would he not say “though I live holy life yet without LOVE, I am like sounding brass and tinkling cymbal?” These evil fruits are clear indications to you that TPM may be ministers of devil masked as ministers of light. They merely shout holiness and make a show off their white garments, but you can know them by their fruits!


Blocking of True Light is the result of a Darkened Heart

Do you know why such a state exists in TPM? I believe that all this is a sign of an unconverted heart. How true sounds words of the saviour “A good tree cannot produce bad fruits and bad trees cannot produce good fruits!Matt 7:18

This is a scary situation to be in! Why? Because a darkened heart cannot enlighten others! It can only deceive others. And when a blind leads another blind, both fall into the ditch. What is the way out of this depravity? I believe that the only way is to preach the Gospel rightly? Let the light shine forth. Let the truth be preached and let the Holy Spirit do the work of converting the hearts. Are you thinking “What is wrong with TPM gospel?”. To discern right from wrong we need to meditate on the genuine gospel. What happens when we believe Jesus? I should rather ask, What is gospel and what is the background and context of Gospel? What is the process that takes place by preaching of Gospel rightly? When we know this entire working, it is then only we can identify the flawed process and the flawed part of the whole machinery.  It is then only we can identify the malfunctioning process which is injected into the system, that makes it appear superficially similar to the genuine process.

Understanding the True Gospel and the Perversion of it

Let me begin from where God begins his message. God informs us that he made a beautiful world and he made mankind in his image and glory (Genesis 1). We are then informed that Adam sinned and the whole race of mankind fell short of the glory of God [or short of the image in which we were made].  Children born to Adam were in thus born in the image of Adam and not in the image of God because Adam had lost the image due to sin (Read Gen 5:1,3, Rom 3:23). Now God wanted mankind back into the first state in which he created us. He wanted us back into his image from our fallen corrupted image.

Removing the Mask of Holiness in TPMTherefore, God’s predestined plan for this was our dying and resurrecting with death and resurrection of Jesus (Romans 6). In other words, a bad tree cannot produce good fruits. In order for bad trees to yield good fruits, the tree itself must die and be resurrected along with Christ.  This is what we call as baptism in death and resurrection of Jesus (Rom 6). This is the way and plan of God to restore man back to the lost glory and image in which he created us. But before the time of executing this plan arrived, God introduced a system of law, to make man realize that he is a fallen creature. Law was like a mirror. Law was introduced to make us realizes that we are bad trees (Rom 3:9-20, 31). His purpose of introducing the Law was NOT to restore mankind back to the original state. Therefore Paul says no man can be justified by obedience to the law (Read Romans 1-3). Reaching back to the original image or glory from which we fell, is also called as salvation. No man can go to heaven, who is not born again (John 3:3-5). Therefore the conclusion of the period of law is that obedience to the law cannot make a man reach the place of lost glory. It only dying and resurrecting with Jesus in baptism that we are given new birth in the image of his son Jesus, who is the express image of the father.

So two things must be very clear

  • Salvation is nothing but our restoration back to the image of God. Such people will not be condemned on the judgment day.
  • Obedience to the law cannot make us reach that state. Bad trees will produce bad fruits unless they are given new birth into a good tree, enjoined with main stem Jesus (John 15:1,2, Matt 7:17-18). Law is only given to reveal to us our bad depraved image. It cannot make us reach the expected mark.

Now, what is the perversion of this simple truth? If the DEATH OF JESUS ON CROSS and not our own doing, by which we are restored back into to state from which we fell. Then perversion of this true Gospel is undervaluing the work of Jesus on the cross and to add various laws to that.

Let me simplify this a little more via a few questions.

  • “Were we bad trees and born sinners who were unable to achieve to state or mark set by God?” The answer is Yes!
  • Did obedience to the law make us reach that state from which we fell? The answer is No, not our obedience to the law.
  • Now if obedience to the Law could not make us reach that state, then why are we turning back to the same Old Testament belief that we will be made to enter heaven (reach that state of God approved-state) by the virtue of what we do, rather than our immersing in death and resurrection of Christ?

What TPM does is that it unknowingly makes us demean the value of the death of Jesus, by making our obedience to commandments of God as ways to reach that state, when the fact is that the due glory for it belongs to death of Jesus. They tell us we are consecrated ministers appointed by God to lead the church to perfection, where the fact is that Jesus was appointed by God to make us reach from the fallen state to the perfected state (Hebrews 10:14). By one sacrifice he has perfected them forever who are sanctified by his blood.

Do you now recognize the flawed malicious code in TPM’s gospel? They envision the death of Jesus as mere washing away of our history of we producing bad apples. This is demeaning of the value of the death of Jesus on the cross. The crucifixion of Jesus was not only washing away of our past sins, but it is something by which we are restored into Godhead and by which we become good trees. Our works don’t make us good from the bad. It is the death of Jesus that gives us new birth.

Removing the Mask of Holiness in TPM


True Gospel = blood of Jesus washed us from past sins + restores us back into state from which we fell

Diluted gospel= blood of Jesus washed us from past sins + OUR GOOD WORKS WILL restore us to original

Our works are not a means to salvation but they are the byproduct of a genuine Salvation experience. These fruits are from the heart and never as a result of some religious rigours or regulations.

According to the “true gospel”, ALL glory belongs to God. But according to the “diluted Gospel”, TPM takes half the glory by saying we will show you the way to attain perfection or that state from which mankind fell.


Dear TPM believers who are persistent in sticking with TPM, thinking that TPM teaches holy life,

Come out of the den of fraudsters”.  All these dramas of holiness are pure deception. They have No Charity, No Love. Their fruits are evil. They have demeaned the glory of the cross and blasphemously ascribed half of that glory to their revelations, by which they claim a believer can get perfected. You will neither get holy neither can you get a heart to love others if you continue in their counterfeit system. The only thing you will learn in TPM is how to outsmart other Christians and how to big mouth about your reservation of highest place in heaven! Don’t be duped by their white apparel! Holy life without charity is sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. TPM is a deception masked under the guise of an external show of holiness. Awake before it’s too late!


  1. Thats so true bro. In the just concluded scripture school anniversary at an emirate of UAE, I was dumbfounded at the way the skits and plays were scripted. All had following salient subtle message,
    1. God reveals his mysteries through SOG
    2. Holiness is all about attending all meetings in the week, not following/forwarding any social media, not going to picnics/outings etc
    Worse was that in the end centre clergy made all poor children stand and commit that they all will serve the Lord i.e. join ministry and singing the song “I have decided to follow Jesus”….which I am sure made most parents fume.
    Parents be cautious!! on what your child is taught and indoctrinated..
    Am sharing an article which was use to me:

    • Your Point 1(God Reveals Mysteries only to their SOGs) is the basic assumption which has taken this organization to the hell hole they have landed into.
      Let me think of what all has God revealed to them.
      1. To live unmarried with unmarried members of opposite sex under the same roof. What they do under that same roof is immaterial.
      2. Wear White clothes always and force people of their commune also to do the same.
      3. They will be the first class citizens in heaven and the rest will land into Trash cans.
      4. They will see the face of the Father and the rest will be installed in obscure places
      5. If People take medicine as a treatment for an ailment, they will not be resurrected.
      6. If people do not continue in their commune, they will not be caught up in the second coming as they are the only ones licensed for preparing the bride.
      7. Shout and scream often in meetings to show to others that they can speak in tongues.

      And many more…Pls, add if I forgot anything.
      All the above are useless Mysteries which I can live without knowing it

    • I guess who this Pastor is…
      Bcz some years ago he made all youths to stand up and take vow of joining ministry.
      He called each one of us to come to the front and say before our parents that we r going to join ministry. When my turn came, I said, “I won’t decide today”..It made everyone laugh, he got disappointed and send me back.
      Then again one day during a Sunday school teachers’ meeting, he said…
      “I request all the unmarried Sunday School teachers not to marry..If u marry..U will have your own children…Then u cannot love Sunday school students…atleast for the sake of ur students do not marry…Then seeing your sacrifice for them, they will join ministry..”
      How funny..!!

  2. I know many children, youth in UAE was forced to make oath to join ministry but none of them came out and many married living happily. This is the tactics by SOGs thinking someone may fall into trap, but I think here believers are not that fools. This shows most people knows reality inside the faith homes and they don’t want their kids to be victim.

    • I understand that the number of people coming for TPM ministry has dwindled. This has become a matter of concern for the Chief Wolves. So maybe this strategy must have come from Chennai to trap as many youngsters as possible. People like Thambi Durai are wolves who follow their master.

  3. ”@ …….Is it that Thambi Durai? He is a Master Wolf”

    Well ……that is true.But if you still go deep and dig into the past of the case histories of

    his(Thumbi Durai’s) senior pastors,you could get easily one more name.He was late K.K.George.
    He was the another master technician to lure the youth girls and boys from the Telugu state.(it was unified Andhra Pradesh in those days)
    In the hay days of his ministry while he was serving in SECUNDERABAD CENTRE,(in the late 90s and early 2000 year)he used to conduct local youth camp meetings exclusivelly to lure the innocent youth girls and boys.At the concllusion sessions of such meetings,he would be inviting the youth with a typical alter call to come to the ministry.
    Oh I got still those vivid memories in my mind how he used his dexterity to lure the youth
    Because of the lack of knowledge even the poor parents were duped too to give accent to their youth children for his luring techniques.

    What a sad day it was for the youth that were given as sacrifice to the Molech goddess!


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