The Step before the installation of the Anti-Christ is the time of Apostasy.  Apostacy is also mentioned as the “Great Falling Away”. We are witnessing it every time and TPM is doing its best to make it look like that it is happening outside of their group. Recently one of our readers mentioned that her spouse( who happens to be a TPM Fanatic) was saying that is being run by a “Fallen Minister” meaning an ex-TPM Minister. Before I proceed, I want to set it clear. I am not any ex-TPM Minister. I was an ex-TPM Fanatic who was ignorant of God earlier. There is a period of ignorance for all of us. However, when God shines the Light of understanding upon you, you have no cover to continue in that ignorance.

The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent Acts 17:30

And Hey, if you need to know what is that state of being “FALLEN”, let us turn to Galatians.

You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. Galatians 5:4

This above verse squarely and clearly explains how TPM Ministers and Believers are Fallen From Grace. They are the ones that are trying to be justified by the works of the Law by boasting of their Consecration, their Tithes, their so-called Holiness, their Faith Homes, their Apostolic Doctrine etc. The moment you adulterate the imputed righteousness from Christ, you are fallen from Grace. PERIOD.

Let it be known to all , that Leaving this Cult TPM, is not “FALLEN/FALLING”. It is an act of STANDING against the Wiles of the Devil and Oppression of this Cult.


Coming back to our topic, the Apostle Paul clearly identifies this time in our eschatological timeline. I am sure many of the TPM Ministers would have ignored this great warning because they do not like to be seen on the wrong side of history. But I wish to remind our readers about this important fact that we are watching happen before our very eyes.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away(apostasy) first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition2 Thess 2:3 

This is one of the clearest passages that mention of the sequence of events which will happen. Jesus will not come any moment as the TPM Prophets say. HE will not come until the Apostacy and AntiChrist rule have happened.

So is it not important to us to recognize the Falling away? The below video touches upon some of those symptoms. It needs to be noted that these symptoms are all rooted in the fact that Jesus Christ is no more the Focus. When he has been replaced by many other things which could never the be the  Chief Corner Stone, it leads to Apostasy.

If you would have read our articles, you are well aware of how TPM totally overrules the scriptures and brings their own perverted doctrines to undermine the scriptures. The moment we see something other than the plain unadulterated gospel is preached, we have to understand that we are being swept away in the wave of Apostasia. They are part of the Mystery of Lawlessness and people are unable to discern this deception.


Beloved Readers,

leaning tower of pisa 1 Our time in Eschatological TimelineTPM is an organization that focuses on its self-made paradise named ZION. It is not designed to focus on Jesus Christ. Do you note the flag on the leaning tower of Pisa? Even though they have put the flag upright, it is meaningless as long as the tower is leaning. Similarly, even though TPM proclaims the name of Jesus for their own selfish ends, it is useless as long as they have this perverted doctrine, directing their ways.  There is no other solution than demolishing it from the base.

These are the last days and we need to be careful, what we believe. You cannot travel in both the boats. You will surely sink with this TPM. Just because your physical life is progressing without any problems, you may think this is because of the so-called saints. But please think of the people of the world. They too have pretty good lives. Our Physical well being is not a yardstick for our Spiritual well being.

Choose Wisely. It is better to be a Lazarus than be the Rich Man, respected by the Synagogue/Church Organization.


  1. Fantastic video! Every sentence is worth meditating. Reminds me of proverbs 25:11
    A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. .

    I’ll do analysis of few of statements of Paul washer and show how he proves tpm is apostate organization, although he knows nothing of tpm.

    1) He begins by saying ” I don’t want to exalt myself or any preacher ” as sign of apostate fellow exalting hinself and preachers.
    This is self explanatory. Tpm exalts zion and themselves — a perfect sign of apostasy.

    2) He says, ” young men no one needs to hear from your heart… Preach from scriptures..”
    Tpm workers preaches unscriptural deeper truths . They speak revelation coming straight out of their hearts …

    3) He mentions an incident when a young man told him “i want to give my life” to which he replies -” no one needs your life – proclaim gospel ”
    This again is every bit so applicable on tpm. Tpm workers say we have forsaken our homes etc etc. They proclaim deeper doctrines of tpm ministers as shadow of old testament sacrifices as “giving their life”

    4) As apostasy sign he mentions, “there are certain churches that set above Gospel certain kind of morality legalism rules…”
    Fits perfectly on tpm

    5) Another sign he says of apostasy is to trivialize gospel with materialisation – prosperity preaching His explanation of how prosperity preachers twist- Jehovah jireh my provider to point to their needs instead of jehovah jireh who provided sacrifice of lamb. Tpm has everytime everywhere used phrase “Jehovah jireh” to preach God will provide your needs. The true context of this however was that Abraham uttered this in context of God providing lamb for sacrifice.

    6) Yet another sign of apostasy he mentions is “to diminish uniqueness of Christ”
    Uniqueness of Christs cross and Christianity is salvation by faith by grace. All other modes of salvation moksha preached by other religions are by self efforts human works. Sadly tpm has also diminished uniqueness of gospel by exalting human works (rules to attain final salvation ).

    7) he finally mentions ” nothing greater has been given to mankind than Gospel. Stop expanding your kingdom.”
    Tpm preaches zion and new Jerusalem and try to expand their own kingdom by seducing people to become member of tpm to get high calling other than gospel.

    This video perfectly describes fallen backslidden state of TPM. We are in end of last days and we can witness apostasy of Tpm.

    • Everytime I hear this sermon, I feel each sentence hits the point that this TPM is the fulfilment of Apostasy in the last days. How deceived are TPM bhakts !!!


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