This article is in continuation with our previous one in which we informed you that one gentleman had few conversations with us.  He wanted to inform us how beautiful TPM doctrines are. He said, “I stand with you guys, but to tell you fact TPM that you are seeing today is clay part.” According to him, TPM in its initial days was in its golden period, – the period of which we writers of “fromtpm” are not aware of! He was informing us that a present lot of white clads has corrupted TPM, but TPM in its golden days preached its doctrines rightly. He said he has a treasured collection of great Alwyn’s writings and he has read all scholars like Robert Govett, DM Panton, J A Seiss, G H Pember G H Lang etc, from whom TPM oldies have copied and fabricated TPM doctrines.

So I thought to myself let’s look at these names to see what exactly they said and how TPM twisted it. I started with this person called Robert Govett who wrote a book titled “Entrance into Kingdom or Rewards according to works.” In his book, Robert Govett says that he agrees with justification by faith and fruits as a product of justified life. But then he asks a question [with the intention to introduce his theory]. He asks “what are effects of good work or evil works on the future position of one already justified… He concludes that our eternal rewards will be based on works done by us – if good then rewarded and if evil then punished. Having said that, he uses it as the foundation to germinate his pet “partial rapture theory,” which divides the second coming of Christ in rapture 1 rapture 2 etc. According to partial rapture theory, most holy people will be caught up in the first part of Jesus’ second coming [called as secret rapture], then subsequently after the punishment of the left behind people in the tribulation period, other leftover Christians will be taken in successive stages. It seems as if it is the Catholic version of purgatory, where God punishes all those souls who have not become perfect, in a temporary place of punishment called as purgatory.  In the partial rapture theory,  the purgatory is replaced by the tribulation period.

Anyways Partial rapture theory is not the subject of our discussion today. Partial Rapture theory is basically a child doctrine of parent doctrine known as categorization of eternal reward theology. The Different Degrees of reward” theory proposes that our good works and holy life post our justification decides what degree of glory we will obtain in eternity.

Bible does have scriptures where rewards are promised, but wisdom is in reading those scriptures as they are.  Instead of twisting them for self-glorification. This article is not about whether there are varying degrees of reward in heaven or not, but it is about TPM’s extreme perversion of such scriptures to establish those things in minds of self-lovers which scriptures do not deal in particular. This article is to show people like the gentleman mentioned above, that TPM’s teachings are not beautiful or scholarly but perversion and corruption of wisdom and truth.

The intention of Reward promising scriptures

When you go through that reward promising verses in the Holy Scriptures,  you can notice that they were never intended to spawn those feelings which TPM and other cults instil in their followers using them. These scriptures were practical pieces of advice to motivate people so that they would keep running the race in the days of persecution. When apostles wrote the letter to churches, they were addressing all kinds of people. Some were converted genuinely, some were merely following Christian fellowship, some understood depth of the gospel, some were not very expert in comprehending the depth of gospel and so on.

As a result church in those days had people with all kinds of opinion and behaviour. Therefore, it was normal for epistle writers, to rebuke few of those members, who purposefully used liberty in Christ to sin. And similarly when apostles addressed churches undergoing persecution, then it was practical and natural for them to motivate believers using phrases like the crown of glory or crown of righteousness etc to encourage people to stay grounded in faith. Therefore these reward promising motivational bits of advice were not meant for people to make doctrines of three-tier heaven or the multi-staged second coming of Christ, out of these practical encouraging pieces of advice. But people like TPM, Mormons, JW & Shakers have created spectacular rewards for themselves and their followers twisting these scriptures.

Implications of having categorized reward system

A firm belief in hierarchical reward system has some serious implications. It is not necessary that these implications will always be manifest in them who believe in categorized reward theology. In the case of TPM and people like TPM, these implications are crystal clear.  See what it has done to TPM

  • Made TPM possessed with megalomaniac Spirit:

    It seems that this wind of Robert Govett’s teachings made the primaeval leadership of TPM, inject a spirit of megalomania into the TPM system. I suspect that after reading these degrees of eternal reward theology, TPM elites of those days began dreaming of becoming the best church in the world. They started it by positioning the rest of all Christian brethren to a lower category, in eternity. Scriptures which were meant for motivating people who were undergoing persecutions were used by TPM for self-glorification. Motivation transformed into spiritual pride. This pride made TPM put Abraham in a third category place and assign Zion for TPM celibates. All this just because TPM guys knew deeper secrets to get the most glorious reward in heaven, which Abraham knew not! This also made TPM cultic because they tried to control TPM believers by instructing them to not to go to other churches or read other church literature. Recently they became more stiffnecked by forbidding marriage with other Pentecostal church members.  They do all these acrobatics to isolate their believers from the true knowledge of Christ.

  • Made TPM trust in their own consecration forgetting the foundational truth of Gospel:

    Let me be very clear that we are not of any opinion that man is supposed to sin or live lawlessly post his justification. But this does not mean that we start again believing in the same old “work of human hands” to impute righteousness to our accounts. It is one thing to do good works and it is another thing to believe in them as the source of your righteousness. The Fundamental tenet of Pauline Gospel is that “We are declared righteous not according to our obedience in reference to principles of law, but by our faith in Jesus.” If righteousness comes by law then Christ died in vain [Gal 2:21]. We should therefore never [neither prior to justification nor post justification] try to derive righteousness into our accounts, from any other source than the righteousness of Christ which comes by faith. To do so, would mean making the death of Christ in vain. However, TPM’s arrogance made them demean the righteousness which comes by faith in comparison to righteousness that they will gain from human consecration and human deeds.

  • Violates the fundamental intent of Gospel:

    Jesus said that all laws and commandments of God hang on two main principles, one of which is to LOVE NEIGHBOURS LIKE WE LOVE OURSELVES. This is what we should be able to do, or what we should be found doing post our justification. James writes “What? Are you saved by faith? I cannot see those works which ought to have to be proceeding from genuinely saved faith. A rich man arrives in your church and you respect him by his gold and behave inappropriately with the poor man. You say to naked men depart in peace and be warm, instead of providing him clothes! You do not appear to be fulfilling the royal law of love. You do not love the poor man as yourself. [James 2 paraphrased].” The fundamental teaching of Jesus was no different. He said “Ye have two coats..? give one to the person who has not even one and if one comes to you asking you to go a mile along with him, then go two with him. Behave with people as you want them to behave with you. Love them as you love yourself [Teachings of Jesus paraphrased].” That is what a converted heart must make us do post justification by faith – i.e. to make us love others like ourselves. Now wherever you don’t see this heart, i.e. to love, care and treat others like ourselves, there we can say that person is a mere claimant of being Christian but in reality, he is but a dead soul having an old heart, which desires superior things and best reward for itself as compared to others. This old heart despises others and thinks that they are not going to highest place in eternity. Instead of desiring that my brother in Christ must go to better place in eternity [if there exists one], this old wicked heart of TPM oldies dared to put Abraham in a lower category of heaven [not loving Abraham like unto themselves] James might still question them “What are ye justified by faith?…...”!


There is a divided opinion on the theology of “different degrees of reward in heaven” among theologians. Scholars like Craig Bloomberg disagrees with this theology and theologians like John Piper & Jonathan Edwards believe that people might get various degree of happiness in heaven depending on their work on earth. However, unlike TPM, you won’t find these theologians claiming special places and highest glory for themselves. They seem to have nothing more to do with this “categorized reward theology” other than proposing their honest opinion or motivating people to live righteously. However, TPM’s case is weird. TPM’s “deeper truths” appears to have been founded upon the extreme perversion of this theory. They have seized an opportunity and created the varying degree of glorious layers in eternity from this. Such a perversion is diametrically opposite to the spirit of Jesus.

pride The Spirit of Rat Race in TPMThe heart to love others like ourselves seems missing from TPM’s teachings. Motivational scriptures are twisted to exalt TPM saints and demean fellow Christians. I seriously doubt whether TPM workers who glory in TPM’s claim to Zion, are converted or not, – especially A. C. Thomas who demeaned other churches, and who might have been the main architect of TPM’s megalomaniac teachings.

To TPM White Clads: Stop assigning rewards for yourself,  Don’t try to hijack even God’s place.

Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. Rev 22:12



  1. Very true. I don’t think any true born again christian will ever use the Bible to elevate himself let alone control or abuse people. TPM lies openly and I wonder how these super saints who read the Bible unceasingly can’t see the simple Gospel.

    It is either they are deluded or it is a conscious decision to manipulate the Word of God. I believe it is the latter as I have come across many in the ministry who know the Truth but toe the denominational line just to protect their position and their careers.

    These are hired hands and ravenous wolves prowling around to devour the simple minded. You don’t have to guess where they are headed and what their true rewards will be.

  2. I personally feel that I have come no where near the lofty attributes of Abraham. How can I imagine to be above Abraham in eternity. How can one demean A man whom God had called, “my servant”, “my friend” & “father of all nations”? It clearly proves that how haughty are TPM white-clads & it’s blind followers to desire a place above such a man approved by God. A man whose faith, devotion, dedication & obedience are inexplicable. TPMites want a place above Abraham but without any of his qualities. What a shame? TPM people have no shame because they are thick skin & thick conscience people.

  3. It’s irony for new testament saints to seek a peaceful or comfortable death. I hear from many that when a person dies comfortably like calling all members and praying and dying or while praying dying etc. In new testament right from death of Jesus till date who are piously and zealously following christ footsteps are dying horribly living for truth like slain, cut in pieces, tortured, hanged, shot, etc. Are these not called blessed than lying in sickness and dying?

    • True. Many in TPM (also other institutional churches) say that such and such a person has a nice death because he died suddenly and without bothering others. But in reality, such a nice death is of very less value. We all should be running to get into the First Resurrection irrespective of our death being less painful or otherwise.

      I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to Him in His death, 11so that I may somehow attain to the resurrection from the dead. Philippians 3:10-11

  4. This is unfortunately one of the misconception spread by SOG and very truly believed by believers. They will always pray that this/that must have a peace ful end without being a burden on others…..and when that does not happen, the caretakers and rest loose their peace all because of the initial corrupted seed sown in their heart. To add to the fire will be accusations and RPD etc .
    They crater to the easy physical expectations of the believers who dont know the gospel, without actually advising them, “Dear bro/sister, rejoice for our fore runner suffered beyond this. This is nothing compared to the eternal weight of Glory..this might actually be a good opportunity to come closer to God….endure for the sake of Christ.”…some thing on those lines.

    • If somebody is seriously ill,TPM people pray for ” fulfilling God’s wiil…not to heal that person.’God’s will’ here means die as soon as possible.We are supposed to pray for sick person’s healing.

  5. My comment is not related to the topic but, I know most of these things for sure as we are in TPM for few generations but I break into laughter when you call the blind believers as TPM BHAKTS in deed i have learnt some new vocabulary from your posts

  6. It’s like your at the top of a building, and wants to come down quickly by jumping thinking God will protect. Already a stair is provided you can use it. Unless it is an exception you are in a great danger and no option to come down , God may protect if jumped. Exactly same , God has provided medicine and you may use it , healing still it’s dependant on God. May be sometime with medicine no healing , may be it’s a suffering allowed by God like happened to Paul. Point is we are not to test God. It is sad that so many tpmites died earlier than period thinking it’s God’s will . I think it’s a suicide. I don’t know why this tpm is so aganist medicine while majority of women folks in tpm in gulf works in hospital . They shouldn’t take tithes from those works in hospital. Also they shouldnt read gospel of Luke written by a physician.

  7. All over your website you have mentioned that TPM demeans other churches and says that only TPM ppl will go to heaven. This is wrong. I very closely follow TPM doctrine. Nowhere its said like that. The only place where i have read or heard so many demeaning things about others, is on this website.
    Somehow you were not happy in the church and went back. And now trying every means to bring down the church for your own satisfaction. For that you are ready to stoop low and give all wrong references.
    Yes everyone in TPM is not perfect but the doctrine they follow is much much better than any other. Everyone cannot handle it. Needs special grace from God.
    Even Jesus spoke of parable where one received 5 talents whereas other received 3 and other 1. So all people dont have same kinda doctrine about faith, holiness, etc.

    Dont try to demean others just to satisfy your own needs. If you cant handle tpm doctrine, feel free to go out. Stay loyal to God and preach gospel to all. Making such websites and spreading false propagandas against one church will not take you to heaven.

    May God bless you.

    • Ah. A Newcomer with his usual rant.
      Brother Sam…There are quite a lot of articles which specifically points to unscriptural TPM Doctrines, would you be happy for a debate other than these baseless rant?

    • See there the spirit of demeaning others as you speak. I’ll quote what you said, ”
      Everyone cannot handle it. Needs special grace from God.

      You mean to say that tpm ministers and believers received something special that other Christians did not recieved ?? This is called as demeaning others. Haven’t you heard about the great imaginary Zion of tpm? It had dared to demean Abraham Moses Daniel and millions of Christians, all in order to exalt Tpm workers . Wow! And you say tpm has not demean others!

      Brother please read all the articles unbiasedly. May God open your eyes!

    • You’ve followed tpm closely? Well, not closely enough. If you did, you would have had the opportunity to read the books published by tpm where they blatantly elevate themselves and put down non-tpmites.

      Read this for a start. Every quote is referenced and you can go buy the books from the organization you “so closely follow” and verify them.

      • @Sam
        And there is a mini Wikipedia of Tpm’s loud-mouthed claims in the comment section by Santosh. Please read that too!

    • Dear Sam
      Either you don’t read & study the scriptures properly or you are totally blind like the Laodicia church not to see the wretchedness of both yourself & TPM. Read all the articles of this site with an open & broad mind rather than with a closed & narrow mind like many from your cult system.


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