We have been receiving many reports of atrocities by TPM Ministers at many levels. We have been ignoring them with the assumption that it could be an anomaly. However, its no more an anomaly to be ignored. We are, therefore, starting a new category called atrocities. You can find a link of that in the main menu.

This first article was contributed by a sister named Joyce.

I have been disturbed by a few incidents in TPM for a while now and felt that I have to pen it down.

  • In Bangalore, TPM has a branch in Yelahanka where one of our known people attends service and He is a person with visual impairment. He said that he usually carries a bottle of water to the church and on that day (this happened a month ago) He has forgotten to do the same and has requested for a glass of water. The elder sister there by name JAYA has refused water and asked him to get a glass from his home if he wants water.
  • The same person along with other people of his organization who also are people with visual impairment have travelled to Geddalahalli in a hope that pastors are going to preach the gospel to them. So this brother along with friends reached there by 11:00 am. And was asked to wait and they waited there until 3:00 pm without being called and was not given food or water. And around 3-3:30 pm, the great Pastor Samadhana Prabhu has told them that he cannot meet them as he has a funeral to attend and this brother could smell extravagant exotic foods being served.

Do they have a stigma towards people with disability? Have their hearts turned into stone? Do they have at least one per cent of love in their heart? Do they turn into demons once they enter this organization? I simply do not know the answer

  • One of my favourite people, a former Sunday school headmaster passed away two days ago. He was in Kerala and was taken to hospital due to severe chest pain but died due to cardiac arrest. He was the person who never took any medicine until that day as he obeyed the doctrine of divine healing (TPM Version). Now he has been brought down to Bangalore for funeral service. Gunaseelan The Lamentation from BangaloreAnd when this was informed to the Centre pastor Gunaseelan, he asked them to conduct funeral service in the home itself. And the reason he gave left me in aghast. He feels that the church will get defiled with the dead body. And if we compel them to hold service in the church, it can be done in car parking. When did this new rule emerge? When asked about all the funeral services held in the past, he says we have been telling this rule from the beginning but nobody was listening to it.

The Lamentation from BangaloreDoes not the New Testament preach that we are the temple of God? Is a dead body going to defile a building? If true, what about your iniquities inside those four walls? Is it ok? Imagine how that family would feel now? Did they not stop themselves from going to the hospital because you asked them to do so? Did they not come and give you money whenever you asked for in the name of offering and tithes?  Did they not come and bow to you every time they met you? Do you apply your stupid rules even after the death of a person? Shame on the human race because of this cult you own. Jesus must be ashamed of you dear so-called pastors, brothers, mothers

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matt 7:15



  1. Well my late father who was also a long time sunday school head master and a translator had a cardiac arrest once at home. Faith home being close by, the SOG was called to pray. Seeing the condition worsen, my younger brother decided to get him medical attention and went ahead. This SOG was angry and stormed out of the house. My father then on recovered but was never given an opportunity to translate …some thing which he did for atleast four decades as far I can remember till this incident.
    I am very sensitive to people with special needs as they’re Gods creation too (Moses 4:11) and its pains me when I see that they have no place in any of our gathering. Right from access to halls, wash rooms, etc no one has remotely been sensitive to their needs. Even when it come to meet the SOG they have no priority in the queue. I am aware of an instance when a brother complained to a Pastor on lack of parking near the prayer hall as they had a disabled child and checked if it will be possible to provide one near the hall. To that brothers dismay this Pastor emphatically nodded his head as though he was help less and did not utter a word to assist.
    The heathen are much better in that respect when it comes to being sensitive to the needs of people with determination and providing them with means to integrate into society independently. They forget Moses 4:11 and will attribute and connect to all sorts of other problems.

  2. Nothing new in this kind of cruel behaviour as the TPM system is built on abuse and lack of respect for fellow human beings. The junior workers are abused and bullied by their seniors and the culture is very toxic even though they give you the impression of holiness by their ultra white uniforms.

    They profess to follow the first commandment but forsake the royal commandments of loving your neighbor. This is TPM’s culture and thanks to fromtpm.com people have a forum where they can showcase these inhuman behaviour and in turn show the TPM believers that their church is worse than her mother, the Roman Catholic Church as they do lots of charity.

  3. Pathetic pieces of shit these people are.Excuse me for my french.High time people take this matter into their own hands.Modi government will be more than happy to put these fakes in bars.This is a nexus between clergy and powerful influential believers.I know they have tight connection.See in conventions these clergy will be visited by rich,they have special passes into the innermost rooms of the fake homes.During demonetisation they relied mainly on these rich believers for money changing.But still the rest of the stupid people wont stop worshipping these servants of mammon.Their cupboards are full of the worldly things as they call it.Phones,Radios,Laptops.Newspaper subscription.They are judged by their own judgement.Now there are a very few good people in there but definitely even these good people arent led by Word of God.Im sure the plan of these clergy is to drive off poor people and keep the rich so that they appear as an elite group of successful blessed people.Even if people leave they will be happy because they can enjoy the property.The solution is to make this shut down like asarams ashram.I myself heard a fellow preaching that they dont want any more new souls.What we have is enough.Can you believe that.By the way please watch the documentry wild wild west.Its quiet similar to tpm.With the communal living and all.Even that allwyn tried to be like osho asking people to walk around naked.We all know the history of the founders.

    • There was a pastor who always used to boast …”pig gives birth to too many piglets in one delivery..but elephant gives birth to only one baby …like wise we don’t need so many believers..we need only a few people who is ” perfected”….They believe they are the only people who is going to be caught up in the second coming…This is TPM people’s mentality.But our heavenly father wants every human being to get saved….

      • This is the Logic of the Friends of Job. The Worldly wisdom.

        But God’s plan is for “WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH”.
        For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    • We are glad that they are having all these gadgets so that they can even surf our site apart from the host of porn sites they frequent.

  4. Many servants of God take ayurveda medicine and live in diet. They say they have pressure or diabetes etc. How they know? Many have false teeth. Many wear spectacles. Many who die in road accidents are given funeral service in church. Parents who live in medicine and died in hospital and whose children are in ministry, for them rules are waived. These are all incorrect.

    A great reformation will happen by youngsters who will raise their voice through prophecy. Preachers who wear black coat suite outside India and if a believer or a poor or middle class believer wears a safari or coat suite to church or even in marriage is abhored by ministers. A great reformation is indeed seen ahead and many old will rectify their life and many will leave by the revival. All churches will be sold and people will resort to rented house and place and live in simplicity. The day will come soon.

    • Well, I am glad to see this comment of yours Mark. The change seems to have started. When the snake you fed comes to bite you, you have no option other than killing it. This institution has become a monster because of the money we have pumped in. They have the gall to tell that dead person’s family all these nonsense after happily accepting his money. Every TPM Fanatic needs to get this kind of treatment to know that they were feeding a Cobra.

    • We can see lots of martyers in the Bible…killed by God’s enimies or by ignorant people. .But I haven’t find any one in the new testament..who died for the doctrine of divine healing ( “holding upon faith”in TPM language).On the contrary we can Jesus and his disciples healed many sick people.They never said” let the patient die holding upon “faith”‘.Sorry if I am wrong.Apostel Paul advises Timothy to use a little wine for the sake of his infirmities.1Tim:5:23.

  5. Ecclesiastes 6.3…
    It is the right and privilege for every believer to have a decent burial..God himself came down to bury Moses..A decent place , all believers, relatives and servants of God gather to bury their near and dear ones..That’s the right way to do it..

    If it is denied purposefully , then it is most unfortunate …No reasons can justify it..May the spirit of the Lord guide everyone in this aspect…

    I am sad to say that funeral services in Bangalore centre are conducted with scant respect to the body and family involved…No empathy..No sorrow..No respect..

    It’s just a ritual conducted as fast as possible….even maybe similar to the burial of a dead dog…

    • A dead believer is useless because he cannot fund the beast anymore. So get rid of them as garbage unless they commit Suicide by trusting TPM version of divine healing. Such a dead body becomes a trophy and they will show it to all and praise the dead man so much that he must feel embarrassed even while dead.

      This cult is an abomination and their leaders are Satan’s merchants.

  6. My church pastor says, ” In the olden days we suffered so much. But now, by the grace of God, we don’t have to go out and suffer so much. God has given us and blessed us with all things”. I don’t belong to the group fromtpm.com. (Sorry guys, see the explanation in parentheses). But I was pricked in my mind about the ‘view’ of the Pastor. My soul questioned me, ” Do we as Christians have to suffer only to get a group of believers and once we get a good amount, refrain from all suffering ? Do we actually tell the good word of God to lead a believer into our church just for the sake of gathering a group from which we can derive a living? ” (Am not convinced that opposing the church collectively just like that is correct. What can millions of innocents believers and hundreds of innocent workers do If they are held in bondage by the 3 in the top? where can they run to all of a sudden when you tell them that the people whom they were looking up to all this while were wrong in whatever they have lead us into? Though there are numerous God fearing churches around us, I believe I MUST FIRST create a God fearing church in order for the millions to ‘transfer to’ even before I try to shake the nest. I believe I must first create a refuge for the innocent to run to before I break open the cage.)

    • Brother,
      There are two videos on our home page. I hope you watching those videos will help you understand why we are not going according to your suggestion.
      The videos are titled, WHY I DONT GO TO CHURCH Part 1 and Part 2.
      Let us not try to control the Church of God by creating various dummies to confuse people. There is Only One Church and that is Not an Organization.

      • Thank you. May God give you the strength and time to turn this blog into a full fledged website that many may come out of darkness. But please remember, target the TOP 3. Everything else will fall into line.

        • This blog will not bring about any change within this cult as God has allowed TPM to flourish just like its mother, the Roman Catholic church. They don’t fear God so how can they fear man. If they fear God, they would not have twisted the Word of God to prop up their evil doctrines. They are mini gods and their members are just tools to meet their denominational objectives.

          I strongly believe that God will use this site as a Lighthouse for the lost souls within this cesspool. Our merciful God will direct them to the Truth via the articles on this site and they shall be set free from TPM’s bondage into the true liberty which comes in knowing Christ Jesus.

          This cult and its leaders with their sheds, their rules and their doctrine will be here when their god – the Anti Christ will begin his rule and they won’t even know the difference. They are blind now and will be blind then unless they repent and humble themselves and turn from their pride-filled perverted ways to the God of the Bible.

          Only God can save them.

  7. Apparently, CPM/TPM lacks the core value of love. Jesus has clearly said in John 13:34-35 that we must show love on others.
    John 13:34 (NKJV) A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
    John 15:12 (NKJV) This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.
    Apparently, CPM/TPM pastors are NOT the disciples of Jesus Christ.
    Let us pray that this cult should be exposed and destroyed. The blind believers should see the light. Let us pray for them so that they will open the Bible and read the gospels themselves. Once they read the gospels on their own, they will come to know that CPM/TPM is a fraudulent organization.

  8. Apparently the funeral was held in one of their relatives home , outside in the road, the road was so small and the tent which they had put up could only suffice 50 people max, and the rest were standing outside in the hot sun, and many were even standing in the next street for the want of shade. And in yesterday’s sermon, the man of God( pun intended) asks the believers ” Don’t you have some respect for the dead person? Why were you people not listening to sermon and testimony? Why were you talking to each other?” To cover up their mistakes, they want to shout on poor people. And then he goes on to to tell, ” Do not ask us any questions, If you buy us 10 liters of milk and in front of you, if we pour that milk down the drain, you do not have any rights to ask us. Once you keep things in altar, that’s it, you cannot question. You cannot question us about marriage, funeral ” If people want to lose their peace, the best place is to attend TPM meetings.

    • They call it ‘Doing the Will of God’ when we implicitly obey the instructions of the workers without questions… only through that, we can get perfected in one of the four aspects of perfection.

      God, according to them, is a partial God.. that is why calling and election differ… They have successfully used the Bible for their organisational branding.

      I have observed many young people marvel that their Bible knowledge… to which I said, its cherry picking of verses with a great agenda, to show them selves as the only true church.

    • I’ve heard this line often from the so called tpm ministers, //”Once you keep things in altar, that’s it, you cannot question.”//
      But every time I hear this, I’m reminded of the sons of Eli, Hophini and Phinehas.

  9. Jyothsna/Joy Shekar,

    You just remind me of “ME” before 10 years. Your pouring of words shows how emotional you are. Calm down. Try to be rationale on what is being said here. The admin and many of the people commenting here were just like you defending the TPM doctrine once. But thank God, now our eyes are opened.

    TPMites never know the history of how Christianity evolved. Many of you never know who Martin Luther is, how the Bible has come into our hands. Understand the history of churches and Christianity. I know in TPM it will never be revealed. Then the credit will go to others outside TPM. You just blindly believe whatever is told from the pulpit. Don’t you have Bible in your hands to verify whether the claims made here in fromtpm.com are true or not. Yes we have bible in our hands. But the problem is TPM people don’t know how to read Bible. We always try to take one particular verse and interpret whatever is comfortable for us. Try to read Bible in a context. So instead of commenting here emotionally like a kid, try to prove yourself through scriptures that TPM is right. If you find TPM is right, quote the scriptures here. Then Admin and others will teach you what is meant by reading Bible in context and prove you wrong by the same scripture you quote.

    You people think Christianity is all within the walls of TPM. I was also like you from February 2004 to December 2017. I defended the TPM Doctrine more than you in social platforms since 2008. So it’s a good platform for you to grow. Use this opportunity. Instead of arguing at emotional level, give time and think and read Bible.

    • TPM people do not know the history of Christianity..how did it spread across the globe..how did it reach our country…do not know about…(and has no interest in knowing too) the missionaries who laid up their lives and suffered hardships for Gospel sake..and how did Bible reach everywhere …etc.But one thing..they have great contempt towards Bible colleges where the history is being taught…TPM saints boast “none of us are trained in Bible colleges..we get everything directly from above.’.If there is atleast one among them who had been to a Bible college..before they came to Tpm we can understand the difference.!When we boast lifting our Bibles in our hands..just think how the word of the Lord is easily available..who all laboured behind this.Sunday school students should be taught all these history…Then we will value the word of God much more…

  10. Hello Brothers in Christ Jesus…

    Today…I am led to read Amos chapter 6…While i was still reading i was reminded who these verses are referring to …Hope You too will understand….

    Woe to you who are COMPLACENT in ZION, and to you who feel secure on Mount Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation, to whom the people of Israel come! Go to Kalneh and look at it; go from there to great Hamath, and then go down to Gath in Philistia. Are they better off than your two kingdoms? Is their land larger than yours?

    You put off the day of disaster and bring near a reign of terror.

    You lie on beds adorned with ivory and lounge on your couches.

    You dine on choice lambs and fattened calves.

    You strum away on your harps like David and improvise on musical instruments.

    You drink wine by the bowlful and use the finest lotions, but you do not grieve over the ruin of Joseph.

    Therefore you will be among the first to go into exile; your feasting and lounging will end.

    The Sovereign Lord has sworn by himself—the Lord God Almighty declares:
    “I abhor the pride of Jacob and detest his fortresses; I will deliver up the city and everything in it.”

    Amos 6:1‭-‬8

    Let God be True and every man be a liar

  11. A humble reply to the author of tpm.com….from all these comments I understood one thing…somemay be correct, some may be wrong…But did not Jesus, also had a ‘Judas ‘ in his list of disciples?…Does that mean that jesus belong to a cult????If we highlight only the works of Judas , can anyone come to Christ…?? Can you be very sure that all the TPM workers are wolves in shepherds garments…There are really good shepherds also…Look for them, follow their preaching and even if the preacher is a hypocrite, take his preaching only..do not look on the preacher…coz God may use them also to speak to us…..God said in Romans 12:19 ,” that do not avenge yourselves..But leave room for God’s wrath..vengeance belongs to God”….

    • @Sheena
      We don’t say ALL are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The ones who are not wolves are either goats or ignorant ones.

      You have this site for yourself It has almost 300 articles. Out of that, we have almost 250 on TPM Doctrines. The others are about TPM Fruits.
      Do you believe that a Good tree can give Bad fruits or vice versa?
      The Bad Tree is shown in the form of TPM Doctrines and we have proved it conclusively how evil it is. We have also proved it by exposing its fruits.
      Now please go ahead and point out any issues with what we showed you in TPM Doctrines and prove that TPM Doctrines are correct. Is that a fair Challenge?

  12. Let all the hearts be purified with the blood of Jesus. i being a catholic, i was surprised to see the perching of the gospel, by now after all the above conversations i feel sad for the organisation. Let us Christians unitedly pray for the lords forgiveness.

  13. Good doesn’t talk about the ornaments which to wore and flowers to keep. everything is been given to us from god. But with certain limitations.

  14. Buddy… I’m an Yelahanka believer and have been coming to this Faith Home from last 30 years, however never have i ever heard or witnessed this incident in our church … Just coz you want to criticise everything we do, it would be wrong to create your own stories…

    • Just because you do not know things and is blind by the superficial White magic, Does not negate the truth. The person who reported it still stays in Bangalore and is a living witness…Smell the coffee.

    • Dear Brother Gnanadass Immanuel,
      You are the example of a perfect TPM believer as per the expectation of TPM white clad workers. People like you are the secret of the success of a heretic organization called TPM. People like you fund for the lavish lifestyle of the so called white clads in the higher echelon (dont forget that your former center pastor Gunaseelan used to buy fruits and nuts worth 25000/-per month). People like you fund the construction of their buildings, followed by their demolition and reconstruction!
      People like you bestow to these white clads your wealth, just like the rich men in Luke 21:1 (And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury), but conveniently ignore the poor widow who puts two mites (Luke:21:2). And your white clads like the Scribes mentioned in Luke 20:46-47 (Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Which devour widows’ houses, and for a shew make long prayers: the same shall receive greater damnation) are indifferent to the poverty of the poor because people like you make them feel like demi gods.

      People like you are the perfect prey for these wolves in sheep’s clothes. People like you are the ones who cannot differentiate between the right hand and the left (Jonah:4:11)

      For people like you who go overboard distributing Certificates of Excellence to TPM and its managers ..Jesus says ” LET THEM ALONE : they be blind leaders (TPM white clads) of the blind (people like you). And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch”
      Please note that I can vouch for the fact that the Admin NEVER publishes anything without doubly checking the facts, unlike your TPM white clads who tell whatever they want and suffix it with “THUS SAYS THE LORD .”

      • When TPM devotees look at their saints, they see ONLY the picture in the left where the batsman is hitting a six and based on that, they are shouting and screaming. But when fromtpm puts it into context, you are able to see the full picture as shown in the Right where he is cleanly bowled. The Right is Right.


        • Thats very apt!! TPM believers are instructed to focus on left image all the time and never in full context as it will spoil the game plan.

        • Hello Admin and his dear friends,

          Our church tpm not play cricket. But I guarantee that if TPM played cricket then we would be number one team in world. Here I give 3 reason for it.

          1) It not possible to clean bowl our tpm pastor. That because bowler cannot see wicket if our pastor stand in front of wicket. Our pastor very fat , covering all three stumps.

          2) We also make most runs in boundaries only. That because running not habbit of our saint. They keep one assistant youth to do running between wickets.

          3) Chief pastor our umpire will never declare out to special worker batsman like Sunny George and Joshua Thiagrajan. Instead he declare out to Joash who sitting in dressing room.

  15. Dear Brother Gnanadass Immanuel,

    Our dear brother Liberated has kept almost every thing in a nut shell.
    To further add to his list …..TPM keep total faith in you because of your vast experiece of 30 years that you have been sailing with it.Because of your penchant faith in them and your utmost faithfulness in their monstrous activities whatever they do,they would not mind leaving the Magazine ministry and tract ministry into your hands.That was reason why this VOP ministry has been thriving on uninterrupted even in these pademic times.You are the people who take perfect care of the needs of the white clads even COVID-19 is there or not.
    But remember a day will come,that there will be no time for you to look back and see what happened.We live in the highest technological era and the latest electronic gadgets are in vogue in these sports arena like like CRICKET,TENNIS, the DRS will completely reveal what went wrong in all these 95 years of existence of your CULT system.Holy Spirit God is even more 100000 times highly accurate than these man made electronic gadgets, mind you.
    Its’ since more than 3 years that this site has been trumpeting about the evil deeds, lies and false doctrines of its CULT in its 300 odd articles brought out of its 450 odd articlles.
    GOOD is not good when BETTER is there and the BETTER is not better when the BEST is there.

  16. I was listening to that voice recording in this article & one thing was standing out, Literally the person was selling the gospel of hate in his message to the congregation. He was teaching them how to hate their own family & come into the ministry of the darkness of tpm doctrines, they claim that they follow the commandments of OT word for word without but fail miserably at this one which is to honour thy father & thy mother. if as they claim that Jesus had literally meant to hate your parents, would Jesus Himself be guilty of breaking the law when he came to fulfill the ENTIRE Law?


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