Recently a gentleman (seems to be an ex-TPM minister or part of another similar cultic organization from TN)  took offence to our articles calling out some of the TPM Doctrines as heresies. When we analysed the conversation, we could find out that he was not even ONCE appealing to scriptures for its authority but making loud claims about some Christians(200-300 years back) following similar TPM like doctrines. Typical of a rowdy guy, he tried to dominate the conversation but quickly understood that he was barking up the wrong tree. Most of such erroneous doctrines are given a boost by pulpit pimps who claim to be Theologians and Apologists. They shove their teachings down the throat of the gullible laity.

There is a divine lamentation which we hear in Hosea 4:6 

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

Many Christians have been taking all that is pumped to them from the pulpit. Sadly, they do not discern the source.

How to judge the Validity of a Doctrine?

The Ultimate Benchmark for the validity of a doctrine is to see if Jesus taught and followed it.

Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Matt 4:19

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 Cor 11:1

Drawing the Line when it comes to SpiritualityTo make sure that the Pulpit Pimps are not twisting Jesus’s words to bring a different meaning, we need to check how the disciples understood and followed it. We can get a glimpse of the lives of the Apostles and their teachings in the book of Acts and also the epistles.

Our Historical Authority for spiritual life should end with the last chapter of the book of Revelation.  JN Darby or Watchman Nee/X/Y/ Z’s perspective of a doctrine hold no water with us. They are not valid authority figures for us. Though we respect many such men of God, their opinions are not our benchmark. PERIOD.

A.C Thomas might be a gem of a person. However, he gets classified as a heretic or not, based on what he taught to the masses.  Adding to the scriptures is a gross sin. If somebody says that Jesus was sacrificed on the cross to satisfy Satan’s demand for a ransom, I have no doubt about the source of such a doctrine. TPM’s Revelation interpretation is based on A.C Thomas’s figment of the imagination from a corrupt source.

We still stand by our Claim to show us ONE Doctrine which is “TPM Specific” that can be found in the scriptures. By  “TPM Specific” we mean, a doctrine which is followed only in TPM/or sister cults and not in the other churches.

Drawing the line within the scriptures

I really appreciate the way the Bible is written, every time I read the book of Job. I know of TPM Pastors who would take a random verse from that book to prove one of their scripture twists. I believe one of the reasons God put that book there in the Bible is to prove the misuse of the scriptures by these fake preachers. When you read the arguments of Job’s friends (Eliphaz the TemaniteBildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite) it closely resembles TPM’s rulebook.

The Bible that we have with us, is a book with words from different individuals. Though we generally refer to the Bible as the “Word of God”, it has words from Satan, Good men, Evil men, Angels, Political Authorities, Manipulators, and many others apart from that of God/Christ. We, therefore, need to take the scriptures and apply to our lives based on who is the source of the specific sentence.

Many Christians follow the scriptures based on an emotional appeal but not on Godly instructions. Let me quote one such instance.

21 From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.= 22 Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!23 Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”  Matt 16:21-23

Our Benchmark for life cannot be based on an emotional appeal or words of people who do not represent God’s truth, even if it is from the scriptures. For eg., Job’s friends’ logic might appear perfectly valid for a religious person, but it goes contrary to God’s plan(Job 42:7). Do not be duped by preachers who can take people for a ride by any biblical verse. Pray for discernment.


Dear Readers, Do not take anything that you get, without verifying it for yourselves from the scriptures (Even our own articles). We need not follow anything Just because some Christian leader at some point in time followed something. Check back with the scriptures if Jesus and his Apostles followed and taught such doctrines. If you cannot establish those kinds of doctrines, just happily discard it. Do not be a slave to Churchianity.

God Bless you.



  1. Brilliantly written article!

    Quality stuff which should educate any one except the blind folks in TPM who have have been created to remain blind. To such this is like casting pearls to the swine but to the regenerated souls from TPM, this is excellent meat.

    God Bless you and your ministry.

  2. Today for the friday sermon the main verse was Pslams 23:5 ….my cup runneth over. Of the few points that was mentioned we need to be doing for this to happen was that last point which caught my attention. It was Malachi 3:10.on Tithes..The SOG quoted “Don’t get me wrong, this is not me but the word of God. I dont need your money, but it the scripture that is stating it”…..The verse which immediately came into my mind was II Cor 11:13-15.
    Sad that he tried to mis quote the beautiful verse of Ps 23:5 into altogether different doctrine with the sole intention of improving their cash flow.

    • This Man Thambi Durai goes around for collecting money in the name of visiting. I hear that the Tithe income has reduced considerably in the UAE… Good show UAE guys for saving your money from this mafia don 🙂

  3. Hello all.. Every day haters!! I don’t understand how u ppl r getting this much time to write so much on others.. u ppl.. pls get ready for the coming of the Lord.. with this weight of jealous, grief, hatred n all other filthy spirits., u can’t caught up.. just think.. u r doing everything against the word of God.. I don’t understand what u r getting with all this.. who ever in clean with their conscious., they will go.. why do u bother about tpm, tpm, tpm..
    Just Wake up brothers n sisters.. No Time for Hatred now.. it’s the spirit of anti christ.. read 1John:2:18,19..
    If Jesus comes now.. can u go with Him..??????
    Just question within your self…..
    Have a blessed night.. May Our Merciful God show mercy on u all in this night season…

    • @jyothsnajoy

      About being raptured,

      With my righteousness – No

      With Christ’s imputed righteousness- Yes, Praise God.

      With TPM’s righteousness- definitely left behind and that includes you BroSis.

      • Oh my dear.. no more slave..
        Why do u ppl always bring tpm in the middle.. I never told that tpm will take u in the rapture or with tpm righteousness u could caught up in the rapture..

        I just said if u have This Much Hatred In You Hearts For Someone.. Can U Get Caught Up In The Coming Of The Lord..

        Grow up kiddo.. Pity on u.. u can’t even understand what I wrote.. read my comment again..

    • Jyothsna, sorry Joy Shekar,

      There is hardly any substance in your responses. You are only cursing others continually…that too in very poor English. It is such a hypocrisy that you are talking about getting raptured. Please refrain from cursing others and instead debate sensibly. We were in TPM for too long to recognize your diversionary tactics. Please don’t give into emotions but comment with scriptures to support your stand.

      • Hello abas.. it may be poor English.. n my English may not be reaching ur standards.. but for ur information., what I want to suggest u is don’t mess with saints.. they r anointed ones.. who you r to judge them.. Did God gave u any right to judge ppl around u.. Many references r there from the Bible for hypocrites like u., but there is no use to show those ref to u cos., satan also kno the Bible.. n yes.. the substance in my comment is just to let u ppl kno that the way u r writing about others., is BAD.. which God never likes.. hope u understand..
        Cos it’s very simple English..

        • N one more thing Mr. abas.. m not hear to show my vocabulary skills.. m here to make u ppl understand that what ever u r writing is Senseless.. many r going away from the presence of God by reading your articles.., even one of my innocent friend is here in ur group.. she is hindu converted Christian.. you ppl r taking away such innocents far away from God.. all you writing is about Hatred jealous n envy.. they will not take u any where.. if u ppl have gone out of this church., u keep ur selves away.. but don’t write such lies/articles n manipulate others so they finally end up hating God.. remember everything will come in to judgement.. now it’s not too far.. it’s going to happen soon… so be care with ur words about others.. if they r really sinners., God is One who is going to judge them.. who u r to judge.. who is ur admin to judge????!!!!!! Read James:5:9..
          try to have some good fruits of Spirit as it is mentioned in Gal:5:22,23..
          the only verse suits to most of the ppl here., is from 1st John:2:18,19.. please read it n u will know where u ppl r standing now.. dear English scholar?
          May God His Mercy in u bro/Sis..
          Blessed day..

        • Hello Jyothsna,
          What do you mean by saying they are anointed ones?
          Do you know the center pastor of Cattack Pr Zachariah is a fraud. In one of the incidents one lady extended her hand to shake hand he conveniently turned down it. Did Jesus ever do that? There are many more ugly incidents which I will mention at right time.

          Not giving any account of money they collect from believers is the work of anointed ones?
          Preaching all unbiblical teaching to suit their hidden agenda is the work of anointed one?

          Eating and drinking highly nutritious food during fasting prayers and hiding it from the members is the work of anointed ones?
          Not dining with the poor and always in collusion with the rich is the work of anointed ones?

          And many more…

          Introspect please.

        • Jyothsna alias Joy Shekar,
          When I said “poor English” I did not mean your vocabulary skills. I meant the poor language or choice of words you use on others who expose TPM. Your language could be more graceful instead of name calling others as ‘fraud’, ‘liars’, ‘pity on you’, etc. When you are blogging with a pseudonym yourself, it is a hypocrisy to call another person a ‘fraud’ and ‘liar’ just because the other person has not revealed his/her name. In a debate, discussing content is more important than commenting on trivial matters such as names.

          Coming to weightier matters…you mentioned //what I want to suggest u is don’t mess with saints.. they r anointed ones.. who you r to judge them//. You are still under the old covenant when you identify a group of people as the anointed ones. Under the new covenant, every child of God is a king and a priest (anointed one) – Rev 5:10, Rev 1:6. I (or admin or any other) being an anointed one, can righteously judge another person according to the Word of God, and this is what you see in this forum. This is not done with hatred, envy or jealousy as you point out, but with love and much compassion that no soul should be misguided.

          Don’t you read in Galatians 2:11-13 that apostle Paul confronted apostle Peter for his hypocrisy. Would you say to apostle Paul “don’t mess with a saint, he is an anointed one”. What we infer here is an anointed one can confront another anointed one if the later errs. Apostle Paul saw that other Jews and even Barnabas were led astray by apostle Peter’s hypocrisy, and hence had to confront apostle Peter to establish the truth. This is what you see happening in this website, confronting TPM on their hypocrisy/lies. Don’t get angry for this. If you cannot digest what we are doing in this forum, please move out instead of name calling others and seething with rage. “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend – Proverbs 27:17”

          Others have pointed you to an article on “judging others’. Please read this and understand that “judging righteously” is scriptural and not wrong. Not only can we judge, but we are commanded to judge with righteous judgement; while at the same time, we are commanded not to judge hypocritically, or self-righteously (just as you did when you called someone a liar when you are guilty of the same) – John 7:24.

          Please read the latest article “The Lamentation from Bangalore” that appeared on this website on April 21, 2018. Would you call the person that submitted this article a ‘liar’ when that person has explicitly stated the name of the elder sister and the pastor involved in these incidents. If you do that, it only shows how prejudiced you are. Many incidents reported on this website are true, and the fact that some TPM workers including a pastor are in jail (for murder) is ample proof to that.

        • Dear Joy Shekar alias Jyothsna
          For TPM enslaved like you everything biblical against the wrong teachings sounds senseless. This reveals your shallow spiritual standard. You all are just like the deaf adder mentioned in Psalm 58:4,5. is exposing the wrong teachings & wrong deeds of TPM so accurately with biblical reference & relevant proofs yet, it’s not sinking into your mind or heart. You said the saints & anointed ones. Do you know the meaning of saints? For you, only TPM white-clads are saints. According to Romans 1:7 we all are called to be saints therefore don’t think your frauds are saints just bcoz they are wearing white. You mentioned about one of your Hindu friends who is going away from the presence of God. What do you mean by presence of God? I know for TPM blinds their congregation is the presence of God. Forget it dear bcoz God is not at all there in your congregation & you are living in a strong delusion. If your friend is going away from TPM, then remember God & the entire heaven is rejoicing to see one more is coming out of the cult. TPM is the group that Lord Jesus spoke about in Mathew 23:13 & 15. May God bring you to proper sense that you too could jump out of the train hasting towards the hell.

  4. Dear Jyothsna
    I think you have the habit of cursing the people who are exposing the wrong teachings of the CULT(TPM). If the articles published are wrong from your perspective then why don’t you prove it from the scriptures. But what I have noticed all these days is that most of the TPMites who comment on this site have no scriptures to support their concept. You are one of them. Really shame on you Jyothsna.

    • Look Mr. Antony, m not talking about tpm here.. m talking in general.. who r u n me to judge ppl.. u read James 5:9. All who doing God’s work, they r God anointed ones.. v ppl r not supposed to talk bad about our brethren..
      why should I curse.. for what..?!! I don’t have any grudge with anyone..? n I don’t keep any grudge or hatred with fellow human being..
      I don’t think there is time to curse one another.. We should examine ourselves first before v judge others or exposing the mistakes of others.. r we perfect in the sight of God.. may be v r perfect in the eyes of ppl around us.. what Jesus told to the ppl who were ready to stone the woman., M not comparing here that woman with the Anointed servants of God.. I just want to remind u this verse.. n even me I don’t like somethings in tpm.. but it doesn’t mean that u go out n start a hatred page on them.. who v r to do that.. everyone have their own faults., it doesn’t matter that v go on talking n writing bad about them. If the tpm ppl really hurt you., can’t u forgive them as Jesus forgave u..

      John :8:7So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

      May God show His mercy on u..
      Have a Blessed day bro..

      • Hello Jyothsna,
        Why don’t you read Luke 12:56-57 , “Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time? Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?”

      • Bro. Jyothsna, if you read all the articles in this site, you would find that this site is not calling out any person but is showing that this system is wrong. Some names are called out to show examples of this system and it is not the limit. The names given here are just samples of this system.
        Jesus took a scourge not with hatred toward those men selling merchandise in the temple of God but as a measure to correct that system. Paul rebuked Peter not with hatred but with a mind to correct the system according to the mind of God.
        No one should consider these articles a yardstick on what is correct and wrong, but consider these articles as a trigger for our mind to look only to Bible as our yardstick and to call on Jesus for all our needs instead of looking on to human mediators.
        If you say the TPM ministers are anointed with special anointing from zion and even ‘if’ we agree that there is some great anointing like anointing from zion, are they greater than real apostles Peter and Paul? Nah! Even Peter did a mistake and was corrected on his wrong religious stand. Apostle Paul lauded bereans for referring scripture to corroborate/verify his preaching.

        If so, can’t we do a little thing of verifying the scripture after each message irrespective of the preacher instead of blindly accepting it. This site is just a trigger, for our minds dulled/blinded by this system, to make us search the scriptures and not blindly believe whatever we hear.

  5. You wrote ” All who doing God’s work, they r God anointed ones.. v ppl r not supposed to talk bad about our brethren..”

    Whose work are you doing? devil’s? Those who are redeemed of the Lord are all saints doing the work of the Lord. Some people have the privilege of not doing any productive work in the name of God’s work because some foolish believers are ready to sponsor their meals.

    Also there is a great need in these end times to warn believers of false denominations and cults. We need to show from the Scriptures the error and evil of their ways. We need to warn poor folks from those who are wolves in their midst. If those who know the truth keep quiet God will hold them accountable.

    Every doctrine should be defendable from the Scriptures. If it cannot be then it is worth the garbage bin. Most of TPM’s doctrines belongs to that place. This website is doing a great service in trying to open people’s minds and hearts to the truth.


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