A few days back, Punjab convention rally video went viral in TPM groups. Video went hopping from one WhatsApp group to others. It happened to find my address too.  And as I clicked it open, an old desire to investigate it in light of scriptures resurfaced within me. I had seen this kind of drama earlier during Chennai convention, and since then I had an urge to ruminate over it. So, herein we present this article expressing our views on TPM drama of convention rallies. You may glance through the international convention rally before we proceed.

Comprehensive Public Processions

A public procession is the organized the movement of the public, in an orderly manner, with some sort of vehicle or mode of transport carrying the “centre of attraction” in the middle of the procession, accompanied by music or some sort of announcement made for people watching it.

Manipulated convention rallies of Quasi-Catholic TPM

In ancient times, when a warrior used to return from war, [having defeated an army], he was made to sit on horse or chariot, and his soldiers walked along with him as he rode through the city (check honouring of Mordecai in Esther 6:9 for example). Religious processions characterize with devotees lifting up their gods or heroes on a vehicle or on elephants or on their shoulders.

This practice is rampant in modern Christianity too. You might have seen newspapers reporting Christian communities organizing Good Friday rallies. It seems that the main driving factor behind communities organizing rallies is to honour any particular hero or some god or any particular event. When something becomes as a matter of pride for a community then the community decides to display it through means of the procession (Note this). For example when people take out rally in the name of their god, then their god is the focus of their glorying. Hence they take the idol of their god on their shoulders or on vehicles and through streets of cities uplifting their god.

Likewise when a warrior returned from the war, then his victory becomes a matter of pride for people, so he is honoured by making him sit on horse or chariot and he rides through the city with pedestals following him. Similarly if an event of the festival like say, Olympics is to be organized, then rallies move in cities calling people’s attention to the very important event of Olympics. Thus the main idea behind rallies and public procession is to exalt glorify certain god/hero or event.

Origin of Christian Religious Rallies

We have no instruction in the New Testament to carry any public procession for preaching the gospel or whatsoever. If so, then what is the origin of this practice among Christians? As we dig in history, we find Catholic Church following public procession since the 4th century.  It is instructed in their rule book “Code of Canon laws” that it is the duty of Catholic priest to carry out a public procession for special events, like festivals and so on…

It says “Can. 530 The following functions are especially entrusted to a pastor:”


Further section 1679 of the catechism of Catholic church informs that religious processions are popular piety that accompanies the sacramental life of the church.

Searching Scriptures for Public Procession

Protestants have been criticizing Catholics for incorporating this pagan practice in Christianity. Catholics have taken support from the Old Testament as their defence to this criticism. Since TPM is a daughter emanating from the womb of her mother Catholic Church (check here), she might well take the Old Testament passages to her defence, for her convention rallies. It is, therefore, our duty to check such defences with due discernment. As we have seen above, the purpose & intention of any community in organizing any rally is to exalt and glorifying its hero or some event. Let us, therefore, see what was the purpose of biblical processions so that we can compare it with convention rallies of TPM, to verify whether TPM’s intention of public rallies align in line with biblical intentions or not!

In the days of Joshua, people carried ark around Jericho for seven days (Joshua 6). In the days of David, the ark was carried from Gibeah to Jerusalem (2 Sam 6:4).  In both these processions, the ark of God [which was a symbol of God himself], was the matter of pride and glory for Israelites. It was their power and strength. So they lifted the ark and people surrounded it and moved along with the procession. Therefore we can safely say that in Old Testament passages, the ark was a matter of honour i.e. God himself was honoured through these processions. In  the New Testament, Jesus rode on a donkey, and people followed him crying “Hosanna.” So here too we find that Jesus was the centre of attraction and praises of people. In the final conflict, Jesus again will lead a procession with him being the centre of attraction and glory (Rev 19:11-14). So whether it is the ark, or Jesus riding on the donkey, or Jesus revealing himself in heavens, one thing is very clear that the biblical processions characterize honouring God in its rallies.

Now it’s time to look at who is the centre of attraction in TPM convention rallies? Firstly I say it is TPM saints, who are glorified in the TPM convention. See the video in which the TPM Dhariwal Pastor is proudly announcing. He is glorifying ministers of his organization. He says our saints will come from various places to conduct our convention.

So he is calling people’s attention to saints of his organization who will be orators in their convention. Do you know that the practice of convention itself originated from the unintentional partial act of glorifying a person? In earlier days people like Smith Wigglesworth or George Muller used to preach the gospel from one city to another. So people in the village he was supposed to visit invited people from surrounding villages to listen to men like Smith Wigglesworth. Gradually institutional churches began calling their founders and famous names in their organizations to their conventions. TPM as an institution followed this and began calling its chief pastors to its conventions. If you are  a TPM believer of any local, you might have heard how TPM in-charge of local faith home advertizes TPM convention. He will say “all believers must come to the convention. Chief Pastor is coming!” So the point is that their saints coming from different parts of the world are highlighted in their convention as if they are very special persons who must be given ears.

Secondly and most importantly it is an amazement to me that why TPM preaches the gospel on only 4 days in a year and through the mouth of their echelons only! If TPM convention procession is intended to attract people to gospel then why can’t they preach the gospel in these processions itself [as the procession moves around the city]. Instead of asking people to come to particular place at a particular time to hear the gospel, why can’t they preach and exalt the name of Jesus and call people to repentance as they move through the entire city? Not a single apostle of Jesus carried out any kind of procession, before preaching the gospel. They directly preached the gospel and kept moving. No advertisement and no drama. They were rudely honest in calling people to repent of their sins. Jesus himself while preaching from city to city did never send his disciples and followers to conduct procession and rallies. He went himself preaching gospel healing people and doing good instead of calling people to a particular place at a particular time to listen to his message. Therefore TPM’s convention rallies are pagan in its origin being instructed by her mother Catholic church, to honor TPM’s saints and TPM’s own gospel of Zion and three-tiered heaven ( check this shocking confirmation straight from TPM echelons mouth, that TPM preaches another gospel which you cannot listen to other churches see the first paragraph here  )


It is our observation that TPM’s convention rallies are events to exalt TPM workers coming from various parts of the country and the deeper mysteries which they will reveal to you in their convention. It is an invitation to listen to TPM’s exclusive gospel, which you cannot listen in any other church. It is an invitation to listen to the doctrine of Zion, as a place for unmarried TPM workers, who have left their homes. It is an event of honouring their doctrine of three-tiered heaven and seven steps of salvation. If you hearken to their call, then you might well get a lovely chance to listen to messages revealing what a great church TPM is. They will tell you what all benefits you may reap in (2nd position NEW JERUSALEM in heaven) if you become a TPM believer by forsaking your membership in other church.  If you agree to their elitist gospel, you must be re-baptized in TPM waters and promise to eat TPM manufactured Lord’s table alone and also stay determined to not to marry your sons and daughter with Christians from other churches.


  1. Much efforts put in vainly to impress the local heathen by sea of whites by obstructing traffic. The subtle goal is to attract people’s attention by show of strength, brand awareness and shallow godliness. Am not against going into market places and proclaiming the word of God, engaging with sinners and leading them to the Cross. The loud halleluyahs ranted by the youths (including the appachan with missing incisors) you could hear @ 1.11 min. reeks of politics and disdain for what the Lord did for them, instead of heart rending sin convicted cry…..I would only imagine what our Saviour would comment standing there at a lonely corner sorrowful at what these folks were upto??

  2. Again another catholic practice followed in obidience to mother Catholic Church.

    It reads in above article that (rules of Catholics)….
    It is duty entrusted to priest
    ….. to lead procession outside church…

  3. Clicking the link in the article, i was led to the Gospel of Perfection article from doctrineoftruth.com. Hebrew 6:1&2 speaks about leaving the doctrine of Christ and other doctrines of foundations, to move to perfection. So Biblically, perfection is possible while on earth? or some sort of translation errors like happened between “Church” & “Assembly”.

    • @ Sam
      Below is my personal opinion and I am open to correction. Have you read following scriptures like Heb 10:14 which says “by one sacrifice he hath PERFECTED FOREVER them that are sanctified,” and Col 2:10 which says “ye are COMPLETE [perfect – not lacking] in him…” and witness of Jesus himself saying “He that believes in me HATH EVERLASTING LIFE and Punishment will not come upon him and his is passed from death into Eternal life. ”

      According to me these scriptures teach us that new birth by faith in finished work of cross is sufficient for us to gain entry into eternal life. But then we should be wise enough to stay away from sins. We should see bible in balanced way. We cannot support one verse and neglect another. Bible on one hand says WE ARE PERFECTED by one sacrifice of Jesus (Heb 10:14) and at the same time asks us to go to perfection. So is it contradictory?

      I think perfection spoken in Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10:14 is of different context.

      In Hebrews 10:14 the context is about requirement to escape judgment and wrath of God, by attaining righteousness or state of being declared as righteous by means of our faith in wok of Jesus on cross.

      To comprehend context of perfection of Heb 6:1,2 i suggest you to read ending verses of Heb 5, instead of reading Heb 6:1,2 in isolated manner.

      Heb 5: 11-14 speaks about GROWING IN KNOWLEDGE (we should not remain babes ), so that we may not depart from faith. If you read Heb 5:11- 6:6, then it seems that Paul is saying that we must not turn back. He says it is impossible to renew again them who were already made partakers of Holy Ghost (6:4-6). So the whole idea in Heb 5:11-6:6 is about GROWING IN KNOWLEDGE and coming to PERFECTION OF KNOWLEDGE so that we may not fall back from faith in Jesus . This is the theme of epistle of Hebrews. From chapter 1 ,2,3 till the end, the writer of Hebrews is asking his readers to continue in faith and do not think of turning back from Jesus. So therefore the context of perfection in Heb 6:1,2 is GROWING in KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST so that we might not turn away from Jesus back into legalism . This become more clear in Ephesians 4, where Paul says that various ministries are given to church (Christians as whole – not organization), FOR PERFECTING OF SAINTS… so that we may not be children (Eph 4:14, Heb 5:11-4) who can be tossed to and fro and be carried with every wind of doctrine…. Compare this with Hebrews 5:11-14 where he said same thing that we should not remain children in KNOWLEDGE.

      Bottom line: We are passed from death into eternal life and are perfected by sacrifice of Jesus, but at the same time we should not sin, and we should not turn back from Jesus, into another faith or legalism of righteousness by law. To help us stay grounded in salvation by faith alone, we must grow in knowledge of scriptures in perfect manner so that deceivers like TPM white frauds, must not succeed in turning us into legalism and bondage of law by cunning use of scriptures and their erroneous doctrines.

  4. Also, does the gospel of God(Rom 1:1; 1 Thes. 2:8), gospel of Christ( Rom 1:16) and our gospel (2 Thes. 2:14) refers to one same thing or three different gospels or doctrines?

    • This problem arises when an uninformed mind does an illogical exegesis on the Pauline epistles.

      There is one Gospel from Godhead to Humankind… translation of words cannot dissect nor interject its broad theme. The Gospel is ‘The Good News’ The Good News is that mankind need not do anything other than to believe in Jesus as the son of God and as the redemption sacrifice.

      When certified Christians are not wholly convinced of the totality of the grace of God, they try to stitch up doctrines that can act as guidelines for their salvation.

      The greater problem arises when clergy focus more on narrow doctrines without proclaiming the good news of the cross. Many times, the simpleton laity are forced into assuming that good deeds are necessary to qualify to receive the gospel.

      The fulcrum of TPM doctrines lies in ‘Will of God/ suffering/obedience’ which is further manipulated into thinking that TPM is the step ladder to understand what the plan of God is, individually.
      This is how Divine Healing as a doctrine came about…. testimonies of being sanctified while they lay in the sick bed added to the unsoundness of plain speech.
      This adds to newer revelations being birthed in the womb of imaginative minds who somehow presume that they are more close to God than others.

      The gospel of God/Christ/us can never have any difference other than the person of speech…
      God loved us and sent Jesus
      Jesus loved us and obeyed the Father unto death.
      The Spirit quickened Jesus and even so we can be quickened.
      We accept this free gift and identify ourselves in the family of God.
      We being filled with love receive the commission to share the good news to our fellows.

      Christianity is actually very simple… To wholeheartedly accept Jesus will keep us away from debates on personal righteousness/holiness or ‘best church rat-race’

      • @Denzel,

        I fully agree with “Christianity is actually very simple… To wholeheartedly accept Jesus will keep us away from debates on personal righteousness/holiness or ‘best church rat-race’” .
        It is the serpent who makes it appear complex through unassuming leaders and lead the masses astray.

      • Thank you @ Denzel Joy Faith alone in Jesus is enough. Taking medicine is not a sin as propagated by TPM. I realized that when debates is done objectively with conviction in the light of the Word of God in course of time , ” The Truth Will Prevail” ” May the Truth alone Prevails” ” Speaking of the Truth Holds Good” I must say your writings has given an impetus to bring some to the Light of the Gospel( base on the Word )

      • @ Denzel Joy,
        I agree, We are saved through Grace by faith in Christ alone. Works such as not taking medicine etc denies the finished work of Christ on the cross. TPM equates taking medicine as sin. Now, I realized that, Objective debates in the light of the Word of God are essential as to open the eyes of people who are saved but still bound by erroneous doctrines. To the Galatians believers, Apostle Paul was persistent in his letters to uproot the Legalistic doctrines of the Judaizers. Your comment has given an impetus for me that Objective and persistent debates brought about by this Site and also a one to one debate in the light of the Word will be fruitful though not immediately- in course of time will.

      • @Denzel, Your comment is a beautiful summary of the TPM delusion, must read and the below statement takes the cake.

        “When certified Christians are not wholly convinced of the totality of the grace of God, they try to stitch up doctrines that can act as guidelines for their salvation.”

    • @Sam
      Does usage of words like God, Adonai, Elohim, Emmanuel, Lord, Jehovah, refer to different Gods in bible? If not then why does “our gospel” or “gospel of Jesus Christ” must refer to another gospel? TPM deceives people by such tricks. DOnt be deceived. Read following scriptures.

      Eph 4:4-6;   There is one body, and one Spirit, …. one hope of your calling;  One Lord, One faith, one baptism,  One God ……………..
      2Co_11:4  For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, ….. or if ye receive another spirit, ……….or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

  5. Another enlightening article further confirming from where our Catechist Paul and Pervert Alwin got there divine revelations from. This is a quasi Roman catholic institution pretending to be a Christian organisation and fooling the simple illiterate folks.

    Another aspect which would be worth looking in more detail is the way TPM conducts its supposedly holy communion as it has all the signs of its mother church.

  6. Hi,

    TPM divine healing doctrine has totally screwed. Govt has set up first aid counter. How can TPM boast now ? Is that not making fun of God’s name ? You have printed Jesus heals, inviting the sick. But a doctor set up is inside the premises. Many TPM diehards still boast it is because of govt order we can set up first aid counter. If they argue that way , even Modi has asked to avoid huge gatherings also !

    Why can’t they accept PM’s suggestion also ?

  7. Can we have some pictures please to drive the point.
    Maybe the intention is to provide a person with first aid, medicate him/her and then transfer to the prayer room or sick room for further follow up till he/she ends up in a casket.

      • Thanks Admin.
        Its very funny how they want to blame the Govt for it.
        May be they would have also announced that anyone found visiting this booth will be dealt with accordingly.

      • Don’t see any first aid kits, medicine cabinets, oxygen cylinders etc that needs to be in a first aid center. Just a couple of benches with a person guarding it..

        • Weren’t they fooling their own people for almost 100 years in the Name of Zion?
          They have also been fooling the Government by getting false affidavits issued. Remember the Orphanage?
          So just adding one more trick to their bag does not hurt.



    They forgot James 4:7

    Government is the antichrist.

    In that case EMTPTEE can be given panadol when he has fever ( as per govt. order)

  9. After seeing the bracket I remember a real story that happened many many years back.

    I ate the fruit but the woman gave it to me.



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