Everything in the bible is written to lead men to salvation. Jesus said, “Search the scriptures they speak about me (John 5:39).” Paul says law was our tutor leading us to Christ (Gal 3:24). So the bible is all Gospel-centric. Everything in the bible is Christ-centred. Consider for example, incidents in life of Moses. Moses was a precursor to Christ Jesus. His life, his biography, points to one who was greater than him.

Rescued Israel from the slavery of EgyptRedeemed people from the slavery of sin
Moses forsook riches of Egypt, to suffer along with the people of God (Heb 11:24)Jesus forsook heavenly riches to suffer for people  (Philip 2:7).
Moses did miraclesJesus did miracles
Mediator of Old CovenantMediator of New Covenant
Moses was meekest on earth (Num 12:3)Jesus is meek & lowly (Mat 11:29)
Faithful in Israel (Num 12:7)Jesus is faithful (Heb 3:2, Rev 19:11)

We should therefore not commit the blunder of making bible passages man-centric or any human organization-centric. For example, we should never use the goodness of Moses to exalt ourselves. We must not say like Moses we are meek people, or like Moses, we are faithful in the household of God, or like Moses, we are leaders of Israelites! However, the spirit in TPM utilizes every such opportunity to glorify themselves. They hardly leave a stone unturned to honor their own ministry. For example, if Moses is a pointer to Jesus, then TPM will use this opportunity to show to people that they are Moses of the 21st century (see here). This is an obnoxious spirit in TPM from which we ask our readers to stay away. I have heard of TPM Pastors telling us that God made a High and exalted place(ZION) equal to him of which Satan Coveted. They say God had kept it for the special people of Zion and Satan wanted to take that place. Notice how subtly they are bringing in the devious doctrine of self-exaltation. Keep away from this kind of perversion. If you do not have discernment, you will get trapped in such a dangerous doctrine.

Understanding Levitical Priesthood through Jesus’ Eyes

When we start reading the bible we see that from starting itself, God’s message is crystal clear that man committed a sin and fell short of the glory of God.  There is a gap between Man and God. But God had not cast off man completely. He had a plan to remove this breach. Jesus would come when the fullness of time would arrive and reconcile sinner man to God (Eph 2:16). But until then, men stood apart and alienated from God. God in the meantime introduced the Levitical system on a temporary basis (Heb 9:10) as a  pointer to his great plan (Gal 3:24). This temporary system had an arrangement of priests and the role of a high priest. The High Priest’s role was to take the blood of goats and bulls towards God to bear the iniquity of men.


We can think of this temporary system as a model or a replica. Like we have toy cars that are made of plastic but incapable to take us to our destination, similarly the Old Testament system had a replica sacrifice system and a replica high priest, who were incapable to bear sins of men and remove the iniquity (Heb 10:1,4), nevertheless they were a copy of the original.

Now isn’t it foolishness to interpret this replica toy model to point at ourselves. God had always from the beginning kept Jesus at the centre of what he did. Jesus was slain even before the world was made. He was at the centre of Levitical ministry too. All the sacrifices pointed to him. However, TPM says that they were in God’s plan and mind while starting this Levitical ministry. TPM teaches that high priest of Old Testament was toy replica pointing to TPM ministry (Click here to see their claim). They teach that TPM ministers bear the iniquity of men. This is obnoxious horrendous treachery. Isn’t it? Where God had Jesus in his mind and his plan, from the beginning and in all his activities in the Old Testament, there TPM says they are the fulfillment of that High priesthood ministerial plan of God. How blasphemous! When will the spirit within them cease from self-exaltation?

Dathan, Korah and Abiram

Aaron was the first high priest among Old Testament Israelites. After his death, Eleazar his firstborn took the office of the High Priest (Num 20:25-29, Ex 29:29)! While Aaron was appointed as the High priest who was a replica pointing to Jesus, some people came in between and tried to usurp the position of Aaron. This was as if they were also in God’s plan, to foretell the world, what would happen to them who would try to take the honour meant for Jesus to themselves. Behold we have the thing happening before our very eyes.

Let us look at the incident of Dathan, Korah and Abiram who were appointed to minister in tabernacle services arose and demanded the position and priesthood of Aaron. They began murmuring against Aaron the High priest. Moses said unto them, “Is it small thing that God has separated you from congregation …. to do service of tabernacle …..seek ye priesthood also …WHAT IS AARON THAT YE MURMUR AGAINST HIM (Num 16:9-11).” So it seems they were murmuring for the priesthood of Aaron. God then asked each of the leaders to bring a rod and whosoever’s rod would bud, he would be God’s chosen one. For the dead rod to bud meant that it would become alive. It was as if God was saying “he who would come to life from dead will stand before me as representative of the congregation of people.” And on the morrow, Aaron’s rod arose from dead and budded and showed sign of being alive. This budding of the dead rod was a shadow of Jesus overcoming death and becoming alive again to be appointed as the ONLY High Priest mediating for men.

Aaron’s rodPointer to Jesus
Bud coming from the dead staff or staff cut from the plantPointed to arising of life from death, coming to the resurrection from the dead

How else can we interpret this passage? Shouldn’t we use every opportunity to exalt and glorify Jesus? John said to let him increase and let me decrease. Jesus is the high priest forever (Heb 4:14). This is how the bible also interprets high priesthood office of the Old Testament. There is no other explanation in the bible to the high priest office. However, TPM like Dathan Korah and Abiram seek high priesthood of Jesus. They say we are high priest of God (Check this). We will burn incense. We will bear the iniquity of men (Check this).  We are also holy (Num 16:3) and we can go near God (Num 16:5). What happened? God’s anger burned all sinner men. He buried Dathan Korah and Abiram alive in the earth. In the end, men had to accept that they are sinners and are unworthy to go to the tabernacle or stand in the gap between man and God (Num 17:12).   

None of the 12 disciples ever called himself high priest. We see that the writer of Hebrews had an opportunity like TPM to exalt ministry of 12 apostles in the Epistle to Hebrews! But he used that opportunity to show forth Jesus to his readers. His whole letter is filled with glorifying Jesus everywhere. Like TPM he did not glorify ministry of 12 apostles. He did not say new testament ministry points to the apostolic ministry of 12 disciples of Jesus. It is only the spirit of Dathan, Korah and Abiram which dares to seek the High Priesthood of Aaron. That spirit is in TPM. TPM preachers have no fear of God in saying that they stand in the gap between God and man and bear iniquity of others.

See the table below to understand that Aaron was pointing to Jesus, not to TPM

Chosen by GodChosen by God, did not take honour unto himself (Heb 5:4-5)
Was High priest until his deathIs High priest FOREVER (Heb 7:23-24)
Bore symbolically iniquity of peopleActually bore our sins and iniquity (Isaiah 53)
Went inside the holiest place with the blood of lamb every yearHas entered heavenly tabernacle with his own blood (Heb 9:12 ).

Note also that Dathan Korah and Abiram were a pointer to those men who would dare to take priesthood of Jesus. TPM is a group of one of such men on earth who disregards the High Priest Jesus and puts themselves in that pedestal.

   Dathan, Korah and AbiramTPM
Claimed “we are holy”Claim “We are holy”
Desired priesthood against AaronDesire high priesthood after the order of Melchizedek(Who does not have any descendant).
Their tribe’s rod didn’t budThere is no fruit seen in them. They are resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
Went alive into the earthUnless they repent of seeking priesthood of Jesus, they will also go beneath the earth.
Sons of Korah later ministered in the templePeople may come out of TPM & other such churches to truly serve God


Dear Dathan Korah and Abiram of TPM(TPM Ministers),

Kindly put off your TPM goggles which, shows you to yourself everywhere in bible. Put on Jesus lens, to behold Jesus in every page of scriptures. Jesus is at the center of God’s plan, not TPM! Cease from glorifying yourselves, your consecration, you not marrying, you forsaking your family, your ministry, your holiness etc, etc…   Time is inching towards judgment day, repent unless like Dathan, Korah and Abiram, ye be taken alive in earth, instead of being alive taken up in his second coming. You have this opportunity to get off the rebellion bandwagon like the Sons of Korah. May the Lord enlighten you and give you repentance.


  1. This cult is from the pits of hell. Their doctrines testifies about it without any doubt.

    There are sincere men and women in there who have been deceived but lack the courage to acknowledge it and step out in faith trusting the true Saviour. I feel sorry for them however if they continue in this deception and also contribute to deceiving other gullible folks, they are simply working against the Kingdom of God. I have no qualms in calling them the servants of Satan.

    The deception is so strong that inspite of all the evidence on this site, there is no change whatsoever. Their pride makes it even harder, only God can save them and their followers.

    There is more humility amongst the secular leaders as they are open to criticism and willing to accept their mistakes and also make changes where required but this cult’s leadership continues in its blindness heading to its destiny – eternal damnation.

  2. TPM have been wrongly interpreting this passage of Dathan Korah and Abiram, and misusing scriptures to rule gullible blind followers. They have been fear mongering believers that they are Moses of 21st century and if any believer would dare to speak against servants of God, then God will make earth open and swallow him. I think this passage is frequently used by TPM pastors all over, especially when any believer raises his voice to their nonsense authority. Next Sunday they will preach from this passage that any believer henceforth must be warned to dare not raise his eyebrow against these demigods. However time is up. There treacherous methods are exposed. We now know that Dathan Korah abiram were ministers and not common believer. So the passage above is warning for clergy class which have become mad & blind by in seeking their own glory.

  3. I called one worker sister and asked, “Who bore our iniquity?”
    She said,”You don’t know who bore our iniquity? Asking childish questions”
    I said,”I really want to know who bore my iniquity”
    She said,”Jesus”
    Then I asked her about “Saviours bearing men’s iniquity”..
    She said, ” Yes, we are bearing your iniquity and praying for u” then she sang that stanza very happily.
    I asked her , “Can u show me one Bible verse where tpm saints can bear my iniquity?”
    She said, “Every song of tpm is written according to Bible only”
    I said,”No, it is completely unbiblical and only Jesus bore my iniquity”
    She didn’t allow me to speak anymore. She said, “Every time u r only arguing and asking foolish questions..Keep quiet, keep quiet, don’t think anything deeply”
    Then she said,”You forgot me completely, and not giving me anything to read”
    I said her,”Yes, I will give you something new to read and after that you may curse me”
    She said, “I will not curse you. You give me, I will read”.

    I hope God will open her eyes of understanding to see, accept and stand for the truth.

  4. Admin please share articles daily basis.. cause even some believers and the workers also want to read the posts daily…we want our mind and simplicity in Christ to be enlightend

    • Brother we already have 200 articles in this site and we do post when we have some light on things which we think needs to be exposed. Moreover, we have our secular jobs to work. Therefore it is not possible to put daily articles. As of now we are caught up with some work so yes the rate is slow. Will put few soon. Also do share tips with us on topics which you think that needs to be highlighted. I am quite interested to know which workers are looking for inputs daily? Tell them we cannot manufacture as they push it on sundays. ?

      • continuously repeating words like stuthi stotram is praising God? and praise the Lord if anyone say should again say praise the Lord

        • Yes this is vain repetition done by pagans..We all know TPM has its customs coming from the pagans viz. Hindus, Buddhists,Jains and Catholics. So it is not at all surprising that we are seeing the violation of scriptures here.

          But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Matt 6:7

        • I was prescribed 500 RPD @ 4 am by a worker Sister to have my child cured of an ailment. She was quite confident that it would work. I did not outright reject on her face, but prayed that Lord would dawn on her what it all meant!!



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