He got an award??…good for him…how does that change anything….what our church does and what our church does not is left to God and the church…why don’t we leave the “judging” part to God???…Let me tell you something if you didn’t know…There are pastors in TPM who fast right from Thursday to get the message for Sunday Sermon…so whatever they speak…God puts the words in their mouth…So it is my understanding that 99.99% of what they say is correct…Whatever decisions they have taken are 100% by the counsel of God…Servants of God are next to parents…I know how much they pray for me…much more than my parents..So y don’t we stop making useless allegations against Church doctrines,servants of God..etc?

That was me in 2008. A 19yr old, on fire for TPM.

My name is Ranjith Joy and I have been a staunch TPM believer for most of my life.

This was in response to a comment in Orkut’s TPM group which said “TPM kicked out Muttom Geevarghese and IPC welcomed him and after years of ministry he was presented with an award”. The thread itself was started by someone critical of TPM doctrines.

So severe was my brainwashing that nothing other than God’s irresistible grace would have pulled me out of this cult.

It is hard for me to blame anyone inside TPM personally because I know it is the institution that is guilty. The pastors are just a product that this cult produces. The ones who are really guilty of making TPM the way it is, are long dead and gone. The present ones are just slaves to the system because they don’t know any better. All their life, all they’ve been taught is this one thing, that “there is no better church than this. TPM alone has apostolic doctrines”. That being said, it is high time people of influence from inside the system that do know better take a stand for truth and for the sake of the gospel.

Early years

I’m from Bangalore and used to attend Frazer Town branch. I come from a family with strong TPM roots. Both my maternal and paternal great grandparents were TPM believers. My paternal great grandfather was the sunday school head master of Kottarakara once upon a time and few of my relatives are in TPM’s “ministry”. It goes without saying, that “the brainwashing was strong with this one”.

I happened to be the kid who just accepted everything preached by TPM pastors. I used to view TPM’s “consecrated servants” only second to God. When I was in my kindergarten (probably 4 or 5 years old), when TPM ministers used to come visiting, I would see them from my window and shout “dhaivam varunnu, dhaivam varunnu” translated as “God’s coming, God’s coming”. Such was my view of them.

TV and Medicine

We had a TV in our home when I was a kid. When I was 12 years old, I made my dad throw it out because TPM said those who own a TV will not go at the rapture (as a scared kid I even had nightmares where I would be left behind because I was watching TV). After a couple of years, my sister decided to stop visiting doctors and take medicine, I too followed suit. For the next 10 years I never visited the doctor or took medicine.

I once was stricken with typhoid when I was 16. Only God knows the heart, but TPM ministers did come and pray for me and they did take care of me during that period. That’s what makes this more tragic. There are well meaning people who have sold their souls to this denomination who are preaching man-made doctrines as if it were the word of God.

Sunday School

I completed all of my years in Sunday school, right from standard 1 to standard 11. So anyone claiming “I don’t know what TPM teaches” would be wrong. I own most TPM publications and have read most of them. Such was my dedication to this denomination. I don’t remember asking a single question during all the years of my Sunday school. I accepted it just because it was in the “syllabus”. After all, all these teachings were delivered to our “saints” directly from “Zion”, right? I was unbelievably naive.

Once the pastor from our local assembly came visiting. In our living room, in the showcase, there was an empty photo frame that my sister had gifted me as a kid. In the empty photo frame there was 2 little kids playing and a heart shaped symbol on it. When the pastor saw it, he asked me to throw it out and I obliged. It was supposedly sinful to keep anything with a heart symbol in the house (who knew, right?)

Speaking to the opposite sex was an absolute no-no. You could see TPM leaders giving disgusting looks when you happen to speak to girls.

TPM ministers would control who you have as your friends (even inside TPM). They are control freaks. This was certainly true in my sister’s experience with them.

My journey away from TPM

This is a little hard to explain. There is not one single day that I had an epiphany that TPM is a false church. It was a gradual process over a number of years (still reforming).

Ever since my late teens I got interested in theological debates and discussion. It started off with moderating a large TPM group on Orkut. I used to spend countless days defending TPM doctrines. I knew all the one liners when it came to defending TPM.

Testimony of Ranjith JoyIf anyone would question TPM’ divine healing doctrine, I would go to 2 Chronicles 16:12 and James 5:14-16. If anyone used Titus 1 and 1 Tim 3 and questioned celibacy of TPM ministers, I would laugh if off using a joke borrowed from TPM books (the umbrella joke). I was of the opinion that God would bring anyone who had the “gift of singleness” to TPM so that they can do full time ministry. If they questioned sinless perfectionism, I would quote verses from John 8 and Col 1:28. But of course, like my overlords, I had perfected the art of cherry picking verses and ignored all context.

From 2010 to 2013, I was in the UK and attended TPM there (called UPC there). I would sense some things wrong in TPM’s teachings but would brush it off as being unimportant. I also became actively involved in engaging with Roman Catholics online. It was during this time where I had to stop defending TPM and start using Scripture as my standard. You see, I couldn’t tell a Catholic that Purgatory was unbiblical because “my pastor’s divine revelation says so”. I had to dig deeper into the word.

During the same time I started listening to sound biblical preachers like John Piper, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan and James White. This was the first time in my life that the gospel became clear to me. All these years it was buried under a heap of manmade garbage. The true biblical gospel had no “New Jerusalem” and “Zion” and the “144,000” and the infamous “7 steps of salvation”. It was unapologetically biblical. It wasn’t about focussing on the “here and now” neither was it about our “health and wealth”. There was no focus on the “clergy”. It was all about God — Mankind was desperately lost, totally depraved. There was nothing man could do (neither was he willing to do since he was dead in his sins) to save himself. But because God loves us, by his sovereign grace regenerates this dead man and gives him eternal life. This was accomplished on the cross 2000 years back when the only begotten eternal Son gave his life as a ransom for all those who believe and on the third day He rose again!

But fear, unimaginable fear kept me inside. I would listen to these amazing sermons but then be so fearful of leaving TPM because of all the curses I grew up listening to. I couldn’t shake off the fear that something bad will happen if you leave TPM. Convincing my parents was another mountain to climb.

For 2 years from 2013-15, I attended TPM just because I didn’t want to hurt my parents’ feelings. I would go to church on Sundays but come back and listen to real teachings from other men of God – but still the fear never left. It was always at the back of my mind.

In early 2015 my dad sensed that it was pointless making me attend TPM when that was the last thing I wanted to do. So he told me to go wherever I was happy. I left TPM at once and started attending a non-denominational church.

Then in May 2015, my dad passed away in a road accident while trying to cross a road. But his last words before he left home that day stuck with me and always will. He said, “There are no coincidences, nothing happens accidentally. Give glory to God in everything”. What are the odds, right? Speaking of co-incidences and accidents merely hours before meeting with one? But yea, it bolstered my faith that God is in charge and that He is in control of everything. After the accident my dad was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated. The pastors and other workers knew about it since they came there. But during the funeral service they lied saying “God didn’t permit a single drop of medicine to enter his body”. They are opportunists. They would turn even a death to glorify their man-made doctrines. The two years following that was nothing short of a mess. I was without a job for over 2 years. Depression took center stage.

I had to go back to TPM because my mom was travelling alone every Sunday. So from 2015 to 2017, I attended TPM. The more I attended and the more I heard what was preached, the more I knew this wasn’t what Christ’s church looked or sounded like. This was a cult whose only talent was misusing the bible to enslave the masses. The people who are truly born again in TPM are so not because of TPM but inspite of TPM.

In June 2017, I had 2 choices in front of me, continue attending TPM for the sake of it or look for a sound biblical church where I can serve and grow. By God’s grace I chose the latter. I found a wonderful gathering of saints and have been a part of that church since then. God has given me the opportunity to listen to His word preached from the pulpit every Sunday. Something I should never take for granted after years and years of false teachings.

In September 2017 God exceeded my expectations and gave me a good job. He is also helping me grow as a Christian. I now can’t believe the things I believed in while in TPM. There were so many false doctrines that you can only see when you take a step back and look on it from the outside.

Red flags that made me aware of TPM’s false doctrines/practices

Over the course of my “journey away from TPM”, many red flags would pop up that God helped to make me aware of the errors in TPM.

  1. I found so many instances of TPM twisting scripture and proof texting to validate their man-made doctrines. I couldn’t reconcile any of TPM’s exclusive doctrines when I tested it against scripture. It held no water when reading scripture in context.
  2. Some of those doctrines were the seven steps of salvation, TPM’s zion, new heaven, new Jerusalem and new Earth, TPM’s divine healing doctrine, TPM’s teachings surrounding the gift of tongues, mandatory celibacy of elders, justification by faith and works etc.
  3. Pastor MT preached twice saying Daniel was sinless just like Jesus. There was no way someone who knew the bible could preach something so blasphemous. I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
  4. Communion was withheld from those who consumed medicine. I stopped taking communion in TPM when I heard that preached from the pulpit even though I was “medicine free”. There was no biblical basis for such a rule.
  5. One pastor preached saying the European Parliament has seat number 666 that is vacant and it will be filled by the anti-Christ. One quick search can tell you that it is false and that it is filled. This told me most TPM preachers have no clue what they preach. They just read some conspiracy articles and throw it all into a chart and call it a “bible study’.
  6. I took a glance at the TPM song books and could see so much of it was blatantly worshipping mere men instead of God.
  7. TPM’s doctrine that the pastors are the High Priest (A teaching so blasphemous that even the Roman Catholics know better)
  8. Seven steps of salvation riddled with works which was completely opposite to what the bible teaches.
  9. I researched into signs of cults and found TPM meeting most of its requirements (Sites like these helped https://crossexamined.org/10-signs-cultic-church/)
  10. I had a friend whose dad was made to apologize to the church in tears because his son got married in a different church – another behaviour of a cult. Around the same time a circular was read in church listing the rules and regulation regarding marriage and whatsapp.
  11. Judging people’s eternal state and assigning place for them in eternity when it is God’s job to do that. For example, TPM judges that Stephen who died as a martyr would only go to New Heaven (another place made up by TPM) because he wasn’t “perfect enough”.
  12. Because of TPM’s insistence on wearing white, it would only help in creating hypocrites and whitewashed sepulchres. A biblical church would address the ‘heart issue’ first and foremost, while also laying down the biblical teaching on “dressing modestly”. But TPM goes beyond the written text (or maybe butcher a passage from Revelation) to make us “look holy”.
  13. Chanting “praise the lord” like the pagans. One teaching I heard was that our chanting PTLs would be accumulated in our “heavenly bank account” and we could withdraw it when we needed a favor from God. There was nothing Christian about this doctrine.
  14. Threatening curses on those who didn’t tithe, when tithing wasn’t a NT concept.
  15. The pride and elitism and came with being a TPMite. You HAD to look down on other children of God as being inferior to you. I just couldn’t see how one could be a true “TPMite” without also being prideful and elitist. I knew God hated pride.


I write this testimony as an encouragement to those who are in the process or thinking of leaving TPM. You won’t regret it. There is true life outside those four walls that bind you. My advice is this. Don’t leave TPM because you see people sinning. Leave for the right reasons. Let the reason be – The Gospel. Hold scripture as your highest standard. Test everything you hear against the word of God. You will not have the clarity of the gospel inside TPM. You do not want your children growing up listening these false doctrines and in a cultish atmosphere. Take them to a church where they can be nurtured the biblical way. Way too many lives are destroyed because they don’t hear the gospel in TPM. I often thank God because he first showed me the false teachings of TPM and then the Pandora’s Box of rottenness inside TPM. By the time I saw the Pandora’s Box, I already knew TPM was a false church. The sins are the result of these false doctrines. Leave for the right reason.


Soli Deo Gloria.


  1. Thank you for your testimony. It is helping us ‘TPMites’ to learn the truth. Appreciate your courage to take the step to leave TPM.

  2. Dear Ranjith
    Congratulations! A great leap from the mire of falsehood to the mountain of truth. I too wallowed in this stinking dungeon for a long time but now am out. Hallelujah!
    I strongly believe that many will be encouraged by your wonderful testimony & come out of this TPM (Cult).

  3. Really appreciate brother your courage and God’s grace for you to realize the true gospel. You shall know the truth and truth shall set you free. Yes totally agree with your point that don’t leave tpm because of people sinning but for valid reasons on scriptural base. I am out if this group after 15 years, now when I look at the way we are taught and made to believe many man made doctrines and the extent of hypocrisy, I really thank God for taking me out.
    God bless you.

  4. A wonderful testimony which made my Good Friday extra special.

    Beautifully written and very articulate and a must read for any TPM believer (especially my friend Mark) who is sitting on the fence scared to step out of its deep darkness into the marvellous light which comes with true salvation.

    God Bless you Brother and many thanks, for this testimony will definitely inspire many more to get out before it is too late.

    God is truly building up His Zion with the addition of one more living stone.

    To God be the glory.

  5. A time of revival has been started to taking place.. people won’t be silent until the last… Jesus Christ told to disciples let the tares and wheats be grown up.., during harvest everything will be cultivated.. Likewise,God will judge everyone according to their works.man made castes and man made doctrines are same.they are for to control the people..
    Greetings for your bold decision… Many believers have already known this., but they are afraid as you mentioned above.. we’ve to look into Jesus Christ only not on the men… But if you share this to the atrocities of the TPM,they will curse that evil doctrines, satan’s deception…. awesome testimony… please share testimonials more.. release the articles daily… (Courtsey:We want all should know these articles.. not only for the TPM, also for the another denomination Church which using people like TPM..So, please improve this admin)

  6. Thanks brother and am so glad you are finally happy regarding the church decision.
    I am a non denominational church goer from the North who married into a TPM family (in Bangalore), and am totally unable to become a part of it.
    Where Sundays were an absolute joy looking forward to go to church , now my kids and I dread Sundays due to the long service session and the longer Sunday School both of which leave us numbed.
    I have decided to stop attending the church but I can already see my husband is giving a stiff resistance and it could turn out very ugly.But I have already endured a good 10 years and cannot take it any longer.We tried few nearby churches but my husband never finds any place ‘strong’ enough.There is some or the other issue or he will be totally disinterested and makes us feel very guilty by saying we are wanting to be worldly and not following the true church.
    Please keep in prayers and kindly suggest a non-denominational / any suitable church in Bangalore East area.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi sister,

      I’ll surely keep you and your family in my prayers. I understand the situation you are in.

      The problem with TPM believers not finding other churches “strong enough”, is because they make TPM as the reference when comparing churches (instead of using scripture as the reference). This website has loads of articles that dismantle false doctrines in TPM. If your husband is looking for the “true church”, you can use these resources to show him from the Bible how TPM deviates from Christ’s church.

      I have attended a few churches during my search for a new home church. What I looked for is more of expository preaching and less of “health and wealth” and “sign and wonders” preaching. Out of the many I attended, only 2 stand out. The one I’m currently attending (Crossroad church) and Christian Fellowship Church. Crossroad is located 10km from Bangalore East (I imagine that could be too far for you)

      CFC has moved their sunday worship to a new place near Kothanur a few years back. If I’m not mistaken they still have wednesday bible studies at Da Costa Layout (Bangalore East).

      Other than these 2, I would suggest you try attending City Harvest AG Church which is located in Lingarajpuram. http://www.cityharvestagchurch.org/contact-us/email-call-or-write/

      God can change any heart. He did mine. Praying for you.

      • I am also suffering brother. I am from hindu family got married to tpm guy. They never showed love on me. They used to scold, beat me. They use bad words. They are so money minded. But Jesus himself revealed to me thru dreams and showed his love to me. I am suffering alone from 15 years. None is understanding. I dont see love of God in tpm church. From last few months, I stopped going to church. Praying at home itself. My husband is angry with me but that’s ok. He is a sunday school teacher at tpm with full of ego. I feel I need a church to pray for me. We live at hosa road junction. Electronic city.

        • Sister, our collective prayers are with you… Do NOT worry.

          The spirit of Jezebel is working mightily in TPM. The bitter pride and haughty looks within this church is very apparent.

          I pray that your family might be saved… your kindred from the wrong religion and your in-laws from the religious spirit.

          15 years is a whale of time and please do not feel pressurized in any way to go back to this church.

          “They never showed love on me. They used to scold, beat me. They use bad words. They are so money minded.”
          This is so true…. many of my dear friends are suffering from marrying into TPM… whether they were members or not. The reason is because private matters become church gossip and every Tom, Dick & Harry will come forward to drive a wedge between husband and wife and manipulate the situation where injustice most certainly triumphs.

        • @ Sis. Rebecca
          My parents’ lives have almost got spoiled because of this tpm god. It has ruined their lives. All my school and college days have gone in tears bcz of this tpm god. It is the spirit of Pharaoh oppressing people.
          Would like to give u this verse:
          “O our God, wilt thou not judge them? For we have no might against this great company; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee”. 2Chronicles 20:12.

  7. I want to thank you all for your kind words. God has been incredibly merciful to take me out of the clutches of this cult. My sincere hope is that this would serve as an encouragement to those like me.

  8. Brothers and Sisters,

    Thank you all , this Sunday my family attended one of the church you suggested and we feel so blessed with the worship experience.May God bless you all.
    My friend (converted Christian , non-TPM) had married a TPM believer and has had bigger issues,as you can imagine.She’s fighting alone and is very depressed.She has stopped attending going to church on Sunday and her husband is extremely angry ever since and she’s been crying all the time.She loves Jesus and her husband but TPM is coming in way as , he is very defensive about it and would never leave it, nor let her go elsewhere, but in order to keep her faith she’s trying hard.
    She’s at the other end of Bangalore (Bangalore South).Please suggest a church she can attend in Electronic City.
    Please keep her and her husband in prayers.

  9. Thank you for this enlightening website.

    Few years ago when i left tpm, i was commended by many as a brave man but you guys are amazing. i was a tpm fanatic for over 30 yrs.. i still love the people there, unfortunately they are a cult. they dont enjoy Christianity neither do they understand the heart/mind of jesus. I wish god burst thru this mission and open the eyes of the believers; the leaders know the truth but they are pretending blind.

    i dont have any personal grudge but i am hurt about how they messed my past and now how they are misleading a huge group. i wish the administrator could email me a generic email id by which i can contact.

    God is good. kudos to those who managed to disentangle from the tpm holy trap…truly it was the hand of god. Keep posting and keep praying ?

    god bless

  10. hi Renjit!

    i dont use the slogan, PTL as tpmites use. but i wish to really praise my Lord for your openness and clarity. i went through your testimony. i read it out to my orthodox tpmish wife too.

    i am encouraged by this testimony. i left tpm some months back. i took baptizm in 1973 from a very senior center pastor who died in an accident after 3 years. i was a keen cpm runner-up. i know in my innocence i followed the doctrines as far as i could and felt always guilty of not fulfilling many. my urge for spreading the gospel and being a living witness of Jesus Christ was always pushing me to many associations and i started involving in many evangelical activities. that gave me joy and happiness. so while inside tpm yet i was out of tpm in practice.

    i was not able to digest what tpm spoke about salvation and the steps thereof. divine healing and the celibacy taught as mandatory were unacceptable as the Bible did never teach as tpm teaches. Renjith has brought out many of such things. i fully subscribe to it.

    its present ethical down fall and going for reliefs from courts of law than getting reliefs from heaven made me worried about their true position at present. non-christians and unchristians speak with astonishment as to how tpm organization is so rich now???? they are wealthy now coz of the innocent people who give without any question. any need is when announced met by the rich and the poor and by their sacrificial giving leaders are playing their games as they wish. they are up to going to any level to fight in the law courts for getting their ego satisfied and they even try to find out whether any bribing will work out for their benefit !!!!! see, even for bribing the authorities/judges??????unheard of among ordinary gentle heathen generation. they buy executive orders by bribing any one at any cost. this is a paradoxical dilemma. regeneration/new birth/ being born again etc. makes us aware of all evil that God hates. here the preachers/leaders of the tpm go for bribing any and all for their victory/ego. i have heard about these from reliable sources.

    it is pathetic to hear about the fornication inside it. no man is free by himself from selfish carnal interests and desires, except by God’s grace. but when man being this in nature pretends that he is above it, devil the strong one, defeats the weak. opportunities are splendid inside. some lose their bell and brake after some time, after some years of eating and drinking and becoming stout and strong!!!! (i cannot forget the martyrs of old who died in starvation in the cpm)

    it was thought by me that we cannot throw stones upon tpm as organisation but count on the sacrifice they, as ministers have made. but they in their heart of hearts came out for being celibates craving to gain zion only and nothing less, as they were made to believe that. so it cannot be said to be a sacrifice at all. personal gain is the aim…..then truly it is not a sacrifice. look upon Christ alone and do not look upon man………this is the slogan always heard among believers. this is a treacherous statement that never tallies with the scriptures as the Lord himself taught to be wise as serpents. there is a primary judgment that serpent is to make by its senses. this ability saves it from peril. this judging capacity gives you ability to avoid evil. from ‘judge not’ the Lord never meant that you shall not weigh the quality of the soul. we must judge ourselves and weigh others and discern them. using our judgments against others for their insult and dishonour might bring about sin on us.

    this mis-quote generally heard among tpmites curtails people to withdraw themselves from making any open comments about anything they see or hear in the tpm. however they all have their un-opened filth-box kept for years together!!!! i too was like that. now i feel that i am free.

    it is not at all easy to draw tpmites out from this cult society. its a treacherous association of good and evil. none can deny the goodness in it. but that goodness in itself is not good at all when viewed in its real perspective. the word of God is misinterpreted and taught into their own tune as the RCC does. some had told me in the beginning itself that this is a KUTTY ROMA (means little Roman chatholic church). for them the books of the later monarchs of the church are word of God than the Bible. so also the practices and writings kept and followed by the cpm leaders are the word of God than the Bible. that is how they insist upon things that are unscriptural.

    any way i am so glad that you came out and now stand firm for the gospel of Jesus Christ in a society where you are happy and convenient. all that is important is you and your relationship with your redeemer, however the world around may see about you. be a testimony to His forgiving love and
    live fulfilling the target He wants you to finish here on earth. that is our goal. if your writing the exam is okay you will get some reward. no doubt about it. let us run and finish our course here in full spirit.

    i am an old man presently in UK visiting my son here.


    • Paul Achaya,
      Very happy to hear your experiences and observations. You have prooved that the proverb “old habits die hard” is wrong. In spite of your advance age you have decided to leave this cult and follow the true gospel according to bible. This is the intervention of GOD otherwise it is absolutely impossible to come out of this cult. I hope many people will seek the real gospel through your experience. May Almighty bless you abundantly with all the treasures of heaven. amen.

      • Hi Franklin

        Thank you! It’s encouraging! Really a hard step for me that my 46 years’ practices are being tried to be changed in this old age! Yet I am really happy that I did the correct thing at least now! May the good Master who loves the genuine hearts bring them out from this treacherous association! By ordinances n practices Tpm binds free souls tight by the spirit of organisation like political-religious ISM now ruling us here! People thus are ready to even die for this ISM & not for the one who gave life for all! None will open mouth to speak out JESUS THE ONLY WAY but will shout TPM ki jai!!!! This is what we find! Many gather n very very few has the voice to tell others that JESUS ALONE SAVES FROM DAMNATION! None has knowledge to tell this! They are but ready to speak volumes about this Appachan n that Ammachy!!!


        • Dear Paul Achaya,
          Will you please write your testimony also. I thing it will be equally encouraging like the one of Ranjith. Many more will become courageous to come of this treacherous organisation and to question the uncriptural teachings and practices of TPM (തെറ്റി പോയ മാർഗ്ഗം or തള്ളി പൊളി മിഷൻ) through your testimony. Please don’t discourage us. May God bless you abundantly. Amen.

  11. Dear brother Ranjith very good testimony especially how to highlighted the blasphemies of the church doctrines is even more appreciable. Tanq. God bless u

  12. Thank you Brother Ranjit. Unfortunately I find myself in the same predicament as you were while you wanted to leave the church and could not because of your parents. I have been born in the TPM pedigree, my dad is the Sunday school headmaster. I found this church to be heretic a few months back, a huge part of that goes to this website. But I still cannot bring myself into terms with leaving, because of my parents, and not to mentioned my relatives, who are all acquainted with this cult in various positions. I fear for the dignity and self respect and esteem of my dad, who would turn out to be the butt of jokes and the cynosure of jibes, because his child went astray from the “holiest” doctrine of the apostles.
    How do I deal with this problem?
    What do I tell my parents so that they can avoid the unfounded and ignorant comments that are to be followed because I left the “faith” which are expected to be answered by them ?

    • Brother John, you have to exercise Mat 19: 29. This is your test to see what you care about most. Again you see this in Mat 10: 34 – 38.
      Many Jews, Islamists have forsaken much for Jesus and their testimonies on how they endowed the Cross is truly moving. When we compare this loss of dignity etc, IT IS NOTHING BROTHER!! NOTHING!!
      I too compromised for few years as even my father was a Sunday school head master and a known translator. But then a decision was taken and I came out finally. Yes all did not go well.
      But in the end what matters is whom were you loyal to after obtaining the knowledge of truth.
      Is it Jesus or the religious cult system you are engaged with.
      So my advise is ” COME OUT”. Don’t compromise and stay with the Harlot even for a moment.
      When you do, Jesus will honour you and do the rest. His Holy Spirit will herd you to a nearby fellow ship where you can practice disciple ship and do some real work for His Kingdom. You will experience His difference.

    • Hi Brother John,
      My dad was a Sunday School teacher as well. Much of what held me back from leaving TPM was exactly the same reasons as you just mentioned. I didn’t want my parents to bear the shame. Though my dad is no more, my mom still has to go through it. The whole “church” thinks I have backslidden and gone away from the faith.

      There is no easy way out. One thing I found useful was to make my parents understand that I was leaving for the right reasons. Explain to them that scripture says this and TPM teachings are so contrary and that you cannot reconcile the teachings of scripture with TPM’s doctrines. In time they will understand. My parents did, but it takes work.

      Once they understand that, even if comments are made by TPM folks, they would know in their hearts that their child isn’t what TPMites thinks he is. As with any cult, it is impossible to avoid that.

      More than anything, I understood that my loyalty should be first and foremost to God and his Word. Keep that as your primary goal. God will give you the needed grace.

      God Bless.


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