Do you all remember the Golden calf incident? We read that when people saw that Moses delayed to come down, they said to Aaron, “Make us gods, which shall go before us.”  Ex 32:33. And Aaron made a molten calf for them out of gold. And people ate, drank and danced before the golden calf.

Early Apostolic Explanation of the Golden Calf

Do you know what this golden calf represents? Stephen being filled with Holy Spirit said that dancing (rejoicing) before golden calf means “rejoicing in works of your own hands” .

And they made a calf in those days, and offered sacrifice unto the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands’ Act 7:41.

The Historical Parallel

The phrase, “When Moses delayed coming down ( Ex 32:1)” signifies delay in the second coming of Jesus. Jesus like Moses went up in clouds (compare Exodus 24:15, Acts 1:9). When he delayed in his coming, Israelites [church in the wilderness] backslid and likewise, New Testament church also backslid and became the apostate Roman Catholic Church. Therefore Paul says that day will not come until coming a falling away first (2 Thessalonians 2:3). This falling away of the church happened in the 4th century when the Roman Catholic Church rose to power. The fundamental principle of the Roman Catholic Church is salvation is by our Good works. This was the fundamental fight between Johann Tetzel and Martin Luther. Tetzel said that good works are necessary for salvation. Martin Luther replied salvation is by faith alone and good works are resultant fruit of saved soul. So those who continued with the roman catholic doctrine of good works are necessary for salvation continued with Roman Catholic Church and those who said Good works generate out of soul saved by faith, became protestants.

TPM church believes in seven steps of salvation. They believe in good works, holy life, and consecrated life as deeds of righteousness needed to be raptured. So TPM like the backslidden Israelites, start dancing before the golden calf and rejoice in the work and consecration of their own hands. In TPM,  people will count all their righteousness like our saints left their houses, family etc, they are not married, they do full-time ministry, they don’t take medicine, they don’t wear jewellery and so on. While the other group of Christians will count about the righteousness of Jesus that Jesus did no sin, he forsook heaven and came on earth, he obeyed God completely and therefore this another group do not trust or rejoice in their own righteousness but rejoices in the righteousness of God as their salvation.

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in HIM we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Cor 5:21

Golden Calf Interpretation
Israelites dancing before Golden Calf Stephen calls this “Rejoice in WORKS OF THEIR OWN HANDS”

Human Inability to obey God

TPM and its Golden CalfPaul says that if we could perfectly obey then why was the need for Christ to die? In his exact words, he said, if righteousness is by law then Christ died in vain (Gal 2:21). Let me explain this by the golden calf incident. We see God gave Ten Commandments just two months before, in which he said: “Thou shall have no other gods before me and thou shall not make any graven image.” At that time Israelites said, “All that God commanded we will do (Ex 19:8, 24:3, 24:7).” Now we see that they were not even able to obey it for one month. God said They have turned aside so soon from my commandments (Ex 32:8).” This shows the pride which human heart has in its own ability to obey God. This is the pride TPM instils in its followers. TPM preaches “Who says we cannot live holy life?.” All that God has commanded we can do! We are the overcomer church! Like Israelites TPM trusts in their being able to obey all God what has commanded (Ex 24:3). See the table below.

Comparison of fundamental foundations of TPM believers vs True Believers
TPM church True believers in Jesus name
Rejoice in the works of their own hands Rejoice in Righteousness of Jesus Christ
Rejoice that they left their homes, family and serve God Rejoice that Jesus left his heaven and took the form of man
Rejoice in rules like do not take medicine, do not wear jewellery, not watch TV. Rejoice that Jesus knew no sin, did no sin.
Seven steps to salvation Belief in Jesus is enough
Rejoice in full-time ministry Rejoice in the ministry of Jesus
Rejoice in consecrated life Rejoice in the life of Jesus
We are the best church because we live consecrated life We are what we are because of not what we do but because of what Jesus did
Self holiness is their focus Cross of Jesus is their focus
Believe they are overcomers Believe victory of Jesus is their own victory

As mentioned in many other articles as well, you can see the stark contrast. When TPM believers focus on their own holiness, sacrifices and efforts, We have our only Hope on Jesus Christ and his Sacrifice for us.

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in HIM we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Cor 5:21


Have a look at this comparison which shows the reality of TPM and its Golden Calf.

Golden Calf Anti-Christ Beast
Moses went up the clouds (Ex 24:15) Jesus went up on clouds (Acts 1:9)
Moses Delays coming down (Ex 32:1) The second coming of Jesus delays
Israel backslides (Ex 32:8) Apostate Church (RC church, TPM church)
The calf is a type of beast Antichrist is called the beast and has an image (Rev 13:1,15)
They said this is thy god (replace true God) TPM and RC church replaces God and focuses on their own. We have shown you how TPM usurps and replaces the roles of Jesus.
Rejoice in works of their own hands Rejoice in their own righteousness
Moses destroyed Golden calf in his wrath Jesus will destroy the beast (molten-calf)

So what do we see here? We see that Moses became angry and he put the golden calf on fire and crushed it and made it powder. Then he put the powder in water and made Israelites drink from it (Ex 32:20). Thus we see that all those people who rejoice in the work of their own hand (TPM church), will have to drink from the cup of the wrath of God. So dear TPM believers and ministers,  stop trusting, adoring and dancing in righteous works of your hands(Golden Calf) and come running to Jesus accepting sufficiency of his work on the cross as your all in all.



  1. This is brilliantly written. You can learn more about true christian living by spending 10 min on this site rather than listening to MT and the other TPM morons who go on and on in their weekly two hour long Sunday sermons about their golden calf beginning with their celibacy and their consecration and their separation and their overcoming life and their sacrifices and their selflessness and their divine healing and their anointing and their high calling and their humility and their Levite ministry and their only true church and their white dresses and their shaved faces and their conventions and their youth camps and their long prayers and their vain PTL repetitions and their carrying the cross of Christ and their coming under the yoke and their Zion and their Jerusalem and their exclusivity and their chief pastors and their fellow servants and their most holy faith and their preciousness and their allegories and their saving, being saved and final salvation and the list goes on and on.

    Picture this against a true christian – he will boast in nothing else but Christ alone.

    Praise God for giving the wisdom and courage to shed the light of the gospel into TPM’s darkness.

  2. Thank you so much for this post..!!

    After two weeks, today I went to Fake Home.
    A worker sister stood up to give her testimony.
    I told my mother, “You see this lady will not say about her salvation experience”..
    Truly speaking, she said how her background is from tpm, she said how righteously her parents brought her up, she said how she got healed, how she came to ministry, she said about Tpm servants..n all, but not a single mention about the sacrifice of Christ on Cross..
    When the Sunday service got over, I asked why this lady didn’t speak about salvation, Sunday school head master said, “There is no time Na, that’s y”
    I said, “No time to speak about Christ, his cross, his sacrifice…But there’s time to glorify Tpm and own righteousness…”
    I said,” I am telling u, this lady is not born again”
    He asked, “How without being born again she can serve God, she even has not called her parents from the day she joined ministry??”
    I said, “That’s her own righteousness, anyone can do that without being born again”.

    I quoted, 1 Corinthians 2:2..
    See what Paul was doing But here no one is telling about Christ n His crucifixion.

    After half n hr discussion, I refrained from talking much…
    They need prayer…

  3. A day will come… the TPM will be convinced… let’s pray..99%they are in their own way…there are lots of issues in TPM here itself more than the articles in this website….all have known their luxury lifestyle … God will judge everyone. you and I and even the cult TPM.. let we all know the truth in this website.. for that let’s pray…

  4. Well written article. I earnestly wish, atleast few important articles like this to be translated in regional languages. Because many of the old(drowned) believers in TPM cant follow 100% in English. Once these old staunch believers eyes’ are opened, their household will be saved easily from the clutches of wrong doctrine of TPM.

    • Brother,
      We are willing to able for getting it published in any language. We want able translators who can do this work voluntarily. If you can do it, please do send those articles and we will proof read it by people who could understand the language before getting it published.

      • I wish someone from Andhra Pradesh will also take responsibility of translation. I would have taken if i have good command in Telugu.

        I wish someone will come forward. In Vizag, 6 months back i have seen a in-charge brother literally dictating gullible believers. Bombarding them with exams. Felt low seeing weary faces of children and youngsters.

        • Brother..If you have the inspiration, you can do it. God Qualifies the Called and not Calls the Qualified. Readers are looking for substance in the article not grammatical mistakes. If TPM Taunts about grammatical mistakes it shows they are going very low. They should also know that we can present lots of evidences of TPM Pastors with poor sentence constructs.

  5. Dear Admin
    You are right. I heard that once Yunis Masih(Mumbai Centre Pastor) was preaching at Bangalore convention. A slip from the crowd went forward with a request, “ask him to preach in English”. In fact he uses English but it sounds “PUNGLISH”.

  6. Our Sunday school’s head master’s family is a mini Tpm. His two sisters and one brother are in Tpm ministry. His entire family comes to Tpm. They have a lot of testimonies on divine healing. Later on, his mother died in divine healing.
    I asked him some questions but he was trying to say verses from here and there which did not link to my questions.
    Only about one question I will say…
    I asked him, “Tpm teaches that if we take medicines, our body can’t be transformed at the coming of the Lord… But Paul tells Timothy to take little wine for his stomach and infirmities’ sake….
    That means Timothy’s body will not get transformed at Christ’s coming??”
    You know what answer he gave…
    He gave me a bakwaas answer.
    May be not he, but the Tpm spirit in him.
    He said me- “No no, nothing like that..Our God is a merciful God, He will show mercy upon Timothy.. actually at that time this truth about divine healing was not given to them. Church was in her young age na that’s why. When the church grew up to the standard and stature of Christ, God revealed this truth to our saints..There are so many things that God did not reveal to them..Slowly slowly God started revealing as the church was growing up.”
    I plainly told him, “If it was not revealed to the church of the Bible then I will not believe..I will not believe anything that is revealed to Tpm or any other church pastors if it is not there in the Bible. Devil must have revealed these things”.

    Without any doubt , I am saying that these people are DELIBERATELY walking in wrong paths.

    After much discussion with pastor, God helped me to give your articles to pastor but he said me that he will read those articles with one condition. If I attend Sunday meetings regularly and if I take Sunday school class sincerely. I said him ok..But I don’t believe your doctrines anymore.
    He asked me,”who is the author?”
    I said, “I don’t know but he was a Tpm believer”. He said me, “Then he must be a backslider”
    I said him,” plz remove Tpm lens from ur eyes and then read..”
    He said “ok..But stop discussing about Tpm here and there.”

    Let God have mercy upon him.
    Am waiting to give articles to others.
    And thank you so much for your hard laboured articles..All glory be to God.

  7. @LD

    Well done Brother. Hope the truth in these articles will remove the darkness in his heart and enable Him to see and be truly saved.

  8. I thank God for making my mother realize the anti-Christ spirit of tpm.
    She was reading some of the articles and now she herself said me that we shall not take part in tpm’s Communion service anymore.
    Thank you so much God.

  9. Any body who leaves this world , and if they happen to have visited hospital or has been hospitalized…will find that the funeral service will be at their home …No way it’s going to be at the Faith home.. Doesn’t matter if the house is a apartment or small…Now being implemented in Bangalore by Center Pastor …

      • Today’s funeral was at faith home because the beleivers were all united and threatened serious action if it was not allowed..However Centre Pastor and Assistant Pastor did not turn up for the funeral service..Service was conducted by local Pastor..Brother who passed away is a believer maybe for the past 40 years..Whole family belongs to this faith..They have contributed huge for this ministry in various ways…Now all believers may not be able to do it…Difficult days ahead for TPM believers…

    • I know a worker here who is white who when he was on his death bed, his family members who are not believers forcibly took him to hospital. Now will this gentleman go to Zion? Will his funeral be done in TPM/NCPC church? This cult is stooping lower and lower as it becomes fatter and fatter.

      It thinks it has become so rich that it does not care for the poor believer who has nurtured this beast from its infancy into this huge religious monster. Now it does not fear God or man as it thinks it has become self sufficient and is in need of anything.

      God save the poor TPM believers enslaved in this cult and the false shepherds who rule over and keep these poor folks in this deception.

  10. You may have been a TPM believer for ages but does not guarantee a decent burial / funeral service… because your body is defiled by medicines…All tithes and offerings given to servants of God goes down the drain…Alas….

    • It’s so sad, isn’t it? I watched the funeral live and was a bit surprised that none of the big wolves were in attendance. I knew this man since my school days and he worked and contributed selflessly for the TPM cause. These scumbags have no respect for human life. They are making rules at their whim and fancy. If consumption of medicines is the yardstick for a decent burial then no one in TPM west will qualify but the power of Mammon’s dollar will bend that rule. Oh, these hypocrites, how long will God bear with your double standards.

      I feel sorry for his kids who though educated continue to believe the lies of TPM.

    • I think these religious morons should pass a rule stating that they will not collect tithes and offerings from believers who take medicine.

      They will not do that because they will have to start working for a living.

    • Two questions..

      1. What’s the big deal with a “proper burial ” ? What’s the big deal? Isn’t that pride?

      2. If the money/tithe was given by the person with good intentions, as towards “God’s works”, God will reward him/her ..whether Tpm is God’s work or not is irrelevant..(I believe it’s not but it’s still irrelevant) ….

      If I am giving tithes expecting a “honorable ” burial or such nonsense I would really question my own motives..but then by saying all these stuff I’m judging a fellow brethren so I’m equally guilty ….#spiritual conundrums

  11. @Admin

    There’s a question: In OT King Jeroboam made two calves during his reign, does it means that the Spirit of Jeroboam and Israelites were deceived by that- those who tries to replace God will be working and in Rev 12 we can see people replacing GOD with Anti Christ & False Prophet, and people of GOD(Spiritual Israelies) will be deceived as well??

    • Yes brother
      The Ultimate Deception of the AntiChrist is always about the acceptance of the true or false.
      Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist–denying the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22


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