The other day, I received a link to a video clip on my smartphone. I forwarded it to one of my colleagues. His reply was, “Dude this guy is an anti-BJP guy. Don’t listen to him!” I wondered how heavily biased my colleague was. He even refused to pay attention to what the guy in the clip was exposing. I replied, “let him be anti-BJP or whatever, but what about the scam?”. He then replied, “Did not congress also get into scams?” I said, “Yes my friend, both BJP and Congress are alike. What matters is how we are cheated!” He replied, “yeah I know dude, but let BJP do the scam. It is better than congress!” I said WOW!  I know people like you. They are called as blind devotees of TPM. To my surprise, he was behaving as typical TPM devotee would behave – angry, abusive, blind and deaf. I wondered at the similarity between devotee of TPM and devotee of any political parties. Then I thought of comparing political leaders with TPM leaders. And this is what the comparison resulted in!!

PoliticianTPM ministers
Wear white outsideWear white outside
Rule over massesRule over masses
Enjoy public money (donation to party, corruption)Enjoy public money (tithe and donations)
Have blind followers (bhakt)Have blind devotees
Master of politics: Will do anything to remain in power or rise up the ladderAre masters of politics: If you are a TPM inmate, you know what I am saying, [especially Malayalee power game of thrones].
Will work for you only if you feed them usuryWill pray for you when you pay tithes (usury). No non-Tpm believers name is found their praising list
Make false promisesShow you false imaginary dream of TPM Zion
Zero charity(minus 100) in charity
Amass great propertyAmass huge amount of property

Having said that, I wondered why politicians are such great fraudsters! And the answer was simple “The root of all evil is love of money!” Politicians amass lot of land and money while they remain in power. Then I started thinking about the consecrated wealth of TPM. Since I don’t know exact details, I thought of doing a random guess and informing the same to my readers about how wealthy this unholy kingdom of TPM is!

Estimated Ballpark Material Wealth of TPM Kingdom

So let us begin with some high-level rough calculations. You can do detailed calculations if you want. I am not interested in spending my time in exhaustive calculations, so I will be doing it in a very broad sense with the risk of missing the mark by miles. For all of you who are interested to dig in details, I will tell you the process. Take TPM address book for faith home locations. Then go to and go to particular city and search the area of the Faith Home to know the average price in that area. You may not get price for all addresses on the said website, nor is it possible to know exact area of land TPM Faith home owns. But if you have that data you can calculate approximate net worth of TPM kingdom.

As per my information TPM has some +/-1000 faith-homes in India. I assume 10% of them to be on rent. Remaining 900 faith homes in India are property bought by TPM. I expect minimum of 3000 square feet land for every faith home, except convention grounds (normally they make 5000 to 1000 square feet purchase). Let us take average price of 1500 sq. ft. This gives us ₹ 45 lakh worth for each of 900 faith homes in India, on an average. This amounts to ₹ 4500 crores. Then we have convention lands in each center faith home which is no less than 5 crore each. Let us round it off to 5×45 = ₹ 200 crore! And then we have the Irumbuliyur which must be property worth 300 crore at-least. So TPM in India is worth 5000 crore minimum. This is story of India alone. There are some 40 plus countries in which TPM has spread her legs. Apart from this every white clad wolf has lot of money in his hand, which he doesn’t put in bank. An average of 50 lakh could be the monthly income of most center pastors. We have not calculated the money consumed in constructing the buildings on these 900 faith homes in India, My assumption is TPM’s total net worth today must be somewhere around ₹ 10,000 crore which is close to 154 Million USD. This is a random guess using very pessimistic scales. I may be wrong by a mile.

Hmmm! So the church with net worth of 154 Million USD is nothing but group of people who have left their family, home, parents etc, to become member of 154 Million USD net worth institution. Wow, what a consecrated ministry. Yet they say we are redeemed from earth (That is why they don’t keep bank account).

Friends, this is a big scam in the name of Jesus.

Donate Once and keep devouring for the rest of your life

This is what we call Life insurance Policy.

Question: Do you know how TPM has amassed this great wealth and riches?

Answer – They followed simple principle. Sell once, advertise it and then keep buying repeatedly but advertise the old selling act.   In other words – Donate once and keep devouring rest of your life.

Partial Obedience is complete disobedience Fraudulent Faith Life of TPM MinistersHere is my question. What if Pastor. A says that he obeyed the biblical commandment of honoring father and mother God on 22nd  January 2018.  Later you find him cursing his parents on 3rd Feb 2018 to 28th Feb 2018.  Now assume that you meet Pastor A on 4th  March 2018, standing on a stage and proclaiming before the crowd that he obeyed God and honored his parents on 22nd January 2018. What would be your response?

You would ask him, what about obeying parents on 23rd January, what about obeying God by honoring thy father and mother for the month of February? Does obeying God means obeying it once in a lifetime? Wouldn’t you say  “O fool! God didn’t command to obey, just once in a lifetime, but he meant that he ought to be obeyed every day, every second!”.  God’s instructions are to be followed each and every day repeatedly. Didn’t Jesus ask Peter to forgive 7 times 70! What Peter was expecting was that if I forgave my brother once, then would it be sufficient? Jesus said that it must be done 7 times 70. This act of forgiveness or obeying must be done as long as we breathe. But what does TPM monks do? They keep boasting that they have obeyed God once and have forsaken their homes and lands. but ignored the later part of that passage by not giving it to the poor.  And then they keep amassing property. They keep buying lands and property. They initiate huge projects on building their mansions and convention grounds! If they have forsaken something once why do they buy a bigger version of it again?

Heart of the Commandment

The heart of commandment “to—forsake—all—and—follow—Jesus” means to distribute all that you have to the poor and needy and keep doing it as long you live. A converted heart is all about constantly yielding up yourself and continuously getting wasted away both in words and action. This is God’s love! It is about loving your neighbors as yourself the primary commandment on which all the commandments of God hang!

John says “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth ” (1 John 3:18).

Even the Old Testament says! “If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother (Deuteronomy 15:7).”

This sacrificial love and care to fellow human beings is not meant to be done once and bragged about it again and again! It does not mean, sell your house and distribute it to poor and then come to TPM and start buying again what you have sold. But that is what TPM does and blind devotees keep praising their leaders that our pastors have left their homes!


If TPM chief Pastors are really possessing converted heart, then let them sell all this multi million dollar enterprise and distribute it to poor and needy and then live so called faith life! Instead of buying properties of value worth crores of rupees, of every extra penny TPM receives, let them share it with poor and needy, again and again as long as they breath. Otherwise it will be called as saga of sell once and buy 100 times.


  1. During demonetization, an old worker sister gave me huge sum of money to change it to new notes. She closed the door and made me count the money. I wondered why she closed the door?? If that is tpm’s money, every other worker should know. I also got to know how she gave money to another believer for the same purpose.
    She told me not to tell anyone..
    Inside the four walls of their faith home, so many hidden things r happening..
    Why so much drama of leaving their parents and everything and coming to tpm’s ministry and loving money, power and position more than before..!!

    God please have mercy on tpm workers and believers and give them salvation.

  2. Even my husband exchanged a sum of 1 lakh from big sister in Irumbuliyur and gave her during demonetization. She was telling every big sister will have money like this and they gave to believers whom they trust much. This shows that they don’t treat all belivers equally and have partial attitude towards everyone.Now Jesus opened my eyes that their doctrine are cult but my husband is yet to be saved. Because of my husband I am going to TPM and feel very irritated by their preachings. After we understand the truth it is very difficult to attend their sunday service . Please pray for all the members of this cult so that their heart and eyes should be opened.

  3. Even I have heard tpm ammachi gave lakh rupees to one youth to exchange and he gave another lakh from ammachi to his friend to exchange. This youth told me the matter and was asking me whether he will land in trouble if he did so! I am quite sure many believers have done this.

  4. Pastor Manoharan would highlight some times how it evolved from staying in rented places in the sixties and seventies to owning multi million acre assets in our times.
    I think they needed to have a balance of both i.e. own fellow ship buildings to minister regular believers in urban areas and equally emphasize on out reach ministries and going into those hard to reach places to preach Christ crucified. I think from my own experiences from the urban area I come from, that since middle nineties onwards the owners stopped leasing or renting their places for religious purposes.
    So I think this paved way to accumulation of assets with out any proper governance or spiritual oversight.
    Pastor AM Samuel sums up this in his series of sermons on The Ministry which is truly edifying….



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