Now that the Yearly Hajj of TPM (Irumbuliyur TPM Convention) is revving up, we would like to present the great business Model of TPM’s Operation by Spreading the Cult’s Gospel through Conventions.

No sooner you hear the word “Convention”, believers of TPM are bound to think it as an event where the gospel is preached to save the lost souls. Now if you are with TPM for some years, pause and think of what happens in TPM conventions. You will realize that it has got nothing to do with the kingdom of God, but with TPM’s own Kingdom. But Alas! TPM convention is a namesake event conducted in the name of evangelism! This article proves that the TPM conventions are not conducted to save any lost souls but rather it is an event to suck ignorant souls to their way of salvation and also some good revenue source. This article is about the intent of TPM convention rather than the content of message preached in the convention.

If gospel meetings are for the lost souls, then why believers?

Why should TPM workers invite believers from local assembly to evangelization meetings held in Centre or invite other local believers to gospel meetings held in another local? Have these invited ones never heard the gospel before? Are they not taught the so-called deeper truths every bible study in their respective faith homes? Have they not been a part of TPM for many years? What is the use of collecting believers from all over places and spending lakhs of money on their food, accommodation, and transportation, if the convention is to save the lost soul? Better distribute that money to poor and needy! If you really want to organize gospel meeting then isn’t a canopy and pulpit with few believers around, sufficient to preach the gospel?

Why do TPM saints force believers to attend conventions in other geographical locations? Is it for blessings? Can’t God give them the so-called spiritual blessings in their respective local church, when they already have a white-clad minister residing with them all through the year? Why is it needed for a believer to go to a convention to receive blessings? Isn’t this like asking someone to go on a pilgrimage to resolve the problem? Why can’t God bless someone where man resides?

It is not rocket science to guess that one hidden motive of TPM conventions is that all workers know deep down in their hearts that they will get some bucks in these conventions when they meet other believers and saints(white clads). People out of some so-called godliness put some money in the hands of these workers whom they meet after a long time. Center Pastors and Center Mothers ask and receive money from local workers in these conventions. A worker who is conducting convention will often call other centre Pastor or worker to help with money to conduct the meeting (Faith life!!). Money collected at the end of the convention is always greater than the money spent. Apart from this financial angle, they also need free of the cost labour force to get some hard work done. Am I wrong? Then prove me wrong by simply conducting a gospel meeting without inviting other local believers and saints? There is absolutely no need and no logic in inviting believers.

How did, Jesus and apostles conducted evangelism? If you are followers of Jesus then why don’t you follow his ways and methods? Did they make the canopy and invited people from all other locations or did they themselves went from one village to village preaching the message of the kingdom of God? Were they preaching on behalf of any denomination? Did they desire to spread the kingdom of their denomination or Kingdom of God? See how Paul rebukes the denomination ideology in 1 Corinthians 1:12.  I believe TPM convention is all drama in the name of evangelism. Prove me wrong! Don’t tell me a soul passing by heard the convention message and was saved. Tell me whether he could not have been saved if other local assembly believers had not come for the convention or other workers might not have visited the convention.

Why conduct the convention in the same fixed cities?

If you are really concerned about the lost souls, then why you need to conduct conventions in the same fixed cities in which you already have faith homes.  Nowadays TPM Ministers have even progressed to purchasing acres of land for this one-time annual rendezvous. What’s the use of preaching Gospel of Jesus Christ in cities which already have faith homes? Why are workers placed in those faith homes? Are they there for peeling potatoes? What do they do the whole year if somebody has to come from outside and preach the same message that the local worker himself can preach all 365 days of the year? Why don’t you go outside your territory and preach in those places where there are no faith homes. In the initial days of TPM, they travelled from one city to others and spread the TPM Kingdom because they were in need. Now they have enough money (fixed through tithe system of regular members) so they don’t feel any urge to reach for evangelism in other villages and towns.

Spreading the Cult's Gospel through Conventions

                     Read the contents of this Flyer very CarefullyAll they need is an increase in the strength of members by adding new members (to ensure a fixed regular income from tithe). So they conduct convention in the same city again and again and try to attract more people through free food and fake healing promises. This is a clear indication of what their real intention is! Does any worker know how many cities and villages are there in India and how many have faith homes located in those regions? Not even one might have thought this way! There are some 4000 cities and 6.4 lakh villages in India. If TPM believes that they alone have the real truth then they should have been worried about a billion peoples living in these 6 lakh villages and 4000 cities which do not have a so-called true church to save souls. But alas! They are not a bit concerned about saving souls! They are interested in making more money by drawing the crowd to their own denomination. This is the reason why they conduct conventions in the same cities every time. Let a die-hard fan refute this by showing us the logic behind the same city convention tradition of TPM. Don’t give gimpy excuse by showing rare conventions conducted in new places. 95% of TPM conventions take place in fixed cities. And kindly don’t try to refute by saying how many cities you have preached. It won’t justify TPM convention in any way.

The timing aspect of TPM conventions

A few years back (when I was an ardent TPM follower), I suggested to the local brother conduct convention. To my amazement, he said that he needs to take permission from Centre Pastor. He told me that if a brother conducts convention in his local without prior permission, then centre Pastor will punish him. It was a mystery to me why do you need permission from the centre pastor to preach the Gospel? Another mystery to me is why International convention takes place in March only or say youth meetings only in November or Mumbai convention in Jan-Feb only and so on. Why do they need to preach the gospel in Chennai only on four specific days of March only? Why is it fixed for four days only? The first day they’ll preach baptism then the second day they’ll preach Holy Spirit and the third day they’ll preach divine healing and finally on the fourth day they’ll preach self-exaltation message — which is Zion. Chief Pastor will preach, we are Zion and special people and specially chosen by God, to go to a special place and therefore the audience come and become our members. The TPM Ministers are anyway First in the Kingdom,  if you join as a believer of TPM, you can become Second to us… rest all Christians will be in Third or Fourth place!!


Musing on all these points, it makes me wonder if TPM convention is really a genuine attempt to save lost souls. Let them conduct convention without inviting other local believers, in new cities and without intent to establishing them in TPM and then I will believe that their pure motive is to save souls. We believe that convention in TPM is not spreading the Kingdom of God but it is spreading the kingdom of TPM. It is more of a picnic place for civilians of TPM kingdom (including workers and believers). No wonder they call it the feast!



  1. I want to add some more experiences I had at this Pilgrimage location.
    I only attended once for this pilgrimage since I had been told that once in a lifetime should attend this so as to get God’s special blessing. Also I had chance to attend youth meeting as a Sunday school teacher. Since we are from Gulf, we got special vip treatment, special continental food, special first class seating , or even at stage itself along with VIPs . While we enjoyed this vip treatment, it is sad to see poor Desi youth have to eat just rice and sambar and have to sleep like in Nasi Concentra tion camp. I wonder if Jesus conduced this convention, he would never ever accept this double standard . Further few NRIs and their children who cancelled and gone from Gulf will use recommendation from Gulf clergies to get this special vip pass so that they can enjoy it. I heard some people from Gulf goes to this hajj as a vow every year, as if God will be angry with them, I know one family who goes to most of tpm conventions for healing in India spending money like unconverted people visiting religious places for deliverance, unfortunately no healing after many conventions, ? Instead I know many came back with diseases like red eye, fever , chicken pox etc. Did Jesus sent back any with out healing who attended his convention ? Did Jesus gave special food to VIPs who attended his convention ? Did Jesus received money from those attended ?

    • Yes, Brother.The Double standards are all over this organization. Their God is the one that Categorizes people based on service to the organization like Zion for the Clergy and New Jerusalem for their laity and all other Christians into the last category.

    • Double standards are the mark of the TPM conventions, be it a local or a center or an international convention. Let’s not seek spirituality in these carnival events. However, there is something positive in this. Having a tpm membership card will enable one to tour different countries in the world and get posh amenities at a very low and affordable rate. For example, for a foreign believer visiting a convention say it is being held in India or Sri Lanka or Dubai or Singapore/Malaysia, one gets a airport reception and pickup, free simcards, free accommodation at 4/5 star hotel, free premium food, free transportation, sightseeing at affordable rates, free local guide, vip pass for Darshan of TPM trinity and prime locations at meetings(if you are available and not busy in sightseeing or purchasing), best rates for currency exchange, airport drop, etc. Will makemytrip offer these services? Even visa services are provided if you are influential. Enjoy these services while it lasts.

      • From Dubai?

        I wonder how these fanatics still have faith in the TPM system after the Sunny episode. Truly these pople are fanatics are blind followers.

        • Brother, when this Sunny issue was brought to light, I confronted a TPM church goer with this, he said he knows all that BUT even David in the bible did it!
          When I tried to explain difference between what David did (repentance etc.,) and Sunny he simple wasn’t even interested to hear the explanation and started threatening me with curses falling if I dare to question any of the “consecrated ones”, and according to me he was not even a true TPM fanatic or diehard just a TPM church-goer. So much brainwashing has gone week after week to these TPM believers, they have simply lost their normal mind.

        • It’s simple. And it’s called the annual migration.

          Birds do it, Fish do it and in most cases it is for breeding and preserving the species and our great God has built it into their DNA.

          Similarly the TPM gods have programmed their members from birth to attend this annual collection to preserve this vile species from extinction.

          Birds of the same feather flock together, don’t they?

  2. Article says **Money collected at the end of the convention is always greater than money spent**

    I think this is why Nagpur Centre Pastor Shyam Sunder conducts conventions every month in each local. I’ve heard workers complaining that Centre Pastor will ask money after convention is over (He attends poor local convention on last day and for big locals like Bhopal bhillai Indore he will be present from first day onwards ). There are 2-3 conventions each month in Nagpur centre, which makes shyam sunder earns in lakhs every month (probably 25-35 lakh). It seems his annual package thus is in corores. He has made convention as business model.

    Article also says ” We believe conventions in TPM is not spreading kingdom of God but spreading kingdom of TPM.”

    How true! following evidences prove it more:–
    1) They don’t allow our children’s to be married outside tpm kingdom. Once you are member of tpm kingdom you don’t have passport & visa for mingling with other churches.
    2) They don’t allow for believers to participate in Communion service of other church.
    3) They don’t burry dead Christian belonging to other Churches but only burry tpm kingdom members.
    4) convention notice of other churches is prohibited to be announced or distributed within tpm premise while tpm people will go and distribute tpm convention notice in other churches day before convention.. to attract other Christians to tpm kingdom.

    All these things prove that for tpm all other churches are not part of them, nor they are part of other churches. This life of separation makes the statement “spreading tpm kingdom instead of kingdom of God” more true.

  3. The timing of this article is absolutely spot on and the content is as accurate as it can get.

    TPM’s annual collection has nothing to do with God or evangelism. It is a gathering of TPM fans for the sole purpose of celebrating their idol and to fellowship with their kith and kin. It is a place for matchmaking and gossip.

    The TPM leaders use this annual jamboree to collect more money and to reinforce their teachings. It is a perfect setting for the TPM backslider to be revived and get back in line. The guest speakers ensure that TPMs false teachings are given a refreshing and the listening TPM fan gets inspired knowing that there are so many like him/her all around the world.

    In my TPM glory days, I used to boast that this group was unique as it started in the east and has taken the gospel to all parts of the world unlike other christian streams which came to India from the west. Little did I know then that this was a different gospel which germinated from the fantasies of a pervert.

    TPM’s standards are elastic and the elasticity is directly proportional to the exchange rate of the currency in question. More the value, more the flexiblility of the standard. Haven’t you seen these sons of mammon sharing the Dias with men of no principles. This is more so during these conventions.

    The TPM leadership know very well what they are doing and they do it well to keep this Monster thriving. It’s so sad that they do it in the name of Christ.

  4. Not to forget…it is the perfect setting to get the poor, innocent and gullible youth to join this evil cult’s ministry. They get in thinking that they are going to Zion but alas they soon discover that they have been deceived and end up becoming the servants of Satan.

  5. You people don’t have any other work?? U people are backslided believers… Devil’s are working among you… God is giving us victory in every aspects. Stop looking at TPM and look into your lives and clean it.. don bother about TPM ministry .

    • Only time will tell who backslided and who did not not and hopefully it will be in our time. We all know where the devil is most working…

  6. The comment posted at 8.29 am is not mine. I think people can see our email addresses and some idiot is posting comments under my name. This shows how scared TPM is of

    The level to which these perverts stoop is beyond our imagination.

    People, this is the cult you are in and they will do anything to preserve their pervert cult.

    • Thanks even I was thinking you has said this in sarcasm…That’s why approved it..Seems some defect in the new wordpress version…I’ll check.

      • No Brother, just be wary that you will get more of this as the sons of Satan are scared of and they will use more of their father’s tactics to hamper your selfless ministry.

        I’m sure the TPM leadership would have appealed to the geeks within the cult to hack your blog in return for a seat in TPM’s little zion. There are so many gullible suckers who would have accepted that plea from their masters.

        God is good as He had already warned us about this.

      • Even in my browser I could see the name as ‘no more a slave…..’ and the email Id associated with the name. This happened when I refreshed the browser.

        Surely it must be a bug.

        • I hope this is fixed now..I assume it was the defect by a plugin which was installed to make the site faster. Please do let me know if you see it again.

  7. To the TPM slave who stole my identity and made a comment @8.29am

    Your comment under my name shows your true nature. You are a son of your father, Satan and you are a pretender and a liar just like your father.

    No matter what you and your evil leaders do, TPM is a cult and it will remain so as long as you lie. By shutting the mouth which critics you and exposes you will not end this as you are fighting The God of the Bible.

    With these cowardly acts, you have once again proven that you are a servant of Satan.

    May God have mercy on you.

    • Can’t you see the two comments above? It is the mistake of the site not mine. You are only son of the Satan . Mind your words.

      • Hulloo..What is the mistake of the site? You are the one that took advantage of a Bug and posted it on behalf of another person. You are guilty my friend. You TPMics will not work here.

      • @all to TPM’s jesus

        Sorry, there are only two types of people in this world – a child of God or a child of Satan.

        If you believe in the Christ of the Bible, you become a child of God. If you remain a believer of TPM, you remain a child of Satan and it is because TPM preaches a christ who is not in the Bible.

        By the way the other two readers did not use someone else’s identity but informed the Admin that something is wrong, which you would have done if you were a christian, unfortunately you are a TPM believer who is blind just like your leaders who are blindly following Alwin’s heresies and teaching you to do the same.

        You remind me of Quick Gun Murugan , when you say “Mind it”.

  8. ”If gospel meetings are for the lost souls, then why believers?”
    Why it bothers any one. Every organisation has their own norms, if you don’t like it,…. leave.

    • I think that admin is making it clear that these conventions are not for any furtherance of God’s Kingdom but for their own TPM Kingdom. Why are you coming and commenting here? If you do not like the article…Leave and go.

      • Agree. I’m a believer and it’s not a force or compulsion to attend the gathering of children of God. It’s optional. Calling such gathering as hajj or pilgrimage etc looks mean or equivalent to filth but nonetheless when a person’s motto is to speak negative, these things would be justified. No hard feelings!

        Believers and also workers called me if I’m attending and that doesn’t mean they are forcing. I have the choice and I opted to be free that week to attend any local church or get into some socialism.

        • You have negativism because you equate Hajj to Filth. Don’t say this to the Muslims. They will give you a painful reply. For Muslims, Hajj is Honourable and the same way TPM Chennai Convention is Honourable for a TPM Fanatic. Where did you get the feeling that Hajj or a Hindu Pilgrimage is forced? Its only for people who are willing to Go. Let me ask you, what is that you got by Going to this TPM Pilgrimage anyway other than seeing a huge crowd of white clads who have different kitchens for different status people.

        • Nowadays This system of Pentecostal convention itself is flawed. I speak not only of Tpm chennai convention but also other mega conventions like Kumbanad, Maramon etc. This has become a a place to collect funds and eat wholesome meals. People travel the entire length of the country to these places year after year after year. Foreign believers are star attractions. I don’t say that we should not attend convention. Attending conventions is good if it’s in your town or nearby town. There are a lot of conventions and gospel meetingsin remote villages of India we should go there and encourage the evangelists and believers who are working in the cold and heat. Ask those convention mad people if they would travel to remote villages and hills in MP, chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa. Not one will turn up. Then they have BP, diabetes, back pain and what not.

          TPM fanatics are one step ahead in this. I know people who attend Chennai convention every year. What’s the point I don’t know,. These people have never ever given a tract to their next door neighbour, never shared a word of Gospel to anybody. Their colleagues in office don’t even know if they are born again, but if you ask them about Chennai convention they are first in booking tickets, they are first in line.

          ARE WE NOT HYPOCRITES. Not doing enough for the Lord I put myself in No.1 position.

          I pray that the Lord gives me strength and grace to work for my Lord.

    • @Babu,

      every website like any organisation has its own agenda.

      TPM’s agenda is enslaving gullible folks like you and me while’s agenda is to reveal TPM’s agenda to slaves like you and me so that we can be true Christians not TPM believers.

      As you said, you can take it or leave it.

    • I am not defending TPM. Every organization has its own faults since all are man made. No one is perfect. If someone
      Other Christian Pentecostal conventions are held at same city same dates around the year.

      Just an example : There was a big fight among Pastors that too on stage last year soon after Kumbanad IPC Hebron convention…such a terrible and poor leadership, look at the way they literally beg for sponsorship and force people and their Pastors back bite rich believers who dont sponsor.

      • My Friend, there are faults with all organizations. But why would you start comparing the Jehovah’s Witnesses with the Southern Baptists? Personality clashes have to be dealt at human levels.But Perverted Doctrines are quite a strict NO NO. We should not compare perverted doctrines with some fights. Both have no comparisons.

      • No doubt every church (organisation) has there own problems but no other church claims exclusivity. Just look at the pride of TPM folks and they boast that there is no other church with a sound doctrine like TPM. Our white clad sepulchre are the most holy ones. Their testimony starts with their heads tilted to one side, eyes closed and telling about how blessed they are to come to this apostolic doctrine and come to fellowship of saints. This doctrine….. blah blah. Our saints wake up at four in the morning and pray for us.

        Then when confronted with facts they will say Oh no church is perfect. Why ? Either you are exclusive or you are like any church. Why do you become opportunistic?

  9. Following this site for quite some time and it pumps in full forces of negativism all the time. By saying bad all the time one can conquer the reader’s mind to convince. This is how everyone review site works. Good that you are exposing the evil of TPM and if it’s for their conviction, it’s good. But in my tenure of being a believer, I do not see anyone as evil though I have heard many things from many places including this site. God has called each for his work. If this site has been called by God to reveal the nakeness of within, God be glorified. For me none of the workers or believers were stumbling block except few, for which bible says to refrain from such people or such topics. Rest all seems good and it’s nothing to do with brainwashed. You have been gifted with Holy Spirit which you can use for guidance.

    • Brother,
      Can you give me ONE positive thing from the TPM Exclusive Doctrine? I am asking you guys have no issues of hearing week after week these perverted doctrines coming out of the Pulpit for almost 100 years but have issues with this One-year-old site exposing the Evils of TPM. We are not here to stop exposing these white-clad frauds. Though we have other ministries, you should not think this as a flash in the pan.

      • One positive if I have to point for your sake only would be – you crib and show vengeance while I show love and sympathy. I don’t want to elaborate it further.

        Every week everyone hears message and no one hears the same tape nor will anyone prefer unless holy spirit is dealing something differently. I hear every week new message so does everyone.

        Calling the sermon is perverted I have no issues. To some it’s perverted while to some it’s a power. Read between these with verses to know it’s depth.

        • So finally the Stephen guy/or his disciple is out in the open. I ask you Give Me ONE TPM Specific Doctrine which can be proved in the Bible. You will find NONE. No wonder you were espousing the Zion Doctrine of TPM…Good show.

    • If the spirit in you is not helping you to discern the heresies of TPM, then it not the Holy Spirit of the Bible. I had the TPM spirit but God in His mercy has delivered me from that evil spirit. Praise God. I wish and hope someday you will also be liberated.

    • @Mark

      After following this site for so long and if you still feel that TPM is Christian then you should start exposing the lies propagated by here.

      A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. 140+ pages of TPM’s lies has been portrayed here so vividly, and if we cannot see the leaven in TPM, then nobody’s to blame. We prefer to be blind and only God can help us.

      • I’m not seeing anything wrong here in TPM. True, this site and many have exposed many wrong of TPM which is fine and such do correct and move forward or fall and leave. I as a follower of Jesus, following him and having godly fellowship with people of God whenever we gather. Whenever I see believers or workers tell me to do wrong, it’s in my freewill to do or not. No one has told me yet and I feel good so far.

        This site is only exaggerating things and do what not sure.

    • Brother Mark,
      As admin pointed out, to the best of my knowledge it is nothing but pilgrimage. I feel GOD in HIS mercy revealed to admin to expose such erroneous teaching of TPM through a website so that entire TPM world can see, introspect and understand where they are heading. GOD loves gullible TPM people so HE is using this site to break their unscriptural erroneous teachings and enslavement.

      • You call it pilgrimage. In a sense if you see, everything is pilgrimage even your daily devotion or weekly worship. I see many who devotedly worship God. Now don’t ask me what they worship and how they worship. It’s a personal relation with God.

  10. //So finally the Stephen guy/or his disciple is out in the open. I ask you Give Me ONE TPM Specific Doctrine which can be proved in the Bible. You will find NONE. No wonder you were espousing the Zion Doctrine of TPM…Good show.//

    I don’t understand your intention. Anyways, whether I am Stephen or his disciple may be your view, but for me, I follow Jesus.

    What you want to get from doctrines or what you want me to prove from doctrines? I believe Jesus and I’m following him.

    With regards to Zion or gathering God’s people to heaven, I need not explain but you and I know what you need to do to go to heaven.

      • I have no problem with wrong doctrines or corrupt doctrines etc. Are you following such? No. So do all. Let’s not assume that only few are knowing as corrupted and trying to blow the mass. As you took back step and invented your own by holy spirit (may be) and being true to God, do do all.

        If you are worried too much of Zion, trash it and do what you believe. The bottom line is be a good child of God and walk according to his heart.

        This is what TPM has taught me and to all. If you feel they are teaching against holy spirit, be away.

      • @ Mark
        @//The bottom line is be a good child of God and walk according to his heart. This is what TPM has taught me and to all.//

        That’s the issue mark! TPM taught you morality! And you think morally right attitude (holy living) is right way. But that is the issue. Faith in Jesus alone and his finished work is all you need. That is sufficient. And you ppl think it is mere first step! TPM is destroying this unique only way and bringing people back in bondage. You don’t know this difference and that is why you said Abraham and old patriarchs will be in heaven because of their good works (link you have forwarded). If you knew it is solely the finished work of Jesus on Christ then you would have been agitated like us, over likes of TPM which deceives people in making them believe that their holiness and consecration is respectable in sight of God.

        I hope you will read article in below link slowly to understand why i am saying holiness is not way but Jesus ALONE SUFFICIENT. Holiness is fruit not source of your salvation.

        please refer this to understand what i am trying to discuss with you .

        • It makes me laugh seeing your name sake argument. I would not respond anymore and any good Christian will understand how to crack the problem like yours.

          //Faith in Jesus alone and his finished work is all you need//

          Yes, all believes this and no one denies it. A good Christian would have faith in Jesus. I have it and so do my kid. Hope you too have the same. Please march forward and try more experiences.

        • @mark @ //Yes, all believes this and no one denies it.//

          Lol… It doesn’t appear from your theology that you believe in finished work of Jesus! To say with mouth is one thing but to believe is another thing. That which you believe gets known by what you speak. And as far as TPM is concerned, it preaches “seven steps of salvation,” and you say “no one denies it!” What a blatant lie!! Keep lying! You cant fool God! Do that with people who follow you!

  11. There are 100s and 100s of denominations in Christianity, but these backsliders are more interested on TPM.


    Because devil knows, the deeper doctrines and truths are been taught in TPM which leads them in God’s way.

    That is why, devils working vigilantly in order to corrupt the minds of TPM members and lead them in Devil’s way.

    Dear readers,
    As written in 1st Corinthians 15:33
    “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Try not to hid with this article/blog/website, surely they will corrupt your mind and lead you away from God.

    This article/blog/website is nothing to do with your spiritual growth or which that edify you but it will bring hatred.

    As written in Ephesians 4:29
    “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

    Always remember, God is our judge. And He will judge accordingly. These fraudsters, fallen grace are those who got backslide and speaking against the church.

    Let the dogs bark!
    No matter what, the church will shine more and more day by day.

    Lord Jesus is our corner stone and we are not afraid of anyone who are against us!


    • @ David
      Your words “Why are you writing against TPM ” reminds me of incident in life of Jesus. Once Jesus went casting evil spirits out and the evil spirits cried saying “Why are you tormenting us?”
      Hmm it seems TPM is afraid!

      Anyways you were saying about what is written in bible in Ephesians 4:29 & I Corinthians 15:33
      about evil communication and not edifying…. Let me write some verses..
      Php_3:2  Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.
      What do you think? is above verse “Beware of dogs” evil communication…
      and when Jesus said
      Mat 23:16  Woe unto you, ye blind guides, …
      Was communication of Jesus not edifying and was to bring hatred?

      If what we are doing is wrong then what about TPM, when it calls itself best church and talk ill of other churches? What about it when it says ill about biblical giants that Abraham will go to lower place? What about TPM when it says other Christians don’t have deeper truths, or baptism in other churches is invalid! Are not these speech of hatred that brings division in church…

      Better teach godly communication to your haughty white frauds first, then preach to others !!

        • @ David, though the question was not for me but still could not remain silent, we do not count the number of times we pray like you do. I think Muslims count the number of Times they pray. They even keep a month fast every year so they are greater than us. Do one thing, keep a loudspeaker on top of your faith home and give the customary call of prayer. Five is not mandatory can be any number that your apostolic doctrine prescribes and the faithful will assemble at the faith home.

          As for us we pray anytime the Lord gives us the opportunity. We neither keep a Record nor boast about it.

        • your answers are here
          Gal 1 :
          6¶I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
          7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
          8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
          9As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

          If u don’t see another gospel and another Jesus in TPM teaching u should test ur spirit,

          Pray to get ur eyes opened,
          When u come out of blindness u’ll start seeing that,

          As per Bible your deeper doctrine and deeper truths are another gospel and another Jesus,

          Why TPM?
          Coz its a cult, and it’s deceiving thousand of innocent believers and shuting the doors to the kingdom of heaven,

      • David
        It seems some of brothers have already answered on my behalf. Hope you have read them…
        I”ll give you answer u need.. But do answer my question first and i will yours subsequently..

        Go through the link below, read it and do let me know why through the link, admin says Tpm is religious but not righteous. I am not asking your view. I am just asking you to explain me why admin thinks tpm is religious but not righteous based on his link below.. That’s all! You only need to read it and say admin thinks this way “”…….blah blah…. “”
        answer me honestly and i will answer you honestly…

    • Mr David that’s a stupid reasoning…let me explain why..

      “There are 100s and 100s of denominations in Christianity, but these backsliders are more interested on TPM.


      Because devil knows, the deeper doctrines and truths are been taught in TPM which leads them in God’s way.”

      Wow are so smart that you can even decipher what the devil would know..

      Why can’t it be that these people grew up in Tpm and tpm used to be a great deal in their lives and now that think they were misguided they are trying to make sense of it based on their new understanding?? Does that sound more reasonable ?

      “Dear readers,
      As written in 1st Corinthians 15:33
      “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Try not to hid with this article/blog/website, surely they will corrupt your mind and lead you away from God.

      This article/blog/website is nothing to do with your spiritual growth or which that edify you but it will bring hatred.”

      I would say the same dialogue which gamaliel said in acts 5.38,39…

      Your tpm spirit is wonderful..the passion is commendable…but underneath that is deep rooted pride..denominational pride …

  12. I am being following this site for quite long. These are no way bringing closer to Christ but creates confusion. God is of peace. I’m with TPM and it makes to draw closer to God and brings peace with everyone. All the attacks that are being done on TPM doctrines or people is not affecting the closeness of God. Reason being, we are following Christ unlike here people falsely accuse that all are following men. Even the messages are weighed in the light of scripture and being followed.

    By the way this group accuses TPM and if by any means tomorrow TPM says we can worship from home also, it’s individual who is building relationship with Christ and will follow Christ principle rather than voice of men.

  13. @Mark

    I have also been following your comments and it is obvious that you are as confused as your TPM doctrines are and you know the reason very well.

    Hope one day God will open your eyes to the deception you are in and set you free to enjoy the true liberty which is in Jesus Christ. Till then enjoy the lies which is fed by your false shepherds and hired hands.

    As the saying goes, you can lead the horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

  14. Feel sorry for David , his question ” how many times you pray”. Echoes the words of Pharisee in the publican and Pharisee parable. Br, u know what happened in that story. Who finally justified. It is not the number of prayer or length of prayer, or audacity of prayer or religious formal polished prayer that matters , it is the prayer from heart with repentance with humbleness that matters. New testament standard is as Bible says ‘ pray without ceasing’ . What we do normally without ceasing ? That is breathing, means prayer like breathing, you cant stop breathing even a minute. Is that means you pray 24 hrs on your knees. No, it is your attitude of depending on God 24 hrs 365 days till end of your life. Counting how many praises and prayers and fasting or any spiritual experiences shows we are hypocrite and going to old testament pattern.

    • Yes it is a big group of Backsliders trying to make a count of 144,000. Just Wishing that they come to truth would not work. Tell your TPM leaders that they need to discard their self righteousness and come to Jesus who is the Truth.

      • Oh!! Heared of laundry, tyre, watch repair, maintenance services etc…but perfection services is a very first!! And that too using Special Gospel, that’s cool.
        Then those brainwashing our doctrine and devotional brainwashing meetings, is strange and cultish to core.
        The key bible verse on the den of thieves is a true statement which finally they agree.
        Glad they made it clear that tithe is to be paid only after joining this club membership.
        Thank you admin for sharing.

      • //Enquiries At:
        That’s a side-splitting joke!

        1 Corinthians 14:27-28 reference to Tarrying Meeting is funny, and at the same time, thought provoking.

        Their standard caption “Divine Healing Services” is missing. Is it to stop people with coronavirus from attending the meetings and infecting the saints?

  15. Surely this CORONA virus effect has affected this CULT, as the Managers are more worried about their own health now. Thus far their GOSPEL & DIVINE HEALING SERVICES’ slogan has bitten the dust and has been to SPECIAL GOSPEL OF PERFECTION SERVICES–the earlier GDHS has became now SGOPS,a new concept designed by EMPTY. It is obvious because he is originator of many such new gimmicks.

  16. Idhuku oru blog arambichu ipd pananuma. To be frank you guys are doing unknowingly. Jesus is coming soon.
    Even you might have many flaws. Better shut and mind your bleddy business.

    • @DEVA
      @ To be frank you guys are doing unknowingly.

      You right brother. These fromtpm boys doing sins unknowingly. We should pray for them. Jesus pray father forgive them they not know what they do. But tpm saints know everything. They very knowledgeable. All knowledge they have. They know and they do. They super.

  17. @ Deva,

    Why does it bother you?

    Are you a TPM elite believer with your hand in the honey pot? or are you a sunday school teacher/prinicpal/interpreter or are you the auditor? Or is one of your relatives a pastor/mother heading to zion?

    I have flaws but I’m not collecting money from innocent folks like you and teaching them lies in the Name of God. It is because of men like you that this cult is flourishing and predators like Joshua are abusing simple folks.

    God is using as a weapon to expose the evil in TPM and its sister churches all over the world and it is very much intentional as His Name is being blasphemed by these servants of satan.

    Deva, Please open your eyes and read these articles and run for your life, or else you and your family will end up in the same hell in eternity like your Joshuas and Sunnys and Gunaseelans and who else only heaven and their victims know.


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