People always keep banking new words to their vocabulary. Such new words maybe for a display of wittiness (intelligence). For example, a daily newspaper read “netizens trolled Shashi Tharoor.” The word “netizens” was derived from the word “citizen.” Just like citizen signifies people living in a city/country, netizens signified people who have frequently seen blogging and commenting on the internet. This wordplay is often harmless, but not so every time. Sometimes few people redefine words with sinister motives. For example, word ecclesia is used to denote a gathering of followers of Christ, (in whom the spirit of Christ dwells) to worship living God. But its recent usage in Christian circle the word CHURCH has changed the meaning to such an extent that we hardly remember in what context bible writers used the word church? TPM has taken this twisting game to many levels deeper into hell. Consider the usage of word backslider in TPM. We showed you that backslider in the Bible means one who has left God. TPM, however, has changed its meaning to mean that a backslider is the one who has left TPM and attends another worship group. This is extremely a wrong turn. Such tricks make people remain part of the Babylonian church even after exiting it (Rev 17:5). The other day Bro NMSTF expressed this beautifully in his comment by saying “For some of us it is easy to get out of TPM but very difficult to get TPM out of us.” People are so deeply brainwashed by TPM, that even after quitting it, they keep reading scriptures with “TPM language”, which makes them see everything with TPM perspective,making TPM centre of their lives instead of Christ. It is, for this reason, we have expressed many times, “start reading scriptures without TPM lens on (check this).” It is of vital importance that we must not only forget teachings of TPM, but also the ABCD of speech used in TPM.

This article is an attempt to help us unlearn the codes which TPM has embedded into our minds. Coming out of the cult is not enough! You must come out clean, by shaking-off, even the dust of TPM from your feet! This article (we hope) will help you come one more inch out of the daughter of the Babylonian harlot (Rev 18:4).

Coding is brainwashing in motion

Unlearning the Codes of the CultBefore we move to the main body of our article, let me emphasize, that this redefinition of commonly known words is not only a TPM specific tactic. It is the numero uno trick of all the major cults of the world. They redefine certain commonly used words and use them frequently to instil their teachings among their members. They make them walk, talk, eat, their own language to brainwash them completely. I bet you won’t find a cult where the leaders do not use cult specific jargons within the community, – the meaning of which would be different for people outside that cult. Check these links Link 1, link 2., link 3 yourself. This was done with TPM as well. Former chief pastors translated the language of scriptures into a TPM specific one and propagated it to their followers. These followers, in turn, kept bombarding them to their followers. No wonder MT Thomas was heard asking his believers (followers) to read those 40 doctrine books of TPM (check this).

Unravelling the TPM dictionary

See the list the below words taken from TPM dictionary and use bible dictionary and other research tools to compare it with the truth. It is not necessary to go with meanings we think the words imply as we don’t have the liberty to give a definition of each word. Let every person do his/her research using their God-given gifts to come to the knowledge of the truth.

@ TPM chief pastor: It’s evident who corrupts people from the simple truth (c.f. 2 Corin 11:3) (referring to your speech here). Kindly pick up a Bible dictionary like Easton bible dictionary or Smiths bible dictionary etc., and do a little research by comparing the below list with it to find your corruption depths. You have taught your juniors to use concordance but it’s high time to teach them to use bible dictionaries.


Apostles:  In TPM community apostle signifies “a celibate TPM worker”. To understand the peril of this brainwashing let us meditate on bible verse which says “built upon the foundation of apostles.” This verse teaches that church has to understand and follow instructions written in the bible,  written by the 12 apostles of Jesus. However, TPM members will read this to mean that Christians must obey rules and regulations given by TPM apostles.

Anointing: Anointed means appointed by the authority to do a mission or task; For example, Elijah anointed Jehu to be the king of Israel. Disciples were anointed (Holy Spirit descended on them) to be a witness for the name of Jesus. Anointing does not mean “speaking in tongues for half an hour”. God may anoint people with Holy Spirit to assign them some work, but anointing does not always mean start jumping and shouting.


Bondage: Check this article

Backslider: Check this article

Big fish: Big fish in TPM is a code word used among workers to mean rich believers with lots of money who can fatten their wallets.  

Believer: Believer in TPM means one who believes in TPM church and its teachings. This word is derived from the Roman Catholic dictionary where they call their members as faithful. In scriptures, twelve apostles were believers along with people who had fellowship with twelve, but in TPM believer is not a saint and a saint is not a believer. You cannot say we gave tithes to believers who came to our home. Do this at your own peril. They might not tolerate you bringing them down to the level of a believer.


Church: Church in TPM means building made up of bricks – or organization. Check the article here.

Calling: To receive calling means you received an invitation from God to become a TPM white fraud. It does not mean God in his mercy has decided to draw you to Christ, as it means in scriptures. In TPM “calling”  means do you have the invitation to become a TPM marketer.

Consecrated:  Consecrated refers exclusively to TPM unmarried workers.


Disciple: Disciple means TPM minister (Check here )


Elder: Elder in scripture or for other Protestants all over the world means aged people, having spent years learning and hearing scripture truths. In TPM elder means either a worker below the rank of pastor/ammachi and above the rank of small workers or senior believer of TPM. Although Apostle Peter uses the term to refer to himself as an elder, you cannot use it to refer to TPM a chief pastor or centre pastor. Use it at your own risk!


Fallen: Fallen means one who left TPM ministry or TPM organization. If you have for any reason left attending TPM meetings, and two of them happen to see you in the market, they would immediately say – he is fallen.

Fast: Fast in TPM means drinking fruit juices and giant glass filled with oats milk.

Fellowship of saints: In the Bible, a fellowship of saints means fellowship with other Christians. In TPM it means participating in TPM meetings, conventions, keep giving money to TPM workers. When you do these things you are in the fellowship of saints. To be in constant touch with TPM minister is deeper mystery “mystery of fellowship of saints” not known to other Church members!

Faith home:  It means a place where these whitewashed sepulchres stay after having left their homes, and where they live on fixed monthly tithes coming from the fixed monthly salary of their followers.


Grace:  Grace in the Bible means uplifting a weak man who has not an iota of strength in himself to do certain work (for salvation). It means making zero a Hero, without any inputs from zero. In TPM it means assistance and helps extended by God when you do some task. Grace in TPM means you apply half strength and God will fill up the rest.


House of God: House of God does not mean a believer in Jesus Christ in whom triune God dwells but in TPM it means a place where white frauds live.  (see “Faithhome as the house of God here, and this article too)

Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit in TPM means kicking and screaming in unknown tongues during scripturally banned tarry meetings. (Check this out). It has nothing to do with a fruitful life.   


Interpretation: Interpretation or gift of interpretation in TPM means natural fluency of language used in translating TPM preacher instead of temporary supernatural ability imparted by Holy Spirit to a believer to translate unknown tongues.


Joy: Joy again means excessive jumping from one corner to another.


Kingdom of Heaven: Kingdom of heaven in TPM refers to a heavenly place partitioned into three tiers – of the new earth (for martyrs and normal Christians), new heaven (for OT saints) and New Jerusalem and Zion (where God, Jesus, and TPM believers and workers will live).


Life of separation:  Living a life of separation means stop communicating with other church members, do not mingle with other Christians, forsake your relatives, avoid your friends. This is the life of separation in TPM.


Ministry: Ministering to God means becoming TPM elite member. This is done by forsaking one’s house in which you were born while entering another house where you can live under same roof with other men, without marrying them, to wash their clothes, to prepare food for them, wash their leftover plates, iron their clothes, sweeping the place where pastors live, ironing their bed-sheets, preparing their beds before they come to your local, preparing mango juice and other juices for them, drinking only mineral water, bossing over weak people, licking toes of rich men and women, beating drum rapidly to conduct a biblically banned tarrying meeting and preaching TPM exclusively teachings which are assumed to be spoken by twelve apostles during their lifetime & which they cryptographically wrote in mysterious language (in letters they wrote in bible) and the secret coding of which was decoded in 19th century by Pastor Paul Ramakutty, Alwyn De Alwis, A C Thomas the great, who were revealed these codes just because they did not marry.


New birth: This new birth in TPM occurs three four times. Just like in Hinduism you are reincarnated again and again, so in TPM new birth is your reincarnation as you inch towards more glorious eternal habitation. Those who are once newborn may or may not go to new earth (meant for normal once saved people). Those who undergo new birth the second time may go to New Jerusalem and those who undergo new birth the third time (in workers selection meeting) are said to be born in Zion. These specially chosen ones live no longer in New Jerusalem but these have left their first state from new Jerusalem and are re-born in imaginative Zion of TPM. This means they were once in New Jerusalem and once some kind of anointing falls on then when TPM chief pastor touches them, then they disappear from new Jerusalem and magically appear in another la-la-land called Zion. New birth in the Bible, however, refers to the regeneration of humans from the old fallen state in Adam, to a new man created in Jesus Christ, in order to yield good fruits unto God.


Obedience: Obedience means obeying man-made rules of TPM ministers. For normal Protestants, obedience means obeying instructions imparted in scriptures.


Praising: Praising means repeating the mantra “praise the lord”.


Quickening: Quickening in TPM means speaking in unknown tongues. In scriptures, this word means that once we were dead in the sinful state in Adam and are made alive unto God by working of the Holy Spirit when we believe the name of Jesus. According to scriptures, this happens once only (Heb 6:4-6), but in TPM you can be quickened again and again as you participate TPM tarrying meetings.


Revelation: This is a hot favourite word used in TPM to establish their supremacy above others. Receiving new revelation means something which cannot be understood by studying researching and comparing scriptures with scriptures, but is directly flashed from above to make you see spiritual truths, which does not need witnessing from other scriptures.

Repent:  One meaning of repent in TPM means stop talking against TPM church and its ministers and ask forgiveness from God because you have dared to speak against very holy people. If you have ever said something against TPM minister you will be asked to repent. TPM people pray that God must give a heart of repentance to people who left TPM to come back to TPM again.


Saints: Saints in the Bible means believers in Christ washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. In TPM’s language, it means a special class of people who receive saint title on behalf of not marrying and wearing the white dress.

Satan: One meaning of Satan or devil spirit means those who speak ill about TPM teachings. They say the devil is inside him.

Suffering: Suffering in TPM means people chitchatting about your affairs. When TPM workers are exposed of their evil deeds, devotees will point out a verse to you that mentions “even Jesus and his apostles had to suffer.”

Surrender: Surrender means stop using your mind and discernment or stop comparing things with scriptures. If you do so, you will be said to have been doubting and not surrendering completely.

Salvation: Salvation means becoming a member of TPM. Once a person becomes a member of TPM then people will praise God saying, “Let us thank God for saving him.”


Training: Training means becoming a donkey to do hard work and undergoing brainwashing to learn TPM doctrines. It does not mean devoting time to study bible and Christian literature or undergoing proper theological education, but learning to obey TPM bosses assigned over you without questioning them even when they torture you. A trained servant is one who is completely brainwashed to do the marketing of TPM teachings and the one who has proved beyond doubt to obey commandments of TPM pastors. They say he has successfully completed his training.

Truth: You may often hear TPM people pray “Let us praise God so that he may bring people in truth.” This statement means God must make people attend TPM meetings. Truth means TPM doctrines.

Testimony: When you hear the phrase “God should raise testimony” then it means someone should stand and do marketing of TPM as the only true church among the people gathered– as to how God brought him to TPM. This is TPM testimony.



Virgin: Virgin in TPM is connected with physical sexuality. It refers to TPM male and female workers. For example, if they read in bible “O virgin of Zion” then they instinctively know that the verse is written about TPM workers. However the scriptural context of the word virgin is that faith/belief system of Christians ought to be pure and unmixed from error (II Corinthians 11:2-4).


War: War with the devil means shouting loudly for one hour in unknown tongues.  Once they do it, they think they have defeated the devil.



Yoke: Yoke means a condition in which people are unsuccessful in business, career or sad due to some family issues because the devil has laid this on them. This yoke can be broken by mighty anointing. They mean when you start speaking in tongues then you might get a good job, a good girl to marry and so on. And once they get that they say anointing broke the yoke. However in scriptures yoke refers to the burden of law, rules, and regulations imposed by men.


Zion: Zion means TPM workers.  I need not say much about this. I will start from here in the next article, to show you the more obnoxious damage of learning TPM codes.


TPM’s environment is sinister. It blinds people’s EYE’s to behold the light emanating from God’s words (2 Corinthians 3:15, Matt 15:14), it deafens their EARS to hear the true gospel (Acts 7:57, Zech 7:11), it impediments their TONGUE  (Mark 7:32) to speak truth and it captures their BRAINS to hallucinate it with imaginative Zion and Jerusalem of TPM (Mark 8:24). Seeing they see not and hearing they hear not. The atmosphere of TPM makes ill its members affecting their eyes, ears, tongue, mind and the whole body. All those who are gradually unlearning the codes of this cult are being able to do this by the sheer mercy of God (including us – Matt 13:16).



  1. Very well written article…how true it is. And nice to see more dislikes recently – looks like more tpm diehards are accessing this platform

  2. Very succinct and eerily true.

    The alphabet of TPM, drilled into our brains since birth, only a true born again experience can free us from this indoctrination. Praise God for saving us from the clutches of this demonic deception.

    Once again thank God for giving the author the courage and wisdom to publish this without fear of retribution from the goondas in this cult. It is also commendable that this site is run without any advertising which proves that the true objective of the owners is to shine the Light of the Gospel of Christ into the darkness of TPM so that the lost in it can be freed. For a change the Watchers are being watched and TPM does not like it one bit.

    If available and if possible and if appropriate, it would be great to see the kind of traffic this site attracts both in numbers and location. The data would be encouraging to the liberated ones, hopefully an inspiration to the fence sitters and also a warning to the false shepherds that they cannot take their members for granted anymore.

    • Brother,
      Every time I thought of sharing in the numbers, I was reminded of the instance where David did the Census. Therefore, I have refrained from sharing the numbers. But rest assured that our site has reached places and have made inroads into which we could never have imagined. Almost 80% of our audience is from India. The other major places where we get hits are from the US, UAE, Australia, UK, Malaysia and other places where TPM has spread their wings. This much I can say that the number of hits is quite huge and it might end up scaring the white clads.

      • That’s fine Brother, I appreciate and respect your stand.

        Personally, I feel, since you are anonymous, publishing the stats will only glorify God and show the enemy how He is using to deliver his children from TPM’s deception.

        I think the TPM leadership are under the impression that this is a site frequented by a minority of disgruntled and offended TPM believers. This is also evidenced by the fact that only a few comment. Maybe the stats about the numbers and the reach might wake them up and hopefully the leaders will introspect and bring about some change rather than brushing this aside as their enemy working against their church.

        Moreover it is an encouragement for ex-TPM members for they will know that they are not alone and feel vindicated about their decision to leave this cult.

        I think in David’s case he was stealing God’s glory and hence it displeased God.

        Let God be glorified in whatever you do.

      • @Admin
        Dear Brother

        I have thought many times to ask you the same questions about the traffic that this website attracts but refrained because I did not want that numbers to become a cause of pride.

        Nevertheless, I am happy to learn that this website has good traffic numbers are immaterial. The greatest proof is the blue eyed boy Bro. Teju acknowledging that he is a regular visitor to this site and is making notes. Our own Faithhome white clad is following this website from his benami illegal smart phone. I know this because many times his Sunday sermon is somehow linked to the articles that are being posted. What more we need.

        Please keep up the good work.

  3. Digressing a bit, I think we need to add H-Healing to the list of codes. For TPM it’s a great deal as they only believe in the physical aspect of it. In the sermon today, centre clergy declared that tomorrow’s fasting prayer will be dedicated for the blessing of the divine healing services of Madras convention. Cannot believe that many will actually dedicate a part of their time praying for material benefits. To add to it was Jer 32:17 quoted in so that all had to believe “nothing was too hard for the Lord. Jobs…debts…problems…sickness….. All were threatened that if we dont believe God will punish as per Luk1:20 with curse, sickness etc. What an almighty twist??



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