Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve waited and waited to get it over? You sit and sit and look at the clock and at the face of the one who is shouting without a cause! Your face looks as if you are saying “Anna have mercy! Leave us!”  Harsh as it sounds, the fact it is! TPM sermons are way too lengthy! It seems TPM pastors have no ropes attached to their tongues to bridle it on time! Pew members feel irritated on Sundays listening to everlasting sermons. Like a moth, they will eat half of your Sunday! You will feel the sting but you will not be able to speak anything (social pressure not to speak against messenger’s message)! You might wonder whether it is God who keeps sending these long sermons one and a half hour to two hours of torture from Zion every Sunday or what? It’s high time that we examine this facet of TPM worship too!

Length of sermons in the Bible

One of the longest recorded sermons of New Testament is found in Gospel according to Matthew. It spreads through Matthew 5,6,& 7. [You can calculate how much time it takes to speak these verses, by listening to an online audio bible. As per my calculations, it takes a minute to speak 5-6 verses (check it yourself here)]. Coming back to the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5,6,7), it seems to be the longest recorded sermon that we have in New Testament.  It has some 111 verses. According to 5 verses per minute calculation, it should not have taken more than 22 minutes for Jesus to finish his sermon on the mount. Except this, all of the sermons of Jesus were not even five minutes long. He mostly spoke through parables and none of them would take more than five minutes.  We could give some extra time for the propagation and pauses of the sermon knowing that there were no microphones those days. Yet people wondered where he got such wisdom (Mark 6:2).

Let us look at first sermon of  Peter, the apostle. It is about 5 minutes long [24 verses (Acts 2:14-38)] and it saved about 3000 people. Again the next sermon Peter preached was not even 5 minutes and it saved about 5000 people (Acts 4:4). Stephen the first martyr preached 53 verses sermon (approx. 11 minutes) and he summed up the entire history of Israel in those 11 minutes. Peter again at the house of Cornelius preached 2-3 minute sermon [10 verses] and Holy Ghost fell within the short time on them that were hearing his discourse.  Thus we can see that sermons in New Testament were quite short too often and yet each of them was a gem in itself!

Does this mean that preaching a longer sermon is unhealthy? We haven’t said so! Apostle Paul preached one of his message for hours probably (Acts 20:7), and Nehemiah preached from morning till midday as he read entire books of the law. Notice that these were the rare occasion and it wasn’t their custom to tire people with long discourses. There were reasons for Nehemiah and Paul to go so long! Paul extended his speech because he was to depart the next day, and probably he would not see them again. It was the need of the hour to deposit all that he had learned from God. In case of Nehemiah, people had forgotten law (being under slavery) and they needed a reminder of what was written in law books given by Moses. Therefore a lengthy sermon is not bad, provided it ought not to be customary to pain people with your speech! We conclude from scriptures concerning the length of sermons:-

  1. There was no minimum fixed 1-hour customary preaching rule followed by any bible preacher.
  2. Most of the sermons are quite short (not even 20 minutes) & yet very powerful. We can say they were short and weighty!

 TPM’s complexity

In TPM there is this implicit rule of the minimum one-hour preaching of which we have no scriptural base. Very few TPM preachers stick to one hour, but most of them do not know where to stop. In conventions, people are tortured with at least 2 hours of noisy treatment. And what reason do they give? Some say the food is not yet prepared and therefore we are extending half an hour! Some Pastors will reply, “You can go and watch movie or cricket for hours and can’t wait in God’s presence for at least few hours?

They don’t understand that people feel fed up with their long preaching! Problem is not with people but with preachers! Preachers serve stinking meals and expect people to shout tasty! Serve them Biryani and they will long for more! I have had conversations with quite a few worker sisters and they keep saying “This pastor /brother is trouble – he speaks too long.. we are fed up!” “We have told him so often that poor ladies in church attend meeting secretly (hiding from husbands), and they need timely departure, but it doesn’t go in his head. It’s cold and night, there is no mode of conveyances ….. How will these poor women return?

One worker brother was complaining about the Centre Pastor, “Aray yaar! We have workers meeting now and this old man will make us sit for hours lecturing us!” One believer once called me from one local faith home and asked me the Center pastor’s number so that he could complain about local in-charge’s regular two-hour torture. “Nonsense!” he said, “We are fed up!” Then there is another twist to this unbridled torment! Once I suggested one brother in-charge to wrap his sermon in 20 minutes! His response was “Hello! Thambi, you don’t know how demonic these sisters are! If I wrap the sermon in 20 minutes, she will straightaway make a call to the center Pastor and tell him that I didn’t preach for 1 hour today!

So you see the nonsense customs of these self-exalting organization makes people suffer for the foolishness of pastors (Eccl 5:3)!

Words of wise men

Preaching Punishments in TPM

Before I conclude, I would like to leave for your meditation, few snippets of wise men on the theme of the length of the sermon.

Solomon – “… and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words (Eccl 5:3).”

Spurgeon – “Brethren, weigh your sermons. Do not retail them by the yard, but deal them out by the pound. Set no store by the quantity of words which you utter, but strive to be esteemed for the quality of your matter. It is foolish to be lavish in words and niggardly in truth. “


Dear TPM Pastors/ preachers, you are so very boring. Sorry to say that but it is fact! Come down from cloud number nine! Realize that it’s not the yard but weight that matters. Stop torturing people! There is lot and lot of biryani available in Christian literature. People have labored extensively for Christ. Take time, read, muse, listen and then serve Biryani instead of the stinking monotonous overdose of TPM’s poisonous meat.


  1. One of the best article and the need of the hour. O how I love the first image!! I’ve noticed in the church I attend that 70% of them use their smart phones and keep browsing till the sermon gets over. The others play with kids and the rest dozes off. Few of them write down whatever the preacher says. And I must say this, the conventions are pathetic. It exactly looks like a village fair. If it was in the Jesus’ time, think He would have whipped and drove all of them away.

    • Fully agree with you brother…He was torture.

      Is it the very monotonous “The Nutrition Flows from the head to the Body” sentence which he is very fond of or is it the “Here am I, and the children the LORD has given me. We are signs and symbols in Israel from the LORD Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion.” that Bothered you the most?

      • The nutrition theory… And equally annoying is the ark of old covenant, methods of sacrifices etc. explained in a way that he himself would have no clue about….Like sister Lily mentioned below, what would a first timer to a convention understand…On the face of it it what appears as punishing and boring thing to us has a deeper purpose. Satan through TPM clergies has a clear ploy here where masses of new comers who would be there in any typical conventions officiated by such preachers would go back in the same state they came in… without being convicted in their heart of sins and go back un-repented. In the entire two hours there will not one mention about sin and its consequence. …

  2. These are empty vessels making much noise. Their long sermons does not demonstrate their love of God or his children but shows their sadistic nature. They made a mistake and end up living a lie for a week and they take this on the poor believers who come to their beloved “only church” for manna and they get 2 hours of lies interspersed with some dark silly humour and more brain washing. After the session you come out as if you have been hit by a bus and the weekend is long gone even before you realise it.

    In India, children bear the brunt of this because there is no creche ministry and they have to sit through two hours of heavy metal by these headbangers.

    I have personally experienced one Aussie preacher stretching the sermon just to get even with some believer who had offended him. I have also seen many well educated preachers taking potshots at believers who don’t toe their line. The pulpit becomes their main weapon and they shoot their vindictive arrows not knowing that their vengeance is hurting innocent folks in the congregation who have come to hear the Word of God.

    They suffer and they make their followers suffer and they fool themselves by calling it sufferings for Christ. Only God can save these morons from this deception.

    They are nothing but evil to the core and an insult to true Christianity.

    Thanks Admin for once again digging deep into this cult and exposing one more of their many evil practices, which they are so proud of.

  3. Once I took my student n few members of her family to a Sunday service..I expected that the pastor would speak on Salvation..Bt he spoke on der doctrine….They could not understand a speck of it…But sat der for hours, looking here n der. After the service they told me dat they couldn’t understand anything n asked me to explain wat d man in white was saying . I wanted to take many of my friends, neighbors, vendors n sellers bt from dat day I decided not to take anyone…It is far far far better to give them tracts and Christian books than to take them to a cult n make them listen to lifeless sermons which will never make a person to born again. They never never preach Salvation. Their doctrines which they call deeper truths actually hinder the work of Salvation.
    This is wat I want to say to Dear TPM Pastors, ….woe is unto you if u do not preach the gospel…



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