Many times in our articles we have highlighted the issue of TPM Pastors pushing their head under the sand. They are wishing away the legitimate questions raised by their believers. They Think that the questions will die out eventually. Well, I have news for you. We are not here to let those questions die out. We will ensure that those questions are going to be read and publicised far and wide. We have with us a communication from one of our readers who is frustrated by many incidents that have happened in her church. Upon the request of the sister, we are keeping the identity of the people confidential.

I don’t know whether you are a sister, brother, mother, father, grandmother or a grandfather. But let me tell you that after some days I and my mother are going to be churchless people, Perhaps we are becoming churchless because we are unfortunately a member of a cult. I used to give TPM doctrine books to my Christian friends, cousins, and other denominational Pastors. After seeing my state, they all will laugh at me now. Moreover God willing, I am going to leave the Sunday School ministry this Sunday. Now am giving your articles to my uncle who is a TPM fanatic. I don’t know what will happen thereafter.  God willing, I will circulate your articles in every local TPM churches in my state.

Below is my message that I have sent to Pas. A ****. As far as I know, he is a nice person and he replies to messages.  But this time he did not. He would have been hurt or maybe TPM’s Jesus has not approved him to reply.

Dear Pastor,

Did really the Lord call you to TPM?  Are you sure? Sorry, am just asking. Am quite confused about TPM and its doctrines. And I am more confused about the loveless and abusive behavior of their ministers. Is it possible for them to stand with Jesus on Mt. Zion? Lord, please have mercy on me.

Didn’t you see me always remaining silent?? I wasn’t actually silent…I was observing you people.. A TPM fanatic told me that perfection means to tolerate the imperfections of others..I thought it may be true, so I was silent. Now when am stirred, let me pour out my anguish.. and if you are true to God, if you are serving a righteous God then read it without any prejudice.

Three to four years back, the then pastor came to visit our house along with some sisters. After prayer, my mother went to prepare tea. A sister also went after her and asked my mother to give tea to Pastor in a white cup. Hello?  is there any scriptural reference to it??

Bathroom Suite When Pastors look the other way
TPM Chief in Bathroom Suite equivalent(TPM Pastor’s Definition) in Dubai Airport

Once a pastor declared in the church that all must wear a white dress to church because the founder of the church received this revelation from God ( I wonder which god revealed this). Then when that pastor came to our house, I asked him did God really reveal Pas. Paul about white dress?? He said yes, so I asked how??  He said through dream or a vision. I said OK then why do our ministers wear a black suit when they go to foreign lands? He looked at me and asked,” What do u wear inside the Bathroom?” I was stunned and remained quiet. He explained to me that, what you wear inside Bathroom, you can’t wear that in your bedroom or in any other place. So likewise it is with India and other places…( Now I want to say three stretchable Halle……lujahs for this meaningless explanation).

You know how much I would wait for a convention, just to hear a different testimony which would glorify Christ alone. but alas..!! I never heard. Stop advertising TPM through your testimonies.. it made me cry all the time…
A big banner always hung which says “We preach Christ Crucified” but you all actually preach “TPM glorified”….. It hurt me a lot..
Frankly speaking, those preachings were long, drab, and completely TPM centered. How many times my heart broke..How can I describe it to you..
Thank God..No one whom I  gave the pamphlets came to the convention.. otherwise, I would have been laughed by them…Please tell your people to proclaim about the Triune God without mentioning TPM. Please. I am begging you.
From 2006 to 2011, I was not coming to TPM as my father did not allow me and my mother to come.And meanwhile, in the d year 2008, God gave me Salvation. Thank God, I was not coming to Faith Home. Otherwise, TPM would have taken the credit of Salvation which God gave me.

There are so many double standard things. For example, the pastor in charge would say that anyone wearing jewels cannot take part in communion service. Therefore, they take out their jewels and after the communion service, they again wear jewels. (Is this a game with God??) And of course, the pastor would be knowing everything..
And moreover, u people will not give bread and wine to non-Tpm people.. why?? Who gave you all the authority to judge the blood of Christ which has redeemed a Non -TPM Christian? Tell me…

Ah… now it comes to singing songs… One elderly sister said only sing TPM songs in church…are we going to sing only TPM songs in heaven also??
There are so many other things which can’t be said…  Judgement Day will reveal those things for which I used to be in depression for months and months.. depression touched its height in 2017.. but God delivered me( Psalm 18:17,18)

And yes, I must tell you this… Please suggest to your Chief Pastor to kindly give cell phones to every worker so that sisters can easily talk with their male companions and brothers can talk with their female companions day and night.. they need it.You know they desperately need it. I have seen their desperation with my own eyes and heard them with my own ears. ( There r so many things which I can’t say.Hope you understand what type of mental torture it is to see Saints of God behaving like this). And the worst part is while talking with their companions they say all kinds of rubbish, abominable things. There is no Jesus in their conversation.. yet when they are not talking on the phone they say a nice sweet praise the Lords. I used to fight back my tears and sit there.
How shameful it is to say that I come to TPM.

When Pastors look the other way
The Strategy of a TPM Pastor

I am not blaming you. Since your behavior is quite different and also your sermons. Thank God you introduced some non-TPM books and tracts. I really thank God at least for these new things. But somehow u belong to that group which says “We are the best people. Our calling is the highest and glorious calling. We r saints and apostles..Blah blah blah.“.
You always used to say that if you see any mistakes or sins of any brother or sister then cover it(because love covers it)..  bring the matter to God.. intercede for them…
By God’s grace, I did.. but I can’t tolerate anymore… At least they should realize their sins and confess …This much… Atleast.. but they are comfortable in their sins..
I still love you all..I pray….But sorry to say..I don’t have that same respect. God bless u all. You may think that am doing this out of my Pride… But you people are not less than that…Bye

Kind regards




  1. @ // Moreover God willing, I am going to leave the Sunday School ministry this Sunday. Now am giving your articles to my uncle who is a TPM fanatic. I don’t know what will happen thereafter. God willing, I will circulate your articles in every local TPM churches in my state. //

    It’s pleasing to read about your bold decision. It’s pleasing to see that people are being freed from deadly grasp of this obnoxious organization and are willing to stand for truth. May God bless you and give you fellowship of godly believers when you are finally out of this horrible pit. All the best.

  2. The frustration is so relatable … The worker in charge of the local church I attend came home coz I was not attending the meetings and I invited him as I would do to a guest and I could sense that entitlement that he wants to show on me, he was asking me so many questions and when I started asking him back , he did not have any answer, finally he asked my educational qualification.. And now I hear through my mom that the moment she enters church, he says, “Education is ruining people, they are becoming arrogant, curse will come on your family, bla bla”

  3. Of such people who are obsessed to be in starched white the Lord said in Mat 23:5 But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments. This obsession with white is merely to be seen off men as being an embodiment of holiness where as little do they reckon that …the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits (Pr 16:2).
    I wonder at the dress codes specified for sunday school children and youths for anniversary. From young minds they learn that it is white on the outside that matters. The other day I changed from regular white shirt to grey for the devotional service for a change and was surprised when my young daughter remarked that I need to wear white to the service…

    • Brother, all those white nonsense only in TPM India. In the west TPM, it’s the opposite. This year incharge minister said that my child can’t participate in Sunday School anniversary unless we get black suit and black tie. And yes, it’s the same for girls.
      If you have any ministry in church like music, bible reading, singing, etc., you should wear only coloured suit and tie even in hot sun otherwise no ministry. In a way, that’s just an excuse so that the worker brothers can wear coloured suit and flashy ties and sisters can wear colored tops, vests and skirts.

      It all depends on currency valuation. If you pay tithe and offerings with dirhams, dinars and dollars… can dress up like kings, live like kings

      Even in India, if you put 1000s of rupees in their jippa pockets, white doesn’t matter. Hypocrites of the highest order!!

  4. “When you wear a new “color”dress,others will be attracted to it. So, they may fall. But when you wear white, even if you wear a new one, they will not be able to find it”. This was one of the most callous answer I’ve ever got for the reason to wear white.

  5. O my God! I never knew it till now that TPM has a bathroom ministry too. I presume that this so called Pastor is none other than Alwyn who is the Assistant Centre Pastor in Mumbai. Thanks to Alwyn for bringing out the secret of BATHROOM ministry. According to him the overseas ministries of TPM, overseas are bathroom ministries & the ministers there are bathroom ministers. Hahahahaha.. I really has a great regard for Alwyn till I read this article. I thought that he is a good man in a bad company but now I would rather say that he too is a dirty man in a dirty company(TPM). I think that this Alwyn is also waiting to go to bathroom to do the bathroom ministry. Good luck to Alwyn.

    • I don’t think the Sister is referring to Alwyn as the pastor who brought this Bathroom Suite thing. If my guess is Right, it is Thambi Durai.

      We are hoping to bring some startling facts about bedroom manipulations by the TPM Clergy…Keep watching.

    • bathroom ministry 🙂
      Does he know that only in India ( may be in Middle east also ) they wear white and white for services.
      In other parts of the world (in NTC USA i myself have witnessed ) they wear black suits and coats ( not even white suits ) .
      God knows if he meant that they are all in bathroom…

  6. T. U Thomas from Bathroom only got heavenly revalations n wrote abt Joseph n Daniel…I mean from Bathroom he plagiarized n returned to bedroom.???

  7. Dear sister,

    Praise God for giving you the courage to raise these questions with your pastor. If all TPM Believers were like you, this beast wouldn’t have become so mean and so strong. You belong to the Body of Christ so rest assured that you will never go churchless. God bless you and your family.

    TPM is an abomination and will continue to get worse unless their leaders repent and stop cheating people in the Name of God.

    Thank God for delivering another child from TPM’s deception.

  8. @ babu
    When someone criticizes current government for its failure to fulfill its responsibility then blind bhakt will start accusing and calling people ” anti national, Pakistani ” etc instead of addressing the issue raised by critic. Same goes with you people. Boy! There are issues raised in this website. Address one of them instead of accusing and calling others Lucifers army.


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