The TPM Chief Pastor is in an illusion where he thinks that the number of people joining TPM is the proof of TPM’s authenticity of God’s favour on them. This is what happens if you live in a cocoon.  And surprisingly Pastor Robin from Australia agrees with this logic to convey it without any remorse. People like these need some real shock treatment. So here are some basic lessons to a TPM Center Pastor.

When John the Baptist was in doubt about Jesus he sends messengers to get a confirmation about Jesus. Do you know how did Jesus confirm?

At that very time, Jesus cured many who had diseases, sicknesses, and evil spirits, and gave sight to many who were blind. So he replied to the messengers, “Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor. Luke 7:21-22

If you analyze the above verse, Jesus gave verifiable evidence of Blind Receiving the sight, Lame walking, Lepor Cleansed, Deaf Hearing and the Dead being raised. In my long history of life in TPM, I am yet to see things like this during their divine healing meetings.  How much more explicitly do people need to know that Jesus is not in their midst.  In fact, I know of people who gave testimonies of their healing through TPM Ministers, in their Chennai International convention(Divine healing meeting) on Stage. Later on, these people only confessed that they were not really healed but gave the testimony on some hope that they will be healed because of their proclamation.

Some basic lessons to a TPM Center Pastor

I am sure Stephen must be enthralled by the crowd coming to hear his utterances and is in some cloud nine. Sadly he will realize that he was being deceived when he dies.  Let us have a look at a letter by one Believer in Australia after he was informed of Stephen’s Illusion. The letter has minor editions to make things clear, by author’s approval.

Dear  Pastor Robin Joshua,

Praise the Lord,

This is with regards to the conversation that we had a few weeks back, in which you PROMISED to discuss regarding TPM doctrines. I have written many times(30+) to TPM Headquarters which are always unanswered. A few weeks ago I have mentioned that I am not against any workers of the TPM, but I am raising my questions and doubts about TPM Doctrines. I can prove that your doctrines are perversion and are propagated with the help of the so-called “Doctrinal Books”.

I understood from you today, that you have a special order from the Chief Pastor of TPM to neither contact nor talk to me regarding this matter. As mentioned in today’s discussion, I think that Pastor N. Stephen is under an illusion that God’s truth is established by the number of people who Join TPM. God’s truth is not dependent on the number of people who join NCPC/TPM/NTC (Matt 7:13).  In fact, it is the other way round. Think of Noah, Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Jesus and all history where a little group was the chosen one. Many other organizations also have much bigger strengths to boast about people joining them.  Look at Islam, Amrithanandmayi Mutt or Sabarimala. Would you even want to compare TPM with them?

As an Obedient worker of TPM, I know your pathetic situation, in which you are unable to open your mouth against the unlawful and immoral things done in the Mission.  But is that the correct attitude.

Let us check Gal 2:11-14; Did not Paul stand against Peter to oppose an ungodly principle?

I know of a  Centre Pastor,  who once told me that If He gets a chance to become “The Chief Pastor”,  He will peel and crush the present Doctrines, which are totally baseless. I know many believers agree with me that our Doctrines and present Teachings are very much perverted,” but in fact  as in John 12:42-44; they fear to proclaim it.”

Anyhow, I see that you would like to disobey 1 Peter 3:15  to please a human who is the head of TPM (Gal 1:10, Acts 5:29, John 12:43, John 5:41).  But I am under no such fear or binding.  So I would like to talk to anybody including the TPM Chief Pastor if he could come down from his exalted position to talk to a lowly believer in Christ. I am always ready to depart to my eternal house. But before that, I would like to bring to your and the TPM Chief Pastor’s attention that the TPM Doctrines are simply molded out of a fictitious Dream and assumptions by one of our former Chief Pastor.

Now the Chief Pastor of TPM has shut in ears, he is not in a position to know the Truth (Proverbs 12:1,15).  He considers Himself as Superior to everybody but never he thinks according to Matt 23:8 that ALL ARE BROTHERS, But assigned to do different duties. I am sure that My letter will stand against you and many in the Last Judgement because  You are Leading People to wrong Doctrines.?

Should we observe the Bible’s Commandments, Jesus’s Teachings, Apostles’ Doctrines? or a Tradition came out of Dream and Illusion which is totally Baseless.?

Very recently I heard of a TPM convention preacher who was convincing people in Dubai about TPM Doctrines on the basis of TPM Publications(47 doctrinal books) and not on the basis of the Holy Bible. I assume this was done with the implicit approval of the Chief Pastors. He was magnifying a former TPM Chief Pastor (A.C Thomas), who could not see the face of Jesus when he died but saw his organization founder’s face. What a fallen scenario? For the poor believers of TPM who do not know the left hand and right hand like the people of Nineveh, any type of teaching will be suitable. They would never verify these dangerous doctrines using the scriptures. Had they done like the Berean believers (Acts 17:11), this runaway train could have been stopped.

My simple question to you and to the beloved Chief Pastors is this

Why are you fearful of the Truth? If you cannot prove your doctrines using the scriptures, how would you even look at 1 Peter 3: 15?

And be ready always to give an answer to Every man that asketh you reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

Why are you and the Chief Pastors angry at me for saying that your doctrines are Baseless and some of them are perverted or even malicious? Am I not right?

I would like to say that in any one of my arguments, I brought to the attention of Chief Pastors and many others, If anybody can prove it as wrong, I will stop it this minute itself…and surrender.   but now our Chief Pastors advice to you is a kind of social boycott and shunning. Such an attitude by you ultimately gives me the liberty to speak, teach, propagate the truth of the Bible, everywhere I feel fit. Praise The LORD

Had they even understood Romans 12:3-10 or Mathew  5:22. They would not have behaved like this.  What wrong thing have I done to them other than asking them valid biblical questions regarding their own Doctrines? What kind of so-called Apostles are those who are not in a position to answer questions regarding their own doctrines?

Surely You can ignore me or despise me…..the same thing Pharisees did…But I am sure at a later point of time God will raise people who Stand for the Truth rather seeking the face of man or his respect. That will be the revival… like Amos 8:11.

Thanks for your Kindness.

Thomas Mathai





  1. This chief pastor never answers his emails while even the Pope answers his emails. Chief pastor must think he is higher than God.

    • TPM’s cornerstone is not Christ but their extra biblical revelations. This is the reason why their chief wolves cannot stand up as men of faith and accept that they are wrong. Their god is their organisation and they will do anything to defend it even to the extent of denying Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

      This site has been exposing their lies layer by layer and all they can do is stay hidden under the garb of humility. It is not humility but their pride which prevents them from coming under the Word of God.

      They will not respond to emails or questions challenging their deeper doctrines as they cannot defend it using the scriptures. They will continue to deceive their followers as they have no idea that they themselves are deluded.

      • It’s really happening…. Because chief pastor Stephen were preaching about forgiveness as the taste of heaven……. But he excommunicated and pushed away many servants of god from the ministry without enquire them

    • I remember a tpm elder/pastor preaching many years back about how evil and satanic internet and computer is (as well as warned “believers” from going anywhere near to it) and here we have pastors as well as their followers using smartphones and tablets. Looks like a new version of bible is out in town!

      • Those in the 1990s know very well how they would advocate against learning computers as that could be the beast of Revelations. Yes, Y2k was blown out of proportion as well

  2. Many godly men (both past and current) actually take great efforts in ensuring that their sermons are broad casted far and wide just in the hope that some lost soul would take a U turn after listening.
    However TPM believes otherwise.
    For the first time in last Dubai convention some one had the bright idea of putting up signs saying that all kind photography and videography is prohibited. This was also repeated continuously in the LED screens as well. I am not sure if that is the case with mega conventions in other centres in India and elsewhere . So what is that these gentlemen are worried about.
    In a way I guess that is a blessing too. Imagine the disaster such misleading messages would sow in people’s heart if broadcasted.
    The character/culture of most of our Top Management clergies would much relate to the insightful book by Zac called Fifty Mark of Pharisees ( I am not sure if it was referred to earlier somewhere but worth a good read if you haven’t read it.

  3. A particular portion of the text above says “Such an attitude by you ultimately gives me the liberty to speak, teach, propagate the truth of the Bible, everywhere I feel fit”
    Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. The liberty to speak the word of God or to propagate the truth from God’s word does not come because of another person’s attitude or no response.
    Hebrews 5:4 And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron.
    2 Peter 1:10 Give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall. So, if you have a calling to propagate the truth, you should do it everywhere where the Spirit of God leads you and not where you feel fit.

    • Hey, Dear Anonymous…Long time …
      I think what Thomas Mathai said was that he is free to do his ministry without any TPM Encumbrances.
      This is vital because I have seen a TPM Minister in India scolding for propagating the Gospel to normal people. Surprising !!! Is not it? That minister was saying that you believers should get us the prospective souls and we will teach them and make them perfect. He was against proclaiming the Gospel directly to the unsaved by the believers.

      Another Point…Have you ever watched 1 Cor 14:26 happening in any TPM church? I haven’t yet. So If God has given you some mission and talent, use it. If the assembly prohibits using that as per the leading of the Spirit, get out of that assembly and go on with what the Lord leads you. Is not that simple?

      • TPM minister has no right to scold anyone for propagating or proclaiming the Gospel to the unsaved. He or she can supplement the work in a proper way for their spiritual growth but has no authority or cannot stop another person who is doing the job. Many believers have better talents and have a strong foundation to do many ministries. So, if one tells them to stop that work they should simply ignore such unbiblical requests.

        Many believers have brought and led new souls to Christ from their workplace, neighborhood and other unexpected areas. They have led them to salvation and they have provided their other needs as well in the past and even now. Hope this trend continues till the Lord comes. They have to use their talents for the Lord and have to give an account to Him.

  4. Dear Reader, Here through these few Lines, I would like to bring to your attention some of the TPM Doctrines which I feel is Baseless, perverted, deviated, (on the Basis of Bible, Jesus, and His Apostles) teaching by the help of many Doctrinal Books for the last several decades. But It is mandatory for any Bible student and sincere believer to look into the Bible rather than the words of eloquent, dedicated, charismatic leaders, as it is so dangerous according to Gal:1:8; .”But though we, or an Angel
    from Heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that we have preached unto you, let him be accursed”.
    ” That is why The Apostles exhorting us through their words in Acts: 17:11; “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily,” “whether those things were so.”

    That is why the spirit of Jesus Exhorting the Church especially to Ephesus and commonly all, “Thou hast tried them which say they are APOSTLES, and are NOT, and hast found them LIARS:” Example: Once In India a great revival preacher had a Dream of Lord Jesus “saying that after 5 and half years” Jesus will come again in his Glory and the entire Church members got ready for it but nothing happened after 5 and half years….now they have twisted their words and proclaiming they are
    living in Millenium now. Now let us examine a few one by one.

    1. Claiming that They are APOSTLES. As in Mathew: 19:28; and Rev: 21:14; there are only 12 Apostles and twelve Foundation for the Bride of Christ, New Jerusa:
    None of the 1st Century Disciples of Jesus ever Called or counted as Apostles Except St: Paul. Mathias who was selected by Peter only counted among the Apostles, but never mentioned as Apostle.? can anybody give one proof for it.?
    The Selection or Election by Peter among the Two casting by lots itself prove that Only ONE is required for the vacancy of Jude Iscariot. If it can be more why don’t he select the BOTH.?( Any Clarification in this can be given in a Personal Talk)

    2 ZION for the workers of TPM and New Jerusalem for the Believers who spirit filled.
    Altogether 168 times Zion mentioned in Bible out of 161 in OT and 7 in NT. If we study carefully the bible verses we can understand that all most all OT verses of ZION pertaining to OT literal Israel,their Backsliding form the God, their Abandoning, and Captivity, calling and restoration, Future Restoration, Millenium , and Eternity.

    Jesus or His Apostles Never opened their mouth or taught the followers about ZION., can you show a single verse.? 7 verses in NT Zion 3 pertaining to Jesus, 2 pertaining to Israel, 2 Pertaining to the Eternal Habitation of God with His all Saints……….OT and NT Saints. for example see Matt:8:11; ” And I say unto you, that many shall come from the East and West and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of Heaven. In the Starting time of CPM, ZION was not taught by Pastor Paul, and it became a vast and disputed subject came in , Due to a VISION or a DREAM to One of the former Chief Pastor in 1960″s Isaiah :8:18; which he misinterpreted and took it as a Doctrine to the then CPM. It is mentioned in detail in the Biography of Pastor Paul.

    3.Dividing and subdividing Eternity as ZION for the workers of TPM, New Jerusalem, For the Spirit-filled Believers, New Heaven for the Saints of Law and Commandments and New Earth for Saints of Conscience.
    As It is Totally baseless , even single word no one can show to substantiate the idea, but Teaching as a Doctrine..forgetting the Teaching of Jesus in Mathew: 8:11; as I mentioned before. (More of this will be supplied in a personal Talk.)

    4. Tithes as a Teaching
    Nowhere in New Testament Jesus or His Apostles taught about Tithes; actually the Tithes are for the maintaining of Poor, widows, fatherless, and to the Levite who does not have the earthly pocessions. Kindly read , Deut:12:17-18; 14:26; 14:28; 26:12;…If it was mandatory or custom to the NT Church why Paul laboure with his own hand…and did the ministry….read Acts: 20:33-35; 1st Cor: 4:12; 1st Thess:2:9; 2nd Thess:3:9. If you read the bible carefully you can understand the collection were made to the benefit of the Poor and those who were starving. (More about this will be supplied through a personal interaction.)

    5. Unknown TONGUES gift of Spirit used and violated the commandments of Apostle.
    As we Read in 1st Cor: Chapter 12 verse 30 ; “Do All speak with Tongues”? The verse itself means that speaking in Tongues is not at all a mandatory for every believer to Speak. and Chapter: 14:28; Strictly exhorts ” But If there be no interpreter, let him keep SILENCE in The CHURCH; and let him speak to himself; and to God” means not in public. Now it became a Practice and Custom of the Church making different sounds and pretending as they are Speaking in Tongues showing others they are spirit filled and they and Holy and Saints. According to 14:10; ” There are, it may be , so many kinds of voices in the world and None of them is without signification.” and 11th verse: Therefore If I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a Barbarian and him that Speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me.” This shows or indicate that what ever may be the Tongue speaking by anybody shall be known to a Person of” Language in the world” if somebody sits in the Church. Speaking in TONGUES is not a sound but It must be a Language …which is having some Basic Laws…….

    6.PROPHESY. Nowhere in the Bible Prophesy accompanied by Unknown Tongues .? can anybody can Show a verse.?
    In this regard a Lot of things is to say….can be in a personal talk.

    7. Linking or connecting every verse to ZION to TPM Ministry and Ministers…totally a Perversion.?

    8. Teaching all the time ZION than the Truths of Gospel.

    9. Talking and Exalting the TPM ministers as Saints by themselves and encouraging or enjoying such introduction by believers.?

    10.Giving more importance to The TPM Doctrinal, Books than BIBLE (Talk of Senior Minister in the presence of Chief Pastors in the Dubai Convention is an Example.

    If anybody raising their doubts or arguing about the perverted and wrong Doctrine, Trend to avoid, boycott, or despise or Ignore them………..Recent Incident from Chief Pastor and Pastor Robin is an evidence to my argument. ?I have a lot of things like this as Perverted, deviated, baseless, malicious Doctrines to NAIL at the Door Steps of IRUMBALLIYOOR…If God Allows me. but before that I am writing this to the Concerned and to the Believers, because I am waiting to see God will do something to wash and clean the Doctrine by our Leaders……..and I am sincerely praying for them to open their eyes towards the Bible Truths and open their Hearts for real wisdom rather following the Imagination and Dreams.

    • Nice Summation Sir, these leaders are under a delusion and only God can deliver them and their believers from this blindness.

    • Bro, adding to your list is the popular TPM funda about secret rapture and the sudden taking up of the perfected saints before the tribulation. They teach that we have to somehow live a holy like just to scrape through to be in the secret rapture and escape tribulation and NOT OUT OF OUR LOVE FOR CHRIST. There are many prophecies, songs composed too proclaiming that dear children, all your sorrows and tears shall be soon over…What a lie? that they never teach II Thes 2:1-4 conveniently. Right from Noah, Joseph, Job, Israelites during the 10 plagues, Daniel in den of lions & Sadrach, Meshach & Abednego in the fiery furnace, St. Paul.. God made them all go through tribulations and delivered them thereafter instead of giving them an opportunity to escape for deliverance prior tribulation. The above list plus this one too is a fulfillment of II Thes 2:11.

  5. Will these spineless men ever realise that they are leading thousands of innocent souls to hell in the name of a christ built out of their own vain imaginations.

    Lord, please have mercy!

  6. Poor Robin has to obey Batman in order to retain his Australian position.

    I feel sorry for these guys as they know they are wrong but cannot admit it out of fear.

  7. Today while reading Revelation 2:24 in the NLT version, I came across something…observe the words in brackets.

    24 “But I also have a message for the rest of you in Thyatira who have not followed this false teaching (‘deeper truths,’ as they call them—depths of Satan, actually).

    Does it ring a bell…which group boasts about their deeper truths? I wonder how the NLT team knew about TPM?

  8. Here are my personal opinion or comments for some of the items.

    1. Claiming that They are APOSTLES
    9. Talking and Exalting the TPM ministers as Saints by themselves and encouraging or enjoying such introduction by believers.
    People can make all claims and exalt themselves. Luke 14:11 says “those who exalt themselves will be humbled”. So, you have no obligations to use these titles for anyone else unless you have been convinced by the Holy Spirit of God. When I grew up, I never used any title or respectful words for elders. I used to merely call them by their name. Specifically when children/youths were told to address school/college teachers with respect and add “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Ms.”, “Dr.”, etc to their names, I had a hard time following it. Later when I had a chance to meet people from other countries like Sri Lanka and other places, I noticed little children being addressed or spoken to respectfully by their parents and elders. That was a big lesson for me.

    4. Tithes as a Teaching – Elders have instructed that this should not be taught in a way to seek anything for their personal use.
    When somebody asked Late Bro. Don long time ago, if their earning is x, whether they have to tithe x/10 or x/10±y, immediately he told them that they “don’t have to”. He didn’t ask for their money or specify any particulars about how much they need to tithe.

    7. Linking or connecting every verse to ZION to TPM Ministry and Ministers.
    8. Teaching all the time ZION than the Truths of Gospel.
    People can relate or interpret verses to fit their personal agenda and it will be of no use if the spiritual context or true interpretation is missed or lost. I haven’t seen or heard this teaching of ZION all the time here – may be you can clarify with your teacher/preacher if this is the only item they have revelation on? It would be a big problem if they don’t have any time to teach other lessons from the word of God and if they don’t allow others also to teach other things from the word of God.

  9. Dear sir anonymous,

    As usual you have said a lot but haven’t said anything. The question is do you agree with the 10 points or not? If you are clergy, it would be great to hear your views.

  10. Thank you for your suggestions. I am a member of Dubai City Church . Many people here have been blessed with spiritual nourishment, growth and transformation that they get here during their walk with God. Its led by Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas and Rev. Rekha Thomas. I hope both these pastors and TPM chief pastor have something in common.

  11. Tom. I know this church and its another form of Benny hin ministry preaching prosperity and a form of wordly. It’s another Babylon. Dont misled people Here in this site a group of people seeking discussing about real church that Jesus build.

  12. Dear All,

    I am a TPM believer and just read some of the articles posted on this site, Most of them seems to be correct or biblical in nature. But in this article comments it seems you have a different view on the holy spirit and speaking in unknown tongues. I didn’t accept this and I believe you are not agreeing on the Pentecostal movement and filling in the holy spirit by speaking in unknown tongues. I think you are going back 100 years and taking protestant stand point like CSI and Baptist churches. I strongly believe Pentecostal movement is the biggest reformation in the Christianity after the protestant movement.

    • Brother,
      I don’t think anybody is against speaking in unknown tongues if it edifies yourselves or even others. I personally have hard time knowing how will chanting dah,dah,dah,dah or thu,thu,thu etc edify oneself. Some other makes many noises and make a huge commotion when gathered together.
      I can say for sure that more than 90% of TPM shouting is from the flesh to show off that they are somehow anointed. Real anointed people will never show off.

    • Dear Johnson
      We are not against speaking in unknown tongues. But in TPM speaking in unknown tongues is the emotional experience of the flesh. I have noticed that most of the TPM People don’t speak unknown tongues in family prayers, even when their surrounding is favourable to do so. They don’t speak in unknown tongues if they are in any meetings conducted by ministers of God from other Pentecostal denominations. Can you explain the reason? They have practiced to speak the unknown tongues when emotionally stirred up by fast tempo songs. Other than Saturdays & Sundays they have no anointing because they send the Holy Spirit for vacations on other days. Moreover acccording to I Corinthians 13:1 speaking in unknown tongues without the true love for one another are irritating sound in the ears of God. From my own experience I can say that TPM People have no true love. Charity is above everything.

  13. Brother,

    Yes, I agree that TPM churches don’t follow as per 1 cor 14. But they encourage anointed people to speak in the churches in unknown tongues to edify themselves. May be many people don’t get chances to speak in unknown tongues in their homes because of the disturbances and other reasons, it will be their chances to speak in unknown tongues in the church. As you know there are two types of unknown tongues gift given by God to us. One is to speak in unknown language with the God in prayer which the Bible calls it as speaking secret with the God which is not known to anyone and its a heavenly language. Secondly gift of speaking in foreign languages which is known to the person knowing that foreign language. Most of the TPM and other Pentecostal churches have the experience of the first unknown tongue but they lack the experience of this gift of speaking in foreign languages which edify the church. TPM encourages the anointed person having the gift of interpretation and prophesy to interpret the unknown tongues spoken by other person or to prophesize as per I corin 14. You might have noticed this during the worship time of Sunday service. So, this isn’t a cult doctrine in TPM church. What we can advise is to stop all the persons to speak in unknown tongues during the worship time as per Paul’s advise to Corinthians and encourage only the gift of interpretation and prophesy.

    • Dear Brother,
      I for one do speak in unknown tongues and I too believed that you have to speak it out loud in Sunday service/Saturday Tarry Meetings. That was my understanding because I was made to think that way by the TPM Clergy. But after I read 1 Cor 14 and also a book by Dave Roberson, I understood that it is a communication to be done with the Father and even without telling out loud. You may read that book in
      We need to speak in unknown tongues but never as a show-off. When I speak with my physical dad, i never do that as a show-off. Then why do we need to do this show off with our Spiritual Dad? Private communications are not for public display.
      Let me tell you one thing. If the scripture condemns a practice, it means it is wrong. We just can’t give excuses and make exceptions for our reasonings. If that was so, we should not have any problem with infant baptism.

      • Dear Admin,

        I don’t want to argue too much.
        I agree your point but I wouldn’t agree on the comments made by other persons in the posts against TPM pastors way of speaking in tongues as a cult. The holy spirit was poured into them by God. We shouldn’t blasphemy against holy spirit by telling that the tongues spoken by TPM pastors are given by Satan. We need to avoid this type of accusations against any body.

        • There is a purpose for all gifts of God. If the unknown tongues are just making a commotion in the assembly but continue to keep the person Carnal, it is not the gift of the Spirit. It is a counterfeit Spirit.

          For eg. Most of these people are slaves of Fear. They Fear the TPM Ministers and say that they fear that these Ministers may curse you. Now brother, tell me from where do we get this fear?
          1. If you are genuinely endowed with the Holy Spirit, you will never fear men. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7 . Genuine anointing will always break the yoke of bondage Isaiah 10:27.
          2. Jesus says about the Holy Spirit When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment:John 16:8 . How come the TPM Ministers and Believers have no clue of the wicked doctrines and deeds perpetrated by themselves and continue to do the same thing again and again. If the Leaders of TPM was led by the Holy Spirit, we would have seen a world of difference. They would not have condoned the sins of their own clergy, they would not have made themselves superior and others inferior, they would not have forced the doctrine of demons on people, They would not have amassed wealth for themselves and their mission when their own believers are in dire needs, They would not have so many erroneous doctrines which go contrary to the Spirit of the Word of God? Think over.

          Repeated chantings of some monosyllable over the microphone is Not the unknown tongues. At best it can classified as an emotional outburst. Beware of such counterfeits
          Undoubtedly there are all sorts of languages in the world, yet none of them is without meaning. 1 Cor 14:10 No language works with monosyllables. Even if somebody has a genuine gift of tongues and is shouting that over the microphone, it just means that he is speaking in the Flesh. The Word of God says not to speak in tongues in public, if there is nobody to interpret.
          Do you know how you know somebody is speaking by the Holy Spirit or a counterfeit Spirit?
          He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you. John 16:14

          The whole of TPM doctrine is subtly made to glorify these White Clad ministers and not Jesus. In fact, they have gone to the extreme of throwing out Holy Spirit from Eternity? Which Holy Spirit will self Anhiliate himself unless it is the work of an evil spirit. Read this post.

  14. Does God the father loves me even when I can’t speak in tongues?
    Is it my fault that I can’t speak in tongues?
    I wish I also .. ..

    • Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret? 1 Cor 12:30
      If you do not speak in tongues there are two important things to note.
      1. You are honest about it and has never counterfeited it like most of the folks
      2. You have a different gift of the Spirit and it is for you to discover and use that for the benefit of the body of Christ.

      Do not Fret and whine because of the erroneous doctrine of TPM.

  15. the filling in the holy spirit session in TPM is a form of ‘Kundalini’…just like in Swami Nithyananda’s videos…the similarities are evidence enough to prove that its all ‘mumbo jumbo’ bs….just like me typing these words: “shakalabahkalabakadolabu…haleluyah..jesus…oh…labakadabka …..alumadoluma…isalangadialuma…poooh pisase”….

    • Swami Nityanand a true chief pastor of his followers.

      One day Nityanand purchase island mount kailasha, somewhere in sea. Mount Kailasha like our mountain Zion. People inside it, not allowed to go out of island like akka not allowed to go out of faithhome. No newspaper in island kailasha. Many monk living in kailasha, molest woman like our Joshua pastor, but chief pastor Nityanand very forgiving like our chief pastor Abraham Matthew. Both chief pastor , his holiness Nityanand and his holiness Abraham Matthew shame shame.

  16. aalumadoluma isalangadi alumma ….ringejeka ringgejekka ing ing….lalakahdaishanti….pathapalapalakum…
    can anyone translate my speaking in tongues…
    or just try this one..
    u know the meaning? of course not…pure bullshit…


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