There was an incident in which the TPM pastor proclaimed that he cannot accept corrections from people who are junior to him and is lower than his perceived rank (i.e Believers). Immediately I thought of the scenario if a child pointed out a dark mark caused by a sketch pen on his face or a blemish caused by some embers on his dress.  Will he refuse to check out the mirror because it was a Child that pointed out the mark?

A stubborn foolPeople who think that the child is the problem are the ones who are considered fool(Prov 12:1), according to the scriptures (Proverbs 12:15).

A Godly correction/intervention usually comes from unexpected quarters. This is because the entire organization is sick and there is none within your supposed clergy ranks to show your true state.

From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment. Isaiah 1:6

Usually, a TPM minister or a TPM Fanatic is not interested in corrections. They are interested in finding who is the Admin of this site so that you can find his mistakes to make it look like the contents of the site are invalid.

The arrogant behavior and the threatening emails by these fanatics are proof of their spiritual state. We request all TPM fanatics and Ministers to watch the video below, and try out the test at the end of the video, to know how is your spiritual condition.


Dear TPM Ministers and Believers,

I hope you will see the error of your teachings and evil ways. Repent and set things right with God. Your eternity depends on your attitude to this post.


God Bless you.



  1. First of all that fellow in the video has a beard and that automatically disqualifies him as a serious believer and how can these clean shaven Pharisees heed to his correction?

    I am sure a majority of the fanatics must have noted his beard. I know that look ?.

  2. Coming to beards, any idea why the TPM/NTC/NCPC have an aversion to facial hair. I have heard of some leaders even in the west who do not give communion to men with moustache.

    This is ridiculous but these crooks will have some divine revelations to support their beliefs.

    • dear NMSTF, I can only guess. Old legalist of TPM thought that moustaches attract women (sign of manhood) and is therefore to be averted. They didn’t understand gospel neither did they read Col 1:19-21. I’m only guessing!

      • A couple of years ago when the circular came banning photography and video recording in convention hall, the local chief justified the rule comparing NCPC worship similar to Moses rendezvous with God in Mt Sinai. The Israelites were ordered not to touch the mountain lest they be consumed. The believers will be punished if they open their eyes and take pictures or video.

        I was expecting a similar justification for sporting a moustache.

        • Unfortunately, in case of moustaches tpm cant compare with Moses or Aaron, or use Old Testament passage, because Aaron the high priest had beard. See Psalms 133:2 — It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: .

  3. Don’t get me wrong, but some times men (and boys) have the tendency to spend hours trying to groom their prized facial hairs all in the attempt to stand out. I also see a spike in trend of keeping all styles of beard by youngsters. In late nineties I remember sporting wide side burns only to remove it later after realizing that it turned out to be my Idol.
    Well if it is done with no intention to gain attention in what-so ever ways (lets be honest here, holy spirit being the mirror), then no problems, but if it is done with the intention to improve looks or gain attention then we have a problem at hand. While keeping or not keeping facial beard may be individual affair, I guess Holy Spirit is more than competent to direct individuals which way to go if they are in its control that is……so that they don’t end up with the sin as mentioned in I Jn 5:21

    • This is similar to Islam where they shave the moustache and leave the beard on. I asked a Muslim friend and he explained it is to keep oneself unattractive to women.



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