At the onset, let me wish all our readers a blessed 2018.

Are you a counterfeit Christian or the real deal?

I don’t usually carry cash. But on this day, I used a crisp $100 bill to pay for some new shoes. As I handed the bill to the cashier, she grabbed a pen. I was somewhat intrigued. Then, she ran the pen across the bill. Now I was puzzled. So, I asked her the purpose of marking up my crisp bills. Come to find out, this is standard procedure for $100 bills. The marker is designed to spot counterfeit bills.

Why would the cashier be concerned about this? The answer is obvious, right? Counterfeit money has no value. Maybe it can pose as authentic for a period of time, but eventually, someone is going to buy one of those markers and expose the lie.

And whether you intentionally use a counterfeit bill is irrelevant. If the marker reveals that you tried to pay with fake money, you will lose a $100, at best, and lose a day of freedom in jail, at worst.

During his ministry, Jesus encountered fakes often. And what the market does to money, Jesus does to counterfeit followers. He exposes them. Whether it was the Pharisees, who posed as righteous men of God or large crowds, who posed as committed followers, Jesus constantly exposed counterfeits. So, what are qualities of a counterfeit Christian? This question is important. Much like fake money, fake Christians have no value. They flaunt a self-righteous attitude or selfless behavior. But, if you exposed their heart, you would find something different. Most importantly, as Jesus says in Matthew 7:24, eventually counterfeit Christians will be exposed.

To be fair, I don’t believe most Christians intentionally pose as fakes. They have either been handed a counterfeit Jesus or drifted away from the radical life Jesus calls his followers to imitate. With that said, I think every Christian can use this post to work on their heart.

Eight Signs of a counterfeit Christian
  1. You feel more guilty for missing church than hurting your neighbor.
  2. You believe the Bible/Denominational Doctrines is more important than Jesus.
  3. You believe in the exalted position of the Clergy over you as a member of God’s Church
  4. You wonder how close you can get to sin without actually sinning. 
  5. You believe it’s OK to hold a grudge against someone if he or she hurt you bad enough.
  6. You believe real Christians would never engage real sinners.
  7. You believe God rests in a building, not in a group of people.
  8. You think Christian maturity is more about how much you know than what you do.

Testimony of Brother Sony on his journey “Out of Counterfeit Christianity

As Christendom is celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s reformation which led to the Pentecostal movements in early 19’s, this year God has started one more reformation in our lives and helped us to move forward.

I am based in UAE and was a TPM believer for 15 years. I am from a Syrian orthodox background. I was privileged to be saved in 1997 in another Pentecostal church and then later joined TPM in 2003. I used to admire the dedication of these saints and the TPM church system. I became a part of the church ministry and got involved in Sunday school and translation ministry.  I thought there is no other doctrine or ministry better than ours. But our perception got changed this year with the issues happened here. Further, I came to know from different sources on serious issues and to our surprise, we realized these are covered up subtly. I am not writing this just for the sake of criticizing, but we should admit it happened and don’t be blind to it. I don’t want to go into detail on those incidents.

When the intensity of these issues was increasing, I was led to relook into the doctrinal part and church system. That is when I came to realize, why it is not getting exposed and why they are afraid to speak up. We realized that people are scared to talk since there is a fear divine retribution which was created in the minds of people from childhood.  The undercurrent of this fear factor is universally accepted but nobody had the courage to bell the cat. The mechanism to have this done was done very subtly by focusing & exalting in the name of the consecrated ministry and imbibing it in all their study books and Sunday school syllabus.

When I joined TPM, I had doubts about certain doctrines, I tried to clear this doubts with some TPM books ( when I say that, it means it can’t be proved just by scriptural reference, need further twisting or need a thick TPM lens to understand it).  Earlier I thought there was no other doctrine or fellowship better than TPM. But our perception got changed and we understood that there is something beyond that which we can understand from Word of God, with an open mind. I challenge all truth seekers either in TPM or any groups to please try to read and understand Word of God without any denominational lens. As we read about Bereans in Acts 17:11, let us please examine scriptures daily whether those things were so.

Here are few things I  disagreed with TPM,

  • Mandatory rule of celibacy for ministers
  • divine healing as part of salvation (7 steps to Salvation),
  • Zion, 144000 (consecrated servants),
  • hierarchical order like the chief pastor, center pastor, .. etc.
  • Order of Melchizedek,
  • TPM servants as priests who are only ones qualified to receive tithe.
  • Faith home combined male/female living in a monastery set up.

I can’t agree that apostles are only in TPM and celibacy is mandatory for an apostleship. If TPM established this doctrine, does it mean that there are no other apostles until 1923 when TPM church was founded? What about Godly men of 15-19th century’s. John Wesley, Martin Luther, Watchman Nee, DL Moody, George white field etc. So these great men who brought reformation and led to pentecostal beginning are not qualified to sit with TPM servants in the top place (zion) reserved in eternity?

I found there is no scriptural validity on these doctrines rather than a mix of truth combined with human laws and regulations or may be so-called divine revelations.

As we were seeking guidance from God to show us the way forward, in one of the meeting we got confirmation based on the word that ‘ you shall know the truth and truth shall set you free’’. That was our last meeting and we were free indeed now from a big system and free in Christ now.  We left TPM two months back and God has placed us in a small fellowship were we are happy and thanks to Lord for leading us to a truthful teaching of Word of God and be a part of a new spiritual family.

It’s by Lord’s grace we are standing until now and give all glory and praise to Him.

Wish you all happy and blessed New year 2018.




  1. Dear Sony
    First of all I wish you a very blessed year God has graciously given all of us. To be frank your testimony came as a wonderful gift to me on the new year. Congratulations! God has brought you out of the stinking gutter & deceptive snare. Whenever I read the testimonies of God’s children who have come out of the group of deceivers, it gives a great joy.

    • Dear Brother Sony

      God bless you this new year. I was glad to know about your experience and my story is very much the same. For the past few days we as a family are getting this clear call from our Lord to leave this cult.

      He is asking us to flee, flee from these wicked people. These are stiff necked people and there is no use trying to make these people understand. We got this call during the so called sanctification meetings.

      Sooner or later I will leave this cult. We have got a clarion call.

      I thank God for the wonderful ministry Admin is doing by opening the eyes of many people. He who has ears let him hear.

      He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

      I really feel sorry for these fanatics who refuse to hear the truth and will even curse you if needed.

  2. Bro. Sony yes it was a right decision and glad that it was at a right time.
    I am confident your zeal for toiling in the Lords field which I have seen here, will take you far in Christ at your new fellowship.
    Hope the Lord too will lead us out in his time.

  3. What I experienced in my life is that if we stand for truth and our objective and vision is straight, and be open to admit our mistakes, open to embrace truth, no force can hinder us. If God for us, who can be against us. Praise God.

  4. Wonderful to read your testimony brother. Mine is similar too and I will share it soon.
    It is also interesting to note that all the great men of God you have mentioned never said the Baptism of Holy Spirit is evident by speaking in tongues (one of the foremost fundamental doctrine of TPM).

  5. Yes That’s the truth about baptism of Holy spirit. Please check out also the great theologians John Piper, RC Sproul . Also public speaking of tongues is not scriptural unless conditions are met. All what I learned is under unlearning process.

    • Brother, I have been regularly following John Piper since 2009, I own couple of his books and I read his desiring God blog every now and then. And in our current church’s bible study we are actually studying RC Sproul’s series through the bible 🙂

  6. Bro. Sony. Happy New Year. I think we know each other. 😀
    Well, welcome to the family of the “escaped the clutches of tpm”!! Pardon my jest.
    I am awed at how God continues to speak to many through this website (which tpm considers as a BIG deception where even the elect will fall!).
    I am glad you have found a better assembly. Though it would take some time to get adjusted to the non-tpm style of worship, once you do, you will love to worship the Lord in truth and in Spirit.
    I wish you and your family the best from God in the days to come.
    God bless you Brother.

  7. Mr. Sony

    One question…

    I’ve heard you prophesying in the church and have been edified… In couple of occasions it was a direct answer to my situation, then…
    Now tell me, were your prophecies FAKE? In this site in various posts n comments, it is said that prophecies uttered in TPM assemblies are fake, pre-meditated, memorized, etc etc.
    But let me know about your experience…do you agree with those remarks? Or were your prophecies genuine – the utterances given by Holy Spirit.

    • Could it be a case of selective listening, Bro. Paul? After all, in tpm, all prophesies are declaration of Bible verses which usually apply to each one of us.
      1) My child, my child, behold, I am coming soon and my reward is with me!
      2) Listen to my voice… Do not harden your hearts.
      3) I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.
      4) I will not leave thee, neither will I forsake thee. (KJV effect)
      5) I am the LORD who heals you.
      etc. etc.
      and it all ends with – “Thus says the Lord!”

      Do they sound familiar?

      Now see the references:
      1) Rev 22:12
      2) Heb 3:15
      3) Isa 38:5
      4) Heb 13:5
      5) Exo 15:26

      Well, there’s nothing wrong with these. But understand, prophecies in tpm are not in line with how it used to happen in the Bible. Have you ever had that question?
      And yes, I do agree, prophecies need to be aligned to the Word of God which does not mean that it has to be only verses from the Bible.
      If someone can explain my view better, it would be appreciated. Open for correction as well. 🙂

      • Whatever that happens in the name of prophecy in TPM is not what prophecy is, according to me.
        They are trying to showcase that the prophecy they are saying is actually the interpretation of their unknown tongues. This is plain manipulation. I disregard such prophecies for the same reason you mentioned above – VERY PREDICTABLE. It does not have any real value to people who already have heard it umpteen times.
        Prophecy should have an element of foretelling which can authenticate the words of the prophet (Deut 18:20-22). Otherwise, we can at the most consider it as an exhortation. But if the prophecy has been laced with unknown tongues to manipulate the listener, you should discard it and let the Lord deal with that situation.

        20 But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.

        21 You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?” 22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

        Deut 18:20-22

  8. Another child is found, Praise God! Isn’t it wonderful how God works. God Bless you and your family, Brother Sony. We have a good good Father.

  9. Br .Paul
    Answer to your question.
    I can’t confirm that it is from Holy Spirit or God spoke to me. I have to admit that it is wrong to say thus says the Lord. Purposely I avoided that phrase many times.

    Only I can say that I spoke thoughts came to my mind that may seems to edify or speaking to a situation with a supportive bible verse. It is with conscious mind.

    Simply I put prophecy is like an exhortation done in a prophetic tune. Some times it may be true. Because of its generic nature and phrases used as br Santosh mentioned.

    I beleive it is unbiblical to say thus says the Lord in new testament period. That’s an old covenant authority given to few as prophets by God to speak on behalf since Holy Spirit was not indwelling within to guide , warn the people.

    I am undergoing unlearning process now. In 15 years of time many practices unscriptural to be unwinded. I am a new student now.

    • Mr. Sony

      Thanks. Let me clarify your texts once again.

      You mean that whenever you prophesied, you never knew that it was from God (Holy Spirit). Whatever thoughts came in your mind, u said it out – speaking in tongues in between (just as a show?).

      Next, as u defined…u too exhorted the congregation with whatever verses you remembered, or with whatever words of encouragement / warning / comfort / etc. that came in your mind, in a tune (and most often speaking in tongues in between) so that the assembly shall believe as if God is speaking to them thru u??? Again, was it just a show???

      Dint you feel the presence of God, hear the words of utterances within you that you later spoke out? Are you sure?

      Dunno whether you’ll be able to recall – Can you remember the first time you did prophesied? Did you do in the same way as said above? Or that was different…

      Hope my understanding is right. Correct me if otherwise.

      • Brother,
        It’s not only Sony. The entire TPM does this. The Good thing about Sony is that he has confessed his wrong and has come out of the deception of TPM. When are you coming out?

    • In short you just confessed that you were a false prophet misleading the church.. I don’t care about that but being a false prophet amazed at your boldness to say all are like you..thank God we have 1 less false prophet in Tpm.. Getting a few claps from the old man running this site from Canada and few same admin accounts means nothing but fooling yourself.. The real reason you left is your hypocrisy led to falling grace in translation ministry which made you a laughing stock.. Which led you to run from this place..

      • This site is exclusively focusing on exposing the False teachers and False prophets of TPM…RIGHT from the TOP TPM Clergy (N. Stephen).. and You are glad that one believer confessed as a False Prophet…What fantastic tolerance you have. God Bless you, Dear Joseph.

      • Dear Brother KJ,

        Do you even realise the quantum of damage this website is doing to TPM.

        You people are living in a fool’s paradise and convincing yourselves that some admin is sitting in some part of the world and sending false comments under various aliases as if admin will get Nobel prize for the number of comments.

        Our clergy doesn’t even have the guts to refute any of the points in this website openly or secretively. Our clergy don’t have the guts to even exhort in the faithome to stay away from it’s a taboo for them if they commit this mistake then they know the outcome). They can’t even tell believers to pray against this website, they are scared.

        Brother, I wait for anybody from your clergy who have many divine revelations or learned people from TPM circles to write something quoting the scripture so that the evil mind of admin is exposed. Nothing happens. I also don’t want to leave this so called apostolic doctrine and admin is not paying me salary to write comments.

        Now you will say that TPM does not believe in internet nor do they have access to internet. That again is your misconception. It is forbidden for brothers to own smart phone but I know many of them who own these devices secretly and are indulging in Facebook , YouTube and WhatsApp. Why this hypocrisy ? I am not against them using smart phones but they are being disobedient to their higher ups. You prohibit to watch television and your clergy watch YouTube in the faithhome.

        Come out of your fools paradise and it’s not unbiblical to refute the admin.

    • Brother, That was amazing. It takes courage to accept you could have been wrong. It is so good to fellowship with brethren like you who are willing to see the truth. Your new church will benefit from your fellowship. I do not believe TPM will lose anything because you never belonged there. Let those who ignore the truth remain in TPM.

  10. Thanks br. All praises to God. Let’s stand for truth and challenge each other for truth. Time for radical changes in 2018 in many lives.

    • Bro Sony,

      I don’t know who you are …But your following statement developed in me a great respect and love towards you Brother….

      //All praises to God. Let’s stand for truth and challenge each other for truth. //

      Wow…How wonderful would it be if every children of God live in Truth and Stand for Truth…

      Let me share you shortly my journey into the realm of Prophecy….

      I remember my first prophesying was in tongues during our family prayer at home…While we were prayer suddenly the Spirit of Lord filled with utterance in unknown tongues i know in my spirit that i am prophesying…People those who are gifted with Unknown tongues would be enabled in their spirit…When they speak in tongues clearly whether they are praising God,Praying, Prophesying, Interceding etc,..You may not know exactly the words but the context would be revealed in spirit…

      When I understood that God wanted to speak through me…I desired the Gift of Prophecy for the benefit of Church…Holy Spirit opened my mouth…

      Initially few words would pop up in my Spirit while I was speaking in tongues…

      Few words developed into sentences followed by speaking in tongues….

      Words of Prophecy precedes unknown tongues…

      Now….Prophecy comes naturally since Spirit of God has taken over my spirit’s control… Whenever Holy Spirit of God wants to speak to anyone and anywhere…He(Holy Spirit) has taken liberty in me to communicate …

      Dont give up and scared of past experiences Brother….

      We speak because God wants to speak…

      It is as simple as that…

      I don’t even think taking credit for the fulfilled Prophecy since i am just a microphone…I know very well credit belongs to the Speaker…I am not humbling myself here …I accept the reality in all its essence…

      We are all servants of God…Vessels of God…

      Few Vessels would be made of gold as vessel of honour..

      Few vessels would be made of wood as vessels of dishonour…

      Question is not what you are made but Are you USEFUL to your creator in your created nature whether you be a vessel of gold or wood or mud…


    • Yes Brother Sony.

      I feel it. Lord is making me to learn new things and i feel like its totally a “U” turn in my spiritual journey. Returning back to Christ in the light of the scripture and with the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit, without any condemnation. Damage is huge in many of our lives because of our self-imposed blindness for decades. Unlearning is important now.

  11. On the other side is demons who manifest as holy spirit. In one such sermons by Capt. Samuel who attended one of the tarrying meetings at TPM Shanti Nagar, he noticed one believer sister prophecy and discerned that it was evil spirit . After the tarrying meeting he requested pastor English Chacko, the sister and her husband to stay back for prayer which they obliged. Within minutes, more than 52 demons manifested one after the other . They claimed that it was them who lead the congregation and its conventions for the last so many years. On hearing this Pastor English Chacko immediately left the faith home to Adayar saying that since he could not discern this from the holy spirit he needed more grace. Capt. Samuel also left after she was delivered next morning.
    Then I recall is one instance in our SHJ faithome where one of the believer brother prophesied about the healing that the Lord was supposed to command on a sister suffering from a terminal sickness when she was testifying. She went to be with the Lord within three months. That was the last time he prophesied.
    Most notable was the frequent sudden burst of prophetic exhortations during sermons or benedictions by Pas. Sunny when he was here .
    New trend is our clergies encouraging our sunday school children in this dangerous game of prophesying and tongues not knowing the evil spiritual realm they are exposed.
    TPM will give 80% percent weightage to such utterances which is just one of the many signs rather than strive to transform ourselves daily little by little to Christ like perfection.

    • I know a particular person in TPM who was filled in spirit and this person moved about 5-6 mts jumping backwards and trampling all the Bibles that was on the way and was about to trample a sleeping baby. I don’t understand why that person was not stopped.

      Is this how a person in spirit behaves? Everybody believed that this is the right spirit.

  12. The prophecy for the new year 2018 in a TPM center was ” I will honour you, if you honour my saints, I will honour you, if you honour my church gatheringsAnd it was from a pastor/brother

  13. And I also feel this prophesy business is a social modelling for all of us who attend there for a long period of time and it is a learnt behavior over the years. And sometimes the words running in our mind, are misunderstood for the words from God and we are exhorted to utter such words.

  14. Adding to the points by redeemed. Past sunny used to prophecy even after meeting conclusion prayer is over surprisingly all these prophesies during the time he was involved in the issue. I dont understand what spirit it was. The way women folks are screaming during prophecy sometime feels like demonic. I heard now in sharjah one sister started circling round during filling. What is that ?
    One br who went for ministry from shj to training in chennai. In one meeting he jumped and acrobatics he injured and bleeding. What spirit is behind this. Is Holy Spirit create injury or breaks things like specs, watches during filling. Once shj church hall no. 1 window glass was broken.
    I think during pastor lalus time 2008. People say some demon spirit has gone out. But I suppose it was extreme sound blast or vibration.

  15. Dear  KJ , Yes I was also part of bunch of Pharisee and fallen prophets . You said I fall short of Grace so some mistake happened in translation and ran away. Dear, mistakes can happen to anyone, if that’s case all those doing this ministry there has to ran away.  Wow, what a finding you have done. For your information, I volunterly backed out from translation and scipture school as we came to know the wicked things going on behind screen. I have given written official mail to faithhome of my discontinuation.I didn’t ran away as you accuse of me Mr.KJ. You can go ask Faithhome people.

    I don’t need to explain as it is clearly explained earlier why I have to leave this erroneous teaching and system covering up all culprits. I am not surprised you saying fallen from grace those who leave tpm. It’s a common phrase tpm fanatic use always dear KJ. Wow, grace is found only when you are a TPMite. No wonder once I wanted to help a brother for a job who left ministry but still in tpm as a believer , when I told the elder he said don’t do that otherwise your grace will fall by helping that br. Believing that I didn’t try to help that br.

    Appreciate you agree that false prophets are there, but then you got a problem  a senior shepherd who got involved in lewd act still continue with his prophesies and also many more whose wickedness are exposed  in this site are great prophets too. And you guys entertaining their service and ministry covering up the evil works.
    So who is misleading this church?

    2 John 1:11 New living translation (Anyone who encourages such people becomes a partner in their evil work.)

    Ephesians 5:11
    Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  16. Thanks Br Varghese. May God open eyes of many these days the reality of so called legalistic churches . Initially they may be genuine but in the years of run got corrupted. This happen if church falls to legalistic mode . Then it need some reformation . I think it’s too late. You shall know the truth and truth shall set you free.


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