We have wonderful brethren who have realized the gravity of brainwashing and sent us clips which help in explaining the phenomenon. So before we start proving some points we would like to show you a video which explains the trick.


Just like the above video, TPM wants to brainwash their believers that the clergy is the bigger Blue circle and the Believers are the inferior red circle. So where do you think they should be starting their brainwashing exercise? Yes, you guessed it right. The Sunday School.

Some Sunday School Brainwashing brushes

We would like to show some snippets from the Sunday school book which puts this classification and the superiority of the clergy into the innocent kids’ minds.

Experience the Brainwash

The Reference quoted is Acts 2:1-4 When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues[a] as the Spirit enabled them.

Do you see any bifurcation in the anointing which classifies the church as Believers and Consecrated servants of God? I don’t see any iota of a reason to do that. Do you know why things like these got missed out? This is because the Sunday School Teachers and Students do not read their bibles for what is written in it. We have gone to great lengths explaining that God does not have any special Clergy as is taught by TPM.

The above is not a one-off instance. The entire syllabus is riddled with these subtle references of themselves being the way to God overruling the ONLY WAY JESUS CHRIST (John 14:6). It is pretty common sense that Jesus is the ONLY WAY and hence we do not need another WAY to reach Jesus. If someone teaches contrary to that, they are working for the devil. Now consider the below snippets.

shaft Experience the Brainwash

Mercy Seat Experience the Brainwash

They have only one aim. To make themselves more important than the believers so that they can delink the connection that Jesus has with the Church. They juxtapose themselves as Apostles and now consider how they are brainwashing the Sunday School kids and making them dependent on these false apostles to get them into the Kingdom of God. Why are our Sunday school teachers not able to address this dichotomy?


When Apostle Paul said that there is only One Mediator between God and Men, he did not make himself as the connection to God for men as TPM Ministers teach. These are evil workers of iniquity who are hijacking the church of God for their own profit.

For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 1 Tim 2:5

Do you know why TPM youngsters are directionless when it comes to spiritual matters? It is all the result of these poisonous food being consumed by them in their Sunday schools.

For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery, they deceive the minds of naive people. Romans 16:18


  1. Did I really study this syllabus and get 96 out of 100? I never felt anything wrong then.. I was certainly brainwashed.. O now my eyes are opened..

  2. Oh my God. I will have to repent for teaching the same thing in my class 10.
    After exiting tpm for last two months I can see the trap and hidden agenda behind all these syllabus. I am sure if we go through all classes same teaching of giving focus on tpm servants and church. True that is shown in video. This is the reason most tpm believers find it difficult to think with open mind. Someone subtly worked behind this syllabus to ensure they will not think aganist servants or doctrines. They have to unlearn.
    I am in the process of unlearning all that is learned.
    Praise God for delivering from this erroneous teaching.
    Admin. Appreciate for this work.

  3. Well from last article on sunday school syllabus and this one it is clear that our clergy forefathers had a great twisted vision to establish a sustainable model of this organisation under the guise of col 2:28 which we will see in bold in most faith homes. They have thus put in lot of efforts to inject such subtle deceptions into seemingly harmless and hope inspiring philosophies which will never be identified by non-discerned. Like one of the readers earlier commented, I did not figure out anything amiss when I myself went through this syllabus some decades ago. But I guess their game is up as Mat 16:18 is bound to be fulfilled in these days….

  4. Agreed, but if you think further, why should I believe that guy? How do I know if that guy is saying the truth or not? What exactly is truth, one might ask?

    I am not seeking an answer coz i know most answers would be along the lines of ‘Jesus..I am the Way , the Truth and the Light…”, etc.

    All I want to convey is ,when one says “You have been brainwashed”, how exactly do you know if that person is himself/herself trying to “brainwash” you into believing their views? Just a point to ponder…

    That being said, I do consider most of TPM teachings a bunch of crap..


    • In psychology, the study of brainwashing, often referred to as thought reform, falls into the sphere of “social influence.” Social influence happens every minute of every day. It’s the collection of ways in which people can change other people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

      Brainwashing is a severe form of social influence that combine­s all of these approaches to cause changes in someone’s way of thinking without that person’s consent and often against his will.Because brainwashing is such an invasive form of influence, it requires the complete isolation and dependency of the subject, which is why you mostly hear of brainwashing occurring in prison camps or totalist cults.
      This site is very much unlike TPM which says that their believers are not supposed to read or understand non-tpm materials. This site is open to criticism unlike TPM and that includes even your comment. This site is not directing anybody towards any organization or human authority figures as is TPM. This site has not made any attempt to hide its agenda. We have said it explicitly that our agenda is getting people out of this CULT for the reasons of their doctrine and practices.

      We are not into brainwashing as we do not have any intention to control individuals by invading their private lives. We can at most be classified as a Persuasive group.

    • A typical and common example of brainwashing “Luke 14:26 and Luke 14:33.”

      First read them and recollect what is being taught from our childhood regarding this..
      What interpretation we have got in our mind? These are two verses about Servants and Consecrated ministry and SOGs should be unmarried, left Father mother relations , everything etc ….. Is n’t it ?

      Now forget what we are taught and what we have have in your mind.
      Now start Reading from 14:25 ( Always Read above and Below without cherry picking ).
      To whom Jesus told these ? 12 Apostles or to the Multitude? To Apostles or to Disciples ?
      Who are Disciples? Are we Believers out of the category of Disciples ?
      Now still we think its related to Consecrated ministry and Ministers ?

      Read the same passage in Mathew 10:37 to understand the real meaning what Jesus told hate Father Mother….etc …
      Disciple should Love Jesus more than anyone/anything else including self .

  5. These power hungry maniacs are not only evil but very smart. They have studied other cults and have used those techniques of indoctrination to keep the simple under their control. The subtlety of their father, the serpent is obvious here. The lie is so hidden that unless the Holy Spirit opens your eyes, you will never discover it.

    The Sunday school is used to ensure the children are indoctrinated at a very tender age similar to what the Nazis and the Communists used to do to their children.

    Praise God for the people behind this site for shining the Light into the hidden agenda of this satanic cult.

  6. i think the sunday school childrens should be taught about hell
    and they need to know about the manner in which they ought to behave in the church
    rather than providing a bulk syllabus .
    they should be taught the basic manners and duties and commandments of love
    they should be taught about the sacrifice of jesus
    they should be taught about heaven
    they should be taught how to pray daily
    they should be taught how to behave with others
    these are the basics
    i don’t think it is necessary to load them with all the historical bible stories to them in very young age
    they will not understand
    rather teach them the basics
    how to be helpful to their parents
    how to be focussed on their school studies
    how to be focussed on holy life
    how to please jesus
    these are the important things
    without teaching this
    merely teaching them to recite a memory verse will not do much good to them

    • Yes Brother, very similar operation except our friends take the name of Jesus. It is so sad to realise how gullible we are . Our education does not matter as we are indoctrinated from such a tender age that we cannot think any other way.

      These pigs will burn, no doubt about that.

  7. This was the first article I read in this site. I was a sunday school teacher at that time and when I argued with the headmaster regarding the syllabus of TPM (10th class) which is shown in the first picture in this article , he accepted it was wrong. But he supported TPM blindly that two groups were revelations and it is up to you to teach or leave it. So TPM fanatics are very blind that they will blindly support their doctrines and pay no attention to scripture. This argument lasted on almost 5 hours, though I gave him (sunday school headmaster) so many verses from bible he never accepted it.


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