A sister by name Daisy was getting married to Mr. X. The news came as a shock to us. We knew Mr. X. He was a scoundrel and a cheat. We had previously warned Daisy about him and later on she had broken her relationship with him. But now we were hearing about her weird behavior. Our jaws dropped on getting her wedding invite. She knew how big a charlatan he was! Yet her decision to choose him again was hard for us to digest. We all started discussing it and each one of us gave a different reason for her weird choice. My guess was that she was infatuated. So I said, “She must be deeply in love with him. And love is irresistible. It will not cease. Though there be prophecies, tongues it will all cease but…  ”

Expectation vs Reality

One of my friends suddenly rose and announced in a loud voice “there is nothing called as love. It is all utter nonsense.”  I let him know that there is something called as real love, like that of parents towards their children. They will lay their life for the protection of their children. Likewise, I said there is sometimes real love between a boy and a girl. But my friend began losing his temper. He was adamantly beating upon the same point that love is nonsense. There ain’t any human love! We knew why he was filled with rage. His emotional outburst and use of high pitch to make us all believe that there is nothing called as love, was a spurt from his past experience. He was someone whom you could describe as burnt child dreads fire. He himself was in love once only to realize later that he was cheated. We knew how he felt. Mending mirror seems impossible when it breaks. It takes time for wounds to heal. But that didn’t make his ideology right. It was his trauma and experience out of which his ideology appeared. The truth that he once thought as truth wasn’t truth but deception (his imagination that the girl loved him). And when the truth of deception was made bare (her true nature), then it shattered his belief in the truth of love.

So what is my point in telling you about the incident? This is the second article in continuation with my previous one. As I did inform you that we received email communication from one of our brothers. He once believed in TPM and its ministry. He thought TPM saints are holy, selfless, pious men serving God wholeheartedly. He thought doctrines of TPM are apostolic. But when the lewd deeds of TPM apostles came to limelight, then it was hard for him to swallow it. He said, “I cannot believe unless I see with my eyes”. And then his mind began reasoning “if this is all true then why is God silent, watching these scoundrels and wolves deceiving many innocent souls?” Just like my friend who found difficult to believe in love after having faced deception and deceit by the girl whom he loved, our brother is beginning to lose trust in God. His girl cheated him but that does not mean every girl is cheating. Yes, there are charlatans sitting in the church but that does not mean God is dead.

Identifying where we went Wrong

Let me tell you the reasons for that brother’s dilemma

  • There was a wide gap between what his expectation was and what reality was. He expected every member of “TPM faith home” to be God’s child. He expected the TPM clergy to be messengers of God. What he learned later shattered his trust.
  • Secondly, he expects quick judgment of God on these false men.

Wheat and Tares

Struggling with thoughts of Inactive GodWhat we are seeing within the walls of TPM is not a new thing. It may be a new thing to many but as Solomon says – there is nothing new in this world. As it was, so it shall be (Ecclesiastes 1:10)! Scumbags existed during Old Testament times too. And they lived together with sincere honest souls. Wicked Cain lived along with righteous Abel. A mixed-race came out of Egypt and crossed the red sea. The church (congregation) in the wilderness (Acts 7:38, Exodus 12:38) was a mixed multitude – not Israelites alone!  When entire Israel went whoring after Baal, God had his seven thousand men reserved (I Kings 19:18). There was Judas among the twelve. Peter, John, Jude, Paul all of the apostles make mention of false teachers in the church ( 2 Peter 2:1). We know of Roman Catholic Church and its existence since the fourth century.  These wheat and tares exist together (Matt 13:30). It is in the same sea that good and bad creatures live and grow together. What our brother expected was that the wheat grows in a separate field and tares grows in another field. He thought TPM is a church full of wheat and other churches or world are tares. He thought TPM walls separate good people from bad people. He thought God’s people are found in TPM. But in reality, the walls of TPM (or any other church) are manmade. So when our brother saw that the filth within the walls of TPM was no different than the filth that was outside the walls of TPM, he began reasoning – “Is God still there?”

Why no quick judgment?

Secondly, our brother expected quick judgment on these phony preachers. But he forgot that bible mentions that there is a time for everything. The Preacher in Ecclesiastes says there is a time to be born and a time to die, a time to kill and a time to heal (Eccl 3). He mentions in his ending chapters that there is a time for judgment also (Eccl 11:9; 12:14). God has fixed a certain time for judgment (2 Peter 3:8-9).  Until then he waits for sinners to repent. He is longsuffering (Exodus 34:6). God has a measure till which he waits. Once the water goes above that level, he begins executing his judgment (Gen 15:16, Zech 5:6-11, I Thessalonians 2:16, Matt 23:32).  Peter says God knows how to reserve wicked unto the day of judgment (2 Pet 2:9). In Parable of wheat and tares, Jesus said, Let both grow together till the harvest of the world.


Our brother’s case (the one who emailed us) must not be that intense, but there are people who cannot come out of shock after exiting cults. The spiritual and physical abuse they suffered become like un-healable wounds in their souls. It is hard to adjust to the new reality when all your life you have been forced to drink waters from filthy cisterns. But we know from God’s word that many have traversed this path before us. Apostle Paul says, “..we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears (2 Corinthians 7:5).” But then he also says “We are troubled …. yet not distressed; we are PERPLEXED, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, BUT NOT DESTROYED (2 Corinthians 4:8-9);”

So dear brothers and sisters,

Rest assured that though you walk down through fire, it will not quench you. It may appear to you there is no God and you may be perplexed by what you go through, but he is keeping an eye on you and is able to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy (Jude 1:24). You may feel restless, perplexed. You may be in that period when in utter despair you might say like Peter, “I don’t know who this Jesus is!” But Jesus promised, “No man is able to take them from my hand.” So for all children of God scattered in various organization and denominations – we know that all things will work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). Just ensure that your foundation is not on that Sand build by Pastor Paul and Co. Build your house on the Rock Jesus Christ.


  1. Wonderful article brother. Wheat and tares.

    The root cause of TPM believers is their pride. That is why they simply refuse to believe that there is something wrong. These people are taught like that from age 2 and have believed that this is the only true church and have been living this lie for many decades.

    Proud of their servants, Pastors, faith homes, conventions. I know some people who go to Chennai convention as if they are going for Haj or Kumbha Mela.


    • Yes the HAJJ. I never went to the Chennai Convention. Then one brother told me all the supposed great things God is doing there and how many sick are healed, demon possessed are delivered etc. I thought that it would be nice to go and have a look.
      What I found was a bigger crowd than my local center convention, dustier environment, more categories of kitchens and special passes issued to go to the premium dining halls based on your perceived location, more white clads waiting for the donations in the garb of prayers and foul-mouthed ministers who were “Serving” the believers.
      I could see the divine healing services where the wheelchaired and bedridden people were taken back in the same wheelchairs and stretchers without any evidence of healing. If this was the blessing we get, I suggest you give that Travel and staying expense to some poor Christians and you will indeed be blessed.

  2. I am also fortunate to have missed going to this place which I truly believe is a grand Legalistic gathering and demonstration of show of strength. Post convention you can hear all sorts of testimonies admiring materialistic KPI’s (key performing indicators) such as large crowd, endless queue to meet the bosses, sea of whites, large kitchen,mega logistic arrangements etc. It just ends here. People just dont realise that Jesus was out at the door knocking all the time and they all thought he was very much inside. I have strong reasons to believe that this is one of Satans subtle ploy to pump millions into a futile event. Imagine spending this amount for out reach ministries and penetrating the un -reached, supporting the widows & orphans etc . This would be such blessing.
    Yesterdays friday sermon by Tambi Durai was Jer 29:11. …..to give you an expected end. The exhortation was that by end of 2017 all that we had expected in this year such as debts, poverty, various needs will meet our expected end. Not a word about the way of life to be led to meet the expected end…Any way as this was most soothing to hear by the scores of blind it was loudly acknowledged by super loud halleluyah’s.

    • @ TPM-
      2 Timothy 4:3-4: For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

      @ fromtpm
      2 Timothy 4:5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

  3. Br. Redeemed, I heard also that everybody in Sharjah was in air jumping and flying around also the stage show was dramatic. Br. Felix was doing acrobatics leading the show. Same thing happened last year in youth meeting in sharjah, many youths were on fire and prophesied for few meetings. After then we couldn’t see any of them. All vanished in air. Now in Sharjah for last few days, someone on stage became so spiritual suddenly( a translator) screaming in tounges and prophesies and acrobatics ( btw prophecy was on hold by him for sometime ), every one follows this Pharisee and think it’s big flow of spirit. Poor ones. Some believers know this and they are so surprised to see this guy’s performance and he is just a show. Sorry I am so critical because he spoke to me against tpm doctrines so much and clergies, now he is with stage show with clergies. Complete U turn.

    • Yes I too recollect the frenzy after the VBS where many children and youth got anointing and tongues. This lasted for a week or so and like you said it all symptoms disappeared. Unfortunately for these children they are taught its 90% anointing & tongues and 10% living a holy life. From the time they sit they are bullied, forced into all this making them think that all that matters is anointing, jumping and tongues. Non performers are chastised and moved to front rows as if they committed a wrong. So I guess many children tend to move and shake to save them from the embarrassment. If only they could make use of this opportunity to make these children understand the practical ways of leading a holy life and how holy spirit can help us do it will make all the difference. But on hindsight what will a person who was brought up in such a way teach the next generation….and the cycle continues..I guess we could be the catalyst and start propagating the change we expect to see in the many small ways we in our individual capabilities can..

  4. I have a full audio recording of what he said against doctrines and cheif pastors, but I don’t want to publish it. I am really shocked how this guy can turn around so quickly. Did he really got answers on his doubts ? I think clergies brainwashed him or offered him a better position at stage.

  5. Dear ,
    May I know about the good practices which you have seen and heard.
    I believe that though there are lot of criticisms ,still there are some committed servants of God and good practices.
    Thank you


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