From what we hear from our sources, it is clear that Titus is just one among the rest who were involved in the Kanagaraj murder case. Last Night  Sr Minister and Asst Center Pastor John Thomas was arrested and taken to 15 days Police custody in SIPCOT, for investigation. Our sources say that when Abraham Mathew(Dy Chief Pastor) was informed of the murder, he asked John Thomas to hurry and get a death certificate and quickly bury the body. If people like this are at the helm of TPM, you can expect worse things than these. Why are they so scared of keeping the body out and taking the natural route of reporting to police? Which God do they serve?

More Clergy will have to eat Dried Indian Chapathis
John Thomas Taken into Custody

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Dear TPM Ministers,

For God, your position and your white dress and your “praise the Lords” are an abomination. Though you may do your part to hide it, God will not remain a spectator to your deeds.  The evil that you are doing, will not continue to be masked for long. Even though T U Thomas may say that Ecclesiastes is not the Word of God, I have news for you. It is in the Bible for a reason and your chief pastor making light of that book, does not make it go away.

I said to myself, “God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.”  Ecclesiastes 3:17

Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. Proverbs 11:21

Oh, you evil men, abetting a Crime is as serious as committing the Crime. Your actions will not go unpunished.

16 But to the wicked person, God says: What right have you to recite my laws  or take my covenant on your lips? 17 You hate my instruction and cast my words behind you. 18 When you see a thief, you join with him you throw in your lot with adulterers. 19 You use your mouth for evil and harness your tongue to deceit. 20 You sit and testify against your brother and slander your own mother’s son. 21 When you did these things and I kept silent,  you thought I was exactly[c] like you. But I now arraign you and set my accusations before you. 22 “Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you 23 Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless[d] I will show my salvation.”  Psalm  50:16-23

The above Video is the Medical Checkup before he was put behind the bars. He seems to have no remorse. We were informed that he is cursing the camera men for taking his pics. The usual problem of TPM with Camera.

Five Signs of an Evil Heart

There is a difference between an ordinary sinful person and an Evil Person. I think one of the reasons we don’t “see” evil is because we find it so difficult to believe that evil individuals actually exist. We can’t imagine someone deceiving us with no conscience, hurting others with no remorse, spinning outrageous fabrications to ruin someone’s reputation, or pretending he or her is spiritually committed yet has no fear of God before his or her eyes.

The Bible clearly tells us that among God’s people there are wolves that wear sheep’s clothing (Jeremiah 23:14; Titus 1:10; Revelations 2:2). It’s true that every human heart is inclined toward sin (Romans 3:23), and that includes evil (Genesis 8:21; James 1:4). We all miss God’ mark of moral perfection. However, most ordinary sinners do not happily indulge evil urges, nor do we feel good about having them. We feel ashamed and guilty, rightly so (Romans 7:19–21). These things are not true of the evil heart.

Below are five indicators that you may be dealing with an evil heart rather than an ordinary sinful heart.  If so, it requires a radically different treatment approach. Most of TPM clergies, have at least one of the below traits easily identifiable.

1. Evil hearts are experts at creating confusion and contention.

They twist the facts, mislead, lie, avoid taking responsibility, deny reality, make up stories, and withhold information. (Psalms 5:8; 10:7; 58:3; 109:2–5; 140:2; Proverbs 6:13,14; 6:18,19; 12:13; 16:20; 16:27, 28; 30:14; Job 15:35; Jeremiah 18:18; Nehemiah 6:8; Micah 2:1; Matthew 12:34,35; Acts 6:11–13; 2 Peter 3:16)

2. Evil hearts are experts at fooling others with their smooth speech and flattering words.

But if you look at the fruit of their lives or the follow through of their words, you will find no real evidence of godly growth or change. It’s all smoke and mirrors. (Psalms 50:19; 52:2,3; 57:4; 59:7; 101:7; Proverbs 12:5; 26:23–26; 26:28; Job 20:12; Jeremiah 12:6; Matthew 26:59; Acts 6:11–13; Romans 16:17,18; 2 Corinthians 11:13,14; 2 Timothy 3:2–5; 3:13; Titus 1:10,16).

3. Evil hearts crave and demand control, and their highest authority is their own self-reference.

They reject feedback, real accountability, and make up their own rules to live by. They use Scripture to their own advantage but ignore and reject passages that might require self-correction and repentance. (Romans 2:8; Psalms 10; 36:1–4; 50:16–22; 54:5,6; 73:6–9; Proverbs 21:24; Jude 1:8–16).

4. Evil hearts play on the sympathies of good-willed people, often trumping the grace card.

They demand mercy but give none themselves. They demand warmth, forgiveness, and intimacy from those they have harmed with no empathy for the pain they have caused and no real intention of making amends or working hard to rebuild broken trust. (Proverbs 21:10; 1 Peter 2:16; Jude 1:4).

5. Evil hearts have no conscience, no remorse.

They do not struggle with sin or evil—they delight in it—all the while masquerading as someone of noble character. (Proverbs 2:14–15; 10:23; 12:10; 21:27,29; Isaiah 32:6; Romans 1:30; 2 Corinthians 11:13–15)


If you are working with someone who exhibits these characteristics, it’s important that you confront them head-on. You must name evil for what it is. The longer you try to reason with them or show mercy towards them, the more you, will become a pawn in their game.


  1. Dear Tpm die hards ,

    Wrong thing at the wrong time , the sanghis are awaiting to devour us .. and u made it easy for them .. ..anyway

    Merry Christmas .. .and a Happy New year ..!!

  2. Where have gone the tpmdiehards? I think all of them have run for the cover or else they are still rejoicing saying that their saints are gone behind the bar for the sake of truth. What difference have the TPM followers from the followers of Babu Asharam, Ram Rahim & other frauds? It’s really surprising to see the state of TPM believers who, still shamelessly sticking hard with the hypocrites. May God pull down the entire TPM with its foundation.

      • Dear Anonymous, I can feel that you are deeply hurt as I compared your white clad frauds with Bapu Asharam, Ram Rahim & others. Once again you have proved that you are sticking to them without any shame. Carry on & you will have your reward (Revelation 18:4).

  3. The biggest damage done to the church today is not by RSS, Hindu outfits or VHP etc. but by our own clergy who are leading the flock astray towards the wide gate and to destruction. The blind is spirit will never realize the subtle & deceitful ways of satan who in the name of following Christ will lead the church away from Christ. I hope they reckon its a wake up call…

    • Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many..

      Though their initial confession of Jesus is right, they have deception in their mind. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. We have done our bit to show the deception in their doctrines and practices. But He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Rev 22:11

      • @Admin.

        The idea of embedding the Video clip is a master stroke. Now the anonymous and the diehards cannot brush this off saying it is fabricated and hence not credible.

        Keep up the good work, Sir. God Bless you and pray that you get more revelations into the dark secrets of this abominable cult and its leaders. It is any day better than TPM’s deeper truths.

      • @Admin

        //Though their initial confession of Jesus is right, they have deception in their mind. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. //

        Q: According to whom?? I meant to say their confession of Jesus is more than flawed.

        I can conclude from the apparent wisdom shown in your words. That you might be an Elder. Someone who might be 50+(I would say 60)

        Q:2 Has it occurred to any TPMites that When they Say “Faith of the Son of God”. Jesus is God. And as a God, he is the object of our Faith he doesn’t require faith.
        Still, TPMites say one of the “perfection” in God is the “Perfection of Faith”. God who doesn’t require Faith in anyone, has the perfection of Faith.

        TPM’s hermeneutics and confessions are more than Flawed

  4. I know of a certain person who is a die hard TPM. He says such proudly yet humbly ? “ These servants of God have left their everything home, parents, all worldly desires and who pray for us from morning 4’O clock and if anybody will say anything against these servants they will cursed. They and their generations”.

    Wonder will these people ever come to their senses.

  5. Brilliant reporting.

    Let the crooks go and rot for life. These master manipulators were getting away with murder for almost a century and now it is payback time.

    It will be good if one of the so called humble bigwigs are arrested as well so that the rest will be warned that they cannot continue in their perverted ways. This is a global organisation and it is high time that the good men if there are any will stand up and work out a process to make this organisation transparent and accountable.

    Hope better sense prevails and they do it voluntarily, if not they will be forced by the authorities to do it anyway. The Goondaraj of TPM must end.

    Great work Admin for sharing this as it is encouraging to know that justice exists in this evil world.

    Praise God, He will not let the wicked flourish especially when they use His Name to not only perform evil deeds but also justify it.

    O fence sitters it is high time you open your eyes and get off this runaway train which is hurtling at breakneck speed towards hell.

  6. This is going to be defining moment in TPM’s history. All the workers will be looking at the Leadership as to how they are going to react.

    If they don’t stand by their fallen brothers, the corrupt ones will start working on their exit strategy. They will start hoarding money and will disappear quietly.

    The sincere ones will lose respect for the leaders and might even breakaway and start their own missions.

    The believers will continue in their delusion and encourage themselves stating that only a few are bad and their local leader is beyond reproach.

    I wonder what our friend anonymous has to say about this. Maybe he is busy attending a wedding.

    • As per the latest report, the Doctor(a believer) who issued the Death certificate is also being taken up for questioning for issuing a fraudulent certificate.

      • These people are not hardened criminals so out of fear they will point fingers to next one and everybody will caught. The whole system will fall like a pack of cards.

        Nevertheless, the believers will keep on praising their clergy no matter what.

      • Hope everyone who abetted this atrocity is brought to justice. This is the only way the TPM followers will think twice before supporting their criminal leaders.

        Most of the believers help these murderers thinking that they are doing it for God. If a few are booked, it will be a deterrent to the rest and they will realise that the Law is the same for everyone.

        I feel sorry for this Doctor but he should have known better being an educated man.

  7. I wish and pray that the man who ordered the coverup is also brought to justice. That is the only way this religious anarchy will come to an end.

  8. 1 Timothy 1:19-20
    Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:
    Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.

  9. All the chief’s should take responsibility. Because they didn’t took action at right time as per God’s law, this is now in hands of law and order of country. It’s a judgement of God. All hidden cases should come out.

  10. /////when Abraham Mathew(Dy Chief Pastor) was informed of the murder, he asked John Thomas to hurry and get a death certificate and quickly bury the body/////

    If this is indeed true I think the death of Wesly in UK is also to be suspected if its natural or not.
    Wesly dies in UK. His body comes to India with a shawl ( muffler ) around his neck . In India rumour spreads that Kanagaraj is next associate CP. Later Abraham comes from UK to be second in command. Kanagaraj gave up the offered position for Abraham??? Within months Kanagaraj gets murdered. Now we hear this about Abrahams involvement in the cover up… Smells fishy ..
    Many many more skeletons will surface if a proper unbiased enquiry happens..

    • Hmm…You have a point buddy. I remember that they banned camera phones and photography for Wesely funeral service. Why would they want to do that if it was not for such devious intentions? Need to talk to the prosecution on this.

        • True. But none of them are close-up for a body inspection (as far as I know). All of them are shown at a distance under a glass covering.

      • The very fact that his neck was covered with a muffler is suspicious. Never heard the neck of a body covered with a muffler.

        Wonder what is TPM’s official reason for this? Can you please throw some light.

        • From what was mentioned to us then, it was that he had some boil or a tumor in the neck area. Therefore, they covered it up. But then we can’t trust these guys. They are master story spinners.

        • He never wore a covering on his neck while he was alive. He did not mind people seeing it then and would not have had a problem of people seeing it during his funeral either. Covering it up seems very suspicious indeed.

  11. As young generation comes front seeing the bad state of country to clean up, I hope you and I and the coming generation stands up against all these. All these can happen with a great revival for sure.

  12. The Chief wolf/ves whoever is responsible for taking this decision to cover up this murder should take moral responsibility and resign from their exalted position. The political leaders in this world have better morals than these white washed sepulchers.

    I don’t understand what more evidence is needed for these crooks to relinquish their exalted positions and come under the moral code which governs humanity.

    They don’t fear God, so how can we expect them to fear man.

    The long arm of the Law will get you sooner or later. It is just a matter of time, the countdown has started.

    Matthew 5:20
    For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

  13. Happy to see the believers eyes opened,
    God does great things,
    Last week I was discussing the doctrinal issues in TPM, now many know they are brain washed for years,
    Many are planning to leave this cult soon,

    May god bless,
    Truth shall let you free..



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