We have received some new information regarding the Murder of Pastor Kanagaraj. Some arrests have been made. But we are expecting the arrest of guys at higher levels. So let us check out the below newspaper cuttings for the information.

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

Kanakaraj1 New Developments of Kanagaraj Murder Case

Three arrested including siblings in the murder case of Tuticorin pastor

Three of them are arrested in the murder case of Tuticorin pastor. The reason for his murder also is believed to be known.

Pastor Kanagaraj(74) hails from Mangalapuram near Perambur in Chennai. He was a pastor at Millerpuram Pentecostal church and constructed a shed in the building where all ministers stayed and were living there. He was lying on the bed mysteriously dead on September 5th.

His Relative, Mr.Sudharshan raised a complaint about this and in the process of investigation and forensic evidence, it was confirmed that he was killed.

While the clue was unclear in the last 15 months, The team formed by SP Mahendran under the guidance of Inspector Hariharan and Sub Inspector Shyam Sundar conducted an extensive inquiry.

New Developments of Kanagaraj Murder Case
“TPM Holy Saint” Titus

During an inquiry with a brother named Titus (31), who is ministering at Vaathiyaar Vilay, Nagercoil center, He gave contradicting information. When they investigated his cellular phone, their doubts over him were confirmed.

Following which he was arrested and during the inquiry, it is believed that much shocking news is revealed.

Pastor Kanagaraj who was murdered was a disciplinarian and was strict with finances. Brother Titus who went out to other churches to minister had alleged sexual complaints against him. So pastor Kanagaraj asked to stay in the center and not go out.

This infuriated him. He informed the same to his brother Anto (29) who is a vegetable vendor and also a person named Raghu. Thus, these three planned and on 4th of September night and killed him by placing a pillow on his face and suffocated him. This is known in the inquiry by police.

Followed by Titus’s arrest, his brother Anto and Raghu who was missing was arrested yesterday.

Kkraj New Developments of Kanagaraj Murder CaseMystery unfolds after 15 months

The brothers caught in the murder of the pastor

The clue is brighter after 15 months in the murder of the Pentecostal church pastor who was serving at Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu). Two brothers who are connected to this murder are caught by police.

Kanagaraj(74) hails from Mangalpuram near Perambur in Chennai. He came to Tuticorin in the year 1959 and ministered at various branches of the Pentecostal church. He is a celibate who came to Millerpuram as a Pastor. He built a shed on top of the ministers abode and stayed there.

He did not wake up for a long time on September 6th who went to bed on 5th night 11:30 pm. Since he did not wake up, few brothers who went to check found out that he was dead. And the same was conveyed to his relatives.

His brother’s son-in-law Sudharshan (48) who is a resident of Chennai could observe an injury mark near his jaw and he raised a complaint at the nearest police station stating that there is a mystery behind his death. The SIPCOT Police station recovered his body and sent it for investigation. This murder shook the entire district.

Following this, his body parts were sent to the forensic lab at Madurai and in the investigation, the murder was confirmed.

Police converted it into murder crime and inquiry was going on, even after inquiring more than 65 people in this regard, there was no clue. SP Mahendran formed a separate team under the leadership of Inspector Hariharan and Sub Inspector Shyam Sundar.

This team investigated the case from the beginning and they checked few call list of people who were ministering there and they got a clue.

They found that a person who was serving at Tuticorin was involved in this murder and in this regard they have arrested a person who was ministering under pastor Kanagaraj and his brother and Inquiry is underway at a secret place. At the end of the inquiry, it is believed that the truth about the reason behind this murder will be out at the end of this inquiry.


Article 3 pic New Developments of Kanagaraj Murder CaseChurch Minister arrested for the murder of Pastor

Police inquiry with other two people. A Minister was arrested yesterday in the murder of the pastor. Other two are under police inquiry


Pastor Kanagaraj was ministering at a Pentecostal church, in the 3rd mile. An announcement was made on 4th September 2016 that he passed away suddenly. He had a small injury in his jaw. Police at SIPCOT registered a case. Many doubts were raised over his death repeatedly. Therefore his internal organs were sent for investigation to Madurai and it was confirmed that it was a murder. The death case was converted into murder case on 22/11/2016.

Church minister arrested

The police were searching extensively for the culprits, and when they inquired David’s son Titus (31) who hails from Vaathiyaarvilai, Nagercoil and checked his cellular phone, it was found that he had connections with the murder. Police enquired regarding the reason for his death, he said that pastor did not allow him to minister at other branches and wanted him to stay in the center which infuriated him. Following which, with the help of his brother Anto (29), and Raghu (35) on 4th September 2016 night when the pastor was asleep, they pressed his face with the pillow, and suffocated him to death.

Following which Titus has been arrested and Andro and Raghu are being investigated.

14If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. 15 Indeed, none of you should suffer as a murderer or thief or wrongdoer, or even as a meddler16But if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but glorify God that you bear this name

1 Peter 4:14-16

The Above text is translated by people who are not experts. Please point out errors if any.


  1. Ardently hope all those who attempted to shield the crime within our higher rungs gets picked up too.
    @ Peace will now have some explanation to give as to how a God’s anointed can resort to such a thing.

  2. I’m sure big hands are there behind this and being masked. Team should crack it open or wait for God to bring it to light if they didn’t repent and forsaken.

  3. I loved pas K P Koshy and he was who he was by name. He never compromised on his ministry given by God though every ministers threatened him not to do so much casting devil ministry. Many stood against him. He was later transferred to Rajasthan where he died inside room with all blood. God only knows how he died. It was a poor state and I went to his funeral with sorrow state. There people said he was attacked by evil spirits and he was dead hitting his head on wardrobe and wall.

    • K P Koshy was Killed and the mystery is within the walls of the Organization. He did make many enemies in the Organization power corridors.

    • Yes.
      He was the guy who drops a towel on the target to expel the spirit. I am not sure of how authentic is his action.
      I have never seen him expelling the demons in the name of Jesus.

      Therefore, i take his actions with a grain of salt

  4. I don’t consider KOSHY a servant of God as all his deeds were like a magician. I have heard that he used the hairs & eggs to heal the people & cast the demons out of them. Any sensible person with a little knowledge of the Bible can say that such practices are unbiblical.

  5. Mr.Admin I was once a CPM Believer ..I hated the CPM I was out of this church in 2011….This Article brings to light the Devil in White dress…Keep up the good work…

  6. only very few people,educated and those who have computer& internet connection can able to see
    the content of your site .But,majority of TPM members are average people who may not have the
    chance to view your articles .so ,in my openion,in order to get the full effect for your effort ,try to
    publish your articles trough print media.

    • Hi brother Joy Abraham, the commission of spreading the good gospel and bringing out people caught in false doctrines / cult doesn’t fall only on the shoulders of the admin. It’s given to all of us by Jesus. Fortunately, Admin has provided various articles to help us in carrying out our work for Jesus. Why don’t we shoulder the responsibility of taking the good gospel to the unlucky ones who don’t have access to it? Please don’t think I’m pointing you out. It’s an open request to all to do this. It’s hightime we play an active role in bringing this cult to open, if we aren’t doing it already.

    • Yes. Because of ONE Man (Achan), The entire 3 Million strong Israel lost against a little town. Similarly, Just because the people who did wrong are a minority, it does not mean anything. As long as you are associated with those crooks, you are against GOD.

  7. See ,how these old skeletons are slowly getting unfolded!!!!!!!!
    So that means this BEASTS character is now very much vindicated by bro. Sudhakar’s precious mail communication .and it was not his natural death.This is a horrible news then.I will now check back the old issues of VOP mag which might have/might not have reported in it.Let me see how they printed the news.
    Philip Chandi Pillai was also acted as the Centre Pastor of SECUDERABAD centre
    in the 80’s as far as I knew.

  8. As I was searching in those old issues of VOP,surprisingly I came across ENTERED GLORY news item appeared in NOVEMBER 1996 issue of Voice of Pentecost,page number 14. Should we suspect it as another skeleton that is being rolled over?
    We do not know for sure that case also falls under the SUSPICIOUS grounds category.
    Who knows it might have been another case of sacrifice to the MOLECH that we have been reading in this site.
    His name was printed as Pastor Inayat Khoker(51).This could be another classic case of people dying at an young age. Let me volunteer myself to produce the same item as it is for the sake of the viewers of this blessed site
    PastorPastor Inayat Khoker(aged fifty one years) who was serving the Lord as Centre Pastor at Calcutta entered glory on 22d August 1996,after having completed his thirty three years of faithful labour in his Master’s vineyard.He has served the Lord in several parts of India such as Delhi, Bombay,
    Madras,Bangalore,and Nagpur.
    May be this news item may suddenly catch the ATTENTION of the viewers and the readers ,just as brother Sudakar’s pen brought it into light the news of philip chandapillai.(Till that time I too was under the impression that ps Philip Chandapillai had met his natural end.
    May God help us to investigate the real truths that were lying under the carpet all those yester -years.This BEAST must be further exposed anyway as it may think that when once the name was published in VOP, with all the paraphernalia attached to it, and every thing was closed …….No , God will retrieve all the old skeletons back to light.Just watch.

  9. I was a stupid believer going to Tpm tambaram
    Never thought that these eunuchs were horrible
    Poor Tpm believers spending their time and money with these frauds


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