What we see today is a Monster called Religion which is run by professionals called Pastors. Why are they into it? For the same reason why other professionals are in their professions. As far as I know, Religion is the biggest business on this planet. These deceivers make use of the name of Jesus to trick and fool people who are trapped in it.

A few years back I got a shocker when I heard the TPM Minister shamelessly telling his believers that they will die the death of Ananias and Sapphira for withholding of tithe.  Sadly, none of those poor believers had the understanding of their bibles to catch hold of him and throw him out.

Unbiblical Manipulation of people

Where is tithing in the bible? I’m sick of hearing greedy men misquote from Malachi 3 and Acts 5 to support their livelihood. The Irony is that these men are the ones robbing God. They are manipulators and deceivers whose hearts are set on filthy lucre rather than rightly dividing the Word of Truth. If you’re like most Christians, you’ve been brought up to believe that giving ten percent of your income to the church is something that God commands for New Testament Christians. This is absolutely false. I seek, here, to show the error of this false teaching that has been perpetuated for centuries. It’s amazing that most unbelievers are keen on this reality yet Christians who ought to know better are swept away by it because they do not diligently search the scriptures to see if the things people are telling them are true. Don’t take my word for it. I make it a point to read as much from the Bible as I can so you’re not receiving my “opinions”. This nonsense needs to stop. I happily pledge to expose every bit of greed and corruption I can in an effort to liberate those who have been taken captive by lies. A half-truth is something Satan is in the business of telling. I intend on rightly dividing the Scripture. I pray this is enlightening for some.



I recommend that you watch the above video from start to end to know how this business model works. If you are serious about your relationship with God, you cannot continue to feed these sharks and expect that God is with you. Sadly most of TPM Believers are blackmailed into thinking that their finances will be impacted if they stopped giving this tax. If it is so, I have no doubt that your God is Mammon. People in TPM are frightened that if they take some action their applecart will topple. Such people have already booked their seats for the lake of Fire.

But the fearful……..shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.  Rev 21:8

If your actions are dictated by fear, you are already in a hopeless situation.


Modern Pastors - Drain the SwampIf your pastor is being paid money for his job, he is a hireling.  He is in it for his own Belly.

For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. Romans 16:18

Do you know who is responsible for this business to be running so long? It is YOU. If you stop paying up, the business will dry up. And once the business dries up, all these sharks will start working for their sustenance and will leave the business houses like TPM. Then you can see the real ministers who follow God for his love. You can get to know the real ministers who serve not as preachers but as the ones that pour out their lives for others without even an iota of boasting or cribbing.

In the Real Church fellowship, there will never be a One-man/Clergy group show as we see today.  The day you see 1 Cor 14:26 happening in your assembly, you can assume that sanity has returned to your fellowship. The day you see Matt 25:31-46 happening among the brethren in your church, you can assume that sanity has returned to the people in their behavior. Till then you are just part of a Sham called Institutional Church.

Tithing Message Modern Pastors - Drain the Swamp




  1. I was looking for list of institutions like TPM, that have become gigantic beasts by gulping poor man’s inheritance in name of tithing. But I stumbled upon a list of preachers and churches which condemned tithing. Names in the list does not necessarily mean I agree with their all teachings, but atleast they are examples of those men who survived inspite of criticizing tithing.

    Here’s the list .
    It is quite interesting to find Zac poonen’s cfc in the list of institutions that do not insists on tithes. And it seems to be only one in India out of thousands of churches. It is sign of how few are those who are willing to go by scriptures rather than traditions.

      • Haha! I agree that Africa is full up to brim with charlatans. But there are God’s people everywhere (I think) and they don’t make much noise about there presence. I have heard of world renowned scholar serving in African countries. His name is Craig S keener.

  2. Drain the swamp . . . just reminded me of Trump .. he couldn’t do it , i think we neither . i feel like we are in the last minutes . So the devil try to corrupt as much as people as possible .

  3. I was expecting a lengthy article about the “truth about Tithing”, based on bible for NT. Unfortunately I cant view the video due to poor speed. kindly explain in detail – why Tithing is non biblical? If time permits!
    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi
    I remember an ex tpm worker br told me once pastor visited a home and he was accompanying him and that family gave pastor something, while out from the home this centre pastor told this worker br “Vaayil chakkara , kayyill kokkara”. I hope you understood.. that he expected something bigger but didn’t get… Can you realize the mentality of these people.

    • Haha..That is what you can expect from lazy people who roam around for begging in the name of Jesus. What a shame. Why don’t they work like normal people and live without being a burden for anybody.

  5. Nice article on tithing. If this practice can be stopped in Christendom, I think majority of the deception can be stopped by these pastors, earlier saints lived on Faith now they live on tithes. They want to build church bldgs and other things, none of them helps poor ones or do any charity. Stopping giving to these people. Not only in tpm any other churches.

    • Stop giving the tithe & you will see a sudden fall in the number of people joining TPM ministry. Not only a steep fall in the joining, you can see many will run away from the present palace the fake homes. I guarantee you this & if you don’t believe persuade all the TPM followers to do a check on what I say. Not more but just stop giving the tithes & offerings for few months & then you can see how sincerely they are dedicated. I know it’s a next to impossible task for the TPM believers bcoz they belive that their blessings is in giving to their hypocrite saints.

  6. I recently heard a preaching from one Sunday service ” Tithe ( 10% ) is not the standard of New Testament Church. Till that time I hadn’t heard anyone preaching like that for the whole of my life . I thought he is against money !! But next sentence he added “Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. Scribes and Pharisees gave tithe in all things … So NT standard is more than 10 % “.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

      • Dear ILJ
        It’s true that the Centre Pastors(frauds) give the monthly target to local frauds. I think that the one who you heard that day could not have hit the target till then & that’s why he was preaching the nonsense.

  7. Haha. Good interpretation to fill target.
    NT standard is God loves a cheerful giver either it is 1 or 1000s. Not quantity, quality is NT standard in everything not only in money matters

  8. Good video and explains well. In one of the sermons of Capt. A M Samuel he says that in their fellow ship no pastor/elder is allowed to collect tithe. There would be a box in the hall where believers could drop in their offerings (without names on envelopes )as they were moved by the holy spirit. Reason was that the elders would not even have the opportunity to judge believers by the offerings they received. Elder Zac after resigning from the navy I believe was engaged in some other works to earn for himself and family instead of being a burden on others. Previously I would admit that I would be overwhelmed by guilt if for any reason tithe could not be spared. Now since last few months, after the right doctrine sinked in, things have become a lot clearer and burden light…

  9. Br. Redeemed, you are right. In cfc they follow same like this. There is an offering box at the corner. No body knows who put the offering. Elders are not authorized to take that money for their living, and they don’t need it because they have secular jobs.

  10. Very true bro, years back,
    Earlier when I was in India I was running some business, and unfortunately I had a huge loss, at that time,
    A TPM pastor told me this is because u are not faithful in giving tithes, that is why u get problems in finances.
    Like A silent threat to clear all the tithes pending to come out of problem.
    And to make a promise to god that I’ll clear all the old pending To come out of problem,

    When I understand later, god had a better plan in my life, He block my finances moved me out of the country and opened a better way to grow spiritually and learn more about Bible and grow in sprit,

    These people will go to any extend, and also make it a point to collect money irrespective of any situation, even at funeral.

    God bless,

    • Which tune brother? Did we not warn you of going to a one-man-show group? An ideal place for fellowship is a small congregation where you can evidently see 1 Cor 14:26 being followed. Otherwise, you are just part of the audience where you have no part except for watching.

      Read the last Paragraph of this article

      And BTW, presence of God is not something you are expected to be feeling. He is there is the worst nighmares that you are in.(Heb 13:5,Matt 28:20). What you feel in TPM would be an ecstasy of familiarity and nothing else. If another Christian Comes to TPM, he will also go through the same problem that you had when you went there. Its Human Nature.
      Presence of God is something that you cultivate in your mind. If presence of God for you is that 3-4 hours in TPM Faith Home, then you are living a carnal pathetic life for the rest of the 164 hours. OOPS.

  11. Undeniable: The advocates and agitators who fought for justice


    An articles showing how a secular government is ensuring justice is done victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic and Anglican clergy many years after the crimes were committed.

    Hope One day something of this kind will happen within TPM. Are there any men left there who will fight for justice? , sorry did not realise that they are all eunuchs?

  12. Dear Admin,

    I don’t think you should write anything against the our dear servants of God. They’re the ones praying for us, making supplications for us. Look at the better side of the story, Look at the exemplary lives of Pastor TU, Pastor AC, Pastor Wesly, Pastor Manoharan, Pastor MT, Pastor Don, Pastor Wilson and many more.
    Let us not be a stumbling block to others.

    • I can do without their praying. When I call upon the Father, he hears me directly. There is only one Mediator between God and Man, the Man Christ Jesus(1 Timothy 2:5). I do not accept these middle Men. Most of them are crooks of the higher order. Except for Don and Wilson and maybe Manoharan, the others are dangerous wolves.

    • @concerned .
      Hi concerned , what a pity ..? seems like you never had a experience of calling him FATHER ..?
      you are missing the joy of fellowship with him , but you are happy with the fellowship of white clad wolves right ..? you are missing the very basic thing in our faith dear brother ..

  13. Glad that you too atleast admit the beautiful life of Pastor Wilson, Pastor Don,Pastor Manoharan along with many others. Lets look at their lives and sacrifices they have made. The truth of Divine healing, the truth of concecration, the truth of simplicity have been practiced by them all their lives. Lets not degrade them by all these stuffs.

    • These are few people whom I have not heard of boasting on their consecration or the Exaltation typical TPM Pastors do (Luke 6:45). It just means that I do not know of that. If you would have read the ABOUT US section, we understand that all these people are Humans and are not infallible as they proclaim to be. But the Core issue is the Doctrine that they preach which is from the PIT OF HELL.

    • Dear Concerned,
      Don’t try to twist comments like your audacious daytime frauds you call as saints. Where did I say that these frauds are having the adjectives you have used. Can you show me the word consecration from New Testament? What do you mean by divine healing. Then why they are using spectacles? Please don’t try to put your words in my mouth. I am not an enslaved, timid TPM believer like you.

    • @ Concerned.
      Falsehood of divine healing, the falsehood of consecration and overemphasis on ascetic life inplace of forensic righteousness of finished work on cross was practised the tpm saints.

      There are many articles on this site on erroneous teachings of divine healing, consecration of tpm. Kindly go through them to decide what us truth and what is falsehood.

    • Dear Concerned, I understand your concern as there was a time when I also used to be concerned about TPM’s godfathers. Unfortunately I don’t agree with your concern as these leaders are, knowingly or unknowingly, leading thousands of concerned gentlemen like you to hell.

      They all might have been good men just as good as Gandhi or the Pope or any other religious leaders or sadhus. However they are all guilty of misrepresenting the Word of God by putting their denominational doctrines above the true doctrines of Christ. You and I know very well what is the punishment for blasphemy.

      I would advise that you shift your concern to your own soul and its salvation. TPM’s doctrines are not Christian and if you continue to believe and persevere in it, I’m sorry to say that your destiny is not going to be New Jerusalem. This may be very hard for you to believe, I would suggest that you read the articles about the heretical doctrines of TPM and draw your own conclusion.

      It is simple, you cannot be a Christian and a TPM believer at the same time. It is your choice, my friend, be concerned for the right concern and you will never be concerned the rest of eternity.

  14. Just because of few handful we cannot blame everyone; many still are living a pure life. As Pastor Manasseh always used to say, Strive for purity and Live for the purity..!

    • Manasseh? The Person who died almost a year back?
      Well, I just wished that he followed the statement in his life. But as far as I gather from some of his friends, he was not so. Whatever it is, We again reiterate, it’s not the people but the evil doctrines that are our Focus.

    • If white wardrobes are the criteria of purity, then all of your frauds are pure. Then there are so many other sects using only white cloths. What about them?

    • From few of Pas Don’s sermons which I heard, he appeared to biased on prosperity preaching side. I’ve heard he was evangelist in oral Roberts team before joining tpm. Oral Roberts is known as father of modern prosperity preaching. Maybe that is why theology of pastor don was more towards prosperity gospel.

      • I have heard that Pastor Don was a spineless man when it came to the Split of NTC way back in the 80s. Many left TPM for the Weird doctrines it espoused. But he did not have the spine to stand up for what is right. Rather he was bewitched by a Sr Sister named Joyce and took a turn which he regretted later on.

        • Thanks for that piece of info. Didn’t knew there was split in NTC too! And wow! pas don wanted to run from tpm? Great! This chapter must be missing in pastor Don’s biography published by Tpm in voice of Pentecost.

          Tpm usually preaches, to the inmates that don’t even THINK of leaving Tpm ministry and they quote — Luke 9:62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and LOOKS BACK is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

        • I am not sure whether he wanted to run away from TPM. But he wanted to get the people back who had questions regarding TPM Doctrines and its Lifestyle. But this Sister Named Joyce and People like TU were hardliners who wanted to make it an organization like the Indian TPM. So as a result of this split many people/ministers left NTC. Since then the organization has never recovered. If you go to the US, 95% of people in NTC are of Indian Origin. Thank God for the deliverance of people who realized the true state of this cult.

    • @concerned, yes they all lead a very pure life but they are poor liars. They are cheating simple folks and leading them to hell with their false teachings.
      A true Christian’s slogan is “strive for Christ and live for Christ”. Your/our purity is nothing but filthy rags, Wake up my friend, I’m truly concerned for you.

  15. Dear Concerned/Anonymous,

    Looking unto Men(Godly Men) as a source of encouragement/mediator/priest/prophet….

    Kindly read the below passages with open mind and judge for yourself how God dealt with people when they held Men of GOD whom GOD has appointed between them and GOD…

    For our case study – will take Moses as an Example

    GOD exalted MOSES when People despised his anointing/himself:

    When People opposed the Man of GOD – Moses , GOD stood for the anointed ones , spoke on behalf of them and avenge them as well.

    ->Miriam and Aaron’s Rebellion Against Moses in Numbers 12 chapter

    Lord’s Response to the Rebels:

    Numbers 12: 5
    Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud; he stood at the entrance to the tent and summoned Aaron and Miriam. When the two of them stepped forward, 6 He said, “Listen to my words:
    “When there is a prophet among you,
    I, the Lord, reveal myself to them in visions,
    I speak to them in dreams.
    7But this is not true of my servant Moses;
    he is faithful in all my house.
    8With him I speak face to face,
    clearly and not in riddles;
    he sees the form of the Lord.
    Why then were you not afraid
    to speak against my servant Moses?”
    9The anger of the Lord burned against them, and he left them.
    10When the cloud lifted from above the tent, Miriam’s skin was leprousy —it became as white as snow.

    ->Korah’s Rebellion against Moses in Numbers 16 chapter

    Lord’s response to the Rebels:
    Numbers 16 :20 And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, 21 “Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment.”
    35 And a fire came out from the Lord and consumed the two hundred and fifty men who were offering incense.

    On the other hand when the same people exalted Moses as a Mediator between them and GOD…

    Look how Our GOD responded them…

    Hebrews 3:3 Jesus has been found worthy of greater honor than Moses, just as the builder of a house has greater honor than the house itself.

    John 5:45 “But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom your hopes are set.

    Moses misled the people of Israel with few laws , the same who has been held in High respect for quite a long time in the history has been exposed by Our Lord Jesus how human beings are bound err irrespective of their anointing/calling/ministry…

    Matthew 19:3-9

    Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?”

    “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ ? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

    “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?”

    Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

    Romans 3 :20
    Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law;

    Romans 3:4
    Let God be true, and every human being a liar.

    Why are you so attracted to imperfect human(apostles,prophets,preachers etc,..) when you have the PERFECT HUMAN- SON OF GOD…

    Why do you honor and esteem unworthy human(apostles,prophets,preachers etc,..) when you the HOLY ONE WHO IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN

    Every Human beings those who have already born and going to be born can be saved only through GRACE, THE ONE AND ONLY HUMAN WHO DOES NOT NEED TO BE THE SAVED IS THE SAVIOUR HIMSELF…


  16. I have an incident where I was not paying tithe as the funds were diverted to other ministerial works. The pastor in charge checks with my spouse on me giving tithes and speaks in Sunday Service.

    Another incident where quite few spiritual believers with gifts prophesies. When they did once and called Zion and told few of thier mischief, the brother in charge stopped him and on Sunday he shamed them saying believers have no right to prophesy about Zion and such prophesies are from pit. Now this believer stopped prophesing itself.

  17. I tell you the real incident took place in my church.. One old grandfather was sick for months, and he recovered after few months.,, but the brother in charge of the church asked (threatened) the tithe of the the present month including the months that he was in the sick…..He threatened him, like that ,. unless you give tithe,we won’t come visiting to your house… Neither pray…. This was actually happened before my eyes…


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