TPM demigods have attempted to mould innocent minds into idolizing its ministers. This was explained to you in our last article. Brother BTM requested an explanation of yet another Sunday school lesson from TPM syllabus. So we thought to explain the gospel and show you the same face of TPM. The story is found in 2 Kings 4:8-37. It is the story of an event in the life of Elisha. How do we interpret this story?

How to interpret Scriptures

Galatians 3:24Wherefore the LAW WAS OUR SCHOOLMASTER TO BRING US UNTO CHRIST, that we might be justified by faith.

Luke 24:27 And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.

The above verses instruct that scriptures ought to function as a schoolmaster leading us to Christ. It ought not to be a schoolmaster, leading men to TPM saints. Jesus should be our primary focus. He ought to be given preeminence in what we read. Jesus said, “when the Comforter has come… he will testify of me (John 15:26).” Spirit in TPM pastors works otherwise. It gives them a revelation to dislodge Jesus and then emplaces TPM workers in its place. They keep harping about themselves. How often you hear TPM preachers boasting about themselves. We have exposed this in so many of our articles. Check this, and this, and this and this. Apostle Paul forewarned of this centuries ago saying “…men will arise, ….to draw away disciples after them. (Act 20:30)” Below is a snapshot of Sunday school teachings of TPM. The sacrilege that they teach from 2 Kings 4:8-37 is engineered to limelight TPM demigods instead of leading us to Christ from it.

Hardwiring of TPM Theology

Below is a snapshot of moral taught by TPM, found in their Sunday school syllabus, lesson 8, Std 7.

TPM Replacing Christ and installing demigods in the temple of God

Moral (TPM version): When we minister to the saints we are ministering to God Himself and the Lord will bless us. The saints help us in times of our trials by interceding for us.

So according to TPM, Men must minister to TPM workersSo they make it clear that they are unlike the saviour who came to serve (Matt 20:28). TPM Ministers have come to be Served. No wonder you will find youths and believers kneading and massaging TPM demigods when they feel tired, and behaving as servants in faith homes, and sisters washing their clothes, ironing their ecclesiastical garbs, believers carrying their bibles, and they themselves living as kings – ordering men to serve them.  In the last article, we showed you a clip of Thambi Durai asking believers of Dubai faith home to work as a slave for TPM workers. In this article (click) we showed you how this worker asked believers to clean cobweb in faith home. Read Matt 20:26-28

Matt 20:26-28  But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister, And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

What did Jesus command concerning Whom/How to minister?

We all know that TPM Ministers consider themselves as Great people themselves. Scores of books/magazines by TPM tells us that they are the ones destined for highest Zion and the others are supposed to be going to negligible places.  Now consider Jesus values which Ministry.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the “LEAST” of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matt 25:40

Now consider the above verse with TPM MoralWhen we minister to the saints we are ministering to God Himself and the Lord will bless us. The saints help us in times of our trials by interceding for us.

Can you see how contrasting are both the statements?  Therefore, if the statements are diametrically opposite to each other, it is undoubtedly from two opposing sources. We know the reference from Matthew is from God…You decide where is TPM Moral coming from.

How Should we interpret II KINGS 4:8-37

Initially, we were created as living souls (Genesis 2:7). God reminding Adam (living soul) that the day you eat of the forbidden fruit you will die (Genesis 2:17), implying that he was living soul (wasn’t dead yet). Apostle Paul confirms that once we were dead in sin but thanks be to God who through Jesus quickened us and made us sit with Jesus in high places (Eph 2:1-8). Elisha’s raising the son of the woman. This raising of the son points to Jesus, who can quicken our bodies and raise us to newness of life. Isn’t it? How? Here is the table which compares events in the life of Elisha and of Jesus, which reveals that Elisha was a pointer to Christ. His experience foreshadowed the actions of the coming Saviour.

Spirit came upon Elisha at river Jordan (2 Kings 2:1-14)Spirit descended on Jesus at Jordan (Matt. 3:13-17)
Raised son of a woman of Shunem (2 Kings 4)Raised son of a woman of Nain to life ( Luke 7:1-7)
Fed 100 men with 20 loaves & were left with fragments (2 Kings 4:42-44)Fed 5000 men with 5 loaves & fragments were left even after feeding them (Matt 14:13-21)
Healing of Naaman the leper (2 Kings 5)Healing of lepers (Luke 5:12-16)
Gentile Naaman’s was converted to worship God  (v 17)Gentiles were converted to living God (Acts 10)
Elisha made the iron float on water (2 Kings 6:6)Jesus himself floated and walked on water (Matt 14:25)
Elisha weeps beholding calamity coming on Israel (2 Kings 8:12)Jesus weeps beholding calamity that is to come upon children of Israel (Luke 19:41-44)
Elisha makes Syrian army blind and escapes out from their hands (2 Kings 6:8-23 )Jesus is said to have done something like this when he escaped out of hands of Pharisees who thronged him to kill him (John 8:59, Lk 4:29,20)
Elisha opened the eyes of his disciples (2 Kings 6:17)Jesus opened the eyes of his disciples (Lk 7:21/ 24:31,32,45)
Gehazi the disciple of Elisha could not raise widows son (4:31)Disciples of Jesus, could not cast demons out (Matt 17:16)
Able to see Gehazi from afar off (5:26)Able to see Nathaniel from afar off (John 1:48)
Able to hear the sound of Syrian king from afar off (6:8)Able to hear what Pharisees reasoned in their hearts
Elijah was a forerunner to ElishaJohn the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah as a forerunner to  Jesus.
Elisha’s death (grave) made a man come to life (
2 Kings 13:20,21)
Jesus’s death made saints come out of the grave (Matt 27:52). His death gives us life.

Note: I don’t remember where I collected this stuff from. It’s old and taken from varied sources from the internet. Sorry, to the person whom I can’t name and thereby credit him of his labours, as I don’t remember the exact source. I am utmost thankful to God and through him to them who laboured and made this freely available on the internet. May God bless them.

It is not a coincidence that there are so many similarities in the lives of Elisha and Jesus. Therefore when we consider the larger framework of the entire life of Elisha, then it becomes perspicuous that events in his life were predestinated by God so that he might become a pointer to Jesus who was to come as the saviour of mankind.

The story of Elisha would have been part of Jesus’s talk with the disciples on the way to Emmaus.

And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Luke 24:27

However, if we go by microscopic interpretation of each and every detail provided in 2 Kings 4, and try to interpret it, then we might miss the larger and more important message. Hence it is crystal clear that miracles performed by Elisha are recorded in scripture, not with the intention to make men long for the power of Holy Spirit so that they can utilize its power to draw men unto themselves, rather their purpose is to foreshadow the promised one greater than Elisha.

Didn’t Jesus say, here is someone greater than Moses, and here is someone greater than Solomon? Did not the writer of Hebrews compare angels and Moses and Aaron and ministering of the tabernacle to conclude that Jesus was greater than them all and his ministration is better than theirs? However, the revelation given to TPM frauds had used all such opportunities to project their ministry as greater than the ministry of other independent churches. Why because they want to dislodge Christ and put themselves in a seat meant for him in God’s house.

Have you noticed how John the Baptist (who came in the spirit of Elijah) removes himself and enthroned Christ? He said I do a ministry that I am called to do but the one who is coming after me is mightier than me. I am unworthy to even bear his shoes. And how do TPM ministers? They reverse and project themselves where they should have glorified Christ.


Repeating again the thing said above: Elisha’s raising the son of the woman, points to Jesus who gives us eternal life. Adam sinned and we all died. Death passed by the disobedience of one man. Jesus obeyed and benefits of his obedience are imputed to our credit (Romans 5:19). He lived a righteous life and we all who believe him are declared righteous without works (Rom 4:5). Sola Fide, Sola gratia, Sola scriptura!

TPM Replacing Christ and installing demigods in the temple of God@Teju: According to you we have corrupt wisdom. May it be reminded to you that we teach about Jesus and make people look at Jesus instead of TPM! Oh! That is corrupt wisdom according to you? We have an advice for you. Stop making your blind believers look at yourself and your fraudulent saints instead of Jesus. May God give you repentance!

@ BTM: Brother it is not wrong to help ministers of the word of God and respect them, but it is utter nonsense when these self-acclaimed servants of God demand men to serve them in name of God (John 13:10-15, Luke 22:26, I Pet 5:3). It is horrible when they remove Christ out of picture whom due glory must be given and take that glory for themselves. May God bless you as he has used you to become blessings to many by your asking us a question!

@ Our readers: We are revealing these things unto you because we do not want you to make another church like TPM (based on human holiness and human good works). There are horrible things done within the four walls of TPM. We do not want to mud-sling anyone. Tell us what it will benefit, if we use not this opportunity to reveal unto you words of eternal life, instead of just pointing mistakes of TPM. We want you to get established in Jesus and have eternal life abundantly.


  1. Thank you for this article. Also, thanks to the admin and other contributors who post articles & comments here.

    I just wanted to ask a question. I agree with many of the points you say i.e. things taught in church vs scripture. However, I am not sure of this one thing, if not this church, then which one to attend?
    Does anyone know any church where teachings are pure without human additions/manipulations? Or is the consensus that there is no church per se, each individual has to make sure they live their lives right as per scripture before God?


    • Most of us have grown up believing that the Church was a building, and that you went to worship as a weekly activity. Faith and life and spiritual growth were all about getting to that building, because that building was where your encountered God.

      That is only partially true.

      But the greater, far more glorious truth dear friend, is that you are the Church; that God is all around and ever-present and within you. And so wherever you find yourself this morning, that ground is holy. When your mind and heart are oriented toward the things of God, your very life is an act of worship.

      The first thing you need to do is GET RID OF CHURCHIANITY.You are expected to have a DAILY WALK with JESUS. Your Mondays and Tuesdays are as special as is your Sunday. Church-less Sundays(or Fridays) can bring a great deal of guilt, especially if you grew up in TPM. When you find your spiritual life being defined outside of the local church, you can tend to feel like you’re doing it wrong, or that the experience is somehow counterfeit—less spiritual. Organized religion like TPM is the very barrier they need to overcome to get closer proximity to Jesus. It is the thing that most hinders their pursuit of peace. It actually creates unrest within them. And in this way, for those people, “church” is the wrong answer to the question of “How do I grow spiritually?”

      In case you are wanting to have fellowship with disciples, look out and pray to Jesus. Your primary fellowship is with Jesus(1 John 1:3) and not Pastors. He is ever ready to help you. If you never had that kind of Fellowship with Jesus, try it with your family. He promises if 2 or 3 are gathered in his name, he is there in the midst. There is nowhere in Scripture where Jesus commands us to go to a building called “Church”. It was always about sharing life with people. All that existed in the New Testament were house churches where people were already living together in deep, relational community. I am sure if you ask for a wider fellowship, Jesus will lead you to the right place. Just check out if you can correlate 1 Cor 14:26 happening in that place. But surely you cannot any more linger within TPM as you cannot travel in two boats. I shall try to get a better article published if possible.

      • Thanks admin, greatly appreciated.

        An article would be great as I am sure there are many like me who know things are not right but do not do anything because of a) fear of the indoctrination that those who leave the church get destroyed and b) lack of guidance/options on the big question, “where else can we go?”

        Obviously, it is our responsibility to seek these answers from God Himself and not expect to be spoon-fed, it would be great if there is some article around this. Regards.

        • //fear of the indoctrination that those who leave the church get destroyed and //

          Have you ever seen anybody who left TPM for the right reasons get destroyed? This is the scare tactics of TPM Clergy to keep you in bondage.
          I have not even seen ONE PERSON who has left TPM regretting it. They are Happier, peaceful, spiritual and enjoy a great DIRECT relationship with our Lord.

          For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. Rom 8:15

  2. What an atrocious moral of a great Prophet and his wonderful service. An opportunity to inculcate correct spiritual values at a tender age lost..I did teach sunday school upto std 6 many years before but with TPM lens on. I hope I didn’t lead my sunday school children astray in my ignorance. Wish this blog existed then so that we could have done a proper sunday school ministry…

  3. @admin,

    I see where you are coming from when you say, “Have you ever seen anybody who left TPM for the right reasons get destroyed? This is the scare tactics of TPM Clergy to keep you in bondage.”

    However the reality for hardcore tpm people like us is that we only know what is said in church. Almost once a week we hear, ‘such and such family from another place left our church & they got destroyed. The other one is ‘if you liaise with such people, their backsliding spirit will enter you as well’.

    I am not saying these things are true. What I am saying is that the fear of destruction and the fear of association with people who have left ensures that the people in church never come to know what actually happens to people who leave. This site is however an eye opener.

    • Well, this kind of tactics works with TPM Folks because they choose to be ignorant and do not verify. Had the TPM Folks chosen to verify the sermons and doctrines against the scripture, we would not have reached this level. Please read Acts 17:11. So if people cannot check the scripture in their own hands, they will never verify the lies about others these people shout from the pulpit.
      The purpose of putting the testimony section is to let people know that they need not be scared.
      What is the definition of TPM about “Being Destroyed”? As far as we are concerned, “Being Destroyed” means eternally separated from God. We can prove on the basis of Scripture that Most of the TPM Clergy are DESTROYED. But we are not in the mission of Judging any individual before time.

      The Next time your Clergy says somebody left TPM and was destroyed, ask him to give the contact details and we can check. At the same time, I would like to tell you that there are so many TPM believers living their life in a horrible way. Why are they not showcasing them?
      The New Testament does not consider material riches as a Blessing. God’s worldview is not what many people including TPM People think to be. I personally think that your attitude towards world’s wealth gives you and your eternity a perspective. If you have material abundance, you have a higher risk of being on the broad way to hell even though you are a good Christian externally.

  4. @ Faith alone

    Actually you can still stay inside tpm and enjoy the service and have a closure relationship with the Lord , which i did very well (i always laugh at them inside) .. .but for a tpm born and brought up it is very difficult n it ll be like coming out of Islam .

    there is no perfect church or preacher in the world , its a mystery God only knows . personal relationship is more important . just try to listen to preachers other than tpm , that will clear up your mind . , , youtube for classic messages . there are plenty
    you wont have time to listen all . .

    even if there is a good church in your location . .. are you ready to exit ..?? sacrifice any of yor family members .? social stigma .. ?

    @ admin

    we have two kinda people

    1) those who are ready to come out of tpm .. had enof .. ..BS
    2) those who cannot come out physically for different reasons but mentally recovered .

    So its time to make an article on “How to exit tpm ” , “Exit guidelines for the tpmites ” or
    ” Instructions for the Insiders ” …! “Dos and Donts for a tpmite ” …Please …!

  5. Exit TPM is not wise approach. No church can be perfect. Where people exist, errors tends to happen and forgiving is divine. One have to live per bible. Church is more of fellowship where all comes together and worship God. No one for sure worship believers and ministers which admin said in lighter terms. We get into mixed people in church where we interact and clarify doubts. It’s clear that the upcoming youths believe God and try to live. No one stops a person when they live per bible rather pats such people. When anyone in church does wrong, either a person correct him or her or ignore amd keep moving ahead and pray.

    • Additionally, no ministers tell believers to do wrong. If at all they tell, believers have right to decline based on their commitments. I have done many a time and ministers do not get offended nor they gnash their teeth on such believers.

      To site few examples, minister may call us to bring vehicle for visiting thinking we are free. It’s your call. If you are free, you can go as it’s good to go than to sit idle. If you are already committed, you can decline.

      Sunday school too is being taught by believers. They do not get influenced by all ministers and teach blindly. Teachers study and relate their life and teach. No one stops a student to ask question.

      But I’m not sure if admin is promoting not to go to such TPM Church, rather stay at home and worship. This could be erroneous. Secondly, if you wish to fellowship and grow, take any church you like. It’s one’s determination and family decision.

      Having personal time is also individual choice. If you want to sacrifice young children and attend church special meeting, it’s good. The same we do at work when special meeting is called for. But if you are not able too due to various reasons or even if you have little children, you will priortise and same you do for work.

      • A time will come when Christianity would have been so normalised, that it will continue to display apathy and recklessness.

        It’s then that a New World Order will be effected where there is a unitary system in everything.. be it commerce or religion.

        TPM folks would find it rather refreshing, because it appeals to their senses.

        Several years ago, when I would check with the youths of many cities, their main appeal towards the church was the ‘busyness’… people running around all the time… washing, serving, cleaning. They have taken a liking to the noisiness and the melodrama.

        A generation that has failed to understand Jesus Christ personally will impose Churchianity with threats and rewards and with Scripture verses.

        If Christ is not in your Church, should you at all feel compelled to go there?

        Little Children keep yourselves from (TPM) idols. Amen.

        • I definitely have to 100 percent agree with what brother Denzel says here. Right , I don’t see the children in TPM LOVE Jesus. Yes, they know the bible better than anybody else but do they REALLY have a personal relationship with Jesus where HE and HE alone is there without the vision being blurred by intercession of men and self righteousness… Also this is true…. even if the saints are giving such a teaching why don’t the believers decide what to accept and what to reject based on the word of GOD ???? Especially the old believers….. I have heard the Sunday school supervise REPEATEDLY instructing this….. saints are everything for us….. what they sas is the ultimate…. we are their slaves…. we shouldn’t budge an inch from their instructions….. hearing this I just wanted to get up and walk off !!! Why didn’t that supervisor know that this is wrong ???? Believers are equally to be blamed !!!

      • Deceptive AntiChrist Spirit operating within them who run the church ( who are in top position) has been exposed by numerous articles on this site.

        Further this organization is cultic. An article on this site has exposed lifecycle of Tpm member, how it ends up destroying families.

        Therefore I think it is better to exit Tpm.

      • @Mark,
        You mentioned ..////Sunday school too is being taught by believers. They do not get influenced by all ministers and teach blindly. Teachers study and relate their life and teach. ///
        When in the syllabus is mentioned “Fear Leaders” , will the teacher it as it is ? or skip it or teach teach it rightly ?He will teach it as it is right ? Why ? Because in all the sermons the teachers hear the ministers preach the same…”You ( believers ) have us .. We have Centre Pastors .. Centre Pastors have Chief Pastors .. They have God………..You are in us .. We are in Center pastors.. They are in Chief pastors .. Chief pastors are in God ” ….. Isnt it an influence of ministers on Teachers ??

        //// No one stops a student to ask question./////

        No one stops … ok ….Does anyone ( teacher ) encourages the student to ask question?
        I have heard some teachers complains to parents/ministers because is Kids ask questions. Parents scold their children.. Kids stop ask questions..
        Else if they ask question, if teacher cant answer the question then and there , will they refer further and answer them satisfactorily ? What will happen.. Kids stop asking .Isnt it the 80% situation ?

        Keep aside Kids? Do we as believers get chances to ask question ? Do we have a Q&A time at the end atleast in our Bible studies? Many a times don’t we scratch our head why is the preaching like this? Dont we simply get out of the hall with confused minds after sermons which you heard which contradicted with the earlier preachings you heard on the same subject in same church ?
        Havent we got confused many times if the revelations we hear in preachings are personal ( from MAN ) or Jesus ?
        Do we get chances to ask ? Do we get doubts clarified?

        I dont think so.

    • Brother Mark, I understand your logic but cannot agree with it. I have been in this situation. If you are truly saved, the Holy Spirit will never allow you to continue in this perverted organisation. When your eyes are opened, every lie becomes evident and the longer you stay there and support it financially and with your time, you are indirectly supporting the enemy’s kingdom. It is not possible to be a Christian and a TPM believer at the same time because the fundamentals are contradictory.

      I have been there, and I can assure you that if you are truly born again, you will never be a fence sitter no matter what the cost or consequences. The Holy Spirit will ensure that you QUIT TPM. Your own family will hate you and you lose all your friends and your identity but eventually you will realise that your eternity is more important than being attached to a religious organisation which appears to be Christian but in reality is advancing Satan’s agenda.

      There comes a time in every one’s life when you have to make a choice, hope we opt for the right one not the comfortable one.

      Now with the evidence presented in this website, you cannot hide behind the pretence of ignorance. You are without excuse, my friend.

  6. @mark
    agreed that no church is perfect and all are prone to have some or other kind of doctrinal error
    but if the error is fundamental error and related to salvation of our souls then i think we are all in danger of our eternity. Unless fundamental stand is corrected until then lives of those who believe in TPM will be in jeopardy. Once fundamental stand is corrected every other thing will fall into right place. No wonder Jesus said a good tree cannot produce bad fruit and bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

    All the stories of sexual immoralities, pride, self exaltation, lack of love, hypocrisy and other problems will disappear if we get our conversions right. Hence in my opinion it is better to exit TPM and join a better fellowship where you get to learn basic things right and build thereupon our spiritual lives by gifts operating in communion of saints.

  7. I would concur with few above in saying that it is upto us to chose which is right. Maybe our forefathers got attracted to this faith based on the good things they beheld at that point in time. Now cut back to this generation, where things with this organisation is gone belly up. Col 1:28 is now practiced with a twist to satisfy the materialistic needs. Instead of weaning people from it I see that they are being attracted towards it and it will continue….
    As per Ps. 107:9 For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness, Lord will show a way to satisfy those hungry for him. Perhaps the below message from Bro Zac sums it up.

  8. This article is really a truth when you compare Elisa with Jesus. Here believers are not after the doctrinal truth but man made one. Search the truth and you will be free from the organisational bondage. Someone said that leaving Tom will lead you into utter calamity. Brother it is not at all correct. Anyone who left this cult ORGANISATION is well off in every aspect. Nobody is wandering here and there. You know this cult DOCTRINE was not INVENTED by Pastor Paul Raman Kutty but by FALLEN SAINT Alwyn who had introduced Adenic Perfection. He in order to establish the organisation he strictly brain washed married people to sell their properties and mutilated their families and children. On their properties only he built organisation. I am one among those victims.

    Pray God and he will set your feet on a rock.

  9. I do not agree that one should compel to get out of TPM, and if this is being enforced, I believe that something is wrong with the whole purpose. I could see many attacks on sermon, lifestyle, etc., and I am not sure how much are true. I am here for the last 40+ years and I do not go by what the ministers say, rather I compare myself to the Bible and guidance of Holy Spirit to lead, and many would be doing the same except few who would blindly follow (which is also not wrong if examined deeply). I have not come across the dangers and evil things that is really shocking.

    Problems are everywhere, and tomorrow if you go to CSI and sit and worship truly, you may bring a greater revelation in that church and God would lead accordingly. If God asks you to start your own gathering around your house, you can do so. No wrong! If you sit inside TPM and still follow God (not men), He is faithful to lead you. If the doctrines seems clashing with the Bible or the leading of the Holy Spirit, of course, you will not abide by it.

    If you see many fallings (lifestyle, truth, consecration), it’s your choice to either leave and go out or stay within and pray. God is wonderful to change. There are many who have left our ministry and also this this fellowship and true, they are faring good outside, which is good sign. Does this mean, all should take the same step? No! If you are led by God to move out of the church, which I believe few here said that God spoke to me to move out of this church, which is well and good. If that is universal, God will speak to many and many will leave and God will close the TPM, but there are many sincere hidden people of God, praying and comparing their life with Bible and living.

    Running away from TPM is coward, but facing the problems and standing in the gap and praying and getting victory is what I feel God would like. I do not want to explain much on this as its easy to know for any Spirit filled person.

    • @mark
      1) What is your take on Roman Catholicism ?
      Do you think people should come out of Roman Catholicism?

      2) Or what about the mystery Babylonian Church of Revelation 17-18 ? Do you think people should come out of it ?

    • Bro Mark, you are free to chose what you believe and hope what you believe in saves you.

      I prefer to be a coward in your opinion but I rest assured in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

      You can continue to sit on the fence and rest assured in TPM’s multiple steps of salvation. It’s my soul isn’t it I should be worried about.

      May God have mercy on all of us and save us from this delusion.

  10. @Mark
    God said the Following
    And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. Revelation 18:4

    Do you want to disobey him with your Logics?
    All Human Organizations are corrupt counterfeit to the Ekklesia of Christ. When you die, you will be judged based on what you believed and how you lived. If you believe in Salvation by Works which is taught by TPM, You will be in a Pathetic state then. I am not saying we need to do Church Hopping as you might have assumed. But it would be nice if you can consider removing the middlemen who have deceived Christians and taken them away from Christ.


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