Our TPM diehards will accept anything that comes out from the pulpit. They would not even consider verifying what these preachers are teaching them. This is because they are already conditioned by their Sunday School System not to question the clergy. Teju said that this website people have corrupt wisdom. Listen to what he says

This article is to show you who has corrupt wisdom – TPM Pharisees or us. Bible tells us to “train up the child in the way he should walk ……….” What is more wicked than to train up the child in the wrong direction? We had already shown you in a previous article how TPM injects poison into a kid’s mind. Here in this article, we will show you one more example. Here is Sunday school Lesson from standard 7 and chapter number nine.

The Sunday school lessons should be oriented in directing the Child towards the Saviour. However, what TPM Does is directing the Child towards their own clergy.  They have been fulfilling the prophecy of Acts 20:29-30 all along. We have to look at the old testament passages in the same way as early Christians looked at.

You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, John 5:39

And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Luke 24:27

The Corruption forced on Sunday School Kids

Here is the story of Naaman the Lepor.   (2 Kings Chapter 5)

Let us take the example of a Sunday School lesson to explain. Have a view of a Std 7 Sunday School lesson about Naaman. Different versions of the same book.

TPM Corrupting Innocent Minds

TPM Corrupting Innocent Minds

TPM Corrupting Innocent Minds


TPM Sunday School Morals :

  • Though the counsel given by the servants of God is against our desire, when we wholeheartedly obey it, the Lord will bless us wonderfully.
  • We cannot hide anything from the eyes of the Lord. Whatever we do, we should do uprightly, fearing God and the saints.
  • When we minister to the saints, we are ministering to God himself and the Lord will bless us. The saints help us by interceding for us.

Look at the Morals which are being pushed down the throats of innocent kids. Are you surprised by this TPM generation who can go to any extent to threaten and beat up people who oppose their doctrines?  I am not.

  • Do you see Jesus anywhere in the Morals of the TPM Sunday School Lesson? No.
  • Do you see them exalting themselves to the status of God in the Morals? Yes
  • When you elevate mere mortals to the status of God and teach little children, What are you doing? YOU ARE INSTIGATING AND PROPAGATING IDOL WORSHIP.
  • Do you think it is any wonder that TPM Ministers and believers think their Clergy as Saviours, High Priests and what not? This is where Blasphemy Originates.
  • Do you see them training children to do Business with God for Blessings? Yes
  • Do they teach Children that Jesus is the ONLY mediator between God and Man who intercedes for us?  NO. They replace that so subtly and teaches the children that the Clergy are the ones that intercede for them.
  • Do you see through their trickery by Self branding themselves as “Servants of God” and “Saints” in violation of the scriptures? Answer me, please.
  • They want our Children to become slaves of these wicked men. Click here to know what Thambi Durai teaches.

Let me tell you what I will teach little children from this lesson.

The leprosy of Naaman tells us that all mankind is under wrath and curse of God. Naaman’s healing of leprosy speaks of his new birth. Pay attention to what Holy Spirit has made bible writers write.

Then went he down, and dipped himself seven times in Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God: and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean2 Kings 5:14

The phrase “his flesh became like unto the flesh of a little child” instantly reminds us of the new birth.

Jesus said, “unless ye become as little children ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.Matt 18:3

Flesh becoming like the flesh of a little child reminds of the new birth. The immersion speaks of water baptism.  This whole passage speaks of our original sin. We are sinners by birth We are born sinners under the wrath of God. When we obey the gospel call and get baptized in the death of Jesus then we are also raised in him to newness of life. This is called new birth or being made into a new man. In short, this story in OT is about salvation. It reminds us of words of Jesus “unless a man be born of water and Spirit he cannot enter kingdom of GodJohn 3:5


So my dear friends and Sunday school teachers – see what you are teaching the little children. Decide what are you going to do.  Are you going to continue teaching the poisonous corrupt wisdom of TPM to little innocent minds?

@ Teju: Teju brother, accept the false teachings that TPM forefathers have taught you all. Come out of this wicked organization. Repent and preach the pure plain gospel of salvation by faith instead of destroying lives.


  1. I will not let my children continue in the sunday school.This is the last nail on the coffin.I now actually laugh at myself to have been in this.I remember when I eas a kid.I used to ask too many quesrions to my sunday school teachers.So much so that one teacher went and complained the incharge who in turn told my parents that I cross question my teacher.Mind you I was in my 3rd grade.The teacher who couldnt answer a childs questions has become a clergy and that incharge has left tpm clergyship with loads of money.Now this same fellow would ask me how much money my dad had in his pocket.At one stage my father faced some losses due to which dad sold his property to solve those issues but of course my Father gave a huge amount and this clergy took the money inspite of knowing about our losses.They dont ask you sometimes they just insinuate with reference to them wanting to build a bigger fake home.Looking back Im still shocked if they’re even normal humans.

    • Mammon is their god and they are as bloodthirsty as their father. It is sickening to even think of the evil they perpetuate in the Name of God. Every TPM faithful will have a similar story to tell but they swallow it out of fear lest they miss TPM’s Zion Express. What they are not realising is that TPM is a runaway train heading to Hell.

  2. Dear Brother,

    What you have stated in this article is absolutely true. As a child I learned these lessons thinking they were the oracles of God but my eyes were opened when I was asked to teach them and then I found many things which contradicted the Word of God.

    The indoctrination is so subtle that at first glance you will overlook them but when The Holy Spirit (not TPM’s spirit) starts working in you, these subtle misrepresentations of God’s Holy Word becomes obvious and it is so nauseating that you feel sick and even scared to tell the children these lies.

    I really commend whoever authored this syllabus as it is from the pits of hell with the sole aim to keep children under bondage which will ensure that when they become adults, their family becomes enslaved and the vicious cycle goes on until God in His Mercy intervenes in the life of one of these slaves. I thank and praise God for doing that in my life and saving me and my children from this cult.

    No wonder they will never change the syllabus as the magic has worked for so many years so why change the evil mantra. Fear and Guilt are the two keys which are used by these blood thirsty wicked servants of Satan.

    I always wondered why TPM is against Theology but now I have realised that what they teach is not aligned with what the Apostles and the early church fathers taught. It is all together a new Gospel and a new Bible and again it is not surprising that they discourage the use of any non King James Version Bible lest the simple folks will understand and question their deeper doctrines of Satan.

    With every article it is proving beyond any doubt that TPM is an abomination and the men who have framed these heresies will pay unless they repent and get back to the Truth. Keep up the great work you are doing.

    The sole objective of TPM is to ensure that their clergy will have a secure life on this planet without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately many of them join this cult sincerely but their sincerity will not absolve them of the crime they are committing against the Living God and His children.

    Repent ye false teachers and false prophets lest the lightning bolt which stuck that little church in Kerala strike you to hell for eternity.

    Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name cast out demons, and by thy name do many [a]mighty works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  3. After listening to TPM’s blue eyed boy, Teju, it is obvious he is playing his cards well. He is kissing the False chief shepherd’s bottom defying the Word of God to ensure that his future is secure. This is a time tested strategy adopted by all the TPM elite and they call it humility and it has never failed.

    Wake up Son and preach The Truth. Please don’t worry about your future. Any donkey can see that what you are preaching is sycophancy and not Truth. There was never a war between Christians and never will be because Christ is the Head of the True Christian Church and the members of His body will not even differ in Fundamental Christian Theology let alone war against each other.

    TPM has an exclusive theology which is alien to what is in the Bible or what was taught by the Early Church fathers. It has never been a part of Christ’s body and will never be as long as you hold on to these heresies. You are the ones who preach separation from the other churches.

    You spent many years in University, why don’t you use that education and stop being deluded and in turn stop deceiving the simple folk. God does not want His people to be blind believers but you are a classic example how an educated man can be deceived or appear to be deceived because you are scared of your earthly future.

    If you continue in this vein, faithfully kissing your Boss’s back and cheating the poor people, you will one day will inherit your Boss’s throne very soon. Stop and think for a moment if it is worth it, selling your soul to the enemy.

    If you are a Christian, make a stand and bring about a change in this cult so that thousands will be set free and embrace the true liberty which is in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    If you cannot fight it, bail out before it is too late. Just look at your friend Samuel Mills, he made the right choice and he is doing well by TPM’s standards.

    Then maybe you can boldly quote Habakkuk 3:16-18, till then you can quote your Chief false shepherd’s humble refrain.

    You need to chose wisely, Teju, my friend.

  4. My eyebrows instinctively rose when i read the moral which teaches kids to FEAR SAINTS ! “whatever we do, we should do fearing saints!! Fear saints ?? Why ?? Will the smoke come forth from their nostrils ? Will they cast us in eternal hell fire ?

    Reminds me of people bowing n kneeling before pope and demigods of pagan.

    In another article exposed in this site we have seen Abraham Matthew saying saints will sit in between cherubims. This is another example of anti Christ Spirit in Tpm.

    If a teacher of Bible teaches that whatever we do, we should do it fearing God, then that is OK because we should keep in mind that God is keeping a watch on us, and he may enquire us on judgement day. But to do anything thinking saints are watching us is heresy . It deceptively tries to put saints on equal level with God. Lucifer didn’t say I will replace God, but he said I will exalt my throne LIKE God. He wanted to equate himself with God. So is the spirit that utters ABC from mouths of these charlatans.

    I am surprised why can’t these blind believers see it ?

  5. Hi Teju brother ,

    Plan A – Grow some spine just get out of tpm and launch your own ministry , hope half of your fans ll come out of tpm .then you can give de-addiction therapy for the tpm believers ,lets make them the Lords’ disciples .. (we can help u in that )

    Plan B – Be an insider , will help you shake their very foundations , as you knw very well the (c)thiefs’ den . lets indoctrinate the Truth as it is in the bible to the sheeps . at the right time we do a coup and take over the chiefs , i m definite that your fans will help in that .. they ll do what ever you say . . .! (pls check some docs. on arab spring and some other coups as well )

    you can’t be faithful to Tpm and the Lord same time ..

    Come on lets do it .. awaiting for your reply . ..

  6. Amazing article! Loved it! It was actually one of the first lessons I learnt in sunday school. What made me laugh as that Elisha refused Naaman’s offering, but would tpm clergy do that? haha never! They will pray for you and take your money. So despite them teaching this lesson they themselves don’t read it, they should read this lesson first.

  7. Dear Tpmites…

    //Whatever we do, we should do uprightly, fearing God and the saints.//

    Kindly read the below verses…

    Proverbs 29:25
    The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

    However , The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom(Psalms 111:10)

    For God alone is worthy to be feared/revered ( Fear of Isaac – Genesis 31:42 )

    Psalms 47:2
    For the LORD Most High is to be feared, A great King over all the earth

    Psalms 96:4
    For great is the LORD and greatly to be praised; He is to be feared above all gods.

    Malachi 1:14
    for I am a great King,” says the LORD of hosts, “and My name is feared among the nations.”

    Jeremiah 10:7
    Who would not fear You, O King of the nations? Indeed it is Your due! For among all the wise men of the nations And in all their kingdoms, There is none like You.

    There is none in Heaven or in Earth to be feared but Our Great High King ….God and God alone…

    How dare you keep your mouth before this blasphemy against the Living God….

    It is Heresy….It is blasphemy….

    Draw your sword and strike the string of blasphemous teaching…

    For God alone is Worthy….

    Let every man be a Liar , God alone be True…

  8. After reading this moral of the story I quickly went through the scripture school book of my KG2 child and thankfully there is nothing blasphemous. But will be a sure lesson learned to be cautious on what my ward is taught in higher standards.
    Appears that this is another form of madrasa where spiritual wickedness at high places is at full swing from grass root level.
    Till grade 11 the only thing they learn is that they must wear white, respect the SAINTS, keep filling in (another) hovering spirit and lead a double hypocrite life. There is no impetus on leading a holy life in all walks of life through example. I have never seen this being discussed. If compared to children from other denominations our children do not even know how to pray or know the scriptures. But they will surely know all the hypocritic legalistic doctrines which will add no spiritual value to them. It is good that our eyes are opened now when our children are still young so that we can bring them up the right way

  9. How do we explain following?
    From Ch.4:
    1. How do we interpret miracle mentioned in Ch.4, 8 to 37. Is TPM teaching correct? here the lady expressed her sorrow to a prophet!
    2. Why the miracle did not occur when Gehazi placed staff on boy’s face? It was ordered by Elisha himself?
    From Ch -5.
    1. Why Elisha refused to accept Naaman’s offering?
    2. Why Naaman’s anger was not considered as a sin? It was against a saint.

      • Peter is telling ” thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God” in response to someone laying the price of their sold possession at a man’s feet or the apostles’ feet (Acts 5:1-6)

        Does Peter equate or compare his interactions as though it is with God?

        If you have a revengeful spirit or the intention is to take vengeance on the people of God who offended you personally, then it’s time to repent.

    • @BTM
      As admin said he might put forth article as answer to your question.
      I will try to answer your question on 5th chapter.

      Why did Elisha reject offering of Naaman? Jesus says freely ye received freely ye give (Matt 10;8) and Paul says I proclaimed the gospel freely to you ( I Corinthians 11:7).

      I suppose Elisha is a type of those true servants who did not desire material earthly money. He must have had sufficient to meet his needs. So he said NO to Naaman’s offering. In fact, Moses also said NO to gold and silver that people brought to make tabernacle when he had his need fulfilled. But TPM workers are a different breed. They belong to Gehazi breed. They keep amassing properties and their blind believers keep saying they have forsaken their homes. What an irony!! How blatant lie can be than this.

      @ why Naaman’s anger was not considered as sin? Naaman was already leprous which was a sign of being under wrath of God. It might be symbology of hard hearted men unwilling too come to Christ and be baptized. Didn’t Jesus say, no one can come to me unless my Father draw him to me.

      • @OB
        I answered “What Naaman’s anger is shadow of” Answer: – it is shadow of unchristian heart which is bent and biased towards sin. And it cannot of itself turn its inclination towards God, except God play a role in it. And since such an unconverted heart is already under wrath of God, the question of Naaman’s anger being counted as sin does not arise.

        Now it seems to me that you think Anger is not considered as Sin in Old Testament.
        Brother , Sin is Sin, whether it be in OT or NT. Let me ask you question. How do you define sin? Is it only transgression of commandments given in law? If yes then what about people before Moses or before Law. Or What about Gentiles who were not given oracles of God ? How would God judge them ? Wouldn’t they say, i knew not that this was sin? Answer: Their conscience is Law written in their hearts ( Rom 2:15). Therefore Sin is Sin whether it is written in Law or not, or whether it found in OT or NT. It is violation of something programmed within us by God. No one can give excuse on the judgement day. You cannot say anger was not sin in OT.

        • Sin is sin?ot or nt.Seriously?the law came through Moses.Because of peoples hard heart.Then came Jesus who gave a law.Now the breaker of the law is a sinner and bears punishment.What was sin in ot wasnt a sin or offence in nt.Theres numerous examples.Read The Bible.We have a book and the Law of both nt and ot.Those days in ot they didnt have Jesus nor his words.Jesus said against anger and even calling a brother a fool and to forgive.In ot it was an eye fpr an eye and a tooth for a tooth.The unclean food and clean food isnt in nt.Come on.Dont debate for the sake of it Suraj.Im tired of false doctrines in tpm.You dont start it here.

  10. Out of all the articles and exposure of scandals this web site put forth. Teju only mentioned about the article which was against the his “chief pastor” preaching!!!

    • OB
      Read Bible properly. Have you read Romans 2;15 or Romans 1.

      Why don’t you answer my question about how God will judge people prior to Moses and how will he judge gentiles during OT times. And answer with biblical reference. It seems you know Bible very well ?!!


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