Over Eight Months back, we had published an article to do the duck test of TPM Lifestyle.  In that article, we had pointed out the temptation of sexual immorality of staying with unmarried or unrelated members of the opposite sex under the same roof. Sadly, The Pentecostal Mission (TPM)  is caught in a catch 22 situation. They know that such a lifestyle cultivates sexual immorality but they put up such a show of hypocrisy that they cannot back down from their earlier mistakes. This is what we call as PRIDE. They cannot come to digest the fact that they have been deceived by the devil for so long and a new website is calling them out.

They chose to ignore and disobey clear biblical commands in favor of their lifestyle.

Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22

The same disease which infected Lucifer is now playing with the TPM Clergy. If they accept that they are wrong, they will have to make major changes in their lifestyle and moreover, they will lose all credibility before their Blind followers who think these white-clad Hypocrites next to Yahweh only.

Case Study of Dubai’s TPM Ministry

This Organization called The Pentecostal Mission (TPM) is conveniently named as New Testament Church (NTC) in UAE to give a new look. They think that changing names will change the character of the Organization.

But before we proceed further, let us get some statistics right so that we can know the level of their consecration.

Location of the Faith Home – Villa no. 27, 35b Street, Near Emirates cooperative society, Al Twar 3, Dubai, UAE.

Location in a Posh Neighbourhood where it is owned by Arabs.

Rent of the Villa – 300 K AED per year.  approximately Rs 60 lakh annually.

It needs to be noted that the stay in this Villa is illegal as per UAE Law. Do you know what is the illegality of their stay? Have a look at the two clips below which describes the UAE Law.

Consecration goes Berserk Consecration goes Berserk

Now it is fairly established that the lifestyle followed by the TPM Clergy is illegal as per the rules of UAE and also against the Biblically ordained lifestyle of a Christian Leader.

A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil. Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre; Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. 10 And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless. 11 Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things. 12 Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.

1 Timothy 3:2-12

As per the Bible, they can be categorized as

They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. 1 Tim 4:3

Our Question to Trinity Church Authorities.

According to Romans 13:1-3, you are supposed to submit and obey the rulers of the land.

 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever, therefore, resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

On what basis are you allowing these people to use your premises and sponsoring the visas of these clergies? Aren’t you also abetting the illegal actions of The Pentecostal Mission? Now that you know their lifestyle, what excuse you have not to report this to the Authorities?

Our Question to TPM Believers in UAE

On what basis are you disobeying the law of the Land? There is only one reason to disobey the local law and local authorities and that is if God commands you. Do you think these are mistakes committed by the Clergy in ignorance? Do you know that till 2005 the Men and Women stayed in separate quarters in this same Dubai?

Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings! Acts 5:29

We have already proved that such immoral lifestyle and unchristian teachings in The Pentecostal Mission is against God. Now you have a responsibility to let the authorities know of this. What excuse you have not to do what you are expected to do?

If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. James 4:17


Dear TPM Believers,

Following an organization will end up when you die. Do you think you will be able to explain the reasons for supporting the activity of TPM in this world? Do you think that Jesus will be closing his eyes to the mischief of this organization? The first time, you met a forgiving Jesus. But the same Jesus will be coming as a Judge and there will be nothing hidden from him.

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13

Before we end, let us check the consecration displayed by TPM Ministers against an American Minister(Francis Chan) in the below video. He does not wear White Gowns, He does not boast about his celibacy and neither does he lay claim to Zion. Tell me who is the representative of God to you.

How Long will you be living by ignoring Eternity and life after death? Each of you is going to answer to the actions or inaction that you do.


    • Indeed the video is inspiring. Francis has not done this out of any ascetic philosophy. He did this because he felt he was utilising vast amount of resources that could be utilised to help needy/ poor.

      This is in stark opposition to what Paul Ramakutty and his posteriors did. In his biography chapter 4 page 13 it is written, after selling his all Paul Ramakutty kept all the money and used it. Francis Chan on the hand gave it to poor in Africa and them who needed it. Here is the exact wording from biography of Pastor Paul Ramakutty page 13

      “In the beginning, when he lived spending the money he already had in hand, life did not seem very difficult to him. As time rolled by, the situation changed. All that he had and that which he had saved up were spent. The money he got by selling his childrens jewels were also spent…”

      So you can see the difference in forsaking all for poor/ needy just like Christ forsook heaven for us and the exact opposite tpm minister’s forsaking all for Zion most glorious place. Former is act of selfless and later is height of selfishness (highest place in heaven).

  1. I rhink from now on we should stop identifying them as tpm but say tpm/ntc/upc etc.This whole group is like a dragon with many heads.Two will come up where there was one.Different names and aliases.These guys just dont have honour.

  2. Admin

    Why do you use Roman 13:1-3 as the a scriptural basis to invoke UAE laws which are against Christians as a persecution for anyone?

    UAE law bans conversion from islam to Christianity, the punishment is a death sentence. Christians who get divorced there lose right to property and possessions.
    We are talking about good Christians and deluded christians over there, regardless of religion or not, do you think, the punishment will be light to the scriptural basis of terror to good works, but to the evil?

    You are promoting persecution over your mental problems with tpm. Don’t ever do these kinds of mistakes man in life. You don’t know how persecution is for Christians, the world currently is seeking reasons to finish off Christians and you, in your selfish vain protests want to take the UAE law to persecute people.

    When a person drives without license, what is better to report him to authorities or talk and help him, understand him to get one? Solve this amicably man, or go down the streets of UAE, and preach the Gospel of Christ, let us see how tolerant the UAE Law is to the spreading Jesus Christ.

    I am not against you, I want to bring some sense to you that this is not the way. But to go to branches, print the differences, spread it like wildfire.
    Protestantism was not formed by posting content over the walls. People lived and died for these beliefs!

    • Dear SOL,
      Supposedly Sitting in Singapore and assuming lots of things about UAE. Agreed that UAE is an Islamic Nation but do you know How TPM Conducts themselves in UAE? Are they conducting themselves worthy of the Holy Name of Jesus? Even the Trinity guys have stopped issuing visas to TPM Now.
      I don’t think I need to go there and explain the unholy acts done in TPM Dubai. If you have some time and money, just chase up with the few brothers who left the ministry recently and see that there is a common thread which weaves each of their stories. Why are they so attached to an immoral lifestyle which is prohibited by the Bible? Are these people the ones that want to teach us morality?

      When somebody is doing something illegal in a nation, I would not be worried as that is how the world is. Now take the example of the Driving license you gave. I would not be bothered if somebody is driving without a license. It is for the authorities to tackle. But If my driving school instructor is not having a license and is teaching me driving, I have causes to be worried. I will report them to the authorities
      So I am not promoting persecution of Christians. I am asking them to get right and if they still love to do what is not Right, they better take the responsibility.

      • If somebody is driving without a license and if they are known to you, you have the right to have a sensible discussion with them and make them realize what they are doing. Some may repent and get it addressed. Some may do it repeatedly for ever without getting a license or driving with suspended or rejected license. Christian believers won’t need to use a personal website or blogs to indict these repeat offenders or call them with uncivilized words, but can report it to the concerned authorities to take action. They may or may not take action that meets you expectations but you have done your part.

        A suspended or rejected driver may make a comeback if authorities feel he can be pardoned.

        Ephesians 4:2 talks about bearing or forbearing or showing tolerance or accepting one another in love.

        If you know that an instructor without a license is teaching you, you made a wrong choice. You shouldn’t have gone to that instructor in the first place (without due diligence including proper identification and verification of their credentials).

        • At least in my case, I did not make a conscious choice to join TPM as I was born to parents who were deep into this cult. Therefore, I am exposing the lies of TPM and BTW, Its not that I have not talked about this to the Local TPM Ministers. But as expected, they have no reply but continue in their ways. So much for your advise for having a sensible discussion with a person who did not drive with DL.

          Now, it is my chance to tell all people that they have been duped by this fake driving license issuing firm…Buckle up and use your grey cells.

        • Dear Anonymous,
          That somebody who is teaching others to drive and who has not valid license and who teaches wrong driving techniques is not individual but an organization spread around the world. So admin must take a loudspeaker so that his voice is reached to all places where thus beast has representatives teaching wrong driving techniques or he must visit each place personally to talk with them. The second option is not possible neither in terms of time, nor financially. The former one of using loudspeaker does the same thing and I think he has used the best means available.

          Sir please keep using Internet to write articles and exposing these false teachers. Many people are offended by your using website because it is doing harm to them globally. Had you done this from Australia (your location as suspects say) it might have not reached everywhere. So please keep the good work going.

        • Anonymous, you keep trying but you keep failing in all your arguments/ comments. It is a lost cause and more I read your comments, it appears that you are a determined TPM cultist and no power on earth can change your position. It is your loss unfortunately.

          I think you are wasting your time here. You have tried everything and now have have reached a stage where you are scraping TPM barrel hoping for something to stand on but there is nothing in it but lies and more lies. Wake up my friend.

        • I feel sorry for you, Anonymous. You are like those fans you find in South India…a la NTR fan or a Rajni fan or a Raj Kumar fan….and you my friend is a typical diehard TPM fan which goes round and round and round with your defense but everyone knows that it is just hot air. You also know it but you persevere hoping that a miracle will happen and Admin will repent and take down this site.

          Unfortunately this is not the Deeper Truth site of TPM which was taken down in a flash when they found that they could not defend the lies which was proudly published there.

          You are losing my friend.

      • I understand you were trying to correct me. But I do not see you guiding anyone to a gathering? Why not? What do you think will happen when you report to the such authorities? And why do you think tpm servants of God do not have license? Are they teaching wrong doctrine, fine you got to tell the people and protest and preach the gospel in the world out there. And if you know they are unlicensed, why are still going and sitting in a supposedly unlicensed school? If you are caught in act, then you are branded as a traitor.

        You are just trying to justify your acts. The only authority they or anyone need is Jesus Christ, and if they falsely use His Name, then let them. You were to report to elders or pastors in this instance, didn’t work, have you tried making a statement in the church for that is the second step you have to do in solving the problems within the church. I can back you with verses to support this. You know the verses well. If you have not identified to them who you are and are concerned that they may throw you out? why are you not ready to face persecution from them for the Truth?

        I know 2 of you who are directly involved in moderating this blog. Now the question is, since you think they are not in authority or have been teaching wrong doctrine, and have started this personal agenda of sharing stories, and not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which you ought to be doing at the same time when you take the responsibility of teaching the doctrine. Can I go ahead and report you to them as I believe you are not licensed to teach the doctrine for you do not do the greater thing as commanded, and are going about the wrong way in solving the issues of a church?

        I did ask for you to reveal your information two days back, you have not given valid reasons for it as you do not have any. I am using vpn services to post on this blog, for one reason, if I identify my name here , I cannot but give and cooperate with the authorities that are trying to find out about you. So request you to not become too smart to guess where I am. One of the problems with you as soon as some gets you, you start telling about ip address, proxy, whereabouts without even thinking that you are already identified and it is just that I am thinking whether to let this go on or not.

        Every person has the right to report, there is a way to do it I could have easily started a site and put your info and photos with a censor bar, weeks back But I have not done it so far. It will only cause legal issues and so much shame both sides.


        Do not block this comment, let everyone read and give me their opinions to a honest decision.

        • Dear SOL,
          You seem to be paranoid about us blocking you. In case you did not know what causes us to block anyone, just read the about us section. At least I don’t think that you have done anything that can block you as of now. We are not like your pastors who do not have the guts to hear someone who opposes them or their teachings. So please do not equate them with us. I choose to not reply back to you on the contents of your comment because it seems to be a vain ranting by a man who seems to be wholly sold out to TPM. If I am wrong in my approach, I will answer to the One who inspired me for this. You can keep your opinions to yourself. It does not change our work. You do whatever you can do, I do not care. Your shouting and screaming be better if it’s directed towards the so-called Holy men whom you follow.

        • And you are not sold out? I thought to be reasonable. Why do you think my response is a rant, or scream, or shouting, when I have typed so calmly? It is because you read it that way. Quite a morning !

          Just a typical reply. A final warning, SPG. Read the response you have given, when I tried to correct you, you do not want to listen, so why should anyone listen you?

          I take the decision of exposing you. Not because I am being hasty, but because you are full of pride. If I was paranoid, you would be done on the same day I came to know it was you. You have made a lot of categorical errors, equivocation, majority wins fallacies, straw man arguments which expose you are a HYPOCRITE with some bible knowledge. I wish I had the time to correct you, but I shall forward all the information I have for the greater good. We shall stand in front of God’s Judgement when he calls me and You of this blog. All things shall be naked in front of HIM.

          To have guts is to reveal yourself and then write in this blog. You are KEYBOARD COWARD.

        • Dear SOL,
          This is what I call Vain Rantings. If you want to refute my articles, refute it on the basis of scripture. Otherwise, your words do not even weigh the weight of a feather. As a typical bewildered TPM Fanatic, is this all that you can do? I can see my writings have gotten on your nerves. Good…I enjoy this..This is the start of degradations. Slowly the Spirit within you is showing up.

        • @SOL
          @//And why do you think tpm servants of God do not have license? Are they teaching wrong doctrine…

          You were to report to elders or pastors in this instance, didn’t work, have you tried making a statement in the church for that is the second step you have to do in solving the problems within the church. I can back you with verses to support this.

          Brother they are indeed teaching wrong doctrines. In fact the very foundation is based on works -that which should have been based on Jesus Christ the rock. Have you read articles ? .

          We have tried our part. If you think you can get leaders of TPM correct themselves as second step please go ahead and do it. If you are successful in changing TPM gospel and doctrines then we will stop this website. Take a challenge. Let us see whether you believe what you say. Go ahead. Ask your elders to change their false teachings.

        • Haha,
          What better response do we need. Here we have a TPM Devotee who calls admin a Keyboard coward for not revealing his name. But this Devotee who does not reveal his own name keeps it secret. Clearly, he is lost his case. This is the Typical Hypocrisy we see in TPM..LOL

        • @ SOL,

          With all the murders happening within TPM, its only wise for the admin to conceal his name.
          Your analogy is similar to the challenge thrown at Jesus on the cross- ‘If thou be the son of God, come down’

          I assume that admin might also be wanting to protect the interests of his relatives within the Church, lest they be shamed and harassed.

          Are you nervous of TPM leaks? Let’s assume the Admin is ‘Edward Snowden’
          Are you happy?

        • SOl, you are as clueless as they come. It is sad that you come and visit someone else’s site and make baseless allegations because the owner or any sensible person does not agree with you. This is not about the Admin or about you, this is the duty of every Christian to call out when he sees souls being led to hell by false teachings. The Admin is doing that and instead of respecting it, you ridicule him, I doubt your christian credentials.

          I think you should brandish your sword (light in weight) elsewhere instead of wasting everyone’s time. The agenda of this site is plain and simple – Shine the Light into the darkness of the TPM/NTC/NCPC cult. If it offends you, use the Word of God and refute what is published here, if not walk away my friend.

          This forum will help the ones who are lost in this cult. God is using and will continue to use the Admin to draw them to their Saviour, No power on earth will stop it. We may never hear all the testimonies in our lifetime but Heaven will know and rejoice.

          Also there is no need for the Admin to reveal his identity. This is true hidden ministry not what is followed by the False shepherds of TPM. They hide not out of humility but they are scared that their deeper doctrines will be exposed.

          They have no where to run my friend, the lost will be saved and the Admin will be rewarded for every soul he influences . God is being Glorifed and will continue to be glorified through brave men like the Admin.

        • What baffles me most is that so many TPM/NTC/NCPC faithful come here under pseudonyms. Why the cover when you are defending the truth. No one from this site have any power to harm them in any way.

          In fact if you reveal your identity and fight for TPM, maybe you will be rewarded by TPM’s gods. Then why the fear. Open up and fight for your cause, why are you scared? Why should you be scared?

          Are you scared that your false shepherds will come after you for defending them? Don’t you think it is strange, being punished for fighting for them.

          The more I think about this, the more I realise that these poor souls are trapped and they don’t know what to do. Most of them out of fear while the elite out of pride and the lust for power.

          Come out my friends and you don’t have to be a slave to fear anymore. Jesus died so that you could live and live without fear.

        • @NMASTF
          I think these people hide their identity because they fear they wont be able to refute biblically. It is shame to be unable to answer the so called truth. That might be one reason. They know back in their mind that that they don’t know their bibles properly and hence they come here and do vain babbling instead of pointing verses and saying –“hey look this is the verse! What are yo sayin”

    • You are wrong.You shouldnt be afraid of persecution.If you call yourself christian.And persecution as said by tpm clergy doesnt mean people exposing truth or questioning them.It means whipping,crucifixion and death.Seems like you want to lead a comfortable christian life?Isnt it?Apostles said that if people dont accept you dust your sandals and get out.Simple.If they dont accept you then leave uae.No.As tpm says you wanna be a regular church going christian.But doesnt want to expose the truth.Isnt it.Are we ashamed or afraid of calling ourselves xians?

  3. This may be irrelevant to the above subject but am grieved and hence writing down.
    I had my own judgements on where this church was going wrong. From money to pride and anger and what not. But I had hope and prayer. It was and still disturbs my spiritual life. So much injustice!!! But what literally broke my heart is when I saw a flyer for the youth camp (I still kinda hope it is not the official one). In the flyer there is a section which says “Highlights”…and amongst that there are these two points: “powerful testimonies” & “life transforming messages”. It looks like they are selling!!! God it makes me feel so sad. And another point is and no matter how much I try to deflect I get this feeling that they conduct youth camp during the Thanksgiving (which is the third week Thursday & Friday holiday in USA), is for the ease of USA believers and youth but no care for the rest on India or other countries.
    I have known this church for humility, love, sacrifice and above all serving God. But everything… everything is gone now. Now nothing but just Pride and Hypocrisy.

  4. Nothing but just acting as TPM Bhakts!!! Too blind to acknowledge their mistakes.

    I don’t understand these preachers anymore. There was a time when the faith homes didn’t even have electricity but these days there special bulbs focused only on the center stage. As if people sitting there need special attention. It is like those Hillsong concerts.

    If the chief pastor stands up the rest should stand up too…for WHAT!!! Nothing but self glorification. I remember one worker (long time ago) who would keep his dress under the pillow but not iron it. Nowadays Sunday school students or junior brothers spend hours to iron the clothes of these pastors and workers. No internet they said and now they have their own email address. Believers should not apply perfumes but their rooms are filled with room fresheners. No musical instruments they said, but some of their convention songs don’t start without a guitar into!!

    Jesus!!! If there is a level in Hypocrisy, these people will remain #1 till the end of the world.

  5. I value this site as a Berean sign board systematically directing/advising those called to be part of the overcoming church to the truth so that they are not deceived.
    However few lines above where readers are incited to report them to authorities is not in line with the values this very good site has established. What will we profit in doing so.
    The only sensible and spiritual thing to do is be warned, steer away and off course inform others along the way so that they too are not deceived. I too have shared this site with few of my misguided pals.
    Other wise Admin this is great site. Keep going..This signboard works.

    • There is no reason to Soft Pedal with the Dubai Folks. The immorality reported by some ex-ministers seems to be quite beyond the Sunny incident. We have resisted reporting many of those things because we know it’s not an issue with the people but their lifestyle and circumstances. There is no other remedy than having their living quarters separated to get back some sanity in that place.

      I remember a message by Bro P.G Vargis of IET. He was praying for the salvation of his brother. Unfortunately, his brother was continuing and going in his wicked ways deeper than earlier. Finally, P.G Vargis Prayed to God. “God even if you give cancer to him and Bring him to salvation, I am OK“. Similarly, if TPM gets some sanity by getting cudgels from the authority, it is acceptable to me.

      • Admin if you know certain things and are hiding it then I prefer not to come back here or participate further.Call it mudslinging or whatever.The reason I come here is to know everything i need to know.And trust me these things bever come out if it were not for your efforts.But then thats the whole point right?Unmasking the wolves.Unfortunately admin I might be wrong but I think you are getting mellow on these evil doing cheaters.And in all fairness you are being unfair on the people who need to know the whole truth.People will call it gossip or mudslinging.How convenient.So even news channels arent reporting its gossip?

        • Dear Old Believer,
          I would not like to put in articles which point a finger at someone without any proof to be displayed. And for things like this, we are limited by the nature of such issues to show any concrete proof. Assume somebody telling a true story about another person. But unless we have some adequate proof, we have no way to publish it. It would amount to defaming a person even if the incident reported is true. There are many such incidents reported to me. However, I feel we should remain true to the mission as mentioned in the “About Us” section.

        • Just an addition to my earlier comment.
          Jesus knew so many things about so many people. But He did not mention those things out to the Public and shame anybody. I am sure Jesus knew lots of scandals in the personal lives of many of the Pharisees who challenged him. Consider Jesus opening up those parts of their lives and defanging them. I personally feel that the TPM Clergy inmates are a victim of their own trap. Even though they want to project a larger than life picture of themselves, they forget that they are also people made of Flesh and Blood. The Lifestyle they live is totally unbiblical and breeds sexual immorality. We know that many of them even though they want to get out and lead a normal life, are stuck in the system. Therefore let us do whatever we can do with empathy and Love of Jesus.

        • Brother Old Believer,
          I am totally with admin on this point. Let us not try to force him to name and shame. If you want news try to ping him on his mail id. He might give you those information. But on platform like this we want people to be freed from harmful deceptive teachings. Whats the use of getting people out of this cult because of human mistakes? Let us strive to get them out of erroneous teachings so that they stand firm in Christ instead of coming out of whore Babylon and become daughter whore church.

          Morever hardnut TPM have wrong idea about this website that this website is all about defaming and mud-sliding. They don’t read articles thinking it is the same. Many old believers have themselves become tired of hearing all this immoralities in TPM. If they begin to open their mouth we will get innumerable stories. So they don’t visit this site thinking it is the same old backbiting.

          I have a suggestion. If you are interested in only exposing immorality of TPM workers, then why dont you open another website and I am sure many people will begin poring out all that they hear and see. May be admin will give lot of such stuff as it comes to him.

        • For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12
          I am sure this site will become more popular within TPM if we dish out many of the juicy stories that come to us. But I am not going to do things like that.

          If you, LORD, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand? Psalm 130:3
          I am sure for all those works of TPM Clergy, they need some nice whacking. But when it comes to things relating to eternity, I will be the last person they will encounter pushing them out of the way of their hell which they ignorantly think to be ZION.

      • The one you talk about is not our Jesus Christ and proclaiming this libel, blaspheming Him.

        Your father is the devil.Your comments have revealed who you are. Only pigs hang out with pigs. You are not even a Man to boldly come out. Do not delete this comment.

        Bye, “The Person’s name who helped us with Hosting” masquerading as the sheep.

        • Dear SOL,
          I did not know of the incident where you had a different Jesus Christ as well. I knew you had a different Chief Shepherd. I again implore you to use normal debating language and let me know if you have any opposition to the scriptural position I have taken. We can, of course, discuss TPM Doctrines based on the Bible.

        • Dear SOL,
          It seems that you have some personal grudge and is rattling away a person’s name for the only reason that he helped us host it. And BTW, we do compensate him handsomely for his support.
          So there is no need to pull him into this issue.
          Now as far as this site is concerned, let me tell you that we have quite a huge number of information with us which, if we release can bring your entire edifice down. So I hope that you appreciate that we do not rattle away like you.

          There are hardly 4-5 issues in which we have focussed it on a person. And we have taken care of the issue by double checking. And hey, I could believe the sunny incident just because I know that one of my relatives was molested by him many years ago. So we are not punching in empty air. The other is Kanagaraj issue, Shyam Sundar Issue, and that Pune Minister issue ..apart from this I don’t remember we have focussed on any person. We have reliable reasons to believe that these incidents were right as we published.

          Our Issue is with the TPM Doctrine and not with the persons. I request you to go and read the “About Us” section again. This has been mentioned umpteen times. And to discuss TPM Doctrines, we do not need any license nor does we consider a person to be the important one as the discussion is about the teaching and practices. If the contents of this site are unacceptable to you, please close down the browser and move out. We will not be able to give you any space here as you are trolling and not debating.
          God Bless you

        • It seems Sol is devotee of TPM instead of God. Had he had love and devotion for God he would have buckled down and read some articles and would have had begin debating (if he thought we had given wrong interpretation).

          Look he had spent some time and energy to find who is admin of this site and have instead been deluded to think admin and service provider to be the same. Lol!! Had he spent some time on researching Bible it would have opened his eyes.

        • Right arm over the wicket, “Sword of Light Weight” comes running in for another attempt at the Admin, the ball pitches way wide of the admin and the Umpire calls it a “WIDE”.

          What a waste? Wake up son before it is too late.

          Try to bowl something which is edifying rather than shooting off your depraved mouth.

        • Dear TPM Ww,
          I approved the comment to let others know the kind of spirit you are being led with. Please do not bother to comment again as it will be heading to trash.

        • @SOL

          Ahh , the real spirit exposed himself . …we have seen so many like you in this forum , starts as a lil lamb , so calm and gentle ,super spiritual , thinks that they can fool us jus lik that .once they realise the believers here are followers of the Lord and not Tpm..the sneaky snake comes out of em …and hisses on the keyboard .. for us another day another toothless snake .

    • @ Brother redeemed
      I believe there sense in what you are saying. We agree! But sometimes their is a limit which when crossed makes us take some steps which might appear wrong. In the end it is not meant to shut down the church but only to make them change their ways.

      Admin out of his goodwill did not name and shame the inmates of dubai’s house of immorality. He just said “The immorality reported by some ex-ministers seems to be quite beyond the Sunny incident.” Let me brief you little more. (I’ll refrain from naming).

      1) Appachen sunny’s case is out and everyone knows
      2) Ammachi was transferred because it was reported she was sleeping with new recruit.
      3) One sister underwent abortion in faith home coz she was carrying child of famous holy man.

      So entire TPM family in Dubai Faithhome was involved in immoraility (Pastor, mother, brother, sister). Are the people of dubai paying their hard earned money to make the so called house of God a brothel? Did not Jesus whip the money changers from temple? Would we say that attitude of Jesus is not quite up to the reputation of meekness that he carried? Imagine how other honest innmates vexed their righteous souls living inside brothel house watching all this !! No wonder some left ministry.

      2Pe 2:7  And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: 
      2Pe 2:8  (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

      @ Anonymous
      No more question who why what…
      This was only reported because brother redeemed felt something is not right.

      • Thanks Bro Suraj for making public these details which once again proves the hypocrisy of this cult. Hope these diehards will realise that they are being deceived and get out before it is too late.

      • @ Old believer
        I am not the one to be thanked. Thank admin. He gave me go ahead to give this information to you all. So be rest assured he is not hiding anything. The only thing is that he cant publish anything for which he has no solid evidence.

        • thanks
          @Admin and @Suraj .

          Very sad to see the state of a church lik this ,imagine if these matters are into the legal authorities.. ? i d say God prevented a big disaster thr sunny george .. ! these guys are living like as if they re havin a weekend in amsterdam .

          so how the believers reacting .. ? woke up or still insensitive .? can any uae believer
          respond . .?

      • Thank you bro. Suraj and Admin. Whilst I knew about development 1, I had no clue on 2 & 3 till I read it here. Sure have some catch up to do as I am in this part of the world and still in dark on this. Can’t believe Mother was into all this as she is quite decent from the others I have met in the past.

        • From.what i was told, no.2 and 3 are quite older in history but was kept hidden successfully. So do not suspect the present incumbent. Check out the earlier inmates who got transferred back to India. And as usual, the story said by someone who left the ministry is considered by TPM folks as made up one. It’s time we start thinking the other way too.

  6. This is off topic bit this is what i ve experienced as a brainwashed TPM believer( not a christian) for so many years

    I once believed only those who believed in TPM were real sons/daughters of God and felt really sorry for those who were perishing and those who went to nominal churches (reluctant to join TPM church were doomed for eternal damnation)

    I used to proudly declare among some of my friends that i knew some deeper truths that they had no idea about(LOL)

    I used to believe that those who danced during some youth meetings were so privileged and holy (i tried my best but didn’t get the ability to dance uncontrollably like them or to say gibberish)

    I remember vividly an incident when the central pastor during the Sunday service (after the third song when all were in spirit;( or acting i don’t know) SHOUT AT ME WITH AN ANGRY FACE – AATMAVIL NIRAYADA ( get filled in the spirit). I Was sitting idly and had no idea about what was happening or what to do.His theory was if people don’t get filled in the spirit the unclean spirits which are ejected from those who are in the spirit will enter those who are not in the spirit.

    how can i pretend to do something I had no idea about?? I

    songs in Tpm are completely different ( no room for beautiful traditional Christian hymns written by our founding fathers ( both Malayalam and English )

    I have some horrible memories about TPM ( its proportion is greater than the good I found in TPM)
    .The God we find in new testament who came down as a servant full of love and grace is preached in a different way( twisting Jesus`s teachings and mixing it with the old testament to suit their needs)

    I thought it was my problem ( lack of holiness or faithfulness to God or others)

    But here I found some men and women sharing the same concerns

    Hope everything will get all right

  7. Dear admin..
    Initially when i went through this site, i thought its great! I have been discussing almost all the things you have mentioned in various articles, with my family, (but not to the extent you have explained, with proof).
    When i had such thoughts, i thought its my sin that makes me to think so!, as i am very well aware that i am a sinner, i am not perfect. I dont have even little knowledge about bible.
    Now let me come to the point.. Lets evaluate the members of a TPM church.
    1. As i said, i am aware of almost all the false teaching of TPM,yet i dont plan to change church for the very reason that i am a sinner..i will not be able to lead a perfect life even if i change the church. The percentage may be 1-2. ( because i am aware that i am the worst)
    2. The second group is a neutral group: they are not holy sprit filled, but leads a normal decent life, they feel that there is no better choice, because of administrative capability/benifits of TPM compared to other denominations. They even think that its a disgrace in society if they change..the percentage is more than 75. They will also not change the church because of false teachings, as they are not bothered what they preach.
    3. Third group is the so called diehards, those who sit in the first three rows..behaves as if they have very powerfull spirit..keeps on researching for different types of actions during the last stage of a song! …the percentage will be around 10 to 20… They think and behave as if they are perfect and ready for second coming of jesus christ. But their actions outside the church does not validate that they are sprit filled..i dont want to get into more details..
    Please pardon me if my above statements hurt anyone..all examples belong to my family…! So please dont abuse me! This group will never even think to discuss such things.
    Now, my doubt is as follows:
    1. Why TPM is in a race to build big faith homes..( fakehomes as mentioned in your various articles) when they are very well aware that they will have to move out one day! Then why they are doing this? Is it for the people? I think you or any other active member in this site will give the details because you were insiders!
    2. If TPM servents are aware that what they preach is false, why dont they leave this life? I think they also think that the society will not accept them? Correct? And most of them are underqualified to face the world. Correct?
    3. I think very few people left TPM due to doctrinal issues…may be very very few. Most of the people left the ministry after they fall in love with some sisters and they are unable to hide the result!. I respect even them for atleast they decided to lead a normal life. Ultimately man and woman are made in such a way that- atraction will be there. They have all the right to continue with gospal work. I am no one to judge them as long as they are preching gospal.
    4. My final doubt…why people starts expressing or agreeing that TPM is cult after they fall in love with some sister and result cant be hidden. They should have done this when they were in service. Imagine a person who enjoyed this TPM ministry life for almost 15 to 20 years.. Learnt a lot from bible. Realized that TPM is cult, but continued to be a spokesperson of that organisation.
    I really appriciate your work, as the knowledge you share is very valid and useful. You may or maynot belong to the last clergy group i mentioned, but some comments with personal attack is not going to help anyone to lead a good spritual life…! It will only help others to make joke of pentecostal people! So kindly avoid personal attacks with name. Which does not suit even for a sinner like me.
    Hope you will give me answer to my doubts!
    Please remember me in your prayer..!

    • Dear friend,
      We have done our utmost to avoid any personal attack on an individual. Can you please refer to the instance you thought as a “Personal attack”?

    • Bro ,

      I was a big fan of tpm and advised my friends to join in this cult , but slowly God revealed the flip flops , hypocrisy inside it , i had questions but no answer .

      The admin did a great job putting all together in one place . its an encyclopedia or a beginners guide to tpm .

      #Discernment .

      1 )But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of #discernment# trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil. – heb 5:14

      2)Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world 1 john 4 :1.

      3)and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually #discerned# 1 cor 2:14

      discernment is one of the greatest gifts brother

      i was blind for atleast for 1 , 2 years in the dungeons of tpm . even i wanted to become a full time minister but God saved me from this cult , this site never gonna bring down the tpm …
      also the tpm will thrive and survive ,but those who seek the truth or tasted the truth will never stay in this cult . Those who worship Tpm let them ..

      Answers :

      1). doesnt matter even if they build a helipad in each and every building . people are being bullied(the poor ones) that does matter .

      2) leave this life .. ? actually its a lotto or jackpot to be tpm minister ..

      all they have to do is nod or say yes or a chamcha to his chief pastors.. why they have to move out ?.. .. for the Truth and suffering .?? hahahaa .where you get 1000s of followers , non taxed money , penthouses if you are in a better country , with 100- 150 slaves , best clothings (abroad) , easily safely relieve your lust .. !(no one gonna believe that even if you get caught red handed ). you are a king with concubines .

      3) I know a pastor left the ministry , doing much better .. he is in chennai . (yeah found his better half inside the tpm ministry )

      4) cult is called as a cult not for immoral activities . please check the video in the main page . also one of the articles addressed it already please find it . ( what happens to an aged minister leaves tpm )

      why don’t you take a vacation from Tpm for a year ..? try to attend any other pentecostal fellowships or house churches ..? also spend more time with the Lord that ll clear most of your doubts ..

      also u dont have to address yourself as sinner always , yes we all sinners the Lord knows our struggles and are you 1) Someone who is living in sin. 2)Someone who is guilty of a particularly grievous offense. not yet repented ..?

      If you’re a Christian, isn’t it time you threw off the identity of “sinner” and embrace the identity of “saint”? Sinners are God’s enemies, but you are now God’s child. You are holy and blameless before Him (Ephesians 1:4). You don’t deserve to be a saint, but if you’re a Christian, you are one. Now embrace that identity and live in faithful appreciation for what He has given you.

      click here http://www.radicallychristian.com/why-you-probably-need-to-stop-calling-yourself-a-sinner

      God bless you brother , let him use you mightily for his kingdom (not for tpm ).

  8. A feedback on this site with mobile compatability. After your recent update, to view in mobile, the comment section goes very narrow and then re-flows normal and again narrows. Can your team look into this and fix. Check both android browser and safari. I’m facing issue in iOS device.

    • We have noted this, But this issue happens because of the indenting that happens to the following comment. One thing I can suggest is that you turn the mobile screen horizontally while viewing the comments and then It shall work for the comments to be viewable correctly.

    • Yes Brother, you can’t blame TPM Wellwisher as the same spirit which was in the Pharisees during Jesus’s time is in these TPM faithful also. The Pharisees also asked our Lord the same question, “who is your father?”

      You will know them by their fruits.

  9. @Admin,

    The two initial videos/photos seem to be unavailable. Can you please reinstate them ? I am new to the website, and a believer of TPM Trivandrum Centre. I would really like to know and read every article I find in this website in detail.

    Thank you.


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