Recently, Brother Denzel via his comments informed us, that his relatives are trying to criticize him for preaching liberty in Christ unto them. He said, “I was reportedly told off, to consider the fact that other church ministers do not kneel down and pray. They do not know deeper truths. They do not ask or manna from God. TPM workers qualify to lead Church because of 4 O’clock praising and because pastor kneels while praying for the message.” Denzel’s case is not unique. TPM devotees are hardwired to utter such nonsense (in-spite of having the book of Romans in their bible). It is very common to hear TPM believers say, “Our saints have left their homes and family to serve Christ. They do not take a salary. They have not married and wake up every morning to pray for us.”

The religious lifestyle of not marrying, fasting, forsaking families and jobs and living on alms given by devotees is in Ashrams/Monastery is called an ascetic lifestyle. This idea to assign “special importance to ascetic life” has ensnared almost all TPM believers and workers. They think God assigns a higher value to an ascetic lifestyle. This old chicanery has been used by Roman Catholic Church since the fourth century. Let us check whether the God of bible assigns a high value to asceticism or not.

Ascetic life of The Pentecostal Mission and their boastings

Below as tabular comparison between TPM workers and independent pastors. This table makes independent church Pastors score zero in comparison to TPM ones.

TPM Replacing Grace with Monastic Life

Comparing the Ascetic life of TPM Ministers and other such ascetics

Brother Denzel,  when they are showing you the above table. It’s high time for you to show them the below tables, which compare Roman Catholic Priests with TPM Pastors. See also next table which compares TPM/RC monks with Bramhakumari and other hermits of India.

TPM Replacing Grace with Monastic Life

Dear TPM workers and believers, why don’t you compare yourselves with monks of other religions or Catholic monks? If you have some more excuses please Read 1 Corinthians 4:6-7

And these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes; that ye might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written, that no one of you be puffed up for one against another.For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?

Ascetic life of John the Baptist and Christ’s verdict on that

Let us now compare the ascetic life of one Biblical saint with all above religious gurus and see what bible says on asceticism. Below is a table comparing the life of John the Baptist with all others (including TPM ones). We know that John did not marry. He left his family and lived a life of separation in the wilderness away from the seductions of this world. His food was simple, his clothing was non-fashionable.  See the table below.

TPM Replacing Grace with Monastic Life

From the above table, it is very clear that life of asceticism and consecration of John the Baptist was many times better than the best of TPM saint. It was better than any other RC monk. No wonder Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist…
(Matthew 11:11a)” Jesus has thus exalted John above every man born on earth. Yet in the very next instance, he showed that such a life is meaningless in sight of heaven.

Matthew 11:11 further says, “… notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Matthew 11:11b). Jesus in this verse says John the Baptist was the greatest man ever born on earth. No man born of natural birth can be greater than John. His consecration was higher than all men. But then Jesus says that such consecrated life is accounted as nothing. To say the least in heaven is greater than the greatest man born of woman, is another way to say greatest man born by natural human birth is unworthy of heaven. If passing mark for entering heaven is 35 marks and someone scored 35 and is gone to heaven then that person will be least in heaven. Now what Jesus is saying is that the greatest man born of a woman (John the Baptist) is smaller than one who scored 35 marks. This implies John the Baptist scored less than 35 makes (in-spite of all his consecration) – which is passing marks to enter heaven.

Conclusion: Life of consecration is not a way to heaven! Yet TPM and RC monks lay much stress on the life of asceticism.

Ascetic Life of The Pentecostal Mission Vs The Gospel of Christ

TPM believers think that there is righteousness in not marrying or kneeling or waking up every morning or living in a hermitage called faith home. But what does the Gospel say? Apostle Paul says, “And be found in him, NOT HAVING MY OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is of the law, but that which is THROUGH FAITH of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith (Phil 3:9). Did you understand the words highlighted in above verse?

Let me ask you one question. How did God account Jesus as a sinner if he did no sin?

Answer: Even though he did no sin, yet our sins were imputed to him and he was punished as if he committed those sins. Similarly, we who are not holy and righteous are imputed with righteousness and holiness which we haven’t lived or attained. This is imputed to our accounts by faith. Paul, therefore, says, “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one, shall many be made righteous (Rom 5:19).” Now if you are imputed with holiness and righteousness for which you labored not, but it was put to your account without having worked for it, then why do you still strive to attain holiness by your ascetic life? It is only because you do not understand the gospel.

Turning to Catholic style ministry based on Asceticism

This little passage from the history of Christendom is inserted into this article to show you the scriptural teachings that were the foundation of separation of Protestants from Catholics. When you return to Asceticism from this theological point of separation, then you actually are turning back the Reformation. It’s like turning to Jewish faith from Christian faith. It is like turning back into the bondage of Egypt after you have been redeemed from death. It is like Apostle Paul returning to a Pharisaic life of righteousness by works of the law.  Allow me to take you back into that moment of reformation and protest of Protestants against the popish religion.

Martin Luther was brought up in the fear of God by his father. Children were not even allowed to laugh, as laughing meant mocking others. This was considered as sin and children would be punished if they were found laughing at a joke. Imagine the piousness in which his father raised Martin Luther and his other children. He knew he was standing on top of the mountain and any mistake would land straight in the fire of hell. After entering monastic life as a Roman Catholic monk, he used to frequently fast to ask forgiveness, for even the smallest of sins that he would accidentally commit. Deep down in his heart, he hated righteousness of God that was so daunting.

As an RC monk, he didn’t marry. He left his profession,  parents, family, and home, and entered Catholic ministry to serve God. He later says that if any monk would have ever entered heaven by his life of piety then he would have certainly. This reminds me of the Apostle Paul who says that if righteousness was credited in accordance with Law then he would be blameless (Phil 3:6). He was once given chance to visit Rome. Pilate’s staircase was brought to Rome in those days. It was said that he who climbs the staircase on his knees (penance), he would receive a pardon from sins. As Martin Luther was climbing the staircase a voice came into his heart and that changed history.

The voice reminded him “The Just shall live by faith.” What Martin Luther was doing until now was that he sought eternal life by his own life of holiness and asceticism. The verse told him that righteous man would live eternally (not be condemned) by his faith and not by works! Just man shall live eternally by his faith in Jesus. Martin Luther was trying to attain righteousness by walking the staircase and afflicting his body/Soul. He at once left the staircase and thus were born Protestants – who seek righteousness and eternal life by their faith in Jesus instead of their own pious works and ascetic life.

It is, therefore, Protestant ministers marry and don’t live in cloistered houses and earn their own bread (some of them).Why? Because they follow and seek after righteousness by faith and not by works (Rom 9:31,32, 10:3). And Paul Ramankutty turned this reformation back to a life of asceticism. TPM posterity that followed Ramankutty, kept boasting about their monastic life because they had no understanding of the Gospel. They keep harping the same ugly rhythm again and again.


TPM Pastors and believers, wake up out of your slumber ! Let the blinders fall off from your eyes. We are ringing Gospel chimes again and again for you people. Repent of your empty claims. Trust righteousness which comes by faith instead of righteousness that comes by law. Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria!



  1. Dear Admin,

    Thank you for writing a reply in the form of an article.

    I am sure a hard-copy of this page will end up in Frazer Town this week.

    I hope this website will inspire many others to reason out using Scriptures as the basis.

    Thank you.

    Far too much credit/glory/thanks/praise has been stolen away from God by the ones who called themselves as ‘workers’.

    Reminds of Psalm 4.2 O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

    Praising God is an act of the heart, a wholesome flow of endless thanks, as deep calleth deep- not a form of leasing or flattery.

    • //I am sure a hard-copy of this page will end up in Frazer Town this week.//
      Tell them not to waste paper but try to become environment-friendly. They can obviously buy a mobile device or a laptop with their ill-gotten hush money. They will surely get permission if they cite the case of Teju or Charles.

      • Y just Teju? Most of the TPM special meetings preachers and all pastors (except a handful) have at least a top end Android phone and/or tab if they are not experienced in handling iPhone or iPad.

        • It’s not just Teju…He is one easy to identify and showcase for having a mobile device. I agree many others too have it. I know that Charles keeps the iPhone inside the hymn book and keeps looking at it very often during the meetings and even when he is preaching. This is the kind of people who are the next-gen leaders of TPM…

  2. In the weeks after Immanuel’s departure and one week prior to Dubai Convention, Tambi Durai in his damage control sermon openly challenged the Sharjah congregation to show him a organisation with similar CONSECRATED SAINTS OF GOD WHO LEFT ALL MATERIAL AFFILIATIONS ETC and he would join them. The fact they take such pride in boasting of practices and hollow traditions itself indicates the haughty & hypocritic mind. Instead of being humble and demonstrating that christ like character on the pupit, he destroyed the gospel that day.

    • And did he not beg before the congregation after he exhausted 1.5 Crores for the useless convention where not even 1 Soul was saved.?

      Huh…Shamelessly preaching that “God Loveth a cheerful giver.”.

      Who will say to him that God does not care for an irresponsible Steward?

      • Pastor Tambi durai is another funny creature. He tries hard to speak in English and that is not my problem. But he gets so angry when people do not translate it properly. He shames them very badly.

      • Well in relation to it there was a prophecy in Dubai the previous day saying that the permit to Hold convention would be received the following day same time. And they received the permit as per the prophecy. All were made to praise God for the prophecy and fulfillment. My question is, is this the holy spirit or another spirit. I don’t know anywhere in bible where holy spirit gave a materialistic prophecy. Pas. Sunny used to prophesy a lot and so on… The spirit of well being, healing of physical sickness, removing problems etc on the prowl and working through these people. Some thing for the discerned in spirit to be aware of.

        • Cool…That is not prophecy…But trickery…Do you want a prophecy from me?
          Here it is…The International Youth Camp would be held in Irumbuliyur with Police Permission from 23rd.

        • They are like the fortune tellers who use parrots to pick a card and predict your future.

          The only difference is they pick and chose verses from the Bible to fool the simpleminded. Hope God will have mercy on these TPM believers.

        • @redeemed
          Let prophecy! Even if they turn rod into snake or turn water into blood, I still won’t believe these fraudsters. All miracles in Bible are to make people believe in Jesus, but the miracles of tpm (if there are/were any) are to draw people after their organization. The chief intention of Holy Spirit is to reveal Christ. But alas! the people who call themselves led by Holy Spirit know nothing about gospel – the ABC of Christian faith.

    • Sorry Ps. Thambi Thurai but I want to tell this..
      Once a pastor, in his sermon told about how God gave salvation to a person who was a magician..
      It was really a different sermon that day as there was no mention of TPM’s Zion and New Jerusalem..
      But as the sermon ended, T.T said that the former magician whom the Lord gave salvation did not become a tpm believer..blah blah….and the entire sermon on salvation got destroyed that day.
      Why T. T ?? Why did you do like that?? WHY??

  3. Another well written article to prove that TPM ‘s head is not our Lord Jesus Christ.

    TPM will never accept that salvation is by grace alone. If they accept it, then all the servants of their god will be without a job and a career. The very fact that they don’t believe this fundamental tenet of Christianity proves that TPM is not part of the Body of Christ but a cult.

    None of the leaders are saved and the believers are fooled by their exclusive doctrines and they also remain in bondage. Only the lost will come out and this site and its articles and the testimonies of the liberated ones will be used by God to draw them out.

    They will continue marketing their USP which is their celibacy aka consecration and the simple minded believers, because of their pride will follow these yo-yos blindly.

    Bro Admin, you keep chipping away and God will do what He has to do for His Glory alone.

  4. Dear Redeemed
    It is true without any contradiction that no one can show Tambidurai an organization with such consecrated saints. These consecrated saints are lazy bugs who get delicious food cooked & the clothes even their handkerchief washed & neatly ironed by the junior brothers & sisters. If this organization started a system of male – female members stay separate, do the individual washing & cooking, I guarantee that most of these fraudulent would run away. These false saints are living the most luxurious life behind the mask of consecration. Most unfortunate thing is that there is a huge group of carnal Christians who are holding them high as great saints. Oh…really shameful!

  5. Knowingly or unknowingly, Pastor Paul was the one that pioneered the effort of counter-reformation. Alwin and AC continued to build this new Catholic Church order.

  6. Mobile phone are allowed only after a certain years in ministry. I am aware that only Pastors and above are supposed to use mobile phones.

    • False. A brother (27 yrs old) who was ordained in TPM ministry just last year owns a brand new recent iPhone. I have seen scores of brothers/sisters with a Samsung or iPhone.

      • I don’t know if they own a phone or not. But I know they have seen the most recent viral videos on what’s app and YouTube and they have seen those more than me.. Sometimes they ask have you seen this video and that video which I actually have not seen . They say they saw videos on some brothers (believers)mobile.

        Irony, they say television is bad and it brings curse on the family but they can say everything on smart phones.

  7. Dear Johnson
    Your are right that Ramankutty alias Paul started the counter-reformation and Alain & AC continued their effort to build it up. But I would like to say that the RC are little better as they still maintain male-female stay separate system to keep the moral values. TPM is worst who have no moral values as the unmarried are living under the same roof.

  8. I have observed that the believers of TPM have less Zeal for God & His truth but more zeal for their white-clad frauds & their man-made teachings. These members would not feel as hurt if anyone spoke wrong about Jesus as it would hurt them if anyone spoke about their fake saints & the organization. What a group of blind people? Save them O God!

    • that is one major thing i realized when i was in Tpm ,absolutely NO zeal for God or sharing the Gospel. just another sold out slave for the cult ,eventually they become spiritual lepers , no sensitivity to the voice of the Holy spirit or to a fellow believer . .. .

      • Thats true. We have believers (myself included) who have sat next to each other for years and may still not know each others names as most dash to the exit during benediction and before hallelujah. Then the only time we stick our cheeks to each other is during the communion. But lately I noticed that even that’s gone. That love, warmth and burden for each other which we saw during our child hood days are gone. Now no one in our churches have time for each other….

    • You have a valid question Brother. Frazer Town is a location where one of the TPM Faith Home in Bangalore is located. This Faith Home used to be the Bangalore Center Faith Home a few Years Back. I guess the relatives of Brother Denzel Joy happens to attend that Faith Home.

    • As a participant or a volunteer??

      Whatever, whether he goes there or not, we are bound to have some very interesting contents from there in the near future as the “faithful” in Irumbaliyur are trying to keep their “lambs”in their fold.. 🙂

    • Maybe like Navy Seals deep inside enemy territory but undercover.

      But if they find out they will tie him and beat him for sure.

      • I bet they won’t be able to find him.
        Reminds me of few men who went to Jericho as spies secretly. (Joshua 2:18). Maybe time has come for Jericho of TPM to fall !!

    • This is really bad. If you don’t support this fromtpm group why do you visit this site and keep commenting. And, what are you really concerned about????

  9. The greatest of all thing is , Glorious gospel of Jesus Christ is never preached in the right way..they preach self denial,holiness and obedience which is right but they don’t preach the Finised work of Christ which make it all wrong. Gospel of JESUS Christ is to trust his work on the Cross. We are not saved by our righteous deeds but by his deed. We obey not to be saved but we are saved. BUT Both the TPM leaders and believers seem to try hard to earn their Salvation by their deeds . I was a fanatic believer, musician and Sunday class teacher for Youth of TPM in Nepal. Deep in my heart, I always felt something is missing and I was upset inside and I let no-one knew except God. Most of my my individual prayer and in meeting prayer was that “Jesus you are my true shepherd I seek you alone but noone, lead to to your truth”. Time passes by, God opened my eyes to see and discern the truth. I set out my steps to focus on the sermons preached, doctrines and rules that’s been practised and found most of them not aligned with the Word of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ is rarely preached in TPM and they least prioritse the Gospel which is the permanent cure for sinful, hell deserving,wretched pitiful soul. Dear brothers, there is NOTHING in this whole universe to satisfy our dark, sinful and wretched soul than the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is finished work of Christ. We can never ever earn salvation by our own righteousness, repentance and self denial. These are only the product of salvation. BUT when you rely on these by products rather than what Jesus has done, your soul is in danger 🙁 ..gospel of Jesus Christ frees us from fear of hell,death and everything. Yes gospel of Jesus Christ makes us obey him lovingly not forcefully. He loved us 1st that’s why we love him.
    This is what I see lacking in TPM.
    I spoke to the in charge pastor about so many doctrines that I find contradictory when I study the bible for myself. I quit TPM almost 1.5 years back. I dont regret at all because im in Father’s safe hand. I don’t have any personal issues with anyone BUT ITS ALL DOCTRINAL and THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST..Before I left,I felt I must take the step whatever believers/ leaders talks about me but I must let them know what I’m standing for. I love them all but i cannot remain in peace and unity for the cost of truth.My only prayer and burden for this church is they may come to the truth of TRUSTING IN CHRIST ALONE to be saved all eternity.

    Anyone here from TPM, please ask our merciful God to see the truth. Please boast in Christ alone.( Galatians 6 :14)


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