The Below is a short testimony from a sister who has requested for anonymity. Such things happen when you come from an environment of cultic TPM. This is a Testimony of a Former Worker Sister from one of the TPM churches in the west.

My journey into the organization took place at a young age. I was encouraged to communicate with the senior leaders without my parents’ knowledge while I was still a minor. That itself should have set off alarm bells, but I was just a teenager. I was instructed by the organization’s elders to call them collect from school and visit secretly without my parents’ approval or knowledgeI was groomed–private meetings with leaders, subtle counsel, ego-stroking–and finally received into the ministry. I entered with the understanding that my life would be given to reach lost souls for the kingdom. I was in love with Jesus and no price was too great. Finally, I thought, I had found a group of sold-out, radical lovers of the cross. Imagine my dismay when I slowly began to understand that their agenda was far from what I imagined: dry, sleepy prayer times coupled with lavish evening meals in believers’ homes! And the souls we invited to church from the community? They would come in one door and run out the other when they saw these oddly attired people who presented them with a list of DOs and DON’Ts. The “gospel” we shared, which was full of rules and regulations, was not effective in bringing people into a true relationship with Christ.

I began also to hear teachings that did not line up with Scripture. I watched young married couples and their children cruelly separated in the name of “consecration.” When asked “Why?” the only explanation given was, “Have we not the right to lead about a sister, a wife” (1 Cor 9.5). The inference being that a wife must only be equated with a sister—nothing more. This was exegetically wrong!

Helping Someone Testimony of a Former Worker SisterIn the years that I remained there, I questioned the elders on the alleged heavens and their assigned inhabitants, the banning of marriage for ministers, the exclusivity of the church and its reluctance to acknowledge, much less fellowship with, the rest of the Body of Christ. Their answers rang hollow and unsupported by Scripture. I observed workers who arrived with fire in their eyes slowly evolve into dull, frustrated “yes” men who lived for the approval of their elders. I watched divine death tragically takes its toll on young and old alike. I saw parents who loved their children gaze upon their ministerial offspring with longing and remorse—cut off, “corban-ed,” dejected. My list could continue, but you’ve heard them all.

Testimony of a Former Worker Sister

Finally, through a series of events that allowed me to return to seeking the Lord who had called me, I made up my mind to leave. Was it easy? No—I would not like to relive that portion of my life. Imagine a hundred voices telling you you’re wrong, deluded, bitter, and backslidden. But His voice was louder, His embrace stronger, and His strength sufficient. As I walked out the door, I was again met with threats (disguised as prophecies) of futility, loneliness, shame, and infamy. But, I kept walking.

Even though I was received back home as if they were receiving a corpse. Even when I heard whispers of supposed scandal. Even when hope seemed shattered and uncertainty loomed like an effigy in my path. I kept walking, and all the seeming monsters drowned as the seas parted. May I share with you that I have since walked into a large place, an inheritance that is more than I could ask or think! God has redeemed the years and given me both family and ministry together with life in HIM! And, I get to enjoy all of this with His beautiful Body—all of them! There is not a moment that I have regretted the decision to not only leave the ministry, but also the fellowship. I do not attend that church because of its extra-Biblical teachings and its dire effects upon numerous families. His Word is too precious—I cannot placate people at the cost of being untrue to the Bible.

For those of you who are contemplating a similar exodus: don’t wait! There is LIFE outside those four walls. The God who saved you is big enough to lead you and satisfy your soul. Do not remain in error and waste your days. Do not choose the comfort of the familiar and settle on being a big fish in a small pond. Don’t be content with the seeming security of faith home life—venture into the unknown with Jesus, your true Provider. Your assignment isn’t over, and lives depend upon your obedience. Many of us who have walked this path are determined to help our brothers and sisters who need support, camaraderie, and tools as they leave. I pray my story will strengthen your resolve and assure you that you are not alone…Welcome back to life.


  1. Wow!!! Reading your testimony I had tears of joys coming up!! The part that made me really happy is when you said that you got back the years you lost! Because I feel the same about myself and it made me happy to see that others have also attained this!! Your bravery is amazing! I really admire that as I can imagine the amount of inner strength it must have took to listen to your inner voice and leave!

    These people are just very good at splitting up families, and all manner of relationships just for their own personal gain. They have no moral compass, evil to the core. I had seen that in my own life where they have turned my own mother against me in many situations and even now because I don’t attend they make her treat me like an outsider, it’s not her fault it’s because she is brainwashed by these evil selfish money hungry creatures. I just hope many more like us see the truth and come out!

  2. Dear Sister
    I thank the Lord for His unfailing mercies that has pulled you out of that hopeless dungeon. Thanks for the courage by which you have posted your testimony. Hope that your testimony will strengthen others to make a quick exit from the snares of cult’s deceptions. These white-clads & their deceptive teachings have coiled around many sincere souls like the crooked serpent. May the articles & testimonies posted on this site be a strong rod to break the head of this crooked serpent & set the sincere souls free. Hallelujah!

    • And I join you in highest praise, Anthony! And, yes, may many more find freedom as their eyes are opened by the light of truth.

  3. Thank you Sister for your testimony. Praise God for liberating you from the snare of the enemy. Great Grace and tremendous courage is clearly visible in your life story. Very inspiring indeed.

    Every testimony on this forum is not only a source of great encouragement to those planning their exit but also provides much needed assurance to those who have already left this evil cult.

    Praise God, our Great Rescuer lives and because of Him, we will never walk alone.

  4. It takes some courage to do this. Good that you took right decision. If there is a formal re-hab programme with proper counseling for such workers and re-inducting them back into society I am sure there will be more such workers willing to step out and do the ministry as it ought to be done. After being born in this organisation and serving Lord for years, I can only imagine how difficult it will be to make up the mind to step out into the world unknown. May God open ways for something similar to happen so that there are ways and means to take care of the uncertainties facing a soul coming out of the spell.

    • Definitely takes courage–but there’s more than enough in Christ! We do hope a program, or shall I say deprogramming, can be initiated. They need to be surrounded by a safe atmosphere, words of life, restoration, inner healing, and opportunities to learn life skills or pursue ministry/education. All of that is available through the Body of Christ. Let’s agree together for more of our dear ones to step out in real faith…

    • O my God!!! What a sync in thought. I was just discussing this with my family last night. Since in my profession, we do lot of rehabilitation programmes for persons with mental illness

  5. wow..great testimony…”There is LIFE outside those four walls. The God who saved you is big enough to lead you and satisfy your soul. Do not remain in error and waste your days. Do not choose the comfort of the familiar and settle on being a big fish in a small pond”..truer words had never been spoken.

  6. If you leave the TPM ministry will go to hell,.. like that they are telling… what is this??? Luke 9:62????
    Dear admin please

    • Yes TPM has a doctrine that says that if you are called to ZION (Their White clad Service) and you happen to drop out of that system because of any reason, you will straight away reach HELL. According to TPM Doctrine, such people who leave their Ministry cannot be accommodated into New Jerusalem, or New Heaven or New Earth. This is a manipulation by TPM to ensure that they do not leave the cult’s service as that will impact their business. Brainwashed people do believe it and many are there who do not get out of their ministry fearing that they might go to Hell.

  7. I am so glad to stumble upon this website. I spent eleven years of my life in that church working in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Togo, and Ghana as a brother -in-charge of Kumasi branch. I am long gone now but it was a terrible experience that I will never forget. Thank God that He brought me out of there.

  8. Without reading this Sister’s revealing testimony,I ‘ ve just posted a comment a few moments ago, that I belong to the poor man Lazarus’s cricket club ( My comment was doubly strengthened now by this Sister’s testimony posted by this blessed site on 17 th Nov 2017.
    Since then onwards ,our beloved ADMN brother and his valiant TEAM MEMBERS faced so many curses so many humiliatory messages from this CULT with many anonymous names.But they had been thwarted well by the relentless battles waged by our TEAM comprising of 1% contributing authors on almost all these days daily. There is no need to trouble our hearts ( JOHN 14:1).
    The factor of ‘ELINA’ is at present seen very much nowadays .
    All such ELINAs will be eliminated if they do not fall into the line of THIS POOR MAN’s CLUB shown to them.
    This is for sure as our beloved Saviour God is faithful to lead us VICTORIOUS till the end.


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