If you do not believe in Zion, then you cannot obtain this salvation. Some say that this is a myth of the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission. That is because they have not tasted the “rod of his strength” which came from Zion. The apostolic Gospel is the rod of the strength of God, and can only be preached by apostles. Ordinary, carnal people cannot preach this Gospel. They must first become the footstool of God for they are to preach this Gospel. Then only they can preach such a Gospel. (Voice of Pentecost, Nov 1975)

Yes, you read that right. If you don’t believe in TPM’s Zion, you will not be saved. That paragraph perfectly sums up what’s wrong with this church.

In my many conversations with Roman Catholics, one claim that I often hear from them is that the early apostles were “Catholics” and that teachings were passed down from one pope to the next without any error. So I usually tell them, when I read the writings of your popes it is filled with praises and worship to Mary, so many references to unbiblical doctrines like purgatory, salvation by works etc. Why is it that the letters written by the early apostles don’t even have an iota of references to your doctrines?

Zion, TPM’s idol In the same way, TPM’s idol is their mythical Zion. They write songs about it and sing praises about it. So I ask TPM believers if Apostle Paul was a “consecrated servant” holding to TPM’s “apostolic doctrines”, why is it that he doesn’t even mention the word this place called “Zion” in eternity in any of his letters? Can you imagine if it were TPM pastors writing the epistles in the Bible, how many references to things like “consecration”, “Zion” and “New Jerusalem” would have been there?

TPM’s book “Zion – The Perfection of beauty” can be taken as a case in point. The book is filled with idolatrous heresies from cover to cover. No one in their right mind will have the audacity to claim the apostles of Christ would have written a similar book. In this series, we’ll review this book and discover the extent of TPM’s idolatry.

In Chapter 2 of this book, TPM makes many bold claims which can only be termed as the “another gospel” that Paul refers to in Galatians 1:8 and 2 Corinthians 11:4

TPM has perfected the art of deceiving the masses. For example, in chapter one of this book, TPM says, Zion is beautiful because God dwells there. They say if God doesn’t dwell in Zion, it has no beauty. Reading this, a TPM believer will think any devotion to Zion as devotion to God. But we also know that in TPM colloquial, the term “zion” also refers to TPM’ “consecrated servants”. As the years go by, any devotion to these “consecrated servants” will be same as devotion to God in the minds of the believers.

Some Idolatrous teaching from TPM’s Zion

So let’s look at the assertions in chapter 2 of this book (“Zion – The Perfection of beauty”).

1. Why we love Zion is, to have the greatest mercy of the Lord on us.

God’s mercy is not contingent upon your actions. Scripture says

will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy.” (Romans 9:15-16)

Let’s think about this for a moment. Isn’t the greatest mercy of God on a sinner, the fact that He came to die for our sins and has chosen to freely forgive us? How then can TPM then say only if love Zion, God’s greatest mercy can be on us?

It’s easy to read between the lines. TPM clearly connects salvation with accepting their doctrine of Zion.

2. Only if we love Zion can we love God more and more

This statement makes no sense at all. And their attempt to explain it is even worse. The explanation reads

In Psalm 132 we read that the Lord loved Zion and chose it for His habitation. If we love our God, we will love everything He loves. So, the more we love Zion, the more we love our Lord who loves Zion

Let’s say your parents love the house you are living in. So the more you love your house, the more you love your parents? Well, that’s TPM’s logic.

In any case, does TPM not know that God doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands (Acts 17:24)? He indwells every born again believer! So any references to “God loving Zion” can only be interpreted as God loves his children whom He saved!

Yet, TPM misses this obvious fact. God isn’t in love with a lifeless mountain called “zion”. He is in love with us, his children. He didn’t spare His only Son for us!

3. Unless we love Zion we cannot have character perfection. When you love Zion, your whole mind gets transformed.

So, here’s an open challenge to TPM folks. You guys have loved Zion since (1923?). Show me one person in TPM’s history who attained this “character perfection” that only those who “love Zion” can attain.

We all know TPM has a false gospel called the “gospel of perfection”. Now adding to the list of things you must do to attain this state of perfection, TPM has added: “love zion to become perfect”.

4. If you do not love Zion, you will love wrong things. Only those who love Zion can keep their lives pure

 Should this be, “If you do not love God, you’ll love sin”?

He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds, were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.” (John 3:18-21)

No one who is born of God will continue to sin because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God.” (1 John 3:9)

For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.” (2 Cor 5:14)

Do you see the word “zion” in the above passages? No. We who are born again, our fruits are in response to God’s love for us. We love righteousness because Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us!

And what is God’s part in all of this? Is God “up in Zion” looking down on his beloved TPM believers and checking if they are loving “zion” and giving grace proportional to the amount of love they have for zion? Or do TPM believers automatically become holy and “love all the right things” as soon as they proclaim their love for their saints and their (supposed) eternal abode?

5. If we love Zion, we will be un-removable, steady and unmovable. Those who love Zion will never backslide

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? Who will bring a charge against God’s elect? God is the one who justifies; who is the one who condemns? Christ Jesus is He who died, yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us. Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Just as it is written, “For Your sake we are being put to death all day long; we were considered as sheep to be slaughtered.” But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:31-39)

Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him! For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!” (Romans 5:9,10)

TPM’s soteriology is utterly man-centric as clearly demonstrated by the 5th point. According to TPM we keep ourselves “saved”.

The above scriptures dismantle every TPM assertion of works based salvation. Salvation is God’s doing. We are merely the recipients of His grace and mercy. If we could save or keep ourselves saved, Christ died in vain.

Just know this. Apostle Paul wasn’t “un-removable, steady and unmovable” because he loved TPM’s Zion. It was God who kept him un-removable, steady and unmovable, for His purpose, for His glory and because of His love!


Dear reader, TPM’s foundation is their made up doctrines like Zion. There is absolutely no doubt that the apostles in the bible would be flabbergasted if you tell them TPM’s doctrines are “apostolic”. Not only that, TPM has used their exclusive doctrine to put you in chains and in chains, you will remain as long as you buy into their false doctrine. Isn’t the fact that TPM’s exclusive doctrines are unheard of in the NT, enough for you to reconsider if this church is biblical?


  1. Excellent article!

    Zion is TPM’s indoctrination at it’s finest.
    Every time a pastor or worker is challenged about the Zion doctrine, yes, they do start spilling out scriptures. However, they are taken out of context and none of it directly support their theology. It is very dangerous to twist the message of salvation , which is the crux of Christianity and make it into something else, because then how many are truly saved there? When I left the church, being born into TPM, I realised I was never truly saved to begin with, I was not a born again believer, because I bought into the version of salvation that TPM propagated. I had to learn what salvation is and be truly born again in Christ.

    How many people have been led astray by this! No matter what the topic is, or what the bible study is, somehow Zion can be linked to it (not very well I might add but nonetheless). Very good illustration about the house and the parents!

  2. When I stopped attending TPM, one of my TPM friend said how his dad (a TPM diehard / fanatic) is praying fervently in their family prayer daily how I have lost the “salvation” and that I should come to the salvation again!
    I couldn’t understand and asked him “but I am already saved, why is he praying like that”… I know most people prayed that I should return from my backsliding but why is he praying that I should come to the salvation? NOW I KNOW Lol just clowns!!

  3. Excellent article! I also used to think it was weird when a person left their clergy and was still serving god, they would say “oh he/she lost their salvation” and that now they are going to the worst place in hell because they fell from Zion. I was always like it doesn’t make sense because they didn’t lose salvation as they are still serving god! Sadly they have a prayer list to pray for “backsliders” who don’t go to their church anymore. And they look at people who left the church as if they have a disease not knowing that they are the ones who are not clear minded.

  4. Looking into TPM’s deeper truths is like digging into a Garbage Bin. The deeper you go, the filthier it gets. I feel like vomiting. Many times I have wondered how I was deceived for so many years. Praise God for saving us from this cess pool.

    Thanks Brother for another nail in TPM coffin of lies. I don’t think the clergy will change anything as these lies feed them and has been doing so for 96 years. I hope the lost sheep will be enlightened and bail out before it is too late.

  5. Like any other denomination/cult/organization TPM will continue feeding their “beliefs” to their flock… and the cycle of life continues..

    • Absolutely. Except God, no one can change this cultic organization. Just as Martin Luther and his group came out of the RC church, I have always maintained, only a selected few will come out of this group. But this group will not change their stand. Though, I wish they would . It pains to see people being so blind.

      • Tell them your last sentence and they will respond that it pains them that you are so Backslidden and will not be going in the secret coming.

      • Don’t worry Brother, one testimony at a time, one stone at a time the Lord is building up His Zion and He will then appear.

        TPM’ s Zion building will go on and they won’t even know what hit them when they appear in hell with their twisted doctrines covered in their self righteousness. I feel sorry for them and all we can do is pray that the Lord will have mercy on their leaders and change their hearts which will then work on their blind followers.

    • However, be very careful with this video. It depicts just one cult and blames the whole of Christianity. Though the concept shared here, along with the example of “The Truman Show” is very true, I feel the presenter is a bit biased towards Christianity.
      Just be vigilant. Question what you hear/see. Don’t believe everything blindly.
      God bless you.

      • I thought the presenter is Biased AGAINST Christianity. But again our Ex Brainwashed(Blablabla) always is in search of such materials.

        • You are wrong admin. You seem to make the same mistake you accuse TPM fanatics of making- being ignorant of the “truth”. She is not biased against christianity, she is basically biased against any fundamental beliefs which oppresses people, christian, muslim or whatever. Its just that like me, she was also raised in a very fundamentalist Christian system and hence she uses it as an anchor to explore the whole concept of fundamentalist beliefs through the eyes of psychology. I am sure the same concept can be used to rebut the fundamentalism of islam or jw or anybody for that matter..

          Yes, I was always in search of “such materials” once, but not anymore. I wanted to know all sides of the story and not just the Christian side. I don’t know admin or anyone in this site so I am refraining from making judgements but I agree with Santosh-
          “Just be vigilant. Question what you hear/see. Don’t believe everything blindly.
          God bless you.”

          Yes be “very careful with this video”. When I first came across her videos many years back (along with many other such videos), it caused so much damage to my worldviews, but looking back that was what the doctor ordered.

          The irony of that statement “be careful with this video” is that I guess the so called progressive thinkers in TPM would be saying the same about this site to anyone who might be asking their opinions…” Son/daughter, be careful with fromtpm.com, read the site to understand the opinions “Satan” uses against TPM’s heavenly doctrines so that you know what the “enemy” says, but be careful the “bullet” doesn’t hit you.., always be careful….”

        • Wow…Brother XB..Please do not equate Christian Fundamental Beliefs with Islamic Fundamental Beliefs. Fundamentalism means going back to the ROOTS. If Christianity becomes FUNDAMENTAL, Christians will become Like Jesus. TPM is a Perversion and not fundamentalism of Christianity. But if Islam becomes Fundamental, Muslims will become like Muhammad. The ISIS is an effort towards Islamic Fundamentalism.

          On a general view, I do agree with many points of the Presenter. However, She(The Presenter) seems to be questioning Jesus’s Resurrection…She is safe with playing with Christian Beliefs..I am sure nobody chopped off her head. But Do you know why she did not question anything from Islam? For eg, Muhammad’s ascension on a horse?
          I am sure she would have known what is Religious Fundamentalism by then. So friend, before you try to equate Christians with Muslims, please think over.

          I challenge you to get me one such video challenging the Islamic ViewPoint from a secular university or secular media..The entire world makes it a point that they can make fun of Christian Beliefs but will not even touch the Islamic Beliefs with a bargepole. They are Scared that they might have to leave their home for the Grave.

  6. After reading all these articles makes me understand TPM’s business model, I can’t help but admire Paul and Alwyn and their successors for keeping this lie going for almost a century. I think the corporate world can learn a thing or two from TPM’s concept marketing.

    They are selling a product which does not exist to a market which wants this imaginary product and the combination feeds on each other and live in a dream land thinking that they are all heading to paradise.

    This cannot be Christian whichever way you look at it. TPM makes The Word of God a liar with their revelations.

    This can work only if their is a demonic spirit behind it and every christian knows who it is.

  7. @admin..

    //I challenge you to get me one such video challenging the Islamic ViewPoint from a secular university or secular media..The entire world makes it a point that they can make fun of Christian Beliefs but will not even touch the Islamic Beliefs with a bargepole. They are Scared that they might have to leave their home for the Grave.//

    Are you kidding me admin?





    You can search more if you…please remove your filter/narrow mindedness and look out…

    • Admin is not Kidding. You are bringing Comedian Bill Maher whose past time is making fun of religions. He does not represent any university of serious studies or a Media of Consideration. Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens are all autonomous folks in their own world. If you look into my question, you should have got somebody of the skill of the presenter associated with a university or a reputed Media House.Do you think CNN/CNBC will keep Bill on their rolls? I don’t think so. Now consider the situation. Even if Bill works for CNN or BBC and criticises Christians, he will be given a pat on his back. But Consider him doing that with the Muslims. He will be given the Pink Slip. They are telling these in a supposed Christian Country. Let them open their Mouths in Saudi Arabia and see what happens. If you do not believe, Ask Charlie Hebdo, Danish Cartoonist or Ayan Hirsi Ali.

      You must be kidding to equate Christian Fundamentalism to Islamic Fundamentalism.

      • @bla bla . …

        We have an epic reply from Ravi to dawkins and the likes ..

        i lik maher coz he tears down the islamic faith big time .. he is very good at that .

        • @apostate.. Yes that was an apt reply to Dawkin’s immature comments….Dawkins can sometimes be as crazy nut as religious nuts…I don’t deny that…Unlike what admin might think, I don’t place Dawkins on a pedestal..He is just another human being with his views… Just like Ravi…two highly intelligent people …..

          oh yea that’s the point I was trying to tell admin…Admin seems to think only fundamentalist Christianity is being ridiculed and people are afraid to call out muslim fundamentalists too…and maher is one classic example of why Admin is wrong..unfortunately Admin doesn’t give enough value to a comedian ….

      • so just because Bill Maher is a comedian, his rational arguments cannot be taken into consideration? So just because Sam Harris or Hitchens doesn’t belong to established institutions means they should be not taken into value…kinda sound like the same attitude the Jewish religious leaders had towards Jesus….nevertheless, I will accept that argument but would like to put the argument back to you…. “I challenge you to get me one such video challenging the ‘Christian’ ViewPoint from a secular university or secular media’ in the USA…As far as I know if anyone dare do that to any religion, they will be in trouble, not just Christian or Muslim..so your point is basically emotional than factual…..the only places where I’ve heard christianity or islam being “mocked” is in shows like that of Bill Maher or such comedians….In debates involving intellectuals like Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens or Dawkins, there is no “mocking” involved, its just plain facts based on logic and reasoning…..The fact that you can’t take it shows your bias… I consider myself Christian yet I agree that what they say is actually true…why would you base not base your reasoning on truth?

        //They are telling these in a supposed Christian Country. Let them open their Mouths in Saudi Arabia and see what happens. If you do not believe, Ask Charlie Hebdo, Danish Cartoonist or Ayan Hirsi Ali.//

        Just that you are aware, USA is not a “Christian country..”. It is a SECULAR country founded on the principles of freedom of religion among other FREEDOMs…and I agree they would be in trouble in Saudi or Iran ….and you know why is that? Those are countries where religion is given more importance than it deserves….the same state would apply if USA allowed the religious nuts like those of Westboro to be the rulers…..Look at India where the Hindu nationalists are ruling…Can you go and eat beef in a BJP infested northern village…That exactly is the problem with religious fundamentalism.


        You can’t just wash your hands by saying if Christians were fundamentals they would be behaving as Jesus..that’s not true…


        And I love Ayan Hirsi Ali, have listened to many of her videos…I agree with her in many levels…

        I am not kidding in equating Christian fundamentalism to Islamic or any religious or political fundamentalism….I consider every such narrow mindedness an hindrance to human progress….yes it is true that the muslim fundamentalism is a much greater and violent threat to human society than any other….I agree with that and all those secular names I mentioned has the same opinion…..You are just being biased by your bias to ignore that..

        • Dear Friend,
          I am not discounting these videos because they are not raising a Valid Point. My issue is that they are not backed by a Secular University or Secular Media. Just because they are in the US, does not make them Secular automatically.
          I agree the USA is not a Christian Country. But what caused you to ignore my word “SUPPOSED”? Taking true fundamental Christian Beliefs, a country can never be Christian. It’s totally Unbiblical.
          AS far as Fundamentalism is concerned, I agree with the dictionary meaning but would not want to force my view that Symbolic words have to be taken Literal to become a Fundamentalist.

          Many people think such twistings are part of Fundamentalism. No wonder people think TPM is a fundamentalist organization. If the Writer is explaining in a Metaphorical language, I have got no business to interpret it and present it as Literal. For me, Fundamentalism includes taking the INTENT OF THE WRITER (I mean NT). By throwing the intent of the writer, it leads to Perversion and that is considered by many as Fundamentalism. I do not, therefore, agree with the person in the Video you supplied. The Person in the Video is going beyond the definition of fundamentalism as mentioned in the Dictionary. He seems to be including all Madness into the bag of Fundamentalism.

    • I could not check both..But the first one clearly (in the first 12 mins I have seen), Richard seems to be averse to criticising the God of the Quran but is going full blast on the OT and NT God. Please check his sentence from 4:10 onwards.

      • You should check out both coz you just based your judgement of a total of around 2 hr video just by watching 10% of it?

        See this, for eg.

        • Brother,
          BTW, Did I ask you to present proofs of individuals who are backed by Secular Universities or Secular Media? You are taking a huge assumption that I am going to watch out all the videos you flush out. Though I did watch both of them, I did not understand what did you intended. Both of them were basically pointing at Muslim behavior and taking potshots at them. These people are not even close to Pamela Geller/Brigette Gabriel even regarding Muslim Behavioural talks. Muslims React only when you touch their Prophet or Holy Book. Neither of them had the guts to venture out and speak about against Muhammad’s life or Quran’s Contents. Please let me know who is debating about Muhammad/Quran and is backed by Secular Media/Universities. For eg. I do not consider Oral Roberts University as a Secular one. In case you did not understand my point, Please watch few of David Wood’s Videos or Robert Spencer’s. I do consider them Christians. Hence They would not fall into the requested criteria.

          Get me a Video where you critically analyze Muhammad’s life on the University Campus. I can assure you that those guys will end in trouble.

          I have watched a lot of that for years. So I do not need those to be recommended by you. And BTW, I do not give much rip about myriads of videos to form my opinion.

        • In this video section, Richard is not refuting on any scientific basis. He is saying that it is Unbelievable to HIM. But Hassan says it is perfectly believable to him. Richard knows his boundary when talking to a Muslim. That the end of the point, he is making.

          Compare that with many videos where secular media and temples of learning are spending an enormous amount of time and money for so-called research papers refuting Christ’s existence or his death, Burial and Resurrection.

        • This guy mehdi and another one reza aslan both are sneaky ,cunning lowlives tryin to propagate islam in the west thr the msm . The God less generation easily falls for them … .! And both are real enemies of judeo -christian values ..

          yo bla bla , do u hav any exp. with the tpm then bring it on …! Not many of us into apologetics , also we are done with the atheism .

          we the ravis, lennox , david wood on apologetics … but there is none to answer the tpm . Hope you get the point .

          Time to move on …

    • Video – 1

      Richard Dawkins was a Man who called on God when he could not answer a simple question(0:39).

      It’s surprising that you value his opinions more than that of Ravi Zacharias

      As far as this video goes, Its just a back and forth between two views (Religion vs Atheism).I consider even Atheism as a Religion.If you would have gone though various articles in our site, we are also against RELIGION.
      We are “for Spirituality”. Religion is Man’s way of forming Organized system to find God. I am personally averse to any Religion and that Includes TPM. Religion is basically a Negative Force which is used to subjugate the masses.
      In that aspect, I do agree with Richard on the evils. But I think Richard somehow mingles Religion with Spirituality and hence assumes both are the same. That is where I differ from him.

      In 23:12 of this video he has issues with the World being created in 6 days but no issues with Teaching Quran to Mahdi Hassan Daughter. Please note that in the earlier sections he had issues with Kids being Brought up as Catholics.
      Do you think being Brought up as a Muslim is better than being brought up as a Catholic? Richard Dawkins believes it. Now tell me why is he more averse to Catholicism/Christianity than Islam? When it comes to Islam, they think it is
      Important to be “POLITICALLY CORRECT”.

      And one more thing..Richard Dawkins speaks a lot about EVIDENCE to junk God. But If it pleases you, can you please give me an EVIDENCE of Evolution which Richard seems to be Proselytising.

      • Come on admin…you are better than that…
        //Richard Dawkins was a Man who called on God when he could not answer a simple question(0:39).//

        Have listened to Ravi make fun of this video…I laughed coz yea Dawkins made a fool of himself there…

        //It’s surprising that you value his opinions more than that of Ravi Zacharias//

        It’s unfortunate that you haven’t realized I don’t value anyone’s opinions more than anyone else’s…I try to listen to both sides and make my own opinions…I respect both Ravi and Dawkins , nothing less nothing more….

        //I consider even Atheism as a Religion.//

        As someone rightly said, considering atheism as religion is akin to considering sexual abstinence as a sexual position, baldness a hair color, or not collecting stamps a hobby.

        //I am personally averse to any Religion and that Includes TPM. Religion is basically a Negative Force which is used to subjugate the masses.
        In that aspect, I do agree with Richard on the evils.//

        Surprisingly or not, we both agree haha…

        // But I think Richard somehow mingles Religion with Spirituality and hence assumes both are the same. That is where I differ from him.//


        //Do you think being Brought up as a Muslim is better than being brought up as a Catholic? Richard Dawkins believes it. Now tell me why is he more averse to Catholicism/Christianity than Islam? When it comes to Islam, they think it is
        Important to be “POLITICALLY CORRECT”.//

        No, I don’t think being brought up as a Muslim or a Catholic or an Atheist or a Hindu is better or worse as long as the kid is given enough avenues to think for himself/herself…. If you think Dawkins believes otherwise I think its just your opinion based on your biased thinking that somehow he has an agenda against Christianity and he is playing it safe against muslims..

        The above video throws out of the window your biased thinking…two people you seem to dislike discuss the same concenrn you raised…


        //And one more thing..Richard Dawkins speaks a lot about EVIDENCE to junk God. But If it pleases you, can you please give me an EVIDENCE of Evolution which Richard seems to be Proselytising.//

        I don’t want to do that coz not only do I don’t know much about evolution nor do I care whether life came by evolution or not…Since Dawkins is the one who speaks about Evolution and not me, please go and ask him or see his videos if you want to get to know his EVIDENCE….I have better things to do in life….

        • //The above video throws out of the window your biased thinking…two people you seem to dislike discuss the same concenrn you raised…//
          Nice video which stands by my point.

          But you say I am Biased. True I am Biased towards Biblical Christianity.
          But are you not Biased? I see you are biased as well for Atheism and against Christianity.
          Is that Not the same case with your favorites Like Bill, Richard, Sam etc?

          How is it that you are having an issue with acknowledging your Bias but thinks Admin is Biased? Admin has no qualms in shouting from the rooftops about his beliefs.

  8. I am not well read as some of the above brothers appear to be but was puzzled as to what relevance some of the above comments had to the initial insightful post. May be it had! I am not sure. It also brought to my mind 1Cor1:27. Anyway people have right to express their views I guess and am not against it. My suggestion is that it would be better to keep comments to the point and use this forum to counter the erroneous doctrines spewed out at various TPM/Affliated organisations every day by sharing valid thoughts, experiences and portions from the word of God here.

    • Haha..It’s not true. As far as I am concerned, I do read all comments. I appreciate all comments whether it is FOR or AGAINST the site. But to optimize the comments I make sure that deviations/rebuttals are replied. People should not be assuming that the site owners are agreeing to the deviations.

      It does not mean by any chance that we value your comments less important. Keep commenting. Some of our responses might go away from the main point addressed in the articles. Thanks for reminding that. 🙂

  9. Sometimes I wonder why some people come to this site and try to divert the attention of the visitors from the major objective of this site. Is it because they seek attention by showing that they are wise or are they just plain envious of the Admin for his wisdom and the way he is using it to strip TPM’s heresies layer by layer.

    I have nothing against atheists and other non TPM Members but I feel that they are wasting everyone’s time by coming here and making irrelevant comments. There are many other forums where they can blah blah as much they want.

    My opinion, every one has one don’t they?

    • I don’t want to blablabla anywhere else other than at a site which is exposing the indoctrination I myself had gone through and thus is helping me indirectly …oh yea I am so jealous of admin’ s wisdom and want to show off that I am wiser than the admin coz somehow it will boost my ego and will make me feel better ?…yes you’re right I did feel that the discussion was going off topic …all I wanted to say that tpm is another example of religious fundamentalism and that unfortunately it will continue …and that many people from other denominations have had similar experiences ( in other words tpm is just another nutcase religious organizations among the many, if not all , out there)….just like the testimonies of Joyce or the others who wrote here there are similar or kinda similar stuff out there…see testimonials.exchristian.net for e.g.

      If you think this is not relevant that’s your problem, not mine

      • Thanks Blablabla for responding.

        God bless you in your quest to showcase whatever you are trying to. After reading all your blah blah I still feel that it is irrelevant and in fact a distraction.

        If you have anything TPM specific to share, it would be useful.

  10. @admin…I’ve listened to a lot of David Woods, Nabeel Qureshi, etc. It was heartbreaking to see the last day vlogs of Nabeel but his hope was very refreshing. I am not biased for atheism or against Christianity. I consider atheism a meaningless philosophy although some of its proponents are very smart people, while some are very angry people who say dumb stuff. I am not against Christianity or else why would I consider myself a practising Christian? I post all these videos to put out the point that our very assertion that what we believe is the truth and all others are somehow wrong can sometimes be considered an undesirable trait. When you say you are biased against Biblical Christianity shouldn’t you also be alerted to the fact that “Biblical” is a very broad term and also because of the fact that the Bible has very clear contradictions, your Biblical christianity might not be your neighbours Biblical christianity…

    • Brother,
      Do I fail to understand why you are dishonest in your approach? Would not the same Google give out a search result for “Bible Contradictions Answered“?
      As many folks in this forum seem to be thinking that you have an Agenda for yourself, I think you should stop dishing out your mindset into a totally different area of discussion.
      In case you are very compelled to reply, please use the discussion forum( https://fromtpm.com/discussion-forum/ ) of this website to raise your issues. If possible, I will try to reply.


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