Disclaimer: I do not hold personal grudge against anybody

My Childhood days

I was born and brought up as a member of TPM. The church was the center focus of our lives since our early childhood.  During those times, there were some good souls and the workers of TPM were genuinely interested in people’s welfare. So I grew up with the thought that this is the BEST CHURCH.  But then, there was a brother in the church who truly had the spirit of evangelism due to which he was scoffed by TPM fanatics. Later on, when I started understanding many things that were happening in this church. I felt that something is wrong.

My dad was a person who grew up in a hostel run by missionaries.  He would tell me good bedtime stories and never forced me to wake up for the 4:00 AM morning prayers. I remember him telling me about Joseph, Daniel etc., and my love for Jesus grew. Whenever I went to the church, I would start crying thinking about the love of God. And one day, the elder sister in the church called me and scolded for weeping in the presence of God and asked me not to over-act. That was the first time I saw the true being of the TPM Clergy, behind the mask.

My Sunday School Days

If I recall the early days of my TPM life, It was filled with  “DON’T’s, DONT’s and DONT’s ”.

  • Don’t apply lotion
  • Don’t apply perfume
  • Don’t apply powder.
  • Don’t wear jewels.
  • Don’t wear colored dresses.
  • Don’tattend weddings of those who do not attend our church, even if it’s your own sister.
  • Don’t go to the hospital.
  • And much more such DONT’s

These were the central theme of sermons and Sunday school classes. Poor us!! We were never told, “What should we DO”. Every sentence of theirs only had a negative connotation.

The Sunday School Anniversaries

The Sunday school programmes were conducted to show off how nice gifts they can give to the guests. The boys and girls weren’t allowed to do programmes together after a certain age. They had programmes to advertise their bible studies(Indoctrination sessions) and tarrying meetings. We had two or three programmes during the anniversary to praise our dear “Ministers of TPM”. This was all done to please the center pastor who happened to be the Chief Guest.

They made others think that the ones who attend all meetings,  come to church early,  sits in the front row and shouts the loudest are the holy ones. Alas! They could not look beyond that.

I personally did not have a major issue during my adolescence because I was attending church regularly. Therefore I was considered to be among the “good” ones.  Then they started coercing me in a very subtle way to join their ministry. Though it sounded like motivational, it was a mental coercion. In my heart, I was sure that I will never ever go for this ministry because of the bitter experiences and their attitude which I would mention below.

Some Key Experiences

Discriminatory Hierarchy System

Once I accompanied an elder sister to the market and was shocked to see some revealing character of our saints. She was purchasing few plates. The plate bought for the center pastor was greater than 1000. O, my God! She wanted only white color, not even a cream one. With a small border in golden color. And the poor shopkeeper had to pull down almost everything. And now for the assistant center pastor, the cost was around 800 and the price range comes down as they buy for the younger brothers. And trust me; I have never seen such a crockery shop in my life. The believers, the ones who are funding them have to eat in a plate bought from streets, the cheapest one. I do not have an issue to eat even on an aluminum plate, but why so much of money wastage when they have not earned them? Are they not supposed to be careful in spending when they boast of living a life of austerity? Aren’t, they supposed to be good stewards of the money they have received? And why such hierarchy even for a plate?

The LORD detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please him. Proverbs 20:23

Attitude with Children

I am a person with a dark complexion. There was an instance when the pastor shamed me for my complexion along with another girl. He called me a name which hurt me.  Though it was funny for him, it certainly wasn’t for me. First of all, they rip children of their self-esteem by telling them so many “dont’s”.  Then they cannot participate in any of the extracurricular activities at school. And on top of that, children are like play toys for them, they hit on heads, they bully children and surprisingly parents enjoy it. I have seen them hitting children’s head for not jumping during tarrying meetings.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:40

 Arrogant Behaviour of the so-called Saints

 I do not know whether these people are born arrogant or if they accumulate arrogance over the period of time. They certainly are not BORN AGAIN. A few years back, there was a sister in our church and the Sunday school practice was going on. When the practice was over, some samosas were kept to be distributed among children. After the distribution, 20 samosas were remaining. The Headmaster asked me to give it to the sisters. When I went in, she was so angry with me because I did not get the samosas prayed by her and did not give her first. She grabbed it from my hand and threw it in the dustbin.

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. Matthew 23:13

 Relationships and Twisted Thoughts of the Clergy

After my dad’s demise: It is a strict rule at TPM that a boy and a girl is not supposed to look at each other after their adolescence. And I think everyone knows what happens when there is a strict rule like that. During my college days, my dad passed away and we were just three women at home. And for any of our need like carpentry, plumbing, we had to call a male. And when we did that, immediately there would be news spread like wildfire. And people enjoy adding masalas by making it look like the man stayed at our home.  All these holy people and their followers have no issues in accepting such messages which makes up for some juicy stories. Such messages reach the faith homes faster than WhatsApp in those days.

My Mom’s Accident: On a Saturday evening, my mom met with an accident and was luckily saved. The next morning she testified at church. After the church was over, I and my sister were sweeping the floor when an Anna from church asked us about the whereabouts of mom and we were replying and the elder sister came out rushing from her room, and started screaming at us, asking us how dare we to speak to him. And we were so helpless and we both started crying. My mom and that sister had a major altercation later. When they speak to anybody of opposite gender, they always have a twisted mindset. Poor rotten souls! These are the people masquerading as SAINTS.

Moral Policing: Once somebody made up some stories about me.  The Pastor did not even have the courtesy to bring it to our notice but had no problem in believing it. This famous pastor who is no more with us now. He called me over the landline and changed his voice and spoke in the voice of  a boy in our church, just to check how I reacted. I spoke very normally as to how I would talk to that boy since I knew him well. He disconnected the call, and called my mom and revealed his identity and was furious that I spoke over the phone casually. Only when he called mom, I came to know that it was Him. I was so furious but did not to speak against him, Wish He was alive today, I have so many questions to ask him now. The so-called “Self Proclaimed Moralists” made our lives miserable. I wish I knew all their scandals then.

My question to them is, “Your lives are rotten, you have lust, you cannot take a ‘man and women speaking’ in a right spirit. Then how do you stay under the same roof and call yourselves celibates, saints etc?

For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. Romans 8:5

My Marriage

Just as I made sure that I would not go to ministry, I also made sure that I will not get married in this church.

Testimony of Sister JoyceThere was a circular long back about giving and taking dowry, we have an Act in our country about dowry prohibition. But it is still ok to take and give dowry at a Pentecostal church? It is still ok to get married based on caste, language, looks, education and socioeconomic status? But love marriages are prohibited you see!! What a Joke!!! I do not know what happens to love marriages outside the country.

In TPM, You can still get away with love marriages, provided you are well off and can afford to give a huge amount of money to the pastor. And the pastor covers up it for you. And people also shamelessly lie to the pastors, pay them well and want to get married in the same dungeon. God knows, why!!

I married a man( A Believer) I love, I proclaimed my love for him, and I did not want to hide anything from anybody. People were against it. But God was with us. I got married in a registrar office paying a minimal fee of Rs.45/- and had a small party for friends and close relatives. God has blessed our marriage!! And He is with us. I love my God and he loves me more than I do. And there is no need of any mediators in the middle.


TPM’s Fear Mongering

TPM Clergy wants to tie us down with fear; they do not want us to think independently. They want to leave our brains along with the sandals outside the church and enter in. But I pray that they repent soon or we do not want such an institution and may God shut it down!!

TPM Faith Home Testimony of a Stand for conscience
                                TPM Faith Home

Lastly, I want to just make a note of my observation. All they have is one instrument and that is “Fill people with fear” I will just quote, what I have heard from them all these years

  • If you do not come to meetings, Scorpions and snakes will enter your houses (Dude, Seriously?? Good Joke )
  • If you wear makeup, You will be burnt with acid in hell
  • If you have pets, angel will not guard your home
  • If you take medicine, your dead body will not be brought to church
  • If you do not jump in tarrying meetings, you cannot fly in the air when Jesus comes ( Ha Ha)
  • If you get married to the guy you like, you will not have a child ( What?)

I do not proclaim myself to be a special saint over the others, but a sinner washed by HIS BLOOD!!


  1. Praise be to God.So many brave testimonies coming from tpmites whose eyes have been opened.These crooked liars will be caught even if they are running dor cover.I really feel sorry for you sister and i have heard dozens of stories like this.These shameless fellows will only try to suppress people who are weak.Their knees shake in front of rich,strongwilled believers.Hypocrites of the higgest order thes Fake Pastors,Brothers and Elders are.These days Im seeing so many things in a different light.Removing the tpm lens the word of The Holy Bible looks so different.Shocking to say the least.All I’ll say is even if you go to any other churches please avoid the den of thieves tpm.

      • My name is Daniel. I live in Singapore. I had a dream many years back. In that dream I saw myself, former chief pastor Wilson and another bro. The church was empty. All have left the church. Pastor Wilson head was looking downwards.
        Surprise. I left TPM some 6 years ago for reasons I am shocked that many left. God is good.

      • We were in this cult group for 9 as half years but today we are not. We are from a good reputated family. But we also got deceived into thinking once that this is the best church. Anyway , we also learnt a lot of lessons from all these. This is not a church!
        Today I praise and thank God for delivering me and my family members from this nasty group. May the eyes and ears of many be spiritually open so that they make the correct choices in life! Praise the Lord !

  2. If you have pets, angel will not guard your home.If you do not jump in tarrying meetings, you cannot fly in the air when Jesus comes .
    If you get married to the guy you like, you will not have a child .All these make me laugh these days.

  3. Wow reading your testimony brought back memories! I’m so happy that you have got yourself out of this cult! You are 100% right all they tell if you is DON’T this DON’T that and in the end it’s like you start wondering what is permissible because even normal things become a trivial matter. In Canada we were able to apply lotion, and wear perfume! But there was a sister once who told me that if I did not dance with the other kids during a night prayer that I would be left behind! haha It is very funny to think of it now.

    And not allowing boys and girls to just talk and be friends is very primitive because how are they living in the fake homes with random people who don’t know each other? So basically they are talking from experience it seems because they are probably lusting 24 hours they assume everyone will automatically do the same if they are near the opposite sex. They do not understand that friendship exists. I have seen that love marriages are accepted here in Canada and the United States, I do find it weird why the rules are different depending on the country, aren’t we all humans? Why shouldn’t people in a different country fall in love and get married while here it is allowed?

    They used to have a problem with make up, but now it is not a problem because when I was going to church people wore make up, including me. And believe me faith home still gets news faster than whatsapp, well now they also use whatsapp so it must be instantly! haha

  4. They separate boys and girls in Sunday school. It happened in Sharjah . Separate classes so that they don’t look at each other. While they can stay and travel together in faith homes though it is illegal in UAE to do so. And they separate 10 year old boys and girls. And for Sunday school anniversary above class 3 only churidars for girls because these saints get distracted by it.

    • Brother,
      If it is illegal to stay with unmarried opposite-sex people in UAE, please report it to the UAE authorities. That will make them know that we are just not fed up and commenting on this site, but have the backbones to take action. Let the UAE Law deal with that. We need put a full stop to this immoral lifestyle. Please UAE folks take this up and let us see how this Thambidurai gets special meals and servings from the Sisters.

      • Yes Please! Somebody from UAE do this!
        @ // how this Thambidurai gets special meals and servings from the Sisters//

        If this happens that they are made to stay separately yet I think that it is impossible for these arrogant haughty spirits to prepare their own food and wash their own clothes or make up their bed or clean the house they live in.

        • These Clergy people are living like Kings in Violation to What God Desired. God wanted Himself to be the King over his people. But the people rejected God and made these clergymen as kings over them. Therefore The king will take your daughters from you and force them to cook and bake and make perfumes for him. 1 Samuel 8:13

          17 He will take the tenth of your sheep(Income): and ye shall be his servants.
          18 And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you, and the Lord will not hear you in that day. 1 Samuel 8:17-18

    • That is why most of the TPM youngsters have become hypocrites.There holiness ..means white dress, shaven face,sitting in front rows,jumping up and down etc.once out of the church they engage in all kinds of worldly things.They are mere religious fanatics.They accuse other Pentecostal people about their dresses,married pastors,not wearing white dress on Sundays and so on .In Kerala when girls began to wear churidars ,that was a big issue.. If you wear white sarees you are a saint. I have seen pastors observing women from head to toe. Many many rules…once there was a rule you should wear your hair in a bun…otherwise God will not be pleased in us.Different pastors …different rules.Most of the youngsters are arrogant …and unloving.I know many people who are very eager to attend meetings…but when they come back they fight each other.Real pharisee spirit.I know one girl who insisted on marrying only a TPM guy..inspite of other good proposals..she married a TPM guy…he is a smoker,womaniser, drunkard..but he won’t allow her to attend any other Pentecostal deliverance meetings.He count it as a big sin to attend other churche’s meetings What a hypocrisy.please pray for these brainwashed people .

  5. @/// The plate bought for the center pastor was greater than ₹1000. O, my God! She wanted only white color, not even a cream one. With a small border in golden color. And the poor shopkeeper had to pull down almost everything. And now for the assistant center pastor, the cost was around ₹800 and the price range comes down as they buy for the younger brothers.///


    The food content of these plates also change with centre Pastor, elders, small brothers and normal believers! Centre Pastor will have fry fish n chicken pieces, plus two three variety of dainties. Normal believer will be given sambar rice n rassam only!

    This hierarchy of treatment applies even during so called presence of God. For centre Pastor and Centre Mother they have special mats, and above that mat they have soft white bedsheets. Small sisters have special mats, superior in quality and costly than of believers, but inferior to mats of centre mother and centre Pastor.

    Reminds me of James

    2 For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment;
    3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the WHITE clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here on SPECIAL MATS ; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or SIT THERE ON COMMON LOWRER QUALITY MATS.
    4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?
    6 But ye have despised the poor. ..,…………..
    9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors

    • Oh, Brother,
      There are layers of believers too. Once I was in Delhi Centre Faith Home. Those days it was in Paschim Vihar. I was unemployed those days. I was offered food. Surprisingly there was another believer in the same table. He obviously had more bills in his wallet. This caused a different menu to be served for both of us. I was given Sambar and Rasam. The other believer was given meat and fish…IN THE SAME TABLE.

      That was the day when I knew this is ungodly. Ironically the same James 2 Flashed in my mind then.

      • Reminds me of dialogue of one of my favourite movie – PK
        ” जो भगवान तुम बनाया वो तुम्हारे जैसा है… ……, अमीरों को जल्दी मिलता है गरीबो को लाइन में खड़ा करता है.. ” God which you have made ( made in your image n likeness) is like you … who meets rich quickly , but makes poor stand in queue .

        Entire dialogue can be heard here from time 1:18 to 1:41

        जो भगवान तुम बनाया वो तुम्हारे जैसा है… झुटा, घुस लेता है, झूटे वादे करता है, अमीरों को जल्दी मिलता है गरीबो को लाइन में खड़ा करता है.. तारीफ से खुश होता है… बात बात पर डराता है…

    • Verse 3 can also be paraphrased for special plates n food.

      James 2:3
      And ye have respect to him that weareth the WHITE clothing, and say unto him, EAT thou here on SPECIAL plates with special chicken n fry fish ; and say to the poor, eat thou there, or rassam rice sambar…
      6…. ye have despised BELIEVERS. ..,…………..
      9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors

    • Yeah, and something which irritates me the most is having different kitchens during convention. And some sisters and believers have to slog there day and night to bring out the best dish. An elder sister had come for visiting home and asked us to put mat for her , and when we did that , she asked if we do not have a separate mat for the ministers. My cousin had come to visit us and he immediately responded by asking her “Do you have leprosy by any chance ” and she was so infuriated . I was so happy that he had guts to ask her which I did not have those days.

  6. In the context of threatening, Bro Jose Gilbert now in Bahrain will take the top spot. He is known to openly threaten the believers of dire consequences if they don’t heed to his twisted sermons. This includes threats such as you will die in a road accident and so on…He openly demands 20% tithe under the formula that if you give double to the Lord he will bless you double. (Square law). He is now heard making the whole congregation pray for a 6 storey building which would supposedly be the middle east HUB. Friday devotional meetings are dragged on till 4 hours as tarrying meetings and he insists on going in trance etc…Few school children were affected through this. Perfect example of being led by another spirit and leading the whole congregation with him through the wide gate. All readers pls. pray that he gets transferred after this Dubai convention ….so that poor believers get to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.

    • Brother,
      I would like to see the face of this Extortioner. Mr 20%.
      For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people. Romans 16:18

  7. Mr.Redeemed-If people want to worship in truth and spirit then they need to get out of that filth.Or else believers should ask that fellow to stop his nonsense.The believers there are missing their backbone?Btw please tell me why they dont distribute money to needy than building big posh buildings?The believers dont open Bible to know that Jesus asked to give poor not to build a six storey building to worship him.These frauds are taking money and amassing properties and real estate.Believers are fools to think that they are giving to God.

  8. @sis.Joyce ,

    thanks for writing your testimony . just curious about the post marriage effects .? you must be freed from the church right .? you are one brave woman .

    leave the women , new converts and oldies .. as our dna is tailored to obey the spiritual gurus ..what about the educated current generation fellas 50 yrs >. . . .. .? initially i was pity on these TPM believers , but not anymore . .as a famous preacher states “some believers are deserve to be deceived . . ! “

    • Thank you. I’m glad that so many people are thinking logically these days. Yeah my married life is so far so good. God has blessed us. And trust me, Many of the believers and pastors who cursed us, and who said we are going to be separated in a week’s time, and God is going to break our legs etc., etc., are tight lipped now and are so jealous that we are happy. Praise God !

  9. Wonderful testimony sister joyce!

    I am so glad you have a new lease on life now!

    In Singapore TPM, the food hierarchy lives on. If you are the senior pastor, you will be guaranteed the best cuts of meat and expensive fish. But if you are a poor believer or just joined the ministry, you eat sambhar and rice. They used to throw away all the extra food, instead of keeping it as it will ‘not be fresh’ for the pastors to eat. Such a waste!

    I have never seen them do ANY FORM OF OUTREACH OR EVANGELISM outside of the church. Its as if everything revolved around TPM. It’s so sad to see people still blinded and living in fear.

    I only hope one day, the scales drop from their eyes. Where does the bible say that if you don’t jump high enough you can’t fly????

  10. Dear Redeemed
    Transfer of Jose Gilbert from Behrain or Dubai is not the remedy. Someone more rigid than Jose Gilbert might come there. Therefore I have a humble suggestion that, if you want to worship the Lord in an acceptable & pleasing way then come out out of this bunch of hypocrites. Not only you, but encourage other sincere souls to come out of this deceptive organization.

    I think this Jose Gilbert is demanding 20% as an offering from the believers just to fill the bags of his superiors. It’s my assumption that he is giving the desired amount to the superiors & that why he is still there.

    • So true.If they give more to their seniors they will get transferred to better places.They call it faithfulness….to God.Now we all know where their faithfulness lies.Jose is not rigid.He is a taskmaster.20pc?Seriously?Ask that fellow to go and work and earn money than ripping off and dishonouring the name of our Lord.Thats like asking Israelites to make more bricks with less straw in exodus5:7To work harder and give more from less to egyptians.Just like egyptians. gave nothing and made them work hard similarly.They dont do anything and make poor believers slaves.6floors?Maybe the 6 floors will have six rooms and six bathrooms?Ring a bell?TWhy does the people living consecrated life need 6 storey building?Jesus had no place to place his head.Matt8:20.Look at their buildings in most cities.Looks basic outside.Inside their rooms.Luxury.Why are people so blind?I just cant believe it. Read Luke 10:30.The thieves will beat you and take everything from you including your raiment.Thats why they have problem with peoples clothes I guess.Thats the first thing these guys see.And the believers are like levites and priest who ignore the believers who have suffered at the hand of these thieves and let them suffer.Please read Luk 8:8 and open your ears.

    • still don’t know how they spend their income .. ? as they can not lavish on anything ..?? .. just good food , business class , suits , . .. what else they can .? .. .most luxury not permissible .

      i have seen so many poor people in tpm southern india . why dont they help them ..?like the missionaries did .

      • No Apostate you are asking the wrong question.The question that needs to be asked is why do we give them the money?Just business class,suit and food seriously?How many of these people who give this money to these people afford business class,suits and good food.If suits are allowed for them why are the believers who get married not allowed to wear anything but white?If eating good food isnt a problem then why they give watery sambar and rice to the believers but eat four course food for themselves.What they wear and eat is ours and they boss around us lying about God and Bible.In India they dont have guts to wear suits but abroad they can.Because people wont know they think.Unfortunately the Internet they hated and preached against so much (which they shamelessly use now) is against their hypocrisy.Why would they help poor people.Why would the believers help poor people.Who cares what Jesus preached isnt it.What the tpmites preach is more important.The believers are okay to give them because they wear white and dont get married.But not to married poor people who wear rags.Jokers.Whose childrwn wear rags.These whitewashed graves are Holy innit?Missionary?Yea they are good at that.

  11. In Australia they renovated a 3 bedroom fake home so expensively that the renovation cost is much more than a similar full 3-5 bedroom house you can purchase at the same place. I was taken aback when they told the renovation cost as you can easily buy another house cheaper than what they spent on renovation. Everyday they eat like dignitaries. They keep updating their gadgets (iPhones, Macbook laptops etc.,) as soon as a new version becomes available. Honestly, they’ve got so much money that they don’t know what to do with it! And these blind believers stand in queue every Sunday to slide hundreds of dollars in the palms of these fake saints and get prayed thinking that they are giving to God. Before I used to get angry at people like Dhinakarans who sell God for money but TPM is much more guilty and worse than these people because TPM is extremely subtle.

    • Who are the clergy there?Btw same thing here.They will build then break and renovate.Then extend.Then buy more.Then build one more floor.Then change the furnishing.Then put marbles.Anytime you see construction work is going on.Most people don’t notice it because its going on for long.During weekday meetings the leader wont come and sit he will come at the last hour like chief guest.And he will say oh its work of Gods house to sit and pray.Maybe he needs to read what Jesus said to Martha about choosing the best part.While these believers and white clad sisters wil be sitting and saying slowly thothiram..thothiram.Look at clock.Look here and there.Make jokes there and few will say oh thothiram….thothiram.Theyve made a joke of Our Lord.

      • Clergy 90% from South India who wear branded suits and ties (a wardrobe full of many colours, all of them, I repeat ALL…right from small brother to centre pastor wear only hush puppies shoes according to the suit (200 dollars plus a pair whereas most believers wear 10 dollar shoes). And yes, they use expensive perfumes too! The funny part they have those white masks with them here and before landing for conventions in India, these chameleons change their attire in Chennai Airport and transfer from business suits to white cotton robes and vice versa when they take their flight back.

        • In India TPM people accuse and make fun of other pastors from other denominations for wearing suit.But the moment they leave India they wear costly suits of different colors.

      • Very similar here… renovations keep happening week after week but I just told a full scale renovation they recently did like breaking the current kitchen and building a new one (which was completely in good order) changed full flooring, changed full roof to modern, changed all windows to modern etc., (again everything was just good). And to clean up the garbage and left over dirt from renovations, they ask believers (mostly students or new migrants without work) to come and clean. These keep happening on a continuous basis.

      • Very good and important observation.. “Under construction” forever .. We will think several times to paint our small homes.. considering our finances… but they have all the money on earth and need not be accountable.. so no big deal..

      • Sothram or thotram is just a TPM version of mantra chanting. It becomes mundane specially for the white frauds that they say that in between they talk to their counterparts n pray opening their eyes looking here and there they keep chanting sothram sothram. Similarly talking in tongues and its tone changes according to the environment, situation, people, atmosphere of meeting etc.,

  12. So literally ,they feed each and every needs of them , food ,gadgets , housing , niche cloth line , designer suits ,business lounge ..

    guys do u think they ‘re not feeding their lust . ..??!!

    • When I used to go to church as a teenager, Brother James who is now in Toronto, Canada preached about how we should not eat out at restaurants, and that we should not buy houses. One of his reasons was that we should live in tents because then nothing is holding us down when Jesus comes. But does that mean that the clergy is not planning to go when Jesus comes with all their buildings and renovations. And regarding the food, that hierarchy is everywhere! Also I remember once when believers were fighting with each other on who is going to go give the plate to the pastor after a meeting! They also argued on what food he liked so they can fill up his plate! I remember thinking how absurd! People think of these pastors like they are god!

      Did anyone ever go to youth camps and found it weird, also we had like retreats for women and young girls and I found the sisters acted very differently during these events. They would bring up a lot of personal topics during these meetings such as sexual ones and I think that it was not necessary because people went there to learn about god. I have heard the same about the boys retreats.

      • Speaking about youth camp the last one I attended was in Daund Maharashtra Som 20 years back where I got almost knocked by another spirit filled flying youth. That was my last one too…if you noted there is not one word about how to lead a holy life but all about being filled with anointing to go to eternity or ministry. They missed and continue to miss the big picture.

        • @Redeemed HAHA that’s funny good thing you didn’t get knocked down!

          When I went to these events (only went like 4 times in total) I found that they did their best to make people feel guilty for nothing during the youth service, and the fake prophesies were always about come back to god, the generic types, or about getting people to join the ministry. I have heard that they would talk to the girls about sex during these meetings and I heard from boys that the clergy will ask them and talk to them about masturbation and also asked for details. It reminded me of the catholic church and how they begin at getting boys to doing what they want.

  13. Nice testimony Sister, Most TPM families will relate with your story. God bless you and your family for standing up for the Truth.

    It is the fear of temporal earthly loss which keeps the TPM faithful blind to the Truth.

    However the lost in the fold will hear the Master’s voice and will come out. All glory to God.

  14. I had a petty issue and it was quite concerning the way ministers took it. My child who turned puberty was well taken care by us and were advised well and she took all in good sense and all were well. When this was brought to our minster’s notice (our ignorance of sharing these), they wanted us to inform such thing. They will come home and pray and advise it seems and the child shouldn’t go out for few days. When I turned back few culture of the world, these were practiced as pagan system and our ministers doing these was yacky. I do not think such will be practiced in West. Poor thing. I told my child to ignore these and be what you are and live a holy life.


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