In a previous article(click), we witnessed the commencement of TPM dance, to the music of Alwyn De Alwis. Little drummer boy named Alwyn began playing naughty beats of Shakers and TPM began its dance to the rhythm of Mother Ann Lee. Had Pastor Ramankutty not made Alwyn the next chief, this “ballad of TPM” might have sounded little sweet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. This raises some doubts in my mind, that resurfaces time and again, whenever I mull over the openers of TPM innings. Why did Ramankutty make Alwyn the vice-captain of TPM team? How could a man like Ramankutty, who is so close to God, having received pattern on the mount to establish tabernacle of TPM, did not receive instruction from God, concerning who the next chief should be?  when the matter of assumed fact is, that the latter chiefs are said to have been exclusively told, who the next chief should be! Were the latter chiefs greater than the former chief of TPM? Were they closer to God than Ramankutty? Did Ramankutty commit this blunder accidentally? Or did Ramankutty knew what he was doing, by making Alwyn the next Commander in chief of the Pentecostal Mission Army? And if he intentionally took this step, then what was his intention? To find answers, Ramankutty’s life must be brought in the trial room and be interrogated.

Roots of Paul Ramankutty

If you have the biography of Pastor Paul Ramankutty, published by “The Pentecostal Mission Press” then flip to Chapter number 2. It says that after converting to Christianity, Pastor Paul wanted to become “Catechist.” Hearing his desire to serve God, he was sent by bishops of the Anglican church to CMS seminary in Kottayam.” A Little investigation will tell you that CMS seminary of Kottayam is also now known by the name “Orthodox Theological Seminary Kottayam Kerala India.” 

Two things need noticing here.

1) Paul Ramankutty wanted to become Catechist!
2) To turn him into Catechist he was sent to a Theological College which was rooted in the Orthodox Church’s teachings. Remember that the Orthodox Church is the Eastern Wing of the same Catholic Church that was established by Constantine. The Split between both the wings of the same church was never because of a doctrinal issue. It was all ego clashes and minor superficial issues.

What does the word Catechist mean? Oxford Dictionary says that catechist is a teacher of Christian religion especially using catechism. It also says that the origin of this word can be dated back to the mid 16th Century. The sixteenth century was a period of reformation and period of Counter-Reformation. When protestant Church separated itself from the Catholic Church (reformation) then the Catholic Church counter-attacked with something which is known as Counter-Reformation. We will see Counter-Reformation later, but let us stick to word Catechist first. A catechist is thus a word which has its origin in the Catholic Church’s counter-reformation age.

Paul the Catechist

As said earlier, Ramankutty desired to become professional Catechist. His Biography repeats that the friends of Paul Ramankutty in Orthodox Theological Seminary used to call Ramankutty as “Paul the Catechist!”

Paul The CatechistTo understand the exact meaning of Catechist we will have to go to the Roman Catholic Church. According to the official website of Vatican (click here),  The catechist is a layperson specially appointed by the Church, in accordance with local needs, to make Christ known, loved and followed by those who do not yet know Him and by the faithful themselves. This means Catechist is not a bishop or Catholic priest, who is seen in the Catholic Church, but he is a normal Catholic believer (layperson) whose functions is to spread Catholic teachings.  Vatican website further states  “There are two main types of catechist: full-time catechists ….. and part-time catechists. There is another consideration. Catechists may be …. married or single, ……. assigning tasks in the various cultural settings… So this means that the Catechist may be a full-time minister or part-time minister. He may be married or unmarried. Vatican guidelines for Catechists, further states,  Catechists  in  MISSION TERRITORIES are not only different from those in older Churches, but among themselves vary greatly in characteristics and modes of action from ONE YOUNG CHURCH to another, so that it is difficult to give a single description that would apply to all.

Let us summarize what we learned from the Vatican concerning Catechists. According to the Vatican, Catechists can be married, or unmarried, he can or cannot be a full-time minister. He is a layperson (not monks or priests) and can be either normal Catechists or evangelical missionary Catechist sent on a mission by the Catholic Church to establish new Church.

So what kind of Catechist training, Ramankutty might have received? It is obvious that he was professionally trained Catholic/ Orthodox, who was well equipped with skills to establish a new Church according to the training he received.  Did Paul Ramankutty establish a new Church? Yes, he did! He registered it as Ceylon Pentecostal Mission Church.  Now the question is what kind of church did this Orthodox trained Ramankutty establish? You might say that the Church he planted is Protestant Pentecostal church!

“Well, that settles the matter! Let us close the file, because although he was trained to establish the Catholic/ Orthodox Church, yet he established protestant church!” – you might say.

But wait a minute. Here is my question? “Did he establish a Catholic/ Orthodox Church or Protestant one? See the table below to check for yourself.”  We will show you how TPM church is actually an Orthodox/ Catholic Church and not a Protestant Church. It was a blatant lie that we have been fed that this church was established on apostolic principles. Check for yourself from the table below whether TPM is founded on Apostolic Principles laid out in the Bible, or it is a church established on principles of Roman Catholic/ Orthodox church! The first column in this table mentions the lifestyle of TPM workers, and the rules and the customs practised in TPM. The second column mentions the exact source of this custom as noted in the Catholic book of rules and regulations. This book of guidelines for Catholics is known as “Code of Canon Laws.” Code of Canon Laws is the only book in the world where we find a written record of the source of rules and customs followed by TPM. You won’t find TPM lifestyle in the Bible. Check out the table below.


TPM lifestyle and rules Orthodox / Roman Catholic  “Code of Canon Laws”
Marriage in TPM:

When the marriage takes place in TPM, there is a custom of giving a cup of milk to both bride n Groom.

This website (click) of the orthodox church says “Thus, at the end of the Marriage Service the newly-married couple drink from the same cup of wine.”
Marriage outside TPM:

If one of the marrying partners is TPM believer & other is not a TPM believer, then TPM saints don’t participate in such marriage. Such a marriage must be solemnized by non-TPM minister if other party does not become TPM member by being baptized in TPM.

Canon. 1086 §1. A marriage between two persons, one of whom has been baptized in the Catholic Church …. and the other of whom is not baptized is invalid.

Canon. 1124 Without the express permission of the competent authority, marriage is prohibited between two baptized persons of whom one is baptized in the Catholic Church …..and the other of whom is enrolled in a Church ………..not in full communion with the Catholic Church.

You read Canon laws 1124 to 1129. Canon law 1125.1 Such a mixed marriage (between Catholic Christian and non-Catholic Christian) can be allowed if a promise is made that children born will be grown in a catholic environment.


There is practice in TPM, where TPM saints visit the family of the dead person, and pray all night and sing songs before the day of the funeral.

This is called funeral vigil in Roman Catholic traditions. In yahoo answer, a person answered that a vigil is where the family and friends watch over the body, like in a wake, before they bury the person. The prayer service at home of believer / at church if he is a saint is called funeral mass in roman catholic tradition.

The funeral of a NON-TPM believer:

We know that TPM workers deny burying other church members who do not attend TPM church.

Canon rules 1183 to 1185 deals with who to be given funeral and who not?
Canon. 1185 Any funeral Mass must also be denied a person who is excluded from ecclesiastical funerals
See more here

How often Believers are bewildered, when TPM saints deny communion to Christians who are not a member of TPM? They don’t allow TPM believers to participate in communion in other churches. We have been wondering where is it written in the bible? Actually, it is written in the Catholic bible made by their pope which Ramankutty the catechist integrated into TPM.

Catholics don’t allow non-Catholics to participate in their communion and warn Catholics to take communion in other churches. See canon law number 844. See at the website above or just google canon law number 844

Can. 844 §1. Catholic ministers administer the sacraments …. to Catholic members ….alone, who likewise receive them … from Catholic ministers alone.

TPM’s stance towards Ex-TPM worker (fallen saint):

Ex-TPM worker who participates in TPM church as a believer is not allowed to sing or preach. He is not given any kind of ministry!

Canon. 292 A cleric who loses the clerical state (lacitize) …..loses with it the rights proper to the clerical state …..
Canon. 291. He is prohibited from exercising the power of orders, without prejudice to the prescript of….
Canon. 976. By the loss of the clerical state, he is deprived of all offices, functions, and any delegated power. Check here.

There is white cloth on preaching table with a verse stitched on it, in TPM churches.
This is folded and kept separately by sisters.

Orthodox church calls this tablecloth as Antimension. Catholic calls it Altar Cloth it is embroidered and written: “Jesus conquers”.

Website says,
117. The altar is to be covered with at least one white cloth…..
304. “Out of reverence…..there should be at least one white cloth, its shape, size, and decoration in keeping with the altar’s design.”


People are made to take 3 days fast & confess before church. Where did this lifestyle of TPM origin from? From revelation given to Pastor Paul Ramankutty? or from Roman Catholic code of canon laws?

Link says,
Canon 1387 “ To prepare for worthy reception of this sacrament, the faithful should observe the fast required in their Church.Again Vatican website says,
Canon 2043 The fourth precept (“You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church”).. help us acquire mastery over our instincts and freedom of heart.Orthodox church rules as per the following website say, “Fasting is a spiritual discipline which was and is intended to enhance our participation in the Eucharist (communion) -……The Eucharistic Fast involves total abstinence from any food or drink in the morning prior to receiving the Eucharist. (No wonder TPM ministers asks believers to take fast at least before Sunday meetings) Again the rule of the orthodox church says,” The Church, does not require a Confession from her people every time! … However, if it is your practice to receive the Eucharist only a few times per year at certain times, your Priest may rightfully insist that you go to Confession.Website  says “Confession before communion is often demanded, ….. fasting from the previous midnight is required.”

There is hierarchy system in TPM according to seniority. Highest rank is called the chief pastor. Lower to him is deputy chief. Then, the Centre pastors are heads in each center. Then, the local pastor, the elder brother, small brother.. & mupati… & chinna sister etc. etc.. TPM pastors are called “appachen” and mothers are called “ammachi”

Roman Catholic bishops are called “Fathers” in violation to Matthew 23:8 (eg. Father Dominic, father DeSouza). They also have various hierarchy system. Also, the Orthodox church has same. The website says, ” When one desiring the monastic life enters a monastery, he normally passes through three steps or stages: 1) Probationer (Novice including Riasaphor), 2) Monk of the Lesser Schema (Cross-bearer or Stavrophore), and 3) Monk of the Great Schema (Russian Skhimnik)……”

TPM members are called by term Believers

RCC members of laity division are called “Faithful”
Dress code UNIFORM:

TPM clergy wears different dress uniform from the laity. Once taken for the ministry they can’t wear any other dress! Initially, it was a saffron-colored dress, then after some time, they changed to white as a sign of purity and holiness (outwards righteousness).

There is also rule for believers to wear white and come on Sunday at least.

Canon. 284 Clerics are to wear suitable ecclesiastical garb (clothing) according to the norms issued by the conference of bishops and according to legitimate local customs.
Canon. 669 §1. Religious are to wear the habit (attire/dress) of the institute, made according to the norm of proper law, as a sign of their consecration and as a witness of poverty.Orthodox dressing rule for Sunday for believers (see title proper Attire in website)

House, where TPM workers live, is called Faith-home.

Roman Catholic monks and nuns also live in houses called monasteries or abbey. Jesus and his apostles never made churches of stones and cement.

They have two years training period, it is not a theological seminary, they are required to work hard physically and learn obedience.

Orthodox website says, “For a period of at least three years, the Novice must train himself under the guidance of one skilled in the monastic life …….. to perform the obedience given to him …………..This three-year period of preparation has existed from the earliest times, for, in the Life of St. Pachomius, the founder of the Common Life, we learn that he was commanded by an angel: Do not admit anyone to the performance of higher feats until three years have passed…. Let him enter this domain only when he has accomplished some hard work.



Praising at 4:00 am, Bible reading at 5 am, 7 am to 9 am prayer, 10 pm night praising

This daily prayer timing practice in RC rulebook is called as the liturgy of prayer or divine hours or canonical hours or Breviary. See  (1), (2)
Canon 276. 3
3/ priests and deacons ….. are obliged to carry out the liturgy of the hours daily according to the proper and approved liturgical books;
§3. They are to devote themselves to the reading of sacred scripture and mental prayer, to ….. the liturgy of the hours according to the prescripts of proper law…

Centre Pastors visit local branches, to check workers are praying properly or not. They suddenly reach at 4:00 am at local faith home without the prior intimating local worker. Centre Pastor also visits locals if the servant is ill in local faith home.

Canon 628 states,
§2. It is the right and duty of a diocesan bishop to visit …….
1/ the autonomous monasteries mentioned in ⇒ can. 615;
2/ individual houses of an institute of diocesan.. located in his own territory.
Canon 555 (point 2 & 4)states,
555.1.2: of seeing to it that the clerics of his district lead a life in keeping with their state and perform their duties diligently;
555.1.§3: The vicar forane is to take care that the pastors of his district whom he knows to be gravely ill do not lack spiritual and material aids ….…..
555.2.4. A vicar forane is obliged to visit the parishes (local church) of his district

TPM workers go visiting and people give them money when they depart from believers home.

Jesus said, “Go not from house to house” (Luke 10:7). However Roman Catholic code of canon laws (rulebook) also asks RC monks and nuns to visit families. TPM founders have decided to follow RC church rules instead of the bible and falsely propagate that this church was established on the revelation given by God!

Canon 529 says.
Can. 529 §1. In order to fulfill his office diligently, a pastor is to strive to know the faithful (believers) entrusted to his care. Therefore he is to visit families, sharing especially in the cares, anxieties, and griefs of the faithful, …………


Within TPM, If you want to serve you cannot marry.This revelation was not given to TPM chief pastor only but even to RC & orthodox churches 1000 years before TPM.

Canon. 277 §1. Clerics are obliged to observe perfect & perpetual continence for the sake of the kingdom of heaven and therefore are bound to celibacy which is a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can adhere more easily to Christ with an undivided heart and are able to dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and humanity.

Usually, TPM ministers ask youths/children staying in faith home to pray in the night on Saturday after 10 pm praising, for blessings of Sunday meeting.

This is called as VIGIL in Roman Catholic churches. Vigil means staying awake in the night before the main day (special days) to pray.

They also have Saturday Mass (Holy Saturday).


TPM workers keep fast on Wednesday and Saturday.

The second point of this website says It is not uncommon to hear Orthodox Christians say they are fasting on Wednesday and Friday because they plan to take Communion at Sunday Liturgy. See what Malankara Syrian orthodox church website,  (Education system of Paul Ramankutty) has to say, “The fast of Wednesdays and Fridays”
“Besides the aforesaid fasts, the Church fasts on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year…….”See this website also & note, Wednesday & Friday See Also Luke 18:12

TPM Believers are prohibited from reading, writing, Christian books.

They are also prohibited from posting anything on social communication media like the internet.

According to cannon laws for social communication.
Canon. 831 §1 Unless there is a just and reasonable cause, no member of Christ’s faithful (catholic faithful=TPM believer) may write in newspapers, pamphlets or periodicals which clearly are accustomed to attack the catholic religion or good morals. Clerics and members of religious institutes may write in them only with the permission of the local Ordinary.
Canon 826 §3 Prayer books, for either the public or the private use of the faithful, are not to be published except by permission of the local ordinary.
Canon 831 §2 It is for the Episcopal Conference to lay down norms determining the requirements for clerics and members of religious institutes to take part in radio and television programs which concern catholic doctrine or morals.

TPM workers are taught obedience to seniors and centre pastors

This rule of obedience practised by TPM ministers is also taken from roman catholic canon laws. It is not wrong to be obedient but the usage of phrase in TPM is derived from RC church.

See Canon rule number 273
Canon. 273 Clerics (ministers) are bound by a special obligation to show… obedience to the Supreme Pontiff and their own ordinary.


TPM ministers say that they are CONSECRATED HOLY MINISTERS preparing bride of Christ. They have been given deeper mysteries on how to perfect church. No other church members are aware of apostolic truth necessary for the perfection of the church as TPM does. Hence one who forsakes TPM church is called as fallen & backslider.

Read canon laws rule number 275 which reminds us of famous Catholic quote – “There is no salvation outside Catholic Church” which means only the  RC church has exclusive contract to prepare bride of Christ according to mysteries dispensed unto them.
Can. 275 §1. Since clerics all work for the same purpose, namely, the building up of the Body of Christ…. Catholic monk and nun to pursue holiness because they are CONSECRATED and responsible as stewards of mysteries of God.. to become perfectCanon. 276 §1. In leading their lives, clerics are bound in a special way to pursue holiness since, having been consecrated to God by a new title in the reception of orders, they are dispensers of the mysteries of God in the service of His people.
§2. In order to be able to pursue this perfection

Rule of TPM says that songs/lyrics must be according to TPM doctrines and from the bible. (..last paragraph of every TPM song will be about Zion /rapture).

You will find TPM songs of the same tune, & they say we prefer simple music.

Sisters are allowed to lead (not others).

TPM prohibits much use of musical instruments in worship

Website says, The texts intended to be sung must always be in conformity with Catholic doctrine; indeed they should be drawn chiefly from holy scripture and from liturgical sources.

Again website says, “At first the Church melodies were probably very simple, …..”  Website  says
“21. Everything which the liturgical books prescribe to be sung, either by the priest and his ministers, or by the choir or congregation, forms an integral part of the sacred liturgy…….”

Repeating Praise the Lord:

TPM has this chant called “Praise the Lord,” which is repeated 100’s of times.

Is it any wrong? Well to praise God is not wrong, but to make a chant of words from scripture, in a manner foreign to scriptures, not followed in any other protestant church is weird. This system of chanting is only followed in the RC church, – Only that their chanting phrase is different! See their rule for this chant besides.

According to RCC rule, a Catholic member can use any chant provided it has to be approved by seniors and then it must be forced upon laity to repeat it several times.

Catholic canon book lays format of such chant. It states “49. As a response to the word of God, a…….. chant or short responsory is provided; …………… Other chants ……. may also be substituted in its place..”

TPM uses this response as “praise the Lord” or “sthothram.” In RCC, they use chant phrase, “Hail Mary!”


See video version of texts in table above. For better viewing click square icon in bottom right of player in desktop/Laptops.


Links to websites are evidence that TPM lifestyle is taken from Roman Catholic orthodox rulebooks, and not from God-given revelation, as TPM ministers parrot. For certain canon laws we have not provided links, but we have given you exact wordings from the official website of Vatican. To verify it, all you have to do is Google search the canon law number.

Paul Ramankutty and Counter-Reformation

Pastor Paul Tombstone Paul The CatechistWas Ramankutty an Orthodox/Catholic Missionary sent to establish a new Catholic/Orthodox Church according to the Catholic faith? One website gives us clue and says, “Ever since the Second Vatican Council there has been this notion among Catholics (both clergy and laity) that in order to attract more Protestants to the Catholic Church we need to be more like them. We need to make our churches look more Protestant, get rid of excessive icons, and make them more “trendy” or “modern” in appearance.  There is been this notion that if we dispense of traditional Catholic music and bring in more protestant-style hymns and praise music, we will attract the Protestants.  Likewise, it has been assumed that if we scale down the mass, get rid of the incense and bells, reduce the chanting, and dispense of many of our time-honoured customs, we will certainly get the Protestants’ attention.  …..…………………. Now to be clear, the Second Vatican Council never called for these things.  In fact, I think it’s safe to say the bishops of that council never even imagined them.  This was more of a trend that occurred after the council and was not necessarily sponsored by the council.  I think it was something that just sort of happened on its own.”  And then the author of the website goes on to rejects this RCC idea of contextualization. The author of the website is saying that there was this trend, to remove candles and bells so that the church does not get identified as Catholic. This (removing candles, bells) would make Catholic churches appear as Protestant churches. This technique (Counter-Reformation, contextualization) was used, to fool people into assuming the Catholic church as a Protestant church. Did this happen with TPM? We do not know! But from the evidence we have shown you, chances are pretty high!

We had shown you through this article how Paul Ramankutty defied the foundation of Protestantism of “justification by faith” by twisting the verse “just shall live by faith.” He twisted the context of word faith from heavenly eternal life, to material one.  See it here under the subheading, – “See the twisting of Foundational Scripture”.


Do you ministers and believers of TPM, still believe the blatant lie of TPM, that Paul Ramankutty had established this TPM church, its doctrines, and systems, according to the revelation given by God? Everything is made bare and exposed. TPM church is daughter whore of mother harlot Catholic Church. Decide for yourself,  whether TPM lifestyle is a revelation of God, or it is church made according to guidelines set by RCC/ Orthodox education of Paul Ramankutty? Is TPM normal protestant church or daughter of the Babylonian harlot?


FYI: Have you noted how many Roman Catholic/ Orthodox converted ministers are/were in TPM who are/ were in powerful positions? For example Paul Ramankutty, Alwin De Alwis, C John, Pastor T.U. Thomas and so on…  Why is the election of Chief Pastor, so secret that people are told that God tells, who the next chief should be? If the selection of workers takes places in public, then why are center Pastors not made to sit in public, and let chief pastor put his hand on the head of one center Pastor who would be next?


  1. This is awesome Bro, clearly exposes the truth behind the lies of TPM.

    CPM should have stood for Catholic Pentecostal Mission.

    Priase God for this site and the authors who spend their time and other resources to scientifically dissect the Catholic Pentecostal Mission and show the TPM members how they have been deceived for almost a century now.

    • Mask removed!
      Hall of fame “Masquerader of the century” award goes to Paul Ramankutty.
      Look at his grave stone. It says entered glory.
      Ya I know! for duping million lives!

  2. I’m sure even Pastor Stephen or any of the king pins will know this version of CPM. If they did, then they are chief wolves without any doubt.

  3. This article is an eye opener. I used to wonder on a lot of irregularities in TPM’s preachings. One such preaching is to obey the leadership. I’ve heard messages way back from the days of Pas KC Varghese that leadership/leaders must be obeyed without questioning them. The lower ranked workers and believers were taught to accept anything that the leaders taught them. For example, if they say, ‘hey, that crow which is flying is white in color and is flying upside down’. The workers (should) concurr(ed) and repeated that. I’ve heard the above mentioned example quite a few times from different pastors/brothers. This was the base of the training for the workers in their training period. They are taught not to question the leaders and obey everything and also not to cross verify their teachings with the Bible but accept each word as the doctrine.
    Now I can understand where this teaching has come from.

  4. i had so much respect for Pastor . Paul / raman kutty after reading his testimony 10 yrs ago .
    all shattered and crumbled in a single web page .

    Good one though ..

  5. This should be the world’s silliest argument basis. And so many stooges of the admin proclaim ‘Ah this has opened our eyes’
    St Paul was a strict pharisee – does that mean he established the doctrine of Pharisees in all his epistles.
    St Peter , St John and some others were fishermen – did they all preach about fishing trade in their epistles?
    Mathew was a tax collector – was he intent on collecting taxes through his teachings.

    Was the admin the direct disciple of Jesus from the first century? Were his parents, forefathers all Christians from the first century?
    They all should have converted from other religions to Christianity. Does that mean they still preach their former religions?
    Where is the logic in such arguments?
    Pastor Paul was indeed born a hindu person in that case he should have established hindu doctrines rather catholic doctrines.

    ‘Masquerader of the century’ award should rather be given to the admin for twisting anything to suit his convenience and to his paid stooges for saying ‘yes’ to everything bull shit he blusters out.

    Where is the logic in your argument?

    • @anony …and you started swearing too, well you are making progress my friend.

      What the Admin writes is any day better than the 90+years of lies from the deepest parts of hell. The Voice of Pentecost and the deeper truth doctrines of CPM is heresy, mate and it has been exposed thread bare on this site and it hurts you maybe because you are a TPM member by heart but don’t have the courage to admit it as you are embarrassed.

      Your beloved TPM and its impotent leaders are being stripped naked and now the whole world knows that it is one of the daughters of Babylon. It has become a laughing stock in the entire pentecostal world.

      I don’t mind being called Admin’s stooge any day rather being called a TPM slave. Enjoy your bondage.

  6. Dear Anonymous and all who think that admin is always supported by his “stooges”, let me tell you, this article has only confirmed my doubt which I used to have since many years. I always used to wonder why tpm had so many rules that quite matched with the rc’s (not putting in CAPS is intentional!).

    1) One of my catholic friend got married to a hindu girl. he was banned from church activities along with his family, for 6 months! Does it sound familiar? When I asked him why, he said that its the norm in catholic churces if you marry an outsider. Co-incidence, eh?
    2) rc/orthodox priests stay in parsonages or should i say faith homes? Well, at least the male & female members of the clergy stay in separate buildings, usually a few kilometers away!
    3) father/mother – appachan/ammachi?
    4) confession must before communion – only difference, private & public.

    Of course, what you’re saying is true… he should have put in hindu elements. But there are few that do show his influence – First dress code – saffron colored (worn by hindu sadhus & monks) and boiling milk till it spills during house dedication (of course, done by all denominations). But whose tradition?

    I can understand how difficult it is to accept the truth, especially when it hits so hard on the face! If someone slaps you, the first reaction is anger. Till the person explains the reason of the slap was for your good, the anger doesn’t fade. It’s like that. Just prayerfully consider the matters on this website. It’s not a compulsion. Introspect & examine.

    God bless you.

  7. @ Anonymous
    Are you blind! I don’t think you verified the links given in table.

    Paul was initially Pharisee, but post his encounter with Jesus, the gospel what he preached was contrary to Core ideology of Pharisees. Hence it cannot be said that he establish Pharisee system. See the fight in Acts 15. Your analogies of Paul and peter does not make sense.

    In case of TPM, the core ideology of TPM and Catholics is same. Not contrary. Both believe in salvation by works. See the link in last paragraph before conclusion of above article, concerning Ramakutty’s understanding of justification by faith, which is erroneous deviation from the truth.

    Let me try to summarize what I have understood.
    Ramakutty was not Catholic believer. He was professionally trained Catholic evangelist – called as Catechist. The work of Catechist is to spread Catholic/ Othodox faith. He was sort of undercover evangelist. See paragraph on counter reformation/

    @ //Where is the logic in your argument?//
    Had rules regulations of TPM (given in table above) had basis in scriptures we could not have said, that Ramakutty established Catholic Pentecostal mission. But the fact is that they are not found in bible and found word to word in Catholic Rule books. Not even your chief Pastor can tell us from where those rules landed in TPM. All they say to shun the question is that it was given as revelation to former saints. But the article has provided official source of Vatican to show the world from where did this rules and customs landed in TPM. You only need to be blind to reject it!

  8. This is a fantastic history.

    I just want to mention that CMS was part of the Evangelical Anglican Church and a protestant organization.

    In the seminary website this is mentioned –
    Early Years

    The beginning of the Seminary synchronized with the coming of theChurch Missionary Society (C.M.S) Missionaries to Kerala. The initial years witnessed cordial cooperation between the missionaries and the Church. The missionaries were allowed to teach English and biblical languages in the Seminary. The early missionaries who worked here -Norton, Baker, Bailey, and Fenn rendered remarkable service. Initially called Cottayam College, the Seminary was not exclusively meant for priest training. It was a seat of English general education in the State of Travancore. In course of time it even came to be known as Syrian College. The students were taught Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Syriac and Sanskrit over and above Malayalam along with Theological subjects.

    The Development

    The Cottayam College remained closed for a short span of time in the mid 1800s owing to disputes and litigation between the Church and the CMS missionaries.

    This does not change the essence of this post anyway.

  9. Dear Admin,
    Thank you very much for this valuable post. For many years (almost 40) I used to wonder why CPM alias TPM is modeled after Roman Catholicism. It is clearly the clever strategy of counter reformation as well as divide and rule philosophy.
    You have not touched on “Sainthood” and holy water.
    My mother believes eating the FH food after Sunday service is very important and it will heal one of deceases!
    May GOD bless you all.

  10. i had many a times felt that there is something called traditional, being carried on from one to the other through out, which has no spiritual basis or biblical basis. as is pointed out by admin. one can easily find out that from the very beginning itself some one has instilled that kind of discipline into this organisation. the idea that what is transmitted are infallible, unquestionable, received by some one from God etc. cannot be always accepted with a 100% conviction, but of course people in majority swallow it without reasoning at all. such an awe is transmitted and created in the helpless, weak and confused audience who seek help from the prayerful/leaders. it is spread loudly that if you seek medical help outside for your ailments you will not reach heaven. people due to this fear and anxiety seek the help of the leaders for everything. this dependency is what they look for. people become slaves or something like feeble helpless and brainless creatures before them. they appear strong and commanding by which they rule. this kind of infallibility and supremacy and governance are the progenies of the RCC. in love and service this kind of governance need not be there. they become masters and remain masters over the fold always. never never servants!!!! agape is no where seen!!!

    • Good point raised brother !
      Divine healing makes believers helpless and they look towards tpm demigods to pray for them, making them dependent on megalomaniac Pharisees. Just like a person depending on doctor gets hospitalised so these disciples of tpm demigods get faithomalised when falling ill. Divine healing is indeed a subtle tool for governance and strengthening their influence.

    • Nahash answered, “Sure, I’ll sign a treaty! But not before I insult Israel by poking out the right eye of every man who lives in Jabesh.”

      I Sam 11.2

  11. @ Anonymous—‘”Masquerader of the century’ award should rather be given to the admin for twisting anything to suit his convenience and to his paid stooges for saying ‘yes’ to everything bull shit he blusters out.”
    Those words written by him deserve no comment at all as they ‘ve nil value.

    As I recently coined my words —-‘digging the gold mines'(dtgm) ,those words are truly applicable to me alone ,I do not wish to propagandize to none of the reading community members. And I only knew the value of such ‘dtgms’ . So finally, the EPISODE on Paul the catechist, did really help me how was I duped all these years about him that I had entirely reverent view on the founder of this CULT before I read this beautiful article was totally changed now. Leave the Alwyn factor separately. It was so much revealing that how Ramankutty was the sole damaging factor for this mission to copy cat RCM canons into this CULT even before AA entered the scene!


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