Testimony of Sister MST from Singapore.

Let me first start off by saying that I am absolutely astounded by your work.

I have always wished for this to have happened much sooner, but I do believe God has His timing and it is now. I hope many will see the deception and that they may test and see for themselves, opening their eyes.

As much as I would love to reveal my identity to them, now is not the right time. I don’t want to make things hard for my relatives who are still in ministry. I know there are workers in the church who are reading this website and they still definitely recognize my name and as you know, they blackmail each other within the ministry. Singapore is a very small country

Parents Wedding

My parents were brought up in TPM Singapore. They were born into it, as my grandparents on both sides were already attending the church. Their marriage was arranged by the leadership (typical thus saith the Lord you shall marry each other). My father was not allowed to lift the veil on the day of their wedding. A worker lifted the veil my mother wore. The dress was picked and approved by the church, so was the catering, the date, etc. Obviously, my mother was disappointed but she did not say anything as they were taught to obey and not question.

Terrible face of a Cult

Escaped from the Spiritual Blue WhaleOn my father’s side, some of his relatives joined the ministry. One decided to leave as she was raped by a pastor in TPM and could not face him. She was disowned by her family and was excommunicated and outcast. The official story was that “she couldn’t do God’s calling”  so she left. She became a Hindu and married a Hindu man after. Unfortunately, she died as one too. None of the workers whom she was very closely related too attended her funeral as they said she will go to hell for deserting the ministry and her faith.  They tore the family apart on my father’s side, using manipulation and mind games and guilt. Families have ripped apart, married couples were separated. They would get involved in marital problems and make the situation worse.

Childhood Trauma from the Saints

We were taught to believe that unless you die perfect, you will go to hell. Not to mention, the 4 levels of Zion, New Jerusalem etc. They also said if you ever leave the church, you are doomed to hell.

When I was a child, I attended a camp in church. I bought a Christian friend along from another church. She used an NKJV bible as it as easier to understand. When one of the sisters saw the bible, she told her that it was evil and only the KJV version was correct. And the way she did it was so forceful and it was as if it personally offended her. And they still wonder why the church does not grow through outreach.

At that same camp, as we were playing “games”, I wore 3 quarters Bermudas. A worker told me I was improperly dressed and was supposed to wear a long skirt. The next day of camp, a brother was preaching about something and I was seated behind. A boy, who was seated separately from us girls, was also starting to not pay attention. We looked at each other and smiled. Big mistake. A sister came to me and said I was being immodest and at this age how could I smile at a boy! I was only 10 years old, so was he. This shows what sick minds they have. She managed to link her argument to my Bermuda shorts again.

During the Christmas skits, they only picked the fairest and most good looking children to play the parts, even if they were horrible actors. It was not my imagination and many of my peers felt the same and were hurt. Their parents could see it too, but that didn’t do anything about it.

When we stayed over at the faith home, we had to wake up for morning prayer (or morning chanting to be more precise) at 4:00 Am. We were 7-year-old kids and they would threaten us with hell and not getting caught up in the second coming if we didn’t get up.

We were not allowed tv, radio, books, conversations with non-believers or other church Christians etc. I only knew about Barney and friends because my father secretly got a tv in the house and let us watch it! Luckily for us, my parents weren’t as strict as the other parents.

The Departure from TPM and some other events that opened my eyes

One day when I was 11, my father finally confronted the pastor of the church about some major doctrinal issues. The pastor said touch, not the anointed and obey who God had placed over you, as they receive the revelation. He was told to leave the church. Thankfully, he did and we have grown up in a good strong and wonderful church since then for the past 17 years.

However, all my extended family was still stuck there. They thought we had backslid and left the faith. They cut all communication with us. Years later, we started talking again.  One day my cousin said something amazing happened on one of the faith home branches. I asked her what happened. She said a sister had vomited so much blood on the floor and before they could clean it up, she said to wait so that she can see how much blood she has shed for Jesus.

I was so mad. It was so outrageously wrong and stupid. I spent hours and hours talking to her and trying to open her eyes to see. Finally one day she secretly came to my church. And God touched her. She never went back to TPM. Through her, her family left and so did my other relatives.

We are all SERVING GOD WITH THE GIFTS HE HAS GIVEN US which is contrary to what is thought in TPM where the only way to serve him is to wear white, sit in church and chant and go to Zion.

Some of my relatives who joined the ministry have died from suicide. I call it suicide because it was a simple illness that could have been fixed with prayer and medication. But it ended up in death. before she died we went to visit her. My uncle (who left TPM) begged her to go with him and he will take care of her, just leave this place. She said, “but what will people think of me after so many years in ministry?”  How sad that when facing death, she still sought the approval of mere TPM men than the approval of God. She died in excruciating pain and she sat for 2 years and she was unable to lie down. Her muscles had stiffened and were unable to move and her legs had to be broken for them to put her on a stretcher and remove the body.

They think they suffer for Jesus. Rubbish. The real people who suffer for Jesus are those who risk their lives to spread the gospel, facing death and injury every day. Not sitting in a posh church with servants.

Some other observations ( Many of these are common in all Faith homes all over the world)
  1. We had a brother in the church who served in the ministry for years. However, he was very soft spoken and bullied by the pastors and even the sisters. He used to always smile and it came to a point where he completely stopped smiling and always looked so depressed. He started to avoid the believers and we could only see him when he was seated for the meeting. One day he disappeared. We never saw him again. The official story was that he left.  However, an insider told us that he had a mental breakdown and was ‘removed’ from ministry. It was all done quickly and quietly, no questions asked.  What’s the difference between the nuns and monks of the Catholic church and the workers of TPM? They are so against it when you make the comparison but at the same time, the pattern is so similar, yet they can’t see it. Manipulation, indoctrination and mind control.
  2. I know for a fact that the church has a special funeral provider whom they have been using for many years. They are the ones who issue the death certificate and a lot of the times, it does not add up to how they died actually because the way they die “in faith” is technically a crime in Singapore and it is covered up. Those who have left the ministry have told us when inspections of the church were done by the government, all the workers were required to leave the building and hide until the inspection was done as it is illegal for them to be staying in the church, especially so many people!
  3. The retirement money of the workers who joined ministry was automatically transferred to the church account upon their death. We have something called CPF which is a retirement fund.
  4. The workers who have left have also shared that some sisters only buy expensive silk underwear and expensive oils for their hair. These are ok but wearing make up will cause you to miss out on communion. My aunt has been disciplined for wearing makeup to church and attending a wedding in another church. TPM believes have secretly attended other church weddings and wore glitter on their hair. When questioned, they say the bible doesn’t say anything about glitter but at the same time, they will never admit to the leadership that they wear glitter.
  5. The clergy gets money every time they pray for someone. When they say “thank you pastor” after he prays for them, they shake his hand but in their palm is money which is slipped to the pastor who promptly pockets it. Where this money goes, I don’t know.
  6. When you want to host a prayer meeting in your home, money is always exchanged under the name of “offering/blessing”
  7. The pastors here drive cars and so do some of the brothers and sisters. But when a believer buys a car, they say it is extravagant and misusing your money. But if you drive into church with a very nice car, they treat you with extra special care because they know your tithe will be a fat paycheck.
  8. People are pressured to be baptized starting at age 14. Even if you are not ready, they will cause you to fear being left behind that many take baptism without truly understanding what it means.  I feel indignant anger but the same time I feel sorry for their plight.
  9. Another way for believers to quickly go up the ranks in terms of favor from the pastor is to attend conventions in other countries. The more conventions you attend, the holier and more radical for God you are. It becomes almost like an internal tour agency.
  10. During the convention, women are not allowed to eat where the men are eating. I would get dirty looks when my brother and I would try to look for my father during mealtimes as if I was a walking sin. This was when I was 6 or 7 seven years old. Is there anything wrong for a child to look for her parents?
  11. We had a mother’s room where mothers who had to breastfeed children or had very small fussy babies could sit during the meeting and still hear the sermon. Unfortunately, this area was right beside where the brothers sit and only separated by a thin white sheet with a fan blowing that sheet all over. Interestingly, you’ll always be able to catch a glimpse of them peeking. If the mothers noticed, they never said anything.
  12. The church hall was sectioned into the main area where you can sit down or the chairs at the back where you can sit on the chair. If you pick a chair, it’s a direct relation to your spiritual state. Lazy.  I’ve seen old grandmothers sit on the floor in pain just to “prove” their devotion to God.
  13. Sunday school came with exams and if you didn’t pass them, woe betides you. The exams would last 2 hours and it would be regurgitating of indoctrination of twisted revelations from TPM.
  14. Other than a bass drum and a piano and some shakers, all other instruments were considered to defile the worship. They finally relented and allowed a violin but it stopped there. Worship in TPM is just singing a bunch of songs, not really worship. Look around y during worship, you’ll see no one worshipping as the bible says to worship with joy.
  15. When it comes to tarry meeting, you have to stand up and confess your sins for the week or God will not forgive you. Out of fear, I have done that many times. About half an hour after this “confession time” they start singing “praise songs” which picks up in speed and then goes faster and faster until they “fill in the spirit” and their eyes roll back into their sockets and they bounce on their knees. I have seen this for myself. I hated tarry meeting because they scared me so much.  The whole idea of the tarry meeting is flawed, to begin with.
  16. The healing services during the conventions, I have yet to see anyone healed during them.
  17. They have a practice of “promise” during the new year service. The new year service starts at 6:00 PM and goes on till 4:00 AM and those who stay to do praising after that are considered holy. At the end of the service, they put a box on the pulpit filled with little notes. In every piece is a verse. Whatever you picked will be what God promised you for that new year. My father once mentioned what’s the difference between that a fortune cookie? I tend to agree with him to be honest. The promises of God are for us to claim and hang on to throughout the year, not a specific one at the beginning of every year.
  18. Once someone prophesied(believer) during the tarry meeting saying God will bring judgment to the church and it will start in this house of God. He was promptly banned from prophesying again.
  19. Whenever we visit for a funeral or to see people, we are treated as outcasts and backsliders now. People have come up to us and said that unless we come back to the church, we will not be caught up in the second coming. It’s quite sad how far it has gone.

From an ex TPM SINGAPORE member



  1. Such a wonderful testimony of God’s amazing grace and mercy. God bless you! I’m beyond thrilled that many people are seeing the true face of TPM. When I began my journey away from TPM, I thought I was the only one. So glad to see God working in so many lives even through this website.

  2. Praise God! I am absolutely delighted at reading the deliverance testimony of this sister. (I am equally saddened for those who paid a heavy price for being in this cult).
    Just look at the similarities in every experience mentioned here. I am sure, each one of us can relate to it. I am still wondering, will people keep their prejudice and ego aside, and for once prayerfully investigate all the claims made in this testimony and the others on this website and seek God and ask Him to “really” speak to you and let you know the truth. As humans, we have this tendency to listen or believe what we want to listen or believe. It is true. But sometimes, we need to be rational, especially when it comes to matters about truth.
    God bless you sister.

    Psalm 107:1,2 (ESV)
    Let the redeemed of the LORD say so – “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”

    • Yes, it is very sad for those who have paid such a heavy price. Someone will have to answer to God for those lives someday.

      Many people have died prematurely because of this twisted doctrine. I have seen for myself where God have told people not to take medicine and he will heal them and He has! If God tells you that, He will do it. But nowhere in the bible is medication forbidden. Even luke was a doctor himself!

      I have seen children lose their parents because of this doctrine of divine healing.
      And when they die, they just say “it is the will of God” or “the person did not have enough faith or had a secret sin”. One of my Sunday school classmate lost her mother at 11 years old because of this.

      When the husband of a close friend of my mother died, during the wake, the grieving wife was crying. Which is completely normal! The clergy said why is she crying so much for a mere man and that she is idolising him instead of letting him go in God’s will. They were married for over 25 years. Of course she would grieve for him. Even Jesus wept for Lazarus when he died! Does that mean Jesus idolised Lazarus?

      They hurt people psychologically, emotionally and even physically.

      I’m sure other people experienced the smacks and the pinches from the workers if we didn’t sit properly during service or didn’t close our eyes or say out praise the Lord during tarry meetings etc.

      So many of the workers in TPM Singapore suffer from DVT due to kneeling for hours without changing position or sitting with legs on the side for hours. Does the bible say anywhere sitting cross legged is wrong? Even when we were not in a meeting we were punished for sitting cross legged. If this practice is truly from God, would you suffer any medical consequence such as DVT?

      Its heartbreaking to see these people waste their lives which could have been used in such a wonderful way for God.
      Its not too late though. Hopefully through this website, many more will come to see the truth of God’s word. Be like the bereans, VERIFY THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH.

      • This is so true , it happened that my uncle passed away 2months back due to kidney failure and he was undergoing the treatment for 1yr before he passed away and it’s so happened that when my uncle was alive he honoured all the servants of god but when it came to his funeral just 3-4 servants of god from our local faith home conducted the funeral and none of the servants of god turned up from the centre faithome even though it was near to the local faithome and my heart breaks thinking of this as my uncle was such a great man who loved them but I saw that god honoured him as it rained after the burial for 5minutes and this was really great , but I heard that one more believer passed away after this and because he underwent medication his body was not allowed to be brought inside the church but was taken directly to the burial location 🙁

        • They arent servants of God they are servants of Mammon.They serve where they get more money.These lazy scums come to tpm as clergy to live a double life and earn tonnes of money without lifting a finger.

  3. So true .Relatable.The biggest joke is when people go to be prayed.Long queues.Funniest thing I saw was one of the trouble chief pastors went away in 15 minutes.When people were waiting for quite long in a long queue.Everyone was like waaah?The special believers have lounge access to them.You have to pay more to be a premium member it seems.Oh yeah or work in other ways so their so called ministry is propagated.The other joke is when they involve young gullible people to work in the FH.And these youngster will be breaking their bones to be blessed.If a rich believer or their family works then these guys will be like,That family is so humble and such blessed people.They give so much for the ministry.This is why this family are blessed.Blah blah blah.Even this family’s F**t smells lovely…blah blah blah.The reason they say this is clear as day….So that other people give more.Kitchen duty during convention
    Is the biggest joke.You can clearly see the Rich and Poor divide.The special treatment,shameless gossiping etc.Nothing short of T.V soaps. These people wont do anything because of their fat bellies but will shamelessly preach…dont participate in games in school or go for fitness.Hypocrites.Cheats.Most people in the ministry have absolute zero knowledge about the Bible.No formal theological education.Most guys aren’t even allowed to preach and a few of them are so boring that the whole congregation is looking at the clock and murmuring.But they still wont stop because they get a sadistic pleasure.Most people attend conventions to meet people and show off.Lol.All I say is lets speak up.Lets share our stories.Lets comfort each other and pray.Lets pour out the trauma,low self esteem,depression to each other here so that people know that they are not alone.Most people stay in tpm because leaving it would be taboo like.Fearing isolation from people they had fellowship with and grew up with.Most people dont talk fearing people’s judgement and wondering if all this is just in their heads or else everybody feels the same.I hope one day this becomes a public forum where people actually start putting real names.And go to their respective FH with their head held high.1 Thess 5:11,Josh 1:9

    • Speaking of trauma, here’s a funny story.
      Every time I woke up in the middle of the night, I would check to see if everyone else was physically in bed because i was afraid I would get left behind when Jesus comes secretly in the middle of the night (that was taught to us)

      one day my brother felt sick. The next morning my mum decided to let him stay off school and didn’t wake him up for school. She decided to go to the store and as it was nearby, she thought she would be back before he woke up. My dad was at work and I was at school. My brother wakes up to an empty house earlier than expected. Coincidentally a truck passing by honked a few times. My brother thought that was the trumpet and he had just missed the secret rapture. My mum came home shortly after to find him crying and upset and scared. He was only 6. See the kind of fear they instil even in young children? The bible says to rejoice as you see the day approaching, not live in constant fear.

  4. Brilliant Sister! Very lucid and beautiful! Most TPM members can relate with this. God bless you and your family and pray that the rest who are caught up in this evil mess will be liberated.

    All glory to God!

    Finally some good reading after the rap n roll of Fernando.

    Hope she reads this as well and points us to another Facebook profile. I still love you my dear Fernando. One day you will also break free and witness for His Glory.

    • A lot of people know for a fact that what TPM is teaching and portraying and indoctrinating is wrong. However, many choose to stay out of fear and uncertainty.

      For someone who has given over their life to TPM, in a way, they have a certain and stable future, socially etc. They are part of a group and they “belong” there. It is normal human behaviour to seek approval and acceptance. However, this is exactly what cults use to their advantage.

      My mother especially had a hard time leaving. She was there for over 40 years.
      At first, she felt quite lost. Which is quite expected. For those who are considering leaving but are still unsure, there is no sugar coating it. The longer you have stayed in there, the harder it is to leave.

      You will lost and disjointed, a part of you ripped away. You feel like you have no more identity and you will feel uncertain and unstable.

      However, it will be the best place to be because finally, you will understand that all these years your identity was tied up to what the clergy thought of you, that their approval mattered to your self esteem, that their approval was directly related to whether you are depressed for not doing what you are told, of feeling happy that you were approved by them, at the cost of losing yourself.

      Your identity is found in Christ. Not in what these people think. Jesus said my sheep know My voice. If your eyes have been opened to the truth, you have heard his voice! Take that step of faith, no matter how scary it is. Talk to people who have left, ask them how they did it.

      There are many people who are here to help you.

      The worker sister who left with my family had a very sad story. She joined the ministry in her teens and had no formal education. When she left she was almost 50 years old. She couldn’t get a job, she couldn’t adjust to the society. Things had changed so much in the years she was stuck inside and she had a hard time adapting.

      However, she is now in a new church which helped her to get a job, and she is faithfully attending there and growing in God.
      If you are a worker and you are reading this, no matter how many years or how old you are, it is never too late to follow Jesus. And I mean TRULY follow Him out. Don’t be afraid. You have always been taught to stand up for Christ and His teachings. Do precisely that!

      If you need support or help, just ask. Don’t be ashamed of what people will think of you!

        • I actually just remembered something! I was told by an insider that pastor martin (who has since passed away) had a personal doctor to manage his diabetes. So much for divine healing.

          Many people suspect that the pastors especially in TPM Singapore have private doctors who deal with their illnesses. Most of the pastors there have hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.

          They cannot last as long as they have with those illnesses.

          Once pastor Martin fainted halfway during his sermon. The whole church witnessed it. The sister started immediately singing a song about Zion while they carried him out. I heard that they found out that he fainted to do his diabetes, it was out of control. He made a stunning recovery within a weak and was back in ministry, citing that Jesus healed him but the insider said that he actually was treated by a private on call medical doctor who was called to the church from time to time to follow up with his condition.

      • Sister MST,
        Fabulous testimony. At least hope that some more enslaved TPM believers will come out. Also it is an inspiration to many freed one to give their testimony.

        Can you cajole that sister who left the TPM ministry at the age of 50 to write her testimony also. May GOD bless you.

  5. Wow I love your testimony because it is definitely a success story for someone who left TPM!! I’m very happy your family was able to get out ! I while reading your testimony I was actually able to relate to many things and it also made me sad that you and your family had to go through all this!!

    What happened to the pastor who raped that sister who was related to you?? That is so horrible and worse is that he was never exposed for this crime!! This is so disgusting! I was also told from a young age that when I die and if i’m not perfect I will go to hell! I used to be afraid! Also they would say that unless you had taken water baptism and were spirit baptised I would not go to a good place in heaven and this also used to scare me and my mom as she wanted us to be in the “best” place in heaven.

    I am also very disgusted at how the sister made a nasty connection with you and the other 10 year old!! What sick minds!! I have experienced same type of things as well but I was older than 10. When I would talk to my friends (boys) in the church like right in the middle of the church, sister Debbie had a problem and she went to my mom and said “don’t you think it’s weird they are close”. My mom said “no, they are like siblings”. The sister tried to brainwash my mom into making her see a normal pure friendship as something different. I do feel bad that you had to endure those accusations at a very young age!!! I know exactly how you feel!

    That new year promise thing is very funny! It is literally like a fortune cookie!

    I don’t know if they do this in Singapore, but here some people say that worship music shouldn’t have drums while others say its ok. But regardless of all that when they have revival meetings and all everyone is enouraged to dance. There was a funny incident because my father doesn’t go to this church but once he came to a revival meeting years ago, when he saw everyone dancing he said “oh its just like a regular party that I go to”. I love dancing, but what my dad said made me think because while they shun other normal things they were dancing in such a way that a person who doesn’t go to their church was able to see it was a little weird.

    Regarding make up! I have noticed that they let some people do it and if they don’t like you they will come at you! The partiality that is shown here is wayyy too much I was not able to stand that! Sadly my mom still attends this horrid organization, I really hope she will see the light and come out! But I am extremely happy that you and your family took a stand, I know how hard it is!! Love reading every word of your testimony!!

    • Hi Rishanthi! I was inspired by your testimony too. I totally understand what you went through and I am sure many others have gone through emotional and psychological trauma. Truly, they put mother against daughter and father against son. As if dabbling in spiritual lives are not enough, they negatively get involved in family lives.

      My relatives also go the church in Canada. You may actually know them. They hold Pastor James in very high regard. I can’t comment on that because I’ve never met him nor do I know much about him and the church there. But I know from our interactions with my family that they have the same thinking you mentioned. It’s very hard to get across to them. They are quite steadfast in their ways.

      As for my relative who was raped, her father confronted the church. But her mother told her father “touch not the anointed” she was hardcore TPM. She said her daughter was lying and even if it was true, it must have been a punishment for her for her sin etc. Their marriage was destroyed over that. She wanted nothing to do with her family again, hence converting and getting married and starting a new life.

      You are right about the favoritism. If you come from a rich family, suddenly more things are excusable versus coming from a poor family, where you get nitpicked on every single thing. I’ve never seen them smack or pinch the rich kids. At the same time, the poorer kids are the ones always found in church, parents make them go there, they always stay over and they get the brunt of all the abuse. I was never a favourite and I didn’t care really. During Sunday school, if we had a birthday and brought a cake, no candles were allowed. Sunday school was sooooooooooo boring. Years after we left we went to visit the church to see some people. There are some workers who still welcome us and treat us nicely. A sister asked us about how we were and how was our new church etc. And she said it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you know who God is and you grow in Him. That was the first time anyone said that to us. She of course, was one of the ones that were bullied by the workers so being nice. Another worker learned that my mother was teaching Sunday school in our new church and tried to get her to give her Sunday school songs to sing in TPM, which my mum didn’t do because she knew they will pass it off as their own.

      Older children and youth had to clean pots and pans, iron the clothes of the sisters and the brothers etc. My mum said she was made to do that in her teens and she said they even had to iron their expensive silk undergarments. She always told us never believe that they are poor and living simply. They live better than a lot of us.

      Many single people were guilt tripped into joining the ministry at the later years of their lives, giving up successful careers. We had a sister who was a traffic police officer who they kept pushing to join the ministry because she was single. Another sister joined giving up many years of being a very good nurse in the hospital.
      They were both over 50 when they joined the ministry.

      We have a believer who is a lawyer, she gets that special lounge premium access people were talking about. The rest will have to wait in line to be prayed for.

      My brother and I used to joke that whenever the pastors prayed, the harder the push and shake your head, the more demons he’s trying to shake out from your head. It is such strange phenomenon. One pastor when he prayed he would push and push and you’d have to walk backwards to keep yourself from falling. I’m not sure if this physical show was meant to strengthen the believers view of them, that they had power and were used by God.

      There was a point of time when the workers uniformed changed when they held meetings outside of the main church. They would wear western long sleeved shirts with long skirts and a vest and it was coloured! The Chinese brothers and sisters wore the same in church, except that theirs was all white as it would be weird for them to wear a sari.

      I’ve heard that other churches like in Canada, they have a full band for worship. But here, when I was there, we were strictly told that it was all of the devil. But at the same time they were listening to Christian CDS like Don Moen etc where they had a full band!

      One good thing they had though was that every Sunday they would drive all the handicapped believers form their homes to church and back to their homes. They had a special van for them. That was one good thing and I commend them for that. Unfortunately what they drove them to was not of God.

      In the Mandai faith home and the Bedok Faith home (other local branches), the workers will gossip about the pastors and the workers in the other branches and the main church! They would make it seem like a competition, who would get more people to come to their faith home and whose was more liked.

      I saw that one person downvoted you, and I have a feeling that is a rapper who goes by the name of Fernando hahaha.

      Anyways, do you have any tips for me that I can use to help my family who are in your ex church to see that it is wrong and they have to do something about it?

      • One good thing they had though was that every Sunday they would drive all the handicapped believers form their homes to church and back to their homes. They had a special van for them. That was one good thing and I commend them for that. Unfortunately what they drove them to was not of God.

        Just one verse popped into my mind the moment I read this. Not sure if others would agree… 🙂
        Matthew 23:15 (NLT)
        15 “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you cross land and sea to make one convert, and then you turn that person into twice the child of hell you yourselves are!

        • Yes you’re right! It would have been a great ministry of blessing to those people if it was of God but unfortunately it’s just as the verse says…

  6. @MST
    Wow that “touch not the anointed” has really been taken out of context and ruined so many lives and families in this church! What a way to twist scriptures!

    As for tips, honestly I have been thinking for that myself! My mom has become very rigid towards me now since I left the church because they preach that people who are not in the church are not “family”. I think that unless they experience something really outrageous first hand and their eyes become opened it is very tough! Because the moment you bring a point across they will counter your words with things like “the devil has control over your mind” ! But after seeing this website I have hope that people will read and see that these things are real news about their church!

    As for Fernando haha! He’s just quiet now because he couldn’t find your Facebook profile and he’s probsbly looking for possible ones! haha!

    • Even I think, it is no use arguing/debating with our radical tpm-going family members. Keep yourselves in their place. Think how you would react when somebody points out the mistakes in your favorite church! As sis. Rishanthi has said, unless they witness something BIG personally, they will not come out. Why? For that matter, even if they see something wrong, they’d say that its just one/two bad persons. Can’t blame the whole church! 😀
      You see, it’s the case of circular argumentation.
      As in my case and in many others, unless the Holy Spirit removes the spiritual blindness covering our eyes, it is difficult to come out of this terrible cult’s grasp.

      Here’s something to read –

      God bless you.

    • Yes Sister, this “touching the anointed one” is a TPM clergy speciality. One of their greatest strengths is their ability to unite when there is any threat from the believers. They will then forget their internal differences and focus all their energy in destroying the perceived threat to their authority.

      I remember one tarrying meeting in which a believer sister prophesied contradicting what a worker sister had prophesied a few minutes ago. Immediately the whole group (2 male workers and 3 female workers) ganged up and they shamed her in front of the whole congregation by denying her communion. This poor lady was on her knees holding her hands begging for bread but they just ignored her. The whole congregation walked past her but no one showed any pity.

      The next day being Sunday, the songs, the sermon and prophesies were all about putting this poor sister down. This shaming went on for a few months and they finally branded her as being possessed. The rest of the church had to bear with this witch hunt for many months. We used to wonder why they are wasting everyone’s time for teaching one person a lesson. In fact they were sending out a message to the whole church that no one can touch the anointed and get away with it. Insubordination will be severely dealt with and no mercy will be shown.

      She was a hindu convert and had two young children, No mercy was shown and this poor lady ended up being a mental wreck. She has become very bitter and has not left the church but continues to attend thinking that her god will judge the evil workers. The worker Prophetess died suddenly after a year or so of this incident.

      The only sin the believer sister committed was – She exhorted the congregation to look unto Jesus only and not to listen to the non sense spewed up by the worker prophet.

      The inhumane way in which this sister and her family were treated made me careful in my interaction with the clergy. The lack of mercy or love for the innocent children made me realise that the spirit within the clergy was not from Christ.

      • @ TPM is ab …

        brother , by reading the incident itself makes me sick and angry .. cant we do anything..??
        also she is a convert , the way they treated her like a dirt . .. very sad brother . devilish workers and the spineless people … must be in chennai .??or in some other southern regions ..?

        • No, Brother, this happened in Australia. They will kill if required and this site has exposed that as well.

          The cult is Above all.

        • Its unbelievable brother , i thought in abroad they usually “act ” a bit more civilized way ..that’s what they are good at . i wont blame the workers , blood is on the hands of the congregation as well . ..

        • @Apostate

          It is the same story all over the world. Control is the name of the game and they will go to any extent to retain it. If you oppose, they use the pulpit to ensure that you are put in line. They will persist with it till you wilt or get out or go mad.

          I have seen a few who lost their minds because of the constant pressure while I have seen some fall in line and some who have just walked away. The third option is the best but very few take it because of their own pride and the lack of the knowledge of God.

          This site ensures that the knowledge gap is addressed and I believe that more and more will walk away after realising that they are being deceived.

          I’m happy that people are reacting to the comments by disliking, which shows that all kinds of TPM believers are accessing this site.

          If Saul can become Paul, any TPM believer can become a Christian. The Holy Spirit will do His work for God’s Glory and no power can stop it.

  7. @TPM is an abomination
    Omg wow that story about the sister who was shamed makes my blood boil! That’s extremely sad that people are treated that way by the clergy just to show “who is the boss”. One of the things this reminded me of was that I was told that the clergy preach only what was revealed to them the night before when they wait for God in prayer. I never believed this, because I would tell my mom how come they are preaching about a specific person, or scenario that just happened the week prior? It’s regarding a specific person or event, why didn’t God just reveal something general to that minister this week? I have seen them really take an incident and make it look like God is saying this and that just to make people afraid. Sadly many believe that they are preaching what God is telling them and not for their person gain.

    • I actually believed them. I used to think every Sunday sermon was directly revealed by God to tpm’s precious little “consecrated servants”. Back when I used to defend TPM like my life depended on it, my line of argument was “how can tpm teach error when our pastors are fasting from Thursday to get the Sunday sermon message from God”. I was naive.

      • Fasting???Haha.No comments if they fast and how much they do cuz how can we see.But Yes Ive seen what they eat and how much they eat.The food they eat and the food the laity eats is very very different even if you see the same time.In the same venue the clergy food will be very very superior and different to laity food.Most of them wont eat with ordinary laity.Their food is taken into their lounge.So forget about fasting.They fast so much that their tummy says it all.And then they roam about burping and say they have gas problem.All they drink is carbonated drinks….for the gas.Haha hard working laity who pay the tithes dont get too much food to go about burping.

        • Give a surprise visit to their kitchen on the day of their Fast and you will be astounded by the kind of salad with excellent dressing and varieties of Milk Shakes. Enjoy your fast!!!

        • True True. I know.The sad part is mpst people know but it just doesnt enter their head of this scam.If you convey this to fellow laity.They would be like they have left everything thats why God has given everything to them.Wrong.They left their parents or responsibilities and working for their food to have a comfortable life with good food and services without any accountability and responsibility.For people to serve them.They are the opposite of what our Jesus showed as an example.They appear not to have a family…..Now this is what I jave seen in most FH.In very poor locations maybe they don’t live as comfortably.Maybe Im wrong on that.But this is what Ive seen.They arent even willing to prepare the hall for worship.They want the laity to come organise everything for them. Once all believers and subordinate clergy have sat they will come like chief guest.I dont know what they are really doing not attending the whole meeting.Then they keep pushing the set time.The biggest fuel for this system is the Tithe system.

        • True true… What about Workers-in-charge bossing around and chiding with junior workers during the meeting… Its like a political set-up akin to the pre-Christian era in the pagan world.

          Not so recently, I happened to step into the Shantinagar faithhome for a Sunday Service- as I had to meet someone, so I was obligated to worship there.

          Bro. U.K was faking a prophesy…. (Its easy to spot if you are an x-tpm).

          I knew it from the start and was just waiting for the service to end. So I decided not to pay attention to the modus of the prophet.

          The prophesy starts off like wild fire but poor thing… the translation was of poor quality. The tone of the prophet changes according to the mistakes made by the translator and not according to the state of the church.
          At one time, UK stops in his tracks, snubs the translator and then resumes his prophesy. It sounded so wierd to me, but I could see the laity so normalised.
          I realised that once upon a time, I was also a branwashed person who took such fake prophesies for real.

          My intent is not to criticize, but to critique. We Indians love idolising, don’t we?
          This opens up new business avenues for the devil to set shop- right within the church.

          The sad part was he was preaching about Sep 23rd and how we should prepare ourselves- for the Lord will come like a thief and the ones left behind will face the wrath of the anti-Christ. There was no real mention of the fruits of the spirit or how we should rejoice in anticipation. It was all about.. don’t think you will be caught up… if you can’t jump in the spirit… you can’t fly when He comes.

          The one thing I liked there was- no matter what was said… the laity was dull and disinterested (like me)- unlike in Madras and other southern centres where there’s much fanfare and hero-worship.

        • The Entire TPM System is geared towards running away from the Coming Great Tribulation. I hope that they understand their logical fallacy by reading some of the latest articles in this site.

        • how do Tpm ministers and some believers prophecy ?? Is it scripted or is it real? Ive had this doubt from childhood

          Same set of believers and ministers prophecy every week.Is it that they by-heart something earlier and prophecy ? Or is it from God?

          Can someone explain

        • Of course, they byheart it and fake it. My wife was once a famous TPM prophetess so I know it. After all its not the biblical prophecy as said in the scriptures so don’t be fooled by these fake loud tongue speaking followed by “thus saith the Lord”.

        • They have a set of verses/half truths which they know by heart and according to the situation and the person they have in mind, they just keep using it. I don’t think you can call them prophecies. They are mere words of exhortation or condemnation, more of the latter.

          I remember one prophet who had a favourite – “ media has corrupted you”.

          It’s fun but the build up is really aggressive and the sounds they make is like the Hindu women who are possessed….kavadi amma…classical kundalini spirit.

        • Go to any New Year Service and you can get a Special prophecy for the auspicious occasion customized for you directly from the Throne room in Zion…I think most people with common sense know these tricks.

        • Exactly! TPMs version of fasting is: not eating like a glutton with 5-6 side dishes and 2-3 main courses but eating more nutritiously (soup, veg pulau, chicken pulau, lots of salads, fruits, protein shakes etc.,) I’ve seen with mine own eyes many times. In olden days they used to compensate all the nutrition by “fasting” with liquids but in the last decade they just avoid the exotic curries, briyani etc., but eat ample nutritious solids.

        • Haha thats called as detox diet not fasting….what a joke theyve played on us laity.Shame on us believers.

        • Sadly, believers too follow the same kind of fasting. This happens mostly during the latter part of sanctification week before communion. More like sanctifying their digestive system.

  8. Heart wrenching they will go to any extent if one did not obey them yes it happened to us in NEW Testament church the clergy threatened us that you’re wearing Jewelry that’s the reason you’re not getting job indirectly saying go and sell and give it to us then you’ll get job , they’re cursing us it seems ,but God is a god who deals with heart not by appearance , when we left that congregation and moved to another place where there is no New Testament church ,God blessed with a good job Glory to God, don’t listen their manipulative revelation

  9. @ an ex TPM SINGAPORE member——MST

    CONGRATULATIONS–to you —-Sister MST —

    What a threadbare account of events correctly portrayed by you in your EPISODE!
    Hats off to you dear sister!!!!!!
    This was the f.h that I visited more than a couple of times from India! once on my private visit, and twice on my volunteering some of my fellow believer families from India to this S’PORE con.!!

    Thanks,I was finally saved from this horrible stench!

    //What’s the difference between the nuns and monks of the Catholic church and the workers of TPM? They are so against it when you make the comparison but at the same time, the pattern is so similar, yet they can’t see it. Manipulation, indoctrination and mind control.//

    Your statement of comparison is exactly depicted in the TPM testimonies published in VOP.

    Even the testimonies that these White frauds of TPM portray the same aspect through their mouth piece –VOICE OF PENTECOST are full of manipulations.
    If one reads the TESTIMONY column of the latest issue of –VOP–APRIL2021,this BLATANT fraud is quite evident.
    Let me QUOTE from (page 4…sixth line from top) of VOP April issue 2021…….

    “A Cathelic Nun came to our faith home.I told her,”You have come to the wrong place.”
    She enquired whether this was The Penntecostal Mission and said,”When I was young my mother suffered much due to sickness.Then a person from TPM took us to a convetion held by them and my mother received perfect healing. At that instance my mother made a vow that she would supply rice and dhal for conventions like that,but we forgot about it.I grew up and am now serving God in our traditional church.Yesterday I was reminded of that vow and I have come to fulfil it.”She gave us many things and some money.This incident strengthened my faith.From that day onwards I received everything from the Lord”…UNQUOTE
    Birds of the same feather finally flock together!
    What an amount of concoction is hidden there in that TESTIMONY.Not everybody could be able to detect this concoction in this nicely woven story .Only the once INSIDE people like us could detect the fine threads of that nicely woven story just to covinvince gaulible,first time fresh believers!!!!
    Wake up ,,Oh the gaulible believers.
    Find out these White Clad frauds.This is the time to wake up.


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