I have heard of TPM Ministers quoting the following verse from the bible for this ceremony which they call dedication.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matt 19:14

Read the below testimony to know how TPM/CPM/GNCC/NTC treats small kids and forces to mold them into their own Legalistic ways.  Absolutely love-less people who do not know the heart of a child. After reading the testimony, I can see a little heart crushed by arrogant ministers of satan camouflaging as ministers of Light.  It is for all of us to see the kind of fruit they produce.

43 “For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. 44 For every tree is known by its own fruit…. Luke 6:43-44

I was actually brought up in CPM since I was around 3 years old. My mother’s family had converted from Catholicism so they became very strong CPM followers immediately. However, when we moved to Canada when I was 4 to join my dad, he did not let us attend the CPM church here. Life was good, my mom would still teach us things from the Bible which was totally fine. However, when the CPM church here (called Grace New Covenant church) got into contact with my mom they began to cause a problem for my parents because they would often try to influence my mom to go to church. This often resulted in my parents getting into an argument. But when my brother and I were a little older my mom took us to church regularly and this is when life started to get bad. Up until then, I had no idea of how insane this church really was because I hardly attended, except for an Easter meeting or a revival meeting each year.

Stinking Spiritual Fruits from a CultWhen I was 14 and my brother was 9 we began to attend the church in Montreal regularly. At that point, it was Brother James and sister Dilky who were here. I am pretty short, so when I was 15 I began to wear high heels. Some people in the church who were close to the ministers began to complain about my shoes and I was treated by the ministry like I was a prostitute! They would be like don’t come to church like this, but I was wearing very conservative clothes because my mom was very strict. They would complain to my mom regularly about the shoes and this resulted in us having constant fights at home for no reason. I was actually a good kid who studied well, didn’t even go out, and I was very much into reading the Bible. In the whole church, I was the one who was always ahead of Bible reading! There was this older lady at the church,  my Sunday school teacher at the time who was probably very jealous that I knew more about the bible than her. So she and her daughter would complain random things about me. She even made tried to make me not get 100% on my tests by giving me questions about Bible verses “which reading was today’s and write about it” when she clearly knew I was reading months ahead in the chart. But when all this was presented to the ministers they didn’t tell her to stop so I left Sunday school, while she continued teaching.

Sister Dilky also told me to not read the Bible too much and said: “it was daily bread” and that I should only read that day’s portion of the bible reading chart. Since they wanted my brother to keep coming they told me that I can go to adult Sunday school if I wanted, so I did. They really couldn’t stand that I was a 16-year-old who was not a sheep, I did what I thought was right.

Later on, a lady from the church complained about me not eating a lot at the youth camp and lied about other stuff about me. Sister Dilky then crossed examined me without my mother being present.  At that time I was only a 16 year old! I was traumatized as I was being accused of calling this lady at church “a bitch” when I never had even called her that. She accused me of wearing indecent clothes, which was not true as it was a girls youth camp, and I simply wore skirts and tops! I was not able to present my facts but sister Dilky just started to accuse me and yell at me instead of looking at the facts. They used this to traumatize me and caused a lot of problems for me at home! My mother felt this was so shameful and began to always talk about this at home because the ministry wanted to shift the blame on me in order to make the lady at church look good as she was an adult. The lady who lied was never punished, instead, she became head of Sunday school! This church has a weird idea that adults are always right and children are to be blamed. This was when I realized something is wrong with the church because they had no sense of justice. They just let an adult get away with something evil but they made it look like I was bad and told me to stop ministering to make it look like the adults did not do anything wrong but to make it look like I was at fault. Till this day the minister has never even apologized and denies ever doing this. I had wanted to take baptism, but they didn’t let me because they said I wasn’t ready because Sister Annie from Toronto came and said that my shoes were too high! But later on, I ended up taking baptism when I was 17.

As years went by and other ministers came and went, there was a sister called Sister Debbie. She was here and wow she really tried to split up my family. She would say one thing to me pretending to me that my mom was wrong, then she would actually turn my mom against me, I have heard It with my own ears. She would tell me “oh why does your mom say not to wear this skirt? It’s a very good skirt to wear to church” then she will go and tell her to not let me wear it to church. This resulted in us fighting at home constantly over very stupid matters. After this incident, I stopped talking to the minister and started to avoid her a lot because I felt like she had her motives. She would do her best to try to communicate and tried mind games but didn’t work for me because I was also studying psychology so I knew those tactics too. It was very evil, and all about control. They want money from people. Also, sis Debbie was mad at me because I used to donate to church but I saw she didn’t spend money wisely so I would write on my cheque to give it to the mission field.

I saw that they were always showing injustice, they had favorite people who got away with anything and those who they couldn’t control (like me) they did their best to try to label and all. But eventually I started to get better and it wasn’t easy at first. I was away from home for school. And that’s when my healing began. I used to be very sad while going to church I felt like something was wrong with me because they would make it look like that and my mom would fight with me all the time! Even when I wore normal clothes my mom will treat me like I was wearing something scandalous. But once I was away and didn’t go to church and I had time alone to reflect I began to understand what I really wanted. I began to realize how it was all weird, and all this manipulation and deception really became clear to me. They would tell me “don’t question the anointed”. It’s dum but these things get to your head because you grow listening to the same bullshit. But once reflected on it all I began to slowly leave. Once I stopped going to church my mom was not happy and it was hard to be home because my mom would try to get me to go back. But I literally had to reprogram my brain myself to change my perspectives in life that were instilled by this cult. My brother had already left when he was 16 because they told him not to come to church with a small beard and sideburns!! But when we asked them they said they never said that despite the fact I was right there when they said that. So I left the church when I was around 26. I am 34 now and it was the best decision I had ever made in my life!!! It was not easy! But I can say I made it! If it’s possible for me, anyone can do it! They used to preach that people who have left them would end up in bad situations, and claim that those people have even died.  This is quite the opposite of what Jesus said in Luke 6:28 . But the day I realized that the misery I was experiencing in that cult was way worse than death itself, I left!


Children do remember injustice done for a long period of time. So deal with them in a fair manner and do not offend them.

If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matt 18:6


  1. Every soul saved is precious. One more soul is saved from this hotchpotch of obnoxious cultures from around the world.

    “And when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost. Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God……. ( Luke 15:9,10).

  2. Mahatma Gandhi said
    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
    Sadly this is a very bad testimony for TPM and Christians behaving like heathen.

  3. A very touching testimony…

    I so wish I had the common sense to leave the mission during my youthdays… Better late than never. Praise God.

    I suffered much mental stress… unbearable… it was satanic force pressing me down with a millstone… I can relate to the feudal issues mentioned here, setting family members against each other etc.

    The worst thing is they claim to know who you are in the sight of God and God’s will for you in every aspect… There is not even 1% of sincerity in their talks… When I was brainwashed, I thought this was a glorious trial, but now I realise its a ponzi scheme.

    I am not blaming all workers…. a lot of them are sincere… but stupidly sincere to the mission.
    TPM is a blackmark to society and to Christianity.

    No regrets, the only regret is that I realise I was duped for a good thirty plus years.

    • Brother Denzel Joy,
      Great …
      I am too eager to read your testimony too. Hope one fine morning it will be on this site encouraging many enslaved believers to take firm step about their eternity. Praise the Lord.

    white clad wolves , once yo given enough info abt you and your family .. you are under their control.

    i feel sorry for those who stand in the queue for a long time for prayer and counsel .. !

    (sister hope you are in a comfortable fellowship now , you guys escaped the genocide in ceylon to go thr’ a mental agony in cpm .? eh . ) . , also hope the winter in Quebec is not too bad .. ; )


  5. Oh my God.Its so relatable.I have faced this as a child.I know of people who have faced it.Their so called”sisters” are so sadistic.There where two clergy who would make me stand on my kneel for hours.And my parents would be like oh the beating from the anointed is like oil.Ps 141:5.They would torture girls and boys alike.Its so traumatic when your own parents let you get physically abused.The pinches oh my God.Such sadism.And fhis was almost every other sunday mind you.I was a bit bright in my church and ask too many questions in Sunday school.They reported to the clergy and the clergy questioned my parents regarding the same.I had to stay low key since then.I was in my 2nd grade of sunday school.The anniversary of sunday school was totally based on favouritism.When I was a child the clergyman would amost always ask how much money is in my father’s pocket.I was exposwd to their greed and sadism at a very young age.Its painful when even your own parents arent there to listen to you.These people have a problem with people who are well dressed especially people who are gullible and are silent type or if one family member is vulnerable to their mind games.Like i said before I know these people inside out.Just because they wear white or they dont marry doesnt make them holy or saintly.They are much much evil than commoners.

  6. Hi everyone, than you for reading my exit testimony! I’m also very glad you are all out!! When sister dilky treated me like that I was only 15-16 years old but I was treated like a criminal and when I was crying because of her harsh words and my mother was tried to hug me sister dilky was like “don’t believe those tears!” To my mom!! I will never forget that moment! She didn’t even want my mother to show me affection! And when me and my mom went to speak to them about the “don’t read the bible” situation she denied ever saying that and said how she doesn’t remember! It’s selective amnesia! Excellent liars! Then after they left this was still bother me so we had a brothe here who passed away now, he was very sweet with the youth, so My mother and I spoke to him about what sister dilky did. And right after that he said he will talk to her the following week. But after he spoke to her he started to behave rudely towards me and he no was nice to me. Later on we asked him and he said that she told him whatever I said is not true. So she lied to him and ruined our good relationship. She is a very evil person. Right before being transferred out of Montreal sister dilky was keen to give me baptism so that no one will complain after they go. Her husand, brother James doesn’t even do anything about her bad conduct which is sad, he just watches, if he was a righteous person and now a pastor he should be telling his wife what she does is wrong.

    • Rishanthi-I dont get it?This woman Dilky and James were married and were the clergy?Is this church you go to actually a tpm branch?

      • Yes Brother,
        There are many Ministers in US/Canada (NTC) who are married. One of them I know is Pastor Shaji. Another one is Carland..Few more are there as far as I know.

        • Haha so they are going to zion too?are they as special as their other single colleagues.Such chameleons these people are.

        • They can twist their doctrines at will. Where they do not get foot soldiers, they change their rules. Just like how they change their doctrine of divine healings where people do not comply..Yes Truly Chameleons

        • This cult reeks of double standards. There was a family here in NCPC who wanted to join the ministry but got rejected. Poor folks went to Chennai but the Chief Wolf would not ordain them as the system was down in TPM’s Zion hospital and they could not be birthed in Zion.

          The poor family were so dedicated that they used to spent most of their time and energy for the cult. After the rejection, they stopped attending church for more than a year. Now they pop in and out once in a while.

          In a way I thank God that this family escaped the snare of the Devil but they still attend, not sure for what reason.

        • To all sincere people,
          I have only one request, STOP FEEDING THE SNAKE. Snake only knows one thing. That is to BITE YOU.
          Whatever Money that you are giving to feed these people are just your contribution to killing your self. WAKE UP, People.

        • I have a doubt

          Since some TPM ministers marry. Do they take medicines also. If somebody knows.

        • Yes, they do take medicines and I also know that they have conducted surgeries in Faith Home by surgeons. Their Hypocrisy would not allow them to go to a Hospital but will take treatments and other medications in the sly.

      • @Old believer
        Yes they were married and yes it is part of tpm. Like admin has mentioned in the comment, there are several married couples in the ministry here.

    • @Rishanti, Thank you very much for sharing your testimony. It is inspiring and most of our TPM comrades who have gone through the Cult indoctrination via their glorified Sunday school will relate with your experiences. It takes great courage to leave this bondage and greater courage to stand up and tell the world about this wicked sect.

      @Fernando, Thank you for responding in your typical inimitable TPM cultish way. It just proves what the sister said is true.

      @Admin, I think Fernando’s reaction proves that you are hitting the right areas of this abominable cult. They are tracking every comment let alone every article, which is good. Hope that these blood hounds will stop baying for more blood and repent from their evil ways.

  7. @Apostate
    Thank you for your kind words! You are right the worst mistake was letting them know more about personal issues! Not quite winter yet here we are still having some nice weather!

  8. @admin

    i think our testimony section gonna be a big hit …!! : )


    hi sis the names dilky and fernando sounds very sinhalese to me and i sense a bit of racism ..
    did u ever felt in that way .? may i m wrong .

    • Yes, Apostate,
      I hope the testimony section becomes a big hit. I know many people who have left TPM after realizing their duplicitous ways and erroneous doctrines.
      I wish they do take some time to pen their exit from TPM and let others know what made them leave.

  9. That is so bad that people with the name given, go and check for the Facebook profiles.. I think it is better to publish testimonies with name changed ..

    • No.True names should be given. Are we having the spirit of cowardice?I respect the lady’s guts to be so bold.I will come forward too one day.God willing.Till then I will fight staying inside.

  10. i did support ur intention until now. u should find out the whole truth.
    myself an ex-tpm and i believed u would check facts before adding a witness as testimony
    anywayz do ur most before they shut u down
    and good luck
    getting a few doctrines right and not folowing dem is a sad part
    proved right by all ur comments

    • What is the fact which you know that I do not know?.Did she come to you to get prayed and in the process revealed some secrets?
      I have checked the facebook profile. As far as I know, I came to understand that this lady has No Hypocrisy. She is to the point.
      If you have any evidence to doubt her testimony, do present it here. Stop personal attacks and focus on things which matter to others.

  11. @Fernando
    It seems you are just mad because someone was not as scared as you to hide their name. Does it really make you feel so small and corwardly that you are unable to say who you are? If you want to talk first say who you are and don’t go around saying you are ex-tpm, clearly you are not as you want to shut down this site. I feel bad for you, but the fact you are agitated is a good sign! You clearly have doubts about this tpm too , or else you wouldn’t be here reading on this site. And I ask once again are you Dilky?

  12. What is the authenticity of this lady’s testimony? Since, you are encouraging people on this domain to write against TPM/CPM/NTC/GNCC, she is doing just that! and you call this a testimony. She states that she started going to this church from the age of 16 and left at the age of 26. My question to her is: During this span of 10 years apart from the said “evils” she experienced did she not ever experience a single good thing there?
    If you say no, Then I am not so sure that you are even telling the truth above. The above statements are just made to malign TPM rather than being a testimony.

    And dear admin, you who have taken the responsibility of saving the people from the eternal destruction that TPM is leading them to, I just pray, that you are worthy enough to save your own soul as well.

    Since, you have been quoting the scriptures to make the people understand about just the “evils” of TPM, I will also quote a few scriptures for you:

    Luke 6:37: Do not judge anyone, for that is what God is there to do. If TPM is to be judged God will raze it to the ground Himself, He doesn’t need punies like you and me for this.

    John 8:7: Let Him who has never sinned, cast the first stone. You accuse the TPM ministers of being immoral. I would suggest you examine yourself first that there be no such character in you before you pinpoint this in others. Secondly, even if you point this out, just broaden your scope because no two fingers are alike, do not measure everyone with the same tape. And even the others who are joining in and commenting against those people, I bet you cannot guarantee that they are living a saintly life as well.

    I would agree that there are things happening in TPM that shouldn’t happen, but there is still a lot of Good happening too. All the people who have left or are speaking against it, will certainly have come across at least one good soul there. And I believe till they are there God is going to bless and preserve it regardless of how many come against it.

    God Bless!

    • Dear J,
      Rishanti is in this forum to answer and validate your points. Why are you feeling weak? She will answer any specific questions you have.
      At the same time let me ask you, do the TPM Clergy Validate your testimony which you give in TPM? If no? Then why are you worrying about me? I am not the one defending. I am just providing an open forum. Rishanti is responsible for her words. I have not made any changes to her testimony.

      For the rest of the part you addressed to me, please click here.

    • J,

      Just because someone says they are christian does not make them Christian. TPM with its deeper truths have dug themselves into a deeper hole from which no one can save them.

      If the Christ they preach is from the Bible, how come your leader calls himself the Chief Shepherd? Isn’t that the spirit of Anti Christ?

      There are many things good in TPM but good things don’t make a cult christian. Check out other good cults like Islam, Mormons, RCs etc. They all thrive and TPM will also prosper, so don’t worry about its future.

      This site is for the lost sheep within TPM. Rishanti is one of them and she is liberated and she is going to tell the whole world from what she has been freed from. Is there anything wrong with that? Won’t you do that?

      Rishanti’s past or her Facebook profile does not matter as she is secure in her Saviour’s arms.
      It also does not matter to any true christian who visits this site because as the saying goes- Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

      Don’t fret about TPM’s future as it is safe and secure in its god’s hand. The question is are you one of the lost sheep? If you are, you will hear your Master’s voice and come out of this satanic cult.

      Wish you the very best in your quest for the Truth.

  13. @dilky aka fernando aka sadist .

    See what have you done to a lil’ child of God , you hurt her emotions , hurt her childhood .. for silly things and still you are adamant , in a single glance we all know her story is true .

    Now just humble yourself acknowledge your mistakes , ask forgiveness from GOD and pardon from rishanthi and close the case , short and sweet .you know we all are guilty on something . treat this as a GOD given chance to repent and save yo selves’ from the eternal hell . don’t be stubborn … forgiveness and repentance only heal both of you , better find a way to talk to her . ..reconciliation is the only way .

    Good luck .

  14. @J
    I would like to know your credibility in judging my testimony since you can’t even write a whole name, at least fernando wrote someone a name. I would say that you should start off with writing about who you are then we can see if you are able to question my true story and how many years I went to a church. I do understand how you feel, because in your head you want your ministers to seem perfect. But I will keep telling my testimony of what happened while I was in that church, thats my freedom of speech. Are you trying to cyber bully me?

  15. are all ur statmnts guesswork
    nt at all mad r scared
    once a counterfeiter of euros n dollars not scared then not scared now
    i do not fear of cyber state federal r penitentiary laws
    i fear Jesus Christ only
    u call me all da agitated words as mad scared small cowardly n guess m agitated
    shows u dont hve standard to definite these words
    u insulted me gee m gonna cry in da corner
    i come across u lookalikes no matter what u disguise
    m not dilky u know it n u ask
    u want me to be dilky so u can show all ur kid feelings nd hav pple pity on u
    woe to you when all men shall speak well of you
    we do not have a situation here
    dilky has no base to respond
    stil there is another side u nvr bothered 2 confess
    hav no intntions toshut dis site
    concernd of people who may get lost in life of questionings
    admin opened dis site knws dis very wel one day site wil end
    if he does not think so den good
    i dont folow augustine or luther who started reformation based augustine influence r any other reformation with twisted doctrine
    are u now questioning my reading here

    do u blame tpm or ur parents who did not have da sense to read the Holy Bible nd ask for Holy Spirit guidance
    u were freed from a cult possibly n nothing to salvation nd u complain abt nd become defensive
    defending truth okay defending half lies dat shows the current state of ur heart

    site members blaming tpm
    soon as questioning starts why the mud throwing n defensive mode
    he did not ask permisson so i did not
    slinging mud is lame
    the law of god n the conscience has been written on our hearts even if teachers lead us astray
    u all had chnce nd knwledge nd wisdom nd the true God nd if u just prayed it right He would shown u the way
    now tel me u stil hoodwink urselfs with blame exchanges

    again guesswork
    m not dilky nt sadist
    u called me inflictor of pain n humiliation using sexual gratification
    what other fantasies u want me to be
    FYI i am a practising celibate
    for some believing this is unimaginable n laughable as dey cannot live without sin even one hour
    guess all u want
    even u want me to be dilky so u can cry over rishanthi’s shoulder as a listening friend
    be a man to love, reprove n chasten
    not slinging filth
    her story is true one side apostate there is more
    u may ask for more i wont as nt here to chit chat personals dat da person never wants to disclose
    i only felt sad that admin took a bad witness to protest
    u thought am sadist nd hurt her nd i have to humble nd acknowledge my mistakes nd ask forgiveness from God nd pardon rishanthi nd close the case
    nd stupid people downvoting my comment and upvoting ur comment on this are kids who like episodes
    shows dey are just like innit?
    do u just type what u want without even thinking
    i have no reason in Christ to ask forgiveness to do with rishanthi. nothing
    for the fb profile link i posted i do not ask sorry as she made dat clear of her identity nd she is well known for other reasons
    i commented with that so users can know who we are dealing with here as testimony
    for many have now questioned in ur hearts of this testimony n suppress the truth
    since m nt dilky ur now a liar as u accused a brother in Christ falsely
    use ur judgements call better
    my only concern WAS the swift acceptance of testimony by admin as he overlooked into just posting testimony on dis instance

    cautioning admin however there is a chance for u to fall off trap by wolves who wear cute wolf clothes
    u shld discern better

    i expect some more slinging so go ahead kids

    • Dear Fernando,
      Such rants made up with Half words, does not make any sense to me neither do I think others make any sense of it.
      As mentioned earlier, if you have something to show as evidence that Rishanti is lying, you should come out and expose it. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, you are just upset that she has given away some information that bothers you.

    • Dear Fernando,

      This forum encourages TPM and ex TPM folks to share their experiences of churchlife.
      The admin does not need two witness signatures or a magistrate seal.

      By the way, do you consider yourself to be a better witness of your own comment than Rishanti is of her testimony?

      The general consensus stands affirmed that this website is stirring unease within faithhomes as well.

      It does not matter whether you are Dilky or not, your instant reaction is a plain giveaway.

      We are not worried about wolves anyways, this forum is for the innocent sheep like Rishanti, who are now cautious after realising first hand the difference between Christ and religion.

      If she is liberated in her spirit, it is only normal for the other sheep to rejoice, not so for the wolves though.

      Profiling her with a facebook ID only gave away your own identity as ‘Dilky/Fernando’ and proved that you as Fernando/Dilky are feeling very very uncomfortable.

      For your information, through my comment, no mud was slung and no sheep were hurt, just a few wolves got exposed.

    • Dear Fernando….you are absolutely right about one thing….This site will end very soon when Jesus comes while your beloved TPM will will be here even after He appears ripe for His judgement.

      If I were you, I would be running for cover.

  16. @fernando
    It seems to me that you are a sexist because when testimonies from males were posted you had no issue, but once a woman chose to speak up you were unable to decipher what just happened. You can get angry at me for sending admin my testimony and you can go out and yell on the rooftops, I really dont care. I will continue to tell everyone about what happened to me. ? If you do have a problem with me message me on Facebook and we can talk, clearly by your response it shows you have some personal hatred towards me, and if you want to tell me please do, I have no problem talk to u. I don’t even have anger or hatred towards you. Please message me! Or write down what I did to you right here if you are not willing to disclose your identity, which I don’t understand why since you really want to say lots of things.

  17. now m a rant
    sumone thinks i could be sexist
    n one had giggle if i could be a rapper

    great going team!

    m tryin to b short as possible

    my comment is passionate as i can be
    if u feel its ranting fine
    ur showing a ad popullum fallacy n a double negative by ur own thinking
    if u call dat information ur stooping way low for information
    i won’t write adressing u anymore
    no point hvng a dialogue wid u if ur concerns r encouraging slanderers
    only advice for u get in the closet n discern wat to post ven it comes to human testimonies other dan the infallible Truth witnessed by men in the Bible
    tnx for all
    time wil definitely show ur spiritual fruit stinks r reeks r Christlike

    i dnt see anyone asking signatures r magistrate seal
    do u think sum of us are in elementary school
    if ur re-directing that to me i will yield to u n say have a blast wid dis testimony
    i believed for a moment u all were CHRISTians
    i do consider myself a better witness to Jesus Christ than any prideful slanderer
    yes its stirring unease n jus as da stirring started the stirring wil dwindle
    would u be fine if i just shut up for a plain giveaway
    dat is wat u all r indirectly asking to either coment in favor of half cooked up testimony or to stay away
    u can discern a sheep wid getting some doctrines right, what about hypocrites worse dan the prideful tpmites who act as if dey are in accord wid ur probable good intentions if any
    u would never be able to discern unless the works of the Holy Spirit is in u
    u think she is innocent sheep let her say dis once n i will forbade my fingers forever from dis forum
    throw down jezebel if ur on God’s side
    u also want da satisfaction of me being dilky I took to fb id of hers
    u say no mud was slung? really?
    ven m not dilky why slung dat hypocrite of a person on me?
    u see dis is were u others vs admin differ in replying of a level
    u have accused a Brother in Christ falsely if u have the works of the Holy Spirit of God, go ahead n say m a liar

    are u predicting site ending is the time of our Lord’s coming?
    do u even know vat ur saying
    i am running towards Jesus Christ my Cover.
    tpm is not my beloved dont u even read what i hav written
    i dont defend any organization dat thinks protestantism is a better version of Christianity
    protestants have killed thousands if not millions of Catholics just to prove they were correct
    lutherans, calivinists, zwinglis were reformantions inluenced on augustine catholic
    defending protestantism wouldn’t be even the last thing i would want to do

    nd a deluded freed slave thinks rapping is cool
    im glad i got into convo here
    all ur true nature shows
    giggle all u want kids

    dis will be my last comment on dis post as admin has asked to be clear or he will decide m a ranter

    rishanthi ur guessing too much of a words on me because because because
    m disintrestd in a dialogue wid u since ur not a Born again Christian not an honest pagan either
    i didnt read any other testimony wanted to, now i wont, i have come to understand that these degenerates are no better than the prideful tpmites
    dey just want to gossip filth
    i really loved about the clarification of Gospel by admin to an extent only reason kept coming
    he calls my comment a rant
    for a pagan all of The Gospel would be a rant
    i know not any anger towards u
    send admin r anyone dis testimony m not going to yell
    i hav no issues with u telling everyone about wat happened to u
    u do realise ur half-true story is a nice gossip n soon u will be forgotten as well
    ur just a piece of paper in someone’s book
    instead if u want to be a true Lady, embrace Jesus Christ n once ur saved nd live a little, write a book where God n u alone can be the Story not to be forgotten
    if u had an ounce of love towards me u’d say stop yelling on the rooftops that is mental
    tis a serious thing wat matters is what u have done to nd can do for Jesus Christ
    a concerned brother in Christ
    Hoping you get right with God n wishing u a nice eternity!

    • If you thought that people will not believe the testimony because of all your acrobatics , just letting you know that it did not work.
      You just made a mockery of yourself.

    • Now you sound like a heavy metal rocker from hell. It sounds like teen spirit…oops I meant TPM spirit.

      Rock on sister we are all ears.

    • Dear fernando, after painfully reading your rap, I think you need serious help as it appears that you hate Rishanti. Not sure why? It is obvious you are confused as well.

      Since you are not from TPM, you need help. Please let us know how we can help.

  18. Anyways back to my story, sister dilky always tried to put me down, she had a problem with my hair (I had very long hair) and I used to put it up but she said I should use a particular clip. It went down to her noticing every little thing about me and she was just bullying me. I wore running shoes to tarry meeting and she said not to wear it anymore because it was “tommy hilfiger” and also my winter jacket was “polo” she said no brand names were allowed, but if you go into church today you will see people wearing all that still. Clearly she had a personal thing against me and tried her best to bring me down. I was a 15 year old kid who was taken my parents to go shopping, so my parents were making these purchases for me and who is she to interfere? But she will not say this to my mom she took me aside alone to say these things. She really wanted to intimidate me but it didn’t work. She would tell me that I should go to the thrift store to buy clothes, but I had parents who made those decisions for me!! If they wanted to take me to a department store to buy clothes who is she to tell me, a 15 year old, where to go shopping! Did she wanted to create a fight between me and my parents? Most weekends she will pull me aside alone and tell me things like this while telling my mom she was teaching me baptism doctrine!! What a lie!!

    During a school break that we had for a week, she told my mom that I should cook at home and clean as well, I was only 16 and my parents did not care for me to do these things normally. Who is she to come and implement rules when I had a mom and dad who already had their rules for me!! They preferred that I study during this week off or just relaxed and read a book, but she wanted me to do housework!! Does TPM not like women to become educated? but they want to create more “sister” in those faithhome to cook and clean. I found it very weird and wrong for her to interfere in our family life and tell me what to do when I had parents who were already doing that. We never listened to her that time. But I still eneded up learning how to cook and clean as I got older, because parents encouraged me at good time later on, its a normal part of life.

    She was also against us visiting our “unsaved” family in other cities and during Christmas she once came to me and said we are going to learn a song that the kids will sing for christmas. I told her that we had plans to visit our family and we wont be here. To this she is ohh no you should stay here for christmas. This was their way of taking you away from family and isolating you. Why did she not go tell my mom this? I feel like she targeted me personally. I mean for a person who said to not read the bible too much, all this is nothing.

  19. Sounds like classical TPM bridesmaid process to me. My kids have gone through this one time or the other at the hands of one bridesmaid or the other.

    They are preparing you for New Jerusalem, so please forgive them. Some of them are witches and I don’t have any hesitation in saying that.

    Abuse is the TPM culture and they call it suffering for Christ. What a sad sad situation.

  20. Clearly there is an evil spirit in TPM that likes to abuse people.
    @ Rishanti How come you never asked Dilky about her daughters Tanya & Louisa who the most worldly children in the whole church?! I can’t believe the hypocrisy of these so-called ministers! She had no right to jump all over you when she didn’t know how to order her own household!
    And by the way, Debbie is a nutcase! What a glorious ministry full of nuts!

    • And regarding Debbie, lol I mean she has no idea of loyalty or the meaning of if. Some people are more concerned about others just to not look at themselves and their insecurities. I guess Debbie is one of those. Some people like to go both ways, and its ok just admid it. If you know what i mean, I know she does.

  21. I wrote this and I stand by this! One day the cult will fail I will see it. We all will. It’s not about God or Jesus it about people who wanted to exploit others for time, money, and anything else they needed. These exploiters don’t care about what they are doing and that’s ok. But as the ones who are being “exploited” we have to be aware and realize that that this should be stopped. And it will be. Soon. I’m waiting.

    Rishanthi Sivakumaran


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