A Rise in the frequency of doubtful deaths among TPM Clergy, discovery of beer bottles & condoms in the Faith Homes, unmasking of goons hiding behind veils of temple, stinking smell of Sunny George’s adventure and willful concealment of much such immorality makes us think, –

  • was this church really started by God?
  • Doth the fountain send forth from the same opening, sweet water and bitter (James 3:11)?”
  • Are the roots of TPM church to which we once belonged, holy or filthy?

Well! time is due, that we provide you with some information

Well! its time we provide you with some evidence. It’s time to reveal that proprietary teachings of TPM church were unearthed from depths of hell. The chief engineer who was in-charge of this mining activity was Alwyn De Alwis. He unearthed doctrines of demons from the pit of hell and then wrote them on tables of stone as if they were received by apostles of TPM atop mount Zion. It’s time to unmask the wolves.

There was this demonic cult called as shakers, which was founded in the 1700s. It was known by name Society of Believers united in Christ’s second coming. Mother Ann Lee, one of the founders of Shakers called herself, the bride of Christ – mother of Zion. She taught duality. This means God is both male and female. She taught that there is no more second coming of Jesus left! She was herself the second coming of Jesus in flesh. She was the bride of Jesus, female god! She was second Eve to Second Adam Jesus! Shakers were a charismatic group, in which a lot of prophecies used to take place.

Teachings of Shakers

Let us have a look at some of their teachings, revealed to them through prophecies and visions.

The woman who called herself female Jesus (Second coming of Jesus in form of Mother Ann Lee) taught these teachings:

Forsaking father, mother, wife, children, and home

Like consecration of TPM celibates, Shakers used to sell their homes, and forsake their parents, wife etc, and live with other shakers in one home known as the house of God. Shakers taught that those who become members of shakers, – “the true church,” must forsake their father, mother, wife, and children and even home.

Read in their own words, Chapter IV and 13th point here: (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Shakers-Compendium/shaker3x.htm). It says

“13. Except a man forsakes all that he had, he could not be a disciple of Christ.” 

Again read it here (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Millennial-Church/mchrch6x.htm#7.2.48).  Point number 61 under title virgin life it says,

“61. “If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother, and wife and children, and brethren and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” 

The above statements are the plain and positive declarations of Jesus Christ that are twisted by both these organization for a devious agenda. Both these organizations misinterpreted scriptures to abandon God Given Support systems, Not for Jesus but for their Organization and blamed it on Jesus.

We have shown you in another article, that being disciple does not mean you have to literally forsake and abandon your parents and wife. Read it Here (https://www.fromtpm.com/blog/2016/11/03/hating-family-gross-misinterpretation-by-tpm/).

Forbidding to marriage and 144,000 virgins standing on mount Zion (Revelation 14)

Like TPM ministers, shakers remained virgins. Marriage was forbidden to all those who joined the shakers cult. Those already married were separated from their spouses. Just like TPM, shakers believed that only such people can stand on Mount Zion with the Lamb.

Read it here (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Millennial-Church/mchrch6x.htm#7.2.48). Point 84 says,

“Who are those 144000? These are they which are not defiled with women for they are virgins.” In point number 85 it says again, “….none but those who live virgin life can obtain such a great privileged ….. alone which can stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion

Look at what Mother Ann Lee (female version of Jesus )said, (point no. 81) (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Shakers-Compendium/shaker4x.htm),

“81. Those who obey the Gospel on earth, taking up their cross as Jesus did, “stand with him on Mount Zion,” being of “the hundred and forty-four thousand:” these are in the first resurrection;”

Like TPM celibates who despise other independent church ministers, mother Ann Lee despised others and called shakers more bright and glorious than others. Note that Mother Ann also said:

“Those who voluntarily take up their crosses in this world, and faithfully endure to the end, will be more bright and glorious than any others. They will be the ‘kings and priests unto God.” Read point 86, 87 , 88 also and compare how similar teachings of TPM are!

Notice how demons (through prophecy used to use word ZION to make fool of the shakers.)

There was this book called “Scroll-Rolls” given to shakers by prophecies through some demonic mediums (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Sacred-Roll/rollndex.htm).

See how the spirits addressed shakers as zion (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Prophetic-Revelations/prophrev1x.htm#Elisha9).

“1.  Now, O ye children of Zion!”

“17.  Therefore fear not, O Zion! neither be ye terrified, O ye, her children…”

Sinless perfection:

Just like TPM, another deeper truth revealed to Shakers was the victorious life of sinless perfection. TPM preachers preach, “who says perfection is not possible in this life?” Shakers used to teach the same thing as their doctrine. In point no. 1 (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Millennial-Church/mchrch1x.htm#7.7) their teachings say

“..nothing seems to excite contempt and opposition sooner than to talk of attaining to a state of perfection in this life.

Read point no. 35 part III on this link (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Millennial-Church/mchrch1x.htm#7.7) . “…They do not believe it possible to live without Sin; because they have never received that power.”

Edenic Perfection:

It is no secret that TPM’s former chief Pastor Alwyn preached the doctrine of Edenic Perfection. Edenic Perfection says we must become as innocent as Adam and Eve were (in this life).  Adam and Eve were naked and did not wear clothes. They were innocent and holy before the fall. Similarly, we must go on to perfection, till we reach that state from where a man can live without clothes and be not ashamed. So Alwyn made sisters and brothers walk naked in Faith-Homes. Pastor Freddy excommunicated him for his doctrine of Edenic perfection. Such a teaching was found even among Shakers. They tried to justify some of their members walking and running naked in jungles in name of Edenic perfection.

  • In his book “Ann the word: The story of Ann Lee female Messiah, Mother of Shakers” author Richard Francis says, “Rathbun explains in his pamphlet that…… “Some of them have stripped naked in woods, and thought they were angels… ”
  • “Isaac Backus repeated this charge two years later and despite his own hostility suggested a pure Edenic motive: ‘Men and Women dance naked to imitate primitive state of perfection’”
  • In another book titled “Shakers Community, Shakers Lives” author Priscilla J Brewer says, “Mother Ann pointed out: ‘You must forsake the marriage of flesh or you cannot be married to Lamb. The only way to become perfect, she asserted, was to overcome one’s carnal nature and return to an Edenic state of simplicity. Celibacy forever solved the problem of…..’”  You can read these books about shakers, and see for yourself the source of TPM’s teachings, – of sinless perfection, celibacy, and Edenic perfection.

Four-tiered heaven

Another weird doctrine of TPM church is that unmarried TPM ministers will go to highest place in heavens – called as Zion. Normal married members of TPM will inherit New Jerusalem. Old Testament saints of the Bible like Abraham and David will be found in third category place called New Heaven.

In the like manner, Shakers also claimed deeper mysteries, given to their founders, – about different degrees of heaven.

  1. The highest place which is most glorious was for Mother Ann Lee and shakers who do not marry.
  2. Then there was another lower category of heaven for Apostle Paul and first-century church.
  3. Inferior to this was the third category of heaven, for Old Testament saints like Abraham Moses and so on.
  4. While the lowest category of heaven was for people of the pre-flood period.

Read for yourself from (http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Shakers-Compendium/shaker3x.htm#CHAPX2). For example, Chapter X part II and point no. 12 says,

“………. Jews, such as Abraham, Daniel, David, and others, went to the second heaven, which is called Paradise” and point 13 says “Paul went to third heaven…”  and then point in point 21 it mentions about fourth layer of heaven, and in point 24 it says about fourth highest heaven, “24. This is the state that no other person could ever attain…until …Mother Spirit was revealed……….after which the spiritual child begins to learn things of God on the highest and most spiritual plane. Then it is in ‘heaven of heavens.’ ”

Simplicity, holiness, and purity in both mind and body:

According to their teachings, they believed in the purity of mind, body, including virgin life, as a way that leads to God – “Blessed are pure in heart; for they shall see God. Click here to read their claim for purity in body and mind. http://www.passtheword.org/shaker-manuscripts/Commentary/shaker-principles.htm Are we saying that purity of mind and body is erroneous? Absolutely no! We are showing you that this purity of mind was their means of marketing and attracting crowds to join their organization. If any other organization uses same marketing technique of purity in mind and body, then you must not think that they are from God, or they are the true church, – be it TPM or Shakers. Satan knows how to use holiness and religion to deceive people. This is what deception means –mixing truth with lies!

Here is a chart comparing deeper revelation given to TPM (claimed by TPM) and the deeper revelation given by demons to shakers.

Deeper revelations of TPM; but from where ?


Dear Readers, what do you think?

  • Who must have been the source of vision to Mother Ann Lee, – to declare her as the second coming of Christ in female form?
  • Do you have any second opinion that she received these doctrines from demons?

And if Ann lee received these doctrines from demons, then where did TPM founders get it from? Decide for yourself! We have done our part! Truth is laid bare before your eyes. It is now for you to decide. Are the exclusive teachings of TPM “law from Zion and word from Jerusalem (Micah 4:2)” as piped by pipers clothed in garments of hypocrisy? Or “are these waters from the fountain of demons?” Are your TPM inmates in the path to Zion or are you stuck in Alwyn’s rabbit hole that leads to hell?


  1. I have heard of East Zion and West Zion, although there are no Bible references for it… What about places like Middle East/Africa? Are they central Zion?

    “That the LORD hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it”

    This was one of the foundational verses among many to initiate an austere community centric faith home set up, during its inception.

    I have heard many servants of God bragging about their calling (not collective but individual) saying that A’s calling is higher than B’s calling. This was in reference to a worker’s promotion as pastor after just 17 years.

    I know of instances where usage of harsh words and caning of a worker was justified using the example of Nehemiah’s zeal for the house of God.

    My question here, is which Zion are we talking about?
    Zion is the habitation of God that Lucifer wished for himself and also provokes his followers to add to their wishlist.

    TPM die hards had a blast all these scores of years, saying that this church alone can take you beyond Calvary till the Most Holy Place, while other churches lead you till the foot of Calvary and abandon you there. Praise God that this website has become a major embarrassment for these people.

    Friend, would you not rather come to Calvary and remain at his feet in tears and sorrow and in plain gratitude, with empty hands and soiled robes, than to walk away from there searching for the Most Holy Place with the help of human agencies?

    Loving God is not a transaction… Its a submission, a deep acknowledgement of our inherent worthlessness.
    Abide at the foot of the cross and He will perfect His work in you.
    You don’t have to make any Systematic Investment plans/ tithes to go to heaven. Nor will your lumpsum investment when you bequeath your property to the church, get you anywhere from this earth.

    Just as there are nerds who sell one acre land on moon for $20, there are fanatics who sell their salvation for the sake of deeper revelations than was given to the apostles.

      • Lol…
        Not in my words, but in the words of the trainers in this mission…. the training headquarters is likened to the gutter that David used, to conquer Zion.

    • @with empty hands and soiled robes,
      @acknowledgment of inherent worthlessness.
      Three cheers denzel. I hope people realise what you said.

      Unless people realize the depths of human depravity until then the need of physician to heal wouldn’t arise.

    • Very much appreciated! Very Christian theology is expounded!! Great.
      Pentecostals must realise that pardon of sin is not purchased or sold but graciously imparted to dirty beings out of Father’s love n Jesus ‘ grace n with the enabling of the Holy Ghost . It’s not a title but a great privilege!!!

  2. A quick check on the Internet showed me that in addition to TPM and the Shakers, there are a few other cults who profess to be the 1,44,000 on Mt Zion.

    1. Jehovah’s witnesses
    2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons)
    3. The Christian Skoptsy sect in Russia
    4.The Unification Church founded by Reverend Sun Myung Moon 
    5. The Seventh Day Adventist in
    6. The Twelve Tribes in Sydney Australia
    7. Shincheonji or Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony
    8. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians
    9. The World Mission Society Church of God
    10. Nuwaubian Nation

    Please do your own research on the above and you will realise that all the leaders of the above cults received this revelation directly from God. In the case of TPM/NCPC/NTC, Alwyn the pervert received this exclusive doctrine directly from God.

    Folks, please read the Bible and validate what you believe lest you be deceived and end up living a life of misery both now and in eternity. Please check what the Bible says and what do the early church fathers said about these difficult topics in the Bible before believing these lies from hell.

    Save yourself and your children from this TPM zionist deception.

    • cant blame alwyn alone ..

      what abt the pastors who followed him , dont they see the atrocities .. .
      they were hiding then and they are hiding now also . alwyns twisted doctrines are well suited for the
      painted saints .. and they enjoy it .

    • Why you are worried about understanding 144000 ? How much of other parts of book of revelation do you understand?

      What if 144000 is symbolic number? What if it represents Jews? What if it represents born again believers who are not defiled by false teaching of of harlot of revelation 17-18? Did not apostle Paul say, ” like a chaste virgin (undefiled) I have espoused you ,(church) to one husband (Jesus)? There are n number of possibilities and I think you should consider all of the book of revelation with all n number of interpretations of the entire book to deduct your own conclusion.

    • @Blessed…one thing I’m absolutely convinced is that the 144,000 are not the perverts of TPM/NCPC/NTC. I agree with Dominic with the various options but I’m more leaning towards the Jews, because I love them, and our Savior is a Jew, and also the 12 tribes are clearly mentioned in Revelation.

      Please do your own study and draw a conclusion. Check what the Apostles said about them and also what the Early church fathers said about them. Please take ownership of your faith and don’t outsource it to any holy men lest you be deceived like we were by Alwin and his cheap monks.

      You can start with this source – https://www.gotquestions.org/144000.html

  3. @Denzel Joy….”Just as there are nerds….(herds?.. or what it is?) who sell one acre land on moon for $20, there are fanatics who sell their salvation for the sake of deeper revelations than was given to the apostles.”
    This is a beautiful observation you made brother.

  4. When a particular woman came unto Jesus
    mark 10:37 mat 20:21 ,asks unto Jesus to grant her son’s them to sit one on his right and another on his left when you return in your glory but Jesus responded those place are reserved for those whom his father had prepared..he doesn’t say follow me ,or sell your possessions, leave your wives or be celibate and u can be on right and left.He said the truth that it was not a place that any flesh could attain on its own but purely of God’s grace to whom he had prepared …do would be the case for 144000 I believe purely of God’s grace


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