Do you know that the best deceivers have 3 key weapons to push their agenda? All these techniques are employed by TPM in a very evil way. Let us check out these weapons in TPM’s arsenal.

  1. As they lack any originality, they use Dishonest ways of using somebody’s work to twist and project it as theirs.
  2. Mixing Truth With Lies makes it more potent and deceptive. This weapon can easily capitalize on the vulnerability of the Victims.
  3. Associating your twisted statements with credible authority figures makes it more believable. This is a dangerous way to cross over to the other side, undetected.

Satan has been using these weapons since his very beginning. Only the ones protected by the Lord will be saved. The Bible warns Satan is the “father of all lies” (John 8:44).  The Bible warns “in the last days” a generation of evil men (“mankind”… men and women) will rise.  Lying and deceiving (mixing truth with lies) and being deceived will characterize the generation (and its leaders) who will lead the world down into the coming “Apocalypse” …

But Know this that in the last days perilous times will come . . . Evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving (lying) and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:1, 13)

It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve. 2 Cor 11:15

Let us check out some facts that are available to us.

Plagiarizing the work of Others

T U Thomas Masters of Deception - TPM's Dishonest ways
       Plagiarizing Chief

TPM had published a book about the Life of Joseph and this book along with another about Daniel was popularized within the TPM World. I remember that these books were also prescribed as Syllabus for Std 12 and 13 of TPM Sunday Schools. The TPM Clergy has been going around telling others that this book was based on the revelation received by Pastor T.U Thomas.  As usual, the TPM Believers believed it and it was counted as righteousness for them by the TPM Clergy. There is this Diehard TPM Fanatic who used to comment on the site as “Anonymous”. He was very concerned whether we took permission from TPM Pastors or others to have their public non-copyrighted materials, to expose their hypocrisy. But he would not even want to check out if TPM Pastors did the same,

Much places of the Book has been verbatim copied from another work. At places, they have twisted and made it comfortable for them to navigate TPM’s crooked doctrine.

Masters of Deception - TPMs Dishonest waysDo you know who did the Plagiarizing act? It is none other than their Chief Pastor T.U Thomas, when he was in the US. We have with us a person who has seen him doing the copying in the Faith Home.

  1. Is this expected out of the TPM Chief?
  2. Is this the Revelation of TPM Chief Pastors?
  3. Why are they duping people by plagiarizing the work of others?

One of the Book that was used to plagiarize is  “God Meant it for Good” by R T Kendall. He has Verbatim copied from that book without any explicit permission of the author. He has not even given credit to the author in the book. If you get a chance, spend some money, buy it and read it for yourself to verify it.

Dishonesty is the Hallmark of a Fraudulent organization.  How long will you keep ignoring it?

I know most of the TPM Doctrines are a product of Alwinic imagination mixed with somebody else’s work. TPM Pastors does not have the spine to stand and convince anybody who has read the scriptures for themselves. Do you know why Alwin spend much time in Dallas Theological Seminary before he came up with most of the Twisted Zion Doctrine?

Cunningly Mixing Lies with Truth and Naming it as Apostles Doctrine

In the October issue of Voice of Pentecost this year, they have occupied two pages of the wafer-thin magazine to project their crooked doctrines as Apostolic Doctrines. Note the way they use the Lord as a Rubber stamp for their wicked ways.

Masters of Deception - TPM's Dishonest ways

Note the wording they have used in the Highlighted area. They are using the Lord’s name to push their wicked Doctrine. This is a clear fulfillment of the Scripture below.

For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. Matt 24:5

Though they come in the Name of the Lord, they are not preaching the Jesus Christ that was preached by the Apostles. We have proved it time and again using the 130+ articles on this site. The Apostle has already pronounced his curse on them.

As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse! Galatians 1:9


Dear TPM People,

This article might be your last chance to get out of this Babylon. Your life is much more precious than the temporal itching ears these ministers can give you. Do not be deluded.

If you love the lies, I have a verse for you from the Apostle.

For this reason, God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 2 Thessalonians 2:11


  1. Hey Admin I just heard Bro Emmanuel left the minstry. He probably was under pressure from Pastor Abraham to lie to the authorities regarding Pastor Sunny issue. Knowing bro Emmanuel he would never do such a thing. I think the truth should be exposed. I fear they may even kill him! Brother i’m glad this site is there to show all TMP/CMP/NTC/UPC believes of the deception. Could I please suggest that in main menu you have a topical sections so each published articles could be categorised? For instance New Commers, Controversies, Doctrinal Errros…etc.
    May God continue to bless you. Know the typical beloved they probably would be praying that you die…but remember God has a plan and purpose for you and no man can stop you.

    • Yes brother
      I did know of the resignation of Immanuel..
      I guess they wanted him to continue in the brothel and dirty his clothes. Hope all things work out for good
      I will categorize those articles..Not sure which would fit the New Comers …Lol.

      I know of people inside TPM who piles curses on me..Just letting know that I am Hale and hearty and have recruited few folks for my growing business..

      The house of saul will continue to become weak…We all belong to the house of David
      2 Samuel 3:1

  2. Wow! @ T U Copied it from RT Kendal’s “God meant it for good!”
    They ask believers not to read other church books and they themselves read it secretly and plagiarise it. I remember pastor Wesley found me reading other church book and issued me warning – “You should not read other church literature! It will corrupt your mind.”

    @ Alwin spending time at Dallas Theological seminary. Hmm! This is interesting!

    • @ all

      I told the brother once that i listen and read non- tpm preachers .. he replied , be careful and
      they re the ones can discern who is right or wrong not the believers ..! since then i was worried when ever i hear some audio sermons of classic- preachers .. and it made an impact on my spiritual activity .

      actually i m very careful and the Lord never lead me to prosperity preachers . .at a single glance HE reveals the preachers’ spiritual state and i never tried to hear them for (eg. joseph prince ). ..

    • I was reading this here (about plagiarism) some months back, and actually bought RT Kendall’s book to compare the two. I was a new convert around the time I heard the Joseph series being taught by Pastor TU, and it was and is still to me a great blessing. He often referenced others while sharing, mentioning different authors and men of God by name (not from the TPM church); and at other times he would say, “One man of God says…” and then quote some Christian whom the audience understood to not be a preacher/teacher from the TPM church.

      Later when the Book of Joseph came out, and I was looking through it, I realized this was basically an editing of audio transcripts of the studies I had heard him teach–and that is what I’ve seen with most of the books that are connected to Pastor TU (which tend to be devotional, and not necessarily doctrinal).

      I don’t know if it’s plagiarism, if 1. it’s basically an edited transcript, not an actual writing of a book, and 2. if the “author” takes no credit for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen in the books attributed to Pastor TU, where his name appears in the book, as the author, or in a foreword.

      I’m still reading RT Kendall’s book, but I would appreciate if someone here who is making claims/accusations of plagiarism against another Christian, can actually back those claims up with quotes of the alleged plagiarism. (Reference pages from RT Kendall to Life of Joseph.)

  3. That’s a great article! I just checked out that the book written by R.T. Kendall was published way earlier before pastor T.U. thomas started his sermons and published the tpm book on the life of Joseph. Now I wonder how many other books they have plagiarized! I hope many will read this article and see the truth! keep up the good work!

  4. Well written article again. God bless you!

    The leaders of this cult are the mouthpiece of satan and will continue to lie. They know they have been deceived and so they will not let any of their followers enjoy the freedom they have lost having come under the bondage of the devil.

    I know a brother who, before joining the ministry a couple of years ago, used to live in the F Home and proudly carry John Hagee’s books openly with the Bible.

    When he was sent for training to chennai, they took all his books and gave him the TPM doctrinal books and told him, this is all you need to go to Zion. The poor man testified this openly after coming back from training.

    • And this poor brother was taken into the ministry not because he had the TPM anointing but because he was working in the aged care industry as a nurse.

      A few of the NCPC male eunuchs lost their sight and they desperately needed someone to assist these gentlemen and this poor sucker was in the right place at the right time and he was immediately “born in Zion” and now is glory bound. Till the blind eunuchs find other helpmates, this poor man will have to nurse them so that he can learn humility.

      The things these liars do to fool people is disgusting to say the least.

      • The worst offenders or the king pins in this game of deception are the ones who intentionally hide the truth from the laity.

        Shepherd Don with his charisma drew in a horde of white men and women into the Zion delusion but only a handful stayed deceived, the rest saw through it and walked away. I think only Mick and Rick persisted.

        In NCPC there are a few locals who have joined this cult being enamoured by Don’s charisma and these are the most dangerous ones. I say dangerous because they know the Gospel of Grace but due to the denominational pressure they shift their stance and fool the laity with legalism. If you want to stay in a comfortable branch, you have to toe the party line or you will be shunted to some lousy place.

        There is one gentleman named Mark S , when he was first transferred to a branch started teaching that every born again christian is righteous and that we are all saints. Poor guy, he was forced to change this due to pressure from the Indian sisters working with him and in a matter of weeks his teaching became more and more legalistic, much worse than the Illiterate clergy you will find in some remote branches in India.

        Any true Christian can see through this deception. However this man with his charm and lies was able to deceive a young Indian born Gulf boy who had come to Australia to do his doctoral studies. This poor guy after his studies was used by the Country chief to help one of the visually impaired senior worker and then he returned to India and joined the Zion delusion and I’m not sure what his current status is? Maybe he is in TPM’s Capitol learning the art of deception from the masters.

        A few decades ago, it would have been me, I thank God for saving me from this deception.

  5. I remember T U Thomas telling that he had Cleptomania in some sermons. He wanted to make it look like some disease and not admit that he was a Thief. Finally, he continues his “Cleptomania” by stealing someone else’s work.
    This is the person who led TPM…Huh

    • Yes. God is not unjust to give you a disease and issue a command against it. This terminology of “Cleptomania” is made up by scientists to cover up stealing. When God Commands us NOT TO STEAL (Ex 20:15), he means it. Shall we not use similar terminology to defend sexual promiscuity and killing others? Nice way to justify the Sins of the Clergy.

      • I was a drug addict who cried out to the LORD and was anointed, had a strong GOD Given understanding of the Love and Truth of GOD. I joined that group because someone who had been with them who knew the LORD went there. I had herd a sermon on disc by a man who I later found out left. Of course this was the U.S. branch. I wrestle with wanting to marry and serve GOD. They told me choose. I found a woman who had been married before, went to another church, but, I felt had good reason to be divorced. You should not not let a man almost kill You or Your children and/or repeatedly cheat on and decieve You. They ex-communicated me. They put in my head that I was an adulterer. Just like when I had expressed desire to marry and yet still serve GOD they told me to choose. I have felt so confused. I just want that first Grace LOVE and Anointing back in my Life. I see I’ve been scared to make wrong steps, even in things that probably don’t really matter. I see something has happened to me. I was in ntc. Some seemed like true men of God. Seemed to be something spiritual. Tongues interpretation. Things that seemed to be personal. Someone help…. I NEED TO KNOW GOD STILL LOVES ME. I JUST WANTED A LIFE PARTNER.

        • YES, God still loves you–what can separate you from His love?! More than anything, know who you are and Whose you are. Knowing your identity in Christ brings freedom and shuts the mouth of the accuser. Here are some verses/declarations you can meditate on:
          I too struggled immensely when I was in ntc because marriage was deemed “carnal” and “lower” but that is not scriptural. There are wonderful groups of believers that demonstrate the Kingdom and move in the gifts of the Spirit–healthy churches. God is faithful and will direct your steps. First grace/love and anointing are yours for the asking and lavishly given by a good, good Father who longs to give every gift you need to live in joy. He is for you, dear brother, and you are not alone!

  6. I heard Br Immanuel was under mental torture for few months after sunny issue because he was standing for the truth. CP and team tried to corner him many ways. We have noticed this in even in meetings. He was not given enough time or cut short while he was conducting. People have noticed this. Even we heard that they don’t care if he ate when he comes late after night meetings. Many times he ate from outside. It was mental and physical torture. We know Br. Immanuel was a genuinely sincere person and mostly children liked him as he was very open and friendly and not like other high minded white clads there. It is good for him that he is out from this prison. Thanks to God.

  7. He is no longer living in this earth.

    Without hearing him, can we condemn him (John 7:51)?

    He could have formally or informally gotten permission by communicating with the relevant people.

    • Anonymous,
      Do you even know what is Plagiarism?

      Plagiarism is using someone else’s work without giving proper credit – a failure to cite adequately.
      Check out this Link

      Can you show in the book, that he cited the Original Author or gave him the Credit?
      He could even be guilty of copyright infringement

      Don’t you think you are going overboard in defending something which is very Openly visible?

      • Do you think someone who has replaced the creator needs permission from a mere creature? They have no fear as they are above God and above the law.

      • Anpnymous is a puppet.Thats all he is.He just adamant to not use his brain and come up with questions and statements which not even small children will come up with.Hes in a denial mode.

  8. That’s a good sign that anonymous is like that! I was like that right before I saw the truth. Its the denial stage! If he didn’t even think this website was speaking the truth he wouldn’t even bother reading it! He knows it’s true.

      • Hi Admin,

        I Don’t have any question i just want to know who is this Emmanuel bro? as i was also a believer of TPM till last year. due to some reasons i have this group of Hypocrites but i still believe in God. I dont want to be called a HYPOCRITE that’s the reason i have left attending church.
        can u post the Photo of Bro Emmanuel?

        • I guess he (BRO EMMANUEL) was the one who was teaching action songs with brother Teju in last years Internation Youth camp….
          Other Members can you confirm?
          If its him then its really shocking as he was supposed to be the next Leader in International Youth camp.
          What do you think are they doing right thing by the way TPM chief are handling BRO TEJU? I remember in one of the Previous Youth Camp, Pas K.K George (Centre Pastor) was leading the Praising service (which is done just before the songs are sung) and can you believe it BRO Teju asked the CENTER PAS to stop it as time was exceeding. this shows how you respect your elders. Many of my friends are so called FANS of Bro Teju. If i say anything wrong about him we have a great argument.
          Does anyone have anything negative about this Bro?

        • Just because he asked the centre pastor to stop , we cannot come into a conclusion about him.. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong in it.. And as far as I know, previously there was pastor Benjamin who is no longer alive now, who used to keep time and tell even the senior most pastor if he exceeds time… I don’t find any wrong

        • Hey Joice,

          So you mean he has the right to stop the center pastor because the time exceeded? then according to your mentality even the believers have the right to stop the brother or pastors if they extend the meeting beyond the given time?

        • Yes i agree but they have to face its consequences, the very next Sunday the worker in charge picks up a verse from the bible and taunts the particular believer in the whole assembly and also the whole week they speak about that believer to whomsoever they meet.

        • Yes, that happens if the believer does not have that series of 33 bones on their back. It all depends on how much authority you have given to that Person in your Life. If he runs your life, yes he will taunt you. I hope you got what I had to say.

        • I am no one to comment on somebody else’s actions for which I am not involved at all. It is not for me to comment on that. But I can tell you one thing. Nobody can rule my life and my actions, if I do not permit them. PERIOD

        • “I am no one to comment on somebody else’s actions for which I am not involved at all. It is not for me to comment on that. ”
          then why is it that you are interfering or commenting in Bro Joshua or Pas Sunny’s issue?
          its their action, they haven’t involved you.

        • Brother,
          In case you did not understand me Let me be clear. Man Made grading and designations are dung for me. Teju Not giving time to KK is an organizational matter which they will sort out.
          But Sunny and Kanakaraj are directly impacting the faith of so many people. Please Read Eph 5:11-13. I hope you understood it.

        • Brother you are not getting my point. Anyways its better to stop this topic i felt it was wrong.
          Anyways May God Bless us.

        • Absolutely right.We the tpm believers had given too much of freedom for them to interfere in people’s lives.They use the Bible to usurp the power and freedom of individual Christians by twisting The Holy Bible out of context.Their ridiculous rules of not reading other Christian articles,listening to sermons because of their insecurity that people will know the truth.We have been paying ridiculous amounts of money as tithes,lack of any actual acts of charity for poor,their special love for blind folded,brain dead rich /white collared influential believers ,Absolute disrespect for peoples time during sermon,absolute rich food they eat,an absolute sedentary life ,contempt for poor believers.Opacity in money transactions i.e what they get what they spend on.No involvement of a committee of elder believers .Im really tired and ashamed that i was fooled for decades.We tpmites tie a leash around our necks and give it to these cheats in the fake homes and say take us for a walk.Like any churches the foolish people who haven’t read much about the bible or the early church.People who say we shouldn’t question the authority have created these sadistic fellows who hate people having a good happy life.True fact is people are stupid and lazy to do some research themselves.Do some reading and reflection.They leave their communities and churches just because these people brainwash using sola scriptura,taking words out of context and twisting doctrines.First they tell people that other churches are wrong then they say that baptism in other churches is invalid but if new people ask for baptism they will say that remove the gold and sell it and ask for tithes .Thats one way they cheat and make money.Then they keep saying Jesus is coming so that people dont think or care for their own and their families future and pay loads of tithes.Then they say about the widow who gave everything prompting people to give more than tithes.Then once people are in it they wont conduct marriages properly citing many reasons.The marriage ceremony looks more like a funeral.The long faces of the sisters and pastors feels like funeral.Even in that they would be like no stage decorations.Dont wear colour because its a sin.I mean what fools.Bible talks highly about colours.For eg.Joseph and many more.Even in marriages they want their cut.The reason they dont conduct marriages out os because they know people will get exposed to more biblical truths than their twisted doctrines.Theirs absolute lack of evangelical activities.Once in three months or six months of Lords table is all a proof of their Hypocrisies.Talking about scandals …we dont even know where to start.The centre pastors talk like street goondas with some believers.People should start responding.Stop giving money.Boycott these people openly till theirs a public apology for their sins.

        • @old believer .

          Very well written brother /uncle ..?? . i think we should write some articles on our perspectives as well and request the admin to publish . To make sure that the people are unhappy ,angry and tired of this cult .. its not just the admin who enlightened …

  9. The issue of plagiarizing runs through many Indians (as far as I know but I’m not generalizing it) since we are not used to giving the credit to whom it belongs. Needless to say, Universities in the US and UK stress mainly on prevention of plagiarism and have instituted strict rules for international students. You may notice many songs taken from other song writers, being included in the English Song Book (Indian one) but without any reference to the original song writer. Pas. T.U Thomas might have followed the same plagiarizing way unknown, plagiarizing being a common thing in our society. Or, having had some experience in the US, he might have known how to give due reference to the original author but might not have been able to do it since the general rule of TPM publishing prevents even the mention of the books own author. And add to that mixture, the big group among TPM who profess divine revelations and excellence obtained only by those who are on way to Zion, exalts Pas. T.U. Thomas to great heights of glorification. It is a well known fact that none of the TPM believers who stand with the group will accept the ingenuity of a man of God who doesn’t belong to the group. They deny to accept it and raise their own saints high on their shoulders. They will do it time and again because they are taught to do so. Once they refrain from doing it, they will be filled with great feeling of anxiety and insecurity and may eventually even collapse to nothing as far as their faith is concerned. Only God can break us to nothing and build us again to his image.

  10. Dave’s comments on plagiarizing are quite note worthy and has got a lot of analytical approach.
    I do appreciate his deep assessment that is very much convincing. The very issue of plagiarizing involved the element of CULTISM also in it as a result of personality worship of its CULT leader For example T.U Thomas has attained a status of Chief Pas, what ever utterings done or books written by him on DANIEL & JOSEPH, the CULT community never questioned it. The cult community takes it as a ‘VEDA’. Some times you know it may so happen, that there exist some ghost writers on behalf of the CULT leader. That writer simply put forth his own stuff on behalf of their CULT leader because he won the confidence of that particular CULT leader.Now having come out of this CULT,I realised that all these books on Sunday School and other doctrinal books and its connected publications of this TPM/CPM deserve to be thrown into a big dust bin. Just look at the huge set up of computerised print machines at IBR HQtrs just to fool the guilible public.
    This CULT spends crores and crores worth rupee investment on its name- TPM Pentecost trust was a huge wastage of finances. Instead Charity activity could have been top priority in the developing country like ours.
    Afterall that huge money consists of every cult believer’s tithe amount which was their hard earned sweat and blood. As brother Dave says,that US & UK university follow up would be done in the West for any book or any manuscript written, there would be a critical book review done by the famous writers on the same subject. Here in this spiritual field this CULT escapes this kind of book review because of obvious reasons, since no other denominational leader’s review is acceptable to this CULT organisation. Whatever the stuff their cult leader write it is simply unquestionable.

  11. @Admin

    I just saw the R.T. Kendall has also written a book on “Forgiveness”. Can you please verify that TPM has “plagiarised” another book “Total Forgiveness- by R.T.Kendall” as well??


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