Jesus went from village to village healing the sick, casting out demons and preaching the kingdom of God. Apart from performing miracles, a significant aspect of his ministry was his tryst with the Pharisees. A good part of synoptic gospels were devoted to showcasing his confrontations with the chief pastors and center pastors of his era. Note that his warfare was not with gentile sinners unlike modern ministers of our era! His combat was with those who were already known among men as ministers of the word of God. Let us turn to Luke 18. Here Jesus confronts the Pharisee ideology.

9 And he spoke this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others. 10 Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. 11 The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, “I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.” 12 I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess. 13 And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner. 14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.  Luke 18:9-14

This little parable fits perfectly with TPM Clergy. I hope that it rings alarm bells to the ears of TPM Fanatics.

The Pharisee Mission - TPM - 2
Comparison between the Pharisee and TPM Clergy

Ponder these questions

  • What was wrong with the Pharisee?
  • Did Jesus mean that his followers should become extortioners or adulterers or like the publican? God Forbid
  • Did Jesus mean, that one must not fast, and must not tithe? No! Nothing like that!
  • Are we saying we should sin and live a sinful life? No!
  • Are we saying TPM is doing anything wrong in trying to live a life of piety? No!

The Crux of the Parable

What is Jesus trying to make us understand through this parable?  The parable is about them that trust in their own religious capabilities and achievements Vs others who have no such special capabilities or achievements!

This parable is about two kinds of worshipers of God!

  1. One that trusts in their own righteousness, their life of separation, their life of consecration, their dressing style, their track record of certain ordinances and
  2. Others which have nothing to trust in about theirs, but desperately are in need of the mercy of God.

The key Point of the parable is where do you put your trust in? Pharisees put their trust in their achievements, instead of God. The Publican had no achievements and he desperately sought redemption purely based on the mercy of God! He had scored zero marks! And he wanted God to declare himself passed! The Pharisee had scored some good marks! And he was showing to God and to the world, how he has a higher calling and deeper truths. He wanted to exhibit his passing grades.

In the end, what did Jesus declare?  Pharisee who had tithed, and fasted and did not commit adultery and who lived a victorious life, was not declared as RIGHTEOUS. Why so? Because he sought it not by faith! Because he had no faith in God that God could declare unrighteous and righteous. He might have had another kind of faith – like faith to get healed without eating medicine, faith to get food and clothing without salary, but Alas! He had no faith in God, – that if there is no work of righteousness in a person’s life then their God could declare such an ungodly man, – as perfectly sinless and perfected in holiness!

The same is said about Israelites! Why did they perish in-spite of having God’s oracles! All of their generations had it for 2000 years! But the Gentiles who had no Old Testament, suddenly come after 2000 years and attain the mark of righteousness!   How?  Read Romans 9:30-31

30  What shall we say then? That the Gentiles, which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith.   31  But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness, hath not attained to the law of righteousness. 

Why does Paul say that gentiles became righteous and Israelites failed? See next verse.

32  Wherefore? Because they sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law. For they stumbled at that stumbling stone; 

Paul is saying, that the Israelites sought to attain holiness and righteousness by works of Law and by obeying God’s commandments! This holiness they sought for 2000 years but did not reach unto it! But Gentiles attained to it without any obeying of Old Testament laws? How ? Because gentiles sought holiness by faith and Israelites labored sincerely to attain holiness by their labors!

Apply the same verse of Rom 9:30-32 on parable on Pharisee! Let us paraphrase Rom 9:30-32

30  What shall we say then? That the “Publican”, who followed not after righteousness, did attain holiness, even the holiness which is of faith!  31 But Pharisee, which followed after the rules of holiness, did not attained to justification. 32  Wherefore? Because HE sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law. For He stumbled at that stumbling stone; 

The Teachings of TPM Founders

The Pharisee Mission - TPM - 2This is not what Paul Ramankutty taught! He taught to get material things by faith! He taught faith life – where you get money, healing etc, from a point of zero money and zero health! But for holiness – he taught you have to work for it, you have to forsake your all, you have to leave your old parents at mercy of the world and become a Clergy member of TPM. Everyone who followed him in TPM thereafter was deceived by this master builder of hell! Alwyn made it worse! And the so-called great that followed later, continued duping their generations! But Paul, the true apostle – taught about getting holiness by faith, from a point where you have zero holiness and zero works of righteousness. His faith life teaching was that God declares ungodly man as righteous by faith!  Did you observe the difference in faith life taught be Apostle Paul and Ramankutty Paul? One taught to get earthly things by faith life and other taught to get eternal life by faith.

Coming back to our parable! Pharisee who had tithed, and fasted and did not commit adultery and who lived a victorious life, was not declared as RIGHTEOUS. But Publican who had zero works of holiness and consecration, and zero balance in his account of victorious life, was declared justified!

Read Romans 4:5

But to him that worketh not,  (Read again – worketh not)

but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly,(believeth him who can declare ungodly man as just)

his faith is counted for righteousness. (his faith which seeks imputed righteousness is counted as righteousness)

We have seen two examples until now, where unrighteous ungodly men were declared righteous and holy, without having sought and run after holiness! – example of Gentiles and example of publican! And we have seen two examples, of those who sought and ran after holiness and righteousness, but could not attain it! Example of Old Testament Israelites and example of Pharisee!

I’ll give you one more example and witness from scripture. Do you remember a thief was declared righteous? Like the publican, he too had nothing in his defense! He too had zero account balance in his account of a holy life! He realized his inability to lead a holy, overcoming, victorious, consecrated life! He said – “we receive the due reward of our deeds (Luke 23:41)” Then he looked unto him who could justify the ungodly and begged solely for his mercy “Lord Remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom!” What was the verdict? Jesus said – “Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43)”.

Do not miss the point, by thinking that the word “paradise” here means Sheol, or hades or gehenna and Jesus took him to Hades! The word “paradise” is actually used by Jesus as a pointer to Paradise of Eden. Paradise means garden. The man was banished from Paradise of Eden when he sought autonomy. Now at the cross, he is welcomed back into Eden (Paradise)! – “Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in Garden (Paradise)!”.

So, here we have the third example of Romans 4:5 – him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness!

Alas! TPMiites find it hard to believe, that ungodly can be called righteous, (without having worked works of righteousness)! Their founder taught them to get material needs, after selling all your possession and then glorifying your consecration to draw disciples after you! He taught them to get health when health was zero (divine healing by faith without medicine!). All these carnal things, he said,  could be gotten by faith life! But he missed the eternal significance of faith, – in declaring ungodly as godly – without having lived overcoming life – by faith on him who can declare ungodly as godly!


Brothers and sisters, do not trust in your righteousness, like that of Pharisees! Cease from boasting in divine healing, consecrated life, victorious life and life of faith (faith for material things). Cease from trusting in your own righteousness! Hearken the bells of gospel beckoning you to repent! Repent from trusting in yourselves and in your ability to live a holy life! Cease being a Pharisee! Cease being a TPMite!

Not the labor of my hands

Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;

Could my zeal no respite know,

Could my tears forever flow,

All could never sin erase,

Thou must save, and save by grace.

Nothing in my hands I bring,

Simply to Thy cross I cling;

Naked, come to Thee for dress,

Helpless, look to Thee for grace:

Foul, I to the fountain fly,

Wash me, Savior, or I die.

(Rock of Ages by Agustus Tolstoy)



    • Brother Paul
      Don’t take it personally! TPM founder laid a wrong foundation! Indeed what happened after him was worse and what is happening is far more worse. But foundation was never finished works of Jesus. You see that the fruit of TPM tree is bitter and it is no-brainer to find out that the seed must have been bad.

      • Brother Paul,
        If you get some time, turn to history of Christendom and read biographies of Church fathers and their pious deeds! There are some very pious names in history! For example read life of John Chrysostom and his sermons! Read life of saint Patrick. I bet you will be impressed! But they all were roman Catholics! Their foundation was shaky. Human piety is good but everything depends on foundation. Think of Mother Teresa for example! We are not even 10% what she did for poor people! But what was here foundation? She was devout roman catholic founded upon good works!

    • One Question Brother Paul,
      We TPM folks are quick to blame Alwyn for all misdeeds and doctrinal issues.
      But Alwyn did not come and hijack the system all of a sudden. He was placed in that position by none other than Pastor Paul. How come Pastor Paul did not perceive this grave mistake? Surely this can happen only if he was NOT LED BY THE SPIRIT.
      Many of his doctrines had deviated from the real Christian Doctrines. These deviations got extrapolated during a later period and now we are in front of this huge monster called TPM.

      So its not so wise to give Pastor Paul an easy pass.

      • Some of the deviations of Pastor Paul that Got Extrapolated and has become a basket case as TPM now, are as follows.

        1. He Considered himself as much better than other Christian Ministers. That is why he would not work along with them. This caused division in the Body of Christ.
        2. He considered himself as a Special Apostle with Consecration. This is the reason why TPM Clergy considers themselves as Apostles and boasts of their consecration.
        3. He Established an Organization with Hierarchy according to the pattern of the World and diametrically opposite the Pattern Of Jesus and his disciples.
        4. Because of the above point, he was not answerable to any of his decisions. All his decisions were expected to be followed unopposed. Do you know why this rigid pattern is now in TPM?
        5. He never espoused the plurality of elders in a church. This is why we have a one-man show in TPM Now.
        6. He was trained and propagated the evil/unbiblical system of Clergy and Laity. This is how he brought in the Doctrine of Nicolaitans to TPM.
        7. Many of his doctrinal twists are unbiblical and not what a Christian can accept.

        N.B: Do you know that the TPM Publication of Pastor Paul’s Life is actually a Doctored book? It goes to great extent to showcase and justify all his actions. Do not believe this book. Contrast that with the Characters in the Bible. Their Good, weak and ugly phases are transparently shown. Such impartial analysis is not what you can expect from TPM Books.

        • I second to what admin said. Biography of pastor Paul seems a doctored book, where Pastor Paul is marketed as a saint. A true account of someone’s life includes both good and bad. Unfortunately tpm knows techniques of marketing but not ethics of being honest. As admin said, Scriptures does not hide scars of its heroes. We have David’s infedility, Peter’s backsliding, Moses’s unbelief, and so on.

          If you are in mood to laugh, read SB Ernest short biography. There biographer says, Apostle Paul died often times literally and rose from death. On this pattern he says SB ernest died many times and then was ressurected to life.

        • I heard Pastor Shyam sunder has also fought with death many times and defeated death, and devil many times, who were sent by magicians to take his life. Magicians keep sending demons to take his life and he keeps fighting in prayer and defeating death everytime! ? He is funny !

        • Yes, Bro, they are more than clowns, in fact he is a pedlar for Satan’s lies.

          This is what happens when we allow barbers and poojaris become theologians. Their every lie is a new revelation and the poor illiterate mob just laps it up as holy manna from new zion.

          Only God can save us from this misery.

        • They are professional liars, what they don’t realise is that their leaders were resurrected to life but eventually they all died.

          And if the Word of God is true, none of these liars and false shepherds will overcome the second death.

          These soul stealers along with their shepherds will rot in hell. If only the ones who are alive will repent.

        • wow!! I remember when I was young and was going to the cpm church in Canada, I was told that the ministers who die in divine dealing are healed completely before they die. I used to believe it until a brother in the ministry in the USA died at a young age so they did an autopsy and found he had cancer that had spread everywhere! That’s when I realized wow I was also lied to about this.

        • If my understanding is correct, Bro. P. Ramankutty worked with many other missionaries including founders of other similar mission/ministry even after he started this mission. He and a few others have preached and addressed other church assemblies. They have also gone to interact/discuss and pray with/for people/leadership of other fellowship as well.

        • Your understanding is not right. It is from the twisted biography of TPM Publication. He always portrayed himself as Special and that is why he could not walk together with them. (Amos 3:3)
          I would agree that he was not confrontational or non-cooperative with others like how TPM Workers are nowadays.

        • Not all people he worked with may be listed in the biography.

          Are there any particular group / people that he would not work with (that is of concern to you)?

          When you say twisted, which portion or information in the book is like that?

        • Exactly bro, this Anonymous is an idiot, a complete TPM brainwashed gone case. Knows all the gimmicks of TPM frauds but keeps shielding them n throwing to us nonsense questions like can u name, where is it said like that etc., when he very well knows the whole system is a corrupt cult but have you seen this guy refuting any doctrinal issues sensibly on the basis of scriptures. NO

        • Brothers,
          Don’t be so harsh on Anonymous. Slowly he may be coming out of the bondage. Please give the benefit of doubt for the time being.

        • Wow…. so u r bible gives u the authority to call someone Idiot..

          Excellent… So now we know which bible u all are referring to…

          Good Work for revealing u r true self and the u r gospel

        • If you were to study each biblical example where God calls someone a fool, you will find a righteous reason behind it. When Jesus called the Pharisees and scribes fools in Matthew 23:17, He explained that they were satisfying themselves instead of giving glory to God. They glorified the gold in the temple rather than the temple of God that housed the gold, which is foolish.
          Anonymous, in this case, is no better than the foolish Galatians which Paul Referred to.(Galatians 3:1).

          He fits the description in Isa 5:20
          Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

          You are no better

        • If you dont have anything sensible to say.Because what actually some people do is spam the comment section with stupid comments and stupid questions like retards.So that the sensible comments cant be followed properly.If it would be genuine questions it can be answered.People who act like they sleep cant be woken up.Well The Holy Bible that I read exhorts people to identify the Devil and He will flee.Well this is my tue self.P.S. The gospels I read are Matthew,Mark,Luke John.I know your gospel isnt it “The voice of pentecost”?

        • Anonymous,
          It is not important whether biography of Paul Ramankutty is doctored or not. What is more important is about you & your belief!

          Have you read the above article. It says ” where do you put your trust ”
          A) On your consecration, life of separation, on your not taking medicine, on your not wearing jewellery, on your not attending other church marriages, on your meeting requirements of zion, etc etc all sort of your righteousness ..
          B) You completely rely on mercy of Jesus, to save you on that judgement day from wrath of God.

          Choice is yours! Either be like TPM Pharisees who glorify their consecration and despise others OR be humble like publican and say I am like all other independent church Christians, utterly in need of mercy to escape wrath of God.

          Keep asking nonsense questions ! But atleast forsake false teachings of tpm in moulding your mind in phariseetic mindset, which makes you think that you can meet the demand of law & other requirements of God for Zion.

          Nothing in my hand I bring
          Simply to your cross I cling
          Naked I come to thee for dress
          Hopeless, I look to thee for grace .

        • You should not expect anything better from him. As with the Pharisees, he likes to focus and dwell on non-essentials while ignoring the real thing.

          You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. Matthew 23:24

        • Wow… Good…

          I am sure that in Eternity you all will have better crowns then we….

          I dont envy it but doubt whether you all will be there…

        • If you are TPM laity, You are being taken for a ride to hell. If you have any sense get off the boat.

          If you are TPM clergy, then only God can help you. You will get your crowns, don’t worry, it will from the hand of your master- the liar of all liars.

        • TPM Wellwisher,
          I don’t know what crown admin is going to get in eternity. But I am sure that it will be definitely better than what your white clad audacious promiscuous frauds will get.

        • Yes Bro TPM Well wisher, one thing you got right, the Admin will not be in the same place as your TPM Liars in eternity.

          Both cannot be right. It is either TPM’ little god or The God of the Bible.

          131+ articles on this website shows clearly that TPM has its own god. If you still cannot see, then only the God of the Bible can help you. Why don’t you to cry out to Him ?

  2. Anyways! did you go through the song given at end of article! Fantastic composition!

    Nothing in my hands I bring,
    Simply to Thy cross I cling;
    Naked, come to Thee for dress,
    Helpless, look to Thee for grace:
    Foul, I to the fountain fly,
    Wash me, Savior, or I die.

    Had TPM founder pastor taught this kind of thing, I assume TPM would have been in much better state.

    See the first starnza
    Not the labor of my hands
    Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;

    This is doctrine of depravity! Fantastic! I love it!
    II Corn 12:10
    Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, … for when I am weak, then am I strong.

  3. Nice documentary about the Catholic Church shows striking resemblance to TPM. Only the scarlet and purple is missing otherwise both are similar, helps you understand from where TPM originated from.

      • there may be many more, who knows? The very reason that Sunny is retained shows that there is more to it than what meets the eye.

        • Yes, Some Names can cause the Organization to split along the Religious New Madrid Fault Line. Some real venerated guys will bite the dust even the ones who have already Entered Glory, the TPM Style.

        • I remember hearing a testimony from a top TPM clergy when pastor Abraham was elevated to the TPM trinity, post pastor Wesley’s death.

          Abe was mainly selected for his obedience. The story goes that Abe and Wes were working with tools on something in the F home and Wes received a call and he told Abe to wait till he comes back.

          A few hours later when Wes came back, Abe was still waiting in the same position holding onto the hammer in his hands.

          No wonder, now he is so obediently holding on to the false doctrines handed over by his predecessors.

          Remarkable obedience. This story is re-told to the laity to emphasise the importance of their obedience (to the clergy).

          p.s. I find it very difficult to address these guys as pastors anymore considering the lies they propagate to protect their anti christian organisation.

        • Dear Anonymous,
          It is a shame to call these white clad audacious frauds as pastors. They don’t have any qualities and characters of genuine pastors. The believers are so enslaved that some of them are even scared to take their names.

          These people already usurped JESUS, pulled all OT saints out of the reach of GOD and placed them there, they say other pastors are going after carnal interest whereas they themselves buy lot of land and construct huge buildings etc etc.

          I feel they are waiting for the demise of this site so that they can say in fake homes our prayers have been answered. Actually day by day the popularity of this site is increasing and many enslaved are finding the true gospel through this site by the grace of GOD.

      • do we have any write up about the abuse of the verse- “When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory” similar to the “Whom we preach, that we may present every man perfect”. That is another lie which seems to appear on most TPM walls.

        I see a lot of comments on Facebook when a worker dies, the TPM faithful proclaim, “another stone is added in Zion”

        • Yes, Brother..I was mulling over that same thing since few days. The way they treat the deaths of the Clergy different from that of the Laity.

        • No wonder, the TPM clergy are busy collecting money and building sheds, knowing very well that their lord will not come back anytime soon.

          In the 95 years of its existence, there might have been 10,000 workers. At this run rate it will take another 1400 years to reach the 1,44,000 target for Zion.


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