It has been One-year since we launched this site on 12th Oct 2016. We would like to publish a letter to the Chief Clergy from a TPM Believer in Australia, which seems to be ignored. We do not intend to give up on this initiative and we hope that the TPM CLERGY heeds to this call and repent from their backsliding ways.

Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed–without remedy. Pro 29:1

The below email was sent by Bro Thomas Mathai to the Chief Pastors and various Centre Pastors. However, as usual, we suspect that it would have landed in the recycle bin. They are not comfortable to receive any communication which challenges their Holy Zion Position.  On one such occasion, he asked some questions to Pastor P.V Chacko. The uncomfortable pastor retorted and asked back “Are you Jesus or What ?”.  With such arrogant attitude, we do not expect any changes.

Dear, Chief Pastors, Praise be to the Lord.

Sacrificial, Dedicated, disciplined, obedient, even detached from all worldly pleasures and full-time ministers to the Lord is well accepted and acknowledged by the believers and even Public also. Even then sad to say that few teachings of our Church are not according to the Bible which Jesus or His Apostles ever taught. Kindly be mindful of the content rather than looking for the writer.

As a practice, I invited few of my friends to the recent Australian Convention held on 28-09-2017 to  01-10-2017, where our Chief Pastors gave their sermons on Saturday and Sunday respectively. After hearing the messages of our Chief Pastors, my friends raised doubts and questions which put me in shame and confusion, for which I seek the help of your good self to clear it.

Saturday the Title verses were 1  Sam 4:21;  and Rev 21:10;  and for Sunday it was Isaiah 54:1.

Letter to the Chief Clergy from a TPM Believer in AustraliaBoth messages were more or less same and for one aim, to established the Doctrine of our Church.  Zion for the workers or ministers of our Church who are Saints and the New Jerusalem for believers. You preached that the man-child in Rev 12 is the Saints of our Church. Cutting and knitting, picking and sticking many verses from the bible to establish the idea, even though those verses were not at all relevant to the theme.(I can prove it If I am given a Chance)

As our ministers or believers never look into the Bible or open the mouth other than to Praise their Leaders, any such type of teaching will be unquestioned.I can give thousands of examples for many foolish messages from our ministers. The messages were good enough to entice the present and future ministers or workers to the ministry. Let me utilise the Privilege the Bible gives in Acts 17:11 and Gal 1:8.

Let me ask one question to start with? where does Jesus or his Apostles Teach about Zion.?

This kind of teachings originated from a Dream to one of our former Chief Pastor in early 1960″s and it derived for such a teaching and it continues……(I have plenty of proof)Pastor Paul never spoke about Zion but always He was for the Salvation. Kindly read Autobiography of pastor Paul and Interpretation of Revelation by Pastor A C Thomas.

Questions for you to answer, dear Chief Pastor.

  1. According to Mathew 19:18, and Rev 21:14; there are only 12 Apostles and 12 seats are available. Then how can we add more.? (even Paul or Mathias God only knows)
  2. In the Apostolic period, 7 were selected for table ministry. Were they called or counted as Apostles.?
  3. If Stephen or Philip are not called as Apostles, How can our ministers to be called as Apostles? Are the ministers of our Church greater than them?
  4. In Acts 14:14; along with Apostle Paul, Barnabas is also Addressed as Apostle., If we take as granted, will we be taking Philemon 1:10 in its literal meaning.? anywhere else in the Bible did anybody called as Apostles.?
  5. Are all the ministers of our ministry is Apostles.? then who are the other 4  groups according to Eph 4:12.?
  6. According to Psalms 143:2;” For no one living is righteous before you.(God)” and in Job 15:14; Prov 20:9;also. Then How can you boast yourselves as Saints.? The Apostles addressed the church as a whole as Saints.?
  7. What difference between the Catholic Church and Our Church, They Hail or lift up few as Saints after Death, but we make many in their life itself. I recall your memory to the incident of one former Chief Pastor who expelled by the Saints of then and there.?
  8. If the Ministers “Saints” are to be more honored for Zion, what we will say about  Jesus who paid equally to all the laborers who labored from  6″ Clock to 11.? 
  9. While in the Millenium  Apostles and all the Saints are with Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and in eternity Apostles are found in the foundation of New Jerusalem .(see Rev 21:14😉 then how can our ministers to the Zion.?
  10. Rev 21:3; clearly says that the dwelling of God is with men in eternity. Then how can our ministers be apart from Men? Do you become gods.?
  11. .Even if the whole world admits and praises our ministers as “Saints” Do you think it is a binding for God to accept our unscriptural definition.? kindly see Mathew  7:22; and Luke 10:20.
  12. Regarding Prophesy:  Was it in the same method the Prophesies in Apostolic period.? can you say what is happening nowadays is real prophesying? In Bible can you show me a single incident “Prophesy accompanied by other Tongue.?  Kindly read 1 Cor: chapter  12-14 ? and please instruct the people to prophesy accordingly.
  13. Is the Revival of Spirit depends on external sounds and activities or it internal.? let me conclude now even if I have more to write. Hope you will give me a reply or an invitation to see you all in person to reveal more of the twisted, bent. teachings and its origin


Thomas Mathai


N.B. We have corrected some grammatical errors for better readability


      • Thomas mathaI I doubt whether a staunch TPM believer. Zion and nj together called His bride. Believers and servants of God together called saints. Bible speak about more than 12 apostles and also office of the apostle in his church.

        • Dear John CJ,
          I hope you are doing well.
          You have identified 2 distinct and mutually exclusive groups in your understanding of the Bride.
          1. Servants of God
          2. Believers
          Can you please help me define these two groups based on scripture passages. Hope you would be interested in a discussion.

    • Dear Santhosh
      I think you have been waiting for your answers since a year. They won’t give you the answers bcoz first of all they have no relevant answers & secondly, to answer others is below their dignity.

  1. Can someone answer ? Is it right to stay live together unmarried male and female in a house as done by tpm ministry? They quote. Psalm 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

    • Yes Bro, you can under certain conditions:

      1. You must be a man made eunuch
      2. You must be born in Zion (not born again)
      3. You must be consecrated, I don’t know what they mean by that.
      4. You must wear white
      5. You must hate everyone but keep your mouth shut even if a fellow eunuch is killed by another inmate. Leave it to god to judge.
      6. You must have guile
      7. You must not believe in the Christ of the Bible
      8. You must be willing to submit to senior eunuchs
      9. You must not question what the chief eunuch says
      10. If in doubt, refer to condition 9

  2. The songwriters Isaac Watts/Robert Lowry composed a famous song on Zion.

    Come, we that love the Lord,
    And let our joys be known;
    Join in a song with sweet accord,
    And thus surround the throne.

    We’re marching to Zion,
    Beautiful, beautiful Zion;
    We’re marching upward to Zion,
    The beautiful city of God.

    Let those refuse to sing,
    Who never knew our God;
    But children of the heav’nly King
    May speak their joys abroad.

    The hill of Zion yields
    A thousand sacred sweets
    Before we reach the heav’nly fields,
    Or walk the golden streets.

    • Nice song…But Brother, I saw happy couples and nice people in the video. Could not locate the grumpy celibates with typical uniforms claiming exclusivity and exhibiting oneupmanship.
      Oh Gotcha…This Zion is not the false one preached by TPM Eunuchs. Cool

      • Whether someone marching to Zion or not is not determined by an earthly man’s (or organization’s) doctrine.

        Whether married or not, anyone meeting the requirement set by God will be there.

        • which means that TPM’s zion doctrine is a line…which then means all these young men and women who leave all are being sold a lie…which means that TPM leaders are liars…and which means that these liars are all heading to a new zion in hell.

        • Anonymous @ meeting requirement set by God for Zion…

          One undeniable fact is that everyone in heaven in eternity will be changed to image of Christ( I John 3:2, Colossians 3:8). If all of entrants of heaven will be like Jesus, how can there be two categories of people in heaven? Say for example there are two ppl – anonymous and nominal Christian of other independent church. Since both of them were saved by grace & will be like Jesus when he appears (I John 3:2), then both are equally alike in characheter – both being in image of Christ. How can you say one will go to Zion and other to some third category place ?

    • Tpm included this hymn book (if I am not wrong) because of word Zion.
      Anonymous (if he is tpm believer) will not be marching to Zion ( according to Tpm).
      Only celibates undefiled by virgin will enjoy this privilege!
      But still he sings this song to worship his saints in temple of tpm gods& goddesses.

      • I am a Christian believer and not a TPM believer.

        According to John 14:2, the Father’s house has many mansions – Why do you think there are many mansions? Do you think all these mansions will be similar?

        When a mother asked for a particular place or location in His kingdom for her sons, Jesus said it is not mine to give, it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared of my Father.

        Moses tried hard to negotiate that he would like to go up to a particular place, but he was given the response “speak no more unto me of this matter” (Deuteronomy 3:26)

        Anyways, whatever we speak or request or write won’t matter. We’ll know of the specific place prepared for us on that day.

      • @ John 14:2 – I don’t think the word spoken by Jesus about mansions means each one of us will have a bungalow in heaven. It only means there is no lack of place that only certain number of people can be accommodated in heaven. Many mansions mean abundance of place of accommodation.

        @ mother of James & John
        If there would have been any requirement to get seat next to Jesus, then Jesus would have told mother of John & James, that ye must not marry , live consecrated life or whatever. Jesus said that it sovereign will and choice of God, to decided this. It is not something for man to decide that I want that place in heaven, and therefore I must join this organization or that which will prepare for glorious high calling. Thus this verse is no proof of any requirement set before people to get to it.

        The whole issue of tpm is this categorization. They somehow showed to people that they got deeper revelation, which is not clearly readable by common people and only can be seen in Bible by special people, who received deeper revelation about various secret glorious place in eternity, and God revealed to these frauds the requirements needed to go to this place, and it is only this tpm church who has secret revealed knowledge about how to get into those special glorious place. So they preached become member of our church and one fraud like us, and you will get Zion vion etc etc…

        @ Moses
        Moses wanted to enter earthly land of cannon. Simple ! He didn’t do any negotiation for particular place. Don’t twist !

        • The Below is my personal take and I would not make it a doctrine.

          Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; (1 Cor 6:19)

          If our bodies are considered a place of living for God, should not it be Jesus was referring to our glorified bodies as Mansions of the Father’s place?

          Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. Meanwhile, we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling, because when we are clothed, we will not be found naked. For while we are in this tent, we groan and are burdened, because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life. (2 Corinthians 5:1-4)

          This seems to indicate that each of us actually will be clothed with our own “eternal house” or “heavenly dwelling,” which now is in heaven, but which Jesus will bring with Him when He comes in the clouds. It will not be a structure that we will enter and exit as we would a building, such as the home in which we live here on earth. Rather, it will be something that will be with us all of the time.

          In the same passage, Paul also spoke of an “earthly tent” in which we presently live. He noted that after it is destroyed, then we will have a “building” from God, our “eternal house.” What, then, could our “earthly tents” be other than our bodies of flesh and bones, within which our spirits and souls presently dwell? Do not our physical bodies clothe our spirits and souls? I believe that they do.

          I do not understand why we should have bungalows/mansions in heaven. Is it going to rain and snow there? I do not see the reason for having a mansion in the same way as we see in this world. Whatever it is, TPM’s definition is very carnal and they have no clue of what Jesus said. Their thoughts are still very earthly.

          I believe that the “eternal house” of a believer will be the glorified, imperishable, immortal body which will “clothe” the believer’s spirit and soul for eternity. A believer’s present “body of death” (Romans 7:24b), indeed, will be transformed into—or “swallowed up” by (1 Corinthians 15:54; 2 Corinthians 5:4)—his/her resurrection body (1 Corinthians 15:42-44). That everlasting body will be at least as much superior to a physical, earthly body as a mansion is greater than a tent. It will be a perfect, glorious body, made in heaven by Jesus, with which each of us will be clothed, and in which we will dwell, happily serving God eternally.

    • Tpm believers must sing like this,
      We’re marching to Jerusalem
      Beautiful, beautiful Jerusalem;
      We’re marching upward to Jerusalem
      The beautiful city of God.

      Old Testament saint like Abraham would sing this song as ,
      We’re marching to new heaven,
      Beautiful, beautiful new heaven
      We’re marching upward to new heaven
      The beautiful city next to Zion.

      Issac watt made mistake. He should have sung this as ,
      We’re marching to new earth
      Beautiful, beautiful new earth;
      We’re marching upward to new earth
      The 3rd beautiful city in eternity.

    • Here’s an example, When we use the name “Mary” what we are referring to is the mother of Jesus who was a jewish woman, a sinner saved by grace through faith.
      When Catholics refer to the name “Mary”, she is “Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven, immaculately conceived, never sinned, assumed to heaven, mediatrix, co-redemptrix etc”.

      The former is a biblical truth, the latter is a myth.

      In the same way, just because someone wrote a song referring to “Zion”, doesn’t mean it is TPM’s zion. Zion is a myth and an idol in TPM, a tool to project themselves as being an elite class better than those “worldly christians”.

  3. During my childhood I learnt sing this wonderful Hindi song.

    “Sion Desh hamara hai desh
    Rahethe hain Hum pardesh
    Jayenge hum some desh”
    Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia -2

    Dukh jo hamare yahan, na honge kal wahan,
    Dukh jo hamare yahan, na honge kal waha
    saare dukhon ka aant hoga, saare dukhon ka aant hoga
    dukh ke ye aansoo Yesu pochega
    dukh ke ye aansoo Yesu pochega
    Siyon Desh, hamara hai desh
    rehtey hain him pardesh
    jainge hum apne desh
    Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia -2”

    I guess people in TPM must never have heard this song since they must be singing this only during “Workers meeting” ?

    • Some desh is more apt as many of them don’t know where this country is? It is some unknown country in Alwin’s La la land.

    • It shows that both the gift of the spirit were seen when Paul laid hands on the 12. It should not be confused with the TPM way where prophecy and tongues were mingled within the same tongue as we see in TPM.

    • Whatever we see in TPM is not at all a Prophesy though it is shown as one. It can at the most be seen as an exhortation. I have never heard of any prophecy in TPM with a Predictive element inside it. Therefore, I conclude that it is more of a manipulation tool to control the believers.

      • Standard phrases in TPM prophesy.
        I am coming soon
        I am calling you to Zion
        Don’t delay
        Fear not, I am with you
        The harvest is plenty
        I am coming as a thief
        watch and pray
        These are the last days

        Thus saith the Lord.

        Besides, most prophets have their standard Bible verses that rattle off as if it is by-heart, in the prophesy. Especially New year services, a big chunk of Isaiah or other portions will be recited byheart.

        Have you people observed the leaders disallowing certain prophesies because they do not like the prophet?

  4. @admin…There was no baby in the bath-tub…infact there is no more any baby, it has grown so much over the years that it no longer needs to be considered a baby…

      • The very reasoning that a loving father wouldn’t directly convey his son/daughter what he wants them to hear but employs special people with “gifts of prophecy” sounds very amateurish to me….and thats why I don’t buy those dollars even if it might be “genuine”…The thing is…if some random prophet tells me this and that are gonna happen to me in the future, how does it benefit me? If something happens, then one might think “Well look, that prophecy got fulfilled..”, but I would always question that …. what’s the evidence that it happened because the so called prophet said so…it could have happened either way….I don’t get any advantage whatsover believing in prophecies in the realm of a SOVEREIGN God

        • What I said was regarding the prophecies of the Bible and not about the Tom Dick and Harry saying that he has a word from God. Did not he already give enough prophecies to you through the bible? I am not sure what is your relationship with your Father. He does talk to me personally.

  5. There is a song that goes like this:

    Just sit back
    Don’t try to answer all the question
    Just sit back
    But don’t let the answer be ignored
    Just sit back
    And learn to love one another
    cause the way you love your brother
    is the way you love your Lord

    1. We got some questions
    And sometime we get confused
    I got the answer
    But they seldom gets confused
    That gives me a problem
    when we cannot agree
    Well I guess the only answer seems to be

    2. When we get to heaven
    I don’t think
    we are going to talk Theology
    When we’re with Jesus
    He is going to make it think to see
    Love is the key

    Yes the way you love your brother
    is the way you love your Lord


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