During the earthly days of Jesus, the only worshipers of Jehovah God were Sadducees, Pharisees, and the Israelites. All other inhabitants on earth, worshiped false deities made up by their hands. It is also ironical that the people who worshiped true God became the enemies of the true God. On one hand, they prayed to God, showed zeal to obey the laws of Moses. While on the other hand, they killed Jesus and opposed his teachings.

Some Historical Lessons

I want you to travel back in time and imagine the situation that was happening in the land of Israel. While the Jewish priests performed their daily ritual of sacrifice inside the temple, Jesus the true sacrifice was dying outside the temple. The zealous Pharisees assumed that they are going by what is written in the laws of Moses. But the irony was that, they were opposing the true sacrifice to which the Laws of Moses pointed. This is a unique trait of religious people. They think they are pleasing God by their religious duties, but the fact remains that they are very far from the expectation of God.

The question for us to ask is, whether TPM ministers and believers are guilty of the same crime? Does TPM ministers and believers think that they are pleasing God? Are they really pleasing or are they annoying him by their ways?

The Pharisee Mission - TPM - Part 1Let us not say in our hearts that independent churches don’t worship God in spirit and truth but we do. Even the Jewish people thought the same way.  They thought they were worshiping the true God and the rest of the heathen nations were not. They were blind and unable to see (Rom 11:8). Are TPM believers and ministers under the grasp of the spirit of slumber? We know that Pharisees prayed to God, fasted and taught true Jehovah God’s instructions to men. Therefore,  for the people of Israel, it was beyond their imagination – how on earth could their religious leaders be opposing God. Similarly, TPM ministers preach from Holy Bible and make a show of life of piety and asceticism, and the disciples of TPM find it hard to imagine that their saints can be wrong! It was highly unbelievable for people in those days how Pharisees were leading men towards hell (Matt 23:13, Matt 15:14). TPM Believers are also facing a similar situation.

The Modern Pharisees from TPM

What if TPM leaders are Pharisees of the 21st century? The sect of Pharisees are no longer seen on earth, but we need to question – “have the blinding spirits gone too? Or are the blinding spirits still working in another group in another name? Let us do a check! See the below chart of comparison. The chart compares Pharisees, TPM white frauds and the true apostles of Jesus.

PhariseesTPM WorkersApostles of JesusTOPIC
Pharisees in Hebrew mean Prushim meaning "Those who life a life of Separation" Life Separated and Consecrated for GodTPM Calls its white clad frauds as SAINTS. Holy Men who practice a life of SeparationTrue Apostles Never claimed exclusive Holiness for themselves (Acts 3:12-13, Acts 14:15, James 5:17). They preached Holiness but never claimed that they are better than the rest.<- Claim for Purity
Pharisees operated in Organization. Their denominational name "PHARISEE" were distinct from Saduceess and Essenes denominationTPM is an Organization with the "Chief Pastor" at the command. The organization has Deputy Chief Pastors, Centre Pastors, Elder Brothers, Small brothers and so on.They Opposed Organizational Denomination system(1 Cor 1:12-13). There was never an heirarchy among the apostles. They called themselves as Brothers (Matt 23:8, 1 Pet 5:1-5)<- Organization?
Pharisees wore special uniforms (Matt 23:5, Mark 12:38)TPM ministers wear white uniforms and claim it as their consecration.Apostles of Jesus never wore special uniforms<- Dress Code - Uniform
Pharisees followed man-made rules and regulations(Matt 15:3, Mark 2:18, Mark 2:24)TPM Ministers have their own rules, rules and rules like that of the Pharisees.Apostles opposed Man-made rules(Col 2:20-23,1 Pet 1:18, Acts 15:10). They always pointed to the depravity of the human heart.<- Man-made Rules
Pharisees fasted twice a week (Luke 18:12)TPM Ministers fast twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)No such compulsory regulations imposed on apostles or believers.<- Fasting and Ascetic Life
Pharisees looked at others as sinners (Luke 18:9)TPM doctrines and their ministers are specialists in despising other churches and other ministers.They did not despise others but were humble. They said that we are like you all (Acts 3:12-13, Acts 14:15, James 5:17)<- Despising others
Pharisees were lovers of money(Luke 16:14 ESV). They devoured widows houses and taught to neglect family responsibility(Matt 15:1-5) to donate the money to the Pharisee Organization.TPM Saints are lovers of money. They evade tax against biblical command(Rom 13:6). They extort tithe from people irrespective of their needs. They keep buying lands and bribe the judiciary to cover up their evil works. They devour houses of those who enter their ministry.Peter and John said "Silver and Gold I have none"(Acts 3:6). Paul Said, I have coveted no Man's Silver and Gold and Apparel (Acts 20:33) Paul refused to take monetary help from the Church at Corinth (1 Cor 11:9)<- Lovers of Money
Pharisees made outward show of saintliness.TPM Ministers make outward show of saintliness.Accepted their mistakes and never laid claim to exclusive holiness. never made a show of it.<- Hypocrisy


For more comparison on Pharisee Spirit and TPM (The Pharisee Mission) refer to Zac Poonen’s article on 50 Marks of Pharisee.  http://www.cfcindia.com/books/fifty-marks-of-pharisees


  1. “They make people to tithe” – Sometime back, somebody asked Bro. Don – “If I earn “x” amount, do I need to tithe x/10 or x/10+y”, the immediate response he gave was “Brother, you don’t have to.”

    • I have heard it with my own ears. Once the Clergy said that if you do not pay tithe, you will be cursed and end up like Ananias and Saphira (Acts 5). That particular church had a majority of poor believers. Think of the mental duress they had to undergo. I am sure as most of those folks were not very well versed with the Bible, they would have taken it seriously. This is the kind of Abuse by TPM Clergy which caused me to bring out all these into the Open.

      • One Centre Pastor was invited to pray over new construction in one house. Few believers were also invited. When Pastor began to preach, he started preaching on tithes on that occasion. He said God had blessed you but you people are not faithful in tithes. God will curse you if you don’t give tithes. He said so, because the tithes (handsome amount) used to go to centre mother and not to centre pastor. Imagine how believers felt being humiliated before all — on occasion of home dedication!. He was called to pray for blessing of new home and he began preaching curses and threatening !

        • Since you are no longer going there and have no future plans to go there, can you reveal the names of these people as well (unless you strongly feel these specific people or specific names need protection or should not be exposed and instead covered up).

        • Anonymous,
          There are many thing CP used to do hypocritically, against man made rules of tpm. On one hand he used to say something to general public but on other hand he used to do certain things his room. There are many things horrible which I have seen with my own eyes in fake home (other ministers). But I decided to not name and shame them. I HV spoken directly on face, but hv decided to not humiliate someone for weakness. I will only name if someone preaches false teachings, but not personal humiliations due to their depraved state. Don’t be too inquisitive! Just realize that things are not as good as they show. Hence the doctrine of sinless perfection is a hoax, heresy and a doctrine out of hell.

        • If they left or died it’s fine.

          But if they are alive and have the potential to harm others, it will be good to warn others like how certain names have been revealed here.

        • Absolutely. If they are harmful for others I’ll go ahead and name them. Like sunny George case. It is worth revealing such names.

        • they have already harmed 300,000 innocent souls (less you) with their heresies. The entire cult is dangerous so what is the point in naming anyone?

        • it is a conservative estimate much less than 980,000 quoted by TPM’s Deeper Truth site. I have said what I have to say, you can take what you want or ignore it as a falsehood. As far as I’m concerned TPM is a cult and I’m glad that I have escaped the snare of the fowler, Praise God.

        • Brother,
          300,000 is a quite high number. TPM has close to 580 Branches. Out of that, almost 200 have less than 10 families. Now if we do a simple maths assuming every branch FH has 200 people in average we get 1,16,000. Now even if you double this figure it will not be 300,000

        • Those people who walk and do contrary to what has been taught by their elders can be exposed.
          If you are a partner in crime, I can understand your hesitation. If not, these individuals who seek after money or earthly materials are not serving God. Instead they are serving money or the world. Elders have clearly told not to ask people for money in any direct or indirect way.

        • @ old believer
          This site mainly focuses on erroneous teachings. Read about section. We don’t want to become witch hunters. There is story behind every white washed sepulchre. Some may be fantasy , while others may be factual. If this website starts writing each and every story with details as requested, it will become something else!

          I want people to get out of this cult, but not because of something evil they have seen, but because they have seen the truth and the truth has set them free, – free from legalism and false gospel. I want them to first get sound in doctrine before branching out. Otherwise it won’t take time to get new Babylonian daughter churchers emanating from mother whore.

          About my experience.
          Since you are insisting so much I’ll share little. Try to understand why I said focusing on getting our theology right is more important than naming and shaming! The x tpm minister about whom I was talking is no more in tpm. He used to watch blue films in faithome in laptop. He had few times tried to defile few believer sisters when their husbands were not at home. I was die hard tpm fan in those days. I used to think devil is trying to make the stars fall with his tail (Rev 12) ! ? Lol! I used to fast for him. I used to think I am warrior and i need to pray and fast against the spirit of lust that wants to defile zion. lol ! ? He left ministry. But I continued in Tpm more zealously. After few years a light began to shine, and I was out.

          Moral: Watching evil didn’t pull me out of tpm, but encounter with truth pulled me out. I heard gospel and literally jumped on my feet. I began rigorous search for truth and finally I was convinced , and decided it’s time to leave indoctrination. Therefore I said, will labour to remove indoctrination more than naming shaming. There are many like “old me” who even if showed like telecast of who is doing what behind secret veil of faithome, will still think that TPM is good church with right teachings.

        • Nath i understand your gaood intention.But it is imoerative to keep the facts open transparent and totally true.This blog has named and shamed people and also highlighted the false doctrines.Why do we need to name and shame them?Because their sheeps clothing can be removed only by exposing their wrong doings.We just cant randomly attack the whole flock of sheep which are led by wolves.We nees to identify the wolves and make the sheep aware.You should remeber that there are innocent brainwashed exploited sheep there who can be delivered only if they know the reality of whom they are following and adoring.The reason the clergy tactics work is because pwople revwr them and they dont get to see their masquerade.Nath the names and incidents need to be open here.Just saying zyx would look like an accusation or allegation.Which just destroys the effectiveness of the whole effort.

        • They collect tithe of the money paid by the bride’s family to the Bride groom for wedding expenses. This is true because they took it from my father and also have the gall to ask, “is this all they gave?”

          My father unfortunately revered them .

          It is a sad blood thirsty cult.

        • Horrible! They seek chances to get bucks from anywhere in name of tithe. They even keep desperately looking who is retiring from.his service, so that they can seek tithe from retirement fund.

        • Yes Bro, They have no sympathy even during funerals.

          Gimme more…I have to book your ticket to New Jerusalem.

          The more I think of their greed the more I realise how naive we were in letting ourselves being brain washed to this lie.

        • that’s fine with me Bro, so be it. People who have experienced this will empathize with me while people like you will think it is false and continue in your merry way. Enjoy the ride.

        • I concur with you on this.
          After the funeral of my parent and prayer meeting, the elder sister called me and asked to give offerings to all the ministers of God(including to junior sisters) in that local church. This is the reason she gave me, “all the servants of God sat and sang in your home and so you should pay them”. She also mentioned that ₹500 should be the minimum amount. I was shocked beyond belief. It felt like she was charging for mortician services.

      • Hello! I was an ex TPM believer from the Singapore branch. Is there a way I can share my testimony on how my family and I managed to get out of this cult?

    • Anonymous
      Did you see how similar traits of tpm extortioners and Pharisees are,?
      1) Tpm like Pharisees claim they are pure and live life of separation.
      2) TPM like Pharisees have a sect & organization. Apostles had no organization.
      3) TPM like Pharisees have dress code. Apostles had none.
      4) Tpm like Pharisees have man made rules for purity. Apostles were not legalists.
      5) TPM like Pharisees fast twice a week in Wednesday and Saturday.
      6) TPM like Pharisees despise others. Count them of lower standard.
      7) TPM like Pharisees are lovers of money.

      Don’t recognize a Pharisees when you see tpm minister in white dress!

      • It will be good if you can create a listing of all the names of people who have exhibited these behaviours openly or secretly and publish them somewhere unless you feel you need to protect them. It may be a long list but you start with whoever you have known who have conducted themselves in a non-christian manner but try to misuse their authority with poor and innocent people.

        • What’s the use anonymous? There are so many article already on erroneous teachings, of tpm. Those are of more importance to discuss than individual weakness. So let us start a theological conversation . There are 100 plus articles on this site. Do a Google search on who were Pharisees. Compare the Spirit with Tpm ministers. And come back. I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

        • As far as the teachings or theologies are concerned, if you have the spirit of discernment you have a choice to make – whether to accept or reject those. I personally don’t agree or accept all the words preached by preachers. But I am grateful to God for putting me in the right places where I could really experience the presence of God and have a personal relationship with God.

          Any person who continually teaches contrary to the word of God, can be safely ignored, even after somebody tried to correct them (Galatians 1:8,9).

          Any strange doctrines of the organization that you feel is not for you or false, you try your best to raise it with the people concerned. You are not under any obligation to blindly follow anything.

        • @//But I am grateful to God for putting me in the right places where I could really experience the presence of God and have a personal relationship with God.//

          Do you feel tarrying part of meeting is scripturally right ? Have you read apostle Paul giving explicit command in scripture not to feel in spirit and speak tongues in church in chaotic way ?

        • Tarrying meeting is chaotic and so is the half hour period after the last song in a Sunday meeting. Then there is the Saturday night of the International Youth Camp which gives the word “chaotic” a whole new meaning.

        • The IYC super Saturnight is always considered to be like the experience on Mount Sinai, by TPM die hards.
          I too was guilty but I am no longer vulnerable as I have read through these deceptions and I am glad to be out of this chaotic bliss.

        • This is just the 3rd gear or probably 4th gear! The top gear (last song) is yet to come. Once in top gear, the songs go at break-neck speed and then starts the chaos my friend. You’re trying to show what you want to show. Even you know, this is not what Nath terms as “chaotic”. Don’t fool yourself.

        • And look what I came across after watching the above video on YouTube! It’s in Telegu, if someone could translate. I guess it is about some suicide by sister Ruth. Does anyone know?

        • With the telugu I know I could understand that this TV report is regarding the suspicious death of a worker sister named Ruth who was serving for more than 20 years in Andhra Pradesh.

          The relatives have filed a complaint of unnatural death as there was blood on her face and they suspected something amiss and the church leaders did not give them a reasonable explanation.

          What forced her to commit suicide?

          The co- workers said that she took medicine and the question they are asking then why did not they take her to the hospital?

          why was the police not informed?

          why was the body shifted to Hyderabad overnight from the branch without the arrival of any relatives?

          why weren’t the blood relatives not informed till 7am while the death occurred at 10pm over night?

          No wonder they need so much money? Pump it in for the TPM gods need it for their blood sacrifice.

        • the relative who has filed the complaint is alleging that the sister was killed by the co workers by poisoning however the pastors state that it was a heart attack.

          This is sick even though they are allegations.

        • It is chaotic. Chaos is when all speak together.

          1Corn 14:27-28
          If any speak in a tongue, let there be only two or at most three , and each in turn, and let someone interpret. 28 But if there is no one to interpret, let each of them keep silent in church and speak to himself and to God.

          According to above explicit command of Apostle Paul, one 2 or maximum of 3 people are to speak in toungues. And only when there is gift of interpretation of toungues in church. Otherwise silence has to be maintained during worship.

          The video is chaotic and violation of instruction given by inspiration of Holy Spirit. What are you views in light of scripture quoted above ?

        • First of all, do you see people wearing non-white clothing? So, there are no mandatory requirements for people to wear white in that part of the world.

        • Why do you digress from one point to another ? Wearing white or not is not important. Going against explicit command inspired and written by Holy Spirit is most important. Tpm worship is chaotic as I have said above. Please tell me how can Holy Spirit ( you feel presence ) be behind this chaos ?

        • Spirit of God works in different people in different ways.

          In the verses 3 and 4 of the second chapter of Acts, you can see that all the 120 began to speak with other tongues. If it says that one of them started and stopped and then the second one started speaking in tongues while the third one was waiting to speak it would match your conditions or requirements.

          Whatever Paul told Corinthians he did not say it to Ephesians or others. Based on what he saw in Corinth, he may have been urged by Spirit of God to write a particular instruction to Corinthians.

        • Anon, you need to understand that the book of Acts is DESCRIPTIVE, not PRESCRIPTIVE. What’s recorded in Acts is a series of events that happened in the early church (NOT what must happen in every church throughout time).

          Do we see tongue shaped flame resting on everyone when people in TPM speak in tongues? No. Do foreigners listen to TPM tongue speakers and understand what they are speaking? No. So you cannot use the one-off example in Acts and use that as a rule (This happened when the Jewish church first gathered and the gentile church first gathered. It was an exception, not a rule). In any case we DO NOT have people shaking uncontrollably, jumping around or repeating illegible words in the book of Acts.

          The instructions in Corinthians IS PRESCRIPTIVE. It is a direct command from God. Paul says so himself.

        • The preacher Poonen, Zac that you and others in this site are recommending allows his wife to teach and/or preach in the Church – is he in violation of the prescription for Corinthians in I Corinthians 14:34 (if this is a direct command from God)?

          The book of Acts is both descriptive, prescriptive and much more. It fulfills some of the prophecies of OT as well as what Jesus said.

          Again whatever he wrote to Corinthians will have some exceptions elsewhere. Continuing on the example that he said “let the women keep silence in the churches” – Does this mean they have to be silent for everything? When someone question a women in church should she be speechless or keep her mouth shut or open her mouth and respond.

        • Anon, The clue is in the name. “ACTS of the apostles”, it is not prescriptive. If it is, you’ll have to reject every occurrence of speaking in tongues if it isn’t accompanied by a tongue shaped flame visibly appearing.

          Let’s stay on topic. Why jump from “speaking in tongues” to “teaching authority of women”? Zac isn’t the authority here. Scripture is. So I’m not sure what bringing him into every discussion is accomplishing. As for the biblical model, no, women aren’t allowed to have authority over men in the church. Any church that ordains women elders(Be it Zac or anyone else) to have teaching authority over the whole church are in violation of scripture. If it was Zac’s wife instructing women and children in the church, then there is absolutely no issue.

          About Cor 14, the immediate context is that of prophecy. The biblical model is, husband is the head of the wife, and Christ is the head of the husband. As such, when there is word of prophecy (aka teaching, not TPM style “prophecy”), it had to be validated as authentic/biblical and the proper channel is wife–>husband. We know that this isn’t a blanket statement for women not allowed to open their mouths because Paul talks about women praying in the church in chapter 11. The context here is about prophecy.

          In conclusion, no, there are no exceptions. God has given a straightforward dos and don’t when it comes to orderliness of worship. It is non-negotiable. 100s of people getting together on a Saturday or Sunday and “speaking in tongues” all at once is chaotic and anti-biblical.

        • Holy Spirit experience in Acts 2 is not the same as those who received later in Acts 8, 10 and 19. So one experience cannot be similar to another.

          This is similar to the healing ministry of Jesus. Each of those healed received healing in a unique way.

          If there is a straightforward do’s and don’ts of worship, it will be easy for you to write a document and show us – correct?

        • Anon, Why should I do it? Paul has already done it in 1 Corinthians 14. He doesn’t use ambiguous terms. He tells it straightforward. There can be no confusion regarding the language used by Paul. If ANYONE speak in tongues, LET TWO OR THREE SPEAK, ONE AT A TIME AND ONLY if there is someone to interpret it. Else, he tells the church to BE SILENT.

          What’s happening here is you are allowing your church’s TRADITION to overrule scripture. Believe me, I was like that at one point in time. I used to get offended at anyone calling TPM worship as “chaotic”. I used to comeback with “It is the Holy Spirit leading our meetings. He has the freedom to do whatever he wants”. I realised later that it was my low view of scripture that was the reason for this. For me TPM’s doctrines and practices took precedence over scripture.

        • In Acts it was intelligible language. Everyone heard them speak in toungues in their own language (2;11). They could make sense of what was said. Each of them heard mighty works of God in his own language. In Corinthians 14 also Paul meant the same.
          I Corinthians 14;9-11
          9 So with yourselves, if with your tongue you utter speech that is not intelligible, how will anyone know what is said? For you will be speaking into the air. 10 There are doubtless many different languages in the world, and none is without meaning, 11 but if I do not know the meaning of the language, I will be c a foreigner to the speaker and the speaker a foreigner to me.

          Purpose of any gift imparted by Holy Spirit is edification of whole body of believers. So in both cases ( Acts & Corinthians) we have proof that unknown toungues need to be intelligible. In both cases it wasn’t chaotic unlike TPM.

          @ different instructions to different churches
          Agreed! Tpm is like church of Corinthians which according to its need, needs to hearken to instructions of Paul. This instruction might not be needed to reformed Church in states. But Tpm play deaf ears to commands given in 1 Corinthians 14.

          That it why I said, how can Holy Spirit be behind chaotic environment (many speaking together making noise and chaos ) ?

        • The Chapter is not regarding the validity of speaking in tongues. We all should speak in tongues. However, in a public meeting, we should not create chaos. Paul is commanding people to keep the order while speaking in tongues.

        • So, if all the words in the chapter are to be taken literally, you may be skipping or avoiding the more meaningful spiritual aspects of it.

          Also, one of the preachers recommended here in this site starts off one of his book with these words – It is a common mistake among believers to be taken up with one Scripture on a subject, to the exclusion of other Scriptures on the same subject.

        • Tell me what exactly is being skipped from 1 Cor 14 for the purpose. You seem to be really lost. At no point, this chapter is speaking about any symbolic or metaphoric things. Please come out of the TPM deception. At the same time, you guys have the galls to make Rev 14 as a Literal Chapter which is quite amusing to say the least.

        • Anon, The chapter actually ends with “But everything should be done in a FITTING and ORDERLY way.”. I wonder why you conveniently skipped that. Again, tradition overruling scripture.

          The “FITTING AND ORDERLY WAY” is what the whole chapter is about. If you don’t follow it, you are going against God’s straightforward commandment.

        • The purpose is to do in a fitting and orderly way only. If there is a disorder or a real chaos or the worship is focussed on demons or human beings then it is a problem.

          Certain things may look like chaos for unbelievers or for those who do not worship in truth and in spirit.

          So, let me ask you this – if a fourth person gets a leading from the Spirit of God and starts speaking in tongues (after three people already spoke loud and clear in tongues in a service) and he/she interprets and the person conducting the service is not stopping it, would you call that a violation or breaking of the commandment?

        • Anon, the orderly way is “one at a time and ONLY if there is an interpreter”. Everything else is disorder and chaos. Tarrying meeting is disorder and chaos and so is the Sunday meeting worship at tpm.

          Since it was a COMMANDMENT FROM GOD, if God wanted the number to be 3 or 4 I’m sure he would have said 3 or 4. But no, God said 2 or at the max 3. Your argument isn’t with us, it is with God. Don’t you see how TPM’s tradition is causing you (as it did me years ago) to question the explicit commandment of God? 2 or 3 means 2 or 3. If words have no meaning what are we really doing here?

        • In the same way, if you interpret the verse 34 in the same chapter that says “Let your women keep silence in the churches” as a commandment of God, would you ask or allow your female family members to keep total silence in church gatherings. What do you do when a woman speaks to you in a church gathering?

        • @Anon,
          Please get the context. Read Vs 35 as well. From vs 35 I understand that the women used to bring up simple family-related or other issues into the congregation which could be easily helped by their husbands.
          It is not speaking about a woman being tight-lipped. When will you brother, start reading scriptures in context? Its a deadly virus in all TPM diehards.

        • Anonymous.Well if thats what you say then are the mothers and sisters staying silent in tpm?Well i have seen them conducting prayer mretings and giving sermon when the clergyman is away.

        • The point is that those who take one verse literally (regarding speaking in tongues to be limited to a certain number, otherwise it’s chaos) is not doing the same for the other verses 34-35 (women to learn something they cannot ask anybody in church but only ask their husbands at home). There is selective application in order to find fault with something that others do.

          I am here to say that both need not be taken literally.

        • Anon, 1 Cor 14 is NOT A PARABLE. It is NOT A PSALM nor it is a SONG. We should try to understand what the original intention of the writer was. Will you take a serious letter written to you figuratively? You are just trying to brush inconvenient verses as figurative because it doesn’t suit your denomination’s teachings. Nobody in Corinth were like “hmm, that’s a nice little parable from Paul, let try to decipher the meaning”.

          Secondly, like I said, the context was about prophecy. Specifically it is about asking questions and behaving in an insubordinate way. Scripture cannot contradict each other. In 1 Corinthians 11, we have women speaking with their head covered. As I revisit 1 Cor 11, Paul does indeed speak even about women prophesying. So we know that Paul doesn’t mean that women should never open their mouth.

          When it comes to tongues, the instruction is very specific. There are no other places in Paul’s other epistles where Paul says it is OKAY for all to speak tongues at once.

          There is only one way to take all of the epistles in the NT, and that is literally.

        • Anon, context please. I never used the verse which says tongues should be spoken one at a time and say everyone should sing one at a time or speak one at a time, did I? The context of women keeping silent in the church is about prophecy. I know context is an alien word in TPM, but come on.

        • Your interpretation of women keeping silent in the church is for prophecy and that of another one is for not raising simple family-related matters or other issues in the same church forum.

          Does God allow men to talk about family matters and not women in the church?

          Do we read about a prophetess in the OT named Deborah – did she keep quiet?
          We have many active prophetesses in our church.

        • Dear Anonymous,
          //We have many active prophetesses in our church//

          What do you mean by that? You might have read the vision of a prophetess at Coimbatore where in the vision she has gone to heaven to be with JESUS. In heaven she has seen JESUS rolling on the ground to get anointing.

          In another vision in Kerala one man has seen in the rapture only these white clad audacious frauds have taken away leaving behind everyone else propagating the doctrine of TPM.

          Do you think GOD is a fool?? These type of indoctrination will not spared ????

    • in the same vein, I know some leaders who advise that you should tithe from your pre-tax salary? It is always the leader’s revelations, we should call this cult as The Pastors Mission. The Bible is not the authority, it is always the revelations of these holy anointed ones.

      Only the blind can give any credence to an individual who usurps the title reserved for Christ. I was blind but now I see, Thank God for His amazing grace.

        • My personal view is that this entire organisation is built on non-christian principles and the individuals are just following the corporate policies. Some are intelligent and they do it discretely while the others, who are not even educated are more open just to show their allegiance and win favour from their leaders.

          The man who took the tithe from the marriage expense is long dead and gone. He was a daily wage worker who joined the ministry but went on to serve in major centres in the south of India. He might have been a good people manager but I’m sure he did not know much about the God of the Bible. Hence He wholeheartedly believed his leaders more than Jesus and propagated their heresies, so is there any point in naming him.

          About the practice of receiving money during funerals, I have personally experienced this in Kerala and Bangalore. It has become such a menace that it is deemed an insult to send any worker without greasing his palms. I don’t how any christian can even expect let alone receive any money from a grieving family member.

          I feel ashamed to say that I had a role in creating this monster by not searching the Word of God and resisting these practices.

          Naming and shaming does not achieve any results unless it is la Sunny scandal or a criminal act. The above practices are going on since the last 40 years or even more and each one of us knowingly or otherwise have contributed to its growth.

          The only way we can eradicate this is by empowering the believers with knowledge from the Word of God about these practices and trust the Holy Spirit to work in them and open their eyes. I think this website is doing a great job in this regard.

          If we start naming and shaming people for changing their suits or taking money, the list will be too long and it will start from the very top – the Chief wolves themselves as they would have been guilty in one matter or the other during their long arduous self righteous journey to the top of Mt Zion.

          If you know the Truth, and if you willingly continue in this organisation, then you are guilty of supporting this anti christian entity.

        • You don’t need to shame people.

          You just need to re-state the facts fully and clearly instead of partial or useless information or make wild allegations.

          According to Romans 16:17 you need to mark them (or watch out or look out or keep your eye on those) who cause offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned.

          If you can tell people the person who asked for money to conduct a funeral or marriage or asking for part of the proceeds of another personal transaction of another innocent person, people can be forewarned about that person. I haven’t heard something like this before.

        • Yes, Romans 16:17 will apply when the basket is full of good apples unfortunately there are no apples in this basket.

          The whole organization is built on lies. That is my view, you are free to have yours.

        • Agree..They are Truthful and Faithful not to GOD but to TPM. If you are truly faithful to God, you cannot continue in this deception.

        • So, when I mean they are truthful and faithful – it is to the calling they received from God and not to any earthly organization or the people around it.

        • Well, Brother..If God calls anybody, they ought to follow God. This is a case where they enrolled into a Religious organization and is claiming to be following God.
          Its high time you understand the difference between Elijah and the Prophets of Baal.
          Show me one person in the Bible who got a genuine Calling and followed a religious organization. You will Not Find Brother.

        • Bro/Sis Admin,
          This poor chap Anonymous is already engrossed with Bible Dictionary for words mission and consecration. Now you are giving him more home works. ??? It is not fare.

        • This name of the organization is for earthly or for government purposes only. It is temporal. The true followers of God won’t say I am serving or I am part of this or that organization – instead they say I serve a living God.

          During Bible times there is no such thing like government requiring people to register or use a name for a group.

        • Anon Brother,
          Who asks you to register a church and form a human organization? Where do you get the idea that Government wants it? Ekklesia is a gathering of called out people to worship and have fellowship. Unless you have some ulterior motives, you do not register as an organization. Jesus says that if 2 or 3 gather in my name I am in their midst. It’s as simple as that. The basic unit of Ekklesia is formed when a Husband and Wife sits for fellowship. In Jesus definition of Church, there is no building, no money, no clergy, no organization…All that you need is a willing heart for Jesus. PERIOD.

          On the contrary, you need an organization to start a business which you may call it as Charitable Trust or 501c Church. Why such thing? Just because wolves do not go around single. They Hunt in Packs.

          If you are genuinely called by God, you need to get and obey instructions from God in the same way you were called. It’s utterly preposterous to start obeying humans who claim to be apostles of an organization after God Called you. I can assure you that the people in TPM Clergy are NOT Called by GOD.

        • Dear Anonymous,
          //So, when I mean they are truthful and faithful – it is to the calling they received from God and not to any earthly organization or the people around it.//

          You know this year from Mumbai Center 1 boy and few girls (8 or 9 exactly I don’t remember) decided to become eunuchs. One of my friends got the opportunity to ask the would be eunuch boy about his decision of becoming one. You know what he said. “One day I didn’t read Bible, God appeared to me in a vision and told me that I didn’t read Bible on that particular day. So I decided to become a eunuch.”

          What a hilarious and pathetic explanation? What does it mean? These frauds enter in TPM kingdom though all filthy arguments. They will continue it till the their elevation to Zion. I hope you got my point.

          Anyway, I will try to contact my friend and tell him to write the whole incidents with 100% clarity.

        • You will be surprised at the ways in which they receive the calling. One particularly troublesome sister was asked about her calling. The reply astounded the CP as well.. she had mistakenly worn the slipper of a worker sister. She took this as a ‘sign’ from God to enter “Zion”.

        • She should have mistakenly worn the slipper of the TPM Chief Pastor so she can assume the role of the Chief. Crazy Callings

        • truthful and faithful to what? TPM or God? I admire your persistence but feel sorry that you are persisting with a perverted concept. TPM and Christianity are poles apart.

        • @anon

          These are not allegations but my experiences of having spent a lifetime in this cult. You can take it or leave it. Thank God for this site as it is a forum where fools like me can express as to how I was fooled into doing things which I thought pleased God.

          I don’t expect this information to be useful to wise men like you as you are already enlightened and on your way to New Jerusalem. So please ignore my comments.

          My target audience is fools like me who are lost in this cult.

          I don’t want fools like me to continue in it, my friend.

          Keep watching this space as I will keep giving you more stories to entertain you.

        • I’m not masking anyone. It is obvious the whole cult is corrupt so there is no question of masking any individual. It is all about unmasking the Beast.

          You can continue to pretend to be blind. There is no cure for that malady.

          If you have the time, prepare the list starting with every wolf who took the title of the Chief Shepherd since this cult began. It is easy isn’t it? Then you can add to the list all the eunuchs who are faithful to your so called calling (including yourself if you are one or any of your relatives if they have been deceived by this lie).

          Then you can create a website and call it the TPM Hall of shame and send the link to every eunuch so that he warn the members.

          Are you happy now? Enjoy your merry ride.

        • Wow…Thank you for that Certificate. If someone has usurped the title of Jesus, he is a WOLF…If you think it was a mistake, they know of this site and we have put up the Chief Pastor’s article quite prominently. They have not yet taken any steps to undo it. So we certify N. Stephen as a WOLF.

        • You can write or say as much as you want falsely about him if that’s giving you comfort, hope and peace.

          He remains blessed or gets blessed more based on Matthew 5:11, 12 as you add more false accusations against him.

          He has been a blessing to many souls.

          The words of devil as he spoke to Jesus are in the Bible – nobody took any steps to undo the works or the words of devil.

        • please don’t take it personally, I also love the man, his humility, his simplicity, his purity, his holiness, his righteousness, his selflessness, his sacrifice, his celibacy, his consecration and many other great qualities.

          Yes, he has been a blessing to many souls just like the Pope is a blessing to billions of Catholics but unfortunately the blessings are temporal.

          Only the true Chief Shepherd/Pastor can save these souls and provide the only eternal blessing they will ever need – salvation from the righteous wrath of God.

          Unfortunately for TPM it is New Jerusalem and earthly blessings, both are guaranteed when you bend your knees to their chief shepherds, born in Zion.

          How can we be so blind?

        • Have you seen these TPM Pastors asking believers to bend their knees so that they can pray over them? What does that mean? Does it not show their haughty spirit where they are exhibiting their superiority over the believer?
          If we are to bend our knees, we should do it before God and not before men. It would be perfectly alright if the preacher also bends his knees along with the believer when they pray. In the case of TPM, the believer is bending his knees before the Clergy and not before God.

          Anyway Anonymous assures that the TPM Clergy is authorized to Bless specially 🙂

        • Kneeling in bible is always before Jesus or God. Seems it is pagan rite incorporated from popish religion into TPM.

        • I will promise you, they will never repent because their pride will never allow them to do that. The god they worship is full of pride and he will not allow them to repent.

          If we budge on one doctrine, the laity will then squeeze us for more, then there will not be any end to their demands.

          I sympathize with the leaders, they must be under tremendous pressure to protect their traditions. Some of them might be even thinking why me? why now? Some might even be wishing that their god would deliver them from this trial and take them home to new zion.

        • Dear Bro Anony,

          With your deep knowledge of the Bible and TPM doctrines can you please explain to me what the below excerpt from the Deeper truths of TPM concerning Ministry and Gospel means. I have reproduced it verbatim here…

          “Ministry and Gospel
          In one sense both believers and servants of god are alike disciples of Christ and they have ministries according to their calling; while believers have the ministry outside the church to preach the ‘gospel of salvation’ (Eph 1:13), which consists the ‘oracles of god’ or ‘primary doctrine’ (Heb 6:1,2) among non believers, like a part time ministry, servants of god who have born in zion (Ps 87:5) by consecrating everything according to Luke 14:26.33 and made themselves eunuchs (Mat 19:11,12) preach the ‘gospel of glory’ (2 Cor 4:4) inside the church to the believers to bring them to perfection (Eph 4:11-13). Therefore, when a person says that I am going to serve god, he should first realize what kind of ministry he wants to do. Sheep begets sheep and not shepherds. Therefore bring the new souls is the duty of every believer. ”

          “Sheep beget sheep and not shepherds” – sounds intriguing, does this mean the clergy are extra terrestrial (from zion)? The last time I saw one they looked just like me, a sheep.

          Please check the link here http://doctrineoftruth.fromtpm.com/Doctrine%20Of%20Truth/www.doctrineoftruth.com/more/truth.html

          You seem and sound to be a man of influence, why don’t you enlighten all the readers about this deep truth.

        • It is obvious that you struggle with English so I will show this using a simple math equation:

          Hence Chief pastor= Chief Shepherd

          Chief Shepherd = Jesus Christ
          Chief Pastor = Stephen Anna

          Jesus Christ = Stephen Anna

          Is that blasphemy?

          Blasphemy = stoned to death/crucifixion

          Or to escape that just repent and ask the true Chief Pastor to forgive you. It just takes one step of humility not seven to be saved. Can your TPM heads take that one step?

          Knowing TPM’s weakness in theology, this title must have been taken due to ignorance but now they should know the truth so it is never too late to change.

  2. Dear Admin,

    I am facing issues while accessing the comments links. Some of the comments are not active hyperlinks , nor can I find them by manual search.

    • Dear Denzel,
      I was traveling for most of the day hence could not approve the new commentators who joined after the site went for an upgrade. I hope things will get better soon.

  3. @admin or @brethren

    can you please write a blog about the positions in the tpm like cp , brother , worker ..
    requirements to get into ministry , steps to do .. would be great .
    when i ask a fellow believer , either they dnt havea clue or dnt wanna spill the beans ..and very faithfull to the church ..

    thanks .

  4. I totally think that the names and the incidents should be given in detail.I know why people arent doing that.But the main vidion of this blog is about exposing the wolves.Why are we then going back on our decision to do that by saying that its gossip or humiliation.Its clearly warning people of what’s going on.People like Anonymous and me will always ask for names and details,do you know why?Because i want to make my family aware of the nonsense that people have tolerated for years.Any thing non scriptural said any perverseness done.Name them.If you have evidence post them.Unmask the wolves who have gone,unmask the wolves who stay.Let the sheep not be led by them wolves.Thanks.

  5. I totally think that the names and the incidents should be given in detail.I know why people arent doing that.But the main vidion of this blog is about exposing the wolves.Why are we then going back on our decision to do that by saying that its gossip or humiliation.Its clearly warning people of what’s going on.People like Anonymous and me will always ask for names and details,do you know why?Because i want to make my family aware of the nonsense that people have tolerated for years.Any thing non scriptural said any perverseness done.Name them.If you have evidence post them.Unmask the wolves who have gone,unmask the wolves who stay.Let the sheep not be led by them wolves.Thanks.Btw please tell me this if everybody gets up and leaves rather than facing them and asking them to take back their false doctrines then these people will be happy with all the money theyve ripped off.And the last fellas who get disbanded will get millionaires.Is that why we put so much of our time and effort in this.We should stand brave and face them or we will all be fooled.People who are aware and not both.When you talk to them record them covertly or not.If covertly then you will know their lies and have proof for it.If openly then they will think before they lie.Thanks

    • I also know of a Country chief who will deftly use his hands to check how many currency notes are there when someone hands him money. This is done especially after the convention when people who have used the paid accommodation provided by the church hand over their offering.

      These are the sons of Mammon and all the sheds they are building with the hard earned money of their slaves will come handy when each one of them will be left behind because they don’t believe the finished work of Christ of the Bible.

  6. that’s fine with me Bro, so be it.

    People who have experienced this will empathize with me while people like you will think it is false and continue in your merry way. Enjoy the ride.

  7. I think somebody is trying to trick people to reveal the names. Names don’t matter, this is for people who want to know the truth and they are knowing it. The crux of the problem is not what that Pastor or brother did,the problem is the doctrines whether they are true or false.

    Other kinds of corruption are prevalent in other churches also. But unlike TPM the whole world comes
    To know about this and in TPM it is buried deep inside.

  8. yes bro, some are trained well by their masters and they try the same tricks as their gurus, let their god bless them.

  9. Its a custom in TPM atleast in Bangalore to give money to all the pastors/brothers/sisters who attend the wedding. It is neatly packed in envelope and the money varies according to their years of experience and position and it is given. And also all varieties of non-veg ingredients should be bought to cook at church for the tpm ministers to eat. I observed all this during my cousin’s wedding. I decided that day that I will never get married in this church. God heard my prayer.

    • Yes this rule of giving envelope to ministers who attend marriage is everywhere I think.
      But @ All non veg varieties must first be brought to FH to be eaten by tpm gluttons seems deeper revelation received by Banglore saints. Haha !

      • Yup, this rule is everywhere. The mother in charge will give special instructions to the groom/bride/parents regarding the envelope and the amount to be inserted in it. The singer sister who dresses the bride should be paid at par with the mother in charge for her services.

        Serving non veg first to FH inhabitants is practiced not only in Bangalore but in other centers as well. I’ve seen it in quite a few Tamil Nadu centers. If the center FH is in vicinity of the local FH in which the wedding is taking place, then the food must be served to both the local and center FH.

        If the wedding family is gullible, then they would be asked to cook individually for each pastor/brother/sister catering to their individual taste buds.

    • There is also a rule in Bangalore that the bride must be dressed up only by the worker sisters and mother in the “faith home”. All hell would break lose if the bride get dressed at home or if someone else helps her.

      • These people are envious that they are not able to lead a good family life. So they want to make it as much miserable for the girl. It is as simple as that.

        • Yes, I have heard stories of how some poor girls have been brought to tears by the intensity with which the pins are used to fix their hair buns.

          If they don’t like you, they get you one way or the other. It is just a matter of when. Sadism.

    • I remember one incident about marriage in FH.
      When my cousin went to hand over marriage invitation card to one Center Pastor, he threw the wedding card aside. My cousin was shocked, wondering what happened to CP suddenly? Wedding card was all white, but had a little flower in it. Center Pastor said flowers are not allowed in TPM. Sadly my cousin had to prepare another card to be distributed in Faith home as date of wedding was few days apart.

  10. Seriously ,, I agree that, I had gone shopping with the elder sister to market, to buy stuff for the bride. They buy all local cheap things. I felt very sad but that elder sister was sincere enough to tell the amount as it is to the family members. But people at Bangalore must know few elder sisters who have this business of “bride package”,where they have all the set and charge hefty amount…

  11. Dress for all the workers in the FH to which the bride / groom belongs, is one another important aspect of a tpm wedding. The measurements and materials for each individual and the shop from which these ought to be bought will be provided. If the person, unfortunately to please them, takes the workers for the shopping, the pocket will be burnt beyond recognition.

  12. Yes very true I have experience.
    These shame less frauds come and give s the list who all have come to funeral and say u should see these people, real frauds, don’t even bother the people who are in loss of a member. The very next day they come up with list, either a local brother uncharged will visit, or a sister depends on who is avilable at home,
    Extortion New version.

    Years back they used to collect at the time of funeral shamelessly, now they take it later and fix some one, to make sure they pay,
    Very cruel..

    Theyll go to any extent for money

  13. Pls explain the verse in Gospel of Mathew Eunuchs for the sake of Kingdom of God.This verse is used as a basis for TPM ministry.

    • Yes, this is speaking of people who have a gift of being unmarried. The context is about certain questions by the disciples about marriage. But it is important for us to know that, apart from mentioning about that, Jesus did not exalt them over the others but put them on par with the others who are married. This same is echoed by Paul in 1 Cor 7:7 “Yet I wish that all men were even as I myself am. However, each man has his own gift from God, one in this manner, and another in that,“.
      But What TPM Does is forcing people to be unmarried for the sake of the Ministry, and burn in their sexual passion within. This is in stark violation of the scripture which speaks out about the Demonic spirit of forbidding to marry. Also, the Apostle asks people to Marry rather than burning in passion.

  14. Tpm goes to the extent of telling youngsters dat God has called u …If u don’t obey n come to the ministry n if u marry den something will happen to ur spouse or ur children will die..or ur spouse won’t love u..God will curse ur marriage.. n dey also give examples..
    Just bcz dey couldn’t marry, out of envy dey say such things… One sister also said me like dis two yrs back n made me afraid..

    • Sister..You go and get married to a nice gentleman and let them know that God has blessed you.

      Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Hebrews 13:4

      He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.Proverbs 18:22

  15. Once a sister gave a testimony dat she didn’t want to come to the ministry…Jesus told her dat if she won’t come to the ministry den He will make her mad n she will roam in the streets…
    So sad…These workers are serving a ‘god’ who is forcing dem to serve him…No free will.

  16. As far as i understood , bible is not against celibate ministry. As this verse says “there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven”. But that is a gift .
    “Not all men can accept this statement, but only those to whom it has been given..”…. It is a gift given to some people.
    But making it mandatory for ministry is not correct.
    Moreover saying that other ministers outside who are married are not real ministers , other churches are fake and “looking down on” them is worst attitude and spirit of pride.
    Interesting thing which i found is “In one of the publication books of TPM i read like this

  17. Brother please check the reference which you have given, in 1 Corinthians, 11. 9 , it doesn’t state anything about Paul not accepting financial help from church of Corinth. Please check the reference and correct it.

    • Brother,
      1 Cor 11:9 speaks about a Man-Woman Relationship. It is got nothing with Finance. I guess you wanted to point out 1 Cor 9:11.
      1 cor 9:11 speaks about Paul having a Right to accept financial gifts from the Corinthians. But the very next verse says that He is not using that Right.
      If others have this right of support from you, shouldn’t we have it all the more?
      BUT WE DO NOT USE THIS RIGHT. On the contrary, we put up with anything rather than hinder the gospel of Christ.
      1 Cor 9:12
      In the same chapter Paul Says that He has another Right. The Right to Marry, but he is not using that Right too. (1 Cor 9:5-6)

      The account of Paul’s Corinthian ministry in the book of Acts (Acts 18:1-21) provides some clues.
      Acts 18:3 alone names Paul’s trade, traditionally translated as “TENTMAKER.” In the first century, tents may have been made from cloth woven from goat hair, known as cilicium, a name some connect with Paul’s home region, Cilicia (Acts 21:39, Acts 22:3, Acts 23:34). If tents were made from animal skins, however, we should interpret Paul’s occupation as “leather worker” (Hock). However, tanning was considered an unclean trade among Jews (and Paul was a Jew), so the matter remains uncertain.

      There is only One instance where Paul received Financial Gifts for His Ministry and that is from the Church of Philippi and NOT from the church of CORINTH. 2 Cor 11:9 and Phil 4:15 indicate that the Philippian church (located in Macedonia) was the only one that supported Paul financially during his first trip to the province of Achaia (of which Corinth was the capital).
      Taking of this Financial Gift was a ONE TIME EXCEPTION and Not a NORM..


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