Hello Friends. I’m from Gujarat and have been a tpm believer since i was a child. I had great zeal for the Lord since beginning and a greater zeal (must I say) for the church and the servants of God! However, I was sure that i won’t get into full-time ministry. 🙂

I used to look forward for Saturdays, more so i could spend time with my other friends who would all come to stay at the faith home. There used to be many questions in my mind even then, but i dared not ask anyone because it was equated to heresy or speaking against the Lord’s anointed! I used to fight tooth & nail with those who would dare say anything against tpm or the “saints”.

I staunchly believed in the 4-tier system (Zion, New Jerusalem, new heaven & new earth) taught by tpm and used to consider all other denominations as name-sake churches (or naam-dhaari kalisiya). I prayed hard to bring my other christian friends into tpm. I used to do “rpd” very sincerely to arm-twist God into fulfilling my wishes. Still, I used to question within myself the untimely deaths of believers/workers who were waiting for divine-healing, avoiding medicines but doing home treatments, concept of tarrying meetings, no healings during healing services, no deliverance from bondages, same pattern of “unknown tongues” been spoken throughout all tpm faith homes (ipc has a set pattern, ag has another, so on and so forth)!

I happened to visit the UK for a brief period of time and was surprised at the way meetings used to happen there, their lifestyle, their dresses, etc! Though it pleased me that they were more actively doing the ministry of evangelism to cater to the English audience, it raised more questions on the so-called consecrated ministry, which was supposed to be the same everywhere. But then, tpm believes in – “jaisa des, waisa bhes” that is to say – “when in Rome, do as the Romans”. Good.

I was a translator at church for many years, a Sunday school teacher and later promoted as a youth class teacher. That was the death blow to my being a tpm-believer. The kind of questions the youths brought to me made me sit up and investigate the claims of tpm. Especially on the issue of receiving the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues as the outward sign, not allowing communion to other church believers, loopholes in glorious doctrines, suppressing the talents within us so that we don’t become haughty, dealing with friends of other faith, 144000, etc. Moreover, just a couple of years before that (in 2012), I was introduced to Ravi Zacharias’ messages and RZIM. This made me realize what real Christianity is and what it means to “preach the Gospel” and live the Gospel.

Based on all these, I prepared a set of questions, which has been put on this website (link below) as well and shared it with the then in-charge worker of the faith home. He didn’t have any answers and asked me to mail a copy to the headquarters and share one with him!
Revelation 14:4 is their favorite verse about the 144000 –
“It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins. It is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes. These have been redeemed from mankind as firstfruits for God and the Lamb (ESV).”
But, when you enquire about verse 5, which is a continuation of the qualities of the 144000, they get dumb-founded because it says – “and in their mouth no lie (or no guile) was found, for they are blameless.” Many are experts in mouthing the best of words when they are angry, especially in their mother tongue.

In spite of all this, we continued attending the service every Sunday. I would be sleeping most of the times at the back. 2013 to 2016. Both my and my wife were waiting on the Lord to give us a clear confirmation. Leaving tpm was a challenge as it would affect our parents very badly, they being very active members in the church. Moreover, it would other church members as well. Also, we had to find a new church. It was difficult.
“Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues” Revelation 18:4 (ESV)

We still persisted. That is when, I stumbled upon this blog in October 2016. It was like a final sign from heaven. We had to leave all emotions aside and make a decision. And finally, by the grace of God, since the year 2017 started, me and my wife & kids have stopped going to tpm. Our parents were mighty upset with us for almost 3 months. It was as if we have backslidden and forsaken God! But then things are better now (though they have that grief at the back of their minds). This just makes me realize this – if, as a Christian I’m leaving my denomination for another one, if this is the kind of backlash that i have to face, then imagine how difficult it becomes emotionally for someone from other faith to leave all their childhood beliefs, their families and accept Christianity. It’s not easy my friends. But, if truth matters to you, then all other things can’t stop you. (listen to Nabeel Qureshi’s post-death testimony). And as the Lord says, when you know the truth, it will set you free.

The problem now some people might point out is – no church is perfect. Yes. Agreed. As long as we are on this earth, we remain imperfect. And this same bunch of imperfect people make up the church. So it cannot be perfect yet. No one can make a perfect church. No, not even tpm, as they claim. But we are made perfect only by believing in the Lord and His finished work on the cross.

Coming back to the point – no church is perfect. But the leaders are approachable where it is a Spirit-led fellowship. They are ready to learn and make changes. In tpm? It will be deemed as speaking against the anointed. It is the hierarchical structure that tpm has (so do all other cults) that is the biggest hindrance for a positive change in it. That is why, it is important to leave this organization. You cannot pray and change it is what I believe. Though I would love to see a radical change in it. If it could have been possible, there wouldn’t have been RC, JW, LDS, Islam, etc. They all would have changed a long time back. Don’t waste your time trying to change this organization. As the above stated organizations are also thriving and growing in number, so will tpm continue to grow unless the light of the Lord shines upon individuals to set them free.

Today also, whenever I initiate a discussion with any tpm member, they end up saying, “I go to worship the Lord and come back. I am not bothered with what others or the workers are doing there.” This is the standard response. There are many other issues which i haven’t mentioned here as it would just make this post longer. I don’t know if anyone gets convinced with my testimony either. I know for one, our walk with the Lord is a better one now. We are free in the Lord and we enjoying our fellowship with His children more actively. It’s like a New Life for us. 😉

I’d end with this – I know its not easy to question the beliefs that you have had since childhood especially when it affects your immediate near & dear ones. Also, leaving tpm is a challenge of the highest kind. Believe me, nothing is greater than the Word of God. If God speaks to you in a still small voice or with the loudest of megaphones, please give heed to it and “come out of her”!

Would be looking forward for comments (both pro & anti).

God bless you all.


  1. Dear bro Santhosh ,
    You are a brave man , We thank God for saving you from this cult.. We know how difficult to manage our family and cultural constraints ,anyways God is bigger than tpm ..
    let your friends too open their eyes and lets hope we get more testimonies like yours ..
    you give [me/us] hope that we are not alone ..!

    i m curious with so many questions , like hav u found a fellowship ..? etc . don.’t know what kinda mode you are in identity protected or open ex-tpmite .

    admin thanks for the new section . good job again ..

    God bless the Resistance ..!!

    • There was nothing hidden about my identity before, neither is now. You can co-ordinate with the admin and get in touch with me. I would have not even bothered sharing my mobile number openly, but that could also result in spam calls! 😉 You know what I mean. I’m thinking of coming up with some more of my personal experiences, as time permits.

      Nevertheless, I also want to mention this that tpm has many positive aspects… however, if they fall short in the Word of God, it does no good. That is what people need to realize. It’s not the church concept of the Old Testament that we are following now, it’s the church (the Christian fellowship), irrespective of the place, location, building, denomination, etc. that has been formed in the New Testament. We are the church. Our bodies are the temple of the Living God. Not the faith home! This is what we all need to realize. It’s time to come out of the clergy-laity divide.

      Thanks for your encouragement. God bless you.

  2. Dear Santhosh.
    I sincerely appreciate your courage to come out openly to challenge the erroneous teachings of TPM. Hope that many will open their mouth now.
    Admin. yesterday would have the most proliferous day of this site. Great work, May bless your work abundantly.

  3. God Bless you and your family for taking this brave step. Yes, He is able, more than able to keep you till He comes. Enjoy the freedom in Christ.

  4. its really challenging. good brother! you did speak out things as it is. i am in a state just like you. i have had these in mind long long back and i am struggling still. what i do is, i go else where and satisfy myself in the Lord. i participate in evanglization works carried out by other friends(non tpm) in the Lord. i go for missionary trip too.
    by the way can you tell me with which organisation you are now comfortable with. i find no match to tpm pattern of worship, leave alone their miserable cyclosyled doctrinal aspect, spoken all the time imposing and asserting. coz i had been in tpm for the past several decades the worship style is tasty to me except certain things, like drum beating, speaking in tongues using the mike, strictness of testimony pattern ( name giving before the meeting starts) etc. etc.
    i wpuld love to meet you too.

    • for me church is only 10% , rest is in my hand and my fellowship with the LORD ,
      when i m full of filth at times even the best sermons didnt help , i had to repent and come back to the Lord .God spoketo me thr the worst kind of preachers even after they failed in their personal lives .
      so any pentecostal church is fine , letyour physical presence in the church ,but eyes and heart look unto the Lord always .

      Good luck brother .

      youtube : cfcindia / tag zac ,poonen


        • @BR .PAUL

          an independent church bro. i see church as a tool . pls listen these messages
          of a.w .tozer , pink , zac poonen , david wilkinson , raven hill .. more than that is God speaking to you ..?, is he continuing .. did he stopped ..?if so why , these are the most important questions we need to ask . it is sad none of the tpm believers has this awsome experience .. they re living lik a zombie in a zombie land .

          jus ignore the TPM indoctrination for a while , word of God is lik an ocean , the tpm tryin to put it in a china clay jar . you have a calling brother , get out(mentally) and work for GOD not for TPM . .. MARK MY WORDS you ll be used mightily . you can be a member and still work for him in so many ways . dnt worry abt coming out of tpm much now ..GOD will eventually show you the way ,i knw one brother left tpm ministry ,now leads a huge church in chennai and brought even some muslims to faith .

          you ll have a unique calling brother . seek and find . you ll be amazed in a few years .

          All glory to HIM .

        • Thanks for the testimony brother, yes you are right, there are few good and positive aspects in tpm, but if they fall short of word of God, it serves no good. I hope more people read these posts and become aware of the false doctrines and false teachings going on in tpm.may God give courage to each and every person in tpm to raise a question against those false teachings which they are teaching.

    • i had a brief conversation with him last year , when i felt something wrong in the church . i will send the fb linkto the admin .. pls get it from him .

  5. Hahaha… Someone shared this site saying “Some people are against TPM and speaking non sense.” I can’t stop laughing reading such posts. It seems that the same admin who created this website posting various posts with different names. You guys (fallen ones) are very jealous on the church the way it’s shining day by day.

    DEAR READERS, DO NOT GET CORRUPTED BY READING SUCH POSTS. Instead, hold on to God and pray to reveal the truth. Everyone knows that satan valiantly works to corrupt the readers and make them to get away from this church.

    Jude 1: 10 But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

    • Shining? Mr. David, that’s your cognitive dissonance hindering you from seeing the true picture. That is why you feel it’s the admin under different names posting articles and comments. What a sad state you are in!
      Tell me one example in which you think the tpm is shining?

      Bro, I’m in Gujarat. Tell me if you want to meet and discuss. Open invite. At least then admin and Santosh will be 2 separate entities, unless you think that I am the admin! 😀

      Go ahead. Take my challenge and let’s have a face to face discussion. 9890799326

    • @David,
      “FALLEN ONES ?”

      Dear brother, i remember my friend (tpm diehard) using this word: ‘FALLEN’ on me for not attending TPM Youth Convention 2 years back. It was the first time i heard such word from someone.
      I was just 23 yrs old doing bachelors that time.

      As i’m the only one who got saved in my entire family, who are core Hindus, it is so hard for me to attend these conventions and prayer meetings lying blatantly to them. I prayed that day “Lord help me to know the truth, am i ‘fallen’ for not attending the convention?”. I dint cease asking God to help me in every aspect of my journey in TPM.

      Through mercy and grace of God this journey ended last year after i read an article from this website. I thanked God and prayed regarding the reliability of these articles, its been a year and I can sense the difference in my approach to Bible and prayerlife. God bless this team.
      All my questions have been answered gradually. Just cross examine these articles in the light of scriptures.
      I guess you have not read even a single article completely and came to conclusion. I challenge you to read at least 5-10 articles in the light of scriptures along with the context and then come to conclusion.

      You don’t know the mental trauma i faced that day after recieving the remark: ‘Fallen’ from my friend.
      God is great and merciful, He brought me out from the clutches of perverted and daunting TPM doctrine and gave double the Joy and Happiness sharing the truth and love of God to others.

      John 8:32
      you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

      God bless you my friend, may be i have less knowledge than you in scriptures, may be i’m new to this Christendom, may be i’m far younger than you in age. But i can say confidently and strongly that i stood for God and for His Truth. Do you?

      Matthew 7:21
      Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

      May God help you to open your eyes and ears.

      @Dear brother Santosh, i have been following your comments and also read your testimony, i’m delighted to know how God delivered you from this cult. All glory to God.
      There are many innocent people who are ensalved in this organisation. May your’s and others testimony in this website hit the masses of TPM and bring great revival.

      @Uncle Admin,
      I thank God for giving you such a wisdom and patience to write these articles and responding to skeptics in comment section. God bless your ministry.
      As i said in someother comment, these articles are like theology classes for me. Keep going with your work.

      Have a good day,
      God bless you all.. 🙂

      • Dear Bunny,
        Thanks for your kind words. Indeed, the feeling of liberation has to be experienced to know what it feels to be out of the clutches of this organization.
        I have no hard feelings towards the workers but only sympathy. It’s terrible to know that I cannot make them see sense in all of this. I hoped to discuss and even argue with them while I was praying about my exit, which took almost 4 years. But in God’s time, I was able to make one of the best decisions of my life.
        Indeed, God is great and has been leading me and my family in a very amazing way. All praise to him.
        And to you dear brother, don’t heed to unwanted voices, stay firm in faith and connected to the Word of God always. They’re the only true foundation.
        God bless you.

        • I need to confess something..
          I have some hard and ill feelings for some tpm workers and believers.
          Unnecessarily they scolded me and made me feel guilty before God for days and days but I could not say them anything. They poisoned my head against my father and there are many other things.
          Now am answering them back but at that time I couldn’t bcz I feared them a lot.
          Now I have become rude.
          I know I have to forgive them. I need God’s grace.
          I must love them and fight against TPM SPIRIT, after all they(workers and believers) don’t know what they are doing.

  6. David with all due respect,admin is right.Check his new post and the comments regarding demonetization.I think at least one person was made to participate into illegally changing old notes to new during demonetization in every FH.That is more than enough evidence to be convinced how evil this organization is.How hypocritical they are.If people participated in doing this money changing and still believe they are holy are stupid.Or everyone is deliberately a part of this.Btw reminds me of Jesus whipping out the money changers John2:15.And mind you everyone who was a part of it or who knew about it and did nothing to confront these fake apostles may be whipped one day.

    • @ OB

      I was wrong bcz I participated in changing their money.
      There are many other things that I did thinking I was pleasing God in pleasing them. I have really sinned a lot.

      • Sister,
        Don’t worry. when you have realised that you have sinned itself is the redemption from sin. Jesus looks into the heart, not the white costumes outside and dark costumes inside. May God bless you.

  7. While I went to attend youth meeting as a volunteer from Gulf countries, pastor gave us many of us teachers so much amount of money to handover to cheif. It was illegal since you can’t carry large amount so they split the amount and gave. Doing all sort of things aganist law of countries.

  8. Don’t bother about church and leaders. They are answerable of their actions to God and you are for yours. You left the church and that’s the end of the matter. Instead of wasting your time and money on this website on one particular denomination focus on non-believers.

    • Yeah..Its tough to digest a testimony against the favorite golden calf. Aren’t you a non-believer too who is still unsaved and expects to be saved by TPM Wolves?

    • @Raj
      So Brother you say TPM followers are following Jesus and His teachings in Bible?
      We do have responsibility of unbelievers. But what about the people who got trapped in wrong doctrine? What about the youngsters who blindly what to get into TPM ministry, like i dreamt of few years back.
      Especially sisters who are doing minial works (washing and ironing clothes of pastors) in so called consecrated ministry.
      Is this how Jesus asked us to do ministry.

      Don’t you have responsibility for them?

      It is TPM who have to concentrate on non-believers rather than boasting themselves of so called consecrated ministry to attract other denominational Christians.

      Anyway thanks for visiting this site, read few articles in the light of scriptures and introspect yourself.

      I remember below verse while reading your comment.

      Matthew 25:43-45

      43 I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’
      44 Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’
      45 Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’

    • Dear Raj
      Had Jesus thought the way you think & advice then He would have remained in Heaven. There was no need for Him to come in a human form & undergo the sufferings. He came down to warn the people against the wrong teachings & practices of the Scribes & Pharisees of that time. In this present time the TPM white-clads are the Scribes & Pharisees. I truly appreciate Santhosh for the courage he has to publish his testimony. We pray that all the sincere souls should come out of this cult & great Babylon.

  9. “Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues”

    If this is true, what does TPM say about it? His parents would be praying and true God would have spoken to them too. Any further info what God is saying to Santosh or his parents? Has their parents too convicted and came out?

    • There is a time and a season for all things under the earth that has been appointed by God. My parents are not convinced enough to leave this organisation yet, Diwa.

      It doesn’t matter to me what tpm thinks about that verse. What matters is what the Word says about the matter.

      I’m wondering why you’re so interested in knowing about what has happened to me and my parents. No problem with that though. You can get in touch with me if you’re so interested.

  10. This to me looks like a website of a group of lack-lustre, fallen angels having the spirit of Lucifer. TPM is an esteemed church and a handful of fallen-Lucifers is not gonna do any harm. There might be some drop-outs from the ministry, who as well add to the band-wagon behind the spirit of this group, alongside dropouts from the believers, as you. They dropped out due to varied reasons such as to follow the pleasures, lust, personal gains, selfish-motives, better platforms for their self-portrayal, some running away after stealing massive money from the church, etc and lost their grace to continue in the sacred ministry and now they are contributors to this website… Shocking… If you condemn this church, i would even doubt ur Christianity, and DO U THINK THAT GOD WILL TURN A BLIND EYE TO THIS….. This is flagarantly not the Holy Spirit, behind this silly website, ridiculing an highly esteemed church. As stated in Psalms 1, who ever follows the opposite are cursed. Sitting in the seat of the scornful and being mockers of a pretty-good-model church, Wont be Blessed and i Leave it to your judgement, what it is. Well, mockers in the last days is direct fulfillment of the Signs of the end-times. You can follow other churches worshipping God in Spirit and Truth as TPM is not the only one… But if u are following somewhere and doing this job, I dont think you are going anywhere in the spiritual path… Judge that ye be not judged. It’s sad and pathetic to see so-called “ppl of God” mocking a church having the most consecrated ministry. Sad!! Any ways one day God will convict you either mildly or forcibly. God Bless you anyways!!

  11. @Smita

    Welcome to the den of fallen angels fromtpm.com

    It would be nice to know what brings an archangel of TPM like you to this darkness. Is it to save the fallen ones or to be saved from TPM? To enlighten or to be enlightened?

    Your blessings are welcome and in turn I pray that the God of the Bible will save you from the god of TPM.

    Please do let us know when that happens.

    • This is a dastardly website… It’s not gonna do any harm to TPM.. Site admins are the biggest dastards ever… Stealing stuff from TPM and mixing their views with full convenience and trying to become famous. As the dragon mentioned in the Revelations, of drawing a third of the stars from the Heavens with its tail (Rev 12:4).. Here some dastardly dragons, are not even going to do that.. I can bet my last currency note on this… Turn back from foolishness… Dont play with God… GOD WILL SURELY COME TO MEET WITH U… AND LET IT NOT BE THE ULTIMATE MEET… So repent from foolishness.. My sincere advice to the foolish admins.. Is this what ur ministry is all about?? Just curious… WOW ! WHAT A “CHURCH” u are from.. Hats off!!

      • @Smita,

        I feel extremely sorry for all TPM believers including you for your blindness to The Truth.

        The admin has not started a church and is not collecting anyone’s tithes or offerings. If you look closely, the site is not even encouraging advertisements which means the admin is not earning anyone’s last currency for doing his ministry.

        I have been following this ministry for the last three to four years and I have never seen any post asking for donations or tithes or offerings. There are no conventions or divine healing services or revival services. There are no faith homes being built or any land or vehicles being purchased.

        Unlike the admin, your beloved TPM plunders the poor and illiterate by collecting their money and buying land and building sheds so that hapless souls like you and me can go bend our knees to their holy celibate commands.

        You are trapped in a church which is actually serving a god of Alwyn’s imaginations and not the God of the Bible. Please get out before it is too late. Save your family and save your money.

        I also wonder how famous the admin has become, poor guy, he does not even advertise his name…it is a truly hidden ministry unlike TPM which teaches heresies and hides behind the garb of humility.

        BTW what do you mean by calling someone “biggest dastards”. Wonder if there was an intentional spelling mistake. Can’t blame you if there was because you can know them by their fruits and unfortunately TPM is a very corrupt tree.

        The TPM god is toothless and spineless so your threats are as harmless as TPM’s believers who are being fleeced by their celibate slave masters.

        Please Stand up for Christ not for a man made perverted blood thirsty organisation.

        Save your children, run for your lives before it is too late.

        • Flagarantly , it looks like the devil has a mighty stronghold on u… It is flagarant too , from your so-called “testimony” that u ve been corrected and deprived of some position in one of God’s holy church, TPM and it hurt ur ego and pride… Exactly Lucifer’s case…. So now u wanna throw ur venom out by doing this dastardly way… opening a site and stealing the messages and providing ur own interpretation to pull many down… Where is it gonna end, man… U think, u have risen above God… u and me are just a worm before God… Know that well, for urself… I know it, of course… Come on dude, suck up your pride and humble yourself before God… Go to some good church and start life afresh… Dont be into this dastardly business… of stealing a church’s material and defaming them… This is most dastardly as it ever could get. So damn, cheap, man!! Do you think you have risen up to God and you can still please the Holy God , doing this double-role??? Seriously?? Wow… Hats off to your confidence about God… really feel sorry and pity for your foolishness… Huh!!

  12. You pass judgements on the ministry from some drop-outs? One dastard thief, Ashish, who was eyeing the money of TPM, when he was serving and found the right time to elope with the money … He starts another church and is still “serving God”.. u gotta be kidding me?? I am sure, u will have joined hands with this devil too… Dastardly devils opening a website to defame an esteemed church and think they can please God… Actually their pride got crushed as they were not given positions where they could flaunt themselves, and they run away like dastards and open a website and start throwing dirt on the church from there… Come on. Repent from your foolishness and turn to God.. If u dont like TPM, go to some other church like IPC, Sharon, but worship God… It would be idiocy to ask God to come and worship you…GIVE UP PRIDE, THE KEY CHARACTER TRAIT OF LUCIFER. So dastardly, that u take names of website fromTPM and open facebook groups with the name TPM to throw dirt on TPM… (Apparently, it was opened at the same time, u started the website) So damn cheap and dastardly, man!! Yuck!!

    • You seem to have a case of severe Diarrhoea of mind and mouth. You may go and rest and come back when you can talk sense. Your words do not make any sense to me.

      • The website is all about some sick dastards having Diarrhoea of mind and mouth… See the wicked interpretations to God’s word given by the devils here… What are u talking about?

        • //See the wicked interpretations to God’s word given by the devils here

          @Smita. You seem to be terribly upset. I have been frequenting this site and I have not found any misinterpretations.
          Can you please show me ONE misinterpretation so that we can check it out from a scriptural view point?

    • Hello Smita,

      A few thoughts on your comments.

      //If u dont like TPM, go to some other church like IPC, Sharon, but worship God// – Church means not a building or organization like you have quoted…It is called out gathering of believers and the early church gathered at homes. All these organizations and buildings are man made and unbiblical.

      //It would be idiocy to ask God to come and worship you// – In fact, the Glory of God or God’s presence that was in the Most Holy Place departed from there at the death of Jesus on the cross, by which the veil was torn, and came to dwell among humans on the Day of Pentecost and we were made the temples of the Almighty God by which there is NO NEED FOR PRIESTS and thus all who believe are priests according to I Peter 2:5 – You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ

      So, we are the TEMPLE and PRIESTS and offer Spiritual Sacrifices (Romans 12:1,2) to God through Jesus Christ. Such being the case, we pity your plight following and defending a bunch of JOBLESS LAZY guys, who are cheating scores of people by misinterpreting Bible and calling themselves PRIESTS. As if that is not enough, they have started committing murders, adultery including homosexual acts and mind you this is all in public domain and please do not feign ignorance. All this is done with the help of your money being paid as tithes and offerings, so anyone who pays them is also culpable of the offence committed by them if they pay it knowing the TRUTH.

      Please spend some time and read some articles in this site and I am sure Jesus will help you come out of the clutches of The Pharisee Mission (TPM).

    • Dear one(Smita), to begin with, it’s been more than a year that I’ve commented on this website. Now, don’t think that my views about this website have changed. No. I just chose to stay silent. But, somebody tipped me about your wonderful views regarding my life experiences, and lo, I’m here.

      So what exactly is your problem? You think my testimony has the power to make or break your Pharisee mission? Wow! I’m elated. Praise God.

      Why is it, that every tpm’er has the same song to sing? Like, “s/he got pride, so s/he left”, “s/he fell in lust, so s/he left”, “s/he didn’t get some position, so s/he left”… I mean, change the track. It’s irritating now.

      Why don’t you answer my questions? It’s quite old now. Needs to be updated with fresh content. But, answer me, from the Bible, at least 50% of the questions and then I’ll consider you as a serious debater, else, please pardon me. Or you can even choose to run away as taught by your leaders, “don’t get into any debates, leave that place and pray for the person”. Choice is yours.

      God bless you.

      • Wow! When ur PRIDE is being scratched, your fake-Christianity is coming out, in it’s true VIBRANT COLORS…. PRAISE GOD, the Fake Mask is being ripped apart… Do you think you are serving the King of kings, by mocking the doctrines and providing ur interpretation to it, AS WELL AS “Worshiping” The Holy God? You never can do that… You are posing a open challenge to God, who said “u cant please God and mammon And also, when He says no man can sail in 2 boats.” No man, who is just a worm (w.r.t. power to challenge God and HIS WORD) can change a jot or title of HIS WORD, as per Matt 5:18, which is exactly what you are doing… So keep doing what you are doing … in 3 years as u celebrate the anniversary of your site, I dont think you, as a dragon, brought down even a tiny-fraction of TPM believers down, with ur tail… God’s coming is imminent and LIFE IS ALSO SO UNCERTAIN. So dont waste precious time and dont wait for God’s ULTIMATE INTERCEPTION in your LIFE.. So come out of this flagarant FOOLISHNESS and Turn to GOD… I repeat, u cant serve God by simultaneously with YOUR PRIDE throwing dirt on HIS FELLOW BODY(CHURCH). GOD BLESS!!

        • @Smita,

          Time to take a break, I will have a KitKat.

          You can continue ranting in TPM’s unknown tongues.

        • //I repeat, u cant serve God by simultaneously with YOUR PRIDE throwing dirt on HIS FELLOW BODY(CHURCH)//

          With regard to your above closing comment, Paul describes the BODY OF CHRIST (HIS CHURCH) as below :

          I Corinthians 12:12 — Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. 13 For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. 14 Even so the body is not made up of ONE PART BUT OF MANY.

          In the cult you serve, only one part works which is JOBLESS DECEPTIVE PRIESTHOOD and all other parts are paralyzed by the SPIRITUAL WITCHCRAFT. I think TAIL can be the correct body part that can be assigned to these JOBLESS LAZY 420s, because tail is anyway useless.

          If we start calling more names, your JOBLESS LAZY PRIESTS will not have a place to hide their faces for the atrocities they have done and are still doing, be careful.

        • As expected. I asked for answers from the Word, you have none. Instead you counter with baseless allegations and Pharisees’ language threats. I feel bad for you…
          Call me up, if you have the guts.

      • U talking about guts… Show your guts and pull down TPM…. How many did u pull down out of this massive assembly in these 3 years… Dont u poke a needle into God’s eye… This church is God’s body and the devil and gates of hell cannot prevail against it… U have not grown up to that… And about me calling you, forget it.. There is a saying : Dont wrestle with a pig, cos later u know that all this time the pig was just loving it… And i dont have time to waste doing the same.. Good luck man… Wait for God’s Ultimate Interception.. I think u are upto calling God on that, rather than repenting and peacefully following whichever Xian denomination u wanna go to… Answer my previous question about UR PRIDE FIRST.. God bless!

        • @Sister Smita…

          Once I was also having a lot of respect for these so called saints of Tpm..
          Satan fooled me into thinking that they are God’s favourite people.
          Instead of worshipping God, I started to worship their erroneous doctrines and everything that is related to Tpm..My family has suffered a lot for this stupid Cult but I cannot blame them because we allowed them to ruin us mentally, emotionally and spiritually and physically as well.
          They called me the daughter of devil because sometimes I wore black or dark coloured clothes… let me ask you one thing.. who gave them the authority to call me devil’s child when I am a child of the Living God ???…but they will never call like that to their chief pastors those who wear black in America or in Europe. This is just one of many instances. I can tell a lot about their hypocrisy which I have experienced it myself.. and yet they say that they will stand on Mt. Zion with Jesus.

          You are calling admin and his friends dastards..
          I don’t know whether they are dastards or not…But one thing I know… When I was crying a lot to God for deliverance.. God led me to this site and clarified all my doubts and confusions regarding this Tpm Cult.. and only because of his mercy, he delivered me from this Cult. He delivered me from fear of Tpm saints. Now I really enjoy freedom in Christ.. bcz I don’t have to worry about my dress colour. I don’t have to worry about so many useless things which Tpm made me to worry.

          May the Merciful Lord open your eyes and the eyes of the Cult workers to see and know the truth.

          All Glory be to God.

  13. Every dart of accusation, condemnation you all say, Hell is rejoicing over its stronghold on some dastards here.. How many did u draw down with your tail.. None… Is that dastard thief , Ashish in this group, who eloped with massive money from TPM… Flagarantly the spirit of anti-christ is vibrant in this group. Holy Spirit cannot do this job. Dont dare to blaspheme God. U are inviting Divine Interception, and believe you me, that will be FATAL. I pity the FLAGARANT FOOLISHNESS OF some lucifers here, who claim to be godly and do these cheap, dastardly attack, which is not even affecting GOD’S MIGHTY CHURCH in any way…. This site is a den of Thiefs, Liars, Crooks, Hypocrites claiming to be godly and attacking God’s body as well as ” worshipping” the God of TRUTH… u gotta be kidding me. Shame on your foolishness and hearts filled with arrogance, pride and wickedness of nasty levels. May God show mercy before He enacts HIS WRATH. Worser than pagans… I pity your foolishness. May God show mercy.

    • @Smita
      You are such a nice entertainment. Every time you scream with all those expletives, you make it amply clear that You are very much affected by our site(Irrespective of what you claim to be).
      You seem to be under some delusion that Ashish Pandla and Gracy are somehow involved with us. Let me say, we have no connection with those people.
      Now as far as you shouting up at Santosh assuming him to be the Admin, I think this picture will tell you the story


    • Oh Lady Macbeth Smita,
      Stop your night soil comments. You have not mentioned even a single quote from Bible. You are really a beyond repair TPM brainwashed. To whom you are threatening and accusing? Do you have the courage to stand in front of your white clad frauds and ask a doubt from scripture? If you want to go Bible promised heaven, then get out of this CULT and study the bible like a Beroven.

    • It so happens that every once in a while, a TPM diehard fan like Smita or a Prem or a Koshy or a Vik comes here with all their TPM guns blazing but after a couple of days, they just go back to their TPM kingdom.

      I’m not sure how they feel when they go back. Do they feel proud that they were able to fight for their beloved church or do they end up confused about their faith.

      I’m not sure about their state but one thing these poor individuals’ sincere ranting and raving reminds me of is how merciful our God is to deliver me from TPM’s darkness. I was also just like all these zealous TPM believers a few years back but Thank God I’m saved.

      Hope and pray that these zealous TPM fans are also delivered from this abominable TPM delusion.

  14. Congratulations to sr. Lilyan for sending her bold and brave testimony in these columns. So many fence sitters who are under chaos do get enthused by reading her beautiful testimony.
    There are two types of nuclear reactions— FISSION and FUSION..
    But there is difference between the two.
    One class of nuclear reaction occurs for exploding a fission bomb, also known as an atomic bomb or atom bomb.( a la HIROSHIMA –NAGASAAKI)
    But there yet another class of nuclear reaction was developed by the scientists That is the hydrogen bomb,
    This uses the same fission reaction to “trigger” a fusion reaction that will create be more devastating effect ,may be hundred fold than the typical former reaction that I explained. as above.Now I think you got my point, this site that has got a ‘FUSION’ effect by combining the all others beautiful experience .They regularly encourage you as you visit this site.
    For all the youth like you , God has a special purpose to be used in theses end times. Read the beautiful clipping of JASON ZELDA that this blessed site has brought it to fore during the time of ‘RAPTURE’ series. By this RAPTURE theory,this beast continues to deceive the youth and old as well.Sunday School children were already entrappted by spreading the false notes in the syllabus books.Youth like you should question whether what ever taught is according to biblical base. You need to understand to go to deep into the scriptures.
    So long as these roaring lions are ,you need not get perturbed . They will be there anyway. But you must remember one thing — the ‘LION OF JUDAH’,that is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords–JUSUS-JESHUVA is watching is over us whether we are simply sold out to this beast,the roaring lion.

  15. This @smita is so much fun!
    Darling, Lord Jesus led me to this site last October 24th. Even before that I used to have questions about the preaching and Sunday school lessons dished out by TPM. I was born and brought up in TPM till ripe age of 38. Left last year when God opened my eyes and spoke to me regarding many ungodly incidents in TPM.
    My parents both were working when I was small, so we were never close to “faith homes”. My dad is a mechanical engineer retired from Govt of India and mom got VRS from a private firm, she is also electronics engineer.
    Me and my sister were taught to be ultra respectful to TPM workers and consider them next to God.
    I was also very zealous for the organization till very recently. In fact when my husband used to talk the truths about this organization we used to get into bitter fights. In my eyes they could do no wrong!
    My parents pay a hefty tithe to these people, so during my sister’s marriage she was able to wear kancheepuram white pattu saree as opposed to any of the other believer’s kids. There was a definite divide in the church..rich were treated better and poor treated as worthless.
    My father in law was a pastor in this organization and since none of his kids got out for ” ministry”, they were super mad. After my wedding, the jalahalli, the sister in charge came and scolded my mom for having me married off to that horrible family. Very christian behavior, isn’t it?

    9 years back, a pastor (then he was brother) called me up to ask me how I was , I was pregnant then. He was very curious to know if my husband was “satisfying” me. Last I heard he was in Kuwait or Bahrain. I was shocked and very uncomfortable but responded with a prompt ‘of course’ , and he didn’t question me further. As a TPM believer then I proceeded to justify his behavior and tried to forget about the incident. You and I know there was nothing justifiable and he was just fishing for someone available.
    Then the sunny case happened in Dubai, and it was unbelievable as to how they handled it. I have heard that the recently deceased ‘top believer’ had seen the video evidence but refused to come forward.
    Another time the bro in charge visited us in Abu Dhabi asked me how much my salary is and my allowances. When my husband had gone to kitchen he asked me my husband’s age. Don’t you think he should ask that directly? I have seen this kind of behavior from most TPM it’s
    When Laloo and Shobana visited us in Dubai with other workers, I clearly saw their interaction and was quite uncomfortable with it. We pass through all these stages in life, I know what flirting looks like.
    By the Grace of God, we go to a wonderful American Church.
    There was a time I used to look down on people who studied in Bible colleges. Now I know that yes, we need to reallocated study the word of God in order not to manipulate it like the TPM pastors do.
    I really thank my God for leading me to this site as an answer to my prayers. Also he led me to such a wonderful loving Church.
    I believe that when God truly loves someone He will show them the truth and will lead them out of a gathering which doesn’t abide by the Bible.
    One of the things pastor taught me is that whatever we need is in the Bible, if anyone tries to go above the teachings of the Bible that’s when they err.
    Keep an open mind and pray, God will surely show you the right path.

  16. How many TPM-ites did u pull down with this BS website??? So called “dragons” with wimpy, powerless tail….Where is the Thief: Ashish? He runs a church with all the money he swindled from TPM… serving God with stolen money… U’ve gotta be kidding me… Scoffers and Mockers of HIS WORD, will spring up like this IN THE LAST DAYS…. ENJOY the mocking… Its not gonna affect a tinge or bit on God’s BODY… GATES OF HADES, is not gonna prevail against God’s Church.. Look at the likes on the comments… Open atleast a 10k admin accounts and put some likes… instead of operating with 3-5 names and putting likes. OMG… Hats off to the guts to play with GOD…. But afterall , its FOOLISHNESS at its zenith.

    • @Smita
      If you would have read the “About Us” section, you would have noted that we do not encourage trolling. We are willing to answer and debate you on a scriptural basis(1 Pet 3:15). We enjoyed your nonsense talks for a day and now it seems that you have a retarded brain which does not understand basic common sense. Therefore, please change your attitude or else expect me to trash your comment. We already have got a sample of what you have and it is just a nonsensical rant of someone who has been hard hit by the website. We are happy that we have stirred you up :). We have no plans to discontinue this ministry as of now and thank you for reminding that we are three years old in spite of all curses, threats and abuses by people like you. By God’s mercy, We are growing strong every day. We will keep exposing TPM. Wishing you all the very best.

    • Which money was paid by your white-clad jobless priests to the woman who was impregnated by the local priest in Dharapuram?

      Which money was paid to try to close the murder case in Thoothukudi?

      Which money was paid to the boys employed by Sunny for his sodomy acts?

      Your cult spends HARD EARNED MONEY OF BRAINWASHED FOOLISH PEOPLE on all these without any fear of God.

      You and your cult have NO SHAME to show your faces in public domain despite cheating and swindling others money and spending them on their luxury, pleasure and criminal acts in the name of God and tarnishing the name of Jesus. Hope you dont show up again in any forum vouching for those frauds.

      You and your cult have only one hope – REPENT AND CHANGE YOUR WAYS


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