Cults all over the world have perfected the art of Mind Control by misinterpreting and adding to the existing scriptures in such a way that they convey different meanings based on the audience. A perfectly normal scripture can be twisted in TPM, by repeated application in such a way that a TPM guy will always understand it through a TPM Lens.

An Example of Secret Cultist Interpretation of Scripture (Double Meanings)

They often use plain scripture to mean something else, which cannot be easily detected by a newcomer. On the surface it looks simple. But its quite sinister in its intent. Let me cite one simple example for all of TPMites to recognize easily. You know when the TPM Worship service and Praising starts, the Clergy mentions one important point? That point is a prayer request to “bless the Fellowship of the Saints all over the world.”

Q. Do you know what a normal Christian would understand by it?

A. He would understand it as a prayer to bless the worship service of all True Christians irrespective of any denominational affiliation.  This is because he understands that we all are the same before God, and the denominations in this world has no validity before God.

Q. Do you know what the TPM Clergy means by that same sentence? Do you know what a typical TPM believer understands by it?

A. The TPM Clergy intends to ask God to Bless the Worship service of all Churches within TPM ONLY. This is because they have doctrinally understood the TPM Clergy only as SAINTS. Repeatedly classifying themselves as Saints, drills into the average TPMer, the understanding that SAINTS = TPM Clergy.  Now with this preexisting understanding that the TPM Clergy = SAINTS, the statement to “bless the Fellowship of the Saints all over the world“, would mean to Bless the Fellowship of TPM Denomination run by the Saints (TPM Clergy Only). If you hear carefully, in some of the TPM Fellowship, the clergy mentions it as “Our Saints” making it more clear, whom he intends.

Ideally, how should we interpret the sentence “bless the Fellowship of the Saints all over the world.” as a Christian?

Let us go to to some scriptures which make it clear even without any explanation

1 John 1:3 We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.

1 John 1:5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

1 John 1:6-7  If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

The above verses make it so clear that true fellowship of the Saints is, having fellowship with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Anybody having a fellowship with the Father and the Son, is in fact having a fellowship with the Rest of the Body of Christ i.e Saints. As mentioned in the Previous article of this series, we all are Saints because we are Bought by his blood and is made Holy by his redemptive act.  Please read the below verses and know that All of Us are Saints.

Romans 1:7 to all who are beloved of God in Rome, called as saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 1:2 To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling, with all who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours:

2 Corinthians 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, To the church of God which is at Corinth with all the saints who are throughout Achaia:

Ephesians 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, To the saints who are at Ephesus and who are faithful in Christ Jesus:

Philippians 1:1 Paul and Timothy, bond-servants of Christ Jesus, To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi, including the overseers and deacons:

1 Corinthians 14:33 for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.

Jude 1:3 Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.

Typical TPM Clergy Sermon to Control Your Mind

With the above understanding of twisting scriptures with Double meanings, let us have an explanation of a Typical TPM Clergy Sermon. The Below Sermon was send to us by a TPM Believer of Paschim Vihar Faith Home. This sermon is almost 1 year old.

Understanding Mind Control in TPM – 3

The said TPM Clergy Ebyson, has no qualms in calling up lonely believer sisters and other Worker sisters at night for his sensual gratification. Now this same Ebyson, is brainwashing TPM believers and teaching them “How to be a Good Believer”. For a mind control process to be successful, it needs to have a willing participant. Therefore, the motivation is How to be a “GOOD” BELIEVER. 

Let us look at each of these points and their actual intended meanings as per TPM’s Double Meaning Dictionary.

1. Don’t Miss the Holy Communion

Anybody will think that this is a very nice advise. But do you know that he intends to control you by this? In TPM’s terminology, Holy Communion with Other non-TPM Christians is a strict NO-NO. You will be strictly reprimanded or Punished for having Fellowship or Holy Communion with others. They think that they are the ONLY AUTHORIZED people who can conduct Holy Communions because they are “Apostles” and “Saints”, They think that other Christians are Not Worthy to be good enough to partake in the Lord’s table. TPM Will not give Holy Communion even to Christians from other Pentecostal denominations. If you are honest concerning your Faith in Jesus, these are things which should ring alarm bells for you.

2. Fellowship

Need I say more about the twist in TPM’s Fellowship? We have explained it in the first section of this article by what it means to TPM’s Clergy when he says about Fellowship. These are marks of a cult, exposed for any body who wants to know.

3. Faith Life

Another nice terminology to trap gullible souls. Do you know what the preacher meant by Faith Life? He meant that if you get sick, you are not expected to take medicines and consult a physician to get well. This Cult assumes that you can manipulate God to get healed in your Body. God does heal us from our infirmities, but manipulating God like a spoiled brat to heal you , is a dangerous doctrine. Dying because God did not heal according to your egoistic method, is your problem. I call that as SUICIDE. Do not fall for this deceptive doctrine. All believers in Paschim Vihar knows how the wife of Brother Mathews was killed by this deceptive Divine Healing Doctrine. Click here to answer these 20 Questions about TPM’s Divine healing Doctrine

To know what is our position about Divine healing, please click here. and view the video in its entirety.

One More important thing needs to be mentioned here. If you happen to go to the Doctor for treatment, you will be excommunicated and forbidden from partaking in the Lord’s table, if you are in most parts of South India. This rule is ignored and hidden in North India and other International locations, because that would mean people would desert their assembly. That is a doctrine of convenience for TPM

4. Separation

Wow..What a nice word misapplied within TPM. In TPM Terminology, it means to separate yourself from other Christians because they do not follow the “Apostolic Doctrine” as taught by TPM. None of these TPM diehards look into the scripture to see what it says.

And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, Save yourselves from this untoward generation. Acts 2:40

The above verse means that we should not walk in the ways of this world in our lives. But you know why TPM wants that their believers separate themselves from other true Christians? Its because they fear that mingling with them will expose their cultic ways and people will escape their control.

The TPM Ministers are guilty of breaching the integrity of the Body of Christ

17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. Romans 16:17-18

5. Support the Workers in Every Way

Needless to say that they need the crutch of these hapless believers to get ahead in their rat race. In reality it means “Unlimited Right to abuse believers“.  These “TPM Ministers” will demand their believers do unethical things to have their wants fulfilled. Click here to see one excellent example where one of their believers used unethical means to give them LPG Cylinders, at subsidized rates, by Falsely witnessing. TPM Clergy treats their believers as Man Servants and Maid Servants at their disposal. I personally have witnessed arrogant talks at these poor folks, who are voluntarily doing things for them. They Manipulate people by saying that any services done for their Faith Home is a work done for God. Alas!!! Poor gullible believers take it as it is. Its time to stop this misery. How I wish that the TPM Believers read this article.

6. Read the Bible every Morning and Evening

This is another great sentence which is used for the purpose of deception by TPM Clergy. On the surface Bible reading looks great and we also exhort you to read it as the Lord leads you.  But be cautious to keep the teachings of TPM away, while reading the Bible. Read the Scriptures with a neutral mindset. Unfortunately, TPM folks rarely read the scriptures.If they read it somehow, it is with a TPM Lens attached to their eyes of understanding. If you ask privately, your local TPM Clergy to explain certain things, they will avoid you and run away. This is because they know they are on a weak wicket. That is also a reason why many TPM people are not able to biblically refute our reasoning presented in this site. They are just following their wolves in sheep’s clothing. All that they can do is vain bablings and some abusing words. This is because they have left the Lord and has followed the Wolves. Had they kept the law of the Lord, they would not have twisted the scriptures and followed after these hirelings.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

7. Attend Conventions, Youth Meetings and 12 Hour Prayer Meetings

There is not much deception in this point. Any thinking person can know that these meetings are instituted to indoctrinate and brainwash their Believers. The Youth Meetings are specially arranged to mould their young folks in the cultic doctrines. We are glad that the modern generation are not so dumb to swallow their story. If you are a parent, you can send your kids to the youth meeting to lose them to the cult. One important thing that you need to know is that, these youth meetings are also used to grab youngsters to their ministerial services as they are lacking foot soldiers.

8. Share the Gospel

This is one of the weirdest mind control technique I understood. In TPM, Sharing the Gospel is not exactly what other Christians assume to be. By normal thinking process, we assume it is about  introducing Jesus Christ to the sinner. But in TPM its not so. Have you noted that they do not have any real evangelical outreach. Their Gospel is to introduce their Apostolic Ministry run by their Celibates, which they claim to be something great than the normal Christian. Note the point. They are introducing themselves as special people and has got nothing to do with Jesus Christ. That is why, their gospel is all about themselves. They do not realize that the Bible Calls them as WOLVES as they draw away disciples after themselves.

29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. 30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. 31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears. Acts 20:29-31

They fulfill the above prophecy to the Dot.

9. Don’t go over to TV, Media, Social Networking etc

Media, especially Social Media is a nightmare for TPM and its Clergy. We all know that Social media makes it possible for information to Fly at lightning speed. All the scams of TPM have been made public spectacle, because of certain Social Media tools. Even earlier, there were lots of scams. However, those scams were buried and controlled in a localized manner. But things have changed, and they are not able to counter information flow. This site has been at the forefront of TPM’s painful experience. Strictly speaking, we are not a social media. However, TPM Clergy is not in a position to identify and ban us publicly before their believers. This is because, that would give us a publicity and thereby open up all their secrets and deceptive practices to their laity. We know of TPM Clergy who prays regularly to destroy the evil powers working against TPM. In reality they are praying for the closure of They are stuck between the rock and a hard place when it comes to this site.

10. Give the Tithes

This unchristian practice is the fuel of the whole cult. Cut off the fuel supply and the Cult of TPM will collapse like a 2 dollar suitcase. These shameless people would not work for their sustenance like the Apostle Paul. Just as the Pharisees of old, they They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. Matt 23:4

Drain the Swamp of this evil, unchristian practice by people who want to eat and not work.  For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 



This Cult(TPM) is one of the best inventions of the Devil to mislead and take innocents to the gates of Hell. People do not understand that they are in a great delusion. They have believed the lies of TPM Clergy. TPM will continue in the same way as her Mother – Mystery Babylon. Do not partake in the Harlotry of this evil organization. Why should you perish with the wicked people?

As surely as I live, says the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of wicked people. I only want them to turn from their wicked ways so they can live. Turn! Turn from your wickedness, O people of Israel! Why should you die? Ezekiel 33:11


    • we need another section for ex-tpm believers i have a name suggestion
      ex-tpmites / recovered tpmites / ex tpm testimonies . would be great if you could
      add another section . ..?

      thanks .

        • thanks.

          i think its good to start with you brother , since when you became curious ..?

          doubted , noticed the hypocrisy .. ? events .. ? and eventually opened your eyes

          and you became a recovered TPMite ..! we all can follow then ..

          keep it up lads , we are doin good .. lets expose these LIARS .

          All glory to God .

        • Is it true that only tpm pastors are been reserved for zion…Reply me guys? Because they always say this in every meeting… Jeruselam is fr believers n zion is fr them..

        • @Immanuel
          Of course. In 1923 God remembered a prophecy about Zion that he had forgotten to accumulate 144000. And immediately he assigned these two stalwarts to get the recruitment done.

          People who did not join were asked to remain in Jerusalem and help them build Zion by their finances and blind devotion.


  1. It would have been nice to see what verses he quoted for each point. I always laugh at how they misinterpret verses according to their convenience. This is a classic example of a typical TPM sermon.

    • Well we do not have that reference with us. But I still remember of One reference quoted by M. T Thomas against watching TV.
      The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is snuffed out. Proverbs 13:9
      He spend the entire preaching session using this verse to browbeat his audience into not Buying TV. He was saying that the Lamp of the Wicked in this verse is the TV…Hilarious.

  2. It really need courage and nuetral understanding of bible to come out of this mindset. This site helped me also and messages of many other famous theologians. Not tpm clergy. tmpites not interested in hearing other preachers and even songs. This is exactly copy of RCC nature.

    • Tpm prohibits,
      1) Ppl to hear other preachers sermon
      2) Other church books, magazines,
      3) Other church communion
      4) Other church baptism
      5) Other Church marriages
      6) Other church songs

      In fact even eternity tpm has separate place (new Zion) where separation from other Christians is eternally maintained !

      Classic Cult behaviour !!

      • Many songs composed by other missionaries has been in the song books.
        One of the most recent songs I believe is 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman.
        Somewhere between 20-60% of the English songs were composed by outsiders.

        • Somebody who claimed to have literally counted the songs last year have some numbers in the thread below. Also, they have given the source of certain language songs.

        • I remeber them not allowing sunday school students to sing other church songs.Another hypocrisy.How many hypocrisies are being exposed these days.

        • Old or new, TPM or non-TPM, songs are meant to be sung for our God.
          I sing for my God; I exalt Him; I worship Him…
          Hope all would do this way…
          Moreover…regarding songs in Sunday School….May you please clarify whether this restriction was imposed on regular assembly singing or singing in competitions?
          If it’s the latter, I have an answer for that…
          There may be more reasons, but the main ones I’ve heard are:
          1. To encourage our little ones to get familiarized with our old songs.
          2. To enable to the judges to verify the correctness of the tune the child is singing with.
          I’ve even heard a pastor clarifying this very politely and also saying that there is no restriction to listen/sing Christian songs from anywhere/composed by anyone… Personally I go by this… I listen to a lot of songs from Youtube (most often never had the time to read about the composer)
          Let’s keep it simple and enjoy singing to our Lord and King.

        • Paul, why is there restriction in singing them in Tpm worship ? Any reason ? Why only tpm authorised songs are sung in Tpm worship hours ?

        • I’m not the right person to provide precise reason for that…I’ve already stated that out of many more probable reasons, I’ve quoted what I’ve heard regarding that post.
          And here to this question…I feel this could be a probable reason…

          For all people (particularly middle aged and old) of the congregation to sing and worship, we need familiarized songs…
          (i.e.) not all people can read…even if reading, not all people can bring hymn books of all writers to worship…not possible to distribute hymn sheets in every meeting as we do in conventions…so it’s better if we sing the written songs in Service of Songs books, it’s easier for ppl to sing, purchase those books, practice at homes, even sing from memory and so on…

          You could see a justification of this in youth camps…many songs from other composers are taken…many a times, the details of the song writer, the reason behind his/her composition, etc. are explained for our exhortation. Such new songs if sung, they’ll be provided with hymn sheets for entire youth congregation…moreover it’s a group of youngsters – they could easily learn the song n tune…

          Again lemme say…it’s my feeling and opinion of what could be a probable reason…I’m perfectly OK with it…

          Moreover my last post is not to stir up any argument: I’m trying to emphasize the importance of worship…it’s for our God…let’s exalt Him and let that alone be our entire objective…let’s not think about whose song, why this and not that…that’s all…in the midst of that I wanted to reason with what “Old believer” had posted…

        • Psalm 40:3
          For your clarification,they would not allow new songs to be sung by children in competitions nor worship.Its slowly changing these days with other singers songs being sung in tpm.Most peiple dont know it isnt composed by Tpm.Btw your explanation that they cant assess the tune or lyrics.The content of the song is already given to sunday school teachers for assessment and is then sung after their permission.Children also get many practice sessions.So your reasoning really doesnt make sense.Like I said Ive been here long enough to know.

        • Brother Paul , welcome, i admire your ideals and let us sing to Jesus in the Bible not to the chief shepherds of TPM. I hope you get my point. Don’t be deceived.

        • Dear Anonymous,
          From which planet have you arrived! I am really sorry for my sarcastic words, but the kind of blindness you manifest is weird !

          Tpm taking permissions – Lol!

          Sometimes you ask questions like – did you ask that minister explanation for his behavior?
          Do you really think tpm ppl will accept their partiality and repent?

          At other times you ask “can you name that brother/sister and give little more details”- as if the person informing us about hypocrisy is lying and you will launch an invesetigation!

          The kind of naive imaginations you have about tpm, needs that you spend little time in FH!

        • Brother Nath, I think bro anonymous is 1) either quite blinded by the very polished behavior of the saints here in the west (unless you have spiritual discernment and have proper knowledge of the bible without TPM lens its hard to figure out whether these saints are spiritual or religious)
          2) or he is trying hard to defend this cult in a diplomatic way by throwing some polished questions.

        • Bro Freddy,
          I’ll go with both 1&2. He must be something in his FH, therefore he is much pampered by tpm white frauds. That is why he is has become bhakt (devotee) of tpm.

        • So, there is no 3 or 4?

          You said that I need to spend little time in FH and now you are saying I must be something in his FH.

          Well I am nothing – but dust and ashes.

        • Bro Anonymous, in that sense we are all dust and ashes but for the mercy of God. Sadly, this is the state that TPM clergy wants to keep its laity in. But every born again child of God is a King and Priest in His sight. I hope you read all the doctrinal articles in this site. I was once a vehemently supportive person for TPM. But when I saw so much doctrinal discrepancies with the Bible, I had to back off and support the God of the Bible rather than supporting the tiny gods dressed in white marching to fantasy Zion.

        • Brother,
          False humility and Worship of Angels/Messengers goes hand in hand Col 2:18

          “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less”
          ~ C S Lewis

        • Absolutely NO. They do not even have that bit of courtesy. I have heard of TPM Clergy stopping of Songs which are NON-TPM but has crept into the TPM Song Book. They say, as these are not songs from Zion, we should not be singing it.

        • I literally counted the songs last year, around 70% of English songs are from outside. I asked the in charge brother if they ask permission and he confirmed from centre pastor saying “no” as “all others also use”. Do you think when they do other illegal things, they will take the pain to do this right? No bro. And all songs are in the NTC song book as though they composed it. For few of them, they have written the name of composer below but for 35-40% of them its not there.
          You might not even be aware that even for Tamil songs (and eventually all Indian languages), around 30% of songs are from outside..few from keerthanaigal and quite a few from Brother Bakht Singh fellowship.

      • This New Zion of TPM is referred in the Bible as OUTER DARKNESS.

        And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matt 25:30.

  3. I remember one conversation I was having with tpm minister in faith home and he informed me what previous incharge of FH had taught believers about TV. He told the antenna that people used in those days for receiving aerial signals was medium for devil to come inside your home. He saw it in a dream. And the verse he gave to support his revelation was – eph 2:2 prince of power of air !!

    • This is the level of Darkness TPM People are in!!! No wonder they just shout and scream when they are not able to biblically defend their pet doctrines.

  4. The subtility is deeper in the West as they try to blend in and try not to offend any as the numbers are few. It is a sad sad advertisement for Christianity.

    Thank God it is not christian.

      • Yes their Chameleonics are most deceptive. They will not conduct their Lord’s table(NTC Table) on sundays as that might possibly offend newcomers for not allowing them to partake in it. Therefore ,they subtly conduct it on Saturday night as newcomers rarely show up on saturdays.

        • That’s an interesting observation, I never looked at it that way.
          They are very smart in an evil way and will go to any length to protect their perverted principles

          Can a principle be pervert?

        • Yes they are very sensitive and will go great lengths to not offend people of Caucasian race. However, they would not even think twice before offending dark skinned South Asians. They may dilly dally and try to twist the interpretation to please some wealthy Indians.

  5. Here in the Pacific, There are a few workers who teach the youth apologetics and use songs and sermons from other churches as they know it is hard for them to keep the children in check. In fact they give books by Max Lucado and others as Sunday School prizes.

    The same person on Sunday morning will toe the party line. This celibacy and Zion crap has got everyone trapped and they just go through the motions for self preservation. This is Bondage.

  6. I’m in a dilemma for over a year, Should I attend this church or not attend? Should i come out and tell them aloud that i disapprove of them or should i stay quiet inside? Ever since the time I was born, I have attended tpm and from over an year, I have tried attending other churches and I have felt that churches are competing among each other to prove how worldly they are.. So not satisfied.. I do not take communion for more than a year.. Sometimes I feel guilty and sometimes I think it’s ok. People look down upon me at church. What should I do? Can someone answer my heart’s quest?

    • I can empathise with you as I was in the same situation three years ago. I jumped the boat a year ago and I can tell you that it is the best decision of my life. It is similar to embracing Christianity after spending your entire life in another religion.

      The easy part is quitting, the hardest part is finding a Church which preaches grace and the finished work of Christ. If one’s knowledge of the New covenant is not good, the chances of jumping from the frying pan and into the fire is high. I invested a lot of time by reading and listening to a variety of teachers from different denominations to remove my TPM bias. The Holy Spirit is our friend and He will guide us into all Truth. He will help us discern the truth from the lie. No preacher is perfect so the ultimate responsibility is yours.

      One of the biggest change I had to make was to stop judging people based on their appearance. When looking for a church find out what they believe in? If it is based on the New Covenant, give them a chance by listening to them for a few months at least as they will be exposed by then. Please ignore the people who come as you will not find any in white or heads covered or wearing a sombre appearance. They are all in TPM.

      Finally, don’t worry because the God who has called you is more than able to finish what he has started. He knows his children by name and He will not allow any of His to perish. It is His Name which is at stake, so rest assured.

      I think, when we get to heaven we will meet a lot of people who would have never stepped into a church their entire life.

      Again, this is my personal experience of stepping into the water. God in His mercies has preserved me and He has given me the freedom to love Him in return for what He had already done for me. Grace is amazing, you will know it only when you experience it. All Glory to God.

      • It’s amazing how all our experiences are so similar. It took me seven long years to break free of this church and have been attending a gospel centered church for the past 5 months. It really does feel like a different religion altogether when compared to the “white washed sepulchre factory” of which I was one. I thank God that he first showed me what was doctrinally wrong with this church before letting me see the rottenness inside. This made me look for a church that holds scripture as the highest authority than look for a church that “doesn’t sin” which would have been a disaster.

    • Sister, The reason you are feeling this way because the space in your heart,mind and life which was occupied by TPM and its Clergy is getting vacant. Therefore, you feel that you need to attach yourself with some other congregation. But before you do that, I would request you to fill your heart and mind with sweet communion with our Lord. Do not rush to any decision. Let him lead you. But I hope you have made up your mind that you will never let your judgement be clouded by certain clergy and other human denominations. You have a designated ministry, ask him to reveal it to you.Wait for him to lead you.Let the peace of our Lord lead you in love.

    • NMASTF & admin have already adviced wisely & I think there is not much I can add to what they have said.

      I’ll only share with you my experience. I decided to quit tpm and started searching for churches in my city. One thing was sure that I would not attend Catholics, Orthodox, Jacobites, Mormon, Jehovah witness’s and cults likewise. I told myself that every church will have some problem or other. As NMASTF said, biggest challenge was to stop judging people by their dressing style. My strategy was just start attending all the churches, I could in my region, one by one. Find the one I feel comfortable. Attend worship and come out without mingling with members. For my spiritual needs I listen to various reformed preachers, read some good books, and help the needy brothers sisters in Christ! May God give you peace.

    • You know what sister , i still attend the TPM , i respect the pastors and sisters .. but i dnt agree with the doctrines , if you see most of the believers are like muslims trapped knowingly or unknowingly . i ve been to most churches in india and europe . there are pros and cons in each and every fellowship .

      1) personal relationship with JESUS
      2) find a spiritual pastor are near spiritual (we dnt know wch stage he is in )

      3) have communion with the church u find ..

      just wondering , we all could discern and interpret the tpm teachings .. why not the others .?

  7. Thanks a lot.. both of you… That was really nice and encouraging. Parents think it is a shame if we go to other church and sometimes I listen to sermons at home itself.. And you were so true while telling that people born and brought up at TPM would never read bible properly and even one reads , it is for the sake of finishing 5 chapters.. And I also feel so bad for those innocent brothers and sisters at church who come to ministry and caught in the trap.

    • hi joice , do u wanna youtube brother .zac poonen messages and old classic sermons of a.w .tozer , pink , wilkerson .. wil be very helpful .dont ever live for the societys approval .. all the best , and its all about JESUS .

  8. Sister, we were also in same situation few months ago but we asked Holy Spirit leading to come out of this tpm spirit and mindset. Now God has set us free and we are in another church.
    John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Read and meditate bible with an open mind. Study and hear messages of other preachers who are true to word of God. Prepare and renew your mind, take courage. Note that decision in Spiritual related matters is not depended on earthly relationships.
    You should feel happy, peaceful and comfortable where you go. God bless.

  9. Very true,
    It’s very difficult to come out of this cults, they have sow seed of fear and curse deep inside,
    When I left TPM my parents were very much worried and scared,
    Now when they see the change they are happy but they are still in cult even though they know all the inside issues and stories they just close there eyes
    And as usual who are we to judge…

    Pray so that holy spirit will guide

  10. Just to let you know that two more families who have been long associated with this cult have been set free from TPM’s bondage and God has used the simple truths on this site to open their eyes to the true lies of this cult’s false doctrines.

    I pray that God will strengthen these brave folks and also that He will show mercy on many more and will set them free as well.

    God bless you Admin, your work is not in vain.

    @all TPM Faithful, please do not be discouraged as your cult will continue to grow like Islam, the RC, the Mormons and JWs and you will continue in this delusion thinking that it is the work of God. Please go ahead and give me a Thumbs down. At least it will evidence that you are reading these comments.

    • I am quite glad to hear this news. May many more open their eyes and see how they are led by vested interests as a cow to the slaughterhouse

    • Brother,
      Praise the Lord. Admin is doing print evangelism and you are doing marking evangelism. Both works are pleasing in the eyes of the GOD.

    • No. This is misleading.
      You be wherever, there will be flaw. One need to read the Bible and live. If you see other in contrary, you can question and leave. Jumping from one to another doesnt serve the purpose unless its clearly spoken by God. If God is so explicit in defying TPM, he will do it by all means. God will raise many testimonies that will say “God spoke to me not to go to TPM, etc.”, which is not the fact at this stage.

      Be where you are and live by God’s word. If God speaks to leave, then leave.

      I am not in favor of any denomination, but this is what I feel from a neutral standpoint. We have heard many testimonies wherein pious people pray to God to show the right way, and God has showed many people ways to many areas including TPM.

      • Brother,
        Why are you using your logic to disagree? Would it not be nice to use some scriptural examples to get to the point.
        Remember Lot’s wife(Luke 17:32). You have only one call to get out. Constant attachment to the old company against God’s will will just make you a pillar of Salt
        How many voices do you hear exhorting people to get out of Babylon in Revelation 18: 4? One or Many?
        How many times did Jesus ask his disciples to Follow Him? Once or Many?
        How Many Moseses were there to ask people to get out of Egypt? One or Many?
        Once you have understood the communication, you have got no excuse to linger in that place and expect to see if you have a crowd joining you to confirm the voice. Everybody has to decide for himself based on the scripture.

        29 “Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.’
        30 “‘No, father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’
        31 “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

        Luke 16:29-31
        Just as the Rich Man who had a different Logic than what God said, you have no excuse for ignoring the scriptures in favour of a corrupt Babylonian Church. God Speed.

      • @Mark,

        If you are expecting God to speak to you in a loud audible voice, you are expecting in vain. His will is revealed in the 66 books of the Bible and if you cannot hear it, you never will unless God has mercy on you and opens your ears to hear and your eyes to see.

        You also contradict yourself by saying read the Bible and live. If a TPM believer reads the Bible and realises that he is being duped, should he continue in it?

        Your standpoint is not neutral because it is your standpoint. It becomes neutral when it is based on the Word of God. The admin has made it very clear in his response to your comment.

        Now personally, please let me know why you are so obsessed in sticking to a false church and also why do you post their atrocities on this site at the same time. Is it not the signs of a fence sitter? Make up your mind, my dear friend. The Bible teaches that “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

  11. I disagree both admin and NMASTF. A child of God goes to church to hear the words of God and it may be the same rule for you and I. You would hear a wrong preaching at your church and that doesn’t mean you should run away from them unless God says you to do. Like manner fleeing from TPM being a motto of this group is futile. All here doesn’t blindly follow what preacher preaches. They have the holy spirit to validate. Don’t pick those who blindly follow. Such people who follow blindly are everywhere too and that doesn’t mean they should run away.

    Listen to holy spirit and if he says to move out, do so. Anything beyond this is pure self will of running.

    We did see many here testifying they came out of Mary clay. If holy spirit led you, God has a purpose and he will fulfil.

    If God’s purpose for admin is to bring all TPMites out, he will do as per his will.

    • Brother,
      You are just vomiting your own logic but do you realize that you are being very contrary to scripture?

      // A child of God goes to church to hear the words of God and it may be the same rule for you and I

      Where do you get this from? To hear from God, you are going to the wrong source. This also makes it evident that you do not have a fellowship with Jesus and cannot hear from him. You need a sermon from someone in an organization to hear from God? Why do you want to hear an organizational sermon in an auditorium which you call the church? You have got the basic definition of Church wrong. This is because you do not consider yourself to be part of the Body of Christ. If you are a part of the Body of Christ, you are the church even in your home or anyother place you are in. You need to not associate yourself with an organization to experience God. You are living a superficial Life

      // You would hear a wrong preaching at your church and that doesn’t mean you should run away from them unless God says you to do.

      You are contradicting James when you say that the Preacher can preach Wrong and Right doctrine.

      Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? James 3:11

      – Well, you are hearing wrong preaching and still continue to hear it every time without any response?
      – How many times have you confronted the preacher for the wrong preaching?
      – How many times have you exposed the falsity of these false apostles as the Ephesians (Rev 2:2)?
      – How many times have the preacher corrected himself and confessed by saying he taught wrongly, as a result of your correction?

      If you continued to hear such indoctrination and erroneous doctrine time and again without any correction, it is a testimony that you are a Dead Person . A Living Person will respond to such scriptural abuse. Have you read the Book of Galatians where Paul confronted the Judaisers who taught wrongly? Have you read of John confronting Diotrephes(3 John 9-10) ? It just proves that you are a dead person who will continue in this state even after hearing Rev 18:4. You have only yourself to blame for your own destruction.

  12. You are contradicting the fellowship principle. If you are not with TPM and be with someone else, that’s a fellowship again. If we should not go to church and hear the word of God, and could be gained at any place like home, hotel, beach, why church is required? Demolish it.

    I don’t think TPM source is wrong. You researched and proving tons of truth of its manipulation doesn’t alter a Christian who is in a mission to live a holy life.

    And please do not be judgemental that I belong to TPM. That’s how you judge all your articles which is incorrect. I belong to ACA Fellowship and seldom go to TPM too and both are good. I have to other fellowship and I personally don’t feel a good atmosphere.

    Every wrong message is questioned or even ignored.

    • Friend,
      You are just making up some principle which is not biblical. What you are espousing is your own fictional imagination. God is not limited by any place to speak to you. In case you think hearing the pastor’s sermon is part of the fellowship, please let me know of even one verse corroborating to that. As far as I know, a fellowship is a Sharing experience between members of the body of Christ. Please check out 1 Cor 14:26. It is not a Clergy or Pastor Show as you imagine.

      What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up. 1 Cor 14:26

      As far as I know, In a TPM Meeting, the audience are the believers and they have nothing to contribute. If you think otherwise, go to a TPM meeting and try starting a Hymn at the start of the service. you will be shown your place. Try sharing your revelation in the meeting and you will know what is your worth. I recommend that you click here to know that TPM is not a Christian fellowship.

      A biblical Fellowship is a fellowship with the Father and the Son.
      ….And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:3
      Now, this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. John 17:3

      You are expected to check what is being taught in the group. As far as TPM is concerned, they do not have fellowship with the Father and Son, but with some fake Zion bound cultish guys

      Just because somebody is claiming to be Christian, does not mean you can have fellowship with them. That is why I do not consider JW, Mormons, Catholics etc as worthy of Fellowship.

      And hey how is ACA different from TPM. Both Claim themselves to be apostles when they are not. Can you verify the Apostleship of your Leaders by 2 Cor 12:12 ?

      If our articles are incorrect, why don’t you rebut them on the scriptural basis? We have always opened up our comments column, unlike many closed forums.

    • @Mark
      Church or more correctly a Christian fellowship is place of worship and adoration of God. This is assembling place of God centric and Christ focused. However tpm is fruit of Alwyn and Paul Ramakutty and is assembling place of Man centric people. They desire to attend church to hear God talking to them, ” I have called you with higher calling, to destroy your enemies, to make all your problem vanish.” This people want to hear about themselves. This is man centric religion. Zion,, overcoming life, are all boasters pack for exalting the self in you. This is exact opposite to Christianity which is self crucifying experience ( daily).

      @ all
      Run away from this deceptive organization tpm. Recognize the alwyn spirit in tpm which is pride arrogant Pharisees spirit, which despises other churches and speaks messages prophecies songs to exalt the self in you.

    • @Mark,
      I think you are wasting everyone’s time on this forum as you have no locus(standing). From your own admissions I can conclude that you are someone who eats from different tables and spits on them. I will not be surprised if you are having the food free of charge.

      Carry on my friend as we need all kinds of people to make this place interesting.

      I would prefer a dialogue with a TPM die-hard like Koshy than someone like you who doesn’t stand for anything.


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