Its not at all surprising that many of TPM fanatics get stumped and start abusing to vent their anger in this site. One of their oft used accusations are that of Hypocrisy against this site. We know that they really do not understand what is Hypocrisy.  Hence use the word without understanding it. Are they are so brainwashed? Yes its true. But still I think it is beneficial for them to know what is Hypocrisy and what is NOT.

Reactions from a Hard-nut

There is this TPM die-hard guy who comments as Anonymous. As with the rest of the other die-hards, he also does not have any arguments against the observations. Therefore, blindly accuses us of Hypocrisy. Check out his latest comment where he is accusing us of posting pictures without permission.

So according to Him, if people use pictures of others without getting explicit permission, it is Hypocrisy.

A small pep talk for the hard-nut

But is that so? Let us check out a dictionary. Merriam Webster defines Hypocrisy as below.

Definition of Hypocrisy What is Hypocrisy and what is not


So dear Anonymous, Do you think we posting pictures of others in Public Domain as a behavior that we are contradicting about who we are? I don’t think so. In case you need to recheck, please click the About Us section in the site. We have clearly spelt out our intention.  We are out to Expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In case you did not know, we do not need any permission from anybody to use materials which are available in the public domain. We do take care before we publish materials which are copyrighted or trade marked explicitly. Even for copyrighted materials, FBI allows us the liberty to use it especially for Criticism. So let me assure you that we are not in any violation of any known laws.

What is Hypocrisy and what is not


Now that we have explained what is NOT a Hypocrisy, Let me show you what is a real Hypocisy

Real Hypocrisy in TPM

If you have been following this site, you should be well aware of the Hypocrisy and Double standards. I would like to expose an act of TPM in which they Lied and Showed their Hypocrisy which is bordering Prejury. Its time, we need to show people like Anonymous a mirror to see themselves.

Check out the below photos of documents where TPM has Lied and Feigned to be running an Orphanage of 1500 People. If this is not Hypocrisy laced with blunt lies, then what is it?

Gas Connection 1 What is Hypocrisy and what is not
Note how they have made some person lie about their work on India Government Letter Head. I am sure they did it through some influential Believer who thinks its Their duty to lie for the Wolves.

Gas Connection 3 1 What is Hypocrisy and what is not
This is the base document which proves that they had submitted a lie that they are running an orphanage. This is LIE of the highest degree to Gentile Government Organization. What further proof do you need?


People like TPM are the reason why Modi Government is cancelling licenses of Real NGOs who are caring for Orphans and Aged people. But I am not surprised at the level of Brain Washing which is accomplished in the lives of people like Anonymous. They can go to any extent to justify the Wolves they are serving.


Dear Anonymous and other like-minded TPM die hards, I am doing this small service just because I love you guys. I could have ignored the poor folks in TPM and gone my way. But I am constrained by the Love of God to help you see the farce that you guys are living in.

Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him. Leviticus 19:17

I sincerely hope that you will open up your eyes and see that you are building your spiritual life on Sand.

God Bless you.


  1. So taking medicine is in violation of “a life faith” but lying that you’re an orphanage so that you get more money from the government isn’t? Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • One of the qualification mentioned for 144000 in Revelation 14 is in verse 5.

      Rev 14:5 …and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are blameless.

      Here we have an undeniable proof of their lies! Hence TPM inmates not fit to be included in 144k.

      • Is the Form B is part of the earlier form? I do not see anything related to LPG gas in 2nd form. Or we are mixing 2 different forms? Is the 2nd form is another where someone wants to start orphanage and our ministers are supporting them?

      • The first form is fine. I do not see anything wrong. It is a NGO for sure and they are helping society in some means or other to get saved. Hence schools, institutes fall under this category.

        • NGO per wiki is a non-profit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

          In this case, its a social cause of redeeming people from their ill life.

          Do I make sense in general?

        • No you do not make sense. But you are misapplying a wiki definition to TPM.
          TPM Does not redeem people from any ill life. All that it does is trickery in very subtle way. Moreover, if TPM Can be classified as an NGO, they should be able to give Income tax excemption certificate to Donors for the donation made to a NGO through 12A, 80 g, 80GGA, 35 ac (i & ii), (i & iii), 80CCC, 80U, 35 ac, 115A, 115AB, 115AC, 115AD, and 115D for charitable purpose.
          Do you get that from TPM?
          Brother, your crooked ways do not hold any water here. Try some where else.

        • Wiki definition applies everywhere. Don’t get voked up. By this it shows you are a old person. 🙂
          Yes, it is classified under one of the section and there is possibility that they give receipt like other religious denomination does. You can ask them if they can help you to save your tax.
          What ways are crooked? Because I am questioning you? What you need to hold the water? Pot? I can provide if you require. Let’s not use syllogism here as it sounds ridiculous.

          You have not answered me yet on the 2nd form details. Are you posting without any proper research. Tell your juveniles to do proper photo and you do proper research by your team. This will benefit everyone of us to see the grave and take remedial action.

        • Achaya, Is F homes a place for women and children? I have not seen any in lifetime except for poor F home kids like E D Philip who were abandoned by their own parents so that they could serve a god not in the bible.

          There is a god called Molech who demanded child sacrifice while The God of the bible let his only Son to die so that we and our children could live.

          A system which destroys families does not serve God but Molech.

          Which God do you serve? TPM’s Molech or Jesus Christ?

        • What’s your question and intention? I asked what is the 2nd form? Is it related to 1st form and is it for true? I dont see any linkage of 1 and 2 form. First form is about LPG requisition with subsidy while the 2nd is about orphanage startup.

          Where does Mollech and Jesus comes here?

          And I believe you and I are believing in Jesus as the Christ and so do this organization.

  2. Lovely! Proof after proof exhibiting hypocrisy of TPM ! In previous artcile we had snaps of hypocrisy of tpm about their behaviour with rich influential (marriage snap) vs poor people (circular), and here we have another snap of what they show n what they are! Maybe anonymous will try to digress by saying did you have permission to post this info publicly and another diehard will try to digress by saying this letter is forged! Haha !

  3. So sad.These guys have been following the congregation and the government.They take money called tithe then go around asking people to buy things for the FH.Then they ask people to come clean the FH,do the work there.They wont even bend and fold mats.Most work done by fresh recruits to ministry and by innocent believers.For conventions they ask people to bring more money.Then they buy more properties and ask for more money.They dont pay the taxes.They dont feed the poor.They dont serve or visit rhe sick.The kind of food they give whenever they do is 5 star especially during conventions.They keep hoarding money.No transparency.No commitee of believers involved.Peiple think they are giving the money for Lord’s ministry.People dont even have a clue.The people who work have to pay taxes and look after their household and family and give them 10 percent.Haha.

    • People pour crores into Tirupathi undi. There are few ministers who puts crores too with no intention that the priest will honour them. They do it for their gods. So is the tithe or offerings. Its been given by people to God whole heartedly and to their capacity. We shouldnt take loans and pay tithe. There are cases in Kerala where a person is weighed in gold and the gold is offered, and I believe its in Guruvayur temple. Hence these offerings are from heart of person and not to be accountable of is what I think in general.

      If I am giving to a beggar 100 USD, and to some 10 USD, I will not go calculative as it comes from heart on that time to offer.

    • Can anyone here post the death certificate that our ministers use or our believers who are doctors provide to government as part of customary to show before burying. I saw in one of the article that our ministers or believers provide fake and malice letters. Any proof to showcase here?

      • what will you do with it? dear brother. You have enough evidence to digest? go do something about it or defend your faith. We don’t need any referees, let God and His Word judge us, what we need are players who are willing to make a stand for The Truth.

  4. The sentence written here is incomplete or not what I meant –
    So according to Him, if people use pictures of others without getting explicit permission, it is Hypocrisy.

    Please replace it with the following words:
    “So according to Him, if people do not want to post their own pictures in their website but use pictures of others in the same forum without getting explicit permission, it is Hypocrisy.”

    • And Somebody who do not want to reveal himself (and calls himself Anonymous) wants to remove this Hypocrisy?
      We have explicitly said at many places that our Pictures and Details would appear one day of our choosing..Our Communication is Very Clear in this matter.

      • Why you are getting poked by the name ‘anonymous’. Treat it as a proper noun and reply. Do you know that all names here is also to an extent equivalent to ‘anonymous’. It shouldn’t prick you and you are saying you will reveal your identity some day or the other is also doesn’t matter. Who will know in this virtual world whether your post is real or fake, unless it comes with other details, which anyways, no one is bothered off.

        If you are being led by God and He is guiding you to expose all these for the benefit of the church to grow properly, may God deal with it in accordance.

        Expose, Expose and Expose, which is good. What we sow is what we reap. So tomorrow your sins will also be exposed to your family, kith and kin. I am not blaming here, but just saying wherein we are tuned to such situations too.

        Anyways, I go by 70/7 but one gentleman said that we should be like the fiery prophets to shout and expose, which is their calling and they are doing their work. God bless.

        But all these will lead to correction and that is the intention of this site I believe.

        • 100% true… I dont think any of the names here are true….They talk about the bible….
          In the About Section: We believe in freedom of expression. Hence we have opened up the comments column for appreciation, criticism, and corrections. However, it needs to be noted that there is a line which we will not allow anybody to cross. That Line is crossed, when comments get into the “abuse” zone. Any comments which have abusing language in it will be trashed without any notice. Hence we request all participants to remain in the civilized domain while commenting on any article. Repeated offenders will be automatically trashed.

          No where in the bible did Jesus say that we should trash those who abuse us. So not sure which Bible these reprobates are referring to…

        • please shake the dust of your feet before God shakes this bloody site and all the reprobates fall down like dead leaves

        • Lets watch.. We are almost one year…Many of them threatened us with Dire consequences. Few of them Changed their attitude and realized the truth..Many of them went away..We have a growing audience every day..That is what you call as Judgement?

        • Growing audience is all TPM believers. You will get few crores of people following your site and correcting their lives and correction the institution. Then you will be crowned with diadems for plucking the falling institution from the miry clay and setting it with God again. All praise and glory to God for picking the ‘admin’ and ‘his team’ to uplifting this church.

        • Please do this drama somewhere else.You are getting worked up.People are waking up,so you better pack your bags too.You might be a tpm well wisher.We are well wishers for all Christian brothers in general.God is shaking the tpm and many have fallen and are falling like dead leaves.The rest of the dead leaves will.Fall too.The fruits wont fall though,thats for sure.Its now like the green tree without fruits that Jesus cursed.

        • Steve… why dont you pack and go and please get u r admins and his stooges also out of the church before asking others to leave

        • dont be offended.. its the truth….Brothers-in-Christ will forbear and help others to build up their spiritual state and not point out their weakness to others.

        • Shaking is happening ever since its inception. CPM turned to TPM and many more like what you are doing. Shaking and pruning is good to grow afresh and strong.

        • Dear Kosh
          “As is the mother, so is her daughter.” (Ezekiel 16:44. This proverb goes well with you, anonymous & TPM wellwisher. Intimidation is the best tool used by your white clad to subdue their members and you are trying the same tool who are exposing your cult. We are least afraid of such hollow intimidation. If you call TPM holy despite all these abominations then plz tell me what is unholy to you? I really pity you bro/sis Koshy.

        • You are the one calling yourself holier than TPM. You do not read properly. May be you should grow old like David Paul to speak well ☺️

        • Wow… u r the only person reading the bible…..u say junk and u want me to read the junk…. please take a walk

        • You can rant and rail as much as you want.If you think carefully.You will see how theyve fooled so many people.I cant build anyone’s spiritual state.Thats each xians personal quest.But we can do one thing be cunning as a serpent and innocent as a dove.If you admit there are weakness then why do these weaklings try to usurp the power of God and stand behind that big table and judge people.Insult people and cheat people?Causing divide among christians having a holier than thou attitude?

    • Brother,
      You are a specimen. After reading the expose, you have the gall to say things which are irrelevant.
      Do you even understand the seriousness of the issue in hand? Never seen a totally sold out person like you.

    • A wise man told me once – “Coat what you say with sugar, just in case you have to eat it.”

      How long can we sit on the fence and pretend to be asleep. Inevitably we will fall down, hope it is on the right side.

  5. Investigative journalism at its best. Once again you have nailed it.

    Some people need to see the scars to believe. Some people will need to touch the scars to believe while some are determined not to believe. All we can do is have pity on such people and pray so that God in his mercy will redeem them.

    His sheep will hear His voice.

      • Oh Really? Do you know that Arnab works in tandem with the RSS? May be we should ask him to send some Hindu Fanatics to take the call for this organization and let them verify how much charitable work is being done.

        • That’s fine. RSS are good guys are are patriotic on their belief. This is how each one should be on Jesus. What will hindu fakir do here. They will not know anything. I said, why dont you start channel like Arnab and I can fund. You know in and out of TPM and hence you and the team can host it.

        • RSS guys will not backbite their masters like these bunch of reprobates are doing…. better leave the church and go somewhere else where you find all of them are 100% holy and live accordingly to your bible

        • The very fact that u r backbiting the people of God claiming that u all r 100% perfect and there’s a group of those who are not perfect is like finding others fault which bible doesnt advocate

      • @ Koshy
        In the article “Mask is coming of delhi” you said
        // I was ready and was verge of printing posters of MT Thomas burning Indian rupees, Mumbai incidents, Sunny George, the letter, etc and ask goons to paste everywhere including our church compounds//

        So I suggest, better give your money to TPM so that they can burn it when CBI raids TPM or that they can use it to cover up he crime of white washed sepulchers like rape murder sodomy etc.

        NMSTF doesn’t need your sponsorship!

        • //So I suggest, better give your money to TPM so that they can burn it when CBI raids TPM or that they can use it to cover up he crime of white washed sepulchers like rape murder sodomy etc.//

          This looks another old aged person is getting voked up. Generally old person with haughty spirit gets voked up. But I believe you and your team are holier than TPM, so please calm down and observe instead of retaliating.

          Did I say that I am going to give the money to church to get it burnt? I asked I can sponsor NMSTF, for which you say, you do not need. That’s fine. I was just trying to help you come to limelight and dark forces are exposed from TPM so that it’s a win win for all, and God is pleased and devil is put to shame.

        • Wow really? I rember you said that word of God came to you to not to expose others. I thought you are 70/7 guy! What made you change mind ?

        • I do not want to expose. Since you and the team is claiming you are being led by God and Holy Spirit to expose, I offered my shoulder. I do not want to act but taking your means to achieve your ends.

      • Koshychaya, Thanks for the offer but I will have to say no.

        TPM people don’t watch TV so it is a waste to get mass media involved. This site is not for the world but for the christians within TPM, maybe workers or believers like you who want to know the God of the bible so that they can be free.

  6. Dear Anonymous
    I think you too are enjoying some benefits from these frauds what they are gaining by false documents to the government. That’s why despite the exposure one after the other with relevant proofs, you are blindly supporting the cult.
    I am strongly urged to sue this group with all these relevant facts & at least then people will know the real face of this cult. Oh…Zion bound frauds with full of lies & hypocrisy. I think these frauds are not aiming for Zion where JESUS is laid as foundation but, a different zion. Since they live a life of separation from all blood washed band, they won’t be willing to enter the true Zion. Keep building your own zion you bunch of liars & hypocrites.

      • Mr.Koshy A person pretending to be asleep cannot be woken up.Pic 2.Section 4 Every xians home has women and children that is family.Doesnt mean its an NGO.They keep women and children?Which women and children?Their own women i.e the members of clergy i.e. the administrators itself are consumers here.What NGO.Children?How many orphan children have you seen?The irresponsible cowardly parents disown their children to Join tpm clergy.Their children are in it.Not beggars,homeless,orphans.They might be doing something,Maybe.But not in proportion to what they rip off from believers.Btw your baseless analogy.Should we give as the other religions give.So while taking money you want similarities in religion.By the said people give to God.Really?So we need to give god the money so he can do what exactly?Our creator needs paper?When it comes to other purposes you wanna discriminate between christians.The similarity of first and second picture is misuse of the Charities act where the charitable act as you said is redeeming people.Go say all thisto some one else Annaa.Jesus has already redeemed us. The 2nd picture say they can admit 1500 inmates in Irumbuliyur have they admitted that many women and children.Now dont tell me the logic is 1500 people attending the prayer meeting.Is prayer meeting a charity?What is charity?These guys are using the loopholes in the law to cheat the government.And you say its charity?

        • You are right. I re-read the image and it states the Full Address as TPM HQ address and Nature is described incorrectly. Let me write-back to THE CHAIRMAN, BOARD OF CONTROL, Chepauk and clarify and will come to you as this looks like malice or incorrect information.

          With regards to offering, yes all gives to God in various forms. True, God doesnt want church or your heart and paper or tea or coffee. When you give these to people in need, its equivalent to giving it to God.

          TPM is indeed doing charity in different form. Land buying for brining many more people is a form a spiritual charitable 🙂 which the world dictionary doesnt have, and we can bring that up.

  7. They are really consecrated and truly separate. This happened in Zion west. A very faithful TPM believer was sick and the spouse requested the F home to come and pray. They did not and the reason they quoted on enquiring will make even an atheist vomit – they said ” you have a contagious disease and hence we could not risk it”

    welcome to the real world – TPM believers, if there are any Christians among you, get out of sodom before it is too late.

    • Bro Koshy, I checked the link you sent me and I did not go any further after reading the statement above his name. His intentions might be good but I’m a bit scared when it comes to people who call themselves as highly spiritual. This is what I saw, I’m sorry that is not for me.

      “I am a highly spiritual person”

      K Stephen Daniel

      • Hahaha… yes.
        Be ye holy even as your father who is in heaven is holy. (Bible)
        Holier than you (FROMTPM)

        I read few of the articles, which sounds good to put in practice.

        But I thought you all claim to be spiritual person above TPM is what I thought and hence shared also.

        • Brother Koshy,
          “Holier than Thou” is an attitude found among the TPM Clergy and not believed by the writers of this website. We have made it clear that we are like any other christian brothers. We all complement each other as being the members of the body of Christ. We do not put a divide in the Body of Christ. But You can see that very clearly in all TPM Clergy actions.

        • Koshy you seem to be double minded man. On occasion you say something and on another you suddenly begin to reveal that you are a chameleon! Something fishy with you!

    • Welcome my friend, hope you are having a laugh reading the shenanigans of our Cult. Now that you have read the light part why don’t you read some of the articles and discover how we are all being deceived in the name of God.

      Yes, Brother, we are all jokers and TPM’s wolves are enjoying the entertainment. Even worse, we pay for their travel, food and tickets too. How about you? are you being taken for a ride to Zion? or are you one of the wolves come to check out how the jokers who are not paying behaving.

      • True. Very sad state, though we are hearing this from third party. Will be good to hear from good authoritative channels. Can we get the press and media to visit major churches and interview them live and air?

        All good places is filled with these is what the sad state is.

        I do not know if its in church but I am just hearing here and could be true. In your house which I am hearing, but not sure how true. In this society and country which again is a good place to live, but sad state that all these murder, rape, homosexual, cheating is happening around me.

        By judgement, I think punishment and correction.

    • after seeing the evidence on this site, you can judge who is reprobate…

      And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  8. who knows what kind of actions u have done.. hiding u r faults and projecting as if others are not perfect…..what different does it make to you.. probably u r not getting a part of it so you are jealous…..please clean u r house and u r actions before its too late

    • @TPM wellwisher
      Atleast we dont make a show of wearing a white dress like the TPM Pharisees whom you worship. We dont make pretence of our righteousness. We only trust in Chrit’s righteousnes because we know ours wont help us.

      • That’s good, but you wear some decent dress and come at least to church right? If you would have come in shabby dress code, one of us would surely come forward to enquire about your well wishes. So you come and pretend to be one among the flock. Sad state of yours too. Stand out and BE BOLD to shine my friend.

        • They dont enquire about wellness,they intrude into personal matters.We come into the pack of wolves in wolves clothing pretending as wolves.

    • Dear Brother, I’m a sinner and will remain one except for the fact that Jesus paid for my sins and now I’m covered by His righteousness. His Righteousness ensures me eternal security. Now that I have seen the Light, Jesus commands every born again christian to share the good news with others. I’m just doing my part. Do you have any problems with that? Are you peeved that I’m not sharing TPM’s deeper truths?

      • Dear “No more a slave to fear”.. if r a sinner saved by the grace of God.. u will not bother what others are doing.. u will build up u r life in christ… the very action of yours proves that u r an hypocrite.

        • that is a true TPM believer’s motto not a Christian’s. I don’t mind being an hypocrite in your eyes, Brother, because I love you too much for you are a good man nevertheless a very good lost man. Your statement says that.

        • Dear TPM wellwisher
          Why are you so much annoyed and even using curse on us. I don’t think it’s wrong to expose those who are teaching things contrary to the teachings of Jesus & early apostles. Even St. Paul wrote in Philippians 3:18 “for many walk, of whom I told you often, and now tell you even weeping, as the enemies of the cross of Christ.” TPM which is bringing law after law upon the people is the enemies of the cross of Christ. And there is nothing wrong to tell about such enemies of the cross. Whether you like or not we will expose as God guides us. Stop us if you can.

        • Dear Brother
          @Tpm wellwisher
          //Dear “No more a slave to fear”.. if r a sinner saved by the grace of God.. u will not bother what others are doing.. u will build up u r life in christ… the very action of yours proves that u r an hypocrite.//

          Are you building up your life in Christ here???

          What are you doing here???

          According to your very own statement you should not be bothering about others Actions…

          Does Not your very own words judge you guilty…??

          Look yourself at the Mirror…May you have eyesight and Light to see your image…

  9. thank you for the confirmation that u r are also like them except the white dress.. I believe u have read the bible… please correct yourselves before u try to correct others

    • what are you here for knowing fully well that it is full of jokers and reprobates?

      Are you curious or are you one of the wolves checking out how these sheep escaped the cult.

      Or Are you fed up of the deeper lies and want some truth for a change?

      You are welcome no matter what and hopefully when you are done with your classical TPM cursing, you will see some truth. We were all like you, once very faithful but now our eyes are opened and we want to share the good news.

      I guess you have some problem in understanding what I said. When you no apt reply, like a TPM brainwashed you say, “correct yourself before you correct others”. Go and tell this to your white clad frauds who invite all people to conventions and then criticize their ministries from the pulpit.

  10. Wow… I didnt know that sheeps have the guts to escape..Goats I know would escape.

    Why dont you reveal the failure of Modi…. why dont you reveal the failures of other churches…. why dont you reveal the failures of Trump….

    • I’m a follower of Christ and when my own church lies in the name of Christ, it is my duty to tell my fellow members that they are being deceived.

      This is a website and not a poster on TPM’s walls or a testimony in church or a hartal on the street, so why are you so disturbed? Are you losing revenue? Are people asking difficult questions?

      TPM members don’t use the internet so this site is a hidden ministry just like TPM’s.

      So please tell me why are you here, my dear TPM friend? I’m here to expose a lie, what brings you here? I think it is to know the Truth. Well, believe me I found it, I hope you also will and then you will join us, the true TPM well wishers in bringing more people from the dark.

      The secular world is there is there to take care of their leaders.

      The question is – Are you a Christian or a TPM believer?

    • Brother, the sheep don’t have to escape because their Chief Shepherd (not Stephen Anna) knows them by name and He will ensure that He will gather them to His fold even though they have been held in bondage in TPM under hired hands.

      He does it not because I’m celibate, holy, overcoming or consecrated but because He does it for His Glory and for His Name’s sake. No cult and its tarditions can prevent it.

      Now that you are here why don’t you read some of the articles about TPM’s heresies and go back and challenge your leaders about its authenticity. You can start with the tab about the TPM leaders replacing Jesus by taking the Chief Shepherd’s title.

      On the other hand, if you can defend any of the heresies, please go ahead and enlighten me by rightly dividing the Word of God and I will repent and return to your Alwin’s Zion. Please don’t use visions/traditions/prophecies as I’m not spiritual.

  11. Wow admin…. u have revealed u r corrupt practices.. u dont publish the email address.. but u check the email address and the IP from which its connected…. Truly the works of the devil… what more proof is need….

    • You can always write to me at [email protected].
      What is IP address checking and email checking got to do with the Devil?

      Oh yeah..I forgot…Facebook/Whatsapp/ip Address/email all come in the same category..
      But hey..are not Browsing this site?

      • The first century Christians were very different from the Christians of today.

        The first century Christians did not live like the people of the world. They literally lived like strangers and pilgrims in this world. They suffered much joyfully because they knew if they die in their sufferings, they shall live with Jesus in heaven for all eternity.

        Today’s Christians are hypocrites. They live like the people of this world with a desire to live a comfortable life which they think as God’s blessings! They like Peter run away from suffering. It is because of we hypocritical Christians Mohandas Gandhi had to say those infamous words

        “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”

        Now God has given the responsibility to us to defend and uphold His great name. We can defend and uphold His great name only with the life we live.

        Let’s not conform to the people of this world. Let’s lay our treasures in heaven. When people look at our ‘foolish’ life and ask why we live like this with zero savings, risking our life standing for divine healing, not having any ambition to earn more money, with no lands or houses in our name, with no loan…only then God’s power will be manifested through our life and many will see the eternal hope we have and accept Jesus.

        Let’s not waste our 1 chance. Like Peter let’s not run away from suffering and let’s not ask our Lord coming in the opposite direction Quo vadis Jesus?

        It is with this objective Raman Kutty started CPM. Alas, as the years went, TPM became like any other church in the world. So TPM cannot prepare its people to enter New Jerusalem and Zion.

        • I am telling the verdict here “TPM CANNOT”. It’s the current sorry state, and only God will raise up or work directly with each one of us or do a complete reformation as he is doing with this bunch of grey and black heads.

  12. First of all dear admin .. who should have the courtesy to send me an email with u r name and mobile number…..instead of asking me to write to you….

    • Bro, when I quit TPM, this website did not exist. In the initial months I wondered if I was making a mistake. I was reassured when I came across Bro David Paul’ s writings and his video exposing the lies of TPM. A few months ago I came across fromTPM and now I’m absolutely convinced that God had delivered me from this cult.

      Now my only desire is to tell the truth and encourage people who are sitting on the fence to become a true Christian and be what God wants us to be – His children, forgiven forever and forever free from religion and its bondage. Almost everyone from four generations in my family and extended families are iin this cult and I believe that the information on this website will open some eyes to see the Truth.

      If you are from TPM, set aside your emotions and please read the articles and check the Bible yourself for its authenticity. As Christians our only reference is the Bible.

      The grace of God is a wonderful thing, Brother and the more you know God, the more you experience His grace. May God bless you and hope you will also experience that freedom which comes from knowing the Christ iof the Bible. God’s love is not based on our performance so don’t worry about being spiritual. Our God has got us covered.

  13. Dear Admin,
    Your site is shining. This site is wrecking havoc among TPM hierarchy and TPM diehards. See, within 10 hrs of its release more than 100 comments already for this article. Wah Admin Wah. Kudos to your effort. Keep of shining. The work of GOD. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

  14. Have been following this site for few months and been praying too.

    First of all, the accusations do not have firm evidence. The evidence showcasing here are not acceptable in any court of law.

    • And tomorrow such people will come with their own evidence like Jesus was married, etc that we see in this world. Also, the writers of Bible were scholars having abominable life and their writings are abominable and twisted.

      Discern and pray and God will guide fellow believers. Do not go by any accusations here. If you are offended, look to God to lead you and no one can raise against you. Be faithful to yourself with the a words you are receiving through Jesus and his people. Weigh it in the light and salve your eyes.

      • Yo what the nonsense you are saying? A simple question on life of separation your church speaks. My friend went in black and he was advised not to wear such. In Canada your priest wears black and where is life of separation? Eye wash?

      • You seem to be in some la la land and trying to mint stories where there are none. I have no doubt that you are from TPM as it seems you are least interested in getting your pet organization validated by the scriptures. Feel very sorry for you.

    • Brother,
      In case you do not know, it is better for you to keep your lips locked. These documents are incriminating evidences and can be quite a good piece of headache for TPM folks.We will not take any initiative by ourselves as of now. Believe me because we have had some interesting discussions with our lawyer associates who knows its intricacies.

      • Here goes a proof of the seed of David Paul. Falsified deeds. No courts will accept these nullify fake or assumptions evidences. I can prove you to false in the house of court and your old loins will pee.

        This very fear will bring you to research and work hard your dead bones for church to be lifted.

        Poor crooks.

        • It is very much coherent. This is how lawyers in the court will question. They will not see your old masked face.

          I took this to lawyer and this is what they said and that is what I said here.

        • No. Nothing upsets me. I just presented these to my known lawyer for investigation. He asked these questions and he is ready to work for a reasonable price but 70/7 pricked my heart.

        • This is again vain babbling with no proper evidence. Can’t comment. Show me proof and I can talk. Don’t want to believe every tom dick and harry. In such context, even Jesus having sex and kashmir and children holds valid. Your statements are similar to that with no proper evidence.

        • Dear Koshy
          Please do not divert from the topic…I suspect you are a troll and I warn you to stick to the discussion points.

        • Your all writings are similar to that. I’m sure tomorrow you will say all about murder, rape, malice Jesus and his disciples did. Show me proper proof. Why you are escaping from about Roza link? Is such evidence not enough for you to believe Jesus was fake for you? If not, how come your spoof writings have evidences? Let’s talk proper please.

          I’m comparing all your writings with Roza and I am finding any difference between these two articles.

    • Dear Koshy,
      AS you are going off the tangent and is not sticking to the discussion points in spite of being warned, I have no option but to block your comments.
      Thank you for being here. God Bless you.

      • Koshy, you said in the “article mask is falling from delhi”,

        //I was ready and was vege of printing posters of MT Thomas burning Indian rupees, Mumbai incidents, Sunny George, the letter, etc and ask goons to paste everywhere including our church compounds.//

        Without any proof? Did you have any evidence of MT thomas burning rupees? About sunny George ? Did you really had any proof? Or were you lying to us that you had media publishing firm and were on verge of publishing? Were you lying that word of God came to you ? If so then why you have suddenly changed that you are now asking for proof when the pictures are lay open before your eyes?

      • Absolutely agree with you admin! These babblers are talking nonsense! None of their speech is coherent with the subject above. Nor is there any scriptural defiance. Just babble babble ! II Tim 2:16

  15. Noticed that in the letter above it was signed by Ponraj IAS officer who’s a TPM believer based earlier in Nagaland. So this is a clear proof of malpractice using the influence and lying for so called glorious ministry that lead people to perfection. Ashamed to be called as TPMite.

  16. Br Koshyachaya. Veruthe kannadachu irrutakalle. You are talking as if nothing happened everything alright in tpm. I didn’t believed these stories earlier but after the incident of past.sunny i couldn’t stop believing and things r coming one after other. Read that letter from Delhi tpm group.
    God’s punishment started as leadership is not taking corrective steps. There is no point in arguing. Time is up and soon this organization will split. Run for your lives. No denomination spirit can help.

  17. Hypocrisy = Self-contradicting statements.

    TPMites are a walking contradiction all the time by saying following Christ and not obeying HIM.

    Take a step towards Christ and be truly saved! Cause you are all going on the wrong side. This site is a caution, check system initiated by the Word of God. If site is wrong, you have nothing to worry about. If site is correct, you are the enemy of the very One you claim to worship.

    Do you really worship/revere/fear/love Jesus least as much as your favourite pastor?

  18. Do you know what hypocrisy is?

    TPM Deeper Truth books are self contradictory and hold a candle to its own imaginations:

    Pharoah- Type of Devil as well as type of God the Father
    Nebuchadnezzar- Type of Devil as well as type of God the Father
    Vashti- Fallen workers
    Esther- Faithful workers
    Ahasueras- Jesus/ God the Father.
    Orphah- Fallen workers
    Ruth- Faithful Workers
    Naomi- Senior Workers.

    In Feb 2007, a famous pastor who conducted the funeral service of a worker sister (in Bangalore- GDL) compared Sarah and Abraham with today’s ammachhi and pastors.
    Hebron= Faithhome

    “After this, Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah east of Mamre (that is, Hebron) in the land of Canaan.”

  19. Dear Admin,
    This is also a type of hypocrisy where faith home workers can keep Cats as pets but believers are restricted from keeping dogs as pets. They give big boring and baseless lectures about keeping pets at home. It would be nice if you can bring out this topic in your next post.

    • Wow Brother…I have not seen pet animals being raised in Faith Homes. But if you can give some important info and pics it would be nice.

      • There are reports of Cat being raised in Baroda Centre F.H convention ground and ironically it took a fish fry which was kept in tray ready to be eaten by a Senior Pastor.

  20. Hello Admin,

    When am I going to get the trashing from you…. hope u dont get u r hands and legs broken….

    Please keep your word and dont be like the people about whom you are complaining.

    Its proven beyond doubt that u have no relationship with the True God or the bible… You have blocked Bro. Koshy…… God never ever blocks any one…

    God has no where said that people should be trashed for telling the truth… just because u r offended of the truth which has been said…

    • We block individuals who troll this site with unrelated and devious posts. So Koshy was warned and he chose to ignore this warnings and started trolling. Therefore, There is no reason to allow him commenting.
      No I am not offended at the truth. You can search out this site and you can see that so many people had said lots of things against us. However, we respect them because they did not abuse the system.
      If you also intend to do the same as Koshy, I can assure you that i will do the same again. I hope you got my point.

    • TPM blocks people from communion, blocks taking part in ministry and even blocks attending their service if they vigorously question their doctrines and speak against it.

      • Dear Daniel,

        So you are aligned with the TPM in this regard… Good to know that….

        Excellent ….. its truths are coming out of the closets……

        • C’mon Dubai Well wisher, don’t beat around the bush. Answer it straight, you asked why admin blocked Koshy..he blocked as per this site’s terms. I’m asking you why TPM blocks people from taking communion etc..

        • Dear Daniel,

          I asked admin… who manages this site the question.

          I don’t manage TPM.. please ask the question to those who manage TPM.

          And when you get the reply.. please publish it here

        • I need not ask them, your Stephen Anna’s letter is posted under Witchcraft and Jezebel spirit article. Sad that you don’t even have the guts to answer it carrying their name “TPM Wellwisher”

        • Dear Daniel,

          May I know … why he would be my Anna?

          Do you mean to say … someone is your wellwisher …. he will have the guts to question what you do in your family…. I am so sorry… I didnt know that…

          Thats what I find here… The ethics, the moral standard, the principles that we should have been taught are missing….

          AND you guys talk big about scriptures….


          Isn’t that Hypocrisy??????

        • I suppose you can’t understand simple English sentence. That’s fine.
          BTW, since you’re from Dubai Fake Home, you must have been taught very well about ethics, moral standard & principles from your chief molester and homosexual Sunny George Anna.

        • Dear Daniel,

          Why are you pissed off.

          I am surprised how Sunny George became my Anna…

          When you have been proved wrong you … you get excited….

          Yes.. Its true that my parents have taught me very well about ethics, moral standard and principles… I don’t need u r Anna or bnna to teach me those….

  21. Hello Admin,

    Looks like you didnt get my point…

    When can I get the trashing you have advocated….. Come on keep your word and then block me…..

    Dont go back on your word….

    If dont do as you written….whatever you write here proves that its worthless… even now its worthless and isnt worth a dime.

    Don’t be an hyprocrite… The very topic under which we are corresponding…


  22. Dear Admin,

    You seems to be responding to all other messages…

    But proving that you are an hypocrite….

    Please do not prove that you are an hypocrite…. than what will happen to your stooges…

    I am willing to accept your trashing…. bcoz that’s according to your beloved scriptures

    • If I were you, I would have got the message. When you are ignored, you are as good as being in the Iggy bin. Enjoy your day!

  23. I am not at all worried about being ignored by some worthless admin.

    What’s important is the fact that you worship and adore an admin who is a hypocrite. That shows the standard of you all.

    Someone who has no standard and talks of bashing and trashing which is documented in the About section of your site that is contrary to the word of God.. how can you talk about the word of God.


    • Dear TPM well wisher, thank you for being here and showing once again that you have nothing to defend the heresies of TPM.

      The god of TPM will wish us in his hell but fortunately for us our God, the Christ of the Bible has redeemed us by His precious blood and our future is secure and we are obligated to share that good news to everyone especially to those who are being deceived in His Name.

      Adios my friend and hope to see you come back with your eyes opened in the future as a Christ Believer and not a TPM believer.

  24. Also there is nothing wrong in admiring a fellow christian(Admin) who is exposing the heresies of a cult. It takes courage and lots of grace.

    What is shocking is how can you continue to submit yourself to leaders who have replaced Christ? Even a babe in Christ will know that is blasphemous. Are you so blind?

  25. Please keep on admiring your admin and worship him as God ….

    Enjoy your life in him….

    Shocking is the fact that you dont know the facts and whatever comes to your mind u write and think … oh everybody is liking….. Please go on doing it…

    For sure on that we shall know ……..

    • You have to bend your knees in the presence of your God… tell Him you need facts…

      I am 100% sure .. He will provide you with the facts that you need to prepare your life to meet your Jesus…

        • The fact I know is known to you also…

          Seek and you shall find it….

          No need to lookup to your good for nothing admin to publish some rotten stuff …

        • It’s all about perspective.

          Some info which appears to be rotten to you is enlightening to me as I was ignorant. So let the Admin do his work.

          You have expressed your frustration but it is not going to change the Admin’s resolve to expose which he rightfully believes is working against the Kingdom of God.

          You are absolutely correct. I sought and found the Jesus of the Bible. I believe that you are also seeking and you will also find it. If you are satisfied with TPM’s christ, then you should not stop seeking. I have been there and I know I believed a lie.

  26. What is scaring you from accepting TPM chiefs are wrong in replacing Christ? If they have done it in ignorance, they can send out a circular to the masses and correct the mistake? Why don’t they do it? What are you scared of?

  27. Are you worried that the entire scheme will come tumbling down like a house of cards as it is entirely built on lies?

    • Why should I be worried… I didnt build the scheme neither did my dad nor my grandpa or some one I love…….

      If something is built by man it will fall and let it fall if its the will of God…

      If something is built by God… whatever you do IT WILL NOT FALL…. take my word for it….

      • It will not fall but the elect who are lost in it will hear the True Chief Shepherd’s voice and they will come out for His Glory.

        Islam is thriving, RC is thriving, so do the Mormons and the JWs does that mean they are built by God? So don’t worry, TPM will last till He that letteth allows it to.

    • I am not fearful like the your pro-friends who are hesitant to step up out of the mess but want to enjoy the mess and then complaining of the mess…

      • I’m happy to hear that my friend and I sincerely wish that you are a true Christian. This site is for people like me who were brainwashed by TPMs false doctrines. This site has opened my eyes and helped me to know the true God of the Bible.

        Let these people do their work, it is beneficial to some if not to you. So please don’t curse them.

        • You havent said how your eyes were opened through this site and how you are now close to God…. Thats what needs to be published so that All Christians will be edified …

          Thats what expects from all Christians….

          But what I see here… True christians will leave christ and go because of the filth which is being delivered and one of your colleague said the admin is doing a great job…. of what… making sure the christians turn away from their faith…..

        • I never questioned the Chief pastor title till this site exposed it. For me any church which professes that it’s human head is equivalent to Christ is not worshipping the Jesus of the Bible.

          That is all it took Brother, im not interested in the misdeeds of the leaders because they are human and they are weak as me.

        • If your brother or sister or son or daughter or wife or some you love very much commits a fraud or an indecent act, are you going to tell the whole world … what they done or.. you will cover it up? There’s no scriptures involved here…

          Await your update…..

        • The problem with TPM is the erroneous theology. The sins are merely the symptoms. This site first and foremost focuses on the faulty theology that is dragging thousands to hell.

        • You mean to say… In this world TPM is the only so called church to have an erroneous theology and no other church/cult has an erroneous theology.

        • @ TWW
          Why dont you try to understand Richard’s point. Why try to defend TPM? It would be better if you prove him wrong. In that case you will both defend TPM and save a soul !!

        • TWW, No, Like I said the other day, there are many “churches” with no real gospel, TPM being one among them. Since I was born and brought up in this “church”, I feel burdened to share the truth with my fellow TPMites.

        • But TWW will not accept it as long as there are other churches having their erroneous doctrines…What crazy logic? Lolol

        • TWW
          Did you notice Richard said that sins are merely symptoms! The root cause is the disease. God wants to deal with disease that is at the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9). Jesus said bad trees cannot produce good fruits. Gospel teaches that by faith in Jesus our hearts must be converted to new hearts. Only then it can automatically yield good fruits of holiness unto God. Tpm has erred in teaching that experience at cross is washing away of our bad fruits from bad trees. Tpm teaches we need to follow rules and discipline to yield fruits unto holiness after washing away of bad fruits. And then they begin boasting in those rules that seem to bring fruits of holiness in men. Indeed very few churches aim to discipline its member for holiness, but this is erroneous approach. TPM thus turns the gospel which wants to deal with the root cause into symptom treatment therapy. This is cardinal error. I hope, you would think on what we mean. Gid bless!

        • Yes if she/ he commits blasphemy and also if he/ she is responsible for my family’s and about 300,000 others spiritual welfare.

          If I don’t, I’m become an accessory to the crime.

        • Yes if she/ he commits blasphemy and also if he/ she is responsible for my family’s and about 300,000 others spiritual welfare.

          If I don’t, I become an accessory to the crime and am no worse than the real culprits.

          Now that I have answered your question, please answer mine.
          Now are you a partner in crime? Or are you defending the culprits? Or are you just warming your time?

        • And don’t worry true Christians will never leave Christ but leave TPM. For a true Christian, leaving Christ is not an option.

      • My dear TPM wellwisher
        I think you have no scriptures in your mind & that’s y using all weightless words. Why don’t you come up with some reasonable questions or answers, based on the scriptures. Don’t continue with such verbal altercation & curses. What I say is, of you feel TPM teachings are in tandem with God’s promise. If not accept it & ask clarification from your church clergy. It’s your choose.

        • Dear Anthony Parker,

          If your brother or sister or son or wife or some you love very much commits a fraud or an indecent act, are you going to tell the whole world … what they done or.. you will cover it up? There’s no scriptures involved here…

          Await your update…..

        • @TWW
          Brother as said in the about section, it is not intent of this website to name and shame anyone. The chief purpose of revealing these things are to make the world realize that All ARE SINNERS. Especially the white clad tom ministers who peach, who says it is impossible to live sinless perfect life, needs to be shown their failures so that they become humble and begin trusting and preaching in Righteousness of God, instead of righteousness of Law (works).

          Rom 10:3
          For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

          Tpm like Pharisees n OT jews are ignorant of God’s righteousness. They are striving (few atleast) sincerely to achieve righteousness and holiness by their own efforts! Therefore neither they themselves subject to Christ’s righteouness nor they let other trust in obedience of Christ as their holiness! Therefore it sometimes become necessary to show the world that the saints who claim holiness are actually not how they show. Hope you will try to understand!

        • Dear Nath,

          You mean to say… In this world TPM is the only so called church who teach so and other church/cult are providing erroneous teachings.

        • No not only Tpm! Tpm isn’t my enemy! No personal grudge against this organization! There many sincere tpm ministers! I want them to atleast begin humbly correcting me or get themselves corrected. We must begin from our near and dear ones.

        • Dear TPM wellwisher
          Don’t try to bring the emotional factors in such matters. What TPM teachings are doing, it’s not temporary damages. It’s the matter of thousands going to the wrong way & their eternity is at risk. If any of my family members do that which is going to damage millions then I have only two options. Either correct that member of my family who is causing damage to others. And second, if that person doesn’t make correction then I will have to warn others to stay away from that person. Since TPM is not going to correct itself therefore, I opt for second option. Read Ezekiel 33:6. Moreover what did the Levites & Phinehas do in the Bible?

        • Dear TPM wellwisher.
          A small correction in the previous comment. “If you feel TPM teachings are in tandem with God”s word then, plz continue. God bless you1

  28. Dear TPM Wellwisher,

    Here’s God’s word with the facts needed to back your statement of faith, when you wrote: #I am 100% sure .. He will provide you with the facts that you need to prepare your life to meet your Jesus#

    Please tell me what fact is not provided by the amazing grace of God through faith and obedience to the truth?

    Col 1:21 And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled
    22 In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight:
    23 If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel

    Jude: 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,
    25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

    1 Cor 1; 30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption

    God bless you

  29. Sad to see people who claim to be ‘Christians’ fighting over petty issues

    I am at great peace since I left this church

    But there are people who are so addicted to this church.doesnt mean that they are’s their personal preference

    I ve had
    many experiences which I felt contradicted the great commission and the core message which Jesus Christ tried to convey.

    .but there are people who have no problems with that and follow them whole heartedly and rely on this church and it’s ministers for strength and protection..

    • Great to know that you have left TPM but I find your petty issue part of your comment a bit offbeat for a true Christian. Anyway as you said people can do whatever they want in the name of God, so why bother.

      Have a nice time reading through the petty issues while you are here.

    • Brother Christian, while I was happy to see your first paragraph that you had left TPM because it didn’t align with the great commission etc., I was taken aback that you still hold on to some of TPMs mindset – depending on TPMs minister for protection? God should be our protection brother not some white clad saint.

  30. @ No more a slave to fear … I tried to `correct’ some friends/family..but their attitude towards TPM non believers is similar to some orthodox Muslims…. both tortures mentally those who try to leave the church/relegion or is against its teachings(Of the potential dangers that awaits NON TPM believers once they leave TPM RADAR)..So I decided to mind my own business..thats why i said its their personal preference ..If they dont have the logic to think and analyse then nobody can inject any TRUTH unless they themselves stop seeing Christianity through TPM lens

    .There are only two categories of people in is Hardcore brainwashed folks ..the other is neutral believers who depend on church for their marriage and all such stuff and not at all cocncerned about truth..if people search for truth they ll leave the church for by petty issues i mean the time and energy wasted in arguing with HARDCORE BRAINWASHED FOLKS

    @ daniel .. i dint say I depend on their protection…I was referring to the brainwashed believers

    • Thanks Bro for clarifying. Yes I agree with your observations and I understand how hard it is to get our dear ones out of this addiction.

    • Thanks Bro for clarifying. Yes I agree with your observations and I understand how hard it is to get our dear ones out of this addiction without them having a personal revelation.


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