The time is nearing when the Righteous Judge is going to tell many of the TPM ministers & believers, what Isaac told his son Jacob. “Jacob went near to Isaac his father. He felt him, and said, “The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau.”(Genesis 27:22). Of course the Righteous Judge, Jesus Christ is not blind like Isaac who can’t see what we do. He knows every in and out of our life but he is patiently waiting for the right time to say, “you hypocrites, there is a world of difference between your preachings and practices.”

The Contradictions in TPM - Words vs WorksThese people who claim to be on the summit of Zion, Jesus would look at many of them & say, “depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.”  Imagine what a moment of shame that would be for them. According to Revelation 22:12 , Jesus would not reward anyone for the multitudes of words but the works. As Isaac found that voice was of Jacob but hands of Esau, so also Jesus the perfection of wisdom knows that many of TPM ministers’  Words & Works have no harmony. Jacob could deceive his father Isaac because he was blind but no one can deceive Jesus, who has the fiery eyes. He is very patient therefore, His judgment can be delayed but not denied and the delayed judgments are dangerous judgments.

Jesus vs TPM Ministers

In this article, I am going to draw a comparison between the works of JESUS CHRIST & the works of the so-called Zion bound saints.

  1. Jesus became “A MAN OF SORROW” (Isa. 53:3): The Hebrew word for sorrow is MAKOBE which means Physical & mental pain. We know that before the appearance of Jesus, people were under the heavy burden of the law which inflicted Physical & Mental pain on humanity. But Jesus due to the love for human soul renounced the joy of Heaven and voluntarily took upon Himself everything that stole the joy of man to become a man of sorrow. But on the contrary, TPM ministers who claim to be the real followers of Jesus are bringing their people under the yokes of various laws and inflicting both physical & mental sorrow to the members.
  2. Jesus became a friend of sinners (Matthew 11:19): Though impeccable even by birth yet, He was the friend of sinners. But look at TPM ministers who are full of many un-sanctified natures consider themselves so holy that they don’t even like to have fellowship with other blood washed band; leave aside the sinners. If at all they begin to have fellowship with any other Pentecostal believer it is with a selfish purpose. That is to steal from the other fold.
  3. Jesus became a rejected stone. (I Pet.2:7,8): Our Lord Jesus Christ was rejected by His own people because of the reformation which they did not like. Unlike Jesus, the ministers of TPM are well accepted by their ignorant members. For this, the TPM ministers are similar to the Indian politicians who please the rich believers and control the poor who have no voice in the church. These ministers have different laws for different people. As the rich people in India easily escape from the clutches of law, so also the rich members in TPM. You can notice that the TPM ministers covet to be called with respective titles. There are ministers who force the members to address them, “Aiyya, Appachen, Acchayan, moolah(elder), Pastor, Santji, etc. They are similar to the Pharisees about whom Jesus said in Matthew 23:6 & 7, “And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.” They profess to have denounced everything but their works contradict the words. Unlike Jesus, they forcefully want to be accepted.
  4. Jesus became a humble servant. (Philippians. 2:7,8): See how beautifully the 7th verse is written in Easy English Version, (Instead, he made himself much, much less important. He took for himself a servant’s nature. He became like men.) Can you find this quality in TPM ministers? Of course, there could be few whom we can count on our fingers but the majority are masters than to be humble servants. As it’s written in Matthew 23:6,  “But the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees like to sit in the important places at special meals. They also sit in the important places in the buildings where people meet to pray“. Even in their prayer halls, when the members sit on mats, the ministers will subtly claim that their standard is higher than them by sitting on a special mat with other sheets on it. Again in the special meals (ex. Communion Service), they maintain their standards above their members. In the Bible we read that, when Jesus served the communion to the twelve, he broke the bread & gave it first to them, so also the wine. But in the communion of TPM, the in charge minister first take part in it and then according to their set ranks from senior to junior and then the believers. In everything, they show themselves superior to the believers. So, in words, they are humble servants but in works, they are arrogant masters.
  5. Jesus became a laughing stock (Matthew 27:39): Can you see any TPM minister is becoming a laughing stock to the world for the sake of God & His kingdom? The entire history is a witness that, except few early days ministers no one till date has become a laughing stock. If at all people laugh at TPM ministers it’s because of their own follies. Our savior, Jesus Christ was mocked upon by others when He took on Himself the sins & iniquity of every man. Have you seen any present time TPM ministers taking the blame of others upon himself/herself & become a laughing stock? No! It’s a far cry to every so called saint. No one will take the blame rather, put the blame on others to save their own skins. Some recent incidents are very clear proof for that. These so called saints are good to make direct or indirect fun of other denominations.

A Comparison

Before I close this article, I would like to summarize the entire thing with a comparison table.

 A Man of sorrows Men & women of comforts
 A Friend of sinners Friend of rich believers
A Rejected stone Strive to be liked by all
A Humble Servant Arrogant Masters
A Laughing Stock Make others laughing stocks



My dear reader, don’t you see that TPM ministers make a lot of vain boastings?  The hen lays a small egg and makes a lot of noise but, TPM ministers are worst than the hen who do nothing and still make a lot of boastings. According to Jesus, they are the blind guides and I request you to be wise enough not to follow otherwise with these blind guides you too will fall in the everlasting pit. Come out of it lest you perish. They have only words but no works.


  1. TPM ministers (actually they are audacious, another just opposite character of JESUS) completely fill the English saying “empty vessels make more sound”. They neither know nor follow what they preach. They preach for hours without any contents. I am amazed at the ignorance of the believers and their patience. Thambdurai (center pastor of Dubai) knows it very well, that is why they called the believers as slaves (as per the article mentioned in this site).
    Admin, marvelous work.


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