Going through lots of comments on this site is quite interesting if you are investigating the psychology of cult members. As of today, this site has 100+ articles and 2400+ comments in English. So it is a minefield to know the thinking process behind a typical TPM believer. Apart from the comments, the admin receives numerous private emails from TPM Believers stuck in this rotten system wanting to get out. We also get emails from many people complaining about abuses done on them by the clergy who are living in the exploits with the explicit understanding of the Seniors.

We have highlighted few wicked things happening in TPM and the cover-up done by the Senior Clergy. Out of all these communications at our disposal, one communication stands out by TPM Die Hards. This is their often used slogan of ” TPM is the Best Church” or  “There is no Better Church than TPM” or something very similar on those lines.

Before we proceed, check out the below comment from one of the TPM Diehards who wanted to prove a point in favor of TPM being the Best Church. There are quite a lot of similar comments. This one was selected just because it was one of the latest ones.

The Spirit behind the Best Church syndrome

What Causes this “Best Church Syndrome”?

This type of brainwashing works ONLY with people who are not Spiritual. Such kind of competitive mentality is a key thing which can be observed in people who are given to the lusts of the Flesh. Needless to say, we all know the works of the flesh displayed in the Parents of Sunday School pupils and also TPM Ministers during the anniversary time. If you are in TPM, you would have heard of many sermons with a condescending tone towards other Ministries. The TPM Doctrines are designed to keep their ministers and believers thinking of themselves higher than the rest of Christendom. They do not realize that such an attitude is a characteristic of the end times (2 Timothy 3:4)

Let us see what the Apostle says about such a spirit in Galatians 5:19-21.

19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, EMULATIONS, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

EmulationsPlease note the word EMULATIONS in Verse 20. I have underlined and capitalized it for easier visibility. Though TPM excels in each one of the lists above, we will focus on Emulations in this article. Please look at the highlighted definition of the word Emulations on the picture. “Effort to match or surpass a person or achievement, typically by imitation.”

It is quite common in TPM Circles and their Ministers to boast of things like the follows.

  • I fast for 4 times a week because the Bible says our righteousness should surpass the righteousness of Pharisees.
  • I pay 20% of my income because the Bible says our righteousness should surpass the righteousness of Pharisees.
  • I read 10 chapters of the Bible, a day
  • I attend all meetings without fail
  • If the Old Testament saints could do so, How much more should we do?
  • I pray 3 hours a day because the Tithe of the Time belongs to the Lord.
  • I get up at 4:00 AM for praising just as the Saints.
  • The More and louder somebody speaks in unknown tongues, it is assumed that they are more spiritual.
  • The More somebody washes the vessels and cooks food in TPM Convention, the more they are blessed.

Seldom do they realize that they are in the grip of the Works of the Flesh and assumes that they are pleasing God by all these efforts. The more they get fanatical about TPM, the more they do the works of the flesh and squabble for first place with their effort.

We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise2 Corinthians 10:12

Paul never dared to compare him to others in the Emulation business. But we have these white clad false apostles who are always in the business of comparing themselves with others and claiming to be the Best Ones. They boast on the following factors to prove their BETTER STATUS.

  • They claim to have left all their possessions and working for the Lord Full time and look down on others who do secular work along with the ministry.
  • They claim to be eunuchs and have sacrificed their sexual appetite for the work of the Lord compared to other ministers who are married.
  • They claim to pray for their believers 2/3 times a day compared to other ministers whom they assume to be not doing so.
  • They claim to be wearing always white dress to show that they are special people compared to others who wear colored dresses.
  • and much more.

Their so-called Consecration is just a manifestation of the Works of the Flesh. They have been successful in fooling unspiritual ignorant people whom they lead. TPM Ministers tries to cover up their poor scriptural base and twisted interpretations with this new trick – Consecration. Check out the comments column of this website and you can know that the TPM fanatics/faithfuls do not have any scriptural understanding of their way of life. They are totally dependent on their “Saints” to push them through to eternity.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:6


Dear TPM Believer,

Please understand that you have been duped by these men who show a form of Godliness and are living off your hard earned money. They love to trap you inside the Competitive Spirit and make you dance to their tunes. We know that you do not realize that you are caught in the WORKS OF THE FLESH. Such Emulations are not a simple thing which you should ignore. Check back with Galatians 5:19-21 and see the other companions to this spirit which trapped you in EMULATIONS. Do not fall for their consecration game. God is waiting for you but his Spirit will not always strive with Men. Repent and Come back to Jesus.



    em-u-la’-shun (zelos, parazeloo):

    Occurs twice in the New Testament, once in a bad sense and once in a good sense.

    (1) In Galatians 5:20 the King James Version it is the translation of zelos (“zeal,” “earnestness,” “enthusiasm”) where it is classed among “the works of the flesh” and signifies the stirring up of jealousy or envy in others, because of what we are, or have, or profess. The Greek word is used in this sense in Acts 13:45; Romans 13:13; 1 Corinthians 3:3; James 3:14,16; 2 Corinthians 12:20; Galatians 5:20; the Revised Version (British and American) translated by “jealousy.” It denotes a work of the flesh or lower nature, which Christians often fail sufficiently to guard against; it pleases “the flesh” to excite such a feeling in others.

    (2) In Romans 11:14 the King James Version “emulation” is the translation of parazeloo (“to make one zealous or jealous”), and is there used in a good sense. “If by any means I may provoke to emulation (the Revised Version (British and American) jealousy) them that are my flesh” (compare Romans 10:19, quoted from Deuteronomy 32:21). It is well to “provoke to emulation” in this sense, those who are slow or indifferent, by the example of earnestness and zeal on our part. This is not to please “the flesh,” but to serve “the Spirit.”

    • Brother Warren,
      I have quoted few examples of this Work of the Flesh which is active in TPM among its believers and Ministers.
      Do you see those as a Good thing that should be followed or something not fit for a spiritual person?

      • What I was trying to say, and perhaps didn’t make clear, is that your points about comparing ourselves amongst ourselves are good points. However, the definition used (Googled) for “emulation” is not the correct definition to apply here.

        This definition: “Effort to match or surpass a person or achievement, typically by imitation” is for the modern use of the word emulation. The word used in Galatians 5 is translated “jealousy” in other versions, because that is closer to the meaning of the original word.

        It came across as a sort of “deeper truth” from the Galatians 5 verse, when actually it is an inaccurate use of it.

        • I agree that Google definition is milder in tone and is not used with the exact same intent as is used by the Apostle.

  2. The article here is written I think based on an incorrect definition of how emulation is used in the verse. (KJV uses a number of words whose meanings have changed over time.)

    The verse about comparing ourselves amongst others are clear by themselves; however, you don’t want to appear to be making the same mistake of improper interpretation of scriptures (the same mistake which you point out in TPM) by insisting on interpreting emulation (as a work of the flesh) by an incorrect definition.

    • Bro Warren I agree to your first point that no impulse can be used as absolute good. There are always two senses in which a thing can be used. C S Lewis in his book mere Christianity makes this point. “Strictly speaking there is no such thing as good or bad impulse. Think once again of a piano. It has not got two kinds of notes on it, the “right” notes and the “wrong” ones. Every single note is right at one time and wrong at another. ……The most dangerous thing you can do is to take any one impulse of your own nature and set it up as the thing you ought to follow at all costs. There is not one of them which will not make us into devils if we set it up as an absolute guide.”

      Murder is rightly punished by government when you kill someone out of revenge, anger or personal strife. At the same time a soldier killing a terrorist to save 1000 men, women and children is rewarded medal of honor by government.

      When we look to case of “Emulations (jealousy arising out of comparison),” TPM does use emulation in bad sense. It uses it to make a vain boast of itself (which is discouraged in scriptures and hallmark of religious spirit). The article tries to express this meaning and usage of emulation by TPM as works of flesh — which means arising out of carnal human nature.

    • Brother Warren,
      Comparing one with other is NOT WISE as per Apostle Paul. What makes you think it is a Good thing? Stop Comparing is my message. The One who Got the 1 talent should stop comparing with the one who got 2 talents. God is not in the Comparison Game.

      • Again, as I commented above, I agree with the scripture, and with your use of that scripture (regarding comparisons).

        It was the wrong definition being used to interpret emulations that I was pointing out.

    • Brother,
      What is the issue that is causing a heartburn for you? Is not Gal 5:20 saying Emulation is the Work of the Flesh along with Adultery, Fornication, Witchcraft etc? From what I see, this article has pricked you and you are trying to defend yourself. Its clear as a daylight for anybody to see what the article was intending.

    • Brother Warren,

      Zelos is the greek word used for “emulations”. The word is used in a negative sense in Galatians since it is the work of the flesh. (https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?t=NASB&strongs=g2205)

      The meaning is “an envious and contentious rivalry, jealousy”.

      I don’t see anything wrong in the article based on the meaning of “zelos”. It is a spirit of jealousy and competition (in the case of TPM, a competition with other denominations)

      • The definition you are using is correct: however the article was written based on another definition: not about jealousy, but more about “one-upmanship” based on a current definition of emulation.

        Consider this quote from the conclusion of the article: “We know that you do not realize that you are caught in the WORKS OF THE FLESH. Such Emulations are not a simple thing which you should ignore. Check back with Galatians 5:19-21 and see the other companions to this spirit which trapped you in EMULATIONS.”

        Reading this in the context of the article, you would know that author is not warning against jealousies, but against the attitude of comparing with others to feel a sense of superiority. Again, the point is correct–we shouldn’t do that–what is incorrect is the use of the Googled definition for emulation in its modern sense to make the verse say something it isn’t saying.

        • Dear Warren,
          You will notice these following 2 entries support the contents of admin’s article and the clear Biblical intention and teaching of Apostle Paul.
          Galatians 5:20 N-NMS
          GRK: ἔχθραι ἔρις ζῆλος θυμοί ἐριθείαι
          NAS: strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger,
          KJV: variance, emulations, wrath,
          INT: enmities strife jealousy fits of rage contentions

          Please note here that the KJ translators chose the word “emulations” and not the word “jealousy”.

          KJV Dictionary Definition:
          EM’ULATE, v.t. L. oemulor; Gr. strife, contest.

          EMULA’TION, n. The act of attempting to equal or excel in qualities or actions; rivalry; desire of superiority, attended with effort to attain to it; generally in a good sense, or an attempt to equal or excel others in that which is praise-worthy, without the desire of depressing others. Rom.11. In a bad sense, a striving to equal or do more than others to obtain carnal favors or honors. Val.5.

          1. An ardor kindled by the praise-worthy examples of others, inciting to imitate them, or to equal or excel them.

          A noble emulation heats your breast.

          2. Contest; contention; strife; competition; rivalry accompanied with a desire of depressing another.

          Such factious emulations shall arise.

          The context of the subject matter in Gal 5:19-21 is the works of the flesh and their consequences. Emulations is in this list. Verse 21 says: they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

          Now this article is giving examples of how works attended with effort to attain them, have caused TPM adherents to say “TPM is the Best Church”. Thus, these works of the flesh have inclined men/women to emulation; rivalling; being disposed to competition, desire of superiority, accompanied with a desire of depressing another…such as Thomas’ comment in the post, “why you still remain here?”

          Apostle Paul is teaching the Galatians that false teaching corrupts the whole lump. They were to walk in the Spirit of liberty, love and faith. Justification is by faith, which unites us to Christ, in whom there is fullness of justifying merit. Faith through the heart then promotes all of the activities in the Christian life.

          Paul is showing here in Galatians 5 that we must stand in the liberty, in the faith and hope of the gospel, in Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life, in Jesus Christ who makes us free.

          Finally, in Gal 5:26 Paul writes, Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.

  3. The best twister in the world award should be given to the the admin of this site. I said, though you find so many faults still you are a member in TPM which means you find something in TPM that is holding you back from completely rejecting it. And I also added, be a member of any of the better churches you can find rather than abusing an organization which is corrupt in your sight.
    The Admin is also still keeping his foot in TPM and he hasn’t completely come out of it – the reason – the admin should know better – and the readers are not deceived.
    Come out clean from TPM – show your actual face to the TPM ministers where you are attending – then claim all the tall claims which you are writing here.
    The admin himself accepts in one place that “The reason why I did not reveal my name yet is that I know that the moment TPM knows me, they will throw me out. And once I am thrown out, I will lose any interest in this organization. ”
    He doesn’t want to be thrown – Why?
    He needs a foothold here .
    Dear readers do not be fooled by this Admin who is still an active member of TPM and who is pretenting before the TPM ministers that he is one among the TPM fold and hiding his true identity to them as well to his followers by hiding under a cloak called Admin.

    • Bro Thomas
      You are puking revenge of Ego hurt. You are biased and insincere! As far as I am able to understand from the admin’s statement “…I will loose my interest” I understand that he means to say that the moment he goes out of TPM, he will loose interest in exposing false teachings and works of darkness of TPM. This will be a great loss to people who are thanking God for this site as becoming a blessing to them.

      • It’s useless arguing with you Nath. To expose a criminal, will you be one among the criminal? There’s no logic. “The Admin will lose Interest” – Why? He can still expose the errors from being outside. He is playing double game. On one side he is such a good TPM believer doing all he can do to show himself a TPM believer. On the other side he is PUKING relentless abuses against TPM. He is afraid, if he is exposed he cannot come back to the fold of TPM. He is afraid he may lose his position in the church – whatever be the reasons he does not want to come out of TPM. And all the time he is fooling everyone.

        • For you information Thomas. The admin does not really care to stay inside TPM. Knowing very clearly that TPM is a bundle of lies, there is no reason to stick on with TPM. For him every day spend in this crooked organization is a pain. He does not gain anything by continuing in TPM. But He is making sure that he is not leaving it without an effort to expose the truth. He or Me, in this case, will certainly not be interested in an organization which he does not have anything to do. Everybody on this website knows that you have a problem of hatred with the Admin because he is exposing you and you do not have a reply. Anyway, I hope you realize your folly.

    • Brother Thomas,
      Why is this hatred so much within you that you are forced to make accusations which are not even valid for consideration. I suggest that you introspect yourself and see the cause for such malice and hatred within you. As for me I am quite happy and thankful for this ministry which Admin is doing by exposing the works of Darkness.

      • Bro Johnson
        I have no hatred or malice as you suggest. It is your Admin who is showing himself a good TPM believer on one side and on the other side is full of malice and hatred towards them.
        My point is – come clean out of TPM and accuse it. If you feel you cannot come out of it and something is holding you back – then there’s no point in all the accusations he is bringing up here!!!

      • Whatever be the syndrome I may have as you allege
        you are a backstabber like Judas showing yourself to be someone and betraying by kissing.
        you are hypocrite showing a good believer in TPM church and accusing it outside.
        You consider yourself the highest authority in doctrine, prasing techniques, leading the church, holiness, sexual purity and other things.
        You consider everyone inferior to you.
        You never listen to other’s arguments while you will call others deaf adder.
        Your followers are a victim of your hypocrisy and the TPM church is a victim of your backstabbing

        • It’s interesting to see this empty rhetoric from people like Thomas and RG. In so many comments these guys have critiqued the admin for exposing tpm’s devious activities and doctrines while he (admin) still goes to tpm. It’s interesting they bring this up all the time, cz they don’t have anything qualitative to bring to the table, and are absolute cowards when reality is presented to them on a platter. On a personal level, I stopped going to tpm since 2 years, and when I bring up things like these, tpm fanatics ask me why I’m concerned about tpm when I’m not a part of tpm anymore. Lol! So basically tpm fanatics won’t let you talk about tpm’s deviousness irrespective of whether you still go tpm or not. I honestly think whether the admin attends tpm or not is totally insignificant, or explain me how’s that related to the article/incident that is published? You can either support or condemn the article,if you condemn the article, please provide a qualitative explanation of why the article is wrong, you can use facts/statistics/Biblical references etc. But no, there’s nothing like that from the side of the tpm fanatics. I’ve read so many comments on this site where Tpm fanatics are upset cz only tpm’s faults are highlighted here and not other churches! It baffles me, are these fanatics interested in fixing what’s wrong with tpm or are they validating their mistakes by claiming that others denominations are equally bad?! From a personal perspective, I will never tell you that other denominations/churches are faultless, but the shocking fact is that other denominations don’t claim to be perfect , and tpm is a champion in making people perceive their perfection through stupid doctrines and revelations which contradict the Bible contextually. The fact of the matter is that tpm fanatics lack the guts to face criticism. I admire guys like Vik Gant, yes he is against this website but atleast he brings quality to the table and atleast he has the guts to acknowledge that there are a lot of things wrong with tpm.

  4. Admin with diabolic conspiracy why are you not posting all the comments… u do u filter stuff as per your wish

  5. Dear Admin,
    I’m surprised how come you dint post about the luxurious coat and suit they wear when they travel to foreign countries.. Our chief pastors for example.
    White clothes in India and Suits in foreign countries..

    • Wearing a suit/skirt is not the problem imo. It is wearing it abroad and then looking down on other denomination Christians who wear the same in India and calling them “worldly” or “nominal”.

      • Josh / Richard..its not just wearing suit to travel. All workers in abroad wear suit all the time – even for weekday meetings and in scorching 40 degree summer. Each one have got stack of suits with matching ties. I heard from one believer (not heard, he actually showed me the receipt) that this worker minister although was in Australia, used to borrow the credit card from him in order to buy this high quality expensive suit from the US!
        Even a rich believer won’t have the dress and shoes they wear, and the gadgets (latest iPhones and Macbooks etc.,) they possess. And these hypocrites preach about living a simple life !!

    • I had attended Tpm church marriage. Marriage was taking place in Tpm church Nagpur. When Bridegroom entered tpm church wearing coat small pastor saw this, and caught hold of bridegroom’s hand and forcefully pulled him out of marriage hall saying remove the coat or he will not solmenize marriage. Bridegroom was humiliated on his wedding day and he became angry. He insisted on wearing coat and the hall became heated in this fight. Tpm big pastor Shyam Sunder locked himself in his room and said, and said unless the boy removes his coat and wears white shirt & pant this marriage will not be solmenized. Imagine the situation. All arrangements were made, food prepared, guests from each side have arrived and then Tpm pastor Shyam sunder and other pastor announced that marriage will not be solmenized. Only because the bridegroom wore a coat. Finally bridegroom had to give up his desire of coat and marriage was halted for hours until Bridegroom went out to shop to bought white shirt and pant.

      • The TPM laity are weak, they are paralyzed. they are blind, they are voiceless. Nonetheless, out of their weakness, they must find the strength to liberate the Church from its inhumanity, from the bondage of clericalism so it can become, once again, the loving community of human beings that Christ loves so much.
        The TPM believer, however weak, must seize the initiative for change, because the clergy person “who is himself dehumanized because he dehumanizes others, is unable to lead the struggle

        Only those who truly believe that they have something to offer can experience themselves as spiritually adult. As long as someone feels that he or she is only an object of someone else’s generosity, no dialogue, no mutuality, no authentic community can exist

        • Bro Franklin, depends on how Porsche/ expensive the bridegroom’s coat was…if it was a really expensive branded suit they probably confiscated it and transferred it to one of the overseas faith home for their polished saints to use.

      • This is nothing short of fanaticism, extremism and terrorism. A pastor’s job or a minister’s job is to shepherd the sheep,not terrorize the congregation

    • Hello Ebyson, by your attitude it seems obvious you are one of the white clad daytime saint or their partner in crime. As said in the “about” section, you would have crossed the line on your comments with abusive words, hence admin would filter your comments. People like you, Thomas, RG, Henry etc., can’t shake us by vain babbling, threatening and raising your tone. You all keep that with you and your stinking cult because that’s all you can do.
      This blog is for scriptural rebuttals on the articles published.

    • @ M I Ebyson Brother/Pastor/CentrePastor/Chief Pastor,

      Whoever you are. Welcome to fromtpm. You should be thankful to admin for not publishing your real name. Anyways we are unlike Thomas, RG, and we intend to know your how you defend Tpm doctrines rather than your name. We all were longing to see men/women adorned in white ecclesiastic garbs to defend their heretical preachings.

  6. Lol!!”The more somebody washes the vessels and cooks food in TPM convention the more they are blessed”.I know many believers who are very reluctant to do their house hold chores…wash vessels at faith homes simply because they expect great reward.

  7. OMG! Who is this M.I.Ebyson? Looks like TPM aficionado; his language gives him away. I think such language also is a part of TPM DEEPER TRUTH. Carry on Ebyson M.I. because people like you with such speech will help us to know what TPM really is?

  8. TPM people are soaked in their traditions and I think it’s next to impossible to come out of it. I have heard what was done with the mortal remains of Pastor Wesley Peter. He died in London and before his body was air-lifted to India for the funeral, there was a meeting held in London for people to give their last honour to him. There his mortal remains were clothed in black suit. After the meeting and all other formalities his body was air-lifted with the same black suit. But immediately after his body landed at the Head Quarters in Irumbuliyur they tore apart that black suit & clothed him with white. What a funny thing? What were they trying to prove? Is it that God wouldn’t give him entry in Zion if he is not buried with white clothes upon him? Sad to say their that the belief of TPM people is in their outward look & they think, God also approves their narrow thinking.

  9. Dear Anthony Parker,
    There is a saying “in Rome behave like Romans.” That means in London coat is the most important characteristic feature to go to Zion where as in India it is the white cloths dipped in kanji vellam (rice water) because GOD’s judgement is based of external appearances.

  10. Dear , TEAM

    pls add a testimony section so that we can add our reviews and gratitude also how it helped us to clear our doubts , opened our eyes . yes we are still in the church not a member yet .. .. can someone our doubts a bit more ..?

    thanks .

  11. Dear admin brother, pls include me so that I get notifications of your current posts and I would like to participate in them.

  12. Dear Brothers, I think a lot of the self edification by TPM is because they PURELY follow the books written by Paul rather than the teachings of Jesus HIMSELF. Already a lot of discrepancies are there between the teachings of Jesus HIMSELF and Paul’s. Can you please start a new discussion highlighting the differences between the teachings of Jesus and Paul ??

    • Sis Priya,
      There is no discrepancy between teachings of Paul and Jesus. Neither between James and Paul. Nor between old testament and New Testament! Problem is in our understanding. Let us humbly accept it.

      See Luk 24:45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. This means that as a natural men our eyes to understand the scriptures is closed. It really takes illumination by Spirit of God to understand that there is no discrepancy.

      I am saying this by experience. Initially, when I understood what Paul preached, i felt like i was in heaven – out of false teachings. Later my joy tripled to find Paul’s teachings in old testament (every book of OT). But later I became troubled to find James contradicting Paul. Few months later I became more restless when I compared Jesus and Paul. But finally God in his mercy showed me that there is no discrepancy between OT, Jesus, Paul or James. I am not saying that I understand everything perfectly but I faced those troubles and by mercy of God I am now at peace. I pray for you the same. May God help you understand there is no discrepancy whatsoever.

      Few suggestions:
      1) Pray to God, to help you understand. Only he can do it. No amount of any persons effort will help you. Only God can.
      2) We need to change our old habits of focusing on particular texts and we must learn to take the big picture into consideration.
      3) Understand Pauline message first. Then try to see it in Gospels, and you will find that Gospels teach the same thing. You will be shocked to see it in OT too.

      Now regarding your Paul calling himself saint. Kindly substantiate your claim be verses. As far as I know, Paul called every saved believer saint (saint on virtue of works of work done by Christ). See Rom 1:7 , 12:13, 15:25. He called himself chiefest of sinners ().

      Crux of his message is “not having my righteousness but of Christ in me (Rom 4:5, 10:3, Phil 3:9).” You are reading something else in his sentences, just opposite to central theology of Paul.

      (According to one of Ravi Zacharias messages), When Jesus said, no one is good, Jesus was pointing to original sin. He was not saying he (Jesus) wasn’t good. He was saying only God is good. Jesus was not manifesting humility but rather Jesus was pointing to state of man as sinner by birth: that no amount of good works can do anything to change our state and the only way to gain eternal life was death to self on cross and be resurrected. You are reading in this passage humility of Jesus which is not the what Jesus was doing. With criticizing mindset, we humans can find passages in Bible, in which we can find even Jesus as boasting. For example Jesus’s saying “glorify thy son (john 17).” So my point is that our attitudes are wrong. And there is no discrepancy in old new testaments, or paul and Jesus and Paul and James.

      Finally TPM doesn’t understand even ABC of Paul’s theology. Leave alone them following books written by Paul. I absolutely disagree with you that TPM follows books written by Paul.

  13. Dear Believer in Christ, A lot of discrepancies are there. To be honest it would take hundreds and thousands of pages of discussion to discuss about this. But let do it one by one. I am not going to go too deep…. once JESUS was called as good master….. while his ministry on Earth…. JESUS immediately contradicted it saying why do you call me GOOD…. Except for the Father NOBODY else is GOOD…. Then why does Paul REPEATEDLY call HIMSELF a SAINT…. leading a holy life, striving….. etc etc… Let’s even assume that ok…. He is indeed living a holy life…. why does he keep stressing about it in all his letters. JESUS spoke highly ONLY of HIS FATHER and taught us to do so. But Paul hardly speaks about the Father…. But keeps edifying self…. the same is done by TPM SAINTS…Let’s leave Paul out for now…. let me ask something…. Let’s assume I (Priya) live a life of holiness without defining myself in anyway…. of course except by birth…. and that too I get washed by the blood of Jesus….. my righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees… etc etc…. Then I start calling myself SAINT…. SAINT Priya…. How does it sound ???? Horrific !!!! Except for the Father NOBODY else is Holy…. Yes JESUS is Holy because of the Father… He HIMSELF says so…. Yes in the Word of GOD the Lord calls us SAINTS…. that is His magnanimity, His grace… Let’s not call ourselves SAINTS…. Even if we live like one….be it me or you or TPM or Paul….. By the way if YOU read the church history, how bible came into existence, theological perspective etc.. we can see clearly with proof that the books of the bible written by Paul are only his letters to specific churches….. with his PERSONAL opinions for each church….. Paul didn’t intend it to be read and followed as theological TEACHINGS….

  14. Again ppl might argue that Paul indeed led a holy life, strived for the TRUTH etc etc… and he didn’t call himself SAINT to edify himself but to teach others to live a holy life…. ok. If this is the best strategy to be followed to teach people to be holy…. be pure as I am pure… work hard like I am working… be holy and blameless like me(paul) etc etc… why didn’t JESUS in His infinite wisdom follow this strategy ??? He NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER even ONCE edify himself…. call HIMSELF holy…. He ALWAYS and every single time called only His Father holy… He REALLY was the son of GOD… But never kept boasting showing off and ESPECIALLY instructing and teaching people mentioning His Holy life, etc etc…. Even if we are pure , intelligent etc etc… when we teach people we should not say BE LIKE Me !!! We should consider others above us…. others should call us a SAINT…. we should NEVER call ourselves a SAINT.

  15. Again…. I am sure that I have definitely not done justice in accurately conveying what is in my heart… about this matter… if Peter is a saint JESUS should give him that position and lead us to follow the same… Peter should not call himself a SAINT just to teach ppl to become like a SAINT….. I am just using Peter as an example here… am not accusing him here. But Paul….. brother pls read early theological teachings and interpretations and ESPECIALLY the revelation of the Lord HIMSELF…. hopefully you will understand the point that I am trying to make…. ..As far as TPM is concerned… I hear more about Paul than JESUS… that’s definitely irritating for me…. AGAIN this is my personal opinion… Jesus preached about perfect submission to the Father’s Will, Paul always teaches about becoming a SAINT… it’s really confusing….

    • Priya

      I agree with you that nobody should call himself a “saint”. Only those that are saintly in the eyes of God are saints.

      Having said that, TPM workers generally believe that those they follow lead a saintly life as per the doctrine and hence refer to them as “saints”.

      While it may not be common practice across all TPM faith homes, in my years I have observed several TPM workers also refer to believers as saints even testifying about their exemplary lives.

      However, the word “saint” has been used as a cover to segregate between workers and believers.
      At the end of the day, a worker is also a believer. (Hope that makes sense)

      Many people stand up and refer to “the saints”.
      My view is that this reference should be to all in the congregation who live or aspire to live a saintly life.

      Perhaps St Paul’s pre-eminence stems from the fact that he was the most high profile non-believer who became a believer and then spent his life propagating the teachings of Christ.

      While my grasp of the scriptures may not be as strong as yours, I do not recall any passage where Paul exalts himself.
      Rather in all cases, he gives all glory and honour to God.

      Similarly, the VAST majority of TPM workers do the same.
      There are a few that I have met who seem to promote themselves or their work.
      These are just a few and sooner or later they receive their reward.

      I would say there are some bad apples in the barrel, but don’t throw all the apples out just because a few of them are rotten.

      The congregation and everything in it belongs to God.
      No man can take it away from Him.

      There is a need for debate and understanding.

      The brothers on this site have disagreements with the doctrine, which can be resolved through dialogue.

      However, it has to be done in a peaceful, non-confrontational and respectful manner.

      In my earlier posts also I have disapproved of the tone of the posts on this website.

      • Dear Vik and Priya, please look at these words and their meanings, and God will give you peace, understanding and light to know the truth.

        The word ‘SAINT’ comes from ‘sanctus’ (from the Latin, from old French, from Middle English roots) and this word means a saint, holy; a person sanctified; a holy or godly person; one eminent for piety and virtue; it is particularly applied to the apostles and other holy persons mentioned in Scripture; a hypocrite may imitate a saint. Ps. 16.

        The word ‘SANCTIFY’ and ‘SANCTIFIED’ also comes from the same roots (L. sanctifico; from sanctus, holy, and facio, to make) and means to make holy, to set apart as holy, to make free from sin, purify.

        These words pertain to the glorious truths of the Christian faith, and it is good that you have raised your concerns so that others can lead you into the truth from the word of God.

        Christians are ‘saints’ by virtue of their connection with Jesus Christ. Christians are called to be saints, to follow Christ and to live in the power of the Holy Spirit living godly lives. 1 Cor 1:2 says “Unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are SANCTIFIED in Christ Jesus, called to be SAINTS, with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours.” Thus, this is the biblical description and the calling of the saints.

        1) Now, please note that in the character of God there is the standard of holiness – 1 Peter 1:15-16 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

        2) And in the character of Jesus there is the standard of holiness. Jesus is holy.
        Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit – Luke 1:35 says “And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”
        Acts 4:27 “For of a truth against thy holy child Jesus, whom thou hast anointed, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, and the people of Israel, were gathered together”
        Acts 4:30 “By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.”

        3) Also, the Holy Spirit is denominated the Sanctifier. He sanctifies or makes us holy – 2 Thessalonians 2:13 “But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.”
        Titus 3:5 “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost.”
        2 Tim 1:9 – “Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.”

        4) Jesus taught that we are made holy. The blood of Jesus Christ makes us free and holy. Therefore, unto us who have believed on, and received Christ and his own righteousness by faith, we are cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus, and set free from all unrighteousness of sin, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit and belief of the truth. Hebrews 13:12 – “Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate.” 1 Corinthians 6:11 – “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 1:2 – “Unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called [to be] saints, with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours:”. Jude 1:3 says – “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

        Christians are called to faithfully preach the word of God. Not to alter, reduce or add on to it. Thus, the Bible’s teaching of the word ‘saints’ is clear. It is a group of believers set apart for the Lord Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

        Put your confidence in Jesus, who prayed for all believers – “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. And for their sakes I sanctify myself that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Neither pray I for these alone (his apostles) but for them (are you one of the ‘them’?) also which shall believe on me through their word.” John 17:17,19,20.

      • Dear Vik,
        As I have commented before there is no provision or platform in TPM for a discussion or dialogue. Then how the believers will understand or know the real facts. They even discourage the believers from hearing other’s sermon or attending the other churches. Why? They are scared that once they start attending other churches or hear other sermons the blinded eyes of the believers through indoctrination will open. Bragging is the forte of these so called “saints”.

        Once I asked a “backslider” as per TPM version (but in reality it is the mercy of GOD that he could understand the fallacy while he was occupying most respected position and leading a most comfortable life in TPM) who had served in the this ministry as pastor more than 25 years about this “Zion” exclusive doctrine of TPM. He told me that many times he himself had asked these faith home sisters why you have joined the ministry, their reply used to be “to go to Zion”. These ladies don’t know anything from the bible. This is the pathetic condition of these white clad day time SAINTS.

        1 Peter 4:18, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?”

        So just by bragging saints, saints, saints does mean really they are one. From the above verse we can see the condition of righteous people. These white clad people are no way near saints. They enjoy everything of the world and pretend to be saints in front of others. They don’t fear GOD.

        I feel they are thinking like Brahmins. For brahmins heaven is guaranteed because after many reincarnations one become a brahmin. Like that when one start wearing 3.6 meter long white robe is a particular way under the slogan of TPM SAINTS will automatically go to this so called Zion irrespective of their secret encounter flesh of faith homes.

        2 Thessalonians 2:10,11 : They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

  16. Dear Vik, YET again you are only arguing…. I don’t know whether you have understood the point that I am trying to make or you are pretending to not understand either way your argument is VAGUE to say the least. Let me put forth my case before brother Franklin…. cause ONLY HE is making sense here….. sorry brother believer in Christ… you have not understood my.point…. ok coming back to having a conversation with brother Franklin…. Let’s assume and AGREE…. that ALL TPM SAINTS are SAINTS only…. all TPM believers are SAINTS…. cause believers call the PASTORS and ELDERS SAINTS and in turn SAINTS call the believers SAINTS…. cause word of GOD calls us all SAINTS… ok…. Franklin… what i am saying is…. let The Word of GOD call us SAINTS Let GOD out of his magnanimity call us SAINTS… why are we calling OURSELVES SAINTS ?????????????????????????? I am sure Franklin has understood this simple point… JESUS was a SAINT, A GOOD teacher… with endless credentials to HIMSELF….. NEVER once He called HIMSELF Son of GOD or GOOD Master, SAINT etc etc. When others called Him son of GOD, Holy etc etc… He only acknowledged politely and humbly ( WITHOUT repeating the word HIMSELF… ) although in every manner He was the Most High in everything. …. why don’t we follow JESUS like a SHEEP…. an exact copycat to the letter. JESUS said don’t call me GOOD… Let’s say PLEASE Don’t call me SAINT …. although we may be pure and holy and Saintly…. simple…. no need to complicate this with long and multiple references from the bible…. in another post… I read a brother writing about a brother Zac poonen…. honestly I don’t know much about this Zac poonen….. He said although Zac poonen is a asenior equal to a PASTOR he prefers being called a brother…. Now that’s what I call HUMILITY, thats what I calling following the example of Jesus to the letter…. acc to me he is saintly…. irrespective of whether he is married or not, wearing jewels or not, wearing color or white…. He has BEHAVED like a SAINT….SIMPLY by refusing to be CALLED e SAINT by others…. Dear Brother believer in Christ… I.AGAIN want to say this… YES YES YES, the Word of GOD does call ALL of the chosen as SAINTS… let us not call each other SAINTS let us not call ourselves SAINTS… well…. I can only conclude with this…. TPM or NOT…. ANY person calling himself a SAINT…. well I can’t…. of course let’s learn from JESUS…. it is my Personal character… if someone calls me a saint it’s as if fire is being poured on my head…. definitely the word SAINT for ME should come out of only one person’s mouth… the Lord… not me, not my followers(if any lol)or anybody else for that matter. I think this is a matter of personal choice and STANDARD…. I will say don’t call me a saint Pls, cause nobody else is saintly except for the Lord… ppl might say sister Priya.. don’t worry the Lord has given that right…. you live holy and you will be CALLED a SAINT…. my answer… let The Lord call… let us all STOP calling OURSELVES this and that… instead let us just edify the Lord and nobody else !!!! Some people like to be CALLED SAINTS but Zac poonen didn’t want to be called so… is he not a saint just because he is married ? NO ! He is a saint because he doesn’t want to be CALLED a SAINT… simple… it is my opinion…. my personal opinion…. if someone calls you a SAINT and you say DON’T…. you are a SAINT…. if someone calls you a SAINT and you keep quiet thinking… I lead a holy life, I have a right to be CALLED a SAINT acc to the word of GOD…. so let ppl continue calling me a saint…. sorry…. MY personal opinion…. I draw the line…. CHRIST taught us HUMILITY…. not taking and utilising all the titles he gave us (out of magnanimity)’. That’s my STANDARD.. others might have a HIGHER and CORRECT STANDARD …. let me not dispute that….. Franklin…. at least let’s learn a lesson. Others are SAINTS cause the are living a SAINTLY life…. you and me let’s catch the cross of CAlvary…. cause that’s the only place for sinners like YOU and ME…. and let me assure you one thing Franklin… the safest place is the place for a sinner at Calvary.

  17. Dear Brother believer in Christ. I TOTALLY AGREE to the point you have said in the beginning…. we are called to live a Pure and holy life like a SAINT…. a SAINTLY life…. true AGREED…. and we are even given the RIGHT to be CALLED as SAINTS…. my choice for MYSELF is….. no don’t call me a SAINT…. like a boss might say to his subordinate don’t call me boss…. call me by name…. but do your work sincerely buy perfectly…. someoother man who is also a boss might say call me boss only…. that’s what I am saying…. I am VERY stringent in approving of someone…. but brother Mohan Lazarus is a very humble and practical man of GOD. He is married, His wife wears jewels etc etc…. He has NEVER called HIMSELF a SAINT… NEVER urged others to call him a SAINT… does it mean he is not one ???? He is definitely a SAINT according to the word of GOD as you rightly mentioned…. He just chose to be not called a saint that’s all. That’s his STANDARD and I definitely respect that particular thing…. Now…. if there is any TPM supporter… please don’t start a meaning less argument about the cons of brother Mohan Lazarus…. I am only talking about his choice of not calling HIMSELF a SAINT….

  18. Franklin, THE surest and safest way to heaven is acknowledging that you and myself are sinners and clinging on to the cross… it will definitely lead us to heaven… brother Franklin…. this race to the highest place… Zion and new Jerusalem has made me insecure and restless. When u go back to Calvary and call MYSELF a SINNER and NOT a SAINT (cause I am indeed living holy)… at Calvary. That’s where I feel MOST secure and SURE that I will be with JESUS in heaven…. even if it is the LOWEST place in heaven I will be the HAPPIEST cause JESUS will be with me there… That’s what He said PLAIN and SIMPLE… a sinner like me deserves the LOWEST place in heaven…. just the feeling that the Lord gave His only begotten son and He shed his blood for me and I have this HIGHEST privilege that feels like heaven…. I am already living in heaven on earth…. cause everyday His blood is saving me…. and I promise you Franklin I will definitely be in heaven…. not cause I might live SAINTLY cause The BLOOD that JESUS shed for me …. the time and effort He put for me is not going to go waste. Franklin brother…. let’s be safe at Calvary…. seriously this tier one tier two and tier three and four heaven, the requirements for each level …. only is making me insecure and competitive and argumentative and bitter. When I look back at Calvary I find PEACE… total PEACE…. don’t you agree brother Franklin?

  19. Franklin, by the way as you have mentioned Zion and new Jerusalem are definitely not depicted in the Bible as TPM is depicting it… the word is very clear. 1,44,000 are pure blood line Jews from the tribulation period…. etc etc…. this is altogether a different topic for a different day. I don’t understand…. ppl want to race and catch the highest place for SAINTS living as SAINTS cause it’s rightfully theirs … seriously. !!!!…… as for me, I want to be safe clinging to the Old rugged cross… the Most pleasant thing in heaven above and earth below.

  20. By the way brother Franklin…. can u pls tell me who has started this website??? Admin, or Vik or nath??? Cause if it’s admin I understand, he is consistent in his opinions, what opinions he is giving here he is giving in other posts too, as for others seriously I am confused… one place they are for and at other places they are against the whole idea of our concerns here. Kindly educate me cause I definitely do not want to have vain conversations with ppl who are lost… I mean lost in the vanity of their brilliance both in their interpretation of scriptures and their vain boasting of their wits.

  21. Brother nath, As far as your argument goes saying TPM doesn’t follow Paul more… I have to respectfully disagree…every OLD believer knows this is true, even admin has mentioned once that they follow Paul more… plus I have documented ALL the sermons word by word… they might not mention his name but every teaching revolves around him. Paul himself may be good and a real saint, however too much of…… I am lost here for words to convey my conundrum…. Anyways this is a church filled with SAINTS, SAINTS calling believers as SAINTS, believers calling SAINTS as SAINTS cause they are SAINTS, then I confused as to where the 9 fruits of the spirit have got lost? I am just a layman… any person or church who edifices HIMSELF/ itself above other church believers/ other churches…. seriously I doubt if there is ANY fruit of the spirit there ??? I don’t know…. is it possible…

    • Sis Priya,
      I am not admin.

      //every OLD believer knows this is true, even admin has mentioned once that they follow Paul more… //

      TPM misinterprets Paul and his core soteriology. I seriously doubt whether you understand imputed righteousness which is the gospel preached by Jesus and Paul. Kindly don’t take this to heart. Consider me as brother who is writing this out of concern and not for sake of responding any argument. Either I am wrong or you are. One of us is for sure and other who is right must correct. Firstly I am dead against clergy laity divide. I am not supporting Tpm’s self exalting attitude of saints. And I don’t think Paul ever exalted himself or manifested clergy laity divide. What I am trying to tell you is that your claim of discrepancy between Paul and Jesus’s message needs correction. When you/old believers say that Tpm follows Paul more than Jesus, are you or old believers, saying that there is difference in what Jesus and Paul preached?

      If TPM preached right Gospel, (preached by both Jesus and Paul), then I wouldn’t have been out of TPM. I think TPM doesn’t understand gospel. They are still in bondage of Law. They believe in righteousness by works. This is not what Paul or Jesus preached. I don’t think TPM believers understand this. So their claim of TPM following saints doesn’t make sense because they misunderstand Paul. When you say TPM follows Paul, you are saying that Paul preached about righteousness from our own works (saintliness by good works). This is contrary to what scriptures tell about Paul’s soteriology (Rom 4:5, 10:3, Phil 3:9). Therefore I said, i guess that you are not aware of imputed righteousness which is Gospel. Were you aware, you would have understood Paul’s language. Therefore I humbly request you out of care and love, to study Romans to understand Paul and his soteriology.

      • Where did you learn to cling to cross alone to be saved? Is not this soteriology of Paul? And if it is then why are you saying Paul preaches something else?

        Rom 7:19 for the good that I would do, I do not. But the evil which I would not that I do.
        So in above verse Paul is lamenting his own holiness, righteousness and then in verse 24 he clings to cross!

        Again in Rom 4:5 he is explaining that man is declared righteous or saint in sight of God, not because of his self holiness or righteousness but because of his faith.

        Rom 4:5 – Now to the one who does not work, but trusts him who justifies (declares righteous) ungodly, his faith (clinging to cross) is counted righteousness.
        When did TPM teach this? Answer never. They teach righteousness/holiness/saintliness by there consecrated life – which is good works. Tell me whether they are following Paul??

        Rom 10:3 For they being ignorant of the righteousness that comes from God ( unaware of that Righteousness which is imputed by God to our credit when we cling to cross) and seeking to establish their own (righteousness/ saintliness by their own consecration , good works, celibacy), they did not submit to God’s righteousness.

        Tell me when did TPM taught this soteriology as taught by Paul? How can then old believers claim TPM follows Paul?

        Rom 5:19
        …. for by one man’s obedience many will be made righteous.

        Paul is preaching that by obedience of Jesus, we all who cling to cross (not our own holiness/saintliness) will be made righteousness. This is is imputed righteousness. This is good news. Tell me when did TPM teach this? They teach righteousness/ saintliness/holiness by celibacy, consecration, life of separation. This is contrary to what Paul is teaching above. How do you say, Tpm follows Paul?

        Philippians 3:9
        And be found in him (found inside Jesus), not having my own righteousness, that comes from law but that righteousness which comes through faith in Jesus Christ…. (Imputed righteousness or credited righteousness)..

        Tell me when TPM taught this imputed righteousness preached by Paul, which comes when you cling to cross? How can you say TPM follows Paul? When did Paul preach holiness saintliness or righteousness by his own celibacy or consecration here ?

        See Jesus,
        Matt 9:12 They that be whole need no physician, but they who are sick.
        Jesus is preaching here that if you think you are righteous, holy, consecrated, celibate, you are in no need of Jesus the physician. But if you think you are sinner and are tired ti trying and trying and trying and failing every time, then you cling to cross. Then you seek righteousness / saintliness imputed or credited to you because you trust him who can justify you without works. So where did Paul and Jesus differ?

        See the publican and sinner parable in luke 18:9 onwards
        Luke 18:9 – and he spake the parable to certain who trusted in there own consecration, holiness, saintliness, and despised others..

        So Jesus is teaching against righteousness/holiness/ saintliness by our own works ( pharisee/tpm). This is same as what Paul taught that not having my own righteousness…(phil 3:9 above). Tell me where is discrepancy between Paul and Jesus. How do you say TPM follows Paul and not words of Jesus?

        See Jesus,

  22. Franklin, Let me converse with you here because you definitely make sense in this forum and I don’t see any hypocrisy in you. My Father is a hindu, my mother and myself are Christians, my father would beat my mother and give us imposition if we even talked about JESUS. Mine is a Long story…. When the time came for me to marry obviously my father wanted me to marry a hindu, I wanted to marry a Christian. But how ? I was secretly attending the TPM church in Addis street Coimbatore. All the sisters and pastor knew me very well there. I wanted to go for ministry… they said it would not be possible because of my father… so I prayed and the Lord guided me to get married. I loved TPM and went and asked the pastors and sisters to help me get married in their congregation. Probably they were ok with it but you know what happened…. EACH and EVERY believer with a son wanted a fair skinned BEAUTIFUL girl, No need to wear jewels but dowry has to be given, status of father and mother was an important criteria and above that they wanted to know the caste, sect financial status etc etc. Not a single believer attempted to pray to the Lord and THEN accept or reject me…. they already OPENLY wanted fair skin, dowry etc etc… by the way my father is a well to do man, but I left his money to get married in TPM. I waited for 8 years and the same response was given uniformly all the believers at Coimbatore , adyar, annanagar, perambur…. and the list goes on. See the unity in their response…. response by white clad, non jewel wearing believerSAINTS…. I mean believers called as SAINTS by SAINTS…. I cried to the Lord with broken heart at the hypocrisy of the white clad BELIEVERS SAINTS (I am not referring to the PASTORS)…. you know what the Lord did ? He got me married to a hindu who accepted me as I looked, without even trimming the eyebrows ( which by the way almost ALL the young ladies in TPM do). He didn’t as for a single penny didn’t even ask once what my caste was…. gave me freedom to remain a Christian…. while he was still a hindu , the Lord then saved him by personally talking to my husband…. mind I didn’t preach the Lord to my husband… didn’t have any influence in His salvation…. everything was done by the Lord…. after many years I came back to the same Addis street Faith home, and the same people who rejected men for looks and money today are sitting beside me holding hands together and praising the holy name of the Lord…. if this is not hypocrisy what is…. pls tell me brother Franklin, I hope in this forum you are able to grasp my pain . Still event by event I can PROVE the discrepancies that happened in this same place. I have attended 5 marriages in 2014 alone in this church in chennai… ALL of which were love marriage clothed under the presumption of arranged marriages. What would you call this ??? These ppl saw the outwardly appearance and rejected me… the Lord Accepted and exalted me…. the church said that I need to be punished for 6 months for marrying a hindu, but conducted numerous love marriages inside and accepted them … I have absolutely no issues… TPM believers who call others SAINTS and those believers who are called SAINTS by SAINTS…. PLEASE ask for fair skin, ask for dowry, ask for caste and societal status, but don’t ask the Lord…. (cause whatever HE tells, you ppl cannot and will not do that) cause you are believers called as SAINTS. Every Sunday white uniform is checked and ppl not wearing it are scorned at be white clad believer SAINTS but no check is happening to see if they lusted for money, looked down upon their brethren, still follow caste, financial status etc etc… my opinion…. PLEASE start wearing white after each of this is not followed by the believer SAINTS…. last month our centre pastor itself narrated a incident where a believer SAINT wanted to get a match in their same caste…. but the are wearing white, No jewels , complete bible knowledge searching the verse and reading promptly etcetc but appearance is important…. don’t want beauty parlor but want to trim eyebrows every week…. want to wear elaborate stone clad broaches in the head and sari pins… if one stone from that broach is worn as earring it is declining the body… if is worn in big size in head it is simplicity…. Paul and Peter Suggested wearing modest clothes…. Not hypocritical clothes with branded handbags Rolex watches , n number of cars for a single family. I know a widow in perambur church with 2 small.children. there are many VVIP s with huge money , but not a single believer has come forward to help them. Two or three so called white clad believer SAINTS can join together and help at least in paying the school fee. But no…… the white clad believer SAINTS clothe their children in white velvet and corduroy every Sunday where in the same church these children shed tears at the feet of the Lord. Of course as a father the Lord is running their family. I know this family very well.. I am not making this up…. if Jesus was living with us in flesh today where will he be sitting ? With the white velvet corduroy wearing believer SAINTS for the helpless , poor widow at the corner of the church with her orphaned children…. All of us know the answer…. for all the arguments above we can get the answer here. Jesus came for the poor SINNER…. and we now know what dress that poor SINNER wears.

  23. Jesus asked why are you calling ME good. Father alone is good. Instead of interpretations I like to take it from the Lord HIMSELF. Don’t edify thyself…. edify the father alone. All confusions and arguments arise when man gives interpretation for a bible verse. Jesus didn’t leave or give room for interpretations… He used a much simpler and easier way for even a lay man to understand… parables…. He didn’t insist on giving different interpretations to bible verses. Honestly the Bible is a very beautiful book written about a beautiful love…. love of the holy God for the most holiest creature… man. I don’t understand why this man is giving different interpretations and confusing ppl !!! What the Lord told to do that human beings are not doing…. helping your fellow church men…. Instead taking a verse and researching interpretations….this is happening across all churches in all denominations…. but unfortunately the stakes are more for people who teach ppl to become like SAINTS..

  24. Sister Priya,
    I agree with you in all aspects. By calling someone a “saint” won’t become a saint and by printing someone “unholy” won’t become unholy. This is the worst attitude of TPM believers and their so called saints. These believers are so brainwashed and blinded that they have lost their sense of understanding and discern. Theses white clad day time saints take the full advantage of their ignorance by keeping them as salves through various methods of intimidation. Because out of fear nobody will question the humongous immorality going on inside the faith homes.

    I would like to cite an example. Recently I was attending the TPM convention at Mumbai. The Mumbai center pastor of TPM Yunis preached ‘Jesus loves the church’. Then I was looking for the reference because first time I heard it. The reference given was Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her”. See the contents and then see twisting of the verse by that SAINT. Do you think the God will ignore such blatant interpretations.

    In my opinion none of these so called “saints” of TPM barring a few (may be less than 5%) will inherit the kingdom of heaven because I know the huge amount of immorality being practiced and propagated by these people. I used to give some benefit of doubt to the believers. But now I have serious concern about that too because, 1 Corinthians 4:4 says “My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me”.

    I feel extremely sorry for your plight during your marriage and afterwards. But seeing the end result, once again it had been proved beyond doubt that we are serving a wonderful GOD.

    As far as admin is concerned, I think the one who writes as admin is the real one because all his/her comments are consistent.
    Vik was a ferocious critic of this site till few months back. May be due to the consistency of this site and the divine intervention he has changed a lot. Thank GOD for HIS mercy towards him. Now I feel he has shed his TPM lens. Praise the Lord. So I don’t think he has anything to do with admin or he is in collusion with admin.
    As far Nath is concerned you guess is as good as mine.

    Thank you sister, keeping commenting. May GOD bless you abundantly.

    • Bro Franklin,
      This is what sis Priya thinks,

      /Already a lot of discrepancies are there between the teachings of Jesus HIMSELF and Paul’s.//

      And this is what you replied,
      //Sister Priya,
      I agree with you in ALL aspects. //

      Are you agreeing with her that there are lot of discrepancies between teachings of Jesus and Paul ??

      Kindly elaborate discrepancies between Teachings of Paul and Jesus. (I didn’t expect you to agree on this with her or with anybody).

    • Bro Franklin,
      This is what sis Priya thinks,

      /Already a lot of discrepancies are there between the teachings of Jesus HIMSELF and Paul’s.//

      And this is what you replied,
      //Sister Priya,
      I agree with you in ALL aspects. //

      Are you agreeing with her that there are lot of discrepancies between teachings of Jesus and Paul ??

      Kindly elaborate discrepancies between Teachings of Paul and Jesus. (I didn’t expect you to agree with her or with anybody on this).

  25. Brother nath, I appreciate your response. To be REALLY honest, I am no expert in Paul’s theology at all. In fact it is only of late that I have Started to understand Paul’s theology…. but I agree to this….or.. Let me put it this way… yes TPM takes Paul’s letters and opinions and is drafting a theology of their own…. that’s the point that I am trying to make…probably I have not Been completely efficient in conveying my issues with the discrepancy itself. For e.g….. Paul says I have not got this from the Lord…. it’s my personal opinion…. but TPM is taking it and preaching it as theology and using fear and it as a condition to go to hell or heaven… if this is not manipulation what is…. right now I don’t know completely about Paul’s letters…. in and out of it…. probably I might like him much when I ultimately do…. …but as I said earlier…. manipulation and twisting of theology is what irritates me…. and I have used Paul cause MOST of his PERSONAL opinions in His letter are used as.legalistic means to control the congregation…. that’s it….. that’s the point I am TRYING to say….

    • I am trying to understand your dilemma. I have been through it. On one hand you find Paul teachings to cling to Christ as the only hope and anchor of your soul, on other hand you find verses that appear to our eyes as legalism. This happens because we expect Paul to always be in same tone. However imagine yourself in place of Paul and imagine how varied kind of hearers Paul might have faced. On one occasion if he faced Pharisee kind of audience then on another he would face Christians from gentiles who would take gospel as license to sin. To Pharisees (like that of Tpm) he would be required to preach not to trust in the self holiness, self consecration, and on the other hand he also faced newly converted gentiles some of which took Paul’s message to assume that Gospel means you can do whatever you like (Jesus has forgiven your sins – do as you like). To such People he was required to tell not to commit adultery, understand that body is temple of God, pay taxes, not to fight in church and so. When you understand these various backgrounds that he is dealing with, then you won’t find any contradictions. I hope this might help you little.

  26. Also nath, Franklin has said that he agreed with me in ALL the aspects that I DIRECTLY addressed to HIM . I did so because Franklin spoke in a clear and SIMPLE language…. the language that I understood…. instead of using interpretations and long references to the letters in the Bible addressed to different churches. Also Franklin speaks TO the point instead of twisting scriptures….. so I am at disdain as to why you should attack him with WHYS …. It’s SIMPLE… He understanda layman terms and so so I. He has agreed to my addresses to his name….. simple as that…. about SAINT… about my personal experience…. etc etc.

    • Haha… not attacking bro Franklin! He belongs to same side as with me. I am seeing him on this site since many days, and I didn’t expect him to say TPM follows Paul or Paul preached something different than Jesus. No grudges ?

  27. Brother Nath,
    That particular question was not directed to me but to you. I totally agree with her plight.
    As far as the scripture is concerned, I know it is written by different writers by the guidance of Holy Spirit. Hence there cannot be any discrepancy as far as the teachings of Jesus and Paul is concerned.

  28. Brother nath, with reference to the post where you understand my dilemma….. as you have pointed out…. yes Paul had to preach the SAME TRUTH to Pharisees and entitles without giving room for discrepancy…. however I am muddled as to why TPM wants to use Paul’s sermons are legalistic means and as strict means to enter hell or heaven… let’s talk about the famous verse about the wearing of jewels and kind of jewels…. 1 Timothy 2: 8-10… Paul wrote it for women so that they don’t copy the gaudy make up and hairstyle of the Greek women and their extensive jewelry to showcase their wealth. But TPM entirely revolves around this verse in all respects… legally ?morally etcetera. Paul has clearly said…. I DESIRE…. but TPM says you will go to hell…. last week a single mother… a new convert… with a daughter and no means to support herself said I was running a beauty parlor for my livelihood ( how ever she herself doesn’t wear makeup)but since in TPM it is said beauty parlor ppl will go to hell and so I shut it down… later I asked her how she is managing, she says she is doing some stitching at home but not able to make ends meet. My question is… beauty parlor takes a path directly to hell… what about the well to do women of this church ALL of whom trim their eyebrows in the parlor… where will they go… ppl who don’t wear jewels look down on the poor, mingle only within their circle etc etc… where will these ppl go.

    • Sister, since you have understood that salvation is by faith in Jesus, by his righteousness and not yours, then don’t give heed to TPM’s false teachings. Tpm being itself deceived , deceives others. They are still under law and seek righteousness from works of Law. So don’t trouble yourself with these haughty organization’s teaching. Rather expose them so that we can save precious souls out of this deceptive organization.

    • I don’t have access to any such rule book. But the Bible says something which is very profound regarding this behaviour of TPM Ministers.

      If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? Matt 12:26

      As TPM and Witchcrafts are both manifestations of the same evil spirit, they cannot cast each other out.

    • The lack of a formal written code is intentional and they use it to their advantage.

      In India, unless you are celibate you cannot enter the ministry but in the West, you can as long as you are wealthy and write TPM as the beneficiary to your will.

      In the US, communion is given in individual cups unlike in India where we all drink from the same cup.

      In the west, there are projectors and drum kits and lead singers on stage but in India these things are banned.

      In India the clergy wear white while in the West, the same clergy wear black suits and the women wear black skirts. Suits are forbidden for Indians even during marriage, they wear cricket whites as if they are playing test cricket.

      If you ask a Western pastor why this is so, he will say that is only in India, we don’t do that here.

      There is no end to the duplicity of these crooks. They are chameleons who change their colour according to the colour of money.

      The only rule which applies to this group is –

      Money is their god and every rule can be bent or be broken depending on its denomination, the more the value, the more the flexibility.

  29. @reuban
    As far as I know, TPM does not have written rules; Like orthodox churches , tpm rules are handed orally from one batch of organisational slaves to another batch. Catholic church also followed this oral transmission technique untill 1100, but around 1100 AD they made written record in form of codes of Canon laws. Gratian was the first monk who codified rules. He is known as father of Canon laws. Pharisees also had tradition to keep oral record of their unscriptural rules. Therefore continuing the tradition of Pharisees and orthodox churches tpm senior elites transfer their rules orally.

    However one thing tpm does is it distributes few rules in form of circulars (from Chief pastor) to it’s working class slaves who clothe themselves in white uniform of their order. Some are meant for general public which is Read on Sundays and other rules meant for workers are sent via hardcopies to workers of tpm.

  30. “The lack of a formal written code is intentional and they use it to their advantage.”
    These are the stunning revelations from NMSTF bro with a matching value additional elements of truths from bro Nath.



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