Often we find TPM believers boasting that TPM is the best church around. Let us ruminate over this. There are more than 33000 denominations in Christendom. They differ on their interpretation of scriptures. But based on attitude towards Christianity we can divide Christendom into three categories.

Nominal Christians: These are the people who never read their bible. They are found in churches only on Sundays or once a year on Christmas days. They are Christians just for name’s sake. They have zero knowledge of the bible. They pray, sing and worship only on Sundays.  As soon as they are out of the church building, be rest assured that they will become as worldly as the world can be. Worldliness, fashion, fun, money, gold, silver, land, properties, all these are their gods for rest of the week. In most of the churches, we find this kind of people around us. Thankfully TPM believers are assumed to be distinct from such nominal ones. We also find some extreme weird charismatic people in Christendom who are said to be barking in spirit, laughing in spirit, slaying in the spirit and so on. Seeing all this around, TPM believers prefer to stick to TPM because TPM seems to them comparatively better than all such churches. Is this the thing to be complacent about?

Religious Christians: Apart from nominal Christians, there is another category called as religious Christians. TPM believers/saints belong to this category. Unlike nominal Christians, the religious ones of TPM keep fast. Unlike nominal Christians, religious TPM workers and believers pray to God every day (in fact 3-4 times in a day), sing songs in a decent manner, read their bibles daily, fill in tongues, give tithes and so on. They call this “there is prayer life in TPM.” Now no doubt that all this is good when compared to nominal Christians.

Righteous Christians: But the problem becomes clear when you understand that there is a third category called righteous people. Righteous people are poles apart from religious people.  As there is a wide chasm between bosom of Abraham and the rich man (Luke 16:26), so great is the chasm between the righteous and the religious ones.  This article is contemplation on the same.

A comparison between a Religious Spirit and a Righteous Spirit

Pharisees are an excellent example to learn the distinction between religious and the righteous. Pharisees were religious (like TPM folks) but their religion was devoid of righteousness (Matt 5:20). Jesus stood against them and publicly exposed them. He called them whitewashed sepulchers and hypocrites. Luke 18 records a parable about a Pharisee and a publican. Religious Pharisee took great pride in his religious activities compared to publican (like TPM folks do compare themselves with nominal ones). He boasted that he gave tithes (like TPM folks do), fasted twice a week (like TPM folks fast on Wednesday and Saturday) and so on and on. But in the end, Jesus declared the publican as righteous instead of religious Pharisee (Luke 18:14). Strict adherence to religion, reading the bible, praying every day, going to church every Sunday, Wednesday & Saturday could not make Pharisee righteous. If it could not make Pharisee righteous then it would never make TPM folks righteous.

Religious vs Righteous

This religious spirit is found in followers of every religion. It is not exclusive to TPM. You can find people from other religion offering milk over a god made up of stone rather than feeding it to hungry men. They say it is more necessary to offer to stone god rather than poor needy soul. They firmly believe that offering money & Laddu to pundit compared to malnourished, underprivileged children will please God. They offer kilo kilos of gold to build temples. How different is the religious spirit of TPM compared to the religious spirit of heathens? It is shame to say that TPM believers also think that it is better to give laddu to TPM pastors than poor hungry kids. Believers tithe to church magicians rather than people in acute financial trouble. As the heaven is far from earth so are these TPM clergies and laity far from righteousness that God demands. How much brain is required to understand that white-clad hypocrites are in no need of money compared to poor afflicted souls around us? TPM Church keeps purchasing lands and constructing big mansions under the pretense of building the house of God. This is all religious spirit devoid of righteousness. They are all blind to true righteousness and live in an elated state with their religiosity.

Religious Merchandisers

Is it that hard to comprehend that all this is merchandising in the name of religion? Jesus whipped the merchandisers out of the temple (John 2:16). What is merchandising? Merchandising is nothing but a trade where one thing is exchanged with another. During Jesus days on earth, religious fanatics exchanged doves, pigeons and other things with money. They used temple for trade and business. They used God’s name and religion for doing trade in the temple. They felt so elated that they are serving God by selling pigeons and turtle dove. This was the religious spirit. You will find many church websites selling anointing oil, selling rosary beads, prayer mats, I love you Jesus T-Shirts and similar kinds of stuff.

TPM is no different than this. TPM too has become a house of trade and a marketplace (albeit it is too cunning to get noticed). People exchange blessings and prosperity in exchange of tithes and offerings. Tycoon believers fear that their business will collapse if they fail inch short of pleasing the so-called outwardly white wearing hypocrites. So they keep pouring in their money and TPM keeps showcasing their name that “God blessed that brother because of our prayers and see his faithfulness, he still brings his salary to God first.” Then you will find them showing an example of believers who faced hardship in their lives and using them to scare people “See how he forgot God and fell into trouble. Earlier he used to love the saints and bring his tithe to faith home and now he is become proud and forgotten the first love of tithing. See how God has punished him.” They’ll preach you Deuteronomy 28 the blessings and curses for purpose of tithing that God will bless you if you give tithes properly.

The Religious Spirit in TPM

Beware! It is pure trade and merchandising (Rev 18:15, 3 & 17:4, John 2:16)! Gospel is sold to earn bread & comfort by wonder-working TPM apostles in exchange of health, wealth, and success for buyers (Rev 18:15). TPM is, therefore, a whore who is clothed in scarlet and riches. She has earned this by the trade and merchandise (Rev 18:11-15). Whore the great Babylon of Revelation 17-18 is religious spirit and not righteous Spirit. She gives blessings and prosperity to its followers and in exchange takes 10% for her service. A true servant (righteous one) would have said “enough, my need is fulfilled. Do not bring anymore offering. Instead, give it to the ones who need it. I will keep serving and be ministering you.” Paul refused the money of Corinthians. Moses refused the further offerings for the tabernacle. Peter and John said, “Silver and gold I have none.” James wrote a letter to rich men. Freely they have received freely they were/are willing to serve God. True ministers serve people out of love for Jesus and out of gratitude for the great sacrifice that he has made. Why do you want the highest place in Zion? Aren’t you doing merchandising? Aren’t TPM servants trying to sign a trade deal by joining TPM ministry where they are promised the highest place in eternity for their TPM ministry? Aren’t atheists right when they question the whorish spirit among Christians when they minister and follow Jesus for some rewards?


Brothers and sisters, we humbly request you to think and meditate. Let us all strive for righteousness rather than religiousness. Don’t boast over independent nominal Christians. Our state is not different than theirs. We all need living faith and not a dead one.


  1. The heavenly inheritance is not given as earthly ones are, but according to God’s pleasure. Let us not trust in promising appearances or outward profession. Others may, for aught we know, become eminent in faith and holiness.

  2. I disagree with the article when you say Tpm is religious. There is another category that you have missed. According to my revelation this higher calling people are spiritual Christians. TPM saints and genuine true believers come in this category. Pastor teach us true believer will never miss tarrying meeting. They are in direct contact with Spirit of God. TPM is spirit filled church much high above righteous people and nominal independent Church. Do you know why? Because we are lead by Spirit of God. God keeps us guiding and leading us in daily life. This is called Spiritual people. You people may not understand. It is beyond your capacity. I don’t argue with you.

    • Alex, I’m sorry but you show very little understanding of what being a born again means. EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN who is saved has the Holy Spirit dwelling inside them. But according to you, this “tarrying meeting” is what enables the “contact” with the Spirit of God. Wow! Do you know TPM concept of “Tarrying meeting” is in direct violation of 1 Corinthians 14?

      Here’s the thing. It is one thing to claim to be “led by the Spirit” of God and another to be actually led by the Spirit. If TPM pastors were actually led by the Spirit of God, they would have corrected every erroneous doctrines that is so obvious even to a child reading scripture without tainted glasses.

      TPM builds itself up in their minds using slogans like “we are the best church”, “we alone are the apostolic church”, “we are the most spiritual church” etc. In reality, none of these statements have any real depth to it. They are meaningless words. They carry as much meaning it was a Jehovah’s Witness guy saying those things. TPM has thrown away scripture as its sole and final authority in matters of faith and practices and have entered into heresies in more doctrines than one.

  3. I tell you my experience. One day as i was driving. As i was driving God told me to take left turn. I didn’t obey the voice. Finally I met accident. I learnt lesson. When God told me to be lead by spirit I applied my own brain. Now I never disobey the voice. When God tells sit, i sit and when God tells go there I go there. This experience is called led by spirit.

    • Haha…Pastor Shyam Sundar also behaves like this …
      It’s quite amusing to know that you guys assume your vain imaginations are God’s directions.

    • Hello brother Alex…

      1 Corinthians 3:1

      1Brothers and sisters, I could not address you as people who live by the Spirit but as people who are still worldly—mere infants in Christ

      I am not quoting above scripture out of self pride and self righteousness …
      I am telling you the fact…because of the experience you shared for being led by Spirit of God is very carnal/wordly…

      I will show you the carnality in your very own passage in the context of bring led by the Spirit of GOD

      “One day as “I WAS” driving. As “I WAS” driving God told me to take left turn. “I” didn’t obey the voice. Finally “I” met accident. “I” learnt lesson. When God told me to be lead by spirit “I” applied “MY” own brain. Now “I” never disobey the voice. When God tells sit, “I” sit and when God tells go there “I” go there. This experience is called led by spirit.

      In the above passage i have highlighted self centeredness …it is all about you not about God or His Kingdom…

      //Once i was driving…//

      where was you going??? Did the Spirit of God stir you up to go somewhere as God enabled Philip to join the chariot to meet a soul??
      You started “Your” journey…where is the Kingdom purpose for Spirit of God to lead you here???
      You have brought Low the status of God who is spirit to “Your personal assistant” you should feel ashamed for bringing down Mighty works to cheap chores in your understanding …

      As “I WAS” driving God told me to take left turn.//

      Why God asked you to turn left ??? Was you journeying(running away) in a different direction like Jonah who has has to carry the message of God to Nineveh??
      What is the Kingdom purpose here for the Spirit of GOD to inspire you turn left???
      Spirit of God never lead you for your personal gain ( John 16:13 – Spirit of God will guide you into all the truth.).

      GOD never shares His Glory with anyone(John 16 :14 Spirit of God will glorify me(JESUS) )..

      //”I” didn’t obey the voice. Finally “I” met accident.//

      If you are led by the Spirit of God , you will be convicted of your disobedience …

      John 16:8 When Spirit of God comes, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

      Then..Spirit of God let you know that you have grieved Him.
      Read the following verse
      Ephesians 4:30
      And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

      Dont you know God has already charged angels concerning us – Psalms 91:11
      For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;

      Whether you turn left or right does not matter..His protection is already provided.You are given highest security guards (1000 times better than black cars).

      How can God who is Ever Loving and Gracious would punish or let your foot to slip or allow satan to strike for you have not turned left???

      What is the Kingdom ‘s purpose for you to meet with an accident like Paul whose ship-wrecked for the inmates of the ships to be saved for the Kingdom of God???

      See the different perspective you have about Spirit of God which Bible testifies …

      See how carnal you are…are you trying tell that if you keep on obeying God you will never met accidents/troubles/problems/temptations…
      Than you have not read the following verse
      Phi 1:29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;

      Matthew 4:1Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

      //”I” learnt lesson. When God told me to be lead by spirit “I” applied “MY” own brain.//

      Unless you know who is Holy Spirit of God ?? How will you be led by Him??

      You statement above is saying “When GOD said to be led by spirit”
      You separated GOD from the Spirit…
      You dont know first of all Spirit of God is God …
      Dont you know the verse
      2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord [is], there [is] liberty.

      You are not taught by the Spirit of God because you dont know Who He is…

      //Now “I” never disobey the voice. When God tells sit, “I” sit and when God tells go there “I” go there. This experience is called led by spirit.//

      You obey GOD now because you are scared of consequences if you dont obey you will be punished.
      What is the difference between your Obedience and prisoner’s Obedience to the jailer??
      Both of you obey because if you dont obey you will be punished…
      Is God like jailer??
      If God punished you for all your disobedience you would be alive Now..
      Is this what you learned about God in the bible???

      Psalms 103 : 10 GOD does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities

      Lamen 3:22
      Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed.

      2 Tim 1:7
      For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

      You are in flesh and led by the impulse of carnal desires..You are wanting to obey the voice because you dont want to hurt your body which is fleshly desire…

      If you are in spirit and led by the Spirit of God…You will be obeying God because you love Him for Jesus said anyone loves me obey my commands…

      Basis of Obedience according to God is love …

      Since you dont know of Spirit of God nor taught by the Spirit of God … obviously you are not led by the Spirit of God…

      I am not accusing or blaming you brother..i am just telling you the fact…

      May God open the eyes of your understanding to Know the Spirit of God as He is…To be taught by Him and to be led by Him…Amen

    • The new technology developed by Google and Eon musk will solve this problem of taking risky turns. I have seen many who reduce God to giving life instructions to advise on whom they must marry or driving instructions. My understanding, God is beyond time, has already spoken. I love I Corinthians 10:13

    • Dear Alex,

      Your devotion and sincerity to obey the Spirit of God is much appreciated in this forum.
      In today’s time and age, its rather refreshing to know that there are a bunch of ‘God’ seeking people.

      The bad news is, that even Hindus are just as devotional. They also claim to be led by their stars/suns or fate.

      I do not want to dismiss your statement trying to find fault with you. Initially, even I had those experiences. God used trials, defeats and shame and reproaches to humble me and to help me understand that the Spirit of God leads us only when we are in conformity with His image and mind.
      Carnal vs. Natural vs. Spiritual.

      Natural minded people also testify- their testimony is more like a fish bone diagram. Cause and effect…. It simply discounts the mercies of God and throws it out the window.

      What did the blind man do to deserve his blindness?
      What about the sinners in this world? Did they reject the voice and chose sin?

      If you are at a traffic light, will you keep praying, Lord tell me whether to take left or right? If you did not hear anything, will you break the traffic rule and jump the signal?

      I agree that in the wilderness, this is exactly how the Lord led the flock of Jacob.
      They had no means of survival and the best they could do was to trust in God and obey His voice intrinsically. The same people we read, they were turned toward Egypt in their hearts and lusted after meat which God had not ordained for them.
      They missed the bus.

      Think about it- Your statement insults the testimonies of millions around the world, who chose to love the Lord despite adversities.
      What will you answer a blind Fanny Crosby who composed 8000 official hymns? At 6 weeks, did she disobey the call of God?

      Grace is not a downloadable manual carried on a pen drive- It is the blessed assurance given to every believer who says there is nothing inherently good within me.
      Its only when we discard these DIY recipes, that we actually embrace real Christianity.

      Until then, millions will be led astray into the way of Core and through the gainsaying of Baalam.

  4. Dear Alex
    By your own words you have proved that neither you nor the TPM fall in the category of spiritual. Do you know what is the meaning of being spiritual. First of all according to Philippians 2:3 the spiritual will esteem others better than themselves. Again in I Corinthians 3:1-3 St.Paul spoke the characters of non-spiritual. As per my observation most of the TPM ministers & believers have the characters mentioned in the 3rd verse. Moreover, God & others should testify about you not yourself that you are led by the Spirit of God.

  5. Dear Alex,
    Who told you that this experience is called being led by the Spirit?
    Would you like someone to show you from the Bible how to be led by the Spirit?

    • Bro
      May I ask you who told you to write ? Did you ask God? Did you sit on knees before God to ask whether you are allowed by God to write anything on this website? Did any of the fellows here ask God before writing anything? Did Denzel Ask? Did Richard Ask? Did admin ask? Did Matthew ask ? Are you people led by spirit? Did you receive any guidance? You ask me where it is written in bible to how to be led by spirit? Go to acts . Saint Paul asked God whether he should preach in Asia. Read Acts 16:6. And he was forbidden. This is called being leading of Spirit. Carnal men like you people cannot understand it. You question Shyam Sunder leading ? First see whether you are spiritual people.

      • Brother Reddy,
        Please do read scriptures for your edification and not for searching contents which justify the imaginations of some fake apostles like TPM ministers

        Your reference should be noted by the vision received by paul to go to Macedonia. He was not guided by the Holy spirit to take any left turn or right turn on the roman road. The spirit of God is not a slave master to micromanage you and disallow you a freedom of choice. Keep that Shyam-Sundar nonsense to yourself.

        We can know that we are led by the Spirit if our lives are showing forth the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22,23). Being filled (walking) with the Spirit is the same as allowing the word of Christ (the Bible) to richly dwell in us (Colossians 3:16).

        The result is thankfulness, singing, and joy (Ephesians 5:18-20; Colossians 3:16). Children of God will be led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14). When Christians choose not to walk in the Spirit, thereby sinning and grieving Him, provision has been made for restoration through confession of the wrongdoing (Ephesians 4:30; 1 John 1:9). To “walk in the Spirit” is to follow the Spirit’s leading. It is essentially to “walk with” the Spirit, allowing Him to guide your steps and conform your mind. To summarize, just as we have received Christ by faith, by faith He asks us to walk in Him, until we are taken to heaven and will hear from the Master, “Well done!” (Colossians 2:5; Matthew 25:23).

      • Brother conversely i ask you the following.
        Who told you to write this comment ?
        Did you sit on your knees and get any revelation before responding?
        Did God tell you to write this comment ?
        I am awaiting your response.

        • Dear Alex and Dear S Reddy,
          It is important that we discern what voice is speaking to us. We must learn to discern the spirit of that voice. That’s why I asked two questions. Others have written so I shall just add a few things.

          The true Spirit of God does not take away our mind and ability to think and reason. God says, renew your mind (Rom 12:1). A blank passive mind is an open door to deception to the devil. Evil spirits require a passive mind and a passive will. You know how in the eastern religions people let their minds become blank in a meditative state and whatever comes in they receive as guided truth. (Correct me if I’m wrong). But it’s not this way with God. The Bible says, Gird up your mind, renew your mind, study the Word, put the Word of God into your mind.

          The subconscious part of the mind is a reservoir of all past experiences. The enemy will use the subconscious mind to project thoughts to the conscious mind. The devil will work through thoughts captivated by certain patterns of fear/anxiety/rejection. But renewing your mind will bring strength to your will and a resistance to Satan when he comes to control your thoughts.

          It’s deception Alex to think that you should not have any mind of your own. It’s deception to think to be led by the spirit, you don’t need your mind.
          A blank passive mind will hinder us from being led by the Spirit.
          The truth is God speaks through your spirit, and ‘your mind must be in tune with your spirit’ to understand what God is saying. This is being spiritually minded (Romans 8:6).

          The wrong concept is, you must surrender your whole being to the invisible Spirit. The right concept is, I will obey God the Father THROUGH the Spirit.
          The Holy Spirit will not think through my mind, nor feel through my emotion, nor decide through my will. The Holy Spirit guides by divine impressions upon man’s spirit.

          The wrong concept is, God wills for you, so you don’t have to choose. The right concept is, I choose to do His will. God never substitutes His will for man’s.

          Alex, WE must bring every thought to the obedience to Christ, 2 Cor 10:5.

          We must love the Lord thy God … with all our mind (Mark 12:30,31) and love thy neighbour as thyself.

          This is the reason why I have written here and the other writers as well. God bless you.
          [Reference: Carroll Thompson, “Possess the Land”]

      • I hope along with Acts 16:6, you won’t forget to read 2 Thess. 3:7–8, Acts 18:1–3 that speaks about Paul working in a “secular” job to support himself (yet TPM would call them “not real servants of God” or “not consecrated”). I hope you will also read 1 Cor 9:5 which clearly says the other apostles were accompanied by their wives (again, these poor apostles don’t meet TPM’s standard of “consecration” and will not reach Zion.)

        My guess is, if TPM was led by the Spirit they would have not have ignored such simple facts mentioned in the bible and created false doctrines. Pride is what leads TPM. Every single exclusive doctrine of TPM is a testimony to that.

      • Show me one scripture which proves that Jesus sat on his knees and prayed before rebuking the Pharisees.

        If you are filled by the Holy Spirit, you will not need to act out these tricks which has been employed by the TPM magicians whom you follow.

        • I think this so called spirit led people get instruction even to eat food. Like take 200 grams rice, 100 ml sambar, 50ml rassam, eat it without yogurt in 50 gm weighting plate made of pure stainless steel and so on… They will make God dietician, chef, gps (global positioning system) and so on…Lol….

        • If that was so, will the Holy Spirit guide them to hog food worse than worldly gluttons?
          Check out their weight ..Most of them(Seniors) are weighing over a quintal. Most of them have diabetes. Can we safely say that these Ministers are led by the Spirit ?

        • It is nothing but conferring upon themselves an air of apotheostic pride, and indulging in hyperduliac appreciation. The Bible calls this as idolatry, however one wishes to interpret it.
          To God be the glory… Thou shalt not have any other gods besides me…

        • Dear brother, I have not received any communication as I used a disposable email address, that I have no access to… I shall create a new ID and share it with the admin..

  6. Let me state an incident first. I was a believer in a very well known faith home in Maharashtra… The pastor in this faith home would never visit the home of any believer who had ever gone to a hospital or a clinic… But there was this wealthy believer whose daughter married a Roman Catholic guy… Now I’m not against any person marrying anyone else of any faith or any denomination… But my problem arose when the pastor chose to visit the house of this particular wealthy believer and prayed for the daughter on her birthday but never bothered to come and see my grandmother or pray for her because she took a paracetamol for her illness…

  7. Dear Brothers in Christ, I am currently going to TPM church only. I have been going there since close to 15 years. I have a lot of questions about the teachings there. No. 1. No jewels allowed…. All through and in the Old testament The Lord God speaks about gold and silver. All of God’s people wore, and exchanged gold jewels on special occasions. Yes there is the incident of Jacob’s wife surrendering the earrings to Jacob. The TPM seems to use this incident as a strong argument in favor of abolishing jewelry. But didn’t Rachel also steal the idols from her father’s house and surrendered the earrings along with them. Plus biblical scholars say that those earrings bore images of idols and.that’s why Jacob asked for them to be surrendered. Why is this concept just taken at FACE VALUE and preached against wearing jewelry in TPM ? When I was 21, I was saved and I came to TPM church. My father is a hindu and so many struggles arose when I became a Christian. I wanted to marry a Christian boy in TPM church. I went and asked the pastors and sisters about it. I was very devout and God fearing. I didn’t wear jewels didn’t put on makeup or cut my hair didn’t do my eyebrows etc etc . But no boy was ready to marry me in TPM. Reason… I was not modern and beautiful…. I am not making this up. This is a heart breaking truth of my life. But I could see that other girls in TPM were okayed by those boys… cause they were fair, they cut their hair (and covered them with dupatta ), did their eyebrows. I didn’t have dowry or caste certificate or parental support. Pls note…. My father was a well to do man but now I didn’t have his support ), TPM church wanted white skin, lots of dowry, caste certificate and influential family background. Not alone in one centre, same thing happened in 5 centres in 2 cities. I was shattered at the difference in their APOSTOLIC teaching and what actually happened in reality. All the material demand a were expected by white attire wearing, jewelry forsaken OLD believers !!!! Imagine my disdain and disappointment. I cried to the Lord. You know what the LORD did ? He got me married to a hindu man ( who didn’t ask for dowry, accepted me as I looked, didn’t ask for caste or influential background ). And the Lord HImself appeared to my.husband one year after marriage and now my husband is a staunch follower of CHRIST . Praise the Lord !!!! I ask Alex and Reddy, I am a living testimony to prove this. My mail I’d is [email protected]. pls.mail me for proof. Now tell me why is something preached that is not followed ??? Plus what brother Luxmas has narrated is certainty true. I have the same experience. Rich and poor are treated different. Now….. although I question many of their teachings I am still going there. I am bitter and I don’t have peace of mind. Need valuable inputs from.other brothers and sisters as to how and what I can do to get a solution. I have many many incidents to.prove that money rules here.

    • Sister,
      Double standards are not new in TPM. They violate the principles in James Chapter 2 to the most extreme and try to fool people with the white gown they display.


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